Independent Congregational Church, St. Louis

Independent Congregational Church

St. Louis, MO

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Location, 1856 -1869: 8th and Mound Sts.
Location, 1869-1917: 13th and Tyler (Webster) Sts. (picture below)

Location, 1917-1959: Fair and Margaretta Sts. (picture to be added later)

Location, 1959-1960: Newby and Theobold (in the Paul Revere Temple)
Location, 1960 to present: 11370 Old Halls Ferry Rd, Florissant, MO

Church buildings: The picture of the building on Tyler at13th St. was extracted from a large pictorial of the whole of St.Louis as it existed in 1875. In 1875 Tyler was called Webster. It looks like there was a basement under the whole of the sanctuary which was probably used for socials and meetings as well as sunday school. I do not know if they ever had an elementary school. The location at Fair and Margaretta was right across the street from Fairgrounds Park's west side. The building at Fair and Margaretta was in what they call Ackron style, I think. The Sunday School assembly area was adjacent to the sanctuary and the wall between the two was just large folding doors which allowed the assembly area to also function as an overflow seating area for the services. The property at Fair and Margaretta was sold in 1959. It is presently owned and occupied by Memorial Baptist Church and looks in good condition.

I do not know what the buildings at the other locations were like.

Name of Church, 1856 - 1936: Unabhangigen Evangelische Protestantischen Kirche
English name at time of dedication of new building (1917): Independent Evangelical Protestant Church
Name of Church, 1936 - 1998: Independent Congregational Church
Name of Church, 1998 - present: Christ the King United Church of Christ

Minister from the beginning (1856) was F. Picker
John F. Jones (Jonas?) was pastor when church was at 13th and Tyler
1917 to 1925 at least: Rev. J. G. Reess
Ira T. Gragg was the minister from 22 Feb. 1934 until he retired in 1965
Robert W. Richards was the minister from 1964
Jack D. Forest was the pastor in 1976 at which time the assistant was Roy E. Robatin
From 1998 the pastor was Toney C. Smith
Presently (2006) the pastor is Andre D'Arden

Other pastors (dates unknown) were Toby Polster, A. Lapique, P. Lorenzen, P. G. Gerber, P. Roeder, Walter Thomas, and G. A. Boehrig

Records from this church are in the St. Louis County Library and in the Eden Seminary Archives in Webster Groves, MO.

In 1926 the congregation became associated with the National Council of Congregational Churches. In 1935 it withdrew from the Evangelical Protestant Conference and became associated with the St. Louis Association of Congregational Churches and Ministers and also the Missouri Congregational Conference. The congregation became part of the United Church of Christ in 1957.

In 1917 the congregation had English services on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month and German services on the 4th and 5th Sundays. What kind of services on the 2nd Sunday? I do not know how long the German services were retained.

I played the piano sometimes for the Sunday School assemblies.

Relatives who were members or were involved in a ceremony performed at this church

Erven Thoma (0G) - baptism on 27 Dec. 1936; member Elizabeth Thoma (0G) - baptism on 09 Apr. 1944; member
Emilie F. Thake (-2G) - baptism on 11 Apr. 1880 Emilie Amelung (-4G) - godparent for E. Thake baptism
a sibling of Erven Thoma - bap. on 28 Dec. 1941; member Erven E. Thake (-2G) - godparent for 1941 baptism
Erven Sandherr (-1G) - godparent for Eliz. Thoma Elizabeth Grupp (-2G) - member; godparent for Eliz. Thoma
AlbertThoma (-1G) -godparent for Erven Thoma aunt of Erven Thoma (-1G) - godparent of Erven
Alice Thake (-1G) - mother of Erven, Eliz., sibling Thoma Emil O. Thoma (-1G) - father of Erven, Eliz., sibling Thoma
Eugene C. Thake (-3G) - father of Emilie F. Thake Johanna S. Vossler (-3G) - mother of Emilie F. Thake

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