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If you know of a useful Tucker family tree or web site please send me the link, with suggestions for wording of the entry.
Email it to rtx at cox dot net, but PLEASE include the words "Tucker family trees" in the subject or I may not even notice it. I get swamped.
You can also tell me if you know of a Tucker DNA project kit number whose ancestors are listed in one of the trees. I will link the kit number to the correct page in the tree IF you tell me the page to link to.

I am hosting this page as a resource for Tuckers. (Several Thrifts and Tuckers intermarried in Dinwiddie Co, VA and Northampton Co, NC.) The motivation is that there are MANY Tucker family trees on the web with incorrect information, and this incorrect info gets copied and spreads like a virus on the net. The family trees listed here should be as accurate as possible.

It is too much to expect that a family tree be error-free, but I hope that the owners of the trees listed here will be receptive to errors being pointed out, and will correct the errors if good documentation is provided to the owner. If there is disagreement, that would be good to discuss on the Tucker Yahoo list OR one of the forums that are open to view by the public. (subscribers only, but still an excellent resource)
If there are a significant number of errors and the owners are not cooperative, the listing can be removed.

Links in these lists should open in a new browser window.
Trees are generally listed according to the earliest ancestor in the region of their main focus. Trees may be listed more than once.
If your tree is listed here, please tell me if you'd like the listing info changed or deleted.
Some contacts are listed here so that you can supply new information or corrections to the trees' owners. Contacts will only be listed here if the trees' owners themselves request it. (But you can also go to the site to look for the contact.)

This listing is in no way associated with the Tucker DNA Project. However, you are strongly encouraged to participate!
The DNA Project lists several Tucker lines that don't yet show up on this page: Tucker DNA Project Background. Look there for specific lineages for each 'kit number' listed here.
I have included links to the lineages for many of the groups of the Tucker DNA project, in order to highlight the fact that publicly accessible family trees for these lines are sorely lacking.

Eventually it would be GREAT to prepare one authoritative online family tree for each line, complete with documentation and sources of info, for all ancestors before a certain point, e.g. before 1800.
[ is not quite there, but has a closely related goal.]

Tucker family trees online
Includes ancestors of DNA project kit #'sEarliest TuckerMain FocusFormatURLcontact
Tucker lines claiming descent from William Tucker (c1495), armiger of Throwleigh, Devon, England.
NOTE - There is a discrepancy; two incompatible DNA groups claim descent. We need more documented descendants to test and resolve the discrepancy.
--William Tucker b. ~1495, Throuley, Devonshire, EnglandTuckers of Bermuda & Englandhtml page
102423, 89993, 52781, 69775, 51808, 90984, 54534, 91894, 84048, 79019, 88921, 83553, 39407, 83244, 40331, 66388, 20651, 85980, 40958(various)--lineage listing at DNA ProjectMARYLAND GROUP # 1 (MD1)--
22321, 84993, 88621William Tucker (c1495-before 1543?), armiger of Throwleigh, Devon, England--lineage listing at DNA ProjectWILLIAM TUCKER, ARMIGER OF DEVON, ENGLAND, GROUP (WTA)--
Tucker lines traceable to Captain John Tooker of Southold, Long Island, New York, b. ~1600
--Captain John Tooker of Southold, Long Island, New York, b. ~1600--html page
see also
Tucker lines traceable to Thomas Tooker (1614 Eng - 1652 Norfolk, VA) and William Tucker of Cullompton, Devon, England
25205, 27981, 32197, 57111, 70354, 73195, 81591, 81611, 81961, 83512, 83666, 87931, 89326, 90100, 91160, 98916, 101229, 106218, 110044, 113964, 116269 Thomas Tooker b. 1614, England; migr. to Virginia Colony 1642Attempting to include pedigrees for all participants in the Thomas Tooker/Tucker (TTT) YDNA Group. Queries, corrections and additions are welcomeSearchable tree at yahoo dot com
27981 , 90100 , 101229 Robert Tucker, b. ~1777, NC; migr. to AR bef. 1830--Searchable tree
Tucker lines traceable to Charles City County, Virginia, USA
--Robert Tucker, b. ~1652, Virginia ColonyTuckers & Thrifts of Dinwiddie Co, VA1)Searchable tree
2) pdf files
rtx at cox dot net
38303, 42791, 67099, 67193, 77348, 82153, 101481 Robert & Francis Tucker, b. ~1652, Virginia Colony--Searchable tree --
Tucker lines traceable to Elizabeth City County, Virginia, USA
--Robert Tucker, d. ~1697, Virginia ColonyTuckers & Thrifts of Northampton Co, NCSearchable tree at cox dot net
--Charles Tucker b. ~1670, Elizabeth City County, Virginia Colonydescendants of Charles TuckerSearchable tree
Tucker lines traceable to Maryland, USA
35747, 75433, N8073, 146292John Tucker b.abt. 1650 in England, d.before Mar. 1708/09 Kent Co. MD--lineage listing at DNA ProjectMARYLAND GROUP # 3 (MD3)--
58887, 61447, 70150, [62913], 114174, 116741, 120611, 153231, Thomas Tucker 14 Oct 1750, of Calvert, MD d. 1836 TN--lineage listing at DNA ProjectMARYLAND GROUP # 2 (MD2)--
Tucker lines traceable to North Carolina, USA -- or elsewhere including Connecticut, USA
42925, 64175, 66418, 83652, 85429, 96815, 109494, 125295, 148106EPHRAIM TUCKER SR. b ~1691, place unknown. d 1759, Bolton, Tolland Co, CT;
William Tucker b. c1751 Randolph /Anson Co. NC. d. c1811;
George Tucker b. abt 1750 prob. MD d. 1802-1809 Henry Co., KY
-lineage listing at DNA ProjectRANDOLPH COUNTY NC GROUP #1 (RC1)-
Tucker lines traceable to North Carolina, USA
49942, N40382, 67293Thomas Tucker d. 1736 in Norfolk Co., NC. -lineage listing at DNA ProjectJOHN HILLIARD TUCKER GROUP (JHT)--
127126George Tucker b: January 2, 1743 in ?Lunenburg /Brunswick Co. VA (not verified)--lineage listing at DNA ProjectCABARRUS COUNTY NC GROUP (CNC)--
48832, 50437, John Tucker, Sr., b 1745, died 1800 Lincoln Co, NC (now Cleveland Co) -lineage listing at DNA ProjectNICHOLAS ILER TUCKER GROUP OF LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (NIT)--
45827, 44671, 54573, 110952David Tucker Sr., b. 1754 NC--lineage listing at DNA ProjectHENRY TUCKER GROUP (HT1)-
147295John Tucker,b. ~1755, Wilkes Co, NC--Searchable tree
133271, 79663William Peyton Tucker, b 1837 d 1921 Ashe, North Carolina--lineage listing at DNA ProjectASHE COUNTY NC GROUP (ANC)--
Tucker lines traceable to South Carolina, USA and Devon, England
N42525, 52367, 75395Dr. William Tucker b. ~1735, SC or VA?, d.1779, Richland Co, SC;
William Tucker b 1811 Culmstock, Devon, England
--lineage listing at DNA ProjectI1 (POSSIBLE) GROUP # 1 (I1P)--
Tucker lines traceable to South Carolina, USA
111766John Tucker, Sr. (the Elder) b. Feb. 7, 1749; d. 1834 in Barnwell Co. S.C-lineage listing at DNA ProjectJOHN TUCKER, BARNWELL CO. SOUTH CAROLINA GROUP (JTB)-
Tucker lines traceable to Kentucky /Tennessee, USA
115849, 147295John Tucker (d. bfr Apr 1802 Robertson Co., TN) --lineage listing at DNA ProjectI2B GROUP # 1 (I2B)-
Tucker lines traceable to Missouri, USA
87036, 92931, 103244Joseph Tucker (Catholic) b. c1744?, VA?, MD?. D. 1816, Perry Co., MO-lineage listing at DNA ProjectJOSEPH TUCKER, CATHOLIC, GROUP OF PERRY CO., MO (JTC)-

Web sites and resources focused on Tucker Genealogy
Name or descriptionURL
the Tucker DNA Project -documentation for several Tucker /Tooker /Toker lines
TUCKER SOLUTIONS The Arkansas Bunch! Site maintained by Norm Brown
Tucker Family Association genealogical research pages

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