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Trinity Church

I am looking for more information and photos of this church.
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1839 Religious denominations:
(From County of 1000 Lakes)

Ch of England- 16 families
Ch of Scotland-6 families
Ch of Rome-44 families
Episcopal-15 families
Presbyterian-2 famlies
Universalists-17 families
Apostolic-1 family
Deists-5 families
Nothing-30 families

1842 Religion denominations:
(From County of 1000 Lakes)

Ch of England-239 people
Ch of Scotland-173 people
Church of Rome-406 people
British Wesleyan Meth-48 people
Can Wesleyan Meth-15 people
Episcopal Wesleyan Meth-90 people
Other Methodists-22 people
Baptists-2 people
Lutherans-7 people
Quakers-7 people
Dutch Reform Ch-8 people
Other-57 people

Trinity is an Anglican church.
Trinity was the first church to be built on the island.
It was built near the village on Concession 6 Lot 6 of the Old survey.

The corner stone of the church was laid on Monday, Oct 6, 1845.

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Trinity Church

From the Kingston Herald- Tue Oct 7, 1845;
“On Monday last the corner-stone of the church on Wolfe Island opposite the Town of Kingston, was laid by the Venerable Archdeacon of Kingston, assisted by Rev. J.A. Allen and the Rev. R.V.Rogers. The Rev. Mr. Huntington of Oxford, England, was present on the occasion.
The site chose for the church is a commanding one, affording a fine view of the bay and the town of Kingston from its elevation, and is situated about one quarter mile from the ferry wharf. The building will be of stone and erected in the Gothic style. It is extended to seat 300 persons.
Besides the clergy, were present the Baroness of Longeuil, Mrs. Robinson, Mres. R.D. Cartwright and a number of islanders. The unsettled state of the weather prevented a much longer notice being given of the attendance would have been much larger.
It is a matter which should excite the most heartfelt gratification, that at a time when our city is suffering so severely in a pecuniary point of view, so much is going on in our midst and neighborhood for the spread of doctrines and the disciples of the Church of England. Oh, that the Holy Spirit would take up abode in each of our churches, at once the teacher and sanctifier.
It is understood that the entire cost of the building now to be erected will be defrayed by the Baroness of Longeuil.
Most sincerely do we congratulate the islanders on their present prospect and anticipate soon to have the pleasure of witnessing the opening of their little sanctuary.
We must not omit to notice the kindness of Captain Ives, in conveying a number of our Kingston friends to the island, free of charge, to be present at this interesting ceremony."

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Trinity Church
Taken Summer 2000

From Wolfe Island Sketches by Jean Richardson;
“Trinity Church, the Anglican Church , was built between 1845 and 1851, on land granted to the Church by the Baroness de Longueuil.”

NEW! Kingston Daily News
April 8, 1863
The Annual Vestry Meeting was held in the Church on Monday morning, the Rev. Henry Sharpe, Incumbent, Chairman. Mr. Jno. Craine was elected delegate to the Diocesan Synod for three years - the other delegates being Messrs. J. N. Charles and John Montgomery. Messrs J.N. Charles and Edwd. Abbott were elected Church-wardens for a year.

The property was deeded June 2, 1865 to the following trustees; Samuel Watts, Joseph Bullis, Henry Percival, Shirley Going and Charles Armstrong. Cost was 5 shillings and the condition that the Baroness and her heirs would have in permanent possession the two pews next to the Communion rail and in the centre aisle.

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Trinity Church
Taken Summer 2000

First baptism was Feb 23 1851 for Ann Eliza Gass of Garden Island.
First baptism on Wolfe was March 9 1851, that of Eliza Ann Hackett born Sept 16 1848.
First baptism for Simcoe island was that of Lucy Ellen Garratt on March 11, 1852.
The first marriage was on March 7, 1852, that of William Percival of Goderich to Sarah Going. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Thomas Bonsfield.

From the 1878 tenants map:
Church of England Conc 6, lot 6 old survey 7 ˝ acres

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Part of Trinity Cemetery
Taken Summer 2000

St. Margaret’s Hall

“Official declaration that St. Margaret’s Hall was free of dept was made at a mortgage burning ceremony in November, 1937. Congratulations were brought to the parishioners of Trinity Church, who through the leadership inspired by their rector and his wife, Rev. and Mrs. James Dawe, had made the evening’s mortgage burning ceremonies possible. The mortgage was set alight by Col. The Hon. T.A. Kidd, M.L.A. of Kingston. Jack Elder, singing Scottish songs, highlighted the entertainment.” Cosgrove


Rev. Joseph Antisell Allen 1845-1850(1848?).
J. Antisell Allen, sometime scholar of Trinity College of Dublin, was the son of Jonathan Allen of Killaloe, County Clare, an Irish Barrister of some repute, who married his cousin, a daughter of Joseph Antisell of Arborhill, Tipperary. On taking holy orders, Mr. Antisell Allen settle for a time in London, and left for Canada in 1840, where his first charge was at Christieville, in Province of Quebec. He finally became incumbent of Holy Trinity Church on Wolfe Island, Lake Ontario, in 1848. This followed his marriage with Charlotte Catherine Ann Grant, only daughter of Charles William, fifth Baron de Longueuil, to his memory, on his death in 1848, his widow had caused that church to be erected.
From: Clodd, Edward, Grant Allen: a memoir with a bibliography, London: G. Richards, 1900.
Found at:; CIHM: 03011

E. Patterson 1851-1851
First resident clergy was Reverend T. Bonsfield 1851-1854
? 1854-1858
Henry Sharpe 1858-1864
The Times Jul 27, 1900; pg. 10;
The Rev. Henry Sharpe, B.D., died on Sunday last at Trinity Vicarage, Hampstead, after a painful illness, at the age of 67. He studied for the ministry at St. Aidan's College, and was ordained by Bishop Davys of Peterborough, in 1856. Having received priest's orders, Mr. Sharpe went out to Canada as incumbent of Holy Trintiy, Wolfe's Island, Ontario where he worked from 1858 to 1864, afterwards returning for a short time ot his former parish in Peterborough. IN 1865 he accepted an offer of work under the London Diocesan Home Mission, whose committes act him to work in the neighbourhood of the Metropolitan Railway works near Finchley-road. Here he laboured among the Navvies employed on the construction of the line. When residences began to rise round the new station, Mr. Sharpe remained, and a temporary building was erected in Hampstead Fields, which answered the purpose till 1872. In that year Trinity Church, which his congregation and friends had build for him, was opened for service, and a district was assigned to it. Mr. Sharpe had thus been its vicar for 28 years and had kept together a large and devoted congregation. The Servies were of the simplest Evangelical type, and the black gown was worn in the pulpit. THe church gave generous support to the great Evangelical societies, and Mr. Sharpe was an active member o the committees of several of them. He took a keen part in the active efforts of the Church Association. Two of his sons are clergymen, one being vicar of Newport, Isle of Wight, and the other being his father's near neighbor as vicar of Emmanuel Church, West-end, Hampstead.

F.W. Kirkpatrick 1864-1869
W. Shortt 1869-1872
James G. Godfrey 1873-1884
Buried in Trintiy cemetery, on the 1878 tenants map

I.J. Christie 1885-1892
W.J. Lipton 1893-1897
F.T. Dibb 1897-1899
C.J.Young 1900-1901
J.W. Forster 1901-1905
C.F. Lancaster 1905-1909
W.Cox 1909-1912
A. Bareham 1912-1914
Thomas Leech 1914-1920
F.G. Kirkpatrick 1920-1924
J. Cantrel 1924-1926
F.O. Ware 1926-1928
Capt. S. Jackson, Church Army 1929
Capt. Charles Wall 1930
R.H. Braman 1931-1932
James Dawe 1932-1938
J.M.C. Levason 1938-1941
E. LeGrow 1941-1942
Administered by Mr. S.T. Lilly 1942-1947
R.F. Gardam 1947-1952
VACANT 1952-1953
A.C. Fenwick 1953-1956
Under St. Paul’s Kingston 1956-1957
M.F.G. Cutts 1958-1960
F.C.Bell 1960-1963
Harold Murray 1963-1969
Canon Stanley Coleman 1969-1970
E. Carne 1970-1971
Brothers Bearance and Lauder of. St. Georges Cathedral Kingston 1971-1972
Flindall 1973-?
Alex Wakeling present

If you have any information on the priests of this church please email me!

I am looking for name, dates of birth, death, ordination and when they served the church. Also photos, and anything else interesting during their pastorate.

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-1878 Wolfe Island tenants map
-Wolfe Island Sketches by Jean Richardson
-Ganounkouesnot The Long Island Standing up by Renie Marshall
-Trinity Church Cemetery transcriptions by Fern Small and Ken Collins 1973 -Wolfe Island Past & Present,Cosgrove, W.M., 1973: Religion Chapter

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