1950's Early Development Work and Recollections by Staff

During 1950, while building work continued, development  work got underway on the AI mark 16/18 radar project and on Seaslug guidance system. 
The AI 16/18 was an interception and fire and control radar intended both for the RAF's Gloster Javelin fighter aircraft and for the Royal Navy's Hawker Siddeley Sea Vixen fighter (formerly the de Havilland DH 110). Both were two-seat day-night fighters, that would rely on radar to give an all-weather and long range capability. Seaslug, on the other hand, was a long-range beam-riding shipbourne surface-to-air guided missile system, that could also be used for surface-to-surface bombardment, which indeed it was called to do at the end of its in-service life during the Falklands Conflict.

The Vine StanmoreOfficially, work on guided missile design was nonexistent in the UK. The team at The Grove "worked on radar", however, one day the newspaper headlines screamed "UK Works on Missiles"???.. and Stanmore was mentioned. The team had not been warned or given permission to tell families before the announcement, one of the teams wives hasn't trusted him since!

There was no canteen until sometime later. Some of the team went to a Normandy Restaurant in Stanmore others went The Vine, which in those days, had a real "spit-and-sawdust" public bar with trestle tables and benches, but you could get quite a reasonable lunch for two shillings. Others favored "The Hare" for a good drink and a game of cards.
Early Radar Work on at The Grove. Early Module for Radar Worked on at The Grove.
Engineers at Work 1950's Telephone Exchange at The Grove
Work Shops from outside Security Fence 1950's Inside The Workshops 1950's
Building 5 Drawing Offices, Work Shops and Surgery 1950's The Grove House 1950's
The Grove Surgery Office Building 5 c1951 The Grove Surgery, Building 5 c1951;
The Grove Surgery, Building 5 c1951 The Grove Surgery, Building 5 c1951
The Grove Staff Canteen c1951 Mockup Aircraft with Radar Equipment c1950's
The Grove Staff Carpark 1950's The Grove House c1951