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(?), (?) (Charity) to (?), Agnes
(?), Agnes to (?), Amanda
(?), Amanda to (?), Anna
(?), Anna to (?), Anne
(?), Anne to (?), Basina (Queen of Thuringia)
(?), Baudouin I to (?), Betsy
(?), Betsy to (?), Caroline
(?), Caroline to (?), Catherine
(?), Catherine to (?), Chram
(?), Chris to (?), Constance of Burgundy
(?), Constance of Castile to (?), Delia
(?), Della to (?), Edynfed
(?), Effie to (?), Elizabeth
(?), Elizabeth to (?), Elizabeth
(?), Elizabeth to (?), Elizabeth Jane
(?), Elizabeth Jane to (?), Emma of Blois
(?), Emma of Normandy to (?), Eve Christina
(?), Eve Freany to (?), Geoffrey I (Count of Anjou)
(?), Geoffrey III the Bearded (Count of Anjou) to (?), Griffith
(?), Griffith to (?), Harriet
(?), Harriet to (?), Herbert the Elder (Count of Meaux & Troves)
(?), Herbert the Younger (Count of Troyes) to (?), Ieuaf
(?), Ieuaf to (?), Isabella of Castile
(?), Isabella of Hainault to (?), Jane Peeler
(?), Janet to (?), John I Lackland (King of England)
(?), John of Eltham (Earl of Cornwall) to (?), Lenora
(?), Lenora A. to (?), Louisa Anna
(?), Louisa F. to (?), Mabel A.
(?), Mabel E. to (?), Margaret
(?), Margaret to (?), Margaret
(?), Margaret to (?), Maria Margaretha
(?), Maria Margaretha to (?), Mary
(?), Mary to (?), Mary
(?), Mary to (?), Mary "Polly"
(?), Mary (Abbess of Shaftesbury) to (?), Mary J.
(?), Mary J. to (?), Maurice
(?), Maurine to (?), Nancy
(?), Nancy to (?), Ordulf (Duke of Saxony)
(?), Orpha to (?), R. Ann
(?), Rachel to (?), Reginald (Count of Burgundy) I
(?), Reginald of Reims & Roucy to (?), Robert of Burgundy
(?), Robert of Evereaux (Bishop of Rouen) to (?), Sarah
(?), Sarah to (?), Sarah
(?), Sarah to (?), Sue W.
(?), Sunifred (Count of Barcelona) II to (?), Tabitha
(?), Tabitha to (?), Vincy
(?), Viola to (?), Ynyr (Lord of Gelli Gynan)
(?), Yolande of Hungary to Abel, Benjamin Westley
Abel, Blanche to Abel, Flora
Abel, Flora to Abel, Jakob Friedrich
Abel, James J. to Abel, Luise
Abel, Luise to Abel, Peter K.
Abel, Philipp to Abel, William M.
Abercrombie, (?) to Abernathy, Zettie
Abernethey, Mary "Pollie" to Acker, William Depuch
Ackley, (?) to Adams, Mary
Adams, Mary Evaline to Addington, William Doson
Addison, Mittie Francis to Aderholdt, Vida Victoria
Adkins, Mary Rose to Aiken, William
Akers, Nelson to Aldridge, E. W.
Aleshire, Evelyn Virginia to Alexander, Zachary T.
Alger, Lewis Everette to Allen, Howard Harrison
Allen, Hurley to Allen, William R.
Allenspach, Ernest to Alspaugh, Robert
Alston, Emeline Della to Amos, Thomas L.
Anders, Alma to Anderson, Lee
Anderson, Leona to Anderson, William Rev.
Andorf, Katherine to Andrick, George
Andrieux, Viola to Anstine, William
Anthony, Abram to Anthony, Susan
Antisdale, Alphonsine to Archer, William
Arends, Amy Salome to Armold, William Henry
Armstrong, (?) to Arndt, William
Arner, Dobie to Arnold, William T.
Arnott, Anna King to Artuk, Mary Ellen
Artz, (?) to Ash, Sarah
Ashbaugh, Ethel to Ashworth, Lydia J.
Askew, Barbara to Atkinson, Thomas
Atnip, Charlotte to Auberry, Julia V.
Auble, Mary Magdalene to Aughenbaugh, William A.
Augustin, Maria to Auton, Hattie Elizabeth
Avenel, Gervase to Ayers, Moses
Ayre, James to Bader, Emma Rudolph
Badger, Rachel Irene to Bail, Susan
Baile, (?) to Baile, Gayman
Baile, George K. to Baile, Mary Levina
Baile, Maurice Harrison to Baile, William
Bailetts, John to Bailey, William
Bailey, William to Bails, Lelia Helen
Bails, Lillie E. to Bain, Ruth
Bair, George Sherman to Baker, Emma
Baker, Ephraim to Baker, Philip Peter Jr.
Baker, Philip Peter Sr. to Baldwin, William Henry
Balentine, Hartsell to Ballard, Mary "Polly"
Ballard, Mary Louise to Ballmer, (?)
Balser, Benjamin to Banks, R. Edward
Banks, Robert McCullough to Bard, George
Bard, George to Bard, Zacharias
Bardale, Thamas to Barks, Metta E
Barley, Elizabeth to Barnes, William
Barnett, Carl to Barnhizer, William Vinton
Barnitz, Anna Maria "Mary" to Barron, William
Barrow, Abraham to Barton, William Bell
Bartram, (?) to Batchelor, Ruth
Bateman, Margaret Leah to Battershell, Lillian
Battle, Herbert to Baum, Walter H.
Bauman, Jacob to Baxter, Thomas
Baxter, Thomas to Baynes, Frances
Baynes, Frances to Baynes, Margaret
Baynes, Margaret "Margie" Lowry to Baynes, Winfred Beezon
Beach, Frank H. to Beam, Cora Louella
Beam, D. Franklin to Beam, James Edward
Beam, James Lester to Beam, Nannie G.
Beam, Peter to Bean, William
Beane, W. Frank to Beatty, Margaret
Beatty, Mary Ann to Beauchamp, Vernon
Beauchamp, William (Lord Abergavenny) to Beaumont, Luella M.
Beaver, A.L. to Bechtel, Katherine Shetter
Bechtol, (?) to Beck, Walter K.
Becker, Amanda Elizabeth to Beezon, John
Begolka, Dorothy Elise to Bell, Josie Josepha
Bell, Levada Ruth to Bellinger, Scott
Bellotte, Marguerite to Benedick, Susanna
Benedict, Garth to Benneter, Johanna
Bennett, (?) to Bennett, William
Bennington, Nannie L. to Bentzel, Harry
Bentzly, Barbara to Bernheisel, Johann Martin
Bernier, Olive to Bertholf, Mary E.
Bertolet, Beulah to Bess, Noah
Bess, Peter to Beston, Mathilda
Bethel, Elizabeth to Betts, William H.
Betzer, Myrtle Sarah to Bickle, Robert
Bicknell, John Hazel to Bigham, Thomas
Bigod, Gunner to Billet, Dorothy
Billet, Dorothy May to Billet, Jacob
Billet, Jacob to Billet, Morgan T.
Billet, Nathaniel to Billet, Zacharias
Billhymer, Adam to Birchall, Ellen
Bird, (?) to Bishop, William
Bisinger, Fanny Sigmon to Black, Hattie
Black, Henry C. to Black, Wiley
Blackburn, Ann to Blaine, Willis Neely
Blair, "Margie" Emma Margaret to Blakely, Thomas Jr.
Blakeney, Leslie Harry to Blanton, Winnie
Blasser, Elizabeth to Block, Jaimee Irene
Blockley, Elizabeth to Boatwright, Mary Alma
Bobbett, Eula Colaurice to Boggs, Lora A.
Boggs, Mamie to Bohringer, Johann Andreas
Boice, Edith Olive to Bolick, Robert
Bolin, (?) to Boll, William
Bollens, Jeanette Gilmore to Bond, Sarah
Bonde, Bernard E. to Bonner, William H.
Bonnert, George to Boolman, Vina
Boomershine, Caro to Boone, Susannah
Booth, (?) to Borgman, Dick
Boring, Alfred to Bost, Susannah
Bostian, Lula to Botts, Walter
Bouey, Hector to Bowen, Rosannah Isabella
Bower, Charles Eber to Bowers, William
Bowersmith, (?) to Bowman, Jacob
Bowman, James Edgar to Bowman, William R.
Bowsher, Margaret Rebecca to Boyce, William O.
Boyd, (?) to Boyd, Jane William
Boyd, Jessie to Boyd, Walter
Boyd, William to Boyer, Peter
Boyer, Prudence Estella to Brach, Jean
Bracher, Anna Margaretha to Brackett, Zadie Pauline
Bradburn, Ada Nell to Bradford, William Wylie
Bradley, (?) to Bradshaw, Sidney K.
Bradshaw, Susanna to Brake, Allie
Brake, Almon to Brake, Freeman
Brake, Gay to Brake, Lemuel
Brake, Leonard to Brake, Olive
Brake, Olive to Brake, Zephora
Bramhall, Jemina to Brann, Lula May
Brannan, Clair to Bratcher, Valentine
Bratney, James to Breckline, Emma
Bredeman, John Henry to Brenneman, William
Brenner, Edward to Brian, Zelda
Brice, (?) to Brice, Elizabeth
Brice, Elizabeth to Brice, James Yongue
Brice, James Yongue Jr. to Brice, Margaret S.
Brice, Margaret Strong to Brice, Robert
Brice, Robert to Brice, William
Brice, William to Briggs, Mabel
Brigham, Clarence to Brinegar, William
Brininstool, Charles to Britton, William
Brix, Genovefa to Bronaugh, Frank
Brooke, Mabel Estella to Brooks, William Edwin
Brookshier, Mary E. to Brown, Catherine T.
Brown, Charles Forest to Brown, James E.
Brown, James W. to Brown, Mary M.
Brown, Mary S. to Brown, Zella
Browne, Thomas to Brubaker, William
Bruce, Abram to Brumby, Susan G.
Brumfield, (?) to Bryan, William
Bryant, (?) to Bryson, Wilma Irene
Bubon, John William to Buchanan, William
Buchannan, James to Buckston, Anna
Buckwalter, Chester A. to Buffington, Thelma Trerisa
Buford, Leroy to Bull, Vertus Alfred
Bullard, Forrest Freemont to Bumpus, William Thomas
Bunch, Vina to Bunton, Martha
Bunyard, Lonnie Eugene to Burg, George H.
Burg, Gertrude Vincent to Burg, Milton
Burg, Moses to Burger, Mildred
Burgess, Edward (Captain) to Burke, William W.
Burket, Adrin to Burnett, Wilma
Burnette, Loretta Kathryn to Burns, Willard Robert
Burnside, Sarah to Bush, Marilla
Bushell, Abigail to Butler, Wills H.
Butscher, Adam to Buzan, Wills
Buzzell, John to Byron, Robert Peter
Böhm, Andreas to Caldwell, James McCalla
Caldwell, Jane Bethia to Calhoun, Sarah
Calia, John Andrew to Calvert, Nathaniel
Calvery, Mary to Camp, Thomas
Campbell, (?) to Campbell, Mary Elizabeth
Campbell, Mary Jane to Canady, Marilla
Canary, Spencer Andrews to Cantrell, Roy Foster Dr.
Cantu de la Pena, Erasmo to Cardwell, Walter E.
Carek, Donald John to Carnes, Suie M.
Carney, (?) to Carney, William Fred
Carnohan, Agnes to Carpenter, Fanny
Carpenter, Feranna Texanna to Carpenter, Lydia
Carpenter, Margaret to Carpenter, Vernie Mae
Carpenter, Wallace to Carrell, William Grayson
Carrigan, Mary Ann to Carroll, William B.
Carruth, Carl to Carter, Florence R.
Carter, Frances Louise to Carter, William L.
Cartwright, Edward to Caskey, Wayne
Cason, Rosa B. to Cassell, Sarah Jane
Cassida, Cora Marie to Casto, Oscar L.
Casto, Rebecca Ann to Cathcart, William Turner
Catherine, Anna to Cay, William Kenneth
Caynor, Elias to Chalmers, William S.
Chamberlain, (?) to Chamberlain, William
Chamberland, Mary to Chaney, William R.
Chant, Walter to Chastain, Maude Amanda
Chateau, Anna Eugie to Chenoweth, William H.
Cherry, (?) to Cherry, Margaret Louise
Cherry, Martha to Chesnut, Abraham
Chesnut, Abraham to Chesnut, Benjamin
Chesnut, Benjamin to Chesnut, Charles Strong
Chesnut, Charlotte to Chesnut, Edmund
Chesnut, Edmund to Chesnut, Esther Serena
Chesnut, Eugenia J. to Chesnut, Harry C.
Chesnut, Harvey T. to Chesnut, James
Chesnut, James to Chesnut, Jennie
Chesnut, Jesse Gilbert to Chesnut, John W.
Chesnut, John W. to Chesnut, Lucinda
Chesnut, Lucinda Edith to Chesnut, Marshall
Chesnut, Martha to Chesnut, Mary Olive
Chesnut, Mary Whitaker to Chesnut, Rebecca
Chesnut, Rebecca to Chesnut, Samuel J.
Chesnut, Samuel Messena to Chesnut, Thomas
Chesnut, Thomas to Chesnut, William Jarrett
Chesnut, William Jr. to Chew, William
Chewning, Doris to Chisholm, William Gordon
Chisolm, (?) to Christopher, Minnie Hope
Christy, Elizabeth to Claiborn, Minnie Belle
Claiborne, Jarvis to Clark, James E.
Clark, Joesph Leonard to Clark, William Michael
Clarke, David to Clayton, Powell
Cleeton, Nancy J. to Clements, Virginia "Susan"
Clemmer, Adrian to Clemmons, Oscar
Clendennen, Edna May to Cline, Jefferson Davis
Cline, John to Cline, Winfred
Clinkenbeard, Mary Polly to Cloninger, William
Clonniger, Carl to Clowney, William Cornwell
Cloyd, Jane to Cobb, Minnie Eualine
Cobble, James Otis to Cochran, Winslow Osborne Rev.
Cochrane, A.B. to Coffelt, Harry
Coffelt, Henry H. to Coffey, Ida
Coffey, Jesse to Coffman, Charles Elias
Coffman, Christina to Coffman, Madge
Coffman, Magdalena to Colby, Ebenezer
Coldiron, (?) to Coleman, William O.
Coles, Mary Winston to Collins, Willie Mae
Coln, Florence to Conley, Mary
Conn, (?) to Conner, Ruth
Conners, Bertha to Coo, J. E. Dr.
Coody, Dorothea to Cook, William A.
Cooksey, Virginia Anne to Cooper, Sarah Elizabeth
Cope, (?) to Corbin, Ruby Nell
Cordell, Riley to Cornwell, William
Corpening, Albert Gallatin to Costner, Cora Lee
Costner, Dalton Frederick to Costner, Johnny Leslie
Costner, Jonas to Costner, Reedy
Costner, Robert Asa to Cotton, Nack Peyton
Couch, Elizabeth Barber to Courcy, John FitzJohn (Knight)
Courier, Mary to Courtney, William
Cousar, Lee to Cowpland, Caleb
Cox, Binkley to Cox, Thomas
Coxen, (?) to Craig, James
Craig, James Jr. to Craig, William
Crain, Samuel to Crane, Ralph
Cranford, Alice to Crawford, Violet Ann
Crawford, William to Cremer, Mary
Cressmore, Mary Jane to Criswell, Mamie E.
Critchfield, Georgia A. to Crockett, Smith
Croft, May D. to Crone, Sophia
Cronise, Anna Marie to Crosby, R. T.
Crosley, Alice to Crowder, W.Y.
Crowe, Charles Washington to Crumbling, Martha
Crumbling, Mary Ann "Annie" to Cruthis, Isaac
Cryzer, Ann to Cultice, Walter
Culver, Grant B. to Cunningham, Malinda Jane
Cunningham, Margaret to Curry, David Smith
Curry, Doyle Harris to Curry, Luesa Jane
Curry, Maggie M. to Curry, Samuel
Curry, Samuel to Curry, Zenas Garrison
Curtis, Charles to Cuthbertson, William
Cutright, Georgia Irma to Dahnke, Maria I.
Dailey, Charles G. to Daly, William Frances
Dambach, Elizabeth to Daniels, Walter
Danlinson, Elsie to Daron, Sarah Alice
Darone, Ellen Mary to Davidson, Robert Quincy
Davidson, Samuel to Davis, Chester Lanson
Davis, Chester Lanson Jr. to Davis, Jane
Davis, Jean to Davis, Perry
Davis, Peter B. to Davish, Joshua
Davison, Mary Jane to Day, William C.
Dayton, Paul Hubbard to de Bohun, Mary
de Bolbec, Hugh II to de Bruvere, Margaret
de Burgh, Alianore to de Clare, Isabel
de Clare, Isabel (Countess Strigoil) to de Clermont, Robert
de Cleves, Anne to de la Garza, Rodolfo
de la Marche, Henry (Count) to de Maurienne, Adelaide of Savoy
de Mayenne, Mathilde to de Rochefoucauld, Eleanor
de Sangüesa, Oneca Rebelle to de Valois, Philip the Bold of Burgundy (Count of Flanders and Artois)
de Verdon, John to Deal, Susan
Dean, Arthur to Dean, William
Deardorf, Lucinda to Deatrick, William Wilberforce Rev.
Deavers, Isaac T. to Decker, William E.
Declanan, Elizabeth to Deeds, Sarah
Deehring, Russell to DeFord, Rena E.
Defriese, Dorcus Burke to Dehlinger, Marie Eve
Dehlinger, Marie Eve to Delinger, Theodore King Sr.
Delle, Oscar Artus (Dr.) to Dellinger, (?)
Dellinger, (?) to Dellinger, (?)
Dellinger, (?) to Dellinger, Albert
Dellinger, Albert to Dellinger, Allie
Dellinger, Allie M. to Dellinger, Amos
Dellinger, Amos to Dellinger, Anna Maria
Dellinger, Anna Maria to Dellinger, Archibald Teddy
Dellinger, Areadna Kate to Dellinger, Barbara
Dellinger, Barbara to Dellinger, Benjamin Franklin
Dellinger, Benjamin Harvey to Dellinger, Betty
Dellinger, Betty Ann to Dellinger, Burt
Dellinger, Byard Nicholson to Dellinger, Carroll A.
Dellinger, Carroll Odell to Dellinger, Catherine N.
Dellinger, Cecil to Dellinger, Charles David
Dellinger, Charles David to Dellinger, Charlotte
Dellinger, Charlotte to Dellinger, Clarence Francis
Dellinger, Clarence Hobson to Dellinger, Cora Edith
Dellinger, Cora Edna to Dellinger, Daniel
Dellinger, Daniel A. to Dellinger, David
Dellinger, David to Dellinger, Dennis Bain
Dellinger, Dennis McKinley to Dellinger, Dorothy Jane
Dellinger, Dorothy Lora to Dellinger, Edna
Dellinger, Edna to Dellinger, Elisabeth
Dellinger, Elisabetha Dorothea to Dellinger, Elizabeth
Dellinger, Elizabeth to Dellinger, Elwood
Dellinger, Elwood Florence to Dellinger, Era
Dellinger, Era Maria to Dellinger, Eunice
Dellinger, Eunice "Toots" to Dellinger, Fayette P.
Dellinger, Felix Ferdinand to Dellinger, Frances Fannie
Dellinger, Frances Lucinda to Dellinger, Friedrich Ernst
Dellinger, Friedrich Jacob to Dellinger, George
Dellinger, George to Dellinger, George Washington
Dellinger, George Washington to Dellinger, Gresham Otto
Dellinger, Grie Hampton to Dellinger, Harry
Dellinger, Harry to Dellinger, Heinrich
Dellinger, Heinrich to Dellinger, Henry Irwin
Dellinger, Henry J. to Dellinger, Howard E.
Dellinger, Howard M. to Dellinger, Irma Patricia
Dellinger, Irvin A. to Dellinger, Jacob
Dellinger, Jacob to Dellinger, James Buren
Dellinger, James C. to Dellinger, Janie Leisel
Dellinger, Jannie Lou Easer to Dellinger, Johan George
Dellinger, Johan Jacob to Dellinger, John
Dellinger, John to Dellinger, John Earl
Dellinger, John Edgar to Dellinger, John Henry
Dellinger, John Herbert to Dellinger, John W.
Dellinger, John W. Martin to Dellinger, Joseph S.
Dellinger, Joseph U. to Dellinger, Kate
Dellinger, Katharina to Dellinger, Laura
Dellinger, Laura A. to Dellinger, Lena Ellen
Dellinger, Lennie Olive to Dellinger, Lillie
Dellinger, Lillie Dale to Dellinger, Lorenzo Dow
Dellinger, Lorenzo Dow to Dellinger, Lucy Margaret
Dellinger, Lucy Mary to Dellinger, Mabel Catherine
Dellinger, Mabel Goldsmith to Dellinger, Marcus Larinzo
Dellinger, Marcus Tinsley to Dellinger, Margaretta
Dellinger, Margie to Dellinger, Marvin
Dellinger, Marvin Junior to Dellinger, Mary Ann
Dellinger, Mary Ann to Dellinger, Mary Faye
Dellinger, Mary Frances to Dellinger, Matilda
Dellinger, Matilda Anna to Dellinger, Michael
Dellinger, Michael to Dellinger, Missouri
Dellinger, Missouri to Dellinger, Naomi Equisha
Dellinger, Naomi Marie to Dellinger, Norman Cletus
Dellinger, Norris to Dellinger, Osborne
Dellinger, Oscar to Dellinger, Peggy
Dellinger, Peggy to Dellinger, Porter Marshall
Dellinger, Posey to Dellinger, Rebecca P.
Dellinger, Regester J. to Dellinger, Robert Ralph
Dellinger, Robert Ray to Dellinger, Ruby Lucile
Dellinger, Rudolph Corley to Dellinger, Samuel
Dellinger, Samuel "Shug" to Dellinger, Sarah
Dellinger, Sarah to Dellinger, Sarah Louisa
Dellinger, Sarah Luzetta to Dellinger, Stefan
Dellinger, Stella to Dellinger, Sylvanus
Dellinger, Sylvanus to Dellinger, Thomas Eli
Dellinger, Thomas Gamewell to Dellinger, Vernon Elbert
Dellinger, Vernon Lee "Pete" to Dellinger, Walter L.
Dellinger, Walter Linville to Dellinger, William A.
Dellinger, William A. to Dellinger, William Hancel
Dellinger, William Henry to Dellinger, William W.
Dellinger, William Ward to Dellinger, Zylpha Almetta
DeLong, George to Dennis, Roy
Dennison, Douglas Andrew Howard to Derr, Valentine
Derringer, Edward to Detwiler, Paul L.
Deuel, Mary Elizabeth to DeWitt, William Radcliffe
Dexter, Paula to Dickerson, Samuel
Dickey, (?) to Dickover, Newton
Dicks, (?) to Dickson, Samuel Dunn
Didat, Alphonse to Dietz, Annie
Dietz, Annie Theresa "Tessie" to Dietz, George
Dietz, George L. to Dietz, Martha Burg
Dietz, Mary to Dietz, Viola V.
Diffenderfer, Clayton L. to Diller, Jacob
Dilley, Lulu to Dilliner, Sarah
Dilliner, Sarah to Dillinger, Elmira
Dillinger, Eva Christina to Dillinger, John P.
Dillinger, John Rayburn to Dillinger, Robert Earl
Dillinger, Robert Harrison "Bob" to Dinges, Thurman Leo
Dinkel, Anna Maria to Ditty, Susannah
Ditzler, Melchior to Dobbs, Richard
Dobrow, David A. to Dodson, William Harrison
Doellinger, (?) to Dollar, Mamie
Dolly, Sarah Jane to Donohew, James
Donohoe, Joseph to Dosch, Michael
Doss, Eunice to Douglas, John Alexander
Douglas, John C. to Douglas, William S.
Douglass, Alexander to Downey, Sarah
Downing, Blanche Mae to Drain, Marian Whitley
Drake, Albert Clyde to Dritt, Sarah
Droscher, Johann Christopher to Druck, Viola M.
Drullinger, Anna Maria to Dubs, Solomon
Ducasse, Irene to Dunbar, Margaret
Duncan, (?) to Duncan, Zachariah
Dunckel\Dinkle, Johan Daniel to Dunn, Katherine
Dunn, Lizzie Lee to Dunwoody, John
Dupignac, Adelaide Morse to Durham, Tabitha Eliza Currie
Durnil, Hiram to Dutton, Viola
Duval, Fannie Rachel to Dyer, Wilson E.
Dyke, Julia Elmo to Earley, Thomas J.
Early, John to Earp, Virgil Walter
Earp, Virginia Anne to Eaton, William George
Eavenson, Rebecca J. to Eckard, Ruth
Eckart, Conrad to Edge, Mary
Edgell, George H. to Edwards, Olive Fae
Edwards, Phebe to Eikenberry, Herman G.
Eimer, Anna May to Elhardt, Richard Mark
Eliot, Elizabeth to Elliot, William F.
Elliott, (?) to Elliott, Joseph Latta
Elliott, Julia Irene to Ellis, Flora
Ellis, George E. to Ellis, William R.
Ellison, Sarah to Embree, Tandy
Embry, Martha to Emig, Sallie
Emmart, (?) to Emmons, Thomas
Emory, Marjorie Ruth to Englefinger, Susan
Engleman, Joseph to Enloe, Walter
Enlows, James to Erb, Peter
Erberlin, Catharina to Erwin, Theresa
Escamilla Cantu, Angelina to Estep, William J.
Estes, (?) to Evans, Harold
Evans, Harold Edward William to Evans, William J.
Everest, Catherine to Eyster, John
Eyster, John to Fahringer, Sallie
Faidley, Christina to Fake, William J.
Falck, Eugene Gustav to Faris, Margaret S.
Faris, Martha D. to Farmer, William
Farnsworth, Anna M. to Farrell, Olive M.
Farrington, Ina May to Faulk, Albert
Faulkner, (?) to Faulkner, William Thomas Sr.
Faulks, Anna to Fauver, William Robert Sr.
Favorite, Elizabeth to Fee, William Orr
Feener, (?) to Fell, Margaret
Fell, Maria to Fergus, William
Ferguson, (?) to Ferree, Violet Ruth
Ferrell, Rachel A. to Fidler, Sophia
Field, (?) to Finger, Susannah
Finigan, Henry to Fischer, Peter
Fish, (?) to Fish, William Sr.
Fishback, Anice to Fisher, Mahala Iowa
Fisher, Margaret to Fitch, Mary J. "Polly"
Fitcher, Mary to FitzGerald, Thomas FitzJohn (Earl of Kildare)
Fitzjames, Arabella (Nun at Pontoise) to Fleishell, Francis
Fleming, (?) to Fleming, William Adcas
Flemish, Mae to Flippin, Peter John Dr.
Flitcraft, Isaiah to Flynn, Susanna Deloris
Focht, Hazel to Foltz, George
Foltz, Gilbert to Foltz, William D.
Foltz, William H. to Ford, Z. Olivia
Fore, John Wesley to Forry, Esther P.
Forry, Ethel to Forry, Mary A.
Forry, Mary Ann to Forry, William R.
Forster, Alma to Foster, Sarah J.
Foster, Uriah to Fox, Gale Eugene
Fox, George to Fox, William
Foxworthy, (?) to Francis, Willie E
Franck, Elisabeth to Franklin, Elbert
Franklin, Elizabeth to Franklin, Jane
Franklin, Jay Adrian to Franklin, Maurice Willard
Franklin, Maxine to Franklin, Sarah Ann
Franklin, Sarah Ann to Franklin, Zulia
Frantz, Catherine to Fravel, William
Frazen, (?) to Freeman, Thomas E.
Freese, Donna May to Frey, William
Freyermuth, Anne to Friday, Kenneth R.
Friday, Laban Lafayette to Frigm, Emory
Friskney, Ferne to Fry, Harry M.
Fry, Hattie Marvin to Fry, Willard
Fry, William H. to Fryor, Melvina
Fudge, Everett C. to Fullington, Myra
Fullmer, Jacobina to Funderberg, Theodore J.
Funderbunk, Jack to Funkhouser, Sarah Catherine
Funkhouser, Thomas F. to Gahley, Theodore
Gailey, Cecil to Gallaher, Olive
Gallant, Carrie to Galloway, William B.
Gallup, Edwin C. to Gantt, Tyre
Gantz, Charles Alvin to Garces, Sancho (King of Navarre & Count of Aragon & Castile) III
Garcés Abarca, Sancho (King of Pamplona & Count of Aragon) II to Gardner, William Jr.
Gardo, L.E. to Garrett, Max Eugene
Garrett, Nathan Elsberry "Bud" to Garwood, James Newton
Gary, Pernecy Frances to Gaston, (?)
Gaston, (?) to Gaston, Catherine
Gaston, Catherine to Gaston, Elizabeth
Gaston, Elizabeth to Gaston, Hugh Jr.
Gaston, Hugh Rev. to Gaston, Jane
Gaston, Jane to Gaston, John Jefferson
Gaston, John Johnston to Gaston, Margaret
Gaston, Margaret to Gaston, Mary
Gaston, Mary to Gaston, Robert
Gaston, Robert to Gaston, Thomas
Gaston, Thomas to Gaston, William D.
Gaston, William Dr. to Gaumy, Margaretha
Gaunt, Helen to Geark, (?)
Gebhart, Luther to Gelvin, Sarah Catherine
Gembel, Henry to George, S.L.
Geouge, Paul E. to Ghriest, Laura Anna
Giamformaggio, Virginia Frances to Gibbons, John
Gibbons, John to Gibbs, Louisa H.
Gibeau, Clifford P. to Giffen, Marion G.
Giffin, John A. to Gilbert, William F.
Gilbreath, Charity to Gill, Samuel King
Gill, Sarah to Gillig, Julia
Gilliland, Nancy to Gingerich, Walter Calvin
Gingrich, Ohmer Franklin to Gladden, Thomas C.
Glades, D. to Glaser, Karolina
Glasford, Jane to Gleich, Leonhard
Glendenning, Mary Margaret to Goan, Lola Etta
Goan, Lola Maude to Gochenauer, Joseph
Gochenaur, Barbara to Goforth, William Edward
Goheen, Elizabeth to Gohn, Carmelia
Gohn, Caroline to Gohn, David
Gohn, David to Gohn, Ernest L.
Gohn, Esma Ellen to Gohn, Henry
Gohn, Henry to Gohn, Johannes
Gohn, John to Gohn, Magdalena
Gohn, Magdalena to Gohn, Michael
Gohn, Michael to Gohn, Samuel
Gohn, Samuel A. to Gohn, William Walter
Goin, Velora to Golladay, Zada Ruth
Golliday, "Red" to Goodman, Simon
Goodrich, (?) to Goodson, William
Goodwin, (?) to Gordon, Woodie
Gore, Nancy to Gotwalt, Samuel H.
Gouch, Margaret S. to Gould, Wren
Goulden, Harry W. to Gouldy, William Simpson
Gourley, (?) to Gowdy, Rebecca
Goyer, (?) to Grace, William Wallace
Gracy, John to Gragg, Mary Ann
Gragg, Mary Cordelia to Graham, James
Graham, Jesse Hunt to Graham, William
Gralike, Elizabeth to Graves, O. C.
Gravitt, Andrew J. to Gray, Roy Lee
Gray, Ruby to Green, Ruby
Green, Sloan to Greene, Woodrow
Greenfield, Ethel to Gregg, Sarah Jane
Gregory, Emma to Grier, Isabella
Grier, James to Grier, Robert Livingston
Grier, Robert Ralph to Griffin, Smith Samuel
Griffith, Abel Rev. to Griffith, Samuel Ansel
Griffith, Sarah Catherine to Grimm, Martin
Gring, David to Gross, Jean
Gross, Jean Nicolas to Grove, Will
Grover, Alma to Gruwell, Timothy
Gudrodsson, Ragnald to Gunter, Willis Arvin
Guokas, (?) to Guthary, Viola
Guthrie, Joseph to Haberlin, Margaretha Catherina
Haberman, Lillian to Hager, Rhoda Elizabeth
Hagershorst, Ellan to Hailes, James
Haines, (?) to Haines, William
Haislip, (?) to Hall, Ivy Pearl
Hall, Jacob to Hall, Wyatt
Hallam, Alex to Hallman, William Miles
Hallowell, Esther to Hamilton, Nancy Estelle
Hamilton, Ninian Beall to Hammett, William J.
Hammock, Amanda C. to Hampton, William I.
Hamrick, Allen Dillard to Hancock, William B.
Hand, (?) (John) to Handy, William Francis
Haney, (?) to Hankins, Walter A. Calvin
Hankle, David to Hannum, Margerty
Hanover, (?) to Hanover, William Henry (King of Britain) IV
Hansberger, Myrtle to Harbaugh, Yost Captain
Harbin, Arlena Belle to Harbison, Esther
Harbison, Esther E. to Harbison, Martha Esther
Harbison, Martha Jane to Harbison, Thomas Leaman
Harbison, Thomas McCrory to Hardman, Martha A.
Hardwick, Burl Green to Harley, Robert Rhett
Harlow, (?) to Harmon, William Allen Sr.
Harms, Carl Theodore to Harper, William Preston
Harphant, (?) to Harrelson, William Alexander
Harrigle, John to Harris, Mary
Harris, Mary Ellen to Harshaw, Johnsie Virginia
Hart, Barbara Jill to Hartley, Arvie D.
Hartley, Barbara to Hartley, Evelyn Mae
Hartley, Flossie Gertrude to Hartley, Joseph
Hartley, Joseph Rulon to Hartley, Sue Etta
Hartley, Susan to Hartman, William H.
Hartzler, Abraham to Haslam, Thomas Powell M.D.
Hass, Louise A. to Haug, Susanna
Haugh, Mary E. to Hawk, Rex
Hawkins, (?) to Hawn, Samuel
Haworth, Geraldine to Hayes, Margaret McDill
Hayes, Martha E. to Hayes, Wilma Ruth
Hayhoe, Rose Ellis to Haynes, Zeph Howell
Hays, (?) to Hayworth, Thomas
Hayzlet, Florence to Heacock, Elizabeth
Heacock, Ellen to Heacock, John
Heacock, John P. to Heacock, Nathan
Heacock, Nathan to Heacock, William Penn
Heacocke, Johannes to Heap, Samuel D.
Hearn, J. to Heckert, John
Heckert, John to Heenan, Catherine
Heeter, Elizabeth to Heiland, Robert
Heiler, Tecla Elizabeth to Heisey, Mary K.
Heishman, Clyde to Helderman, Viney Lucinda
Helker, Daniel to Helsley, Isabella
Helsley, Jacob to Hemminger, William
Hempfling, Marguerite to Hemphill, David Richard
Hemphill, Eliza to Hemphill, John Newton
Hemphill, John Nixon to Hemphill, Samuel J.
Hemphill, Sarah to Henderson, Martha Izora
Henderson, Naomi to Henise, Amelia
Henkle, (?) to Henry, Mary
Henry, Nancy E. to Hentz, J.P.
Hephenstall, John to Herbach, Tanner
Herbert, Elizabeth to Herr, William
Herrin, Mary to Hersh, William M.
Hersh, William McClellan to Hersman, William McKindree
Hertel, Hans Gorg to Hetrick, Hezekiah
Hettler, Margaretha to Heyl, Petreus
Hiatt, Charlotte Summers to Hicklin, Zachariah
Hickman, Andrew to Higgins, Ruth L.
High, Frrederick to Hill, L. Donnell
Hill, Lewis Aden to Hillhouse, (?)
Hillman, Florence E. to Hinchman, Thomas (Major)
Hinderlighter, John to Hinkle, William C.
Hinneman, Ivy Rebecca to Hisey, Christian Jr.
Hitchcock, Eunice Idel to Hoag, Frank
Hoar, Edna Gertrude to Hockman, Jacob
Hockman, Jacob to Hodges, Oscar F.
Hodgin, Elva Rachael to Hoffman, Henry
Hoffman, Henry to Hoffman, Robert
Hoffman, Ronald F. to Hogendobler, Roscoe
Hogue, Archibald to Hoke, Zoe
Holbrook, Nora Malissa to Holder, S.J.
Hole, Mary T. to Hollar, Zylphis Leah
Hollaway, James to Hollinger, Jacob Edward
Hollinger, Jacob Henry to Hollinger, Willis H.
Hollingsworth, (?) to Hollowell, Thomas
Holman, Herbert to Holtzinger, Katharine
Holtzman, Martha B. to Hood, William Harvey
Hoog, (?) to Hoover, Martha E.
Hoover, Martin to Hopkins, Mary Isabella
Hopkins, Mollie Jane to Horn, William H.
Hornbaker, Ruth to Horner, Dewey Ralph
Horner, Doris to Horner, James Addison
Horner, James Crawford to Horner, Messie
Horner, Michael to Horner, Yetive
Hornish, Josie to Hoshaw, William
Hoshaw, William to Hottel, Virginia Cathryn
Hottel, William to Houck, Infant Daughter
Houck, Iris Katherine to Houck, Walter Edward
Houck, Walter Eugene to House, Willie Mae
Houseal, Franklin to Houser, Wilbur Glenn
Houshour, Peter to Hovis, Jeff
Hovis, John to Hovis, Willie Ruth
Howard, A. Margaret to Howard, Vera
Howaron, Betty to Howell, Samuel
Howell, Samuel to Hoyle, Elizabeth
Hoyle, Elizabeth to Hoyle, Mary
Hoyle, Mary to Hoyle, William Kelley
Hoyt, Charles to Hucherlin, Christiann
Hucks, Evelyn Gilbert to Huett, Susanna Levina
Huey, Alexander to Huffman, William Alexander
Hufford, Levi to Hughes, Wilson
Hughs, Inez to Hull, Margaret "Bonnie" Marie
Hullender, Faye to Humphrey, Rebecca
Humphrey, Richard to Humphreys, John
Humphreys, John to Humphreys, William II
Humphreys, William Jr. to Hunt, William E.
Hunt, Winona to Hunter, William
Hupp, Albert to Hurtt, R. M.
Hushong, C. A. to Hutchins, Martha
Hutchinson, Anas to Hyandson, Elizabeth
Hyatt, Richard Jennings to Ichard, Peter
Ickes, Margaret to Immel, Sarah
Immenhauser, Rebecca to Inman, William J.
Inners, Daniel to Irwin, William Henry Foote
Ischi, Carl to Jackson, Dessie
Jackson, Dolly to Jackson, Jacob
Jackson, Jacob to Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Mary to Jackson, Ulysses
Jackson, Ulysses P. to Jacobs, Lucinda
Jacobs, Margaret Virginia to James, Robert Nelson
Jameson, Forrest to Jantis, Elizabeth
Jardin, (?) to Jarman, Ursula
Jarrett, Flossie to Jenkins, Ulysses Irvin
Jenks, A. Bessie to Jenny, Estell
Jensen, Jefferson Bradley to John, Sarah
Johner, Paul to Johnson, Clayton
Johnson, Daniel to Johnson, Helen
Johnson, Henry Clayton to Johnson, Mary C.
Johnson, Mary Florence to Johnson, Tina
Johnson, Tobias to Johnston, Paul
Johnston, Rachel to Jones, Ann
Jones, Ann to Jones, Evan
Jones, Evelyn to Jones, Margaret
Jones, Margaret to Jones, Robert
Jones, Robert to Jordan, Sarah Ellen
Jordan, Septemer Dr. to Julius, John P.
Jumelle, Caroline to Kalsey, Suva McNeese
Kalteisen, (?) to Kalteisen, Stephan
Kaltreider, Daniel to Kann, William
Kanupp, Charles Hughes to Kast, Rosina Barbara Margarethe
Katry, Stanley Walter to Kauffelt, Vincent D.
Kauffman, (?) to Kauffman, Lewis
Kauffman, Lloyd C. to Keach, John H.
Kear, Myrtle to Keech, Walter Franklin
Keen, Albert George to Keever, Mullie Rosalie
Keever, Myra Estelle to Kell, John
Kell, John to Kell, William E. R.
Keller, (?) to Keller, Christine
Keller, Christoff to Keller, Hannah
Keller, Hans George to Keller, John
Keller, John to Keller, Mary Ann
Keller, Mary Ann to Keller, Sophia
Keller, Sophia to Kellum, (?)
Kellums, Lee to Kelso, Lena
Kelya, John to Kendrick, Samuel Edward
Kennedy, (?) to Kenney, Margaret
Kennon, Albert to Kerrick, Oliver M.
Kerster, Augustus to Ketterman, Virginia
Kewley, Don to Kidd, Ovid Lee
Kidds, Rufus Kerby to Kiefer, Mayme
Kiess, Dorothea to Kilton, Horace
Kimble, Carl to Kinard, Rudy
Kincaid, Earl to King, Phronie
King, Samuel to Kircher, John H.
Kirchner, (?) to Kirkpatrick, Willie
Kirksey, Berry to Kiser, Sarah
Kisselburg, Ada Florence to Kitchen, Thomas Robert
Kitchens, Byron Reginald to Kleinfelter, Mary
Kleinschmidt, Aaron to Klingeman, Sarah
Klink, Lydia M. to Knaub, Zacharias
Kneale, Earl Ellsworth to Knight, Wallace B.
Knisely, (?) to Knott, William L.
Knotzele, (?) to Knox, Elvira Cate
Knox, Emma Eliza to Knox, John Cheairs
Knox, John Dr. to Knox, Samuel
Knox, Samuel to Knutson, Nick
Koblegard, P.H. to Kocher, Walter
Koehler, Anna to Kohler, Philip
Kohler, Philip John to Koons, Sarah J.
Koontz, Amanda to Kopp, Sallie
Koran, Betty Theresa to Kraumer, Sarah
Kraus, Margaretha to Krucek, Cecilia
Kruse, Bertha to Kunkle, Mary C.
Kunkle, Mary S. to la Zouche, Eva
Lacefield, Amanda Avis to Lacy, Mary Ann
Lafever, Allen to Lahr, Mildred Daloris
Lahr, Oran George to Lamberson, Annie
Lambert, (?) to LaMotte, Stuart Lefean
Lamp, Caroline Rowena to Landis, William W.
Landry, Thomas to Lankford, Mary "Molly" Emily
Lanning, Dorothy to LaRue, (?)
Lasenby, Maggie to LaTourette, William H.
Latta, Mary "Polly" to Lauer, Zachariah
Laughman, P. Curtis to Lawrence, Lloyd
Lawson, (?) to Lawson, Willie Gay
Lawton, Lester John to Layman, Jerry M.
Layman, Joakim to Layman, Walter
Layman, William Henry to le Despenser, Hugh (Sir)
le Gros, William (1st Earl of Albemarle) to Leader, Raymond F.
Leakway, George E. to Leathery, Susannah
Leben, Joseph to Lebkecker, David
Lebow, Irvin to Lee, Mary Frances
Lee, Mary W. to Leeman, William
Leeper, Alice to Lehman, Joseph Jr.
Lehman, Lawrence to Leibhart, Charles E.
Leibhart, Charles F. to Leibhart, Malcolm C.
Leibhart, Malinda to Leibhart, Zachary Taylor
Leichty, Samuel Jr. to Leik, Nelson
Leinart, Sally to Leiphart, William Henry
Leister, Elizabeth to Lemon, William Wilson
Lenardson, Harold to Lentz, Opal
Lenziane, (?) to Leonhardt, Louisa
Leopold, Sarah C. to Lesslie, Robert W.
Lesslie, Roddey Miller to Lewin, Mattie C.
Lewis, (?) to Lewis, Joseph Clifton
Lewis, Joseph Stanhope to Lewis, Winnifred Davis
Leyman, James W. to Lieberknecht, Henry
Lieberknecht, Jacob to Lieberknecht, Susanna
Liebhart, Alice to Liebhart, Lilly M.
Liebhart, Lydia to Liggett, James D.
Light, Herbert to Liles, Thomas Moffatt
Lillard, Margaret Geneva to Linck, Maria Elisabetha
Lincks, Lucinda to Lindsay, William L.
Lindsey, Dow P. to Linduff, Mittie
Linduff, Nettie to Lineberger, Minnie
Lineberger, Minnie to Link, John
Link, John to Linton, Joshua Blakely
Linville, Ann "Nancy" to Little, Nancy
Little, Nettie to Lloyd, Ellis
Lloyd, Euan to Lloyd, Morris
Lloyd, Rachel Jane to Lloyd, William
Llwyd, Cynwrig to Logan, William Oscar
Logsdon, (?) to Lohr, Zachariah
Lohse, Harold to Lonas, Clove
Lonas, Cora Lee to Lonas, Jacob K.
Lonas, Jake to Lonas, Mary Ann
Lonas, Mary E. to Lonas, Solomon
Lonas, Solomon to Lones, Vestle Elliot
Long, (?) to Long, Philip
Long, Quince Justice to Longwell, Mattie
Lonsburg, Elmira to Loucks, William
Louden, (?) to Loughmiller, Allen
Loughmiller, Alva C. to Loughmiller, Fredrick
Loughmiller, Fredrick C. to Loughmiller, Jesse Theodore
Loughmiller, John to Loughmiller, Mary J.
Loughmiller, Mary Jane to Loughmiller, Thomas J.
Loughmiller, Thomas Kelly to Loveall, Roxie
Lovejoy, Emma to Lowe, Margaret
Lowe, Martha Jane to Lowrey, William S.
Lowrie, James to Luke, Nancy
Lukehart, Archie to Lupton, William Daly
Lusk, David to Lutz, William
Lyda, (?) to Lynn, Warren
Lyon, Abigail to Mabry, Jerry
MacArthur, (?) to MacGirvin, Sarah M.
Machen, Mary E. to Madden, William C.
Maddock, Edward to Magers, William
Maghee, (?) to Mahin, F. W.
Mahin, Florence to Mahin, Mary "Polly"
Mahin, Mary E. to Mahin, William Edward
Mahler, Margaret to Malone, Sarah E.
Maloney, Katherine to Manifold, Martha
Manion, Leo McCauley to Maple, (?)
Maracot, Adam to Marion, Wyeth
Maris, Elizabeth to Markley, Minnie
Markley, Minnie C. to Marple, (?)
Marple, (?) to Marple, Retta
Marple, Rosetta to Marshall, Elizabeth
Marshall, Elizabeth to Marshall, Moses
Marshall, Robert to Martin, David
Martin, Deb to Martin, James H. (Rev.)
Martin, James Harry to Martin, Mary A.
Martin, Mary A. to Martin, William
Martin, William to Mason, Robert L.
Masprett, Edith to Matlow, Nannie Lucille
Matney, Harriet Laura to Mauck, Genevieve
Mauck, George to Mauck, Velma Beatrice
Mauck, William Francis to Mauk, John W.
Mauk, John W. to Mauk, Zacheus "Zachias"
Mauldin, Jack to Mauney, Mary Ann
Mauney, Mary Lula to Maurer, Susannah
Maus, Ed to Maxon, Thomas Emerson
Maxwell, Franklin Porter to May, Viola Sara Ann
Mayan, Anna to Mayhew, Mary
Mays, Lucy to McAvoy, (?)
McBeth, Leslie to McCain, Mary C.
McCain, Mary Catherine to McCalla, John Gragg
McCalla, Julia Frances to McCalla, William Calhoun
McCallard, David to McCarter, Marian
McCarthy, Frances to McCaw, Martha Mary
McCaw, Mary Ann to McClarren, Oscar
McClaskey, Anna to McClellan, William Sr.
McClelland, (?) to McClish, William
McClore, James to McClure, Robert G.
McClure, Sarah to McClurkin, Matthew
McCollister, Mary Ann to McCown, Thomas W.
McCoy, (?) to McCoy, William Rufus
McCoy, William T. to McCreavy, Cynthia
McCreight, (?) to McCullough, William
McCullough, William to McDaniel, Nancy
McDaniel, Robert Harvey to McDill, Janet
McDill, Janie James to McDill, Samuel
McDill, Samuel to McDonald, Kenneth Leroy
McDonald, Linda Jean to McDowell, Vicora
McElfresh, James Harley to McFadden, Mabel
McFadden, Mae to McFarland, William
McFarlane, Alfred B. to McGinnes, Mary Elsie
McGinness, William to McGrath, Margueritel Anne
McGraw, Edward to McInturff, Sarah Jane
McIntyre, Curtis Edwin to McKeown, Katherine Wylie
McKeown, Mary Cornelia to McKinney, Suzy
McKinny, Mary to McKinstry, Wilson Boyce
McKissick, Sarah Margaret to McLaughlin, Patrick
McLean, (?) to McLure, William F.
McLurkin, Eleanor to McMillan, Gertrude
McMillan, Hazel Dean to McMillan, William Melville
McMillan, Woodrow Hayes to McNall, Lyle
McNamee, Fern to McPheeters, William
McPherson, Jesse to McQuiston, (?)
McQuiston, Abraham to McQuiston, Margaret
McQuiston, Margaret to McQuiston, William Otis
McRae, (?) to McWaters, David Preston
McWatters, N. A. to McWhorter, Walter
McWilliams, A.P. to Meckley, Carl
Mecom, (?) to Melick, William
Mell, David W. to Mendenhall, Joseph Hoyle
Mendenhall, Luther to Menges, Samuel
Menges, Sevilla to Merritt, Sarah
Merritt, Sarah D. to Metzel, Vincent Bernard
Metzer, Noah B. to Meyer, Johann Jacob
Meyer, Johann Melchior to Meyer, Rudolph
Meyers, Catherine to Middleton, William Gilby
Migliore, (?) to Millen, Eli R.
Millen, Eliza H. to Millen, Josephine Josie
Millen, Laura Irene to Millen, Robert
Millen, Robert Calvin to Millen, Winnie Jane
Miller, (?) to Miller, Adam
Miller, Albert Mae to Miller, Charles J.
Miller, Charlotte to Miller, Ellis Howard
Miller, Elmer to Miller, Henry
Miller, Henry to Miller, John Moffat
Miller, John S. to Miller, Mary Ann
Miller, Mary Ann to Miller, Rachel
Miller, Rachel to Miller, Thomas Alvin
Miller, Thomas D. to Milling, Joseph Werrins
Millow, Jacob T. to Miner, Thomas
Minihan, Ann to Mitchell, Estelle Lucille
Mitchell, Eunice to Mitchell, Willie L.
Mitchem, David L. to Moberly, William M.
Mobley, Charles to Moffat, Harriet Louisa
Moffat, Henry Youngs to Moffat, William
Moffat, William to Moffatt, Barbara Brown
Moffatt, Barbara Isabel to Moffatt, Dana Calvin
Moffatt, Daniel Carpenter to Moffatt, Ella Francis
Moffatt, Ellen to Moffatt, Hannah Eliza
Moffatt, Harold Young to Moffatt, James Findley
Moffatt, James Gregg to Moffatt, John Hemphill
Moffatt, John Hemphill to Moffatt, Lydia Hellice
Moffatt, Mabel to Moffatt, Mary Flora
Moffatt, Mary Florence to Moffatt, Ralph Erskine
Moffatt, Ralph Grier to Moffatt, Sarah Louisa
Moffatt, Sarah Welling to Moffatt, William
Moffatt, William A. to Moffatt, Winfred Ulrich
Moffet, David to Moffett, Elizabeth 'Betty' M.
Moffett, Elizabeth Ann to Moffett, John Bigham Jr.
Moffett, John Edwin to Moffett, Viola Hester
Moffett, Virena Daisy to Mohler, Stella Ella
Mohr, Catherine to Montgomery, Margaret
Montgomery, Martha to Moore, Barbara Jane
Moore, Benjamin to Moore, James S.
Moore, Jane to Moore, Maza Amanda
Moore, Melba to Moore, William F.
Moore, William G. to Morgan, Elizabeth R.
Morgan, Eva Virginia to Morgan, William
Morganstern, Hilda Dorothea to Morris, John N.
Morris, Johnny to Morris, Willis
Morrison, (?) to Morrison, Sarah Melvina
Morrison, Temperance A. to Morton, Walter Lawrence
Morvin, Barbara to Moss, William
Moss, William Lee to Mosteller, Susan
Mosure, Ralph M. to Mourer, Marie Eve
Mowbray, John to Mull, Mary
Mullen, Alfred James to Mullin, William T.
Mullins, Dewitt to Munger, Alice
Munley, William James to Murphy, William
Murray, Bessie to Musch, Theleda Violeta
Musgrave, (?) to Myers, Elizabeth
Myers, Elizabeth to Myers, Julian
Myers, Kate to Myers, Weaver
Myers, Wesley to Nance, William Marion
Nanty, Albert to Naylor, Sarah
Neal, B. to Nearhoff, Willis
Neasey, Catherine to Neely, Willie Simpson
Nees, Albert Nelson to Neff, Virginia A.
Nefia, Hfolf to Nelson, William Noah
Neptune, Craven Ellsworth "Dick" to Ness, Stewart Niles
Nesselrodt, Jobe to Newby, Martha
Newcom, Edward Frank to Newcomer, William Wesley
Newham, Susan Virginia to Neyman, Stephen P.
Nible, Verna May to Nichols, Willis S.
Nicholson, (?) Rev. to Nicodemus, Barbara Ellen
Nicodemus, Barbara S. to Nicodemus, Frederick
Nicodemus, Frederick to Nicodemus, James Whitcomb
Nicodemus, Jay Edward to Nicodemus, Lucy Ann
Nicodemus, Lula Blanche to Nicodemus, Rachael F.
Nicodemus, Rachel to Nicodemus, William Sherman
Nicols, Thomas J. to Nixon, William
Noble, (?) to Norman, William C.
Norris, Albert A. to Norwood, William A.
Notestein, Anna Susan to Nuzum, Thomas
Nyberg, Harry Richard to O'Flaherty, Wilmer L.
O'Harra, Emma Ann to Oakford, Isaac
Oaks, Lydia C. to Oberdorff, Susanna
Oberholtz, Mildred to Ogden, Stephen
Ogg, Mary D. "Polly" to Olinger, Joseph
Olive, Elmer G. to Orpet, William
Orr, (?) to Osborn, Stephen
Osborne, (?) to Otstadt, Magdalina
Otstadt, Michael to Overholtz, Sarah Ann
Overman, Eunice A. to Owen, Rowland
Owenby, Troy to Owings, Norman Asbury
Owings, Rachel to Paddock, William
Padgett, Elizabeth to Paiste, Sarah
Palm, David to Pankuch, John
Panter, Grace to Parker, John Allen
Parker, John L. to Parkey, Joseph
Parkinson, Elizabeth to Parrill, Mary Ann "Molly"
Parris, Andrew to Parson, Mary Isabelle
Parsons, Charles McDonald to Pasour, Samuel
Passwater, Howard to Patterson, William
Pattison, David Wayne to Paules, John
Paules, John to Pavatte, Isaac
Pavetti, Cynthia Ann to Paxton, William
Payne, Anna to Payne, William Temple
Payton, Corda to Pearson, Joseph
Pearson, Joseph Meade to Pease, George Syrian
Peavler, Lawrence Albert to Peden, Moses White
Peden, Nancy to Peeler, William
Peeples, Mattie Belle to Pence, William
Pendleton, Broudis Bernard to Pennell, William
Penney, Ralph Stanley Jr. to Pennock, Phebe
Pennock, Samuel to Penrose, William
Pentecost, Maude Bell to Pepper, Howard Calvin
Percifield, Robert to Perry, William Sherman
Perryfield, Peter to Peters, William
Petersen, Christian to Peugh, Charles H.
Peyton, Catherine to Phebus, Catherine
Phelps, Ada to Phillips, Freeman
Phillips, George Ross to Phillips, Willie
Philpot, Ruby to Pickens, Stella
Pickeral, William H. to Pierce, Sarah
Piercy, (?) to Pierson, William Henry
Pifer, Clara Catherine to Piper, Matilda P.
Pirkle, Lula to Pitts, Younger Riley
Pitzer, Sibyl to Plantagenet, Mary
Plantagenet, Mary to Plemmons, Clara Sileani
Pletcher, Delbert M. to Plonk, Michael
Plonk, Michael C. to Poe, Sarah
Poff, (?) to Poff, David George
Poff, Delbert C. to Poff, Hazel
Poff, Helen H. to Poff, Mary Ann
Poff, Mary Anna to Poff, Wilson
Pointer, Bolling Green to Polk, William Hawkins
Pollard, Hiram to Polley, Winfield Scott
Pollock, Mary Heran to Pool, William S.
Poole, Fanny Leora to Poovey, William Edgar
Pope, Alene to Porter, William
Posey, Malcolm Leslie to Poston, Sophia
Potter, Andrew to Potts, Rosanna(h) "Rosina"
Pou, Lavinia A. to Powell, Ada
Powell, Ada to Powell, David
Powell, David to Powell, Esau
Powell, Esau to Powell, Isabelle
Powell, J. F. to Powell, Joseph
Powell, Joseph to Powell, Lydia Lavina
Powell, Lyle to Powell, Messer B.
Powell, Mildred to Powell, Ruel III
Powell, Ruel Jr. to Powell, Thomas Jr.
Powell, Thomas Leslie to Powell, Zephanniah
Power, Frank to Prather, Rosella H.
Pratonius, Daniel Dr. to Pressly, Zaida
Presson, Carroll to Price, Nancy Jane
Price, Nannie to Pritchard, T. C. Rev.
Pritchett, Philip to Prough, Pearse Choate
Provost, Christine to Prugh, Anna
Prugh, Anna to Prugh, Chloe P.
Prugh, Christian to Prugh, Elmer Elsworth
Prugh, Elsie Minnie Anabel to Prugh, Glenn Leroy
Prugh, Grace to Prugh, Jennie B.
Prugh, Jesse to Prugh, Katherine
Prugh, Katrina to Prugh, Maria Julia
Prugh, Marian to Prugh, Orr
Prugh, Orville A. to Prugh, Sarah Ann
Prugh, Sarah Bernice to Prugh, Winfred
Pruitt, (?) to Purdue, Richard
Purdy-Curtis, Cleora "Olive" Gladys to Pyle, Ebenzer
Pyle, Edith to Pyle, Joseph
Pyle, Joseph to Pyle, William
Pym, William to Queen, Thomas M.
Queen, Toccoa Tallulah to Quinn, William D.
Quintard, Alice Julia to Radcliffe, Maurice M.
Rader, Lena to Rainey, William R.
Rains, Sarah Ann to Rakestraw, Delilah
Rakestraw, Dinah Jane to Rakestraw, Harold D.
Rakestraw, Harry Vincent to Rakestraw, Joshua
Rakestraw, Joshua to Rakestraw, Mary Ann
Rakestraw, Mary W. to Rakestraw, Thomas
Rakestraw, Thomas to Ralston, Susan
Rambo, Charles Abel to Ramsaur, Henry Elisha
Ramsaur, Henry F. to Ramsey, William
Ramsour, Frederick Summey to Rankin, William McKee
Ransom, James to Rathfon, Mary
Ratleff, Nancy to Raver, William
Rawlings, Eleanor to Ray, Zula May
Rayfield, Evelyn to Reath, Elam Lewis
Reaves, Winifred to Reece, Walton Green
Reed, (?) to Reed, Nancy D.
Reed, Pamela Jo to Reedy, William McClure
Reefer, Anna to Reep, Jonas
Reep, Lila Mae to Reeve, William (Rev.)
Reever, Amber Marie to Reger, Cecelia
Reger, Celia to Reger, Ruth
Reger, Shelton to Reilly, William Moffat
Rein, John to Reisinger, Virginia
Reith, Joseph to Renfroe, George Lewis
Renner, Catharina Elisabetha to Resh, John Jacob
Resler, Cornelius to Reynolds, J.J.
Reynolds, Jacob to Rhein, Martin
Rheinhart, Julia Ann to Rhoads, William G.
Rhode, Louis to Rhyne, Clifford
Rhyne, Daisy to Rhyne, Jacob R.L.
Rhyne, Jacob S. to Rhyne, Michael
Rhyne, Michael to Rhyne, Virginia Elizabeth
Rhyne, W.C. to Rich, W. Marshall
Richard, (?) to Richards, William H.
Richardson, (?) to Richter, Wilhelm
Richteren, Anna to Rider, Thomas
Ridgell, (?) to Right, Mildred Frances
Rightnor, Agnes Merlene to Rinehart, Ulysses Grant
Ring, Sigurd to Rinker, Anna Laura
Rinker, Annie Catherine Buck to Rinker, Elizabeth Ann
Rinker, Elizabeth Christine to Rinker, Jacob
Rinker, Jacob (Colonel) to Rinker, Marcie E.
Rinker, Margaret to Rinker, Samuel
Rinker, Samuel G. to Ritchie, Margaret
Ritenour, Alexander to Rizer, Sylvester
Rizzo, Giuseppe Joseph S. to Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Elizabeth to Roberts, Margaret
Roberts, Mary to Roberts, William Wiley
Robertson, David to Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Elizabeth Cynthia "Betsy" to Robinson, Priscilla
Robinson, Rebecca to Roby, Susan
Roche, Patrick Blaine to Roddy, William W.
Rodehefer, Samuel to Roelke, Hjalmar Erenstine
Roench, Jeanette to Rogers, Sarah
Roggenkamp, Albert to Rohrbough, Wilbert L.
Rohrer, Heinrich to Romine, William Oscar
Roming, Anna to Rosborough, Jennet
Rosborough, Jennie Gaston to Rosborough, William McClure
Rose, Benjamin to Ross, Phoebe
Ross, Rebecca to Roth, Sarah
Rothenberger, Johann Adam to Rouse, Nancy
Roussel, Louisa to Royce, Sarah Elizabeth "Sally"
Royer, Abbie to Ruby, Samuel W.
Rucker, Mary F. to Rudisill, Catherine
Rudisill, Catherine to Rudisill, Johann Jacob
Rudisill, Johann Jacob to Rudisill, Maria Elizabeth
Rudisill, Maria Elizabeth to Rudisill, Tobias
Rudisill, Weirick to Rugh, William Nesbitt
Ruhlen, Harold LeRoy to Runkle, George
Runner, (?) to Ruppert, Louis
Ruprecht, Lewis to Russell, Winifred
Russey, Mabel W. to Rutledge, Wirt
Rutter, Carrie M. to Ryman, Virginia Mae
Rynearson, Hannah Maria to Sager, William Dallas
Sailor, Elizabeth Anne to Sample, William J.
Samples, Mary Ann to Sanders, Vesta
Sanderson, Elsie to Sapp, Mary N.
Sarders, William to Satterly, Sarah Elizabeth
Satterthwaite, John to Sawyer, Lena
Sawyers, (?) to Schaal, William Francis
Schadt, (?) to Schaffer, Paulus Sr.
Schaler, Rosalie to Scheeder, Wilhelm Ludwig
Scheib, Christian to Scherer, Theodore
Schickle, Anna Catharina to Schimanski, Victor J.
Schindler, Maria Barbara to Schlott, Sophia
Schmeltzer, Friederich to Schmid, Karl Friedrich
Schmid, Karl Friedrich to Schmidt, William F.
Schmitt, Pierre to Schnell, Philip
Schnerle, Magdalena to Schopff, Anna Maria
Schopp, Samuel L. to Schroll, William
Schrom, Elizabeth to Schuuck, Mary
Schuyler, Martha Jane to Schweizer, Johann Georg Michael
Schwenck, Amelia Louise to Schäfer, Maria Magdalena
Schäufele, Anna Maria to Scott, Ivan Earl
Scott, James to Scott, William Isaac
Scowden, Samuel to Sealock, Virginia Pearl
Seaman, James to Sechrist, Walter F.
Secrest, Beaman to Seiler, Marie Madeleine
Seip, Tobias to Seitz, Philip Melunchton
Seitz, Rachel to Self, Willie Bryte
Seline, Carol to Sellers, Sarah
Sellers, Sarah to Senft, Walter Earl
Senn, Anna to Serrill, William P.
Service, James to Seward, Williamson
Sewell, Ollie to Shaffer, Wilbert
Shain, Ruby Myrtle to Shannon, Thomas
Shapard, Joe Rowland Jr. to Sharpe, Victor A.
Sharples, (?) to Sharpless, Eliza "Ellen"
Sharpless, Elizabeth to Sharpless, John
Sharpless, John Blakey to Sharpless, Rachel
Sharpless, Rebecca to Sharrer, John
Sharretts, Jacob to Shatto, Ralph
Shatto, Rebecca to Shaw, Rebecca R.
Shea, Mary Agnes to Sheets, Ulysses Robert
Sheetz, Christina to Sheffler, Robert
Sheffler, Sampson to Shell, Woodrow Wilson
Shellenberger, (?) to Shelton, Richard Preston
Shenberger, Chauncey E. to Shenk, William Ezra
Shenton, Mary to Sherbondy, Laverne
Sherill, Minnie Laura to Shickley, Jacob L.
Shickley, Janette to Shields, Ruth
Shiflet, (?) to Shigley, Charles H.
Shigley, Charles Nelson to Shigley, Evaline
Shigley, Everett Mauk to Shigley, Hattie
Shigley, Henry to Shigley, John Nelson
Shigley, John S. to Shigley, Margaret Louise
Shigley, Maria to Shigley, Paul Frank
Shigley, Phoebe Jane to Shigley, Timothy Arthur
Shigley, Verona Grace to Shill, Harry I.
Shilling, Harry Ernest to Shine, William
Shiner, Elmore David to Shipman, Sophia
Shipp, Carrie to Shirk, Jemina
Shirk, John to Shittle, Sally
Shive, Margaret E. to Shook, William J.
Shoop, Anna A. to Shoults, Grace
Shoults, Harley to Showman, Ray A.
Showns, Annie Mary Catherine to Shreve, Neil
Shreve, Newton Green to Shuford, Daniel W.
Shuford, David to Shuford, John
Shuford, John to Shuford, Sarah "Sallie"
Shuford, Sarah Ann to Shuh, Rosina
Shuler, Daniel to Shultz, Samuel
Shultz, Samuel to Shuttz, John Emory
Shutzer, Philip to Sigman, Sally
Sigmon, Aaron Yeceibus to Sigmon, William
Sign, Henry Russell to Siler, John
Silks, Belton to Simon, Willie Lawrence
Simonson, Hannah to Simonton, Margaret
Simonton, Margaret to Simonton, Willie Wilson
Simpkins, Martha to Simpson, Mary
Simpson, Mary Josephine to Sims, Nancy
Sims, Peter E. to Sipe, William
Siple, Daniel to Sitzes, Margaret Lucinda
Sivey, Ada C. to Skipper, Mary
Skupien, Adam J. to Slifer, Philip
Slightom, Ann Elizabeth to Sloan, William Moffatt
Sloane, John to Smedley, William
Smelser, Catherine to Smeltzer, Ivan
Smeltzer, Jacob to Smeltzer, William
Smiley, W.J. to Smith, Alice Octavia
Smith, Alma to Smith, Daniel
Smith, Daniel to Smith, Everett
Smith, Evie Luella to Smith, Jacob
Smith, Jacob to Smith, Joseph Arthur
Smith, Joshua to Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary to Smith, Oscar Eugene
Smith, Oscar William to Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah to Smith, Winford B.
Smith, Winnie Sue to Smyser, William Henry
Smyth, Elizabeth to Snedecor, Nathaniel
Sneider, Henry to Snider, William J.
Sniff, Washington to Snyder, Ivin
Snyder, Jacob to Snyder, William
Soderburg, James to Sook, Oliver Prescott M.D.
Sorge, Herman to Soward, William M.
Sowell, Sarah to Spangler, Alexander
Spangler, Alfred to Spangler, Anna Mary
Spangler, Anna Mary to Spangler, Caroline
Spangler, Caroline to Spangler, Charles "Carl"
Spangler, Charles A. to Spangler, Cordelia Jane
Spangler, Curtis to Spangler, Dora A.
Spangler, Dora Florence to Spangler, Elizabeth
Spangler, Elizabeth to Spangler, Emily J.
Spangler, Emma to Spangler, Gabriel
Spangler, George to Spangler, Grace
Spangler, Grace to Spangler, Henry
Spangler, Henry to Spangler, Israel
Spangler, Israel to Spangler, Jacob Rudolph Dr.
Spangler, Jacob W. to Spangler, John
Spangler, John to Spangler, Jonas S.
Spangler, Joseph to Spangler, Leah
Spangler, Leah to Spangler, Luther Richard
Spangler, Lydia to Spangler, Margaretha
Spangler, Margaretta to Spangler, Mary
Spangler, Mary to Spangler, Michael
Spangler, Michael Hahn Colonel to Spangler, Polly
Spangler, Polly Rex to Spangler, Ruth Ada
Spangler, S. T. to Spangler, Sarah
Spangler, Sarah to Spangler, Sylvester W.
Spangler, Thelma to Spangler, William E.
Spangler, William F. to Spanlger, Walter
Spargo, Charles Edgar to Speaker, Peter
Speakerman, (?) to Spelman, Samuel R.
Spence, William R. to Spencer, Willie Mae
Spengler, (?) to Spengler, Anna Elizabeth
Spengler, Anna Magdelena to Spengler, Elizabeth C.
Spengler, Ellen G. to Spengler, Jacob
Spengler, James to Spengler, Margaretha
Spengler, Margaretha to Spengler, Sebastian
Spengler, Sigmund to Spilman, William Dow
Spinks, Emily to Sproull, Susan Elizabeth
Spuller, Theresa to Stahle, Robert S. M.D.
Stahley, Elizabeth to Stametz, Howard
Stamey, Bertie to Standler, Sarah Elizabeth
Standord, Charles W. to Stapleton, Mitchell
Stark, Mary Jane to Stauffer, William H.
Staunton, Elizabeth to Steele, William Richard
Stefanko, (?) to Stephens, Nancy
Stephenson, (?) to Stevens, William H.
Stevenson, Alexander C. to Stevenson, William J.
Steward, Ann to Stewart, Mae
Stewart, Margaret Agnes to Stickel, Robert E.
Stickley, Annie to Stickley, Tobias Josiah
Stiener, George W. to Stinson, William
Stip, Barbara to Stipp, Cynthia
Stipp, Dalph John to Stipp, Georgia A.
Stipp, Gladys to Stipp, Katherine
Stipp, Laura Alice to Stipp, Maude
Stipp, Maude Mae to Stipp, William
Stipp, William C. to Stoddart, Sarah Warner
Stoever, Johann Caspar (Rev.) Sr. to Stone, Sylvia Cecily
Stoneburner, Franklin to Storm, William
Storment, Mary to Storms, Sarah Ann
Story, Alvin to Stout, Thomas
Stover, Amanda to Stowe, Peggy
Straber, Annie to Strain, Susan
Strait, Isabella Wylie to Strayer, Mary A.
Streber, Catherine to Strickler, Magdalena
Strickler, Magdalena to Stringfellow, William Oliver
Stringham, Bernard E. to Strong, Charles
Strong, Charles (Rev.) to Strong, Frances Evalina
Strong, Francis to Strong, John C.
Strong, John Calvin to Strong, Marjorie
Strong, Marjorie Mae to Strong, Robert Lee
Strong, Robert R. to Strong, William H.
Strong, William James to Stroup, Cephas
Stroup, Cephas to Stroup, Jacob
Stroup, Jacob to Stroup, Martha Catherine
Stroup, Martha Catherine "Caty" to Stroup, Sue D.
Stroup, Sula Kate to Stroupe, Walter Larrington
Strouse, Ed to Stuart, Mary Henrietta (Princess Royal)
Stuart, Matthew (Earl of Lennox) to Stupp, Martin
Sturges, Maggie May to Sturm, Henry
Sturm, Henry to Sturm, Martha
Sturm, Mary to Sturm, William
Störtzenecker, Margaretha to Summerow, Salome
Summerow, Susan to Summey, William
Summit, Anna to Supplee, Levi P.
Surber, Fred to Sutton, William
Suydam, (?) to Swartz, Winnifred Scott
Swayne, (?) to Swisher, Zora A.
Switzer, George W. (Rev.) to Swope, Samuel McCurdy
Swoveland, Della Berene to Taggart, Sarah
Tague, Edgar Lemuel to Tapp, Katherine Bethenia
Tapps, Frank to Taylor, Ellie K.
Taylor, Ellwood Moffat to Taylor, Lewis
Taylor, Lillian to Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, Samuel to Teague, Zillah Carolina
Teal, Sarah to Telford, Zella
Teller, (?) to Tenny, Sylvester
Terpenning, Carl to Tetherow, Silas
Teufl, Wilfriede to Thomas, George
Thomas, George N. to Thomas, Sarah M.E.
Thomas, Solomon to Thompson, Forrest D.
Thompson, Frances Harley to Thompson, Rachel
Thompson, Rachel to Thomson, Russell
Thor, Gustav Gayle to Thornton, Samuel
Thorp, Charles to Tilden, Mildred
Till, (?) to Till, William
Tillman, George Guy to Tingley, Osea Elizabeth
Tinkler, (?) to Tittle, Grant Douglas
Titus, Carrie to Todd, William J.
Toler, Alma N. to Toppin, Elizabeth
Torbert, Everyl to Town, William Howard
Townsend, (?) to Traub, Elizabeth
Traughber, Catherine to Tribble, Inez
Tribett, Evvilla B. to Tritt, Edgar Line
Tritt, Edward to Tritt, Laura Belle
Tritt, Laura Ellen to Tritt, William K.
Tritt, William Paul to Trogdon, William E.
Trollinger, Eva J. to True, Rebecca M.
Trueblood, (?) to Trueblood, Thomas H.
Trueblood, Walter G. to Tudor, Owen
Tuggle, Joseph L. to Turner, Frank
Turner, Frank to Turner, William Earl
Turner, Y.P. to Uhl, Elizabeth
Ulery, Albert R. to Upp, Jacob W.
Upshaw, (?) to Valet, Ernestine
Van Arsdalen, Ida to Van Nasdale, Viola
Van Riper, Lucy to Vance, Ruth Wilson
Vance, Samuel to Vanhorn, John
Vanins, Edith to Vaughn, Washington
Vaught, Brent to Vencill, Nora Bell
Verbeck, Alice May to Vetter, William Frederick
Viands, Lenora Marie to Voelcker, Anna Maria Elizabeth
Vogt, Barbara to Voltz, Johann Phillip
Voltz, Johannes to von Saxe-Coburg, Victoria Mary Louisa (Princess)
von Teck, Mary to Wacaster, Sudie
Wacker, Margaret to Wagner, William G.
Wagoner, John Mathhais to Walbert, Margaret Josephine
Walborn, Anna Christina to Walker, John
Walker, John Frederick to Walker, William P.
Walkup, Cleo Elizabeth to Wallace, William
Wallack, Moses to Walter, William Jefferson
Waltermeyer, Daisy Alverta to Waltman, William
Waltner, John to Ward, William
Wardell, Blanch Josephine to Warlick, Susan
Warner, (?) to Warner, William
Warnick, Ira Griffen to Waser, Minerva Mae
Waser, Minnie E. to Waters, Shannon Michelle
Wathers, Louisa to Watt, Samuel
Watts, Allen Lee to Wayman, Vicky Lynn
Waymire, Barbara Janet to Weathers, William C.
Weaver, (?) to Weaver, Mary
Weaver, Mary to Webb, Thomas Washington
Webel, Caroline E. to Weber, William Rankin
Webster, (?) to Wehler, Elvina
Wehunt, John Calvin to Weigle, Wesley
Weikel, Henry to Weir, John
Weir, John to Weir, William Victor "Vic"
Weirich, Gary to Weiser, William J.
Weishaar, Ivan P. to Welch, William
Welck, Anna Dorothea to Wells, Herbert Fulton
Wells, Isabelle to Welsh, Samuel R.
Welter, George to West, Edmond
West, Elizabeth to Westbrook, William McDill
Westenbarger, Jamima Helen to Wetherald, Sarah
Wetherly, Evelyn to Wetzel, Sarah
Weyand, (?) to Wheeler, Sarah Ellen
Wheeling, Carson to Whisnant, Mamie Leona
Whitacre, Edward W. to White, Claude
White, Cummins E. to White, Mary Catherine
White, Matthew to Whiteley, Susan Colleen
Whiteman, Betheny to Whitener, Lannie
Whitener, Lavina to Whitener, William E.
Whitescarver, George H. to Whitmore, Irva
Whitmore, Isaac to Whitmore, Vonza
Whitner, Sallie to Wickham, Ruth Ann
Wickman, Rose to Wiest, Jacob
Wiggans, (?) to Wiggins, William Stevens
Wightman, Ruby Naomi to Wilch, Susetta
Wilcox, Barnabas to Wiley, Viola
Wilfong, Catharine to Wilkerson, Nettie
Wilkey, Edith to Wilkins, William H.
Wilkinson, Annie to William, William
Williams, (?) to Williams, Edna
Williams, Edward to Williams, John W.
Williams, John Wesley to Williams, Nelson G. Jr.
Williams, Noah Johnson to Williams, W.A.
Williams, Welton to Williamson, Susanna
Williford, Ida to Willis, Polly Melva
Willis, Samuel to Wilmott, Ruth
Wilson, (?) to Wilson, Clarence
Wilson, Clarence Herbert to Wilson, George
Wilson, George Clifford to Wilson, John K.
Wilson, John Rev. to Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Martha to Wilson, Permalia
Wilson, Perry to Wilson, Vrania
Wilson, Walter to Wimer, William
Wimms, Martha "Patsy" B. to Wininger, Thomas Jefferson
Winkle, Exa to Winter, Samuel Jr.
Winterbäur, Anna Margaretha to Wire, Verna Ellsworth
Wirkel, Elizabeth to Wise, Stover
Wisegarver, (?) to Wisman, Sarah J.
Wissner, Charles to Wittelsbach, Sophia
Witten, Alma Evelyn to Witter, William James
Witters, (?) to Wolf, Frederick
Wolf, George to Wolf, Rebecca
Wolf, Rolandus Reed to Wolff, Maria Elisabeth
Wolfhardt, Anna Katherina to Wood, Franklin D.
Wood, Frederick J. to Wood, Mary Clare
Wood, Maxine to Woodburn, Margaret Elizabeth "Peggy"
Woodburn, Margaret Jane "Maggie" to Woodhull, Victor
Woodie, Alfred to Woodruft, Mary "Molly" Ann
Woods, (?) to Woodward, William Barrett
Woodworth, Susie to Wootton, Virginia "Jennie"
Worden, Mary to Worrall, Hannah
Worrall, Hannah to Worrall, Samuel
Worrall, Samuel to Wright, Ernest Arthur
Wright, Esper E. to Wright, Theresa Bell
Wright, Thomas to Wyatt, William
Wycke, Rebecca to Wylie, Jackson
Wylie, James to Wylie, M. A.
Wylie, Mable to Wylie, Rose Elizabeth
Wylie, Ruth M. to Wylie, William T.
Wyman, William Charles to Wynn, Sarah
Wynn, Sarah to Wynne, John
Wynne, John to Wynne, William
Wyrick, Steadman to Yarnell, William Porter
Yates, Allen Porter to Yeazel, Hattie
Yeazell, Mary F. to Yoder, Jacob
Yoder, Jacob to Yoder, William Henry
Yohe, Benjamin to Young, Charles Anderson
Young, Charles Henry to Young, James Matthew (Rev.)
Young, James Philip to Young, Nancy Caroline
Young, Otis to Youngstrom, Edith Clara Cecilia
Yount, Albert O. to Zane, William Andrew
Zarfoss, Charles Robert to Zedeker, Lewis
Zehring, Berlin Robert to Ziegler, Wilson Ira
Zieske, Clarence Eugene to Zinn, William
Zins, Anne to Zirkle, Warren
Zollars, Mary to Íñiguez, Íñigo (King of Pamplona) I

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