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Island Land Records

Any records that deal with Land for the Islands
of Amherst, Garden, Howe and Wolfe.

Do send in Deeds, land transfers, or any other kind of record dealing with land.
Please email me with your transcriptions and or scanned images.
If possible give date and sources.

Also be sure to check out the MAPS & DIRECTORIES, GOVERNMENT and ARTICLES sections of the site which also contain info on land.

Also you can contact:
Kingston Land Registry Office
1 Court Street
Kingston ON K7L 2N4
Tel: (613) 548-6767

The Following can be ordered from you local library through the Ontario Archives:
Crown Land Records Township Papers, [ca. 1783-187?] Series RG 1, C-IV
Town or Township, Up to Lot /Concession, Pages, Microfilm Reference
-Amherst Island, whole, 9, MS 658, Reel 13
-Garden Island, whole, 9, MS 658, Reel 155
-Horse Shoe Island, whole, 1 page only, MS 658, Reel 199
-Howe Island, whole, 0001-0049, MS 658, Reel 204
-Wolfe Island, whole, 0001-0347, ?MS 658, Reel 525

If you would be willing to transcribe any of these for the site please email me-or if you have photocopies of the pages they can be mailed or scanned and emailed and sent to me to transcribe. Thank you!

Amherst Island

Garden Island

-no land records yet-please send yours in!

Howe Island

Wolfe Island

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Land Records Part 2-Township Records
"Miscellaneous documents about SPECIFIC [not all]parcels of land (identified by lot and concession numbers) across southern Ontario from the earliest surveys to Confederation. They document activities on particular lands, including routine correspondence, survey information, and some copies of formal instruments, dated mainly before the Crown grant was issued."

The Islands: Land Records: Main

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