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St. James Church
Amherst Island

I am looking for more information and photos of this church.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

St. James was an Anglican Church.
It was the earliest church on the island.
Erected: 1836
Located abt 1/2 mile west of Stella.

Sold abt 1877.
Dismantled in 1891?


Previous to the building of this church, between 1823 and 1835, the Isle of Tanti is listed among the missions attached to St. Josephs Church in Kingston (build btwn 1808 & 1812).

The pioneer missioner Rev. John Langhorn of Bath conducted the earliest services on the island at this church.

After the building of Christ Church at Emerald in 1877 it was decided to sell the St. James property and build a new church in Stella (St. Albans- opened in 1890).


If you have any information on the priests of this church please email me!

I am looking for name, dates of birth, death, ordination and when they served the church. Also photos, and anything else interesting during their pastorate.

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-The Story of Amherst Island and the Church by Jean Tugwell

The Islands: Amherst Island: Churches: St. James Church

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