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The Hersman Family
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The Hersman's
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hese links will take you to our online family tree.  The Hersman information has all come from the books mentioned below.  The rest I have researched on the internet and added.  If a source was sited, I have included it.  It is only as accurate as the person who posted it, but I have found most of the genealogy to come from family sources, and are correct as far as I can discern.  Feel free to use it for your research and records, but do keep in mind that there could be errors.  If you need a .gedcom  file, just let me know, or go to The Hersman's .  The login name is hersman and the password is Hazel's maiden name , all lower case.  You can download a gedcom file there, add your information, research, or start your own tree.  Hopefully, all of the Ernest and Hazel Hersman descendents have been given editorial rights.  If you have not, please email me so that I may add you.