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--Surname Distribution Data in England, Scotland, & Wales--

The following maps are based on data shown on this page:
Thrift surname distribution (map), England & Scotland, 1881 census
Frith surname distribution (map), England & Scotland, early 1800's
Firth surname distribution (map), England & Scotland, early 1800's
These maps attempt to indicate the surname distributions before the major advent of the Industrial Revolution (after which greater migration took place). The data reflect absolute numbers of occurrences in each region, not normalized to the region's population, so dense centers such as Middlesex /London are exaggerated.

For Frith and Firth surnames, the birth locations of the ~1000 earliest Heads of Household are shown. This allows the maps to indicate the distribution ~1820-1850 (rather than in 1881, the actual date of the census).
There were far fewer Thrifts in the 1881 census. For Thrifts, birth locations for all 1881 census entries are shown.

Almost all Firths (84%) were in Yorkshire. Friths were also centered in Yorkshire, but had a very much broader distribution. Thrifts were broadly distributed, but in contrast to Friths and Firths, Thrifts had their highest densities in Kent and Middlesex (London). Firths had a separate enclave in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. Thrifts also had a separate enclave in Scotland, primarily in Perthshire and nearby counties. Thus there are, at a very minimum, two origins each for Firths and Thrifts.

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