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World War 1

World War 2

Kingston Whig Standard
Aug 2005
Submitted by Wilf Garrah
Transcribed by Dean Snider
Howe Island’s Year of the Veteran Project

The Canadian government declared 2005 the Year of the Veteran. To Honor our veterans in this 60th anniversary of the end of the 2nd World War, an attempt is being made to compile a complete list of all veterans from Howe Island who served or may have died in the defence of Canada during past wars or as Peace Keepers in any one of the many areas of the world where Canada has served through the years.
“This seems an appropriate project for us to be undertaking,” according to Joan Fawcett who, along with Earl Prior, a life time resident of Howe Island, who is coordinating the project.
“We already have 20 names on our list but I am sure there are many more. We started the list last year but want to complete it before this special year for Veterans ends” Joan said, “But we need some help from the public.”
The names to date include:
Ignatius Driscoll
Charles Driscoll
Francis Lachance
John Dowling
Germain Guindon
Joyce Dowling
Frances Garrah
Junior Marshall
Fabian Garrah
Leonard Foley
Michael Driscoll
Harry Rothwell
William (Billy) Prior
Charles Leavis
Harold (Bud) Goodfriend
Daniel Kane
Dr. Edmund Melville
Bert Prior
Fred Welsh
Francis Dwyre
Anyone who has knowledge of other Howe Island veterans who should be included in this list is asked to please call Joan Fawcett at 613-5462307 or Earl Prior at 613-5424895. The act of remembrance may be expressed in many ways. On Howe Island the Verterans list will be prominently displayed at the Howe Island township Building.

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