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Please do not take the research I have worked on for years and post it to your own site or submit it as your own work, without first checking the research yourself, to prove it is correct. We all are capable of making mistakes and there may be mistakes within my research. If you have questions please contact me at the email address below.

Welcome to our family history pages.  Look at the names in the right hand column and click on the name link to go to the family line you want to view.  If you have any questions about any of the family lines, I have researched, please contact me at the email address below.  I have had contact with present day descendants from many of these lines and we continue to work on these lines to improve documentation.

Every attempt has been made to document accurately the family lines on these pages.   Corrections are always welcome.   I continue to search for new information on each line and would be happy to share the data I have.   If you have information on any individual or line you wish to share, please contact me.

I love family pictures and have attempted to find pictures from each line.If you have pictures to share please let me know.

This site is a works in progress, bookmark it so you can check back often to see if there is any new information.  Please remember these are family lines from both sides of our family, my husbandís lines and my lines.  I have added the lines of our sons-in-law, so our grandchildren will have the data on both their lines.

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