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The Journey Begins

My quest for information on my ancestors began at an early age, but like most children, you find out about little things, ask general questions, get some answers, maybe some stories and then you forget about it.

While I was a child, my grandmother and my aunt had a much larger desire for the information. The internet age had not begun, so searching for family history was a much more difficult undertaking than it is even today. They planned and took a trip to England to research my grandfather's side of the family. Upon their return, they put together a family tree and shared it with all of the siblings. I am not sure of all of the information that they were able to locate, since my grandmother has since passed away and my aunt has been struggling with her health for some time now. My aunt has been wonderful, sharing information as I have asked for it.

My family is extremely large and we are very spread out, not only over this country, but all over the world as well.

The purpose of creating this particular web site is to have a compiled history of my family that can be accessed by present and future generations so that we can all share in the wonderful, magical history of our past.

I extend an invitation to all family members to send in stories, historic photos, family history, documentation of facts, corrections for errors, (since we are all human, of course :-) ), links to their sites and any other family lore that would add to the nostalgia and of course historical accuracy of this site. I have intentionally not included a genealogical listing for anyone on this site who was not born before 1930 nor who has not passed away, but was born before 1930. So if you are looking for yourself or your children, you won't find them. But if you are looking for an older parent, grandparents, or great grandparents...your chances increase with each generation you go back. :-) Have fun poking around these pages. More will be added as time and information permits.

Update January 27, 2009

I have decided to give the site a "face lift" after hearing suggestions and comments from various family members, and realizing the difficulty in updating the current information in its present format. The content as it is has been displayed will no longer be viewable. I believe this change will be to the benefit of everyone accessing this site and to those who would wish to add photos or biographies of loved ones, thereby making this site into what I had originally envisioned. Thank you for your patience during this transition.

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