Contents Of The Grove

Date Modified
Stanmore: Pre Roman - Doomsday 1086 June 2007
Stanmore: From Doomsday To The Dissolution of the Monasteries 1536 June 2007
Stanmore: 1537-1680 Including The Parish Boundary of Great Stanmore  
The Grove, by Any Other Name, it's First Owners and Occupiers June 2007
June 2007 The Grove 1800-1853 
Including The 1838 Tithe Map

Compare the Grotto at The Grove
with Emenonville

June 2007
The Grove  Joseph Gillott 1853-1872

Take a trip around Gillott's Factory
The Tulip Tree at The Grove


The Grove 1872 -1906  Eliza Brightwen

The Grove Home Museum
Eliza's Pets
Tour Eliza's Grove
Eliza Brightwen's Funeral
Last Will and Testiment
Eliza Brightwen's Life before The Grove

June 2007
The Grove 1906 - The Mountbatten Connection

The Sale of The Grove 1906
Sir Ernest Cassel

June 2007
The Grove 1923 - The Cunard Connection

Edward M Padelford
Changes to The Grove House

June 2007
NEW 1947-1950
The End of a Private Estate
A New Beginning For The Grove

What happened to The Grove House 1979

What happened at The Grove from 2000-2007

June 2007
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