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Friends of the 3rd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry

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Newsletter of the "Friends of the Third OVC"  

Please take a moment for the survey

The Friends of the
3rd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry
Would like to invite you to be a part of our organization.
We would like your input for a upcoming event (date:unknown at this time).
Should we have a meeting with a dinner,
A picnic with carbine demonstration.
We could invite a cavalry reenacting unit,
like we did in Monroeville.
We could have a meeting in Norwalk, at the geneologic center.
Things we need to discuss would include, do we want to support a regional museum with a cavalry display. Would we like to consolidate 3rd Ohio artifacts
into one place?
Would we like to have a larger membership drive?
Do we need a news letter?
Just looking for ideas.
Please get back to us.


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New Group Formed!


"Friends of the 3rd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry"

P.O. Box 93

 Lodi Ohio, 44254



Everyone is welcome!


JOIN                     JOIN                       JOIN


Learn about your ancestors

 Contribute to the history of the unit.  Join with us in honoring their memory


We are a group interested in civil war history. In particular the 3rd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry history. And the part they played in the greater historical experience.

We welcome any person interested in that period of American history.

We will have yearly events such as reunions.


Joining is easy.

Just send your name and address to the P O Box or by e-mail to the address above.

You will be entered onto our Membership list.

If you are a descendent include your ancestors name and company.


Mission Statement

Find as many descendants of 3rd OVC members as possible. Invite them into the group and install them into the Corps of Descendants. Promote the memory of the 3rd OVC as a unit and as a part of the larger Civil War. Maintain files, photos, and maps for future generations at a central location. Sponsor reunions and other events to educate the public as to the meaning and importance of this time in history, with special emphasis on the young audience. Encourage membership of non-descendants with an interest in our unit. Support the 3rd OVC web page in any way deemed helpful by the webmaster. Help people find information about their 3rd OVC ancestors.



1. Membership will be divided into three groups.


           Those people wanting to participate with the group, without the right to vote. Any age is welcome as long as they are pleasant helpful people.

 Charter Members:

Those people paying $5 per year have the right to vote at general meetings. (One vote per person.)

 Founding Members:

Those people originally forming this organization. The founders will guide the group, arranging meetings and setting the agendas. They set policy and vote on budgets at an executive level. Founders must pay $5 per year to vote as charter members.

           Founder and Charter Memberships are limited to those over 18 years of age.


           The Corps of Descendants:

Those who are descendants of the 3rd OVC. Their family names appear in the written history of the unit. This is an honorary group with no voting rights. This group will be the center of attention at all events.

The Corps will be kept informed of all group business, a data base with a mailing list will be kept of the Corps of Descendants.


2. Meetings to be held as needed. Either in person or by electronic means. (for examples, but not limited to: Phone, E-mail, or Fax, validation procedures will be developed as needed)

3. Officers serve at the pleasure of the Executive Board and are voted on by the membership. (co-Chairman, co-Secretaries., one Treasurer.) Serving until their replacements are elected.

4. Executive Board The Executive Board consists of all Officers and Founding members.

5. Quorum/Voting For an Executive Board: in person meeting, five minimum (two Officers, three Founding Members) When an electronic meeting is called, the entire Board must be notified and  included. Electronic voting will be by  e-mail, phone, or fax. A  five day period will be allotted for voting responses. An electronic general meeting can be invoked by the Executive Board for all charter members when a question is deemed that important.

6. Officers shall not hold more than one office in the group at a time. (example, but not limited to: if a co-chairman is in charge of an event, the other co-chairman runs the group)

7. Officers shall not hold an office in another group with similar mission. (example, Sons and Daughter of the GAR, Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy, etc.)

8. Members shall take NO action in the group’s name without prior knowledge and approval of the Executive Board.

9. Voting is limited to Charter Members as recorded at the previous meeting, or five days after their dues are tendered, except for the first meeting.

10. These Bylaws maybe amended as needed, by the Executive Board, with thirty days notice to the membership.

Notes from July 26 2003 meeting