Thrift /Frith /Firth Surname DNA Project

Project administrator: Richard Thrift, PhD
rtx at cox dot net (please include "DNA Project" in the Email subject line)

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  • Family groupings based on Y-DNA marker values
    This table summarizes the current results of the Thrift /Frith /Firth Surname DNA Project.

    We need more family lines in the project!
    Firth of Yorkshire family grouping -includes a comparison to the closest non-surname matches.
    Thrift family grouping --COMING SOON -includes a comparison to the closest non-surname matches.
    Frith family grouping --COMING SOON -includes a comparison to the closest non-surname matches.
  • Thrift /Frith /Firth Surname DNA Project pages at FTDNA
    Background - Go here if you are not familiar with DNA testing, or with the Thrift /Frith /Firth Surname DNA Project.
    Project Goals -This is important.
    Of the six goals listed on this page, the most important is to encourage related families to 1) share resources related to tracing ancestors; 2) establish as common knowledge what has already been reliably researched; and then 3) focus attention on remaining critical areas. A lot of work is needed on this one.
    Project Test Results at FTDNA [FTDNA results only. Results of tests done at etc are shown in the Family Grouping pages.]
  • Click to order a Y-chromosome DNA test from FTDNA. -This link provides a small discount compared to regular FTDNA prices. It is strongly recommended that you test 67 markers. The minimum you should test is 37 markers (except for specific limited purposes).
    Scroll down to "MALE LINE TESTING - FOR GENEALOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY," then note the current prices and click on the "Order Now" button for either "Y-DNA67" or "Y-DNA37." (There may be a small additional charge for postage, typically ~$3 for USA residents, ~US$7 for residents outside the USA. You should get specifics from FTDNA before concluding the order.)
    (FTDNA typically offers sale prices midyear and at the end of the year, for certain tests (not all). The discount has been at most ~20%.)
    I strongly recommend NOT purchasing a test from other companies, including, mainly because not enough markers are tested.

  • Thrift & Evilthrift One-Name Study profile page at the Guild of One-Name Studies. [You are correct; this is in fact two names ...or more.]

  • List of Thrift, Frith, Firth, & related family trees, with links. -(This list includes some family trees not online elsewhere.)
    One aim of the DNA project is to provide evidence to allow some of these trees to be joined together, despite a lack of historical documentation. It is hoped that trees such as these will help identify useful candidates for testing.

  • Thrift /Frith /Firth surname distribution data, England & Scotland, early 1800's
    Thrift surname distribution (map), England & Scotland, 1881 census
    Frith surname distribution (map), England & Scotland, early 1800's
    Firth surname distribution (map), England & Scotland, early 1800's
    The Frith and Firth maps are based on the 1881 census, but plot the birth locations (rather than the locations in 1881) of heads of household with the indicated surname. These maps indicate the distribution ~1800-1851 (rather than 1881, the actual date of the census), that is, before the major advent of the Industrial Revolution (after which greater migration took place). Because there are far fewer Thrifts, the Thrift map shows birth locations for all census entries.
    These maps show absolute numbers of occurrences in each region, not normalized to the total population, so major centers such as London are exaggerated. The county boundaries are shown as they existed ~1889 to 1974.

  • the sub-group of the Thrift /Frith /Firth Surname DNA Project, for those with accounts. (Paid subscriptions are not required; free "Registered Guest" accounts are available and provide access to the DNA group in -see link for details.)

  • Thrift births, England 1837-1899
  • Thrift marriages, England 1837-1899
  • Thrift deaths, England 1837-1899
  • Nonparochial Thrift BMD, England
    These (except for the last) are from the FreeBMD index; still to come some day are listings from FreeCen (census) and FreeReg (parish registers) listings. This is a start towards organizing these names into family trees. Eventually this will be expanded to the other surnames in this project. If you can supply family trees, data from certificates, or other information or corrections for any of these people, please contact me.
    (I can send the actual spreadsheets to anyone who can use them; you don't have to copy it off of the website. Just let me know.)

  • Bob Jensen's data -work in progress Bob Jensen's genealogical research results so far, mainly focusing on Thrift branches with links to Dinwiddie Co, VA.

  • Chronological list of citations, by geographic area. - (Eventually I would like to add, for each geographic area, a chronological list of records for all people of these related surnames, including birth, christening, marriage, census, links to wills, death, etc, covering from the earliest times up to ~1800 or so when the quantity of records becomes unmanageable.

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