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The name "Thoma" is a German form of the name "Thomas", one of the disciples of Christ.  The name means "twin" and derives from an Aramaic name/word.  It is interesting but coincidental that there was a twin birth in my Thoma family--Albert and Alberta.

My immediate ancestors with the "Thoma" surname came from Altenschwand, a small village in the Waldshut county of the state of Baden, which is now part of Germany.  It is located north of the Rhine River and Switzerland and south of the Black Forest.  There were also a number of Thoma families in the Freiburg area, northwest of Waldshut.  The surname Thoma is also found elsewhere in Germany, esp. in Bavaria.  Some families are even found in Finland. Emigration to England probably occurred early in history.  Emigration to U.S. mostly occured in the 19th century.  Some of the concentrations in Missouri were in St. Louis, Boonville and Kansas City.  There is now also a concentration in Shreveport, LA.

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Other forms of the name in Germany are Thomae, Thomma
Forms in other languages include Tome, Tomé,
First (Given) names derived from Thomas are Thomas, Tom,
Others derivatives are Thompson, meaning "son of Tom".

In early Bavaria the surname is often spelled "Thomae". I was told that that spelling indicates an early source of the family name from south Tyrol. Therefore we can suppose that the family name may have begun in south Tyrol, migrated to Bavaria, then to southern Baden. The earliest Thoma families in southern Baden seem to come from Egg, near the Rhein river, near Switzerland, then spread to Altenschwand and other nearby towns.

A Thoma Coat of Arms

Thoma Zu Trevesen und Gemund, of Bavaria, ennobled 27th June 1775.

Arms: Per bend sinister argent and azure, a bend or, in base a mullet of first.
Crest: Out of a ducal coronet or, a Moor issuing wreathed about the temples and loins with plumes and holding in the dexter hand a spear all proper.
Mantling: Or and azure.

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People on this site with the surname "Thoma"
"Cousin" means first cousin. My direct-line ancestors are marked with an asterisk.
"Cousin" and "Sibling" refer to person marked with * in the same generation.
The (-0G), (-1G), etc. after the names indicate the number of generations before Erven Thoma.
All persons in the chart were born with the "Thoma" surname.
Erven Thake* (starting point) Christina - sibling of Fridolin (-3G)
Elizabeth Thake - sibling of Erven Andreas (#2) - sibling of Fridolin (-3G)
Karen Kathleen - cousin of Erven Maria Eva - sibling of Fridolin (-3G)
Mary Alberta - cousin of Erven Fourth Generation before Erven Thoma:
Linda Lee - cousin of Erven Andreas* (-4G)
Otto Walter - half second cousin of Erven Apollonia - sibling of Andreas (-4G)
Roy A. - half second cousin of Erven Matthias - sibling of Andreas (-4G)
Gene A. - half second cousin of Erven Joseph - sibling of Andreas (-4G)
First Generation before Erven Thoma: Eva - sibling of Andreas (-4G)
Emil Otto* (-1G) - father of Erven above Magdalena - sibling of Andreas (-4G)
Alberta P. - sibling of Emil (-1G) Fifth Generation before Erven Thoma:
Albert Theodore - sibling of Emil (-1G) Andreas* (-5G)
Clara - half cousin of Emil (-1G) Katharina - sibling of Andreas (-5G)
Rose - half cousin of Emil (-1G) Anna (#2) - sibling of Andreas (-5G)
Otto Henry - half cousin of Emil (-1G) Magdalena - sibling of Andreas (-5G)
Leo E. - half cousin of Emil (-1G) Jakob - sibling of Andreas (-5G)
Walter - half cousin of Emil (-1G) Johann Baptist - sibling of Andreas (-5G)
Second Generation before Erven Thoma: Mathias - sibling of Andreas (-5G)
Emil* (-2G) - grandfather of Erven Elisabeth - sibling of Andreas (-5G)
Rosina - half sibling of Emil (-2G) Josef - sibling of Andreas (-5G)
Otto - half sibling of Emil (-2G) Maria - sibling of Andreas (-5G)
Kunigunde - half sibling of Emil (-2G) Anna (#1) - sibling of Andreas (-5G)
Bertha - half sibling of Emil (-2G) Sixth Generation before Erven Thoma:
Leo - half sibling of Emil (-2G) Andreas* (-6G)
Third Generation before Erven Thoma: Ursula - sibling of Andreas (-6G)
Fridolin* (-3G) - great grandfather of Erven Maria - sibling of Andreas (-6G)
Dominik - sibling of Fridolin (-3G) Philipp - sibling of Andreas (-6G)
Josef - sibling of Fridolin (-3G) Peter - sibling of Andreas (-6G)
Kunigunde - sibling of Fridolin (-3G) Georg - sibling of Andreas (-6G)
Carolina - sibling of Fridolin (-3G) Klara - sibling of Andreas (-6G)
Johan P. - sibling of Fridolin (-3G) Otmar - sibling of Andreas (-6G)
Peter - sibling of Fridolin (-3G) Anna Maria - sibling of Andreas (-6G)
Monika - sibling of Fridolin (-3G) Regina - sibling of Andreas (-6G)
Stephan - sibling of Fridolin (-3G) Seventh Generation before Erven Thoma:
Andreas (#1) - sibling of Fridolin (-3G) Andreas* (-7G)
Hieronymus - sibling of Fridolin (-3G)

First cousins in the 2nd through 6th generations have not been researched. Siblings and first cousins in the 7th generation are unknown.

An unknown man with the surname Thoma was mayor or "Vogt" of Altenschwand in 1818.

An Otto Thoma, stillborn, died on 19 Aug. 1904 in St. Louis and was buried in Concordia Lutheran Cemetery.

An Otto Thoma died in St. Louis at age 3 months, 16 days. He was buried on 01 Feb. 1880 in St. Matthew's Cemetery at 4360 Bates near Gravois in St. Louis.

A Leo J. (with wife Alma) Thoma, printer with the Star-Times, with a home at 6927 Salzburger Ave. appears in the St. Louis City Dir. of 1936.

An Emile Thoma died in St. Louis (date unknown). The funeral was handled by J. B. Smith Mortuary and he/she was buried in New St. Marcus Cemetery.

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