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Island Obituaries

Transcriptions of death notices, obituarys etc for the Islands.
Occasionally also links to scanned images of the actual document.

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Please email me with your transcriptions(preffered) or scanned images.
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This index below is surname, maiden name in brackets if given, forenames, year of obit-question mark if yr not known. Obits may not necessarily be in order given here on the actual page.

Many thanks to Peter Rogers and Jerry Vaughn for transcribing all of the obits on the images pages into text. They are all now on the transcription pages, with links to the images. Therefore they are all now searchable via the site search engine. If you submitted one of these newly transcribed obits and I don't have 'submitted by' with it, please email me with the island and names and I'll add them, as I mixed up which were from whom when they were put on the images pages. (My bad! Sorry!!).

Amherst Island

Transcriptions Page 1
Bulch, Clarence-1945
Bulch, George R.-1965/6
Willard, D. Eldon-2002 X3
Tugwell, Samuel Chester-2002
Dennee, Mary -1938
Reid, Edward Gordon-2000
Reid, Ernest-1964
Wiskin (nee Reid),Florence Mabel-?
Glenn, Micheal Foch-1998
Dennie, Thomas-1914x2
Miller,Helen Frances (nee:Wemp)-2009
Reid, Alexander-1926
Wemp, Hugh-2012
Wemp, Ralph-2008
Kearney,Gerald Edward 2013
Glenn,Mrs. Clara Madeleleine 2012
White,Donald A. 1965
White, Donald Arthur 1981
White, Alice Elizabeth 1996
Other death information
Kearney, David Wallace
Kearney, John Henry

Transcriptions Page 2
Dempster Curran (nee Reid), Elizabeth-1911
McLeod,George & Jean-1828
Wemp, Lesie John-2003
Mullett, Bejamin-1906
Brown (nee Bray), Isobel-2003
Buckminster (nee Eves), Laura V.-1998
McMath, James C.-1923
Grattan,Alexander -1900
Grattan (nee Wilson), Mary-1914 X2
Gibson, Carl Frederick-2003
Hitchens, Reginald Stephen-2003
Wemp (nee Jackson), Barbara-1999
Reid, Alexander-1927
MacDonald, Captain William-1933
McDonald (nee Cadman), Ella Maud-1933
Richards, Harry-1927
Cousins, John B.-1933
Donaldson, Mrs. James W.-1933

Transcriptions Page 3
Orchard, Leonard Keith-2003
McGinn (nee Smith), Audrey-2003
Holmes, Capt A.F.-1910
Neilson, Ida Isabel-June 3 ?
Kennedy, Roderick-1911
Girvin, James-1846
NIXON, John Simon-2004
EVES, Wilmer Claude-2003
TUGWELL, D. Earle-2003
NEILSON, Ida Isabel (nee Roddick)-1941
Roberts, Charlotte Helen-2000

Transcriptions Page 4
Patterson, Robert Senr-1847
Walker, Henry-1847
McMath, Elizabeth Isabella (nee Taylor)-1847
Wemp (nee Bray), Ellen-1938
Howard, Edward-1843
Trelevan, Eliza Jane-1844
Bray, Joseph-1844
Boyd, David-1845
Lark, John-1848
Jackson, Thomas-1817
Howard, Ann-1829
Lang, John-1835 & 1840
Shaw, Thomas-1845
Radcliff, Thomas-1841
Kilpatrick, William R.-1978
Fleming, James Francis-1978
FLEMING, Ernest Hartley-2003
MacCRIMMON, Freda Ethel-2004
Pope, Ernest Montagu-1879
Kerr, John (Jack)-1994
McGinn, son-1895
Gorman, Mary A.-1895
Glenn, Alexander-1895
McCormack, James-1895
McDonald, Mrs.-1895
Collins, kate-1896
Stevenson, Mr.-1896
Filson, David-1896
MacCrimmon, Michael Duncan-2002
Cumberland, Robert W.-1977
Tugwell, (nee MARTIN), Gladys Irene-1998
Taylor(nee Wemp), Evelyn Grace-1991
Wolfreys, Donald Burt-1992
Baker, William-1934

Transcriptions Page 5
Wemp, Leigh H.-1996
Baker (nee Beaubien), Isabella-1934?
Thorigal (nee Meyers), Nettie May-1941
Flanagan (nee Dennee), Jane-1960
Dennee (nee Tomkins Luffman), Sarah E.-?
Denne (nee Bailey), Mary Jane-1923
Gibson (nee Dushane), Myrtle M.-?
Dennee, R.B.-1951
Eargle (nee Singleton) Bernice A.-1980
Finley, Ephraim Garfield-1935
Kerney (nee Glenn), Gertrude-1934
Richards, Randal Alan-1935
McGinn, June-2005
Wemp, Arnold E.-1936
McGinn, Ellen-1936
Maccormac (nee Bulch), Mary Edna-1936
Wemp, Walter-1936
Speers, Alexander-1936
Finlay, Mrs. James-1883
Hitchens, Mrs.-1883

NEW! Transcriptions Page 6
Brown, Wilmer John-2005
Hitchens, William-1931
Fleming (nee Cochrane), Mary Ann-1931
Allen, Nessie-1931
Calvin, Hiram-1932x2
Eves, John-1954
Eves, James-1946
Rogers (nee Eves), Teresa-1949
Wemp(nee McGinn), Laura Hazel-2005
Breckenridge, Alexander-1910
EVES (nee Ferguson), Peachie Myrla-1990
Eves (nee Orr),Mary Lavina-?
Eves, James-1946
Stevenson, Mary Gormley - 1919
Shimek, Anna Elizabeth (nee: Stevenson)- 1965

Garden Island

Transcriptions Page 1
Donnelly, Thomas-1896
Garrah, F.H.(Frank)-1978
Compeau, John L.-Jan ?
Compeau, Milton E. -1973
Compeau, Joseph H.-?
Compeau (nee Compeau), Exilda-1934
Kenney, Lily Marie-1987
Buck (nee Compeau), Ann-?
Currie, ?- 1849
Donnelly, Robert J.-1877
O'Brien, William-1895
Kennedy, Samuel-1895
Harper, H.-1895
Roney, Henry-1890
Kirkwood (nee Milligan), Ellen-1934
Page (nee Harper), Maria-1934
Mantray (nee Wilson), Margaret-1935
McMullin, John-1935
Sutherland, Alexander Gordon-1935
Willard, Herman-1935
Compeau, Joseph H.-1935
Kirkwood, Howard L.-1936
Harper (nee Reed), Rose-1936
Menard, Ira G.-1978
Quinn, John Sarsfield-1908

Howe Island

Transcriptions Page 1
Driscoll, John-1917
Driscoll (nee Wiseman), Margaret-1935 X2
Norris (nee Cox), Bridget-1911
Cox, John-1914
Norris, James-1926 X2
Norris, Patrick-1929
Amo, James-1898
Norris, Richard Michael-1898
Norris, Edward-1898
Picket, Maria-1898
Beaubien, John C.-1955
Driscoll, Jane Francis-1955
Levin, Helen-1997
Mahoney, Capt James-1920
Besaw, Joseph-1938

Transcriptions Page 2
Lavis, John-1888
Cox, Marion-1945
Power, Mrs.-1892
Norris,Marie Roseanne-2000
Driscoll (nee McAllister), Catherine-1953
Walker, Elmer- 1958
Martin, Evelyn Mary- 1990
Clark, James-1899
Mahoney, Mary-1899
Ledford, Patrick-1899

Garrah, Joseph Ira-1976
Leavis, Mary Frances-1977
Cox, Mathew Kane-1949 x2

Foley,Carmel Louise-2008
Foley,Madeline Sophia (nee: Kane)-2007
Garrah,Jerome James-2009
Garrah,Leonard Thomas-2010
Goodfriend,Francis Joseph "Frank"-2009
Boissonneault,Carolyn Lucille(nee:Goodfriend)
Beaubiah,Margaret Ann-2008
Dowling,Isabella Joyce (nee"Knox)-2008)
Goodfriend,Vivian W. (nee:Murphy)-2009
Miller,Theresa Helen (nee:Marshall)-2008
Pickett,James "Jimmie"-2008
Rothwell, Marie Elizabeth-2008
Ruttan,Loretta Kathleen(nee"Marshall)-2012

TranscriptionsPage 3
MacDonald (Cosgrove), Laura-1962
Norris (nee Sauve), Marie Roseanne-2000
Tisdale,Florence Rita-2002
Ledford, Frances-1915
Beseau, Mrs.-1920
Ledford (nee Mahoney), Ana Maria-1928
Beseau, Peter-1929
Ledford, George-1931 X2
Pickett (nee Foley), Etta -1932
Foley, Mrs. Robert-1939
Beseau, Stanley-1957
Beseau, Ann-1988 X3
McKenna (nee Foley), Elizabeth-1988

Beseay,Richard Michael (Rick)-2008
Dowling,Cassidy Madeline-2012
Ellerton,Kathleen Mary (Babe)-2011
Hobbs,Leslie Jean (NEE:Leavis)-2009
Leavis,Charles Hamilton-2008
Loyst,Anna Theresa-2009
Prior,Colin Thomas-2012
Welsh,Judith Elizabeth-2000
MacPherson, Mary Elizabeth (nee:Quinn)-2013
Transcriptions Page 4
Keys, Israel-1927
McCalpin, Robert H.-1927
Hill, Henry-1bt 1952
Leavis, Frances-1977
Quinn, John F. (Jack)-2002
Powers (nee McGrath), Mary Margaret-1892
Fairman, Warren-1909
Driscoll, Bernard Ian-2002
Staie, Joseph S.-1941
Byrne, James Bernard-2003
Driscoll (nee MacDonald), Benita-2003

Transcriptions Page 5
Gubesch, John-2003
Beseau, Theresa M. (Leeder)-2004 (image)
Norris, John "Jack"-2004
McCarty, Nora (Prior)-1965
Pelow, Isabella (nee Keyes)-2004
Driscoll, Daniel-1942
Brill, Mrs. Rev. John-1876
Walker (nee VanAlstyne), Vera-1994
Shughrue, William-1895
Goodfriend, Simon-1895
O'Brien (nee Turcotte), Hannah M.-1980
Cadue (nee Goodfriend), Florence-1983
Driscoll (nee Ireland), Mary Elizabeth-2004
White, Thomas J.-1958
Gagnon, Joseph-1845

Transcriptions Page 6
Leavis, Patrick-1941
Garrah (nee Leavis), Margaret-1955
Mahoney (nee Clarke), Mary-1918
Garrah, Elroy Israel-Dec 14 1968
Dorey (nee Garrah), Francis-1989
Garrah, Israel-1949
Leavis, James-Jan 23 1951
Garrah (nee Shepardson), Dorothy-1968
Leavis, Francis-1953
Byrne, James Richard-1985
Martin, Kenneth Joseph-1999
Quinn, Michael Francis-1953
Garrah (nee Murphy),Mary Augusta-1945
Gannon (nee Foley), Edna Susan-2005
Allen, Mary Etta-2005
Foley, Donald Francis-2005

Jeroy(nee Preveil), Adeline-1908
Driscoll (nee Cox), Mrs Jamesx2
Garrah (nee Clarke), Elizabeth Agnes-1927
O'Brien, Mrs. Alex-1937
Clarke, John-1946
MacDonald (nee Amo), Margaret-1951
Clarke (nee Cadue),Tiece Elizabeth-1951
Norris (nee Cox), Bridget-1911

Transcriptions Page 7
Oakley(nee Cox), Elizabeth Agnes-2002
Dwyre, Francis Joseph-1994
Driscoll, Francis Spencer-1997
Driscoll, James O'Gorman-1989
Driscoll(nee Bradley), Mary Anne-2003
Quinn (nee Garrah), Loretta-1966
Driscoll, Mary Catherine-2001
Ottenhof, Matthew Joseph-2003
Mahoney (nee Clarke), Mary-1918
Driscoll (nee McAllister), Catherine-?
Driscoll (nee McLaren), Sadie-1987
Murphy (nee Goodfriend), Dorothy Amelia-2004
Simpson, James Joseph-2004
Marshall (nee Garrah), Veronica Margaret-1993
Ellerton, William-2004
BROWN (nee Pelow), Gladys-2004
Foley (nee Murphy) , Margaret Loretta-1946
Fitzgerald, James-1937
Garrah, Joseph-1936
LaChance (nee Kane), M.-1937
McArthur (nee Wiseman), Malinda-1937
Foley, Robert J.-1932x2
Foley, Robert Joseph-2005
Foley, Edith Veronica-1996

Transcriptions Page 8
Kane, Margaret-1934
Melville (nee Pickett), Catherine-1935
Driscoll, Charles E.-1935 x 2
Prior (nee Gibson), Kathleen-1999
Goodfriend, Carl-1999
Marshall, Thomas Henry-1998
Gibson (nee Mangan), Doreen Mary-2004
Schneberger (nee Pickett), Alice-2003
Prior, Joseph Eugene-1934
Mahoney, Mary-1918
Cadue, Mrs. Joseph-1935
Martin, Joseph-1935
See (nee Wiseman), Mary-1939
Goodfriend, Joseph-1937x2
Kane, Agnes M.-1937
Garragh, Joseph-1936
Kane, Mary Anne-1936
Doran (nee Pickett), Hannah-1936
Cadue, Thomas-1936
Norris, James-1890
Goodfriend, John-1931x2
Quinn (nee Kane), Elizabeth-1931x2
Driscoll (Nee Murphy), Rose Ellen-1932x2
Walker, Elmer-1958
Marshall,Helen Mary (nee:Gibson)
Reid, Gary Thomas Edward - 2013
June Theresa (nee: Driscoll) Kendall - 2013

Simcoe Island

Transcriptions Page 1
Eves, Nelson Wilfred-2003
Rogers (nee Eves), Teresa-1949 x2
HAMMOND (nee ORR), Elsie Evelyn-1992
Eves, Floyd J.-1992
Wood (nee Moke), Christine-1991
Orr, Leonard I.G.-1990
Sudds, Delbert R.-1962
Orr (nee Busch), Jennetta-1962
Sudds, Sarah-1937
Busch, Thomas-1940x2
Eves (nee Orr), Mary Lavina-1905

Wolfe Island

Transcriptions Page 1
Aylesworth (nee Stevenson), Sybil Irene-1981
Cronk, George Edward-1958
Crawford (nee O'Donnell),Ann-1915
Grimshaw, Claudette Mary Theresa-2002
Ferguson, Rev. John-2002
Dorion, Denise Janet-2002
Sallows, Allan T.-2002
Grant (nee McRae), Rita Mary-2002
Boyd, James-1863
Grant, Wm-1863
Abbott, Wm-1864
Putnam, Israel- 1917
Dixon, Nancy-1911
King, Henry M.-1955
Hall, Roy C.-1996
Hutchinson, J. Herbert-1952
Chatterton, Thomas H.-1991?
Sluman, Thomas Venton-1932
Halliday (nee Niles), Mrs.-1895
Livingston, William-1853
Clarke, James-1915
Cuff Edward-1909x2
Dillon, Mary-1913
Dillon, Thomas-1913x2
McRae, Donald Stewart-1911x2
Davis, Albert T.-1910
Helmer, Gordon B.-1910x2
Dawson (Nee Cunningham), Maria-1906
Hickley, Coleman Captain Sr.-1899
Briggs, George-1892
McAvoy, Theresa H 1939
McAvoy, Dr. George E 1911

Transcriptions Page 2
Mulholland (nee MacLaren), Evelyn Helen-1987
Grimshaw, Claudette-2002
Kerr (nee Lee), Muriel Gladys-2002
Orr (nee Bellringer), Dorothy-2002
Niles, Douglas Edmund-2002 X2
Bustard (nee Grant), Agnes Jean-2002
Perrin (nee Urquhart), Jean-2000
Woodman (nee Campsall), Dottie-1978?
Mable, Wilfred H.-2002
Woodman, Bruce Campsall-1994
McDonald, Mrs. Flora-1898
Crawford, John-1838
Hall, Martha Selena-1942
Rattray, Annie Isobel (nee McDonald)-1942
Conley, John-1942
Daly, Marguerite (nee Halladay)-1974
CONLEY, Wallace Ronald "Buck"-2005
CONLEY, Jeffrey -2005
Crawford, John-1860x2
Johnston, John-1901x2
Wiggins (nee Hughes), Abigail Amelia-1937
MacDonald (nee McCue), Gertrude-1971
White, Robert-1900

Transcriptions Page 3
Crawford, Thomas-1922 X2
Crawford, Miss-1883
McDonald, Alexander-1939
Crawford, Thomas-1902
Mary Rodgers Hennessey-1906
Hawkins (nee Flynn), Corinne Madelie-1981
Morgan, Emma W.-1992
Townsend (nee Woodman), Irene I.-1995
Bamford, Wells-1913
Keill, Alex-1892
Byrne, Michael-1918
Byrne, Mrs.Josephine-1908
Spankie, Dr.-1934
Pullaw, Arthur-2002
McKay, Augusta Mary-1874

Transcriptions Page 4
McAvoy, Capt John-1911
Barry (nee Crawford), Jennie-1911
Langan, Capt. Maurice-1912
McAvoy (nee Rogers), Elizabeth-1913 X2
Langan, Sarah Rogers-1928
Gormley (nee Berow), Maria-1935
Watkins, Charles L.-1882
Frasso (nee Griffith), June-2003
Dee, Mrs. John-1907
Abbott, Sarah-1907
Clark, W.-1907
Devette, William-1985
Lollar (nee O'Shea), Ida-1989
Ferguson, Mrs. Henrietta Josephine-1990
Corcoran, Robert Thomas-1994
Davis, Capt Oliver-1950
McNamara (nee Doran), Annie-1951
Dyer (nee Stevenson), Thelma Jean-1953
Hawkins, Eugene Joseph-1955
Daly, John-1941
Connolly, Lillie M. (Nee O'Brien)-1896
Marlow, Leonard Stanley-1969
Staley, Cecil Joseph-2001 X2
Staley, Archie James-2001
McAllister, James Osmund (Jim)-2001 x2
Brown, Michael-1907
Greenwood, Stella-1907
Grant, Alva-1907
Sughrue (nee Welch), Catharine-1907x2

Transcriptions Page 5
Staley, Dr. Austin A.-1963
Vanstrien, Comelia-?
Henerson, Ralph Cecil-1974
Doyle (nee McClaren), Harriet Anne-1978
Staley, Austin-1983
Cosgrove, James Dufferin-1970
Moore, Rodney W.-1918
Grant, Peter-1927
Staley, Archibald-1928
Campbell, William-1934
Spankie, Dr. William-1934
Hagarty, Mrs. Dennis-1911
Menard, George-1911
Bulles, Robert-1897
Scholtz, Irmagard-1935
Lawson, Cecil-1925
Kane, Mr. & Mrs. Martin-1937
McKenney, Michael-1894
Rattray (nee Farr), Catherine-1900
Lyons, Sarah Frances-1900
Kane, Mrs. John-1900
McRae, James H.-1901
Murphy, Terance-1901
Turner, Edward-1901
Marlow, Hiram & son-1902
Friend, Thomas-1910
Murphy, Mrs.-1910
Alarie, George & Gerald-1946
Cummings, Howard-1946
Adair, Buck-1946
Gillespie, Robert-1887
Pyke, John Arthur-1921 X4
McDonald (nee Gibson), Mary-1918x2
SUDAK (ne MacDonald)- Eileen Agnes-2004
Grant, Peter Sr-1905
McReady,Mrs Sr.-1905
MacDonald, John A.-1923
MacDonald, Catharine.-1922x2
Dawson, John-1918
Quirk, Winnifred-1918
McDonald (nee Gibson), Mary-1918x2

Transcriptions Page 6
Barry, Peter-?
Barry, Peter F.-1966
Berow, Geo. H.-1938
Berow (nee Horne),Laura I.-1968
Greenwood (nee Hulton), Kathleen Ellen-2003
O'Reilly, Rev. Eugene Thomas-2003
White (nee Murphy), Mary Dorothy-2003
Hinckley, Augustus R.-1935
Hutchinson, J. Herbert-1952
Berry, James A.-2003
Hogan (nee Fargo), Doris Mary-2000
King, Thomas Arthur-2000
Hulton (nee Porter), Sharon-2005
Fargo, Clifton-2005
Conroy, Patrick-1908x2
Griffin, Mrs. Dennis-1908
Boyd, Robert-1908
McDonald, Miss Isabella-1908
Snider, A.M.-1923
Snider, John Wesley-1937x2
Snider (nee Newell), Rebecca E.-1947x2

Transcriptions Page 7
Chapman, ?-1883
Sutton (nee McKay), Augusta Mary-1874
White, Edward Stewart-2003
Staie, Joseph S.-1941
Armstrong, Ernest Herbert-2004
NILES, Pernell William-2003
Halliday, Charles-1938
Woodman, Frank G.-1963
Halliday, Isabelle May-1945
Bamford, John D. -1927
Comins, Harriet Mary(nee Joslin) -1948
Smith, Rodney-1938 (with below)
Conley, Frances (nee Smith)-1938
Bamford, Rachel-19??
Cheever, Grace (nee Halliday)-1980
Kenney, Bessie M.(nee Holliday)-1994
Eves, John-1924
Barry, Mrs. Elizabeth-1924
Crothers, William Gray-2005
Snider, Abraham M.-1923
Grant, Charles-1848
Langan, Patrick-1813
Marlow, Hiram-1902
Shaver, Mrs. Hannah-1894
Ranous, daughter of George-1894
Kyle, James W.-1895
Joy, Mrs.-1896x2

Transcriptions Page 8
Beebee, Lena H. (nee McDermott)-1987
Luther, Emma-1993
Bamford, J.D.-1960
Vincent-Majorie I (nee Halliday)-1976
Cummings, Alzina A. (nee MacDonald)-1928
Shay, Reta M.-2000
Barker, Britton-1971
Bamford, Clyde-1984
Bamford, Hubert Wells-1969
Comins, Muriel B. (nee Bamford)-1973
Dixon, William C. Jr.-1968
Tiernan, Louise D. (nee Dixon)-1977
Schram, Frank B.-1935
Davis (nee Flynn), Marie Agnes-1989
Siville (nee Hulton), Gwendolyn-1988
Hogan (nee Greenwood), Marie Agnes-1989
McGlynn (nee Greenwood), Sarah Mildred-1990
LaRush (nee Halverson), Eileen Ella-1990
Connell (nee Tupper), Laurel Louise-2004
McDonald, Donald Ban-1839
Little (nee McDonald), Kate-1859
Bates, William-1887
Dawson, Patrick-1884

Transcriptions Page 9
Mosier, Leonard (Tupper)-1975
Grimshaw, William-1897
Flynn, Mathew-1897
Wells, Mary C.-1897
Daly, Joseph-1975
KERR, Muriel Gladys (nee Lee) -2002
Laughlin, David-1934
Gillespie, William-1942
McCready, George-1942
Gillespie, Charles George-1942
Arthurs, Robert-1835
Lavery, ?-1841
McDowall, A.-1848
Hammon, Solomon & John-1848
Good (nee Godfrey), Edna Sophia-1994
Siddall (nee McGarrity), Jessie-1938
Spoor, Theresa-1938
Walker, Frank, 1938
Walker, F.T.-1938
Deming (nee Staley), Evelyn-1938
Clay, Russell Edward-1975
Clay, Wayne Micheal -2000
Easton, N.O.-1936
Easton (nee Lingenfelter), Ella-1925
Easton (nee Hoan), Rosella Mary-after 1910
Easton (nee Ryan), Margaret E.-1937
Easton (nee Whittier), Martha D.-1941
Brown, Elizabeth-1947x2
Mahoney, Jerry-1947
Murphy, John A.-1945
McKenna, Joseph-1945
Mulvena, Catherine-1906
McDonald, James-1940
McDonald, Donald James-1904
Davis, John-1873
Eccels, James-1873
Hogan, Arthur Patrick-1940
Woodman, Mrs. C.-1920

Transcriptions Page 10
Greenwood, Ann-1876
Shaver, Mrs. Hannah-1894
Busch, Sidney J.-1894
Friend, William-1876
Grimshaw, Thomas-1876
Keyes, only da of John-1876
Greenwood, child-1876
Bender, George-1816
Bamford, Thomas-1848
Munley, James-1825
Smith (nee Bush), Mrs. Jacob & child-1827
Warden (nee Hough), Mary-1842
Ryan, James Francis-1898
MOSIER, Winnifred-2003
MELNICK-MCKENNEY (nee Sudds), Lily May-2004
Haas (nee Easton), Charlotte-1961
Haas, Carl J.-1958
Schatz (nee Haas), Marion F.-1959
Campbell, Vernon R.-1973
Goixo, Mary-1874
Taylor (nee Bissonnette), Elizabeth "Lori"-2004
Allen, Grant-1899
Sharpe, Henry Rev.-1900
McAvoy, Patrick-??
Rawley, Ann-1908
McFadden, Ann-1908
Percy (nee Farr), Cornelia-1941
MacDonald (nee Cosgrove), Laura-1952
Johnston (nee Moran), Elizabeth-1954
Henderson, John-1910
Laughlin, Arthur-1910
Trussell, Mrs. Frank-1952
Brown (nee Saunders), Gertrude A.-1951

Transcriptions Page 11
Halladay (nee Niles), Mrs.-1895
Virtue, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth-1895
Kyle, Joseph-1895
Keyes, Joseph-1895
Baker, John-1895
Payne, John-1895
Kyle, James W.-1895
McDonald, Mrs. D.H.-1895
Gregg (nee Daly), Laura-1961
Gregg, Archie-1970
Daly (nee Conley), Emily-1931 x2
Driscoll, Mrs. Charles-1895
Bush, David Ray-2002
Smithers, Richard-1837
Turcotte, Augustus-1896
McKenna, Bridget-1896
Marlow (nee Kiell),Mrs.-1896
Michie, Joseph-1896
Hogan, Henrietta-1896
Chown (nee Conley), Elizabeth P.-1896
Carey (nee Goslin), Fannie Harriet-1970
Carey, Lorenzo H.-1944
Carey (nee Meeks), Ella Jane-1946
Briggs, Absolom-1863
Gibson (nee Kenny), Ona-2002
Allan, Andrew-1907
Allan (nee Patterson), Janet-1901
Kiel (Keil), Anson- 1911
McAllister (nee Murphy), Doreen Elizabeth-2004
Joslin (nee MacDougal), Muriel-2004
Devlin, John-1988
Murphy, Charles Hubert-1998
Stevenson (nee Bullis), C. Leone-1992
Briceland (nee Coyle), Margaret-1934
Davis (nee Sluman), Dora-1934
Staley, Fred-1938
Hall, John-1938x2
Kingsley (nee Murphy), Julia-1938x2
Sauve, William-1938x2
Greenwood, son of THomas-1906
Rattray, William-1906

Transcriptions Page 12
Parker (nee McAvoy), Isabel-1973
McAvoy, M. Mildred-1979
Galloway (nee Mac Avoy), Sarah-1953
Snow, Bernard D.-1941
Cranker (nee Snow), Nettie S.-1952
Petrie (nee Snow), Nellie W.- 1946
Putnam (nee Carter), Harriett-1934
King (nee Halliday), Irene E.-1983
Halliday, Henry Edward-1979
Vincent, Arthur Ward-1966
Vincent, Karl G.-1976
Easton (nee Halliday), Kathleen-1969
Snow, Ora M.-1932
Snow, William D.-1935
Britton (nee Snow), Minnie-1972
Docteur-McIntyre (nee Ciegle), Helen Mae-2000

Transcriptions Page 13
Griffen, John Jack-2001
Lacey (nee Greenwood), Madeleine-1992
Dunkinson (nee Greenwood), Naomi-1992
Kyle, Bill J.-1991
McEvoy, Patrick-1889
McAvoy, Patrick-1889
Dawson, Mary-1873
Carson, Dr. George THompson-2003
Townsend, Johanna Marie-2004
Wood (Nee McCulloch), Jessie-2004
Dixon, William Collings-1947
McLaren, Alexander-1932
Knapp, Mary-1932
Woodman (Dixon), Mary Elizabeth-1932
Davis, Armanda-1932
Rainus (nee Gillespie), Martha-1930
MacDonald (nee Ryan), Mrs. D.J.-1936
Cadotte, George-1935

Transcriptions Page 14
BROEDERS, Johanna Maria-2004-x2
MacDonald, William B.-1923-x3
MacDonald (nee Rattray), Alzina-1939
MacDonald, John G.-1937
Spoor, Leopole-1937
MacDonald (nee Driscoll), Catherine-1973
MacDonald, Edward-1983
Routhier(nee Farren), Ethel Marguerite (Rusty)-1999
Greenwood, Charles H.-1922
MacDonald, Donald-1956-x3
Andrews, David J.-1956
WHITMARSH, Fred Thomas-1996 x2
Whitmarsh, Olive-2002
GREENWOOD (nee Whitmarsh), Henrietta-1998
Staley, Noble Joseph-1989
Deryaw, Charles-2004
Hogan, Peter-?
Irvine, Marie E.-1933
Murphy, Catherine-1927
Taylor, Catherine-1933
Russell (nee Stevenson), Elizabeth Jane-1933
Ryan, P.J.-1931
Hough, Rufus H.-1932
Woodman (nee Dixon), Mary Elizabeth-1932

Transcriptions Page 15
Hulton, Lorne-1999
Niles (nee Horne), Annie Mable-1989 X2
Bullis (nee Gillespie), Della Gertrude-1988 X2
Bennett (nee Austin), Laura Mae-1988 X2
Carpenter (nee MacAdoo), Phyllis Pauline-1992
Johnson (nee Ryan), Edna Elizabeth-1991
Flynn, Edward John-1999
Spratt, Father T.J.-?
Feeney, Robert James-1991
Rogers, John-?
Gurnsey, Gail Lillian-1974 X2
LaRush, Guy-2003
Hogan, Harold F.-1990
Henderson, Ralph-1974x2
Greenwood, Vincent-1991
Holliday, Helen Katherine-1991
Stevenson, James Kenneth-1988
Keill, J. Bruce-1940
McKenna, John Joseph-1991

Transcriptions Page 16
Grant (nee MacDonald), Janie-1953
Keeley, Allan-1992
Joy (nee Sitwell), Christine Laura-1990
Joslin, John Hiram-2000
Murphy, Joseph-1928
Keirnan, William John-1991
McCready, Wm Keith-1992
Kiell, Capt Lewis W.-1993
Niles (nee Holliday), Lillian Mae-1998
Johnson (nee Yott), Mary Estelle-2003
O'Brien (nee Murphy), Mary Josephine-2003
Keyes (nee Arthur), Mildred-1990
O'Brien (nee Koen), Beatrice Mary-1994
Moran (nee Woodman), Emma-1992
McKenna, John Joseph-1991 (2nd)
Furlong, Katie-?
Niles (nee Holliday), Lillian Mae-1998 (2nd)
Payne (nee Greenwood), Louisa Emma-1992
Keill (nee McMaster), Mrs.-1925
Rogers, Mrs. Margaret-?
Feeney, Msgr J.-?
Ryan, Philip-1983
Hogan, Sanford Joseph-1991
Woodman (nee MacAdoo), Doris Anna-1993
Tarrant, Capt Garnet Francis-1993
Stevenson, James Kenneth-1988 (2nd)
Stevenson (nee Bullis), C. Leone-1992
Kiell, Lewis William-1993
Mathews (nee Murphy), Stella-1943

Transcriptions Page 17
Frasso,Gerald Leo-2003
Keyes (nee Allum), Elsie-2004
MacDonald, Nellie-1926
MacDonald (nee Higgins), Helen-1958
MacDonald, A.R.-1914
MacDonald (nee Mosier), Elizabeth-1926
Dawson, James Francis-1926 x2
Putman (nee Pfeifer), Francis Peff-2004
McNamee, (nee Taggart), Veronica "Bonnie"-2003
Wilder, Henry L.-1924 x2
Garvin (nee Wilder), Catherine H.-1926
Wilder (nee Montgomery), Mary E.-1933 x2
Maver (nee Wilder), Catherine-?
Wilder, Samuel-1926 x2
HAWLEY (nee Hulton), Mary Theresa-2004
McDonald, Catherine-1900
Rattray (nee Farr), Catherine-1900 x2
Keill, Frank-1949
Murphy (nee Morgan), Clara-1933
Hawley(nee Hulton), Mary Theresa-2004
Gibson(nee Holiday), Charlotte-1941
Woodman, W.G.-1933
Bolton, William James-1944
Horne, William E.-1943
Murphy, Ellen-1933
Davis (nee McCall),Susan A.-1940
Murphy, Mrs. Jeremiah-1933
Bullis (nee Abbott), Edith-1933
Hall, William-1933
Murphy (nee Morgan), Mrs. John-1944
McAllister, Mary Patricia-1933
McDonald, Duncan-1931
Livingstone, Hattie-1933
Henderson, boy (William Warner)-1876
Leeman(nee Koen), Ellen-1988
Greenwood, Reg-1994
Greenwood, Richard-1990
Greenwood, Oliver-1990

Transcriptions Page 18
Bullis, Elizabeth-1934
LaRush (nee Kelly), Emma-1934
Taylor, Mrs. Wilson-1934
Healy, William-1934
Mahoney, John-1934
McLaren, Allen-1934
Johnston (nee Cosgrove), Bridget Ellen-1934
McLyn, Catharine-1935
Spankie, Dr. William-1934x2
Rawley, Archibald-1934
McDonald, Captain Allen Alexander-1934
Eves, Chauncey-1968
Hall, Henry-1934
Berry, James-1934
Hawley, John-1934
Eves (nee Chapin), Mable Elsie-1961
Lyons, Mary-1934
Walker (nee Bustard), Matilda-1934
MacDonald, John Gordon-2005
Payne (nee Dawson), Harriett-2005
Kiell (nee Hogan) Gertrude Catherine-2005
Friend, George-1934 (same obit as wifes below)
Friend (nee Kemp), Hannah Mary-1935
Walker (nee Mosier), Minnie-1934
Yott (nee Payne), Jane Ann-1934
McDermott (nee Henderson), Mary-1935
Seaton (nee Stuart), Sarah J.-1934
Hogan, Sara-1935
Forbes, Thomas A.-1934
Keyes, Thomas A.-1935
Spence, Thomas-1934
Fawcett, William-1934

Transcriptions Page 19
Mahoney, Johanna-1907
Scholz, Irmagarde-1935
Hall, Mrs. Charles-1935
Briceland, James-1935
Briceland, Thomas-1902
Lalonde )nee Davis, Cora-1935
Horne (nee Matier), Jennie-1935
Casey (nee Woods), Emma U.-1935
Berry (nee Montgomery), Alice-1935
Brophy, Joseph J.-1935
MacDonald, Malcolm-1979
McNamee (nee MacDonald),Rita Agnes-1999
Kenney (nee Kemp) Maria, -1935
Briggs (nee Harold), Rose-1937
Kane, Ellen A.-1935
Laughlin, John T.-1935
Coffey, Paul-1951
Lawson, Cecil-1935
Johnson, Andrew-1935
James (nee McDonald), Alice-1937
McDonald, Archibald-1937x2
Rogers, Thomas Albert-1937
Greenwood, Thomas Francis-1935
Cooper, William-1937
Kane, Michael-1937
Mahoney, Alexander Joseph-1996
MacDonald (nee Smith), Alicia G.-1989
MacDonald, Curtis (Charlie)-1999
MacDonald, Earl J.-1974
Dignem, George A.-2000
Mahoney, John-1982
Reason (nee MacDonald), Marie Carmel-1982
Broeders, Michalea Maria-1996
McDonald, Sanfield-1973
Snell, William-1880
Woodman, Albert Joseph-2005

Transcriptions Page 20
Casey, George D.-1936
Cummins, Mary-1936
Cole (nee Keyes), Nellie May-1936
Bolton, Richard-1936
McGregor, Roderick-1936
McDermott, Patrick-1936 x2
McGlynn, James-1936
Mahoney, Monroe David-1999
Horne, Norman Walter-1987
MacDonald, Robert Michael-1996
Donovan, Thomas Xavier-1992
MacDonald, Wilfred Angus-1992
Bieof, John-1936
Sillett (nee Bennett), Ellen-2005
Kiel, Alex-1892x2
Kiel, Mrs. Lavinia W.-1883x2
Hogan, Ralph B.-1982
Sylva, a sailor-1883
McDonald, Annie-1902
Woodman, Albert-2005 (2nd)
Grant, O.G.-1896
Leadford, Capt. John-1888
LaFleur, Peter-1910x2
Berry, Charles Albert-1932x2

Transcriptions Page 21
Kiell, Dexter Ira-1932x2
Compeau, Evangeglist-1932x2
Watts (nee Kenny), Margaret Ann-1932
Rawley (nee Eccles), Mary Ann-1932
Watts, Samuel Ira-1932
Dawson, Thomas-1931
Davis, James-1932
Davis,James A.-1936
Brown, James-1932
Crawford, John C.-1931x2
Knapp, Frederick-1899x2
Knapp (nee Ahern), Maria-1927
Flynn, Thomas-1931
McRae, George Albert-1931
Bustard, David-1932
Coyle, Mary Anne-1932
O'Brien, Francis Jerome-1932
Cummings, Captain David-1932
McKenna, Elizabeth-1932
Mosier (nee Bieof), Margaret-1932
Dignem, Thomas-1932
Mosier, Martha-1932
Kennedy (nee Roguey), Armenta E.-1932
McNamee, Gerald Patrick-1989
Vaughan (nee Boxma), Carol-2005
Gurnsey (nee Niles), Audrey-2005
Fawcett,Mira N. -2007
Murphy,James Patrick-2007
Cosgrove,Carmel Mary-2007
McDonald,Sister Iona-2012
Mrs. Mary Hennessy-1906

Transcriptions Page 22
Keil, Alex-1892
O'Brine, John J.-1908
Dixon, Mrs. Lansing-1905
Turner, Ethel-1898
Seymour, Mrs. Delia R.-1885
Horne, Thomas-1884
Rattray, R.-1884
Watts, H.-1884
Hamilton, W.-1884
Bates (nee Joslin), Mrs. Wm-1890
Ledford, Kenneth H.-
Kiel, Mrs. Peter-1909x2
House (nee Conley), Louise-1920x2
Greenwood, Harriet-1890x2
Greenwood (nee Connelly), Margaret-1924x2
Greenwood, Charles H.-1922
Fawdrey, Caroline-1906
McKane (nee Muckian), Rose-1918
Watkins, Charles L.-1882
O'Brien, Mrs. Ellizabeth-1888
Walker, Albert-1882
Staley, Archibald-1887
Greenwood, May-1893
Estes, J.B., Captain-1909
Sullivan, Francis-1917x2
McLaren, Mary Elizabeth-1921
O'Brien, Mrs. James-1904
Moran, Patrick-1904
MacDonald, John A.-1923x2
Watts (nee Saunders), Minnie A.-1917x2
Charles, Samuel-1917x2
Bullis, Mrs. John-1917
Snider (nee Gillfillan), Amanda Malvina -1898
Dawson, Patrick-?
Hitchcock (nee Fuller),Natilda Theresa -1910

Transcriptions Page 23
Keegan (nee Smith), Ellen A.-1919x2
Dailey (nee Chapman), Mary M.-1928
Grant, O.G.-1896
Hinckley, D.H.-1915
Dexter H Hinckley-1915
Joy, Chester A.-1934
Conway, Patrick-1908
MacDougall, John A.-2006
Mcnamee, Joe-2006
Staley, Charles-1911
Hawkins, Clifton-1911
MacDonald, Duncan L.-1911
Halliday (nee Niles), Mrs.-1895
Yott, Victor Joseph -1948
Pyke, David - 1917
Niles, George - 1946
MacDonald, Mrs. Daniel-1911
Emma Pelow-1939
John Ryan-1915
William McGrath-1924
Mrs. Herman Staley-1946
Mrs. Oliver (nee: Aletha McCready) McAdoo-1944

NEW!Transcriptions Page 24
Grimshaw, Margaret (Maggie)-2013
MacDonald,Donald Leonard - 2013
Robinson,Eileen (nee:Staley) - 2008
Johnson,Paul Vincent - 2011
Coulter,Patricia (nee:Darling) - 2013
Cox,Rosemary (nee:Murphy) - 2009
Taggart,Ralph - 2009
Hawley,Mary (nee: Hulton) - 2004
McDonald,Mary (nee:McKenna)
Eves,Signey Victor - 2009
Vaughan,Carol - 2005
Murphy, Kane,Christina (nee: Zimmerman) - 2012
Gurnsey,Audrey (nee: Niles)
Hulton,Eugene - 2007
Doyle,Catherine Anne Murphy - 2009
Hawkins,Marion - 2013
Henderson,Frederick - 2004
Horne,Rachael - 2008
Lollar,Vincent - 2004
Mosier,Joyce (nee: Harrison) - 2007
Staley,Larry - 2012
Taggart,Hugh - 2006
Coffey,Rose - 2008
Doyle,Donald - 2008
Hawkins,Alice - 2009
DeVette,Jacobus (Jake)- 2013
Greenwood, Joseph Edward - 2007
Hill-Devlin, Gail Kathleen - 2007
Smitten, Judith ( nee:Murphy) - 2011
Woodman, Constance "Connie" - 2013
Greenwood, Mary Agnes - 2014
Greenwood, Frances John - 2015
Mullin, Audrey Marie (nee Sudds) - 2015
McCallister, Wayne Anthony - 2017

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