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Other Methodist Churches

There were two other methodist churches on Wolfe Island that I know of. I have not been able to find out if they had any particular name other than 'the methodist church'.
If you know their names, please email me.

I am also looking for more information and photos of these churches. Any help is greatly appreciated!

1839 Religious denominations:
(From County of 1000 Lakes)

Ch of England- 16 families
Ch of Scotland-6 families
Ch of Rome-44 families
Episcopal-15 families
Presbyterian-2 famlies
Universalists-17 families
Apostolic-1 family
Deists-5 families
Nothing-30 families

1842 Religion denominations:
(From County of 1000 Lakes)

Ch of England-239 people
Ch of Scotland-173 people
Church of Rome-406 people
British Wesleyan Meth-48 people
Can Wesleyan Meth-15 people
Episcopal Wesleyan Meth-90 people
Other Methodists-22 people
Baptists-2 people
Lutherans-7 people
Quakers-7 people
Dutch Reform Ch-8 people
Other-57 people

The First Methodist Church

Prior to a methodist church on the island, servies were held in the home of Mr. Keyes.

The first Methodist church on the island was built in 1857-8. It was a wood frame structure built on the east corner of the north half of Lot 3 Concession 9 on the property of George Keyes (Or Mr. Bushy?).. It was built mainly through the efforts of George Keyes who was interested in all church work on the island. The frame structure and property were purchased by the late George Keyes in 1876 from the Montreal Conference.

From the 1878 tenants map:
M.E. ch NE corner of Lot 3 con 9 on land of William Keyes.

The church was taken down in 1930 by Allen O. Keyes, the youngest son, who owned the property as of 1973.

NEW!! Read a letter about the church
written by Allen Keyes!
Church letter


The Second Methodist Church to be built on the Island was St. Lawrence Church, which was built at the foot of the island in 1874.
It has its own page.


The Third Methodist Church

Click on Photo for larger version.

The third methodist church was built in 1886.
The first service was held in February of 1887. George Keyes, John Davis and S. Woodman were elders.

It was built in Marysville across the street from the Presbyterian Church. It was built of brick and a parsonage was built on the same land about the same time.
(The above mentioned Presbyterian church was built in 1879 on lots 11,12 and 13.)


These two methodist churches later resolved themselves into one body and associated themselves with the United Church of Canada during the church union of 1924.

In 1952 the above mentioned presbyterian church was moved to its present location (as of 1973) and used as a Sunday School for the United Church.

In 1973 approximatly 60 families made up the United Church congregation.


If you have any information on the priests of these churches please email me!

I am looking for name, dates of birth, death, ordination and when they served the church. Also photos, and anything else interesting during their pastorate.

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