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I have listed every name on the stones, whether or not the name is of the person buried there, ie wife of, son of etc. For women, when both maiden and married names are given they are listed under both. When a woman with a different name than a man on a stone is given, but it doesn't say wife of etc, then only her maiden name is listed.

The number following the name is the stone number.

Photos taken July 8 2003 by Jen Wylie.

Baillie, George A.-7
Brill, Ann-1
Brill, John-1
Doyle, Catherine-6
McAlpin, Margaret-2
Richardson, Ann-1
Walker, Catherine-6
Walker, Dinah-5
Walker, Frederick-5
Walker, George-4
Walker, J.-3
Walker, John-2
Walker, Margaret-2
Walker, M.J.-3
Walker, Norma Gertrude-3
Walker, Payson-6

Marker Stones names:
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