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The Islands: Sacred Heart Baptisms, Wolfe Island


Big BIG Thanks you's to Chris Morrell for this submission!

These are the baptism indexes in their entirety, not just a select few!

NOTE: There may be more than one, and not obvious, spelling of a
surname; i.e. Balayette/Belinquette; Hout/Yotte, Laughlin/Loughlin.
Make sure you check all possible spellings of name!

Please note that there are different spelling for many of the
surnames. This may be an indication of the many different
spellings on the original documents or difficulty in deciphering
and transcibing the index from the original. The following is
a direct transcription of the document prepared by Fr. Appleman.
If you have questions/concerns about the spelling of a name,
please check the original document(s).

These are the LDS film #s for the Wolfe Island BMDs and confirmations for Sacred Heart:

Index to baptisms, 1855-1910 (some M's after Y's) Index to baptisms,
1911-1952 Index to marriages, 1824-1954 (includes names from vol. 1A;
some M's after Y's) Vol. 1A (extracts from St. Mary's Cathedral, Kingston,
for Wolfe Island): Baptisms, 1835-1854 (includes index); marriages,
1824-1854; burials, 1835-1854; confirmations, 1836-1853 (includes
abjurations) FHL US/CAN Film 2032236 Items 1-4

[Vol. 1]: Baptisms, 1841; marriages, 1854-1860 (includes confirmations
and abjurations); baptisms, 1855-1861; burials, 1848-1861 [Vol. 2]:
Baptisms, 1860-1869; marriages, 1860-1861; burials, 1861-1869 [Vol. 3]:
Marriages, 1862-1868; baptisms, 1869-1878; marriages, 1869-1886; burials,
1869-1886; baptisms, 1878-1886 (includes confirmations) [Vols. 4 & 5 (originally
one vol.)]: History; baptisms, 1887-1910; marriages, 1887-1910; burials,
1887-1910 (includes confirmations) FHL US/CAN Film 1298771

Vol. 4 (another filming of 1887-1910): History; baptisms, 1887-1920 Vol. 5
(another filming of 1887-1910): Marriages, 1887-1919; burials, 1887-1918,
1922 FHL US/CAN Film 2032236 Items 5-6

Baptism Index A to C


Baptisms from the Register Index:

Contains birth dates and parents names as well.

Baptism Index A to D 1833-1910
Baptism Index E to H 1833-1910
Baptism Index I to L 1833-1910
Baptism Index M to P 1833-1910
Baptism Index Q to T 1833-1910
Baptism Index U to Z 1833-1910

RC Baptisms registered at St. Mary's in Kingston 1854-1869

The Islands: Sacred Heart baptisms, Wolfe Island
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