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Books on the Regiment

History of the Service of the Third Ohio Veteran Volunteer Cavalry  1861-1865   by Sgt. Thomas Crofts.  A reprint was put out by Blue Acorn Press in 1997


Books that mention the Regiment

Sherman's Horsemen - Union Cavalry Operations in the Atlanta Campaign  by David Evans  Indiana University Press.  1996

No Better Place to Die - The Battle of Stones River by Peter Cozzens  University of Illinois Press  1990

The War of the Rebellion: The Offical Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion  by Frederick H. Dyer

Ohio in the War

Ohio Monuments at Chickamauga

History of Huron and Erie Counties, Ohio



The Third Ohio Volunteer Cavalry: A View from the Inside  by Stephen Z. Starr  Ohio History  Vol 85  Autumn 1976/Number 4  pg 307 - 318


Misc Bio's on members of the 3rd OVC

William M. Frederick

Colonel Lewis Zahm - Funeral

Colonel Charles B. Seidel  

Private George Kryder , Co. I  a small bio from Bowling Green State University

Private Edwin W. Niver Co I was captured in Alabama Nov 63 and died in Andersonville in 64. Edwin‘s sister, Emogene Niver Marshall compiled a small book in memory of her brother. The book is at the Firelands Historical Museum, Norwalk, Ohio - Matt Buur. . First letter home.

A real neat description / bio of family members in the 3rd OVC — Carl Latham

A small bio of John Peach of Williams Co. Ohio — Carole Demongeot

A small bio of Austin B. Conant of Williams Co. Ohio — Carole Demongeot

Daniel Prickett

Byron Penuel Stanton





Isaiah Frost Snediker - Ted Snediker


W.C. Russell    Notice in paper about death

Pvt John Sanders - Carl Latham

Andrew Jackson Caldwell - Betty Lloyd

William E Akers - Bill Lantz

Edward Tracy - Houston Tracy Jr.

Joseph Schmidt-Smith - William and Jennifer Gaus

Thomas Kennelly, born 3-15-1820 in Ireland, enlisted at age 45 (43?) on 10-14-63. Died 9-19-1891 at the age of 70 at the Soldiers' Home in Sandusky, buried in St. Joseph
Cemetery, Fremont, survived by wife Margaret and three children.- Dan Kennelly

Peter Stillwagon -   Image of Peter 1865 after the war  - Alan Carter

Jesse N. Squires - He was the son of Charles B. and Susan E.(COGSWELL) SQUIRE, born 29 Sep 1841 (probably Erie County Ohio), died 28 Jan 1905 in ClevelandOhio. He married in 1873 to Theodocia Frances MESSENGER (1846-1908). Their only child was Charles B. SQUIRE (1875- ?).    Ted Reising

Milton Mills Simpkins of CO K.

William H. Potter - Stephen B. Bauer

RICHARDSON, George W, Argo(Burt Co) Logan twp P1, SD 2-ED 213
Pvt - Co K, 3 Ohio Cav Jan 1863 - 4 Aug 1865 2y 7m

William Smith

Oliver M. Brown - Caroline Murray

Charles O. Brown

Nelson Wilkins

William Hardacre Entsminger and Stephen Entsminger of Co. K

James Ransom Hall - James R. Hall II

Calvin Spangler

Henry C. Wolcott

Frank A. Reidy

Lewis R. Miller - Kenneth W. Felts

Lewis G. Zorn Obit #1 - Mark Zwillier

Lewis G. Zorn Obit #2 - Mark Zwillier

Lewis G. Zorn Tribute - Mark Zwillier

Henry W. Moses Obit - Mark Zwillier

Horace Parker Obit - Mark Zwillier


Lt. Col. Douglas A. Murray


Just previous to the battle of Shiloh, the 3rd. Ohio cavalry, commanded at the time by Lt. Col. Murray, took possession of Lawrenceburgh, Tennessee. The people of the place were understood to be all Secessionists, and the Lt. Col. Ordered his men to search all the houses, arrest all the men, and take possession of all guns and other arms…being careful to protect the women and children from all harm and insult. While this was going on, Col. Murray rode down the street, and while in front of the Masonic Hall, noticed that some of his men had been in the Lodge-room and taken possession of some articles belonging to the Lodge. Immediately ordered them to return every article to its place, and then placed a guard at the door to protect the hall from future violation.

During the Battle of Shiloh, the Third Ohio Cavalry captured a Confederate Surgeon. The Surgeon asked Lieutenant Colonel Murray if he was not the officer who had saved the Masonic Lodge at Lawrenceburgh, TN from being ransacked and was informed that he was. The doctor then told Lieutenant Colonel Murray that it was that fact alone that had saved him from being ambushed. A Confederate Mason who had witnessed his generous act at Lawrenceburgh had recognized him and ordered his men to lower their guns and let him pass.

Ohio Soldiers/Prisoners of War at Savannah GA


Lewis, P. B., Lt., Co. F, 3rd Ohio Cavalry

Oates, J. C., Lt., Co. B, 3rd Ohio Cavalry

Letters and Journals

Letters from and about Pvt. Sanford Moss of Co. H Letter to brother Cyrus Moss and Letter notice of Sanfords death to his folks — Carole Demongeot

Several letters from Sgt. Thomas Statesman, Co. H a interesting letter, mentions fighting at Farmington – Some notes from Joe Miller Page 1, Page 2, Page 3. Page 4 Original "Framington" letter. Page 1 Page 2

Private George Kryder, Co. I   from his journal 1861 to 1865.  Image of George Kryder.

Sgt. Issac Skillman, reference to Cpl. William Frederick March 65

Private John Large, Co. A

Experiences of a Volunteer Cavalryman, Anton Enterprise, 1890, By: One of Uncle Sam's Hostlers.   "Civil War and Iowa:
Greyhounds and Hawkeyes"

Letter to his wife from Jacob Bangerter? or Bundiger? -  Colleen Holland 

Bowling Green State University OH - Center for Archival Colletions, CW Letters Index This information is from Northwest Ohio Newspapers.  You may have to select a "newspaper" and view the index for Ohio, 3rd Ohio Cavalry.  Great information.

Newspaper Articles

*NOTE  Bryan is located in Williams County, Ohio

Letter to the "Personals" 19th cen style section of the BRYAN PRESS AND LEADER — Richard Cooley

A correspondence to the BRYAN WEEKLY DEMOCRAT. The 3rd in front of Marietta GA 1864 — Richard Cooley

Men from Williams Co. Ohio in Company H – Williams County Leader 3/13/62— Richard Cooley

A correspondence to the BRYAN WEEKLY DEMOCRAT. Mentions the capture of four members of the 3rd OVC including Sgt. Thomas Statesman.— Richard Cooley

From the WILLIAMS COUNTY LEADER, Fall 1861. Rasing of the 3rd OVC -- Richard Cooley

From the BRYAN WEEKLY DEMOCRAT. The 3rd mustering out -- Richard Cooley

From the BRYAN UNION PRESS.   The 3rd in Macon Ga 1865 -- Richard Cooley

WILLIAMS COUNTY LEADER, correspondence from Corinth 1862 -- Richard Cooley

From the BRYAN WEEKLY DEMOCRAT, the re-enlistment of the 3rd OVC  -- Richard Cooley

Misc notices from the newspapers -- Richard Cooley

Albion newspaper of Sept. 1898-
"A group of Civil War veterans left Albion Sunday to attend the national Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) encampment in Cincinnati. They were a jolly crowd consisting of
Eli Smith, Thomas Neal, William Crispell, William Boate, Harrison Coe, A.E.Taylor, Loomis Foote, Clark Seeburg, John Favinger, Bert Lacey and a Mr. Klick of Wolf Lake."