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Links in this list should open in a new window. Find a line with your surname & region of interest, and open the link to see if it includes your ancestors.

If you don't see your line here, please send me a link to your family tree. I prefer trees that a) are accurate (and updated regularly); b) extend as far back in time and show as many branches as possible; c) include notes and sources; d) differ in a significant way from links that have already been included (though overlap is OK, in order to present information not shown in the other links). Note - If you want your contact info listed you must specifically tell me how you want me to list it.

I prefer to link to your tree rather than for you to send me a document to post here. That way YOU are able to keep your info updated and corrected, and interested readers can contact you rather than me. The best way is probably to post a searchable tree, e.g. at Rootsweb. One simple alternative is to post your descendants list to an appropriate genealogy surname forum, like this example. I'd be glad to help you put your tree on the internet; please contact me at rtx at cox dot net.

* If you are descended from Nathaniel Frith /Thrift of Virginia, USA, I'd appreciate it if you would send me your info (or corrections, or notes, sources, etc.) to add to the tree I maintain for this extended family (which is the first one listed).

Also, there are fairly major discrepancies in the Isham Thrift lines, so I'd very much appreciate it if some expert on this line would help resolve these discrepancies.

Thrift, Frith, Firth & related surnames online family trees
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SurnamesLine IDEarly locationsFormatURLcontact
descendants of Nathaniel Frith, Jamestown, Virginia, USA
(several lines are listed separately, either because that tree focuses on the indicated branch, or because we are missing some details on how they connect)
#112459, 117863, 164440, 196732Frith, ThriftNathaniel Frith, 1600'sVicinity of Old Rappahanock Co, VA, USASearchable tree
no documentation is online, but contact me offline for my notes.
-note several other Frith & Thrift lines are also in this database, temporarily.
rtx at cox dot net
--Frith, ThriftCharles Thrift, 1718, VAVicinity of Old Rappahanock Co, VA, KY, USA1) Searchable tree
2) Descendant list (rtf doc)
Both of these trees have extensive documentation
2) brfrain at comcast dot net
--ThriftJames Thrift, ~1790Vicinity of Old Rappahanock Co, VA USADescendant list
--ThriftWilliam Thrift, ~1790Middlesex Co, VA USASearchable tree
--ThriftWilliam H. Thrift, ~1800Middlesex Co, VA USADescendant list
--ThriftRichard T. Thrift, 1814Vicinity of Old Rappahanock Co, VA, USA1) Searchable tree;
2) descendant list
see also
2) Susan.Whittington at mchsi dot com
--ThriftThomas J. Thrift, ~1815Gloucester? Co, VA USASearchable tree at cox dot net
Lines probably from Petersburg /Dinwiddie Co, Virginia, USA
#158348ThriftvariousDinwiddie Co, VA, USAseveral PDF files at cox dot net
#150062ThriftIsham Thrift, 1758Orange Co, NC, USASearchable tree at cox dot net
--ThriftIsham Thrift, 1758Orange Co, NC, USASearchable tree
--ThriftIsham Thrift, 1758Orange Co, NC, USASearchable tree
--ThriftAbraham Thrift, before 1755VA, (also NC, SC, AL) USAPDF file at cox dot net
--ThriftJohn Thrift, 1760Petersburg VA & Long Creek SC, USADescendant list at tampabay.rr dot com
--ThriftRichard Thrift, ~1826SC & AL, USASearchable ancestor tree at alabamathriftfamily dot com
--ThriftJohn Thrift, ~1832NC & SC, USADescendant list Email address
--ThriftObed Alpheus Thrift, 1851NC, USASearchable tree
Other lines in Virginia, USA, not clearly related to the above
--Frithvarious Friths, 1600'sVirginia, USAmessage board posts at cox dot net
--FrithJohn Frith, 1715Chesterfield Co, VA & KY, USAAncestor list
--FrithJohn Frith, d. bef 1740Henrico Co, VA, USAHTML
--FrithHarbert Frith, ~1778Bedford Co, VA, USASearchable tree
--FirthGeorge Washington Firth, 1832York Co, VA, USASearchable tree
(Carolinas, USA listings have been moved to "Lines probably from Petersburg /Dinwiddie Co, Virginia, USA")
Georgia, USA
#1772, 134276ThriftRobert Thomas Thrift, ~1772(VA?) GA, USADescendant list and 5 other pages in
England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales
--FirthWilliam Firth, 1491, HalifaxYorkshire, EnglandSearchable tree
--FrithRobert Frith, ~1545, BassinghamLincolnshire, EnglandSearchable tree
--FirthRichard Firth, bef 1565, BingleyYorkshire, EnglandSearchable tree
--ThriftThomas Thrift, ~1660, CranbrookKent, Englandlinked family sheets + parish records
dave at dot uk
--FirthThomas Firth, ~1690Orkney, Scotland (also Canada, USA)PDF file & text narrative
debuinc at comcast dot net
--FreethWilliam Freeth, m. 1691, Rowley RegisStaffordshire, EnglandDescendant list at hotmail dot
--FrithJoseph Frith, 1695, FarnsfieldNottinghamshire, EnglandSearchable tree
#199113ThriftThomas Thrift, ~1739, YatelyHampshire, EnglandSearchable tree at cox dot net
--FrithJoseph Frith, 1753, WirksworthDerbyshire, EnglandDescendant list Email address
--FrithThomas Frith, ~1771, HinckleyLeicestershire, EnglandDescendant list
see also FRITH in Philadelphia PA city directories, 1835-1921
Genealogy at BillCannon dot net
--Evilthrift, ThriftJames Evilthrift, 1772Hertfordshire, EnglandDescendant list (rtf doc)
--Firth, Frith? Firth d. 1774, GreasboroughYorkshire, EnglandDescendant list
--FreekWilliam Freek, 1782, Bilton In Ainsty Yorkshire, EnglandSearchable tree
--FirthGeorge Firth, 1788, Newton-Upon-OuseYorkshire, EnglandDescendant list
--FirthJohn Firth, 1799, BradfordYorkshire, EnglandDescendant list Email address
--FrithGeorge Frith, 1832, Hainton, LouthLincolnshire, EnglandDescendant list
Bermuda, Bahamas, Key West
--FrithDaniel Frith, 1658BermudaDescendant list
--FrithWilliam Frith, d. 1771BermudaDescendant list
Joseph Frith / Thrift ~1800Bahamas & Monroe Co, FL1) Searchable tree; 2) descendant list1);
karenhigh at usamedia dot tv
--Frifth, Frith, ThriftJohn Frith, 1720, NassauBahamasDescendant list