Member of the Upper Shore Genealogical Society of Maryland, which covers Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne's and Talbot Counties in Maryland.

Thomas, Jones, Ford, Whitby,

Fauquet, Harel, Ercolani, Humbert & more.


Hello family, friends and fellow researchers. This site not only covers my Thomas ancestors, but many others as well. I am researching the genealogy/genetic genealogy of both my paternal and maternal ancestors and their descendants. DNA is on,, and

I am also trying to find, preserve and share family photos, family Bibles, and other documents related to the history of these families. I am grateful to the many cousins who have shared their photos, Bibles and information. Please contact me if you find a connection, or have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. Also, if you have any old family photos, family Bibles or other information regarding these families, please contact me. I would greatly appreciate copies/scans.

My family tree on is the most up-to-date and is called: Nathalie's - Thomas Family Genealogy, Research and DNA It may be viewed if you have a subscription to Ancestry. Most branches are well documented, while some are currently being researched. Search my Ancestry database by surname.

You may also view my family tree at RootsWeb and search my RootsWeb database by surname.

Paternal Ancestors (Maryland, Delaware):

Baxter, Booth, Campbell, Cox, Evans, Faulkner, Ford, Frampton, Grimes, Guessford, Howes, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Larrimore, Neighbors, Osborne, Perry, Reynolds, Ruth, Seeders / Cedars, Story, Thomas, Thompson, Traverse, Trott, Tyler, Walters, and Whitby.

Maternal Ancestors (France, Italy, Germany, Belgium):

Adam, Agathe, Amand, Angelini, Argentin, Aubert / Auber, Babin, Barthelemy, Bataille, Baudier / Beaudier, Becker / Becquer, Berteau, Beurrier, Blanchard, Boulie, Breda, Breyer, Brixard, Buisson, Bunel, Calisesi, Chaupre, Chausset, Chollin, Chotin / Chottin, Courtin, Couyere, Croix, Cuny, Delavaux, Delespiney, Delgot, Dupont, Durdu, Ercolani, Fauquet, Francois, Georges / George, Giffard, Girot, Godard / Godart, Gravran, Guiot / Guyot, Guerrier, Harel, Harga / Herga / Erga, Henry, Herbin, Humbert, Hurel, Jeune, Joannes / Joanesse, Jolas, Jouen, Laurent, Leclerc, Lefortier, Lejeune, Leloup, Lemaire, Lemoine / Lemoyne, Leproux, Leroy, Levasseur, Louis, Mamier, Mangin, Marchal, Marmois, Maugras, Mazurier, Mondain, Mottel / Motel, Nicolas, Noirel, Otton, Oudin, Paquis, Pellerin, Penel, Petit, Portier, Pouret, Quetel, Renaud, Robert, Rodicq, Royer, Saffrey, Sebastien, Selle, Thomas, Trairon, Travers, Turci, Viard, Vincent, Vogue / Voguet, Vuillaume, and Watrin.