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John Reid Family

By Maureen Deacon

My GG grandfather was John Reid [b.Jan18,1803 in Ballyhalbert,County Down,Northern Ireland d.May23,1889 on Amherst Island]who married on Jan 1,1830 one Eliza McKee[b.1814 Co.Down,Ireland d. Mar16,1880 on Amherst Island].

John was a shoemaker in Ireland.Research done in Ireland by the Ulster-Scot Historical Society indicates that John was a tenant farmer in both Glastry and Ballyhalbert.
He emigrated from Ireland in 1856,with his children,to Amherst Island. John farmed 55 acres on the Island while his sons hired out as labourers.In 1873 he purchased 100 acres on lot 57 on the second concession. Generations of Reids lived in the very same house until the 1980s. John and Eliza are buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Section A North Range #200.

John's son Robert Reid [b.1832 d.1864] is also buried Section A North Range #200 side 1. Robert Reid was baptized August 9,1832

John's daughter Ann Reid [b.1833 in Ballyhalbert,Co.Down,Ireland d.1908] married Hugh McCormick[b.1835 in Co.Down,Ireland d.1921]. Ann Reid was baptized in 1839. They emigrated in the spring of 1856 to Amherst Island. Neither Ann or Hugh could read or write.To risk life on Amherst without such basic skills was unusual but once abroad they were able to settle amidst the Scotts and Dempsters from Ballyhalbert,and along with the help of these neighbours and relatives Ann and Hugh were able to set up house and eventually they learned to read and write.Their children were: Mary,Jane,Eliza,Robert,David,William,Sarah McCormick. Ann and Hugh are buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Section K-South Range #220.
Frederick McCormick b.March8,1897 on Amherst Island and delivered by Dr.Northmore.He is the son of Sarah McCormick b.1869,ON d.1940,ON.,who on Feb12,1896 married James McKee b .1860 d.1939. Sarah is the daughter of Anne[Reid]McCormick and Hugh McCormick.

John's son John H.Reid [b.1835Co.Down, Ireland d.1925] married Caroline Tugwell[b.1840 England d.1894].Their children were: Harriet,Eliza,John,Caroline Reid.He was widowed and re-married to Annie English,widowed again and later married to Mary Ann Fowler.

John's daugther Mary Reid[b.1839 Co.Down,Ireland] maried Edward McMaster. b. about 1839 in Ireland. Mary and Edward McMaster are buried in the Willowbank Cemetery,Gananoque,Ontario.
The 1881 Canadian Census for Pittsburgh,Frontenac,Ontario lists their children as:
John b. abt 1860 in Ontario , Mary b.abt 1863 in Ontario , Robert b.abt1864 in Ontario, Lucy b. abt 1869 in Ontario, Sarah McMaster b.abt 1872 in Ontario, Anna b. abt 1874 in Ontario, Agness b. abt 1876 in Ontario
Anna McMaster married in abt 1898 Robert James Finnigan b. Dec 29,1875 at Stella on Amherst Island.,s/o Hugh Finnigan.(Hugh Finnigan was a brother to Mary Finnigan Reid,w/o David Reid.) Anna and Robert came west in 1910 to homestead in Saskatchewan.
Mary Elizabeth McMaster married WilliamVanhorn McFadden, both of Pittsburgh Twsp.,on November 11th,1885. They are buried in the Willowbank Cemetery,Gananoque,Ontario.
Lucy McMaster married Joseph Lane of St.Lawrence,Pittsburgh Twsp. on Dec 17th,1890.They are buried in the Willowbank Cemetery,Gananogue,Ontario.

John Reid's daughter Jane Reid b.abt 1841 in Ballyhalbert,Ireland died January 23,1897 Moose Jaw,Saskatchewan.
She married circa 1859,Archibald Curran,s/o James Curran and Jane Kirkpatrick.The 1870 Saugatuck, Allegan County,Michigan Census shows them living in the States. Archibald is listed as a sailor with Jane keeping house.
The Currans moved out west. The 1891 Assiniboia West Moose Jaw Regina Census shows them with their children:
Archibald b. USA, John b.USA, Selina b.USA, Ann I. b. USA, Caroline b.USA.
Jane is buried in the "Old" Moose Jaw cemetery. Following her death, Archibald married Jane's widowed sister Eliza[Reid]Dempster.

John's daughter Sarah Reid [b.1846 Co.Down,Ireland] married William Reid(s/o Wm and Mary) who also had been born in Ireland.
1870 Michigan Census shows Sarah and William living in Allegan County,Douglas ,Michigan.
William is listed as a sailor .Sarah is keeping house.Their children are listed as:
Annie age 4, Elizabeth age 1
William died. Sarah Reid married James Curran on Sept 10,1874 according to the Illinois State Marriage Record.While living in Douglas,Michigan,their children were:
Sarah, Anne, William.
Their daughter Sarah married John Reid of Amherst Island,son of John H .Reid and Caroline Tugwell.The 1910 Census for Van Buren County,Antwerp Dist shows them having 4 children with 2 living by the names of Sarah age 5 and John age 1 yr 6 months.

John's daughter Eliza Reid[b.1847 Ballyhalbert,Co.Down,Ireland] married Hugh Dempster.Eliza Reid was baptized in 1847 in the Glastry Presbyterian Church, County Down,Ireland.Eliza and Hugh were married March 1,1866 on Amherst Island.
The 1870 Michigan Census shows Hugh and Eliza living in County Allegan,Douglas,Michigan.
Their children are listed as Robert age 2, Mary age 9 months.
The 1880 Douglas,Allegan,Michigan Census lists Hugh as a sailor with Eliza keeping house.
Their children are listed as Lizzie age 18 born in Michigan, Robert age 13 born in Canada, Sarah age 6 born in Michigan and James age 2 born in Michigan.
James died Dec 30th, 1893 while crossing the Bay of Quinte. His body was never found.
Following the death of her husband Hugh, Eliza married on Jan 4,1888 widower Archibald Curran ,s/o James Curran and Jane Kirkpatrick of Canada.
Eliza and Archibald lived in Douglas, Michigan where Eliza died on October 20th,1911.

John's son Samuel Reid [b.1842 Co.Down, Ireland d.1918] married on Mar 13,1880 one Ellen McKee [b.1857 in Ireland d.1906]Samuel Reid was baptized April 7,1842 They are both buried in Glenwood Cemetery on Amherst Island. Section C-North Range #129.They had no offspring.

John's son David Reid [b.1848 Co. Down, Ireland d.1931] married on Mar14,1876 one Mary Finnigan[b. 1853 d. 1923 daughter of James and Jane Finnigan] Their children were: Elizabeth,John,Robert Hugh,Francis Mary,Jessie,Samuel,Edward,Minnie Emma,Annie,William,James David Reid.David had been baptized in the Glastry Parish Church in Ballyhalbert on May1,1848. he emigrated with his 12 other siblings (I have been unable at this time to come up with these 12 siblings and would appreciate anyone who could validate that number)to Amherst Island where they joined other members of the Reid and McKee families.David farmed 30 acres of leased land on lot 57 next to his father's property.He leased the land from Robert Perceval Maxwell Esq. the absentee landlord and owner of Amherst Island at the time. David and Mary are buried also in Glenwood Cemetery Section A North Range #200 side 3.Their son David James is buried there also, side 2.Their sons Edward and John are listed on side 4.
Robert Hugh Reid,b.1878 Amherst Island d.1966 Ontario, married on Apr 17,1900 Miriam Gertrude McMullen b. 1883 d.1945 They are buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Section H - North Range # 14.Their Children were: David James, Edward Gordon and Robert Reid.

John's son William Edgar Reid(my lineage) [b.May 4,1851 Ballyhalbert,Co.Down,Ireland d.1921] was 5 yrs old when his parents emigrated from Ireland. William Reid was baptized June 27,1852. William later leased 99 acres of land on Concession 1,Lot 22 and July 21,1876 married Lucinda Agnes"Aggie"Sinclair[b.1853 on Amherst Island d.1928 at Watrous,Sk. daughter of Margaret Henderson and Tom Sinclair] William Edgar Reid and L.Agnes Sinclair. Their children were:Hadley,Margaret,Elizabeth,Clara,Florence,Robert,Harold,Walter,Avery,Winnifred,Ernest ,Herbert Reid.William moved with his family to homestead near Watrous,Saskatchewan in the year 1906.Their eldest son Hadley had come to the Northwest Territories in 1905 and filed on 6 quarters of land for 3 brothers,his father William and a cousin John Reid.In 1906 they had an auction sale on Amherst and left the island,crossing 3 miles of ice to get to the mainland.They left with 9 horses,a cow and some chickens as well as a mower,rake,2 sleighs and sundry furniture.They loaded the livestock,machinery and all other items into three boxcars and headed for Davidson in the newly created Province of Saskatchewan.

John's son Alexander Reid[b. about 1854 Co. Down,Ireland. Alexander Reid was baptized in 1854 in the Glastry Church in County Down,Ireland. d.1926 Amherst Island] married Dec 5,1884 Ellen Wemp[b.1860 d.1932 daughter of Daniel Wemp and Eliza Baker].Alexander Reid was baptized in 1854.Their children were: William Henry "Harry" b.Sept 26,1896,Ida P., Gertrude Reid and Arthur Wayht-Allison Reid who was b. 1890 and died Nov 6,1895 on Amherst at the age of 5 years.He is buried in Glenwood Cemetery Section A North Range #208.The footstone reads Father,Mother,Our Own Darling Boy. Alexander and his wife Ellen are buried in Glenwood Cemetery on Amherst Island.

John's daughter Agnes Reid [b.1861 Amherst Island ] was the only child of theirs born in Canada.She married Edward Milligan on March 1st, 1884 on Amherst Island. Following living in Ontario and Chicago,Illinois, they eventually moved out to the Northwest Territories as well.
Their children were Irwin, John R., Edwin who died in 1917 in Belgium, Genva and Sadie.
Their heirs are throughout the western provinces of Canada..

I wish to thank Martha Parker of the USA for connecting my family to the Curran family and solving many family mysteries.

Some of the data about John and his family is from the book A New Lease on Life:Landlords,Tenants & Immigrants in Ireland and Canada by Catherine Anne Wilson.The data about what land they farmed is from the Canadian County Atlas Project.
Baptism dates for John and Eliza's children (except William) from the Glastry Presbyterian Church Baptism 1800-1854 PRONI Mic MIC/1P/111
Williams baptism from Parish Register,Ballyhalbert,Co.Down Baptism 1848-1870 PRONI T.679/184,185 from the Ulster-Scot Historical Foundation,Belfast,Northern Ireland.
St Andrew Parish Registers are T.679/184 & 185
(The PRONI refers to the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. The Ulster Scot Historical Society and it uses the records from the PRONI.)

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