Warrick Co., IN Cemeteries
For several years, I took pictures of markers in cemeteries as a Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness volunteer. Now, I continue to take photos of cemeteries mainly in Warrick County, Indiana. The pictures are listed under the cemetery in which they were taken. These are not all the graves in each cemetery. Some stones are simply in too bad a condition to obtain a good picture.  Click on the name of the cemetery to see the ones I have posted.  I hope this will help someone who is searching for a picture of their ancestorís grave.  Note: Some of these cemeteries have been photographed in their entirety and every readable stone is online. With Findagrave posting more and more cemeteries online, I have posted photos to their site and will eventually remove this site from the internet.

Asbury-Wood                      Center Cemetery            Millersburgh Cemetery              Epworth Cemetery††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††
Frisbie Cemetery                 Sharon Cemetery           Hay Cemetery                            Day Cemetery on Millersburgh Rd.
Lockyear Gander Cemetery   Selvin Cemetery            Crossroads Cemetery                 Garrison Cemetery
Maple Grove                        Twin Cemetery              Pleasant Hill Cemetery               Ashby - McClary
Massie Cemetery                  Ebenezer Cemetery       Hedge Cemetery                        Old Friendship Church Cemetery
Clutter - Stone Cemetery      Mills Cemetery             Degonia Cemetery                       Mt. Zion Church Cemetery
Turpen Cemetery                  New Jerusalem            Zoar Church 1857                       Chinn Cemetery
Standpipe Cemetery             Thornburgh Cemetery   Zion Lutheran Cemetery              Barnhill Cemetery
County Cemetery                  Gerrick Cemetery        Williams Cemetery                       Clark Cemetery
Avery Cemetery                    Polk Cemetery              Day Cemetery at Yankeetown       Freedom Church Cemetery
Hull Cemetery                      Kelley Cemetery

Photos courtesy of  Virginia  L. Aldridge      http://counter.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?df=war_cem††The Tie That Binds

Updated 28 August 2016There are close-ups of many of the markers. You may email me at the address above to see if there is a close-up of your ancestors grave.