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Below are memorial pages for people who have helped by submitting items to this site or people of interest. They will be missed. If you see I have missed anyone please email me.

Remember Chris Morrell

Remembering Chris

In Memory of Wilfred Garrah

In Memory of William "Bill" Collins Dixon 3rd

An off site Tribute to Victoria Stewart "Farewell Buttercup" written by Brian Johnson


Linda Corupes Genealogy Books at Genealogy Publications of Ontario and Quebec Includes civil marriages transcriptions for Frontenac to 1885 and L&A to 1910! Plus much more!

Russ Wallers Genealogy Books still for sale!
You can still buy Russ's transcriptions and family connection
books for the islands. Mrs. Waller has told me she will
continue to sell his books as long as they are wanted.
See his web page at: Russ Wallers Genealogy Books

This genealogy and history web site is devoted to any and all
types of information concerning Wolfe Island, Howe Island,
Garden Island, Simcoe Island and Amherst Island.
This site is a repository of information on these islands.
This site had been closed since 2008.
But was reopened in Sept of 2012. Jen Wylie no longer has the time it takes to
keep the site updated so she asked me if I would take it over until she is able to work on it again.
My name is Thelma Moye & I will add some information about me at a later date.
Please feel free to use the information here for your personal research.
My apologies for any links which no longer work, or any errors please let me know if you find any & I will try to correct them. Thanks for your support!

This site has been reopened for updates & new data. Please e mail me with any questions or anything that needs to be added at

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January 3,2017...The updates for 2016 are under past updates. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. I will be adding anything you send me.
February 23,2017 .....Updated some pages and added a new obit.


Look for our page on Facebook. Also there are a few other pages on Facebook about Wolfe Island.


The Wolfe Island Historical Society was founded on Dec. 5, 2005, by Victoria May Stewart
If you are interested in becoming a member go to:WOLFE ISLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY

I am happy to announce that the Frontenac County Schools Museum is now up and running once more.
The museum is now located in Barriefield just east of Kingston, north of Highway 2 (on the opposite side of Highway 2 is Old Fort Henry) at 414 Regent Street.
There are also new hours. July and August: Tuesday to Friday 9am 4pm, and Saturday 11am 3pm. During the rest or the year September June: Monday and Wednesday 9am -12pm. or by appointment.
Phone Number: 613-544-9113. There is also information on the new web site which is


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Last Newsletter: Jan 2007
I hated to discontinue the newsletter but I now maintain this site and add new items as I receive them. Sometimes months go by without new items. If you check the update section above you will find what I have recently added. The old newsletters are still on site.

Newsletters Archived on site!

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