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FRIENDS of the 3rd OVC


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Flags of the 3rd OVC


Henry Timman is doing some research on when the 3rd Ohio received their colors. The following notice from the December 23, 1861 "Norwalk Experiment", which was a Democratic newspaper:

"Presentation of Colors
On Wednesday last, the largest assemblage of military was had in Huron county of any heretofore held. A number of citizens of this county,and perhaps a few friends from adjoining counties, subscribed for and purchased three handsome flags for the two regiments now encamped inthis county - a regimetal flag and a stand of national colors (stars and stripes) for the 55th Infantry encamped at Norwalk, and a regimental flag forthe 3d Cavalry, encamped at Monroeville. The presentation took place at Camp McClellan, and a concourse of people of from six to eight
thousand, in addition to the troops, were present at the spectacle. A little after noon the ceremony took place - P. N. Schuyler, Esq. and John Whitbeck, Esq. making the presentation speeches to the 55th and which were eloquently replied to by Colonel Lee and Lieut. Col. Safford. Mr. J.M. Farr, on behalf of Mrs. Worchester, presented, with a neat speech, the colors to the Cavalry. The whole affair went off very pleasantly, and thespectators seemed to be highly delighted. There were over two thousand troops present during the ceremony, and in the afternoon the Cavalry
marched into the town, which gave many persons an opportunity to seeing that fine regiment, which they otherwise would not perhaps have had."


Regimental Flag

3rd Ohio Cavalry

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Wilson's Cavalry Corps Badge

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Cavalry Command,

Army of the Cumberland

2nd Brigade

April 26 1864

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Cavalry Command,

Army of the Cumberland

April 26 1864

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Cavalry Corps

Mil. Division of the Miss.

Nov. 24 1864

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Cavalry Corps

Mil. Division of the Miss.

2nd Brigade

Nov. 24 1864

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National Flag

35 star

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Replica of the 3rd OVC flag     May 2003