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Howe Island Methodist Church

Present Day church site photo

Very little is known about the Methodist Church on Howe Island.
If you have any information at all please contact me.

Date built?
Date torn down?

This church was built on the Cadue family farm. It was later used as Cadue's Dance Hall. (Reference to it are in the Kingston papers)
It is approximately 10 ft X 15 ft and sits close to the road on Lot 13. Cadue's also owned a house on Lot 12.
Apparently it was torn down by Aubrey Abeles and Johnny Cadue.
The stone from the foundation was used to make the road into the Cadue farm.

There was also a burial ground in the old church grounds.
No stones or crosses remain but some islanders remember a cross with a white picket fence around it in the past.
Eileen Truesdell has witched the ground and so far found nine field stones and graves to the right of the church if you are facing the farm house. She hopes in the future to mark these.

NEW photos of stones found! Submitted Nov 2005:

Taken by Eileen Truesdell

Click on photos for larger version

This church can be found on the 1878 tenants map for Howe Island on the north part of Lot 13 North Range labled "M.E. Ch".
The 1861 tenants map has it listed as a School. It is possible it served as a dual purpose then?
From the 1871 census: E Methodist Church Page 9 Line 17 - 1 building 1 acre - Property of Paul Somers

Thank you to Eileen Truesdell for most of this information and the photo of the church site.

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