Holy Ghost Evang. Church in St. Louis

Holy Ghost Evangelical Protestant Church

St. Louis, MO

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Holy Ghost Evangelical Protestant Church was established in 1834. At first the congregation met in Methodist and Presbyterian churches. The original building was located at 5th (7th?) and Clark (1840-58); in 1858 located at 8th and Walnut; in 1895 located at Grand and Page; from 1923 to 1928 the church used the B'nai El Temple at Spring and Flad; from 1928 the church used the parish house and tower at 4916 Mardel; in 1951 the church sanctuary was built at the same location, just west of Kingshighway at Chippewa, where it is today. The location at 7th and Clark is where the Busch Stadium now stands. The building at Grand and Page had been a Methodist church. The church was initially called Die Unabhaengige Deutsche Evangelische Protestantische Gemeinde der Kirche Zum Heiligen Geist (Independent German Evangelical Protestant Congregation of the Church of the Holy Ghost). A split occurred in 1843 when part of the congregation formed the "German Evangelical Congregation of St. Louis." In 1845 those who split off built two churches: the North Church, known as St. Peter's, and the South Church, known as St. Marcus. Under leadership of Frederick Picker (their minister from 1843–1855), the congregation split again in 1856 with a new congregation being formed under the name of Independent Evangelical Protestant Church, at 8th and Mound Streets.

Click on the above thumbnail to enlarge the picture of the church location at 8th and Walnut in 1875. An organ by St. Louis builder Pfeffer & Sons was dedicated in 1897 at the Grand and Page address. An elementary school was founded in 1836. Later the church established two other elementary schools--one at 11th and Biddle St. in 1845 and one at 9th near Geyer St. in 1854. The use of English in church services was introduced in 1913.

Christian Rudolph Korndörfer was minister in 1834 and 1835. Johann Georg Buttner from 1835-36. Johann H. Kopf was the minister in 1836. George Wendelin Wall from 1836 to 1843. Franz (Frederick) Picker from 1843 to 1855. Hugo Krebs was the minister from 1855 to 1866. Christoph F. Stark was minister at Holy Ghost Evang. Church from 1866-67 and then again in 1895. John G. Eberhard from 1867-95. In 1906, for the Thake wedding, the minister was Reinhold Maurice Pedro Ilgen who served this church from 1896 to 1914. Theodore F. Braun from 1914 to 1921. Th. L. Mueller from 1921-25. Theodore C. Braun from 1925-31. Ralph Christian Abele from 1931-64. Allen Fluent from 1964-64. Alfred Walter Schroeder Jr. from 1964-70 and Warren C. Baltzer from 1970-70. Jacob Michael Spratte was pastor from 1970-77; John W. Gergen from 1977-80; Paul Laubengayer from 1980-?

In 1930 the church had 110 members. Holy Ghost was the "mother church" of evangelical congregations. It was independent until after 1914. Beginning with 1914 the pastors, beginning with Rev. Theodore F. Braun, were members of the Evangelical Synod. Holy Ghost joined the Evangelical & Reformed Chorge denomination in 1943 and the United Church of Christ in 1957. In 1846 a cemetery was established, named after the minister at that time, Rev. Picker. See this link for more information on the cemetery.

Relatives who were members or had a ceremony performed at this church

Josephine Scharfengerber (-2G) - wedding in 1906
Erven E. Thake (-2G) - wedding in 1906

This church established a cemetery in 1845 named Holy Ghost Evang. Cemetery which also came to be known as Picker's Cemetery after the first pastor of the church. It was first located where Roosevelt High School is today (Wyoming-Louisiana-Arsenal Streets). During the time between 1845 and 1889 it often buried cholera victims. It was operated by the church until 1893. In 1894 to 1901 it came under different management and was also called Old Picker's, whereas new property (20 acres) on Gravois (next to St. Peter and Paul Cemetery) was then called New Picker's Cemetery. See New Picker's Cemetery. The following ancestors were buried in the original old (Holy Ghost) and original new Picker's Cemetery:

(see the New Picker's Cemetery page)

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