Manitoulin Family Trees : Through The Years, 1983 to 1997. Manitoulin Island history and genealogy.
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"THROUGH THE YEARS" : 1983 to 1997.
Manitoulin History and Genealogy.

Through The Years is a series of local history booklets published by the Gore Bay Recorder from 1983 to 1997. The transcribing and web publishing of these extracts is a project of Manitoulin Family Trees. Thousands of Manitoulin's First Nations and European pioneer families and their descendants can be found there.

This project is managed by Doug Tracy, typed by Lynn, and formatted for the internet by Charles Dobie. Our apology for any errors made in transcribing the names -- corrections and comments can be sent to

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1st Edition : November 1983
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of Sim's Hardware Store in Little Current.
2.Introduction to "Through the Years."
3. Article: Manitoulin Caribou antler found -- Gordon Dinsmore, Alex Purvis, Cecil Merrylees, Jack Merrylees, Jim McQuarrie Sr.
4. Article: Do You Remember Way Back In 1896 -- Jas. Fisher, R.R. Gamey, D.I. Millar, W. Montgomery, Chas. White, Russell McGregor, R.T. Hall, G. Peters, Jas. Carter, C.C. Pratt, G.W. Myles, W.R. Abrey, J.J. Kehoe, J.W. Cashman, (Millar, Young, Hall & Connor), J.S. Hawkins, S.J. Keys, M.E. Wetherilt, M.A. Bruce, Sara Jackson, H. Currie, H.B. Hunt, John Hillard, John W. Kinney, T. Bowser, M. Bailie, Wm. Farquhar, M. Graham, Wm. Lloyd, J. McKenzie, Geo. Tustian, W.J. Wiber, Wm. Thorburn, H. Currie, D.I. Millar, W.W. Holden, E.C. Jackson, W.F. Brown, J.W. McIntosh, John Puris, Bert Whit, Wesley Mutchmor.
Canadian Pacific Time Table -- R.A. Cormack.
Article: Gore Bay School Report, Standing of Pupils for December --
Form I -- Percy Price, Annie Thornburn, Martha Wixson, Gracie Brazenor, Jennie Fraser, Nellie Thorburn, Aggie Thornburn, Gordon Bickell, Alfred Johnson, William Milligan, Jennie Allen, Ethel Needham, Farquhar McRae, Lorne McArthur, Andrew Hall, Wesley Mutchmor, Flo Kinney, Florence Young, Willie White, Archie McRae, Eliza Johnson, Maud Wismer, Maggie McRae, S.J. Keys (Principal).
5. Article: Gore Bay School Report -- Standing of Pupils for December continued.
Form II -- J. Flanagan, Z. Bickell, J. McArthur, R. Bickell, B. Hall, H. Price, W. Johnson, P. Platt, W. Young, L. Hawkins, W. Gilbart, G. Hall, A. Needham, I. Jackson, R. McRae, A. White, S. Connor, W. Lehman, K. Thorburn, M. Vanzant, F. Needham, M. Thorburn, L. Johnson, A. Aiken, N. Mastin, E. White, E. Belton, C. Flanagan, G. Jennings, A. Lehman, L. McRae, L. McRae, F. Fraser, M. Mutchmor, L. Dell.
Form III -- Flora Thorburn, John Fraser, Alethea Goodmurphy, Mac Fraser, Ida Mastin, Jessie Thorburn, Chas. Connor, Robt. Thorburn, Maggie Stone, Clarence Platt, Bertha Montgomery, Oliver Wismer, Ethel Bickel, Millie Hall, Alex Aiken, Annie Mutchmore, Jennie Jeffrey, Maggie Sutherland, Ike Johnson, Fred Connor, Chas. Fraser, Maggie Johnson, Gracie Hawkins, Frank Baxter, Bessie Fraser, Thos. Nesbitt, Marjory Vanzant, Mamie McGrory, Willie Parkinson, Jennie McKeown, Etta Harper, Thos. Richards, Robert Pickard, Mary Pickard, Matt Irving, Aggie Buffey, Alberta Whicher, Etta Hall, Robert Jeffray, Annie Mathieson, Ida Pickard, Sandy Harper, M.A. Bruce (teacher).
Form IV -- Allan Fraser, Wilfred Lehman, Mamie Fraser, (Sara Mathieson, Maud Platt), Maggie Thorburn, Willie Leask, James Stone, Eva White, Frank Wolfe, George Stone, Etta Mastin, Flora Thorburn, Roy Thorburn, Simon Fraser, Grenville Price, Harold Wismer, Emma Allen, Lula Vanzant, Mary Jaffray, Bob Hopkins, Janet Cockburn, John Jaffray, Ollie Aiken, Emma Fraser, Jas. Thorburn, Allie Connor, Ville Harper, John Buffy, Alice Johnston, Sam Johnston, James Bickell, Flora Bickell, Hatti Pickard, Jessie Coburn, Murdock Mathieson, Ethel Baxter, Ray Caniff, Sara Jackson (teacher).
Photo: of A.E. Graham and article.
6.Photo: of horseless carriages at Barrie Island.
7.Carters Saw Mill Fire at Tobacco Lake 1890.
8.Manitoulin Guide, 1890 -- B.W. Ross, Jas. Carter, John Fraser, J.H. Thorburn, Samuel Dinsmore, Robt. Porter, Henry M. Stanley, Tentant.
9.Poem: To My Island Home, by Marjorie May Cook.
10.Photo: 1954 -- Alice McClaren, Mrs. Donald Orford, Mrs. George Willett, Mrs. Jack Hall, Mrs. Charlie Burt, Mrs. McClen, Mrs. Stewart Clarke.
11.Letters to the Editor: W.H. Price, Wm. Plummer, Dr. Berry.
12.Letters to the Editor: Wm. Gibson, Chas. Woodward.
13.Picture: of 15 women of various ages and a Church Minister (location and names unknown).
14.Articles: from the Manitoulin Guide 1885 -- Mr. Mutchmore, D. McIntosh, J. Leask, J. Goodmurphy, C. Woodward, Mrs. Wm. Allan, J.C. Nelles, James Milligan.
15. Articles: from the Manitoulin Guide 1885 -- R. Gamey, H.L. McLean, A. Irving, J. Goodmurphy, Colin Campbel, T. Prestige, W. Bailey, John Bell, W. Coughlin, J. Eaton, J. Keown, A. Ross, E. Sanders, Ja. Stewart.
Report of Mills School -- Willis Arneil, Edward Baker, Jennie Elliot, Sarah Sides, Elizabeth Robertson, David Robertson, William Montgomery, William Baker, James Arneil, Alexander Orford, Florence McKenzie, Albert Watts, Isabella McKenzie, Willie Elliot, Joseph Baker, Ashsa Baker, Miss Agnes Phillips (teacher).
Article: Island News, Campbell, 1885 -- Mr. R. Clark, Robt. Gamey, D. Karr, R. McKeown, Mrs. R. Williton, D. Clarke, W. Heron.
Weddings: Jan 1885
James Carter & Miss Margaret Currie -- Donald Currie.
W.H. Taylor & Miss Maggie Stone -- Mr. James Stone.
John S. Scarlett & Miss Emma Scott -- Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Fetterly, Robert Scarlett.
16.Poem: Isle Of Manitou, by Harry Beckerton, Gore Bay -- December 4, 1884.
17.Advertisement: for C. Woodward's store in Gore Bay 1884.
Song: Auld Lang Syne "New Version" as per Professor Blackie.
18. Advertisements: R.T. Jaffray & Co. Ford Dealers; A.E. Johnson Meats, Gore Bay; The Leading House of A. Hogg; Anderson Bro's of Gore Bay; Kapausing Experimental Station Weekly News Letter; Collingwood & Georgian Bay steamer schedule.
Article: Barrie Island, How it got it’s name -- named after Commodore Barrie, a naval officer stationed at Kingston and who visited the area in 1820's.
19. Advertisements: Furniture Depot of A. & W.S. Davidson; Billdark(?) Blood Bitters; Michael's Bay, dry goods & hardware; Gore Bay Grist & Saw Mills; Quality Meat Market (submitted by Jenny Long); National Pills; Long Bay Store of R. Gamey, Long Bay; Boar for Service by H.L. Melean(?); Annual Meeting of Gordon Agricultural Society, by A. Irving, Secretary; Notice by J. Goodmurphy of Gore Bay; W.R. Tighe, Tailor.
20.Obituary: of Major Wm. McRae, 3rd November 1890.
21.Gen. John Bidwell, Burton Witty.
22.Article: Commercial fishing 1925 by Bruce Pitfield.
23.Letter: of 1908 by Bruce Pitfield.
24.Postcard: to T.H. Jackman of Killarney -- 1910.
25.Article: A backward glance at the Manitoulin District schools (1945).
26.A Short History On S.S. 4, Sandfield -- Called Silver Bay (1883) February 3, 1944.
27.Manitoulin Island As An Oil Field -- from the pages of history 1912.
28.Manitoulin Island As An Oil Field, continued -- from the pages of history 1912.
29.Manitoulin Island As An Oil Field -- from the pages of history 1912.
30.Article: Mr. Geo. Avis of Cockburn Island, manager for the Island Cedar Co. of Chicago and his teamster Pat Barry had a terrible experience on the ice during the last nine days.
Photo: 1912 -- E. Van Horn, D. Cameron, Chas. Ferguson, William Vincer, A. Caddel, W. Sterling, Sinclair, J. Cochrane.
Photo: Fish catch, Manitou Lake.
Photo: -- Indian people at Kagawong, Manitoulin Island. taken about 1897.
2nd Edition : December 1983
PageArticle or Item
Photo: 1900 Wm. Watt's oxen in front of Ocean House, submitted by Edward Milleton.
1.Letter to the Editor: Jack Merrylees, Henry Wood, John Oxford, Mrs. Mary Belton, Mary Lougheed, Mrs. Rebecca Proctor.
2.Photo: repeat from November 1983 -- Mrs. Mary Belton, Melvin Lougheed, Mrs. Rebecca Proctor, Mrs. Stewart Clarke, Mrs. Cosby.
Letter to the Editor: continued from page 1 -- Marj Claridge, Mrs. Stewart Clarke, Archie Wickett, by Ev Proctor.
3.Article: Establishment at Manitowaning 1838, by Frank A. Myers -- Ms. Anderson, Capt. T.G. Anderson, Miss Sophia Anderson.
Photo: Manitowaning.
4.Article: Manitowaning 1838 letter by Superintendent Indian Affairs.
5.Article: Manitowaning 1838 letter by Superintendent Indian Affairs continued.
Photo: Hotel Manitowaning.
6.Article: Manitowaning 1838 letter by Superintendent Indian Affairs continued.
See Letter, July 1925 by Robert Roe.
7.Advertisement: 1912 The Queen's Hotel in Manitowaning -- E.R. Tucker.
8.Poem: De Man From Mani-too-lin by Frank T. Conlon -- Jim May, Bob Gamey.
Article: Citizens race meet, Treasurer's Statement 1912 -- J. McDonald, W.A. Tait, R.J. Porter, J. Richards, Jas Purvas, C.M. Hennings, F.W. Major, John W. Kinney.
9.Photo: 1907 Share Certificate for Manitoulin Oil, submitted by Whitney Shields.
Poem: Don't Knok.
10.Article: 1948 Wikwemikong has historic background -- Rev. Antoine Poncet, Rev. Eugene Papineau, Rev. Chone.
11.Article: History of the Obidgewong Indian Band compiled by Frank A. Myers -- Ray Merrylees, Johnny Moquan.
12.Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Goldie Brown.
13.Article: History of the Obidgewong Indian Band compiled by Frank A. Myers continued.
14.Article: History of the Obidgewong Indian Band compiled by Frank A. Myers continued.
15.Article: History of the Obidgewong Indian Band compiled by Frank A. Myers continued.
16.Article: History of the Obidgewong Indian Band compiled by Frank A. Myers continued.
17.Letter to the Editor: That corpse.
18.Photo: Early Automobiles in the Gore Bay area 1911.
19.Article: About the early automobiles in Gore Bay -- Mr. J.R. McGregor, Jim Johnson, Milton Brett, Mr. J.H. Biehl, Mr. W.H. Hurst, Mr. Burke, Helena Hurst, Aaron Walker, Sandy Burns, Dr. J.A. Baker, W.F. McRae, Peter Donaldson, Wm. Arniel, Walter Duncanson, Alf Turner.
20.Photo: 1910; Dr. Oliver with his first car.
Article: About the early automobiles in Gore Bay -- Ev Proctor.
Article: Town council 1895 -- D. Beatty, Fraser Young, C.C. Platt, Johnson Brazenor, J.S. Hawkins, E.H. Jackson, Fraser Jackson, John S. Hawkins.
21.Article: The Glorious Twelfth 1910 -- Mr. Wm Boyd, Rev. A.E. Owen, Rev. John Coburn, Mr. R.R. Gamey.
Article: Billings 1925 -- Mrs. J. Muncaster, Ross and Allan Walford, Junior Bower, Miss Repha Greenfield, Morgan Bowser, Roy McAnsh, Miss Ruth Thomson, Mr. Goerge Wyman, Miss Alberta Greenfield, Robert Tustian.
22.Article: Possibilities and needs of Manitoulin by A.J. Wagg 1910.
Photo: Wagg's Store in Mindemoya.
23.Article: Possibilities and needs of Manitoulin by A.J. Wagg 1910 continued.
Photo: Wagg's Creamery in Mindemoya.
24.Article: Mindemoya 1910 -- Elias Hutchinson, Andrew Williamson, Mr. O.L. Morgan, Mr. Bunt, Mr. Brooks, George Becks, Dr. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. A. Wagg, D. Wyman, Allie Vincer.
Article: Recalls Hockey Match 1900 -- Capt. E. Mackey, F. Johnson, Dave Turnbull, Bob Beatty, Norm McKay, Bob Porter, Barney Turner, Sandy Burns, Dave Beatty.
25.Lyrics to songs.
Death Notice: John Smith 1904.
26.Photo: Women's Institute Convention at Mindemoya.
27.Article: Women's Institutes by Margaret Edmonds -- Miss Blanche Maddock.
28.Article: Women's Institutes by Margaret Edmonds continued.
Photo: Miss Margaret Edmonds.
Article: from Manitoulin Guide 1895 -- E.C. Jackson, Proprietor.
29.Photo: 3 Furrow plough Barrie Island.
Poem: Prosperous farmers of Manitoulin.
30.Article: Personal 1925 -- Mrs. Alton, William Clark, John Green, Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Kirk, Messrs. Harry Porter and William Reed, Mrs. Gordon Rainey, Mr. and Mrs. William Boyd, Miss Dorothea Comfort, Mr. Newell Comfort, Miss Dorothy Langford, Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Joseph Baker, Miss Catherine Buchanan, Mrs. Robert Elliot, John McKenzie, Miss Muriel Gordon, Miss Elenor McColeman, Mrs. D. McColeman, Mr. and Mrs. Mack Turner, Eddie Magee, Hugh Broadfoot, Chris Wood, C.C. Platt, A.E. Graham, Mrs. H.B. Hunt, Phyllis Jackson, Dorothy Jackson, Frank Paisley, Will Smith, Miss Ethel McIntosh, Mr. and Mrs. Genville Lougheed, Mr. and Mrs. T.R. Lougheed, Miss Elsa Fell, Sheriff and Mrs. J.H. Fell, Mr. Robert Freeman, Miss Reta Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Boyd, Miss Vera Boyd, Miss Mary Williton, Joseph Williton, Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson, Miss Theo Hewson, Judge and Mrs. Ahewson, Mrs. C. Knight, Artchie Knight.
Article: Little Current suffers heavy loss by fire, 1925 -- George Hanning, John May, Mr. Boyter, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Ratti, Mr. Currie, Mr. Rozell.
31.Writing found in old Saint Paul's Church, Baltimore, dated 1692.
Article: Ice Lake W.I. 1925 -- Mrs. George Croft, Mrs. Alf Brandow, Ethel Croft, Nellie Douglas, Ardath Croft, Grace Kerr, Charlie Hore.
Article: An old grit dodge -- John McMillan, James M. Bickel.
32.Photo: 1912, Captain Sinclair with the only team of oxen now in use on the Island.
Photo: Irving and Co.'s Store, 1878.
33.Article: Gordon Council 1910 -- M. McArthur, W. Gilroy, J. Vanmeer, William Dinsmore, A. Morrell, H. Hall, John Gibson.
Poem: To a Bluebird, July 9, 1925.
Article: South Bay Mouth 1910 -- Hugh Boyd, Miss Vera Coultis, Dick Leeson, Miss Edith Coultis, Mr. H. Gammey, Mr. George Coultis, Miss Leonie McKechnie, Mr. W. Sterling, Mr. W. Bailey, Thomas Leeson, Mr. Jess Sloan, Mr. L. Leeson, Mr. R. Gault, John Bryan.
Article: Barrie Island 1912 -- Miss Gertie Letts, Mrs. George Doherty, Mrs. John Jeffkins Jr., Mrs. George Beck, Mrs. Gertie Morris, Mrs. T.B. Greenman, Mrs. James Milligan, Mrs. Wesley Hamilton, F.J. Ellis, Will Phalen, Henry Vancise, Charles Lane, George Noble, George Long.
34.Article: Down Memory Lane by Bruce Pitfield -- David Martin, Robert Tilson, Henry Martin, B.W. Ross, Mr. C.L.D. Sims, John McIvor, Leonard William Lane, Mr. W.H. Baxter, Charles Moore, Ed Kift, Dave Ham.
Article: Town council 1910 -- Jessie Allan, J.R. McGregor, W.R. Wood, W.H. Brett, Mayor Smith, A.E. Graham, Rev. A.E. Owen, N.R. Smith, W.E. George, J.W. Kinney.
35.Article: The Most Beautiful, a Christmas story.
Article: Stand United for Peace, 1954 another Christmas story.
36.Photo: A load of wool on the way to market by Manitoulin farmers.
Article: Poplar 1925 -- Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Harvey Robinson, Mrs. J.C. Baker, Miss Verna Baker, Miss Sarah Orford, Master John Orford.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photos: Four of the Mansion House 1912 -- now known as the Anchor Inn, Little Current.

3rd Edition : January 1984
PageArticle or Item
Advertisement: for D.Bickell & Co., agent J. Russell McGregor.
Contents (1836-1862) and introduction.
1.Photo: 1907 -- Manie Armstrong, Lawrence Armstrong, Joe Armstrong.
Article: Frank Myers a true historian, E.W. Davis.
2.Subscription form to "Through the Years".
3. Letters to the Editor: D.W Walmsley, Harry Middaugh, Mrs. Cora (Irwin) Jutra.
Editor's note: Family of Joseph Best and Catherine Irwin; Joseph was the son of John Best and Ester ?; Catherine Irwin, daughter of Nicholas Mary. Their children; John William (Jane Neely). Mary Ann (Alexander Jim Merrylees then Frederick Cole), Ellen Jane (James Merrylees), Esther (Wallace Milligan), Jeretta (Hob Wilson and Arthur White), Elizabeth (Lizzie) (Jack Wood), Joseph (M. Mary Noble).
4.Family of Joseph Best and Catherine Irwin continued.
Article: Presbyterianism on the Manitoulin Island by Rev. J.J. Fergusson, B.A. (1912) -- Rev. Hugh McKay, Rev. Allan Findlay.
5.Presbyterianism on the Manitoulin Island continued -- Rev. J.L. McGillivray, Rev. John Rennie, Rev. J.L. Robertson.
Photo: of Methodist Sunday School Staff.
6.Presbyterianism on the Manitoulin Island continued -- Rev. James Anderson, Rev. D. Fiske, Rev. J.D. Barnes, B.D. Rev. Simon Cunningham, T.H. Armstrong, James Steele, Rev. Dr. J.A. Carmichael, Rev. R.Y. Thomson, Dr. G.B. Wilson, Rev. N.R.D. Sinclair, Messrs. Thornburn, McLean, Fraser, Patten, Hay, Love, Cochrane, Thomson.
Article: Spring Bay -- Miss Meston, Mrs. A. Tracey, Mr. B. Buck, Jno. Blackie.
7.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 by Frank A. Myers.
8.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 continued -- Jas. Carter, Chas. Persian, W. Harper.
9.Photos: of Kagawong: Charley Snow's Dock and Store, 4 other area scenes.
10.Advertisement: Leask Bro's & Gore Bay Planing Mills.
Article: From the "Ancaster Heritage" -- William Kemp, Emma Gurnett.
Article: Spring Bay moved -- Melvin Bock.
11.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 by Frank A. Myers (Economic Factors) continued
(Religious Factors) Edowishcosh, J.B. Assikinack, Chief Blackbird, Adam Elliot, C.C. Bough, Rev. Frederick O'Meara.
12.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 by Frank A. Myers (Religious Factors) continued.
Manitoulin Indian Census 1847 Indian Buildings results.
13.Article: Manitoulin Guide, 1892 -- A. McKeechnie, R.W. Mutchmore, A. Peters Cpt., W.J. Berry, Miss Annie Tilson, E. Battye, D. Parkins, S.R. McEwen, Jenny Cochrane, Jas. MacGillivray, William Cranston.
14.Photo: of a sewing bee Gore Bay -- Mrs. Alex Purvis Sr., Mrs. Jim Purvis, Mrs. Wm. Dinsmore, 2 unknown.
15.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 by Frank A. Myers (Early Wikwemikong Settlers) -- Michael Giwashkam, Vincint Adawish, Chief Louis Wakegijik, Chief William Kinochameg.
16.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 by Frank A. Myers (Early Wikwemikong Settlers) continued.
17.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 by Frank A. Myers (Chief Supperintendent Jarvis).
18.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 by Frank A. Myers (Chief Supperintendent Jarvis) continued.
19.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 by Frank A. Myers (Chief Supperintendent Jarvis).
20.Article: Horse race 1890 -- Sandy Burns, Jas. Crawford, Jim Mastin, R.E. Smith, Mrs. Alice McGibbon, Mr. Farthing, Mr. Geo. Priddle, Mrs. Wm. Ainslie, Mr. & Mrs. Bruin, Rev. Wm. Munro, Rev. W.T. Prittie.
Thos. Lowe dies 1925.
21. Article: From the Manitoulin Guide 1892 -- Geo. Wedgerfield, Miss Kate Scott, Mr. W.J. Totten, Dr. Carruthers, Rev. Mr. Brace, August Kruger.
Married: Smith & McColeman, Miles & Cooke, Bailey & Foster.
22.Photos: of Kagawong -- 6 different scenes including Havelock Hotel.
23.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 by Frank A. Myers (Sawmill at Wikwekikong).
24.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 by Frank A. Myers continued -- Charles W. LaMorandiere, Mr. Benjamin Byly, John Robertson, Mr. John Burkitt, Rev. O'Meara.
25.Article: History of the Manitoulin 1836-1862 by Frank A. Myers continued -- Rev. C.C. Brough, McArthur, Samuel Hall, Henry Dennison, Wm Granger, Rowell & Hutchinson.
26.Photo: Anglican Church Manitowaning built 1845.
Article: Anglican Church Manitowaning -- Thomas G. Anderson.
27.Text of Indian petition 1843 (Mahnetooahneeng).
28.Text of Indian petition 1843 continued -- John Webenacone, Joseph Othkenahwatek, Isaac Sky, George Sky, Peter Sky, Patrick Sky, Charles Sky, Jack Nahahbunwa, James Nahabunwa, John Nahabunwa, Nichael Ahnuhgwuahdone, Abraham Animmekeke, Chief Arthur Nahwakezhek, John Sly, George Wahbbeshashe, William Nahwakezhek, Adam Sky, Thomas Sky, John Abram Nahahbunwa, Samuel Ottahwah, Oshkemah, Robert Chinwahanday, Thomas Kadah, James Nahwekezhig.
Article: From Bishop to Governor-General 1844.
29.Article: History of Manitoulin (Mahnetooahing) -- Rev. Frederick O'Meara, Jarvis, Anderson, John Burkitt, Rev. C.C. Brough.
30.Article: Names on Manitoulin -- John Cook, Mrs. Meldrum Wickett, David McDonald, Badgerow, Robertson, Brandow, Saigeohn, Thibault, Newby, Griffith, Sanswe, Tom Bowser, Samuel Grimes, Reeve George Avis, Alexander Rumelly, Charles Trick.
31.Article: Names on Manitoulin continued -- Elwood Sloss, J.F. McDermid, F. Anglin, Stanley Gordon, Austin Hunt, Joe Brown, Dave McDonald, Sam Osawamick, Philip Pitawanakwatt, Miss Mabel Williams, Miss Tillie McArthur, Messrs Will and Wes Strain, Miss Edna Beck, Mr. Sims, Mr. Tait, John Hall, Herb Gilroy, Mr. & Mrs. Barbour, Miss Pearl Carter, Mr. King, Mrs. Olmond, Mrs. Geo. Strain, Mr. McKeown, Mrs. M. McArthur.
Photo: W.J. Tucker 1912.
32.Advertisement: photo Gamey Block -- built by Geo. Strain.
Advertisement: for Tobacco Lake Lumber.
Advertisement: for Purvis Bros. & Co. James Williamson, Mindemoya.
Photo: The hunt 1907 -- Joe Armstrong, Lawrence Armstrong, Jackson (Manie) Armstrong, Dr. Maphette.
4th Edition : February 1984
PageArticle or Item
Photo: "The Iron Horse" by Elgin McAllister -- R. Dougal McKenknie, Boris Burns, Duncan McKenknie and old Mr. Bucanan.
Table of contents.
1.Photo: W.I. Silverwater, Ont. Date unknown, ladies (26) unknown.
Ike Johnson, Betty A Moody, Mrs. Betty Lawrence, William Latham, Elgin McAllister, Mrs. Bill Jones.
2.Photo: 1911 -- Mr. Brett and Bertha Brett, Laura Macra, Mable Milton, Will Montgomery, Annie, Maggie, Jim Chris and Bella Montgomery. Submitted by Elgin McAllister.
3.Article: History of the discovery of Mindemoya Caves by Frank A. Myers -- John Robert Miller, Mrs. Beatrice Levesque, W.L. Wagg, J.F. Cooke, Daniel Hagey (Haiggie or Heggie), William Schroeder, John Evans, Mrs. Andrew Tracey, Herbert Ritching, Mrs. John King, John Evans.
4.Article: History of the discovery of Mindemoya Caves by Frank A. Myers continued -- John Buck, Benjamin Bock, Joe Buck, J.F. Cooke, Mrs. Frank Wagg, Jesse Wagg, Martin Buck, Herbert Ritching, Albert Lemon.
5.Photo: Skeletons found 1888.
6.Article: History of the discovery of Mindemoya Caves by Frank A. Myers continued -- John Merrylees, Joseph Peltier, Joe Buck, W.L. Wagg, Father Gabriel Lalement, Father Jean de Brebeuf, Fred Ace, John Baptist Ense, A.J. Wagg.
7.Article: History of the discovery of Mindemoya Caves by Frank A. Myers continued -- Joe Hodgson, Peter Horning, Daniel Hagey, Joe Buck, Mrs. Andrew (Elizabeth Bock) Tracy, Martin Buck, William Schroeder, Russell and Herbert Ritching, Thomas Ritching, Benjamin Bock, Mrs. James King (Mary Ann Anderson), John Evans, Walter Joseph Wagg, Alma Josiah Wagg, Mrs. Emily Rolston, Jesse Wagg, J.F. Cooke, Grant Turner.
8.Article: History of the discovery of Mindemoya Caves by Frank A. Myers continued -- Fred Ace (Ense), John Ense, Father John McKay S.J., Miss Jesse Clark, Mrs. James Sloss.
Poem: The Cave and Cave Dwellers by William Munro.
9.Photo: A family reunion, Montgomery family members, by Elgin McAllister.
10.Advertisement: for Leask Bro's, Gore Bay.
William Kemp, Emma Gurnett, Lewis Kemp, Melvin Bock.
11.Article: History of the Manitoulin Island (1836-1862) by Frank A. Myers continued from Jan 1984 edition.
1843 Progress Report -- Mr. Burkitt, Mr. LaMorandier, Rev. F. O'Meara.
12.Article: History of the Manitoulin Island (1836-1862) by Frank A. Myers continued.
Manitowaning 1843 -- Henry Hodgson, Alex Cameron, James Peterson, John McKay, John McDonald, Patrick O'Donnell, Malcolm McArthur, Philip May, Charles Westcoatt, Duncan McKenzie, Donald Monro, William Murray, Joe Kitchi Baptiste.
Article: Upper Canada College 1842 -- Francis Assikinack, Charles Keejeek, Joseph Chinguak, Francis Petosky, J.B. Assikinach (Chief Blackbird).
13.Article: History of the Manitoulin Island (1836-1862) by Frank A. Myers continued.
Article: Upper Canada College 1842/3 continued -- Mrs. Blossom Mastin, Francis Assikinack, J.B. Assikinack, Benjamin Assikinack, Atowishcosh.
14.Article: History of the Manitoulin Island (1836-1862) by Frank A. Myers continued.
Change in Distribution of Presents 1836-1842.
Requests from Wikwemikong (Wequamekong).
15.Article: History of the Manitoulin Island (1836-1862) by Frank A. Myers continued.
Requests from Wikwemikong (Wequamekong) continued.
Request Their Priest Be Paid -- Rev. Mr. J.B. Proulx, Rev. Paquin.
16.Article: History of the Manitoulin Island (1836-1862) by Frank A. Myers continued.
Request Their Priest Be Paid -- Bishop Power.
Article: Gore Bay 1890 -- R.J. Porter, A.E. Dyment, Hurst, Capt. Graham, Turnbull, Porter, Mayor Fraser, Ed Jackson, McKessock, Biehl.
Photo: The Graincradle required skill -- Henry Bock. Brief by Melvin Bock.
17.Algoma Elections 1894 results.
18.Photo: The day of the wooden boats. Submitted by Maurice Trick.
Photo: A barn raising at George Priddle's farm. Submitted by Maurice Trick.
19.Article: The Eden Isle of Evil Spirits -- An article published in a national publication December 1952 briefly depicting activities on Manitoulin Island.
20.Article: The Eden Isle of Evil Spirits. continued.
21.Article: My Memory of Providence Bay: by Mrs. E. Pattison -- Johnston, Chief Horn, Mrs. Joseph Turley, Mrs. R.P. Green, William Clark, William Pattison and Janet Turley, John McDougall, Mr. H. McKay, Rev. Rogers, Mrs. Ogle, Mrs. Mary Mutchmore, Mr. Avery.
22.Photo: 1910 "Siver Spray" power boat built by Mr. Bock. Submitted by Melvin Bock.
23.Photo: The Village of Providence Bay (date unknown) includes history notes. Submitted by Mrs. Grace Tracy.
24.Photo: 1912 The Means of Transportation -- horse drawn cutter with George Trick and Lewis Kemp. Submitted by Maurice Trick.
25.Article: Indian Place Names on Manitoulin by Father J. Edward O'Flaherty S.J.H. -- Introduction and The Meaning of Manitoulin.
26.Article: Indian Place Names on Manitoulin by Father J. Edward O'Flaherty S.J.H. -- Wikwemikong, Manitowaning.
27.Article: Indian Place Names on Manitoulin by Father J. Edward O'Flaherty S.J.H. -- Shequiendah.
28.Article: Indian Place Names on Manitoulin by Father J. Edward O'Flaherty S.J.H. -- Assiginack.
29.Article: Indian Place Names on Manitoulin by Father J. Edward O'Flaherty S.J.H. -- Tehkummah.
30.Article: Indian Place Names on Manitoulin by Father J. Edward O'Flaherty S.J.H.
Photo: 1912 W.L.Trotter, General Merchant, Shequiandah.
31.Photo: Barn raising on Cockburn Island, about 1890, possibly Pateman Farm. Submitted by Glen McLeod.
Article: A Story is Told -- Mr. Ainslie search for flour.
32.Subscription form for "Through the Years" monthly magazines.
Photo: P.J. McDonald, M.D. 1912 -- brief details of same.
Photo: Neil McIntosh 1912 -- advertisement details about his business.
Photo: O.M. Thomson 1912 -- advertisement details about his business.
Noted -- William M. Lloyd, member of his firm.
5th Edition : March 1984
PageArticle or Item
Article: Four Days on Lonely Island; Eats dog. 1883 story includes the names Wm. Lloyd, Fred Martin, H.W. Martin, Robert Boyter, Dave Boyter, Chas. Burrison. Submitted by Jean Harvey.
2.Article: Four Days on Lonely Island; Eats dog. continued.
Letter to the Editor: Names of women group P 13, Vol 1, No 2.
What is in this issue.
3.Photo: of pioneer home of Henry Lewis (father of Mrs. Sloss Sr.).
Article: History of Long Bay by Mrs. Robert Sloss Sr. -- Memoirs include the names Wilson's, Hunt's, Sandy McColeman, George Pearson.
4. Article: History of Long Bay by Mrs. Robert Sloss Sr. continued -- Memoirs include the names Badgerow, Williton, Pearson, Richard Hearn, Sandy McColeman.
Article: Manitoulin "Drys" Appeal to Minister, 1914 -- R.R. Gamey involved.
5.Photo: The Saw Mill Providence Bay 1907/8, submitted by Grace Tracy.
Don McDougall, Tom McNichol, Jack Pete McDonald, Delance Latkam, Jim Love, Mick McNichol, Elmere Pattison, Parkins, Hopkins, William Chisolm, Jack Cameron, George and Reddy Armstrong.
6.Story: Instinct vs Instruments -- by Melvin Bock.
7.Photo: The Cook's dock sawmill in the village of Silver Water.
8.Photo: A family picture est. 1900, submitted by Walter Smyth -- Winnie and Roy Smyth, Russell Hopkins, Chess Willis, Mable Priddle and son Humphrey, Archie Duncanson, Wilbur Edmonds and Elma Edmonds.
9.Article: Algoma Missionary News and Shingwauk Journal by Rev. P.T. Rowe, April 1, 1881.
10.Article: Algoma Missionary News and Shingwauk Journal continued.
11.Article: Algoma Missionary News and Shingwauk Journal continued.
Article: Fire at Little Current -- January 16, 1919.
Article: A Loss to Little Current -- February 20, 1919. Mr. Ruth Hay.
12.Photo: A community picnic in Silver Water. Submitted by Walter Smyth.
13.Article: Local Items January 2, 1919 -- Ed Snow, Miss Jennie Brett, Miss Meda Atkinson, Mrs. A. Burns, Mrs. Wm. Johnson, Miss Irene Shields, Misses Jean Wilson, Willa Palmer, James McIntosh, Dan Matheson, Miss Ethel McIntosh, Miss Bassford, Mr. & Mrs. Paisley, Mrs. J.W. Kinney, Milton Brett, Mrs. A.C. Bryan, John Langtree, Dr. L.R. Gamey, Miss Nelda Smith, Miss Bessie Jaffray, Mrs. Jas. Carter and Clifford, Miss Lena Rheaume, Mr. & Mrs. Wes Hamilton, Mrs. Bracken, Miss Margaret Thorburn, Miss Douglas McGregor, Mrs. Cliff Ferguson.
14.Death: of Mrs. Francis Wagg Sr. (1855-1919).
Death: of Mrs. J.B. Baker -- deceased children; Edward, Joe, William, John, Mrs. Andrew Robertson, Mrs. McConnell, Mrs. Dornbus, Mrs. R. Orford, Mrs. Bumstead, and Miss Lydia Baker.
Death: of Mrs. E.G. Scott -- 1919.
Farm for Sale 1919 -- apply to Geo. W. Hutchinson.
15.Photo: Dinner camp for workers. Submitted by Walter Smyth -- Roy Smyth, John McLeod, Jacob Rumley, Ed Hopkins, Donald McGibbon.
Death: of John H. Hall (1882-1919) -- sisters Mrs. Cyrus Hall, Mrs. J. Smeltzer, Mrs. Duxbury and Mrs. George Kay.
Death: of Benjamin Vine (1856-1919) -- wife Etta Griffith, son Bethal, daughters Myrtle, Clara and Annie.
16.Article: Germs more deadly than Germans.
Article: Nominations 1919 -- J.W. Kinney, Wm. Strain, John Douglas, John Donaldson, Wm. Linley, Russul Noble, Alf Battyre, Wm. Beange, Ed Baker, John Bowser, Alex Ednie, Randolph Fraser, Samuel Johnson, Wm. McShane, Geo. Thompson, C.P. Ferguson, John T. Galbraith, Daniel Kay, Robt. T. McDonald, Russell G. Ritching, Andrew Tracey, David Williamson Sr.
Marriage: Campbell to Bailey, 1919.
17.Indian Land Sale Grant Copy: William Coburn, Jim McQuarrie.
18, 19.Deed copy.
20. Article: about Mr. Humphrey May, born 1844, written by John Priddle, grandson of Humphrey May -- parents Mr. and Mrs. Philip May.
21. Article: about Mr. Humphrey May continued -- wife Jane Dorcas Franklin; children Mary Jane (Mrs. William Priddle), Elizabeth (Mrs. William Longworth), Maggie (Mrs. David Boyter), Dorcas (Mrs. George Priddle), Nellie (Mrs. Harrison Nevills), Lucinda (Mrs. Joseph Addison), Humphrey Jr., John and Gilbert. Mrs. E.P. Eawyer, Humphrey (Bud) May.
22.Photo: Grandpa May and Aunt Molly Priddle 1912.
Article: about Mr. Humphrey May continued.
23.Photo: Humphrey Philip May and wife Jane Dorcas Franklin.
Article: about Mr. Humphrey May continued -- wife died in 1912; they married in 1865.
24.Article: about Mr. Humphrey May continued -- Humphrey Priddle, John and Gilbert May, Mrs. Grenville Orr.
Note "father of six daughter and three sons". Mary Jane (Mrs. Wm. Priddle), Elizabeth (Mrs. William Longworth), Maggie (Mrs. David Boyter), Dorcas (Mrs. George Priddle), Nellie (Mrs. Harrison Nevills), Lucinda (Mrs. Joseph Addison), Humphrey Jr., John and Gilbert.
25.Article: Monteith born on Manitoulin?
Death: of Mr. John Monteith.
Article: Silver Bay 1919, Women's Institute -- Mrs. M.I. Johnston, Mrs. T.W. Thomson Jr., Mrs. R. Coe, Annie and Edith Johnston, Florence Bassingthwaite, Mrs. J.E. Johnston, Mrs. H. Bassingthwaite.
26.Photo: A day of rest at the timber camp, about 1890 -- Mr. & Mrs. Henry Smyth, Henry Farthing, Mrs. Henry Farthing, Walter Smyth.
27.Advertisement: W.R. Tighe 1919.
Article: Little Current 1919 -- Mrs. Clifford Ferguson, Miss Sarah Mastin, Misses Whalen, John Clark, Alena and Peter McDonald, Robert Currie, Arnold Sims, Bob Patten, Hugh Hay, Misses Kathryn Scesson, Florence Hay, Gladys Boyter, Elizabeth Wilkin, Frank Conlon, Lorne Cockle, George Currie, Mr. & Mrs. Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. O. Vincent.
Article: Kay Settlement 1919 -- Messrs. Bob and Andy King, Harold and Edward Cranston, Mr. Joe Bowerman, Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cranston, Mr. D. McQueen, Mrs. Barclay.
28.Photo: Church a social event, submitted by Eileen McMillan. -- Note: Thought to be a picture of a group at the Billings Church.
29.Photo: Anglican Church 1845.
Article: The Manitoaning Mission, St. Paul's Anglican Church -- Rev. Adam Elliot, Captain T.G. Anderson, Rev. Charles Crosbie Brough, Rev. Frederick A. O'Meara, Bishop Strachen, Father Hanipaux, Peter Jacobs.
30.Photo: Manitoulin Railroad in 1913 (Canadian Pacific Railway Service).
31.Article: The railroad in 1913 -- Abraham Hughson, Mrs. M. Bryant.
Notice: to farmers 1919 -- J.T. Burns.
Notice: 1919 -- Mr. Peter L. Mastin, Mr. A.J. Mastin, W.H. Mastin.
Farm for Sale 1919 -- Hiram Pearson.
32.Article: Origin of the Indian
Births: 1919; Son to Mr. & Mrs. Burton Witty. Son to Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Haner.
Article: The Loyal Sons Bible Class -- Mrs. R. Wiseman, Roberta Latta, Cecil Runnalls, Harold Lane.
33.Advertisement: 1919; The Weekly Fashions. Two McCall patterns.
Article: 1919; Providence Bay Women's Institue -- Mrs. Wm Monkhouse, Mrs. W.I. Wagg.
Article: 1919; Tehkummah -- Misses A. and Liliam Tison, Pts. Lorne Russell, Mrs. John Ward.
34.Article: 1919; U.F.O. Convention -- R.R. Gamey, Beniah Bowman.
Article: 1919; Pegantrum -- Mrs. Tom Wilson, Mrs. Robert Pickard, Mr. & Mrs. John Kerr, Mr. Ben Vine.
Article: 1919; Snowville -- J.A. Ward, Pte. Alex Russell, Miss M. Bannister, Misses Ada and Alice Turnbull.
Article: 1919; Sheshegwaning -- Rev. John New.
Article: 1919; Storage Batteries -- Milton Brett.
35.Subscription form for "Through the Years".
Advertisement / photo: 1912; Cochrane Hardware.
6th Edition : April 1984
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Logging with Harry Sheppard.
Photo: The mill at Cutler.
Article: Last trip on ice with mail 1926 -- submitted by John Robertson.
1.Letters to the Editor: 1984 -- Dorothy Purvis, Willy McDonald, T.H. Thompson, Mrs. M. Bohler (Margaret Robertson), Cora (Irwin) Jutra.
Correction to edition 3, back page.
2.Rockville's Early History.
3.Elegy written in a country Churchyard -- by Thomas Grey.
Photo: The Cold Springs Church.
4. Article: A Pioneer looks backward -- Mr. & Mrs. Jas Spry, Mr. Batman.
5. Photo: Oxen that helped clear the first land in Rockville.
Article: A Pioneer looks backward continued.
6. Photo: Stuart's Mill, Honora -- John Collins, James Spry Sr., Gid Hawk.
7. Article: Honora in the early days -- Wm. Graham, Mr. & Mrs. David Hay, Mr. Graydon Hay, Dr. Herriman, Mr. Chas. Stuart, Mr. John Collins.
8.Article: Honora in the early days continued -- Gideon Edward Hawke, Mr. David Hay, Mr. Wm. Trumble, Mr. M. Sanderson, Mrs. S. Leonard, Barbara Ward.
9.Photo: Honora in 1900.
10. Article: Rockville's Uninhabited Clearings, by Mrs. H. Spry -- Mr. Stapleton, Mr. Glasby, Wm. Stevens, Adolphus Woods (children: William John, Leslie, Myrtle, Ethel), Kirkwood, Harold Shepard, Tom Parkinson, Harry Sheppard, Alf Spry, Adam Demmy, Harvey Sheppard, Jim Moore, Jessie O'Brien, John Connor, Ben Hallet, Annie Fowler, Kathaleen Hallet, Teddy Robinson, Arthur Newman, Andy Hannah, Norman Earl, John Moore, Annie Fields, Leslie Woods, Bassingwaites, Glasby.
11. Article: Rockville's Uninhabited Clearings, by Mrs. H. Spry continued -- Wm. Stevens, Alfred Newby, Thomas Batman, George Spry, Ted Ashley, Jim Ashley, Albert Ashley, Farquhar Anglin, Mr. & Mrs. Looker, Mrs. Robert King, Bernard Felix, George Hammond, Miss Bassingwaite, Lawrence Tann.
Photo: A Sunday drive -- Miss Lily Campbell, Miss Faye Chisolm, Bernard and Harold Felix.
12.Photo: In Camp -- Bill Phillips.
Article: The story of Honora post-office by Mrs Ethel Campbell -- William Graham, Mrs. Ann Wright, Gideon Hawke, John Collins, George Campbell, William Moore.
13.Photo: Louis Corbiere.
Photo: "Old Wandabence".
14.Photo: Logging operation.
Article: Rockville as I knew it in 1919 by Milton Sanderson -- Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Spry, Mr. Spry Sr., Jim Spry, Faye and Julian Chisolm.
15.Letter to the Editor: "Oxen vs Man", by Andrew Russell -- John Lane.
Article: Herbert Looker by Mrs. A Newby -- Edith, Florence, Edmond, Norman.
16.Photo and brief: William Ashley by Mrs. A. Newby -- Mr. & Mrs. Ashley, Wes. O'Brien, Gib Hawk.
Notice: General Registrar of 1890 Pioneer Trustees -- John Connor, James Spry, A.D. Wood, A. Sheppard, Alf Spry, John Moore, G. Hammond, William Stevens, Adolphus Wood, Alfred Newby, Jos. Parkinson.
17.Photo: William Cannard, Jack Spry, Mrs. John Connor, Isobel Sheppard.
Article: by Zella Spry -- Mr. & Mrs. William Cannard's children, Maude, Walter, Harry, Lucy, Phoebe, William, May, and Orilla, Jack Cannard, Dolly Thompson, Joseph Cannard, Mr. Wm. Skippen, Mr. Vanzant.
18.Article: by Zella Spry continued -- Jack Ballie, Harry Sheppard.
Photo: 1913; Mr. & Mrs. (Dolly Thompson) Jack Cannard.
19.Photo: young Joseph Cannard.
Article: 1919; Delegation to Ottawa -- Messrs. J.W. Kinney (Mayor), Dr. J.S. Brooks, F. Langton, Geo. Strain, W. Vincer, A.J. Wagg, W. Trotter (Mayor), T.C. Simms, Geo. Baxter, Jas. Lewis (Reeve) J.L. Ferguson, J. Ward, J.J. McMurray, Mr. Hunter.
20.Article: (includes photo) -- Julian Chisolm (born 1905) by Edith Chisolm -- Alonzo Chisolm, Lily Spry, Faye, Julian (Jule), James and Alfred Spry, Lily Snow, Edith Tustian, Jean Bailey, (Marilyn, Julianne, and Alfred Chisolm), Doris Howard, Orion Aelick, Helen Cosby.
21.Article: Julian Chisolm (born 1905) by Edith Chisolm continued -- Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tustian, Bernard & Elaine Felix, Mrs. Sterling.
Article & Photo: Albert Major Newby by Mrs. Alfred Newby -- Sadie Harper.
22.Article: Early years in Rockville by E.A Felix -- Fred Fields, (Laura, George & Henry Newby), Mr. & Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Demmy, Mrs. & Mrs. James Spry, Harry Sheppard, Joshua Parkinsons, Bill Kennards, Demmy family.
Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Alfed Newby.
23.Article: Early years in Rockville by E.A Felix continued -- Adam Demmy by Mrs. Harvey Spry -- James Spry, Harvey Sheppard, (Elizabeth, Margaret, Joe and Bill Demmy), Albert Sheppard Sr., Louis Corbiere, Mr. William & Mrs. Margaret Phillips.
Article: Early years in Rockville by E.A Felix continued -- John Connor, Burnett Spry, Ashley family, Geo. Hammond, Albert Sheppard, Dolphesus Woods, Cushion family, Mr. Herman, Mr. & Mrs. Aelicks, Thaddy Thompson, Miss O'Dare, Jack Kannard, Wells Parkinson, Albert (Doc) Sheppard, Evelyn Spry, Hattie Spry, Agnes Sheppard, Bill Connor, Alice Stevens, Leslie Woods, John Woods, Elizabeth Moore, Wallace Moore, Mr. Finley, Albert Ashley, Elgin Kennard.
24.Photo: Threshing Time -- Gid Hawk, Annie and Kate Hallett, Jim Spry, G. Hauphman, Willie Hallet, Ted Ashley, W. Parkinson, Alfred Newby.
25.Article & Photo: Mr. & Mrs.(Mary Jane) Joshua Parkinson by Mrs. W. Parkinson -- Nevills family, Elizabeth Parkinson (Mrs. Wesley O'Brien), Robert Parkinson, William Parkinson, Rebecca Ann Parkinson, Richard Parkinson, Wellington Parkinson.
Photos: Mr. & Mrs. William Stevens.
26.Article: William Stevens by Mrs. A. Newby -- married Caroline Brenchley. Children: Mary Ann (Mrs. Alfred Newby), Emma, William, Jim, Harry, Alice (Mrs. Wm. Granger) and Thomas.
Article: Mr. John Ferguson Sr. died 1920 -- wife Mary Johnston. Children: Andrew, Cornelius, Theodore, Lindsay, Mrs. B.A. Griffith, Mrs. Frederick Phillips, Mrs. W.H. Gordon, Jemima, Vicky (Mrs. Stringer).
Advertisement: Manitoulin Roller Flour Mills. J.T. Burns.
27.Photo: Harry Sheppard and sister Lucy.
Photo: Mrs. Albert Sheppard Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Newby.
28.Photo: Mr. James Spry, Mrs. John (Emma Spry) Connor, Mrs. Gordon Bickell and Marion Bickell.
Article: James Spry by Edith Chisolm -- Lewis Spry married Rose King, Jim Spry, Lily Spry marid Alonzo Chisolm, Belle Spry married Harry Sheppard, Gordon Bickell.
Article: George Spry by Zella Spry -- wife Edith Spry. Burn Spry, Beatrice Thomas, Ethel Mae Moore, Annie Fields, John Moore, Thomas Batman, Joshua Parkinson.
29.Article: George Spry by Zella Spry continued -- Children of George & Edith: Roy Albert Ernest (married Lillian Gordon), Violet Elizabeth, Clara Mae (1: Mrs. Oliver Berry, 2: Mrs. Roy Morrell), Donald Henry (married Alberta Campbell), Elva Elizabeth (Mrs. Doran McColeman), Velma Ethel (Mrs. Goldwin Sheppard), Rena Joyce (Mrs. George Foster), Lorna Beatrice (Mrs. Morland Taylor).
Photo: The Burn Spry homestead.
Article: Burn Spry by Zella Spry -- Lewis Spry.
30.Article: Burn Spry by Zella Spry continued -- wife Beatrice Thomas. Children: George, Violet, Stuart, Pearl, Oscar, Harvey, Eva and infant. Merle Gailbraith, James Spry, James Smith, Mr. Cannard, Jack Cannard, Doc Sheppard, Mr. Kirkwood, Mr. Stoddard.
Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Burn Spry, Mrs. & Mrs. Harvey Spry, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Newby.
31.Photo: Mr. & Mrs Alfred Spry married at Snowville 1912 -- family included Sheppard, McAllister, Brown, Cushing, Snow, Bennett, Ward, Spry, Connor, Ingram, Welman, Turnbull, Cannard, Thompson.
32.Photo: The Spry homestead -- Belle, Eva, Mr. & Mrs. Jas., Lily, Hattie, Emma, Burn, Jim and Alf.
33.Photo: Rockville Ladies W.I. 1910.
34.Article: Rockville Women's Institute 1964 -- Mrs. Parkinson, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Lily Spry, Mrs. Wells Parkinson, Mrs. McIntrye, Mrs. Farquhar, Miss Lewis, Mrs. Newby, Mrs. James Bond, Mrs. Herb Hill, Mrs. Runnalls, Mrs. Harvey Spry, Mrs. Vanzant, Mrs. Ramsbottom.
Photos: Mrs. McIntyre, Mrs. Lily Sory, Mrs. Wells Parkinson, Miss E. Lewis, Mrs. Farquhar, Mrs. A. Newby.
35. Photo: Women's Institute 1921 Annual meeting.
Article: Women's Institute 1967 meeting -- Mrs. Harvey Spry, Mrs. Cecil McVey, Mrs. Lulu Howard, Mrs. Wells Parkinson, Mrs. James Bond, Mrs. Don White, Mrs. Hazel Size, Mrs. Ellen Thomas, Mrs. H. Cooper, Ethel Campbell, Mrs. Harry Coventry, Mrs. Pearl Rowe, Mrs. Robert Cosby, Mrs. G. Wood, Mrs. J.B. Ferguson, Mrs. Andrew Beaudin, Mrs. Clarence Cosby, Mrs. Lew Ferguson, Mary Liscumb, Sadie Brown, Mrs. R. Pyette, H.D. Hare, Mary Vincer, Muriel Pyette, Hazel Brown, Evelyn Smith, Eva Turnbull, Welda Campbell, Grace Dewar, Miss Ella Lewis, Mrs. Clara Orr, Mrs. Eldridge Myers, Mrs. Lloyd Lewis, Mrs. Leonard Bond, Mrs. R.C. Walker, Mrs. James G. MacDougall, Mrs. Mildred Sauder, Mrs. Laura Leeson, Mrs. Fred Russell, Mrs. Laura E. Scott, Mrs. Lily Spry, Mrs. Elaine Felix, Mrs. Doris Bowerman, Mrs. Jean Harfield, Goldie E. Taylor, Mrs. Charles Sheppard, Mrs. Edith Chisholm, Mrs. Dan Daggett, Mrs. Irene Sheppard, Mrs. Ellen Sheppard, Mrs. Dorie Chisholm, Mrs. Helen Chisholm, Mrs. Jean Chisholm.
36. Photo and article: Women's Institute 75th 1972 -- Mrs. Julie Chisolm, Mrs. Sterling, Mrs. Austin Zoeller, Miss Helen McKercher, Mrs. Pardy, Mrs. Small, Mrs. Cook, Miss Martin.
Letter: by Nellie Joyce -- Jean Wismer, Dot Tregea, Nellie Joyce, Anne Baker, Jessie Summers, Commander Norman Donaldson, Mary Best, Gert Greenman.
Letter: by Robt. Duguid, Chief Engineer, Mr. Peter Donaldson.
Subscription form to Through the Years.
Advertisements: for McCall pattern capewrap and coatee.
7th Edition : May 1984
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Mudge Bay boat yard by Viola (Berry) Spry -- Oliver Berry Sr., Sylvester Berry, John Cornelius, George Lebar, Charlie Snow.
2.Article: A Dry Manitoulin 1919 -- Mr. R. Robinson, Mrs. John Purvis, Mrs. J.W. Gagen, Mr. Ed Jackson, Mesdames J.H. Biehl, Alex Purvis, D. McAulay, Messrs. W. Cosby, S. Fraser, W.M. Morrison.
Article: About "Through the Years".
Article: Tehkummah 1919 -- Mr. Sid Frampton.
3.Photo: of Archie Wickett in 1950.
Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett -- J.W. Fitzgerald, Harry Wasnidge, Bob Barrie.
4.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Cameron McKinnon, John Poole, Sam Brundidge, Samuel Walker.
5.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued.
Photo: Four Generations by Arthur Wickett -- Arthur's mother, her father Alexander Baillie, Jennie Billings and May Kinney.
6.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- George Walker, William Nicholas, Wilfred Joyce, Simon Fitzpatrick, Jim Ball, Mr. Hector Ball.
Photo: Arthur and Archie Wickett in 1912.
7.Photo: Fishing Lilly Lake 1922 -- Mrs. Arthur Wickett and wife Kathleen Buckland.
Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Jim Ball, Wm. Cullis, Mr. Miller, Robinson family, Tom Beers, John Wilson, Dave Van Every, Cameron McKinnon.
8.Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Wickett Sr. 50th Anniversary -- Mrs. Thompson, Shirley Stephens, Mrs. Wickett, Meldrum Wickett, Jean M., Lila Murray, Mr. Wickett, Kay Murray.
Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Clark Van Every, Simon FitzPatrick, Wm. Burns, Clarence Morrison, Nat Wickett, Dave Van Every, Cameron McKinnon, Alfred Fisher, Dave Young, George Wickett, Wm. Thornburn, Reid Van Horn, Tom Morrision.
9.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- William Switzer, D.B. McRae, "Waldie", Miss McAllister, Mr. Tillson, William Tilson, Mr. Dyment, Farquhar McRae, Mr. Anderson, Rev. John New, Rev. Wm. Munro, Robert Baillie, O.D. Cadotte.
10.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- George Everett, John Cook.
11.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Wilbert Steele, Morrison Steele, William Cullis, John Holdsworth, Mrs. Joe Millman, Capt. Red McDonald.
12.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Jerry Moss, Wilfred Joyce, Jim Moss, J.P. McDonald, Joe Millman, Jack Keen, Frank and Dan Sullivan, Frank and Joe Nicholas, Fred S. James, Harold Purvis, Drake Alexander Leslie.
13.Photo: The Meldrum Bay Sawmill (1900-1914)
Photo: The Wickett's Mill 1921
Photo: The first load of fish boxes from the mill.
14.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Estabrook, Ed Gaulin, Billie Rae, Sandy McRae, Dan Currie, Bill Crossin, Jim Doyle, Capt. R.H. Jewell, Os Wright, George Wright, John Poole, Scott Misner, Tom Falls, George Everett, Ivan Trick, George Burns, Jim Fitzpatrick, Jim Ball, Jack Walker, Gilbert and Jim Duntin.
15.Photo: A woodcutting bee -- Mrs. Cadotte, Reid VanHorn, John VanEvery, Robb Prentice, Wilfred Joyce, Charlie Joyce.
Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Charlie Allan, Mrs. Doyle, Bob McColmb (?), William Prentice, Jake Prentice, Reg. Bell, Charlie Wasnidge, Aldred Wasnidge, Mr. Beaumont, Duntin homestead.
16.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Mrs. Alf Fisher, Mary Currie, O.D. Wright, Mr. & Mrs. S.P. Woods, Simon Peter.
17.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Walt Wright, Dave Van Every, Jim Bell, Hector Ball.
18.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Dan Sullivan, Jim McColeman, Harold Purvis, F.S. James, Ike Smith, Frank Cockwell, Sam Brundige, William Switzer, D.S. McRae, Xaviar Beakler, (Bill) W.J. McDonald, Sam Walker, Bob Baillie, Thomas Falls Sr., Christopher Barrie, Oakley Joyce, Barrie Falls, Alex Falls, Charlie Joyce, Capt. John Joyce, Wilfred Joyce, Tom Kelly.
19.Photo: The old Turnbuckle thresher, submitted by Arthur Wickett.
20.Photo: The day of buckrake 1950, submitted by Wilfred Joyce.
Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Charlie Burns, Charles McDonald, Joseph and Jackson Armstrong, Wm. Kerr, Ed Markle.
21.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued.
Photo: A prize winning crop 1913.
22.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Mr. Walker, J.W. FitzGerald, Mr. S.F. Tolsma, Mr. Myers, Mr. Dennis.
Photos: Archie Wickett at the sugar camp. Snowmobile not likely too fast.
23.Article: History of Meldrum Bay and Dawson Township by Archie Wickett continued -- Rev. Andrew Barclay, Robert Bell.
24.Article: 1919, Meldrum Bay -- Norman Kelly, Mr. F. Lovelace, Mr. & Mrs. A. Wasnidge, Miss Jessie Griffith, Miss Lavina Van Every, Mr. Wm. Morrision, Mr. Bromley, John Van Every, Mrs. O.M. Thomson, Mrs. J. Hopkins, Mrs. J. Addison, Mrs. W.F. Edmonds, Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Clarke, Ada Elizabeth Clarke, John Wesley Van Every, Miss Katherine Buchanan, Mr. W. Cosby, Marvin and Frank Clarke, Stewart Young, Miss Florence Alexander, Miss Livica Ferguson, Misses Margaret and Julia Ainslie and Jessie Clarke.
Article: 1919 -- Dr. Bellman Medical Co.
Article: 1919 -- Registered Stock -- D.J. McLeod.
25.Article: Melvin Bock speaks of days past -- Benjamin Bock, Tom Riching, Mrs. Curly Stewart.
Notice: 1919 -- Mr. O.E. Langford.
26.Photo: Sunday School convention at Kagawong.
27. Photo: Women's Institute 1921 Annual meeting.
Article: Sunday School Convention 1917 Kagawong meeting -- Mrs. Roy Smyth, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Edmonds, Jean King, Mrs. Moddie, Mrs. A.J. Wagg, Mrs. D. Wyman, Ernest E. Moddie, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Black, Irene Smith, Susie Ferguson, J. Anderson, W.J. Davis, Captain J. Runshaw, E.C. Smith, L.R. Piplier, Arthur C. Edmonds, Mrs. Duncanson, Winnefred E. Cook, Flora Alexander, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Belton, Bertha Hartley, Mrs. Robert Tustian, Mrs. Wm. Priddle, Roy Smyth, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. R.G. Halbert, Mrs. Matt Graham, Mrs. John Edmonds, Margaret Edmonds, Mrs. R.A. Smith, Alburtta Greenfield, Rev. and Mrs. R. Barclay, Repha Greenfield, Mae Bailey, Ruby Buck, Elva Buck, Mrs. N.A. Runnalls, Mrs. W.N. Runnalls, Clara E. Runnalls, Wilhemine Hastie, Mrs. Wiber, J.N. Vanhorn, E. Yeatts, Mrs. John King, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Wagg, Mrs. J.H. Beihl, Mrs. M.L. Davidson, Mrs. George Croft, Mrs. Joe Smyth, Mrs. R. Skeppen, Mrs. R. Love, Mr. and Mrs. David Munro, Robert Wiseman, Mrs. Joe Greenfield, Roblean Tustian, Cranston Perivale, John New, Jeannie Brett, Emma Northesar, Rev. and Mrs. J. McDonald, Norine Tracy, Matilda Pearson, Pearl Hammond, W.D. Runnalls, W. Duxbury, Miss Sarah Duxbury, Wm. Munro, Mrs. W.H. Merrick, Mrs. W. Gordon, Miss Florance Latta, Mr. and Mrs. Galbraith, Miss E.M. Hubbert, Mrs. E. Hilborn, Mrs. Thos. Reid, Mrs. H. Haner, Wm. D. Hopkin, Lizzie Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Sterling, A. Watson, Emma Noble, W.J. Berry, Gordon Wm. Beatty, L.C. Bock, Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Letts, Mrs. G.A. Cole, Anna Tilson, Mrs. Shaw.
Article: Bank of Mindemoya 1919 -- Mr. Wallace, Wm. Hare Jr., Mr. King, G.H. Bond, A.J. Wagg, Wm. Vincer.
28.Photo: The ladies aid, submitted by Mrs. Viola Spry.
Article: Memorial Service -- Rev. R. Wiseman.
Article: Mr. C.C. Platt gets registrarship 1919 -- W.R. Abrey.
29.Photo: A wedding 1904, submitted by Viola Spry (Berry) -- Arthur Berry, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Graham, Hattie Prestige.
30.Photo: A girl and her dog 1914, submitted by Viola Spry -- Joyce (Cornelius) Brandow.
Photo: 1912, submitted by Viola (Berry) Spry -- Oliver and May Berry Sr., Lydia, Viola, Robby and Oliver Jr.
31.Subscription form to "Through the Years".
Obituary: of William Bock July 31, 1919 -- Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Bock, Sarah J. Dowsett.
Death: of Mr. John Hubbard February 13, 1919 -- Miss Sadie Phillips, Mrs. S.E. McCullough, Mrs. John Hodgins, Misses Marie and Clara Bock, Frank and Will Bock.
Obituary: of Wm. Jos. McKeown May 22, 1919 -- Mr. & Mrs. McArthur, Mrs. Wm. Owen, Mrs. Firth, Mrs. Len Robinson.
8th Edition : June 1984
PageArticle or Item
Photo: William Cornish holding Marie Gill in 1912.
2. Index and "Through the Years" information.
3. Letter to the Editor -- William MacDonald, Ronald McDonald.
Article: Melvin Bock writes -- Thomas Ritchings, Ben Bock.
4. Article: Melvin Bock writes continued -- Martin Bock, Mrs Minnie Hartley, William George, Laura McCrae, Thomas Lougheed.
5. Letter to the Editor: Norman Bartlett, Henry E. Ross.
Article: Kagawong's beginning -- Mr. Ritchie, Bella C. Bartlett.
Article: Summer Camp Destroyed, 1919 -- R.T. Hall.
Article: Duxbury vs Watson, 1919 -- Mary A. Duxbury, Robert Duxbury.
6. Photo: The late Joe Noland.
Article: Pioneer recalls days of old, submitted Eldene (Bailey) Porter -- Robert Hamilton, George Gallagher.
Photo: The front stone posts made by Joe Noland in front of his farm.
7. Photo: One of the first tractors in the area at Joe Noland's farm.
Article: Pioneer recalls days of old continued -- John Baker, Robert Hamilton, Wilfred Stoneman, Higginbothams family, Gorrel family, Jim Purvis, George Young, R.J. Porter, Hack McClean, Joseph Proctor, James Proctor, James Proctor, Edith Proctor, Flora Proctor, W. Robinson.
Photo: Hauling in hay at Joe Noland's farm 1984 -- Harry Noland.
8. Photo: Joe Noland and Marty Thorburn in Gore Bay.
Article: Pioneer recalls days of old continued -- Fred and Ned Brockelwood.
Article: Bad Boys, 1919.
Article: Orange celebration, 1919 -- Mr. Donald Bailey, Henry Bailey, Cliff Bailey, Albert Campbell.
9. Photo: The W.I. Wagg Store in Providence Bay, 1911.
Photo: Providence Bay.
10. Article: The old Country school, by Eve Proctor.
11. Article: The old Country school, by Eve Proctor -- continued.
Article: Obituary of Nelson Forsyth, 1919 -- Matthew Orr, Mrs. E. Middaugh, Mrs. Ham.
12. Photo: A Wedding, submitted by Eldra Burt -- Jesse Brown, George Shields, Peter Gilchrist, Mrs. Russell Piece, William Montgomery.
13. Photo: Right in style, 1918, submitted by Mary (Wagg) Fogg -- Myrtie (Wagg) Morden.
14. Photo: Doctor Dais on call, submitted by Gilmore Tracy.
Article: Gore Bay Oil & Gas Co., 1919 -- A.E. Graham.
15. Article: Historical Background of Killarney, circa 1820 -- Etienne Augustin de la Morandiere.
16. Article: Historical Background of Killarney continued -- Miss P. Lamorandiere, Charles Lamorandiere.
17. Article: Historical Background of Killarney continued.
Article: Notice 1919 -- W.J. McKenzie.
Article: A letter to U.F.O., 1919 -- Jack Learmont.
18. Article: Black bears a problem to farmers, 1921 -- by Charlie Robertson.
Photo: Charlie Robertson and Tom Pope with three bear shot in 1922.
19. Article: Black bears a problem to farmers continued -- Howard Baker, Andrew Wilson.
20. Article: Black bears a problem to farmers continued -- Mr. George R. McRae.
Photo: The monument in Carnarvon, submitted by Murray McDermid.
21. Photo: Sawmill at Helen Bay -- Tom Bouser and wife Charlotte Baker.
Article: Editor's Note -- John Robertson, Tom Bouser, Fred Eaton, Mrs. Mable Noble, Frank Williams, Joe Williams.
22. Photo: The mill at Helen Bay when it was operating.
23. Photo: Remains of the mill after the explosion.
24. Article: Recollections of Mrs. John Kerr, Ice Lake -- Julie McArthur, Peter McArthur, Mary Campbell McArthur, Archie McGill, Mr. Stinson, Charles McArthur, John Nelson, John Nelson, Mr. Hogg, Jim Brown.
25. Article: Recollections of Mrs. John Kerr continued -- Mr. McClarty, Duncan McLeod, Jim Brown, Bethel Croft, Robert Douglas, Joe Wilson, Charlotte Wilson.
Article: Death of Little Joan Ward, 1919 -- Joe Ward, Mrs. William Tilson.
26. Photo: The old dam at Lake Mindemoya, 1910. Submitted by Mary (Wagg) Fogg.
Photo: The pier at Providence Bay, submitted by Murray McDermid.
27. Article: Scott's Mill by Mrs. Beatrice (Scott) Beange -- John Scott, Maria Paddock, William Scott, L.A. Buck, John Purvis, Ed Purvis, Jim Purvis, J.L. McKenzie.
Photo: The Mindemoya river, submitted by Murray McDermid.
28. Photo: The Wagg home in Gore Bay, owned by Peter Gordon in 1984.
29. Article: Cockburn Island Township (1821) -- Herbert F. Gardiner.
Photo: Main Street Tolsmaville, Cockburn Island.
30. Article: Cockburn Island continued.
Article: Obituary of Mrs. William Burch, 1919 -- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Glanville.
Article: Obituary of E.L. Russell, 1919 -- Robert Russell, Rev. Munro.
Article: Strayed 1919 -- Gordon Vancise.
31. Subscription form to "Through the Years".
Photo: A pioneer homestead, 1895 -- Morris Body Farm in Bidwell.
9th Edition : July 1984
PageArticle or Item
Photo: The Thelma of Cockburn Island cruiser.
2.Wedding: 1919 -- McRae & Omnet.
3.Letter to the Editor: The good old days by Earl Baker.
4.Old Pictures identified: by Mrs. Lewis Ferguson (1) Mrs. John (Mary Johnston) Ferguson (2) Jemima Rozanna Ferguson.
5.Letter to the Editor: Irish, Scottish or English by Cora E. Jutra.
6.Article: Helper saves carrier, boat and mail lost by Ruth McCaig -- Marvin Falls, Emler McCaig, Miss Betty Ferguson, Thomas McCaig, Ivan McCaig, Arthur Mogg.
7.Article: How Deadman's Point got it's name. Narrative by William J. Rumley -- Mr. Arthur Edmonds, W.F. Edmonds, Lewis Kemp, E.W. Davis, Sandy (A.M.) Rumley, John McKinley, Duncan Smith, Mr. Henry Smyth.
8.Article: How Deadman's Point got it's name compiled by Frank A. Myers -- Wilfred Williams, Norman Duncanson, Hughie McGibbon.
9.Photo: 12th July Providence Bay -- Maude (Chislom) Ritching, Mrs. Russ Ritching, Billy Love, Elizabeth Sinclair.
10.Photos: Barn raising in Ice Lake, submitted by Arthur Willett -- Bob Baillie, Beange, McLean.
11.Article: Founder of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church in Spring Bay. Submitted by Helen (Haner) Fogal -- William Schroeder, Calvin Haner, Mrs. B. Bock.
12.Article: continued -- Mrs. Gilpin, Bert Hill, Mr. George Hartley, Mrs. Frank Haner, Ada Haner, Mrs. Galbraith, Clifford Galbraith, Gordon Galbraith.
Photo: Providence Bay Boarding House. Submitted by Gilmore Tracy -- Bill Berry, Mrs. Wm Bock, Sam Sinclair, Mrs. McCullough, Mrs. Sam Sinclair.
13.Article: A pioneer tells his story by Jesse Lehman. Submitted by Gilmore Tracy -- Mr. Budge, Alfred Crawford.
14.Article: A pioneer tells his story by Jesse Lehman continued -- Miss Agnes Phillips, Miss Lizzie Potts, Miss Fletcher, Miss Dawson, Mr. Trotter, Mr. Craig, T.W. Thompson, Frank Wagg, Samuel Sloan, Mr. Cowan, Mr. McDonald, Tobias Nighswander, Tom Nighswander, Andrew Tracy.
15.Article: A pioneer tells his story by Jesse Lehman continued.
16, 17.Photo: The days of the horse and buggy. Submitted by Gilmore Tracy -- Jim Burt, Jim Connelly, W.I. Wagg, Sam Sinclair, Albert Davis, Rev. Munro.
18.Photo: A loving kiss -- Harold Wagg, Mary (Wagg) Fogg.
Photo: Providence Bay in 1913.
19.Photo: Mrs. Hartley celebrates 90th.
Article: Mrs. Martha Jane Hartley (nee Neely) 1894.
20.Article: Mrs. Martha Jane Hartley (nee Neely) 1894 continued.
21.Article: Looking back on Little Current by Robin Melton -- Allan Dryburgh, Miss Whaland, Miss McGilvray, Stan Farquhar, Lyle Sims, Elmer Vincent, Jim Lewis, Ernest Lewis, John Dunlop, George Bayers, William Stevens, Thomas Farquhar.
22.Article: Looking back on Little Current by Robin Melton continued -- Allan Dryburgh, Jack Trimmer Sr., Tommy Sims, Sandy Jeffrey, Dr. Carruthers, D. McDonald.
23.Photo: Picnic Island Saw Mill, submitted by Allan Dryburgh.
24.Photo: The old iron horse -- submitted by Allan Dryburgh.
25.Article: Place-Names in Georgian Bay and the North Channel.
26.Article: Place-Names in Georgian Bay and the North Channel -- continued.
27.Article: Place-Names in Georgian Bay and the North Channel -- continued.
28.Photo: The Union Church in Providence Bay -- submitted by Toots McDermid.
Photo: Tracy's Sugar Bush -- submitted by Gilmore Tracy.
29.Photo: Homesteading in Ice Lake -- Mr. & Mrs. Tom Robertson.
Photo: Tom Robertson's home on Ice Lake after fire 1941.
30.Photo: of Tom Robinson Family of Ice Lake -- Janet Pope, Elen Nelson, Annie Hardaker, Will and Alex, John, Margaret Bohler and Andrew.
31.Photo: Bald eagle on Robertson farm -- Mr. J. Merryless.
Photo: 1910 barn-raising bee on Robertson farm.
Subscription and information page for "Through the Years" booklets.
10th Edition : August 1984
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of Billy Sims -- submitted by Jeanne Pearen.
2.Index, subscription and information page for "Through the Years" booklets.
3.Article: Country Correspondence from Years Past -- Richard Tustian, James Gordon, Miss Estelle Carnall, Mr. & Mrs. G. Buck, Mr. & Mrs. W. Beange, Mr. & Mrs. W. Pigeon, Mrs. J.N. Waite, George Croft, Neil Douglas, Andrew Robertson.
4.Photo: Gordon Township picnic.
5.Article: Old Community Picnics -- Harry Hall, Frank Williams, Grant Strain, George (Yankee) Johnston, John Williams, George Strains Sr., Dougal Middleton, Mrs. Pete Bell.
6.Article: Old Community Picnics -- Joe and Irwin Best, Larry and Cecil Wismer, Gordon Wallett, Bill Johnston, Frank Currie, Ted Brockelbank, Bob Morden, Alf Burt, Roy Rayner, Arkon Mervyn, Bill Millar.
Photo: A Kagawong family -- Mr. & Mrs. John Cornelius with Lily and Joyce, also Mrs. Waterhouse.
7.Article: Wilfred "Billy" Sims reminisces by Robin Melton.
Photo: house built by T.C. Sims -- submitted by Jeanne Pearen.
8.Photo: The part of Little Current was known as Sim's Block in 1912. Submitted by Mrs. Jeanne Pearen, daughter of Mr. W.A. Sims of Little Current.
Article: Wilfred "Billy" Sims reminisces continued -- J.G. Sims, Oliver Vincent, Lyle and Billy Sims.
9.Article: Wilfred "Billy" Sims reminisces continued -- Thomas Chapman Sims, Lyle Sims.
Article: Police Court News -- Margaret Pearl LaRouche, John Percy Smith, Mrs. Cooper, Joseph LaRouche.
10.Article: What's in a Name, written about 1945 submitted by Mrs. Clara Lane.
11.Article: What's in a Name, written about 1945 submitted by Mrs. Clara Lane continued.
12.Article: What's in a Name, written about 1945 submitted by Mrs. Clara Lane continued -- William Moody, Jack, Bill and Frank Little, John Long, John Baker, Harvey Beck, Oliver Bond, Stewart Clark.
13.Article: What's in a Name, written about 1945 submitted by Mrs. Clara Lane continued -- Clifford Walker, William Hilliard, Thomas Clarke.
14.Article: What's in a Name, written about 1945 submitted by Mrs. Clara Lane continued -- Joseph Ward, Norris Lovelace, Clinton Sisson, Charles Hore, Miss Catherine Fraser, George Thorburn, Ivan Langtree,
15.Article: What's in a Name, written about 1945 submitted by Mrs. Clara Lane continued -- Alex Mitchell, Cecil Runnalls, John Woods, Dr. Shaw, John Addison, Thomas Phillips, Roy Arnold, Lawrence Morrell, Kenneth Kemp.
16.Article: What's in a Name, written about 1945 submitted by Mrs. Clara Lane continued -- Rev. Mr. Renshaw, Charles Woodruff, Bowerman family, Boyter family, Ed Looker, Richard Coe, Harry Croft, Granger family, Wagg family, Roy Chisholm, Charles Burt, Mr. Lyn Miller.
17.Article: What's in a Name, written about 1945 submitted by Mrs. Clara Lane continued -- Bill Griffith, Oliver Bond, Miss M. Collins, Vernon Person, Neil Douglas, Arthur Gordon, A.E. Graham, William Neily, Webster Tilson, George Scott, Mrs. Robert Lewis.
18.Article: Country Correspondence from Years Past -- Wm. Cosby, Gordon Milligam, R.J. Porter, John McKenzie, Joe Armstrong, Mrs. Chas Myland, Miss Hattie Myland, Mrs. & Mrs. Henry Smeltzer, Mr. John McKechnie, Robert Palmer, Mrs. M. McArthur, John Carr, Mr. W.J. Tucker, Es. Eaton, George Brydges, Samuel Cole, Mr. Bert Fleming, Mr. Wm Goulter, J.B. Graham, John Rumley, Will Graham, Mrs. John Owen, Allan Buschert, Sydney Berry, Miss Bessy Young, Mrs. Frost, Mrs. Bassingthwaite, John Vance, Mr. & Mrs. Elliot.
19.Photo: Rev. Munro preaches in Thessalon, submitted by Gilmore Tracy.
20.Photo: Rev. Munro pictured with a log drive.
21.Photo: Home of young couple starting out.
22.Photo and Article: Rev. Munro's buggy at a log camp. Article by Gilmore Tracy -- Charlie Wright, Tom Wright, Bob and Bill Wright, Pete and Albert King, Tom Merrylees, Austin Merick, Jim McGill, Archie Rowe, Lew Witty, Archie Duncanson, Jim Panton.
23.Article: Through the Years with Lillie Williams (nee Morden).
Advertisement: The "Old Honesty" cooking stove.
24.Advertisement: T. Eaton sewing machines.
Article: Through the Years with Lillie Williams continued.
25.Article: Through the Years with Lillie Williams continued -- Dr. Baker, Mr. Oliver Runnalls.
Advertisement: Kroehler Divanette Suite, 3 pieces $84.00.
26.Photo / advertisement: The Manitoulin Lumber Co.
27.Advertisement: Sash and Door Factory of W.E. George, Gore Bay.
Advertisement: Merchants Bank of Canada, W.S. Chisholm Mgr., Gore Bay Branch.
28.Photo: Back in 1909 -- Meredith Street, Gore Bay following the fire that destroyed the business section.
Article: Country Correspondence from Years Past continued -- C.H. Mastin, Mr. J.T. Hall, Mrs. A.E. Graham, J.R. McGregor, Purvis Bros. Mr. & Mrs. T. Wilson, George Coft, A.W. McArthur, Henry Palmer, Henry Palmer.
29.Article: Country Correspondence from Years Past continued -- John McKenzie, Thomas Wilson, Crawford's mill, J.B. Graham, Eli H. Corbiere, Leo Ensiben, William Corbiere, Abe Lehman, Miss M. Beange, Miss Bessie Fraser, Messrs. Beattie and Robert Thorburn Jr., Arthur Eade, James Gordon, Ed Bartlett, Mr. & Mrs. Sproule, Mr. George Tustian Sr, Miss Justine Foster, Miss Ida Noland, Ward Foster, Mr. John Hall, Wes Strain, Frank Wagg, Mrs. Wasnidge, Mr. T.W. Cook, Capt. Angus Morrison, Miss Hubell, Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Griffith.
30.Article: Country Correspondence from Years Past continued -- Miss Ida Jackson, Miss Pearl Ilene Platt, Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Platt, Edward Blake Purvis, Oliver Runnalls, Hy Skippen Sr., Noah Skippen, Frank Scott, Henry Skippen, Rob Brown, Bob Gamey, Andrew Robertson, James Montgomery, Lizzie McMillan, May Beck, Will Strain, Ruby Strain, Miss Mildred Kingsboro, George Hennings.
31.Subscription and information on "Through the Years."
Page not available.
11th Edition : September 1984
PageArticle or Item
Photo: A new building in Gore Bay -- Post Office. Submitted by Ann Claridge.
2.Index, subscription and information page for "Through the Years" booklets.
3. Photo and Tribute to "Through the Years" founding Editor, Lorne H.E. McQuarrie on his untimely passing. Written by his father W.J. McQuarrie, Publisher of "Through the Years".
4.Letters to the Editor: W.B. Snow, Joe Ward, Lilly Spry, Donald C. Thompson, Mary C. Shantz, Albert L. Buck, Archie and Gwen Wickett, Bruce Webster.
Photo: Archie Wickett.
5.Letters to the Editor: Allan Dryborough, Mr. Bock, Annie McNicol, Toots McDermid.
Photo: The days of timbering and horses -- Earl McGibbon.
6.Article: The bizarre story of Danny Dodge's Death 1938 -- John F. Dodge, Lorraine McDonald, Lloyd Bryant, Wes Rider, Robert Batman.
7.Article: The bizarre story of Danny Dodge's Death 1938 continued.
Photo: Dodge family yacht about 1930. Submitted by Kathleen Dinsmore.
8.Notice: REWARD $1500.00 -- for the recovery of Daniel G. Dodge's body.
9.Article: Country Correspondence from Years Past -- George Henning, W.H. McGregor, J. McLaughlin, J. Hutchinson, Gordon's mill, William Gilroy, James Caddel, Robert Seers, Rev. Mr. Fretz, Martin L. Buck, Rev. S. Marks, Hugh Brown, Truman Wilson, W.T. Edmonds, Jacob Rumley, Lach Duncanson, Jas Hutchinson, R. McKay.
10.Article: Manitowaning Memories by Robin Melton -- Owen McGuire, Lulu Fairbarn, Ruby Ferguson, Ruby Sparrow, Alec Alken, Susan McCiver, Gertrude Jewel, Helen Peterson, Luther Hart, Mary Gabriel, Neil D. Reid.
Photo: submitted by Owen McGuire -- John McGuire, John Hunter.
11.Article: Manitowaning Memories continued -- Dr. Walker, Dr. Dowsley.
Photo: submitted by Owen McGuire -- Downtown Manitowaning in the earlier days.
12.Article: Manitowaning Memories continued -- John James Morrow, John Shields, Alec Russel.
Photo: submitted by Owen McGuire: 1926 logging camp at Collins Inlet -- Cecil McLennan, Albert Mishibinisima, Alphonse Cooper, Moses Fox, John Osawabine, Bill Third, Moreau, Dan Gaiashk, Sim Collins.
13.Photocopy: 1896 Fishery License.
14.Article: The days of snow and more snow 1947 -- Ivan Purvis, D.A. McQuarrie.
Photos: of 1947 snowfall, submitted by Ann Claridge.
15.Article: Country Correspondence from Years Past 1909 -- A.L. Kemp, Jackson Bros., Sam Greer, Mrs. T. McCulligh, Reeve Munro, Mr. Boyd, Will Hilliard, Mr. & Mrs. John Fraser, Norman Smith, Jas. Fisher, A.E. Johnson, N. Smith, Mr. W. Vincer, Mr. Widdifield, Mr. Wm. Smith, Romaine Conley, Oliver Bond, Edward Rodgers, William Wilson.
16, 17.Photo: The 1908 Killarney hockey team -- Sandy McIvor, Bill Reid.
18.Article: The Middleton's memories -- Dougal Middleton, Mrs. Tom Clark Sr., Mrs. Pearson, Mr. Milligan, Mrs. Dorothea Alken, McPhee family farm, Farquhar McRae, Dr. Davis, William Baker.
19.Article: The Middleton's memories continued -- Lilly Middleton, William Baker, Joe Noland.
Photo: 1937: submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Dougal Middleton -- Sidney Dinsmore, Dougal Middleton.
20.Photo: 1923, submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Dougal Middleton -- Lorne Baker, Dougal Middleton.
Article: The Middleton's memories continued -- William Arnell, Lilly Middleton.
21.Article: The Middleton's memories continued.
Advertisement: Smith Bros. General Merchants -- Angus Able, Gore Bay 1936.
Article: March 11, 1909 -- Miss Moncrief, McDonald & Baxter Lumber Co.
22.Photo: 5 Sisters 1940 -- Jean Goodbrand, Bessie Wright, Frances Bock, Margaret Woods, Jessie Elliot.
Article: The Johnson family by Betty (Johnson) Moody -- Patrick Campbell Johnson, Elizabeth Grindle, George Johnson, William Johnson, Martha Johnson, Susan Johnson, Issac Allen.
23.Article: The Johnson family continued -- Patrick and Elizabeth (children: George, William Isaac, James and Eli) Jane (Hall) Johnson (children: Ishmael, Ida, John, Eliza Jane, Alfred, Caroline, William, Susan and Isaac (twins), George, Samuel, Alice, James and Myrtle (twins).
Photo: Bessie Wright, John Woods, Jean Goodbrand.
24.Article: The Johnson family continued.
Photo: Bill Johnson, Stan Goodbrand, Millie Johnson, Gail Goodbrand, Jean Goodbrand.
25.Photo: Shell gas station Gore Bay.
Article: Story from the Past -- Isaac (Ike) Johnson Jr.
Article: Death of William Trimble, 1919.
26-29.Article: Accounts of Peninsula Portage 1833 by Rev. William Case.
30.Article: Charles Slomke passes -- Elizabeth Hinds, Clayton Slomke, Mrs. S. Burkholder, Ephriam Wiggins, John W. Kinney, William Burns, William Woods, William J. Griffith, Norman Buchanan, Frank Williams.
Article: Obituary of Mrs. (Harriet Almond) George Strain Sr. -- William Strain, Miss Lottie Strain, Ruby Slomke, Ethel Wright, Teddy Strain, Sarah Scott, Roy Strain, Fred Strain, Fred Strain, Roswell Strain, Rev. Walker, Rev. Swanson.
31.Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: Mr. Oswald Hinds Hardware and Furniture Store, Manitowaning.
Article: For Sale, Wagon by A.J. Chicolm, Cutler, Ontario.
Advertisement: Wool, by Manitoulin Woolen Mills, Sheguiandah. A. Weber.
Births: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ferguson, twin boys -- Mr. and Mrs. W. Montgomery, a son -- Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McLean, a son -- Mr. and Mrs. Chas Wright, a son.
12th Edition : October 1984
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Tobermory, In the early days.
3.Letters to the Editor: Earl Baker.
4.Letters to the Editor: Jean Dixon, Clara E. Jutra (on the Best and Noble families).
5.Photo: 1908 Women's Institute Poplar -- Atkinson, Lowrey, Foster, Newell, Oxford, Davis, Baker, Sides, McGillivary, Minerva, Robinson, Dinsmore, Wilkinson, Watt, Noland, Moscrop, Griffith, Scott, Kinney, Baker, McArthur.
6.Article: Memories of Nola Smith (nee Dryburgh) by Robin Melton -- Mr. Ripley, Robert McDougall, Helen Porter, Wesley Taylor.
7.Article: Memories of Nola Smith continued.
Photo: Serge bloomers in 1930 -- Ella Caddel, Nola Dryburgh.
Article: Do you remember when? -- R.T. Hall, R.C. Oliver, Jas. Fisher, Stewart Clarke, Frank Clarke, Wm. Burns, John Taylor, Mr. Beattie, Thomas Lougheed, Norman Forsyth.
8.Photo: The early years of Cockburn Island.
Article: The historical settings and early beginnings.
9.Photo: Main Street Tolsmaville, Cockburn Island.
Article: Early years on Cockburn -- Isaac Cockburn.
10.Article: History of Cockburn Island.
11.Photo: Do you remember when? Of deer and moose hunt.
Advertisement: Oliver Vincent General Merchant, Little Current.
12.Article: The mystery of the bell in Gore Bay -- W.F. McRae, Geo. R. McRae.
Article: George Ross McRae Pharmacy -- Harry Bull, Dr. Jas. A. Baker, Nancy Omnet.
Article: Major William Farquhar McRae, Lawyer -- R.R. McKessock, Marjory Stevenson.
13.Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Johnston.
Article: The Johnstons Recall, by Robin Melton -- William Kemp, Catharine Johnston, Miss Cumberland, Lindsay Johnston, Reverend Tait, Jim Purvis.
14. Article: The Johnstons Recall continued -- Ada Johnston, Catharine Johnston.
Photo: Lawrence Johnston.
15. Article: Do you remember when? -- Mrs. Herring, Mrs. A.J. Wagg, Dr. Baker, May Galbraith, G. McCracken, A.E. Letts, Frank Williams, Wm. Ainslie.
Article: Early settlers on Barrie Island -- Thomas Allan & Eliza Vancise (Pearl, James, Lottie, Clara, Mary, Marion, Rhoda); Alf Armstrong & Margaret Phalen (William, Clarence, Alvin, Elva, Alfred); Frank Alexander & Annie Roszell (Wesley, Wilhelmena, Charlotte, Georgina, Aleitha, Flora, Lyle, Hector); James Allan & Della Lane (Doris, Edgar, Leola, Gladys, Gordon, Edna, Catherine).
16, 17. Article: Early settlers on Barrie Island by J. Lawrence Runnalls -- John McLean, John McQueen, Mrs. Long, Wm. Blackstock, Frank Alexander, Matthew Cole, Robert Lewis, Ernest Letts, Hector McLean, Thomas Allan, Robert Lane, Albert Ellis, Fred Ellis, Neil McPhail, John McPhail, James Small, Charles Greer, Sam Cole, George Cole, Ed Runnalls, William Phalen, Joseph Phalen, Archibald Latta, John Latta, John Lane, Samuel Lane, Mr. Lee, Hugh McLean, Jack Latta, Oliver Runnalls, Nelson Runnalls, Robert Brydges, George Noble Sr., John Jeffkins Sr., Harry Witty, Thomas McCracken, William Vancise, Nelson Morden, Peter Archdeacon, John Witty, Burton Witty, George Witty, Robert Gamble, Norman Lebar, John McLean, James Morden, Mr. Zettler Donald Griffith, William Blackburn, Robert Morden, Thomas Letta, Thomas Witty, George Mervyn, Harry Mervyn, T.B. Greenman, John Coutts, Duncan McAllister, John Calback, Robert Long, William Roszell Jr., William Roszell Sr., Philip Morden, Steven Morden, Orton Morden, Joseph McTaggart, Walter Jennings, John Jennings Sr., John Jennings Jr., Mr. Morris, Albert Long, Tim Emery, John Schoenblum, Jim Young, Dickout, Albert Long.
18. Article: The Johnston's Recall continued -- Lindsay Johnston.
Article: October 13th, 1908 -- Wesley Mutchmor, Frank Wolfe, Chas. Wolfe, Pierre Moriere, Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Best, Christina Helen Campbell, Samuel Gordon Flanagan, H.B. Hunt, Mrs. James McCannell, George Beck, W.E. George, George Willett, Rev. Mr. Neal, Albert Orford, Rev. J.J. Ferguson.
19.Photo: Stone quarries of past years in Dawson Township (2)
20.Article: Manitoulin early history by Robin Melton.
21.Article: Manitoulin early history continued.
Article: Do you remember when? -- John McDonald, R. McDonald, A. Smith, Barney Addison, J. Cronk, Jim Hazzard, Frank Quinn, Jas. Crawford.
22.Article: Manitoulin opened for settlement by Robin Melton -- George Obbotossaway, Sarah Newman, James Chance, William McDougall.
23.Article: Manitoulin opened for settlement continued.
Article: Do you remember when? -- Thomas Lewis, Dan McChesnie, Albert Long, Mr. Morden, Charlie Wright, Donald McArthur, Mr. & Mrs. George Willet, Mr. & Mrs. T.R. Lougheed, Mr. & Mrs. Sandy McCannell, Mr. & Mrs. A.V. Buck.
24.Photo: Dressed for Church -- Mrs. Louie Paul, Mrs. Mary Ebins (Wabange) and Sopie Wabange.
25.Article: The Manitoulin Indian Treaties of 1836 compiled by Frank A. Myers.
26.Article: The Manitoulin Indian Treaties of 1836 continued -- Sale of liquor to Indians.
Article: Do you remember when? 1909 -- James Crawford, John Kemp, A.L. Kemp, H. Bull, Matt Irving, Dr. J. Johnston, Hugh Brown, John McGibbon, William McKinley, Etta Mary Hall to William Leslie Richman, Annie Baker Matheson to Albert Reid Wood, John Smeltzer to Lydia Hall, Mrs. Chas Mayland.
27.Photo: The old Red Mill at Little Current, submitted by Allan Dryburgh.
Article: How Little Current got its name, by Frank A. Myers -- John Burkitt, George Ironside.
28.Article: How Little Current got its name continued.
Article: Meaning of the Indian word for Little Current.
29.Article: Meaning of the Indian word for Little Current continued.
Article: Do you remember when? 1909 -- William Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Isbister, Mr. Ernie Taylor.
Photo: the lighthouse at Little Current.
Marriage: Janet Sophia Jaffray to Hiram Wesley Clark, Bertha Smith, Ethel Strain, Edna Beck.
30.Article: Do you remember when? 1909 -- Miss Thompson, Mr. Melville Stringer, Walter Gilpin, David Kerr, Mr. Jas Crawford, Mr. Bert Bond, Mrs. F. Bassingthwaite, Mrs. A. Sibbald, Mr. M. Stapleton, Mrs. A. Sibbald, Mr. M. Stapleton, Mr. Fred Moody, Reid Davidson, Drs. Shaw and Walker, Mr. Wm. Gilroy, Smith Bros.
31.Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: the view near Willisville, Ontario.
Article: In the good old days.
13th Edition : November 1984
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Manitowaning dock.
3.Article: Through the Years one year old.
4.Letters to the Editor: Norma Haves Island poem.
Article: Poison Ivy -- George Johnston.
5.Article: Poison Ivy continued -- Doug Murray.
Article: Looking back on Little Current.
6.Photo: 62nd Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. W. Cosby of Gore Bay, April 17, 1919.
Article: Country Correspondence from Years Past 1909 -- Judge McCallum, J.R. McGregor.
7.Photo: The Croaker Island quarry.
8.Photo: The Croaker Island quarry.
9.Photo: A large loop used Croaker Island.
Article: About the Croaker Island quarry -- Mrs. Viala Spry (nee Berry), Oliver Berry Jr., Enos Berry, Cletuis Berry, Pat Weatherall.
Photo: Pat Weatherall in his launch.
Article: Country Correspondence -- Miss Ludlow, Mrs. Jas Fitzpatrick.
10.Article: Little Current memories -- Thomas Dunn, Rose Peltier, Ursula Roszel.
Photo: ship, The Algoma.
11.Article: Little Current memories -- Mr. Elmer Vincent, Mr. A. Dryburgh, Dr. Carruthers, Dr. McDonald, Dr. Young, John Young, Clay Cook, Mel Boyter, Humphrey Beaudin, Harold Hembruff, George Baxter, Al Little, Almer Vincent.
Photo: Dredge at work in the Channel.
12.Article: Country Correspondence from Years Past, 1909 -- Andy McDonald, Mr. Galbraith, Mr. McColeman, William Horn, Miss G. Morris, Mrs. H. McKeon, Miss E. Cochrane, Miss Alice Wilson, Mrs. Thomas Robertson, William Priddle, Mr. R.E. Bell, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Holland, Mrs. T. Robinson, Mr. Bunt, Dr. McLaughlin, Mr. Spackman, Mr. J. Royal, Charlie Burnett, Miss Harper, Thomas Batman, T.J. Batman, Mr. A. Batman, Miss Vera Miller, Miss Sadie Becks, Dan McDonald.
13.Article: Country Correspondence from Years Past, 1909 continued -- J. Russell McGregor, Stephen Cronkhite, Robert Robinson, Neil McColeman, Miss Mannikin, Mutchmore mill, William Charters, Robert Galt, Art McArthur, George Strain, Archie Turner, Miss M. Platt, Lizzie Robinson, Miss Hettie Middleton, E. Snow, E. Minard, Phil McGrath, Oliver Berry.
14.Photo and article: Purdy's Mill in Manitowaning submitted by Florence E. (nee Purdy) Armstrong -- John Purdy, Seymour Purdy, Henry Martin, Jim Martin.
15.Photo: John Purdy.
Photo: Jane (McCauley) Purdy, wife of John.
Article: Purdy's Mill in Manitowaning continued.
Photo: Roberta Purdy (Mrs. Alan McKenzie) standing on a pile of lumber at the Mill.
16.Photo: 1906 or 1907 Purdy Mill and house -- John Purdy, Seymour Purdy.
Article: Purdy's Mill in Manitowaning continued.
17.Photo: Queen Street, Manitowaning.
Article: Purdy 1879, 1898, 1898.
Photo: Queens Hotel.
18, 19.Copy of John Purdy land purchase.
20.Advertisement: of John Purdy.
21.Article: Mail Service -- Jim Purvis, Norbert Loosemore.
22.Article: Lighthouses -- James MacDonald, Lauchie MacDonald, J.P. MacDonald, Alfred Cook, Captain Rogue, Foster Morris.
23.Article: Channel Islands -- J.P. MacDonald, Alexander Henry.
24.Article: Channel Islands continued -- Jim Moore, Irene Moore, Roque.
25.Article: Channel Islands continued -- Anna Jameson, George Simpson McTavish, Jerry Moss, J.P. McDonald, Joe Milliman, Jack Keen, Drake Alexander Leslie, Jim Doyle, Captain R.H. Jewell.
26.Photo: The days of the Methodist Church in Gore Bay 1904, submitted by Jack Bain and Mr. W.A. Smith -- Florence Young, Bill Young, Peral Platt, Mr. Ennis, Ida Jackson, Maude Jackson, Mrs. Ennis, Rev. Gray, Mrs. Belton, Elsie Bowman.
27.Article: Early Days in this Vicinity from the Recorder 1932 -- John Cook, Reeve W.L. Strain, Willard Hall, Thomas Dinsmore, C.H. Wright, Alex McLaren, Morrell family, Coupland family, Beaudin family, Jack Dinsmore, Mrs. Casson, Linley family, W.E. McRae, R.A. Smith, James Kinney, E.K. Nesbitt, John Hall, George Cook, Tom McLean, J.M. Fraser, A.C. McRae.
28.Article: Looking back continued, by George H. Cook.
Photo: of unknown man.
Article: Country Correspondence from Years Past -- Harry Craig, J.B. Graham, George Henning, D. McGibbon, George H. Cook.
29.Photo: A pioneer church, St. Andrew's Church in Cold Springs (view of front).
30.Photo: A pioneer church, St. Andrew's Church in Cold Springs (side view).
Article: A pioneer church built in 1887 -- Mrs. Margaret Moore, Samuel McLean, Henry Cannard, William Sterling, Clifford McFarlane, G.C. Scott, Henry Rodgers, James Steele, William Ewart Bannerman, Reverend Roy Columbus, J. Harris Burry, Oliver McCormick.
31.Photo: Inside view of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.
Article: A pioneer church built in 1887 continued -- R.R. McKay, Reverend James McLaughlin, Mrs. Mary McVey, and Mr. Shaw.
Article: Do you remember? -- Mr. and Mrs. Huan, William and Richard Langtree, Mr. H. Sloss, Mr. and Mrs. Liddicoat, Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery, Fred Connor, Palmer family.
32.Photo: Cold Springs Cemetery.
Article: Country correspondence from past years, 1909 -- Misses E. Wismer, F.C. Bickell, E. Bickell, Messrs. Gordon Bickell, Harold Wismer and R. Bickell, George Morris, William Wood, Dr. Thornloe, James McKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Morris, Harold Morris, Mr. and Mrs. M. Young, Digby Young, Miss Mabel Hastie, George Shariton, Byron Abbot, Mrs. J.W. Humphrey, Effie Humphrey, Mrs. Spackman.
33.Photo: The Red Cross Hospital, submitted by Nora Layton, Mindemoya.
34.Photo: The doctor makes his call, submitted by Nora Layton, Mindemoya -- Dr. Davis.
Photo: Covered sleigh, submitted by Nora Layton, Mindemoya.
35.Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Advertisement: "Through the Years" publications make a perfect Christmas gift.
14th Edition : December 1984
PageArticle or Item
Christmas edition and Christmas wishes.
3.Letter to the Editor: Martha Webb on Perivale farm.
Article: A pioneer writes in 1878 -- John B. Baker, W.H. Eagle, Mr. Griffith.
4.Letter to the Editor: John Hastie, Muriel Hastie, Georgina Hastie, Alberta Hastie, Ruby Hastie, Jack Hastie.
Article: From years past -- Sam King, Miss Little, Miss Mary Williamson.
5.Article: Through The Years filling important role.
Photo: The Gore Bay fire of 1908 view from the west side of Meredith Street -- "Two newspaper offices were demolished, that of the Reformer, which was owned by Mr. Keith, and the Conservator, operated by a Mr. Ennis."
6.Photo: South Baymouth, submitted by Kathleen (nee Green) Dinsmore -- Mr. Ritchie, Mr. Green.
7.Article: Early history of South Baymouth by Mae McGauley -- Wilman and Ritchie families, Bill Boyd, Mrs. Robert Green (Sarah Livingston), John Ritchie, James Ritchie, Suzannah Bowerman (Mrs. James Ritchie), Robert Sander, Alex Chisholm, Valentine Wilman, Elizabeth Bennett (Mrs. V. Wilman), Sam Clark, William Wallace, Dave Marwick, George McKim, R.P. Green, Walter Chisholm, David Sim, J. Ownes, Miss Hammond.
8.Article: Early history of South Baymouth continued -- Rev. Rawlings, Rev. Renny, McGauley.
Article: Cannon Frederick Frost by Harry Robbins -- Bishop Sullivan, Miss Longfellow, Chief Buhgue Jenene, Chief Shingwauk, Miss Coates.
9.Photo: Muchmore Street in Providence Bay, submitted by Mrs. Grace Tracy.
Article: The Tracy's talk about early Manitoulin -- Earl Tracy.
Photo: Providence Bay saw mill, submitted by Mrs. Grace Tracy.
10.Photo: The pier in Providence Bay, submitted by Mrs. Grace Tracy.
Article: The Tracy's talk about early Manitoulin continued -- Andrew Tracy, MacNevin family, Earl Tracy, Miss Griffith, Annie Carter, Gertie Jewell, Bella McDonald, Reuben Cranston, Grace McIntyre McDougall.
11.Photo: Frank and Helen Wagner of Providence Bay, submitted by Mrs. Grace Tracy.
Article: The Tracy's talk about early Manitoulin continued -- Dr. R.B. McQuay, Andrew Tracy, John Shields, Ab Stuart, Louis Needham, R.R. Gammie, Ritching, Purvis Bros., Marshall Patterson.
12.Photo: Union Church in Providence Bay, submitted by Mrs. Grace Tracy.
Photo: The first Bank of Montreal in Mindemoya, submitted by Mrs. Grace Tracy.
Article: Manitowaning -- Mrs. H. McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. Hinds, Mrs. Clement, Mrs. D. Walker, Mrs. Leitch.
Article: Kagawong -- C.M. Fraser, Robert King.
13.Article: Sad drowning accident, Norman Doane of Ten Mile Point Settlement -- Mr. Walford.
Mr. William S. Gibbon's Statement: John Dawson.
14.Article: Sad drowning accident, Mr. Gibbon's statement continued -- A.G. Walford, Mr. Humphrey May.
Article: Sad drowning accident, Mr. A.G. Walford's statement -- Norman Doane, Mr. Gibbon, Mr. Dawson.
15.Article: Sad drowning accident, Mr. A.G. Walford's statement continued -- Doane, Dawson, Gibbon.
Article: Country correspondence from past years, 1909 -- Rev. J.J. Ferguson, Miss Mabel McRae, Milton Brett, Mr. A. Morrell, Mrs. Annie Lehman, M. Lehman, Jesse Lehman, W. Lehman, Misses Ethel and Lizzie Robinson, Miss Hetty Middleton, Neil McColeman, Miss Lucinda Johnson, Peter McKenzie, Mr. McLeod.
16, 17.Photo: Logging Camp in 1880, submitted by Harry Robbins of Ten Mile Point.
Article: on Logging Camps -- David Sim.
18.Article: on Logging Camps continued.
19.Article: on Logging Camps continued.
Article: Country correspondence from past years -- Mr. J.C. Morphet, Mr. Jas Wilkin, Mr. W.T. Phillips, Mr. Halbert, Mr. McConnell, Mr. J. Caddle, Mr. Looker.
20.Article: Early pioneers of Gordon -- James and Eliza Beckerton, Sarah Ann Beckerton, William John Beckerton, Agnes Fletcher, Eliza Jane Beckerton, Robert Beckerton, Henry (Harry) Beckerton, Wellington (Duke) Beckerton, Emily Beckerton, Thomas Beckerton, Roland Beckerton, Frank Royal.
Photo: Flossie and Lizzie Royal about 1989.
21.Article: Early pioneers of Gordon continued -- Agnes Beckerton, Frank Royal, Elizabeth Florence Royal, James Henry Royal, Flossie Mimer Royal.
Photo: Flossie Royal, Jim Royal, and Harry Beckerton.
22.Article: Early pioneers of Gordon continued -- Elizabeth Royal and Joseph Williams (children Victoria, May and Grant) Jim Royal and Jennie Dunn, James and Eliza Beckerton, Teresa (nee Beckerton) Mailloux.
23.Article: Early pioneers of Gordon continued.
Article: Country correspondence from past years, 1909 -- Miss McLeod, Mr. Beattle, Arthur McAuley, Dr. Johnston, Alfred Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Clarke, Jos Smyth, W. Dougherty, N. LaRush, Misses W. and B. Hastie, Reeve T.J. Batman, Mr. and Miss Umphrey, William Vincer, Miss Sadie Galbraith, Miss Jennie Elliott.
24.Photo: One big buck -- Les Prentice, Jim Doyle, James Prentice, Lawrence Morrison, Jim Morrison.
25.Photo: Buck fell into crack, submitted by Alex Purvis.
26.Article: Country correspondence from past years -- Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy (children John, William and Melissa) Mary Ellis, Thomas Ellis, Mrs. Wm. Charters, Ritchie Bros, Sr. Wilman, Reg Dewar, Mrs. Lydia Russell, James Sawyer, George Hunter, Findlay McDermid.
27.Article: Country correspondence from past years continued -- John Kennedy, John Dewar, Archibald Cranston, James Cranston, James Sawyer, Mr. and Mrs. E. Burch, Mr. and Mrs. L. Hopkin, W.H. Graham.
28.Figures at the Provincial elections.
Article: Country correspondence from past years continued -- Dr. McComb, Mr. E.G. Scott, Misses Muriel Morris and Pearl Hall, Ed Tucker, Miss Madge, Miss McCausland, Miss Ida Jackson, Mrs. Madill, Mrs. N.A. Runnalls, Mrs. John Coutts, Miss Rose, Mr. Kidd, Mr. and Mrs. Moody, Mrs. Milton Neilles, Miss Hattie Cook, Miss Cochrane, Jack Montgomery.
29.Article: Country correspondence -- Mr. D.M. Fraser, Mrs. Jim Gordon, Miss Stella Hilliard, James McLeod, James Gladstone, A. Ward, Mrs. Wm. Bain, Miss E.M. Hall, Mr. Leslie Richmond, Mrs. William Charters, Walter Chisholm, Miss Florrie Ball, Mrs. Henry Smeltzer, Mrs. J. McKechnie, Mrs. David Watson, Thomas Batman, Gordon Bickell, Mr. G. Gamble, Mrs. Crasweller, Dan Ednie, Frank Bennett, Neil Douglas, Ida Summerville, Mr. Gillis, William Griffith, Mr. A. Caniff, James Blackburn, Tom and Sandy Rumley, Ed Bradley, Melville Stringer, Miss Ellen R. Lewis, Miss Amanda Storms, James Williamson, Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Speer, Mrs. H.B. Gallagher.
30.Photo: Billings Township a few years ago.
Article: Country correspondence 1909 -- Stewart Clarke, Will and Nick Cole, Mrs. R.M. Bell, Harry Bell, Mrs. A. Lehman, Mr. H. Stapleton, Miss M. Hubbert.
31.Photo: The days of the horses -- Ernest Debassige of West Bay.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Advertisement: "Through the Years" publications make a perfect Christmas gift.
15th Edition : January 1985
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Steamer Winona, Capt. James Purvis of Gore Bay.
2. Indexes.
3. Letters to the Editor: "Every word was true" by Ev Proctor.
4. Letter: from The Manitoulin Guide written by S.P. Jackson.
Article: Country correspondence from past years 1909 -- Russell Morris, Norman Smith, Jesse Lehman, Dorse Burns, Mrs. J.S. Hawkins, Mrs. Jack Edwards, Mrs. Andrew McMilllan, Mr. L. Gamey.
5. Photo: Unknown area.
Letter to the Editor: Great sailing ships of the past provide romantic memories, by Earl Baker (1983).
6. Photos: Timbers remaining from the Atwater, submitted by Tom and Mary Cadman.
7. Letter to Editor: continued re: the Atwater.
8. Photos: Timbers remaining from the Atwater, submitted by Tom and Mary Cadman.
9. Article: Looking back with Lena Young by Robin Melton -- A.J. Wagg, Mrs. Conley, Dr. David.
10. Photo: Mrs. Helena Young.
Article: Looking back with Lena Young continued -- Digby Young, Mr. Watson.
Correspondence: Miss Queenie Neely, Miss Ida Noland, Miss Scott, Capt. Cole, John Wickens.
11. Photo: Sam Murray of Michael's Bay with his horse and cutter, submitted by Kathleen Dinsmore.
Article: The Michael's Bay story.
Photo: Robert A. Lynn built Michael's Bay Timber Co.
12. Photo: Two labourers at Michael's Bay Sawmill -- Clarke and McIntyre.
Article: The Michael's Bay story continued.
13. Plan of the Village of Michael's Bay, Manitoulin.
14. Photos: Teacher Mary Turnbull with students in Michael's Bay.
15. Article: The Michael's Bay story continued -- T. Hurich, W.M. King, Mitchell family, Mr. Thompson.
16. Photo: Store at Michael's Bay, submitted by Allan Dryburgh.
Photo: Paul Clarke stands on the stern of the "Rose' in Michael's Bay.
Article: The Michael's Bay story continued.
17. Article: The Michael's Bay story continued.
Photo: Bob Gault and daughter Marjorie at Michael's Bay, submitted by Kathleen Dinsmore.
18. Photo: The Shingle Mill that once stood at Michael's Bay.
Notation: Michael's Bay -- Messrs. Sexton and Neilson, Mr. R. Gault, Miss Edith Coultis, Alfred Leeson.
19. Article: Country correspondence from past years -- Mr. Crawford, William Ainslie, John Morden, Mrs. Malcolm McArthur, James Young, Mr. F.P.S. Dean, Constable Morris, Wes Lehman, Mr. Hackett, Albert Ashley, Dr. Walker, Miss M. Weatherall, Mrs. and Mrs. Sylvester Berry, Mr. Farrell, Mr. W. Fields, Mrs. Love, Percy Beck, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Hall, Mr. J. Nighswander, Fred Moody.
20. Article: Country correspondence from past years -- William Stephen, William Hubbert, William Stephens, Miss Jennie Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. William Purvis, Harvey Price, Mr. and Mrs. William Price, Brother Gordon Bidwell, Morton Hall, Miss Flora Thorburn, Sam Connor, Misses Aggie and Jessie Thorburn, Mr. and Mrs. William Thorburn, George and John McCullough, W.W. Ray, A.M. Rumsley, William Elliott, A.J. Wagg, George Campbell, Edward Leck, Mr. D. McDonald, Eddie and Olcot Titus, Mr. D. Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. Storey, Mr. and Mrs. Johnston, Vern LaRush, Lorne McGauley, Stephen Russell, Miss Flora Ball, Mrs. H. Smelter, Misses Lulu and Florence McNevin.
21. Article: Across the ocean in only 7 weeks, submitted by Mrs. Kathleen Dinsmore -- James Leeson, Christopher James Leeson, James Leeson, Mary Leeson, Bessie Leeson, Emily Isadora Leeson, Franny Leeson, Ben Leeson, Mina Leeson. Bessie Wright, Margaret Wright, Jane Young, Lawm Quackenbush, George Bennett, Robert Simm, Henry Bennett, Isaas Leeson, Sarah Legelt, Benjamin Leeson, Sandy Ballantyne, Neil McDougall, John Morrow, W. Sproat.
22. Article: As I recollect by William Bowerman (Destination -- Tehkummah 1878) -- Ernest Freeman, Mr. Trewan, Albert Trewan.
23. Photo: McGauley Mill around 1879.
Article: As I recollect by William Bowerman continued -- Frank Bowler, Judy Purdy, Dan McVannell, Richard Bowerman, Lorne Bowerman.
24. Article: As I recollect by William Bowerman continued -- Wilson Young, Mrs. Sloan.
25. Article: As I recollect by William Bowerman continued -- Mr. Hutvchinson.
Article: County correspondence -- H. Mevyn, E.A. Letts, John Jefkins, Samuel Cole, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. B. Vince, Mr. Jim Melson, Mr. Nelly, Jack Turner, Mrs. McKenzie, Dr. Johnston, Mrs. W.H. Clarke, Miss McDonald, Mrs. James Purvis.
26. Article: Sailing Canadian waters.
Photo: S.S. Sarmation.
27. Article: Lake Death Toll is Heavy in Disasters since 1823 (list of shipwrecks).
28. Article: Lake Death Toll is Heavy in Disasters since 1823 (list of shipwrecks) continued.
Article: Marine Notes 1892 -- Captain Joe Maughn.
29. Advertisement: for Steamer Winona -- James Purvis, Captain A. Casson.
30. Article: from The High School Tattler, Gore Bay, May 1928 -- James Purvis.
Article: The Steamer Winona has grown, 1919 -- Master Captain Casson, First Officer George Bowser, Chief Engineer William Cary, Second Engineer Jack McDonald.
Photo: The Steamer Winona.
31. Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Article: County Correspondence from Years Past, 1908 -- Mr. Mastin, Mr. and Mrs. Len Cancise, Robert Palmer, George Rayner, Miss Minnie Pemberton, Carmen Davidson, Albert Wood, George Blackstone, John Witty, Albert Long, George Brydges, Robert Cole, Mrs. A. McDonald, Mrs. John Anderson, Miss Margaret Jane Foster, Mr. and Mrs. James Foster, Samuel Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. Reynold McQuarrie, Rev. Isaac Couch, B.A. George Kendrick, Miss Fanny Wyman, John N. Merylees, Miss Maud Morrell, Robert Sanders, Miss Mabel Misner.
16th Edition : February 1985
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Freighter and Passenger boat City of Midland.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo: The first camp nearing completion at Hideaway Lodge.
Letter to the Editor: Fred and Vera Lillycrop, Mrs. Sarah Lemon, Mr. Ab Wood, William Brown, Florence Campbell, Hugh Brown.
4. Letter to the Editor: Valinda Walker, James Brown, Bella McLeod, Neil McLeod, Jessie McLeod, Hugh McLeod, Annie McLeod, Belle McLeod, Archie McLeod, Sandy McLeod, Tina McLeod, Jim McLeod, Mary McLeod, Kate McLeod, Nellie McLeod, Ernie and Jessie Brown, Andrew J. Conklin, Mathilda Conklin, Robert Gamey, Annetta Conklin, Kennedy children: Earl, William, Mabel, Lyman and Lyna. Norman M. Conklin, N.W. Clinger.
Death Notice: Andrew J. Conklin 1907.
5. Letter to the Editor: Customer for five generations -- David Munro.
Photo: David Mark Munro, Mr. R.A. Smith, Alexander Munro.
6. Article: Sailing schedule of the Streamers Caribou, Manitou and Telegram.
7. Article: Steamer Schedules 1906 -- Georgian Bay Division, Soo-Michipicoten Route.
8. Article: Doctor Thomas Simpson, submitted by Mrs. Jean McLennon.
9. Photo: of Doctor Thomas Simpson.
Article: Doctor Thomas Simpson, submitted by Mrs. Jean McLennon continued.
10. Article: Doctor Thomas Simpson, submitted by Mrs. Jean McLennon continued -- Mrs. Gladys Orr, William H. Plummer, Harry Lynne Plummer, Blanche Fauquier Lyon, Helen Marie Plummer, Rev. James Chance, Helen Gertude Simpson, Rev. Joseph Jennessean, Brian Simpson, Brook Claxton.
11. Article and Poem: 1886: Death of a Child -- of Hubbert Watson, son of James and Theresa Watson.
12. Photo: Manitoulin pioneers 1906, submitted by Mrs. Gladys Noland -- Sam McKinley, Nellie Aelick, James McKinley, Sam McKinley, Charlotte Eaton.
13. Article: Mrs. Nelson Runnalls by J. Lawrence Runnalls -- Catherine Ann Runnalls, William Rowe, Harriet Ackley, William Oliver Runnalls, William Nelson, Dora Jones Sutton, Pearl Louise Runnalls, Mrs. Ed. Long, Kate Jennings, Charlotte Hall, Elizabeth Stocks, Effie Hern.
14. Article: Mrs. Nelson Runnalls continued -- Tom Robertson, Allan Montgomery, Barbara Patton, Lizzie McLean, Mrs. Jim Fraser.
Article: J.T. Burns, Aged 88 Pioneer Miller, Dies -- James Burns, Jemima Ross, Jack Burns, Harold Burns, Ross Burns, William Burns, Mrs. Gordon Duncan.
Article: Mr. Luke Almond, Mary Sharpe.
15. Photo: Philip Beck submitted by Annie Willilton.
Article: Early history of Gordon Township -- Philip Beck, John Strain, Annie Cook, Harvey Beck, Mr. Joe William, Charlie Wright, Lily Beck, May Beck, Beryl Beck, Edna Beck, Harvey Wilson.
16. Photo: submitted by Annie Williton -- Annie Beck, Harvey Wilson, Edna Wilson.
Article: Country correspondence -- Judge McCallum, Jack Lougheed, Mr. Wilfred Lehman, Miss Stella Hanley, Mr. H.W. Bell, Mr. Dean, Miss Meryl Wismer, Mrs. J.S. Hawsins, Sam Cole, John Hutchinson, Miss Pheobe Ferguson, George Hutchinson.
17. Article: Manitoulin Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians -- Robert Thorburn, Gesis Moquam, Jim Poquam, Joe Nolan, Jim Thorburn.
18. Article: Manitoulin Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued.
19. Article: Manitoulin Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued.
20. Article: Manitoulin Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- Alexander Henry.
21. Article: Manitoulin Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued.
22. Article: Manitoulin Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- Joe Hodgson, Gesus Moquam, Bill Shabidon, Jim Poquam, Moses Shoggi, Star Genus, Bill Shadidon, Roy Morell, Ray Merrylees, Johnny Mosuam.
Article: Plane brings Sunday night.
23. That Old Model T written by Patrick Whalen -- Harold McMillen.
24. Advertisement: for J.H. Biehl, Ford Truck Dealer, Manitowang.
25. Article: Recollections of Mrs. Stella Sim -- Mr. Bickle, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Titus, Miss Sankster, Stella Robbins.
Photo: Elias Doan's house in Ten Mile Point. Submitted by Stella Sim of Manitowaning.
26. Article: Recollections of Mrs. Stella Sim continued -- Mr. Diamond, Norman Robbins.
Photo: Mr. D. Whte, Mrs. Bill Burnett, Mrs. Jake Stringer, Mrs. Frank Atkinson, Stella Stringer, Stella Robbins, 1918, at Frank Atkinson's. Submitted by Stella Sim.
27. Article: Recollections of Mrs. Stella Sim continued.
Photo: Stella Sim.
28. Photo: The Elizabeth Bay School students 1904.
29. Article: Declaration -- W.A. Porter, R. McClinchy.
Article: The Cook Book -- Mr. Patten.
Article: Country correspondence from past years -- Mrs. T.H. Moore, Mrs. Jas Milligan, Mr. Wm. Linley, Thos Beckerton, Mrs. John Clayton, Wm. Morrell.
30. Advertisement: Gore Bay Livery, Alex Burns, Proprietor.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
31. Photo: Submitted by Stan Gordon Sr. of George Buck.
Photo: Submitted by Stan Gordon Sr. of boat belonging to Oliver Berry.
Photo: Submitted by Stan Gordon Sr. of dock at Kagawong.
Photo: Submitted by Viala Srpy -- Robert Rivett, Hattie Prestage, Harriet Rivett, Robert Pickard Jr., Mat Berry.
Photo: Hiram Berry -- Lydia Kendrick.
17th Edition : March 1985
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Little Current harbour 1907, submitted by Allan Dryburgh.
2. Indexes.
3. Letter to the Editor: -- N. Hinton Sr., W.I. Wagg, Lyle Sims, Jean McLennan, William Gordon Esq., Wm. M. Boyd, William Hilliard, F.E. Titus.
4. Photo: Old Corner Store at Kagawong -- Smiths, Stan Gordon Sr., Fred Smith (?).
5. Article: Memories of Mrs. Jean McLennan (nee Hutchinson) -- Cecil Sinclair, Clara Turnbull, Helen McGillivray, Catherine Gordon, Margaret Watson, Bill Hare, Bill Moody, Elias Hutchinson.
Photo: Queen's Hotel at Manitowaning.
6. Photo: W.J. Tucker, Druggist.
Article: Memories of Mrs. Jean McLennan continued -- Andy Mitchell, John Shields, and Mr. Glennie.
7. Article: Memories of Mrs. Jean McLennan continued.
Invoice of 1932 on the price of lambs.
8. Article: Captain Norman McCoy sailed Str. Manitou for 31 days, 1900.
9. Article: Captain Norman McCoy sailed Str. Manitou for 31 days continued
10. Article: Captain Norman McCoy sailed Str. Manitou for 31 days continued -- Mayor T.W. Thomson, Arthur Batten.
Article: Major P.T. Rowland 1915.
11. Photo: The Jones, wrecked in Georgian Bay, November 22, 1906.
Article: The raising of the Jones -- Mrs. W.J. Patterson, Oswald R. Moore.
12. Article: The Reminiscences and history of South Baymouth by Kathleen Dinsmore -- Val William, Mr. Ritchie, R.P. Green, Alex Chisholm.
Photo: Home in South Baymouth, submitted by Kathleen Dinsmore.
13. Photo: The Green house in South Baymouth -- Kathleen Green, Mr. Green, Sarah Green, Miss Hammond, and Miss Whiteside.
14. Article: South Baymouth continued.
Article: County correspondence -- Andrew Robertson, Mac McArthur, George Croft, D'Arcy Burns, William Bryant, Burt Foster, William Stephens, Mr. Bucknell, George E. Brooks, James McColeman, Frances Skipping, Mr. Looker -- Havelock Hotel proprietor, John Hilliard.
15. Copy: 1906 Permit to Hunt Deer, provided by Stan Gordon Sr.
16. Article: Voters List of Billings 1892 -- Allison, Bailey, Baillie, Banks, Baxter, Bennett, Bowser, Boyd, Buck, Campbell, Croft, Cronk, Crowder, Cummings, Dickout, Elliot, Farquahar, Fisher, Foreshoe, Foster, Fraser, Gordon, Graham, Greenfield, Grey, Herriman, Hilliard, Huffman, Huggard, Hunt, Hunter, Ireland, Jenkins, Johnston, Kribbs, Lang, Larush, Legge, Lehman, Lemon, Lloyd, Love, Moore, Munro, Mutchmore, McAnsh, McClinchy, McDonald, McGauley, McInnis, McKenzie, McLeod, McNevin, Needler, Newburn, Parkinson, Pickard, Pierce, Richards, Riordan, Rivett, Ross, Russell, Sides, Smith, Snow, Speers, Sproule, Sterling, Tennant, Thompson, Tustian, Vanhorn, Waterhous, Wiber, Wilson, Wooley, Wyman.
17. Article: Country correspondence from past years, 1908 -- Miss Gandur, William Field, Mr. Mutchmore, Joe Armstong, W. Hazzard, John Wickens, John Hilliard, Sandy Brown, Mrs. Emery, James Emery, Miss Jean Milligan, Will Strain, Dan McArthur.
18. Article: Death of Judge Archibald B. McCallum.
19. Photo: The Little sawmill, Picnic Island, 1911 -- Mr. Brydon, John Colon.
20. Article: Early days in Little Current -- Allan Dryburgh, Bryan Mackie, Mrs. Bob Porter.
Photo: Little Current and Knokerville lighthouse.
Photo: Boat "Thomas Fraint of Sault St. Marie" probably 1907.
21. Article: Man escapes from local gaol, November 1915 -- Louis Shanawbin, Governor Cronkite, Dan Campbell, Constable Sandy Burns, Willaim Boyd, Police Magistrate Price.
Article: The First Missionary on the Manitoulin -- Rev. Joseph Antoine Poncet.
22. Article: Traffic completely tied up following storm, 1915.
Article: The Late Mrs. J. Gordon, November 1915 -- Mr. John Gordon, Catherine McDonald, John Gordon, Mrs. Burch, Mrs. Foster, John Gordon Jr., George Gordon.
23. Article: How the Scotchman Heard the Call, 1915 -- Guillaume de L'Ambert, Angus Macdonald.
Article: John W. Kinney Scott November 1915 -- Mrs. John Scott, Helen J. Scott.
Article: F.E. Wagg wins $1,200 scholarship, November 1915.
24. Photo: The farmers gather, about 1890 -- William Peters, William Dryburgh, William Eade, George Peters.
25. Poem: The Maple Leaf For Ever 1915.
Poem: O Canada 1915.
26. Lyrics: It's A Long Way to Tipperary.
27. Photo: Fishing tug at South Baymouth -- Agnes (nee Allen) McQuarrie, Ranald McQuarrie, Kathleen Dinsmore, Donald McQuarrie.
Article: Correspondence from past years, December 1908 -- Charles White, Harry Bull, Stewart Clarke.
28. Photo: (2) of the Roman Catholic Church at Wikemikong, submitted by Jean McLennan.
29. Article: 1954, Reopened, Rededicated Manitoulin Church.
Photo: Church at Wikemikong, September 1912.
30. Copy of Barry Island land lots.
31. Article: Barrie Islanders marry Barrie Islanders, compiled by J. Lawrence Runnalls – Frank Alexander & Annie Roszell, James Allan & Della Lane, Thomas Allan & Eliza Vancise, William Blackstock & Mary McCracken, Robert Brydges & Ellan Long, John Claback Sr. & Mable Gamble, George Cole & Catherine Witty, Samuel Cole & Nellie Jennings, George Coutts & Sara Cole, Frederick Ellis & Hannah Phalen, Thomas B. Greenman & Celia Morris, Benjamin Greenman & Margaret Witty, Charles Greer & Prudence Arch Deacon, John Jeffkins Sr. & Emma Noble, John Jennings Jr. & Margaret Coutts, Walter Jennings & Martha Morden, Frederick Langton & Frances Lane, Albert Lane & Dora Langton, Arthur Lane & Clara Runnalls, Charles Lane Sr. & Elizabeth Greenman, Charles Lane Jr. & Dorothy Runnalls, George Lane & Matha Vancise, Harold Lane & Carol Baker, Lloyd Lane & Evelyn Lane, Robert Lane & Alice McTaggart, Ernest Letts Sr. & Emily Cloe, Harold Letts & Grace Greenman, Edmon Long & Dora Sutton, John Long & Olive Langton, Earold Matheson & Catherine Allan, Gordon Matheson & Mary Allan, Joseph Matheson & Edna Allan, Hector McLean & Ellen Witty, Hugh McLean Jr. & Minnie Witty, Albert McTaggart & Mabel Jennings, William McTaggart & Alice Lane, Joseph Merrylees & Annie Greenman, Herbert Mervyn & Elizabeth Long, Howard Mervyn & Frances Matheson, Allan Montgomery & Lila Noble, Philip Morden & Elizabeth Brydges, George Noble Sr. & Jane Mervyn, George Noble Jr. & Sara Phalen, Harry Noble & Nellie Letts, Stanley Orford & Marilyn Borton, Cecil Runnalls & Mary Baker, Oliver Runnalls Sr. & Katie Jennings, Stanley Runnalls & Susan Baker, Henry Vancise & Rita Woodrow, James Vancise & Kate Allan, James Wiseman & Annie Lane, George Witty & Annie Mervyn, Harry Witty & Elizabeth Coutts.
Article: Barrie Island families 1985 -- William & Selana Irwin, Julia Geddies, Eric Robbins, Lloyd & Evelyn Lane, Douglas & Joann lane, Valentine & Gertrude Pollen, George & Patricia Borton, Gertrude Greenman, Lance and Lillian Greenman, James & Kathleen Merrylees, John & Olive Long, Austin & Gloria Noakes, Moby & Rosewitha Lauterbach, Ruby Greenman, Cecil & Mary Runnalls, Oliver & Barbara Runnalls, James & Madeline Lane, Clara Lane, Lewis & Ann Runnalls, William & Ellen Little, Keith & Lenora Montgomery, Lloyd & Doris Jeffkins, Carol Lane, Stanley & Susan Runnalls, Robert & Jean Greenman, Cryal & Amy Crack, Charles & Vera Langton, Roy Campbell, Charles & Christina Crack, Elizabeth Mervyn.
Article: October 1908 -- Clapperton Island fire on the boat Str. Iroquois.
Article: High School Entrance Reports 1924, submitted by Ellen Duncanson. -- Jean Wedgerfield, Eleanor Baxter, Helen Cook, Ileen Hopper, Willie Watts, Reginald Dewar, Daisy McCoy, Jim Smith, Artie Bond, Ella Collins, Emma Armstrong, Ivan Trick, Mary Baker, Howard Neely, Edith Johnson, John Montgomery, John Oxford, Alvin Buck, Margaret Hamilton, Daisy Addison, John Addison, Wm. Baker, Evelyn Beange, James Beange, Douglas Buchanan, Lillie Barns, Moses Cada, Clifford Carter, Walter Dearing, Nellie Donaldson, Lena Donaldson, Aleada Foster, Arthur Gibbs, Stella Hall, Eva Hore, Stella Hore, Jessie Langman, Tom Langman, Norman McDonald, Yola MacDonald, Dorothy McArthur, Nellie McDermid, Max McQuarrie, Della McTaggart, Ellen Pope, Agnes Robertson, Charles Sampson, Fred Shields, Wm. Smith, Edward Van Horne, Allan Walker, Ella Willeton, Clara Woods.
Article: 1908, Gordon Township -- George Emiry, Will Roy, Ambrose McArthur, Malcolm McArthur, Jake Vanmeer.
Advertisement: Through the Years subscription form.
18th Edition : April 1985
PageArticle or Item
Photo: The old dock at Sheguiandah, submitted by Mrs. Ruby (Hastie) Lewis.
2. Indexes and information.
3. Letter to the Editor: Mr. Bradley, George White, Ronald McDonald.
Article: Letters of 1912 -- Eunice Leeson, Archie Ainslie, Keenan Woodenware.
4. Article: Letters of 1912 continued.
5. Article: Letters of 1912 continued.
6. Article: Overseas Letters, France, February 1918 -- (Pte.) E.L. Long.
Poem: Judge Not, author unknown.
7. Photo: The old snowplow -- Art Pope, James Purvis, Ivan Purvis.
Article: Country correspondence, 1915 -- W.F. McRae, T.B. Greenman, J.L. Wismer, Mr. Lehman.
8. Photo: North Bay Normal School, 1928 -- Bert Dunlop, Mary Stringer (Campbell), Eunice Ainslie (Leeson), Ethel Putt (Labrick), Ellen Pope (Duncanson), Hazel VanHorn (Bryan), Mary Baker (Runnalls) and Annie McDermid.
Photo: The Providence Bay School students, 1919 -- teacher Rueben Cranston.
9. Article: The Manitoulin Island STORIES -- C.W. Gauthier, Mr. Droulet, Mr. Hodgekins.
10. Article: The Manitoulin Island STORIES -- Boyter, Harry Wright, Mr. Droulet, Mrs. Ford, Daniel G. Dodge.
11. Poem: The Sailors Grave, written by Rev. W. Munroe.
Article: Obituary 1923 -- Martha Ellen Hore, Messrs. James, Bob, Will and Joe Neison, Charles Hore and Mack McArthur, William Hore, Mrs. J. Neison, James Neison, Robert Neison, Joseph Neison, William Neison, Charlotte Neison, Mrs. Wm. Wright, Mrs. John Donaldson.
12. Article: The Manitoulin Island STORIES -- Joe Herbert, Ferinand by Solomon, James Lowe, Frank Lapointe, Nickolas Garry.
13. Advertisement: 1904, New Tru-Fit Spectacles, submitted by Ken Pickell.
14. Advertisement: 1904 Farmers Advocate, submitted by Ken Pickell.
15. Advertisement: 1904 Farmers Advocate, submitted by Ken Pickell.
16, 17. Copy: of a Matrimony Certificate of Robert Reid and Susan ??indrick of Cockburn Island, performed at Gore Bay in 1885.
Article: Social news from past years -- Mrs. Ruth Irvine, Mrs. W.V. Jennings, Alex McDougall, M.N. McArthur, Edward Clark, Archdeacon Gilmour, Rev. C.J. Oakley.
18. Article: The Burning and Sinking of Cummins' Boat on Manitowaning Bay -- John Skelliter, Paddy Lewis, Mrs. Gladys Smith, Mrs. Alice Rankin, Mr. and Mrs. Henn.
19. Article: The Burning and Sinking of Cummins' Boat on Manitowaning Bay continued.
Article: Social news from past years, October 1905 -- Miss F.M. Fraser, Thomas Latta, W.A. Thorburn, George Croft, Neil McLean, Ambrose and Donald McArthur, George Pearson, M. Galbraith.
20. Article: Sault Ste. Marie, The Soo Lock Accident.
21. Article: The Favouite Sport of the Upper Lakes.
Article: Two Share in Dodge Reward -- Wesley Ryder, Albert Bateman, S.F. Pepplar.
Article: Have Narrow Escape in Car Crash -- John Currey, Ernest and Amby Croft, Dr. K C. Kalkner, Victor Noble, Mary Woods, Dorine Morden, Kay McQuarrie, Betty Davis, Doug Tighe.
22. Article: Inquest Saturday into triple drowning tragedy, 1951, submitted by Jean McLennon -- Earl Golding, Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Gibson, Magistrate W.J. Golden, Lachy McDougall, Constable Gordon Collins, Corporal Louis Needham, Inspector P. Morris.
Article: Died -- Andrew Mitchell in Assiginack.
23. Poem: Written Before Death, by Sandi.
Article: Local News Items, 1915 -- William Stoddart, Mrs. C. Hunt, Stewart Clarke, Robert Jaffray, Andrew McMillian, John McKenzie, J.W. Griffith, Dr. J.S. Brooks.
24. Advertisement: Kemp's 20th Century Manure Spreader.
25. Article: A history of Kagawong by Elda Burt -- Rev. Jackson Strapp, Dr. Lois Wilson, Rev. Fred Sorrenson, Grant and Doris Tustian, J.W. Fitzerald, Mr. Bolger.
26. Article: A history of Kagawong continued -- Mr. Mutchmore, Robert Henry, Hugh McKay, Robert and William Henry.
27. Article: A history of Kagawong continued -- William Henry, Louisa Stewart, Mary Lousia Henry, James Johnston.
Advertisement: Plymouth Binder Twine.
28. Article: Little Current correspondence 1910, submitted by Allan Dryburgh -- Miss Mays, Same Howell, N.A. Rowe, Thomas Ferguson, David Anderson, Thomas Frood, Ernest Willis, Thomas Manuel, Mayor Vincent, George McVey, Master Wilfred Sims, Messrs. Collar, Hubbard, Allister, A. Ferguson and Gus Riordan, Mr. J.G. Kinsboro, John Ramesbottom, John Shield.
29. Article: Social news from past years -- James Lewis, William Galley, Ernest Willis.
Article: Little Current, 1910, School Report -- Glen McDonald, Ella McDonald, Audice Vincent, Dolly McKenzie, Alberta Wilkin, Emma Clark, Coy Nelder, Clarence Cook, John Knight, Russell Benton, Geo. Currie, Olive Wilkin, Fern McDonald, Ernest Miners, Olga Brooks, Violet Boyter, Peter McLean, Pearl Collins, Lavica Richards, Lloyd Brydon, Jessie Maltas, Carl Perkins, Ed Cook, Wm. Galley, Jim Hembruff, Roy Hannah, Alex McLean, Wm. Rowe, Mary Collins, Melville Boyter, Gordon Rowe, George Collin, Clara Deiter, Ruby English, Alfred Batman, Robt. Boyter, Nettie Clark, W. Stringer, Mr. Hornibrook, Ira Hall.
Born: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. B. Sullivan.
Born: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dryburgh.
Article: Sheguiandah News, 1910 -- John Conner.
Article: Little Current April 1910 -- Mr. Hunt, Stewart English, Arthur Eadie, Wm. Green, Father Conte, Capt. Rogue, Mr. Vanorders, Glen Hinds.
30. Article: Just short of a century priest still carries on, 1950 -- Rev. Joseph Richard.
Photo: Old Gate Entrance to Indian Reserve of Manitowaning.
31. Article: Just short of a century priest still carries on continued.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Advertisement: Sawyer & Massey Co. Ltd. of Hamilton, Canada (thresher)
Advertisement: 1904,The Raymond Mfg. Co. of Guelph, Ontario (creamer)
19th Edition : May 1985
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Silver Water, submitted by Mrs. W.F. Edmonds.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: Robinson township -- Arthur Edmonds, Archie Wickett, John and Margaret Edmonds, Francis Edmonds, Clarence Edmonds, May Edmonds, Ernee Edmonds, Hazel Edmonds.
Photo: Arthur and Rhoda Edmonds in 1954.
4. Photo: of John Edmonds family -- John Edmonds, wife Margaret, Carrie Edmonds, Arthur Edmonds, Wilbert Edmonds, Margaret Edmonds, Elma Edmonds.
Photo: Arthur Edmonds at age 23.
5. Article: Early history of Robinson Township, written by Arthur Edmonds -- Lindsay Johnson, John Medweir, Andrew McMillan Sr., W.L. Kemp, John Kemp, F. James, Thomas Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. William Grub, George Smyth.
Photo: Arthur and Rhoda Edmonds.
6. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- Norman Matheson.
Photo: John D. Hopkins.
7. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- John Wetheral, Thomas Griffith.
Photo: Learning Youth -- Wilfred and Frank Priddle.
8. Photo: Entrance to John Edmonds farm in 1912.
Article: Early history of Haggerty, John Medwin, Tom Mason, John Perrault, John Cook, John and Louis Rumley.
9. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- Jane Miller, Jasper Noble, James Wiley, Edward Armstong, Mc Gibbon and Rumley families, Dougal McGibbon, R.D. Hopkins, John Duncanson, George G. Addison, Jack Addison, William Addison, Bill Addison, J. Shepherd.
10. Photo: William Edmonds hitching up his team, taken in 1920.
Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- William Priddle, George Priddle, William Priddle, and Willard Cook.
11. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- John Cook, Elizabeth Potts, W.T. Cook, Mrs. L. Duncanson, Mrs. A.L. Kemp, George Addison, R.D. Hopkins, Ben Hopkins, C.D. Woodward, Charlie Woodward.
12. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued.
Photo: Community hall in Silver Water taken in 1903, submitted by Mrs. W.F. Edmonds.
13. Photo: of threshing in Robinson Township taken about 1898 -- Andy McMillan, L. Duncanson, Ben Hopkins, Donald McGibbon.
14. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- Mr. and Mrs. Grub, John Cook.
15. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- Rev. Cadotte, Jack Purvis, Jim Purvis, William Purvis, Willian Holden, Ed Purvis, Harold Purvis, George Smyth, W.R. Grey, Robert and Hugh Colgan, George Morris, J.B. Graham, A.E. Graham.
16. Photo: Catherin Duncanson (1834-1902) and John Duncanson (1830-1882).
Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- Robert Bracken, Capt. R.L. Graham, James Lee, James Crawford, Jerry Lenard, Frank Guinn, Jim Hazzard, Dr. Johnston, William Rumley, Joseph Rumley, George Addison.
17. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued – John Cook, Mrs. William Kemp, John Sampson, Gabriel Negonawana, Joe Sampson, Billie Cook.
18. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- Chief John Sampson, William Cook, Henry Smyth, J.J. Rumley, J.P. Kemp, W.F. Edmonds, P.S. Lane.
Photo: Pulpwood ready for transport to the mills.
Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- Mr. Mason.
19. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- Annie Cook, Henry Smyth, Philp Beck, Donald McGibbon, Bishop Sullivan, Rev. Took, John Rumley, Dr. Findlay, Mr. Cadotte, William Morden, Harry Smyth, Rev. William Munro, Rev. John New, Rev. B. Fuller, Humphrey May.
20. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- George Cook, Mr. Johnson, W.L. Kemp, Robert Porter, John Armstrong, William Priddle.
Photo: Mothers with babies -- Mrs. K. Johnson and Lawrence, Mrs. D. Stewart and baby name unknown, Mrs. E. Priddle and baby name unknown, Mrs. Stevens and Ina, Mrs. B. Addison and Pierce, Mrs. J. Hopkins and baby Edna (Hazzard).
21. Photo: Homestead of John Edmonds, Pure Spring Farm, west of Silver Water.
22. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- Thomas Griffith, Jack Addison, Duncan McMillan, Harry Farthing, Dougal McGibbon, Joe Addison, Barney Addison, William Kemp, John Land.
Photo: A typical winter bush camp, taken in 1938.
23. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued.
24. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- James Wiley, Margaret Wiley, John Wiley, Harry Smith.
Article: Residents of Silver Water Snowbound.
25. Photo: Appears to be a Ford Model A.
Photo: A group of well-known timber men -- John Kemp, George Cook, Charlie Wright, Walter Duncanson.
26. Photo: Silver Water pioneers, taken 1897, submitted by Ellen Campbell -- Mr. and Mrs. William John Reid and family of boys (Stanley, Albert, John, Fred, Norman and Charlie).
Photo: Kitchen under construction, taken 1908 -- Arthur Edmonds and Alfred Noland.
27. Photo: A family picture taken about 1900, submitted by Walter Smyth -- Winnie and Roy Smyth, Russell Hopkins, Chess Willis, Mable Priddle, Mrs. George Priddle, Minnie Clark, Mrs. McDougle, Levia Smyth, Edna Kent, George Priddle, Humphrey Priddle, Archie Duncanson, Wilber Edmonds and Elma Edmonds.
28. Photo: Taken early 1900's, dinner camp in the bush -- Walter Smyth, Roy Smyth, John McLeod, Jacob Rumley, Ed Hopkins, Donald McGibbon.
Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- John Fraser, John Lanktry, Thomas Griffith, William Burns.
29. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued.
Photo: A day of rest at the timber camp, taken about 1890 -- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smyth, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Farthing.
30. Article: Early history of Robinson Township continued -- E.F. Priddle, W.F. McRae, Thomas Griffith, W.L. Kemp, George Morris, Charles Trick, J.B. Graham, Ben Hambly, O.M. Thomson, William Lloyd, P.S. Lane, William Prestage.
Photo: The Johnstons, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay James Johnson, April 3, 1911.
31. Photo: The corner by Lindsay Johnson home, Silver Water.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: A community picnic in Silver Water, submitted by Walter Smyth -- all are dressed in their Sunday best.
20th Edition : June 1985
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Post Office, the Christmas mail leaves Little Current in the Eighties.
2. Indexes.
3. Letter to the Editor: written by Robert L. Morden.
4. Photo: Doctor Davis, circa 1934.
Photo: Mrs. Jack McQualey.
5. Photo: Nurses, Lizzy Sinclair, Ina Stephen, Effie Becks.
Photo: Mrs. Jack McQualy.
6. Article: the Bear-Walker Curse, 1945 -- James Nahwaikezhik, Alex Nahwaikezhik, Indian doctor Mushkikejaunini.
7. Article: the Bear-Walker Curse, 1945 continued -- Mr. Delaplante.
8. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 -- Lawrence Toulouse, L.M. Cooper, Karl Atkinson.
9. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued -- Susan Corbiere, Stanleyu Nahwegizik, Lawrence Toulouse.
10. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued -- Corporal Fred Truscott, Dr. H. Tennant.
11. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued -- Lawrence Toulouse, Marty Thorburn, Don Delaplante, Mr. R.N. Dickson, James Nahwaikezhik, Harriet Nahwaikezhik, Stanley Nahwaikezhik, Mrs. Willie Wendahbence.
12. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued.
13. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued.
14. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued -- Francis Misinishkotewe.
15. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued.
16. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued.
17. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued.
18. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued.
19. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued -- Joe Ence.
20. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued.
21. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued.
22. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued -- Mrs. Bisson.
23. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued.
24. Article: the Bear-Walker Story, 1945 continued.
25. Article: The story of Thomas Latta -- Archibald Latta, Mary Sides.
26. Article: The story of Thomas Latta continued -- James Gilbert Latta.
Advertisement: Self-feeding Refillable Powder Puff.
Advertisement: Albany Tire & Rubber Company.
27. Photo: The early days of Burpee -- Joe Williams, James Eaton, Jack Bailey, Dan Stewart, Jack Williams, Charles Morden, Harold Glanville, William Morden Sr., Norman Bailey.
28. Article: the 1881 Original Minutes of the First Meeting of the Township of Burpee -- Judge McRae, Colin Campbell, John Bell, John Keown, William Bailey, Ernest Taylor.
29. Article: the 1881 Original Minutes of the First Meeting of the Township of Burpee continued.
Photo: The early years, a team of horses reflect the means of transportation for many of the pioneers of Burpee.
30. Article: Country Correspondence, Little Current -- Miss Ida and Mr. Harvey Leach, Melvin Fields, Mr. L. Abbott, Albert Bateman, Father Papineau, Mr. J.G. Eadie, Johnathan Morphet, Mr. Whyman, Rev. W.E. Wilson, Dr. Johnston, Robert Huffman, H.A. Laidley, Miss Ella Cook, Miss Fern Ferguson, Mr. J. Morphet, Mr. Noah Skippen, Mr. Charles L. Petch.
31. Photo: The old Morrell homestead.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: taken about 1906 at the lumber mill in Meldrum Bay, submitted by Elwood Pidgeon.
Article: Social news from past years, 1915 -- Dr. F.B. McIntosh, A.J. McLean.
21st Edition : July 1985
PageArticle or Item
Advertisement: Gasoline Threshing Engine -- McLachian Gasoline Engines, Toronto.
2. Indexes.
3. Letter to the Editor: A.V. Buck.
Article: Providence Bay 1932 -- Jack McDermid, Harvey Caddel, Miss Mary Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. John Gordon, Misses Nelda and Myrtie Monkhouse.
Article: Wedding -- John Dougal McArthur, Mr. and Mrs. Dan McArthur, Miss Nellie McDougall.
Poem: Life by Norman Cole.
Article: Indian dies suddenly at Manitowang -- Alex Gaioshk, Chris Trudeau.
4. Poem: The Manitoulin by H.E. Ross. Submitted by Nelda Irene (Monkhouse) Cranston.
5. Photo: Hydro Plant 1946, submitted by Jean McLennan.
Article: Hydro Buys Manitoulin Island Plant 1946.
6. Article: Mrs. Norman Trotter of Little Current kills huge bear 1932. Submitted by Jean McLennan. Dr. James Dawson, Dr. and Mrs. Lusk.
7. Article: Mrs. Norman Trotter of Little Current kills huge bear continued.
Article: Married -- Marion Doreen Hare, Robert Ross Cairns, Miss Kaye McQuarrie, James Humphries, Douglas Corbierre.
Article: Providence Bay Women's Institute -- Mrs. Charles Lee, Mrs. William Ainslie, Mrs. McDermid, Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Gordon.
Article: Take over store at Providence Bay -- J.F. McDermid, Mr. A.J. Ward.
8. Photo: Original souvenir of District No. 1 school in Kagawong provided by Stan Gordon Sr. Dated 1898, teacher James A. Kinney -- Boyd, Buck, Burch, Chapman, Dickhout, Farquhar, Graham, Hilliard, Hunt, La Bar, La Rush, Love, McGaughy, McGill, Newburn, Pierce, Rawlings, Slagel, Thompson, Tustian, Van Horn, Wilson, Wright, Wyman.
9. Article: The Manitoulin Indian Treaties of 1836.
Article: How the distribution of government presents got started.
Article: Sale of liquor to Indians.
10. Article: Sale of liquor to Indians continued.
Article: British continue the French system -- Henry R. Schoolcraft.
Article: Indian policy of Sir John Colborne.
11. Article: The Manitoulin Indian Treaty of 1836.
Article: Success of the Pentanguishene settlement.
12. Article: Success of the Pentanguishene settlement continued.
Article: Manitoulin Island suggested for set-settlement -- Captain Anderson, Chief J.B. Assikinack.
13. Article: Recall of Sir John Colborne.
Article: Lord Glenelg's instructions to Sir F.B. Head.
Article: Chippewa Indians invited to settle at Saugeen Territory.
14. Article: Chippewa Indians invited to settle at Saugeen Territory continued -- Chief Joseph Wawanosh, Edward Oojebegun, Gordon Megezeese and Peter Shuedawgun.
15. Article: Indian policy of Sir Francis Bond Head -- Rev. James Evans.
Article: Head's report of the Manitoulin treaty negotiations.
16. Article: Head's report of the Manitoulin treaty negotiations continued.
17. Article: The Manitoulin Treaty of 1836.
18. Article: Saugeen Chief Wawanosh not consulted.
19. Article: Suitability of Manitoulin Island for Indian settlement.
20. Article: Suitability of Manitoulin Island for Indian settlement continued.
Article: Recall of Sir F.B. Head.
Article: Comparison of Saugeen surrender with Michigan territory surrender.
21. Article: Comparison of Saugeen surrender with Michigan territory surrender continued.
22. Article: Comparison of Saugeen surrender with Michigan territory surrender continued.
Photo: Dodge car early 1940.
23. Article: Maintoulin's Legendary Nanibozho was Hiawatha.
24. Article: Capt. Norman J. McCoy, well known on Great Lakes, passed on October 9th, 1948 -- Mr. and Mrs. William McCoy, Eva Cole, Daisy McCoy, Norman McCoy, Charles Hinds, S.W. McPhee, L. McDougall, T. Norquay, Alex McDonald, R.J. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. MacAuley, Mr. and Mrs. George Hindman.
25. Three Photos: of various farms in Burpee Township.
26. Article: Tossed into icy Lake Huron pair live 3 days on Island, submitted by Jean McLennan -- Bob Leeson, Ray Hughson, Pilot Ian Watt, F.K. (Dick) McKeen.
27. Article: Indian treasure believed buried at Flower Pots, submitted by Jean McLennan -- Jack Earl.
28. Photo: Wedding in 1900, submitted by Carmen Walker -- John Learmont, Margaret Scott.
29. Article: U.S.A. President enjoyed phenomenal fishing luck on his Manitoulin visit, submitted by Jean McLennan – President Roosevelt, Don MacKenzie, Charles R. Bradley, J.C. Nicholl, Donald Macaskill.
Article: From the High Scool Tattler -- Stan Gordon Sr.
30. Article: Ottawa scientists discover 5,000-year-old traces of earliest Manitoulinites 1951, submitted by Jean McLennan.
Article: Fish tug burned at Vidal Bay, 1931 -- Fred James.
Article: Notice, The Slash 1932 -- Meta Mae Leeson, Harry Leeson.
31. Article: Married, 1931 -- Lottie Lila Lane, Mr. and Mrs. John Lane, Thomas Ingram, Rev. Mr. Gilbert, Mrs. Andrew Lane, Mrs. Morley Burnett, Mr. Moley Burnett, Miss Marion Hembruff, Mr. R.J. Hembruff, Mr. and Mrs. Ingram.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Article: Armistice Day.
Article: Wedding 1931 -- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gordon, Grace Vivian Gordon, Mr. Robert Oakes, Elder J.H. Beaudin, Miss Elsie Beaudin, Mr. Grenville Dewar, Evelyn McIntyre, Nellie McDougall, Jean Dewar.
22nd Edition : August 1985
PageArticle or Item
Photo: David Simpson, submitted by Angus Cada.
2. Indexes.
3. Letter to the Editor: W.J. McQuarrie, Annie and Samuel Jackson, John Jackson, Joshua Jackson, Samuel Jackson, Allice Needham, Maude Runnalls, Annie Purvis, William Purvis, Sam Jackson, Mrs. Margaret (Purvis) George, Jack Purvis, Fred and Pauline Smith, Marjorie Smith Claridge, Clara Runnalls Lane, Sheriff Ed H. Jackson, Ida Jackson Rowe, Mattie White Jackson, Art Holman, Ed H. Jackson, Mrs. Noble, Jean Jackson Capon.
4. Letter to the Editor: by Ev Proctor -- Grant Kemp, Mr. and Mrs. John Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Gilroy, Austin Wright, Harold Wright.
5. Article: Barrie Island Families 1875-1985; compiled by J.L. Runnalls and Edmon L. Long with the assistance of Mary Wilson (Lane) and Stan & Susie Runnalls.
- Francis Alexander & Annie Roszell (Wesley, Wilhemina, Charlotte, Georgina, Aleitha, Flora, Lyle, Hector).
- James Allan & (1) Lydia Berry (2) Della Lane (Edgar, Doris, Leola, Gladys, Gordon).
- Thomas Allan & Eliza Vancise (Pearl, James, Lottie, Clara, Mary, Edna, Catherine).
- Alfred Armstrong & Margaret Phalen (William, Clarence, Alvin, Alfred, Ronald).
- James Armstrong & Lottie Allan (Maxwell, Marion, Martha, James, Donalda, Verna, Lee, John, Edna, Marjorie).
- John Armstrong & Emma Kemp (Alfred, James, William, Mary, John, Grace, Stella).
- Robert John Bailey & Clara Allan (Roy, Evelyn, Audrey, Joyce).
- John Baker & Amelia Baker (Mary, Carol, Susan, Edward, Joseph, Kerwood, Jean, Charles, Ascha).
- Joseph Baker & Jean Galbraith (Janice, Jo-ann, Jeanne).
- William Blackstock & Mary McCracken (William, Long, Mamie).
- George Borton & Patricia ? (Marilyn, Valerie, Linda, Christine, Janis).
- James Bryan & Mary Armstrong (Pearl, Mae, William, James, Naomi, Mary, Roberta, Loreen, Mark, Edward, Jessie, Helen).
- George Brydges & Lena Morden (Ruby, Grant, George, Elena, Marion, Rhoda).
- Robert Brydges & Ellen Long (George, Austen, Glenna, Robert, Bert, Elizabeth).
- Andrew Burns & Ruby Brydges.
- John Calback Sr. & Mabel Gambie (Margaret, John, May).
- John Calback Jr. & Margaret Badgerow (George, John, Ashton, Corrine, Edith).
- William Campbell & Emma Bailey (Elwood, Jean, Leslie, Evelyn, Roy, Morley, Rodney, Ella, Lois).
- Frank Cole & Mary Merrylees (Joseph, James, Kathleen).
- George Cole & Catherine Witty (Laura, Vernon, Clement, Williard, Herman).
- Matthew Cole & Ellen Swafield (Samuel, George, Emily, Robert, Frederick, Sara, William).
- Robert Cole & Elizabeth ?
- Samuel Cole & Nellie Jennings (Winnifred, Florence, Grace, Keitha, Walter, Howard).
- William Conners & Annie Bryant (Beulah, John, Ida, Sydney, Lawrence, Olive).
- George Coutts & Sara Cole (Harker, Clifford, Mabel, Jean).
- John Coutts & ? Davidson (George, Margaret, Annie, Elizabeth, Isabella, Richard, Julian, Barbara).
- Charles Crack & (1) Margaret Ruttle, (2) Christine Walker (Kenneth, Laurie, Carol, Cathy, Karen, Kelly, Carrie, Kevin).
- Cryal Crack & Amy ? (Charles, Leota, William, Ronald, Mervyn, Lawrence).
- Esley Eaton & Mabel Trick (Charles, George, Lawrence).
- Frederick Ellis & Hannah Phalen (Vernon, Mabel, Libby, Evelyn, Mary, Walter, Frederick, Ivan, Lawrence, Clarence).
- ? Dickout & ? (Morris, Frederick).
- William Finley & Minnie Aelicks (Marjorie, James).
- Robert Gamble & Eliza Platt (Russell, Mabel, Jennie, Cassie, Edward, Emma).
- Benjamin Greenman & Margaret Witty (Gordon, Nelda, Marjorie, Irene, Helen, Lorne), Elmer Greenman & Mary Emery (Edward, Morris, Ethel, Evelyn, Donald).
6. Article: Barrie Island Families 1875-1985; compiled by J.L Runnalls and Edmon L. Long with the assistance of Mary Wilson (Lane) and Stan & Susie Runnalls continued.
- Ernest Greenman & Kate Lockhart (Best).
- Lance Greenman & Lillian McColeman (Christopher, Terrie, Patrick, Gerald).
- Robert Greenman Sr. & Marcella Ainsley (Thomas, Arden, Ivan, Wesley).
- Robert Greenman Jr. & Jean Galbraith (Julie).
- Thomas B. Greenman & Celia Morris (Robert, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Annie, Grace, Bert, Elmer, Ella, Edith, Ernest, Ethel).
- Thomas Greenman Jr. & Ruby Strain (Robert, Rodger, Douglas, Ernest).
- Wesley Greenman & Gertrude Donaldson (Donaldson, Bonnie, Joyce, Gerald, Sharon, Lance).
- Charles Greer & Prudence Deacon (Samuel, Oliver, Charlotte, Thomas, Margaret, Leonard, Olgar, William, Charles, James).
- George Gregson & Mary Ann Murhead (Lucey, Annie, Minnie, George, Kate).
- Donald Griffith & Edith Flannagan (Jessie, Gordon, Kenneth, Donalda).
- Gordon Griffith & Ardeth Croft (Doris).
- William Harding & Helen ?
- William Irwin & Selena Martin.
- John Jeffkins Sr. & Emma Noble (John, William, Arthur, Millie, Susan, Jane).
- John Jeffkins Jr. & Emma Noble (Kathleen, Daniel, Wilbert, Lloyd, Ivan, James, Dorothy, Lillian, Edna).
- Lloyd Jeffkins & Doris Allan (Donna, Marie, Jacqueline, Dennis).
- John Jennings Sr. & Hariet Best (Walter, John, Nellie, Nora, Katie, Mabel0.
- John Jennings Jr. & Margaret Coutts (Frances, Raymond, Myrtle, Mabel, Wilbert, Wallace, Ruth, Grace, Edgar).
- Walter Jennings & Martha Morden (Frances, Ruth, Sidney).
- Albert Lane & Dora Langton (Kenneth, Donna).
- Arthur Lane & Clara Runnalls (Evelyn, Bessie, James, Maudie, Robrt).
- Charles Lane Sr. & Elizabeth Greenman (Arthur, Harold, Annie, Albert, Della, Charles).
- Douglas Lane & Jo-Ann Baker (Angela, Cameron, Benjamin).
- George Lane & Martha Vancise (John, Lloyd, Mary, Harold, Lawrence, Agnes, Clarence, Henry).
- Harold Lane & Carol Baker (Julia, Edward, Gloria, Grace, Carolyn, Thomas).
- James Lane & Madeline Rumney (Ross, Vivian, Marilyn, Linda, Glenn, Marie).
- John Lane Sr. & Sara ? (Charles, Robert, Alice, Mary, Annie, Emily).
- John Lane Jr. & Louise Smith (Sharon, Ronald).
- Lawrence Lane Sr. & Gloria Bacon (Stephen).
- Lawrence Lane Jr. & Patricia Waddis (Joseph, Jeremy, Jennifer).
- Lloyd Lane & Evelyn Lane (Lawrence, Lola, Ronda, Douglas, Marie, Lori, Peter, Tammy).
- Samuel Lane & Elizabeth Barrett (Sara, Frances, George, Robert, Charles, Leonard, Samuel, Henry).
- Charles Langton & Vera Wheeler (Ann).
- Frederick Langton & Frances Lane (Charles, Dora, Violet, Arthur, Elizabeth, Ethel, Olive).
- Archibald Latta & ? (Thomas, John, Sara, Mary Ann) .
- Gilbert Latta & Eileen Shepherd (Edward, William).
- Thomas Latta & Mary Sides (Margaret, Florence, Bertha, William, Robert, Gilbert, George, Mary, James).
- Moby Lauterbach & Rosewitha (Mark, Dirk, Reiner).
- Ernest Letts & Emily Cole (Gertrude, Nellie, Harold, Arthur, Ernest, Ada, Erwin).
- Robert Lewis & Eliza Orr (Sadie, Matilda, Arden).
- William Little & Ellen Venman.
- Edmon George Long & Agnes Annet (Robert, Albert, Ellen, James, Gordon, John).
- Albert Long & Estelle Wood (Edmon, George, Herbert, Ada, Bert, Elizabeth, Arthur, John, May, Annie, James).
- James Long & Elizabeth ?
- John Long & Olive Langton (Evelyn, Clarence).
- Robert Long & Kate Flesher (Ruby, Ida, John, Ethel).
- Angus Matheson & Dora Keown ( Gordon, Joseph, Frances, Earl, Gladys, Reginald).
- Gordon Matheson & Mary Allan (Nancy, Mary Lou).
- Joseph Matheson & Edna Allan (Murray, Sylvia, Joannie, Roselle, Michael) .
- Hector McLean & Christine McFadden.
- Hugh McLean Sr. & Kathleen McPhail (Archie).
- Hugh McLean Jr. & Minnie Witty (Leslie, Russell, Archibald, Clifford).
- John McLean & Florence McCallum (John, William, Hector, Mary, Hugh0.
- Joseph McTaggart & Eliza Tracey (Albert, William, Frederick, Charles, Henry, Blanche, Ida, Alice, Emma, Elizabeth0.
- James Merrylees & Kathleen Wright (Kathleen, Jean, Barbara, Joseph, Robert, James).
- Joseph Merrylees & Annie Greenman (Kathleen, James, Elizabeth, Audrey, Wilmer).
- George Mervyn & Elizabeth Neely (Arkyn, Henry, Wilma, Ilene, Irene, Clara, Reta).
7. Article: Barrie Island Families 1875-1985; compiled by J.L Runnalls and Edmon L. Long with the assistance of Mary Wilson (Lane) and Stan & Susie Runnalls continued.
- Harry Mervyn & Jane Merrylees (Jane, Arthur, Herbert, Albert, Edith, Alexander, Earl, Ella, Howard, James, Mary).
- Herbert Mervyn & Elizabeth Long (Eileen, Joyce).
- Howard Mervyn & Frances Matheson (Alexander, Laura, James, Edith, Lois, Gloria, Joan).
- Thomas McCracken & ? (Rodolf Jubert, Esther, George, Thomas, William, May, Kate, Margaret).
- James Morden & Cronelia Barnes (Louise, Robert, Marie, James, Margaret).
- Nelson Morden & Minnie Thompson (Thompson, Parker, Matilda, Hazel, William, James, Charlotte, Andrew, Daniel, Thomas, Emily Jane, Nelson).
- Orton Morden & ? (Bruce, Lena).
- Philip Morden & Elizabeth Brydges (Nelson, James).
- Robert Morden & Betty ? (Francis, Jerome, Rachel, Nellie, Almeda, Susan).
- Steven Morden & Susan Zimmerman (Walter, Philip, John, Sophia, Celia, Martha, Alice, Joseph).
- Allan Montgomery & Lila Noble (Keith, Lenora).
- Joseph Montgomery & Jane Mervyn (Robert, Grace, Mervyn, Albert, Neil, Arthur, Carl).
- Keith Montgomery & Lenora Noland (Kenneth, Bradley, Murray).
- Austen Noaks & Gloria Mervyn (Sandra, Mervyn).
- George Noble Sr. & Jane Mervyn (Harry, George, Emma, Lyla, Russell, Victor, Johnston).
- George Noble Jr. & Sara Phalen (Grant, James, Jean, Marion, Noreen).
- Harry Noble & Nellie Letts (Marjorie, Herbert, Ernest, Kenneth).
- Russell Noble & Lydia Johnston (Harry, Lena, Ivan, Arden, Margaret, Helen).
- Norman Orford & Charlotte Baker (Albert, Norma, Stanley, Kenneth, Reta, Sheila, Ernest, Marion).
- Stanley Orford & Marilyn Borton (Trisha, Eddie).
- Warren Penny & Meryl McKinley (Marlene, Linda, Dwight, Barry, Blair).
- Joseph Phalen & Margaret Merrylees (Margaret, Sara, William, Joseph, Alvin, Harriet, Hannah, Thomas, Laura, Annie, Mary).
- Valentine Pollen & Gertrude ?
- Ronald Robbins & Edna Runnalls (Eric, Mark, Dianne, Kevin).
- William Roszell & ? (Annie, William, Hector, Emma, Mrs. Hastie).
- Thomas Rumley & Minnie Jewel (Margaret, Lorne, Roy, Victor, Rebecca, Viola).
- Arthur Runnalls & Elizabeth Stocks (John, Evelyn, Mina, Marion, Olive).
- Cecil Runnalls & Mary Baker (Helen, Oliver, William).
- Lewis Runnalls & Ann Sinclair (Judith, Paul, Cynthia).
- Nelson Runnalls Sr. & Catherine Rowe (Oliver, Edwin, Henry, Arthur, Victor, Dora, Sutton, Percy).
- Oliver Runnals Sr. & Katie Jennings (Clara, Nelson, Lawrence, Cecil, Norris, Stanley, Nellie).
- Oliver Runnalls & Barbara Blair (Scott, Sandra).
8. Article: Barrie Island Families 1875-1985; compiled by J.L Runnalls and Edmon L. Long with the assistance of Mary Wilson (Lane) and Stan & Susie Runnalls continued.
- Thomas Witty & Letitia Martin (Florence).
- James Young & ? (Lula, Ada, William, Oscar, George, Emma, James, Reta).
Bachelors who lived on Barrie Island and maintained homes; Timothy Emery, William Blackburn, Louis Glenn, John Schoenblum, Leonard Lane, Frank Morden, Neil McPhail, William Phalen, Roy Campbell, Arden Greenman, Ivan Jeffkins, Nels Falk, Eric Robbins, Joseph Keown, James Wells, Thomas McCracken, Robert Griffith, John Hockin and George Latta.
The following are families of which little is known; John McQueen, Peter Arch Deacon, Norman Lebar, the Zettler, Duncan McTavish, Albert Ellis and John Latta.
Chart showing land owners on Barrie Island in 1985.
9. Article: Manitou works his magic on spot named after him.
10. Article: Manitou works his magic on spot named after him continued -- Humphrey May, Miss Euphie Burkett.
11. Article: Manitou works his magic on spot named after him continued -- McGregor Ironside, Capt. George Ironside.
Two Poems: about Kagawong and Ice Lake. Author unknown.
Poem: A Manitoulin Garden by Papaigesigok (Smiling Sky) Muriel Ironside.
12. Article: Patriotic Concert at Brazenor's Hall, March 16th 1900 -- Mrs. McArthur, Mrs. Sanderson, E.L. Brazenor, Mrs. J. Riddell, Mrs. McKessock, Miss I. Jackson, Mr. W. Jackson, Mr. D.A Bickell, Miss E. Johnson, James Kerr, Miss David, and W.R. Abrey. Submitted by Jean (Jackson) Capon.
13. Article: Two Men Poisoned -- James C. Crawford, John McGibbon, Dr. F.A. Strain.
Poem: United, We Stand Divided, We Fall. Author unknown.
14. Article: A Brief History of Sandfield Township's southern portion, by W.J. Moody -- J.W. Fitzgerald, William MacDonald, Timothy Cragg, Jonathan Bassingthwaite, J.H. Johnston, Mr. Walford, John Robinson, James Penner, Ira Aelick, James McCutcheon, John Brown, William A. Hare, T.W. Thomson, C.R. Johnston, Mrs. R.O. Watson, Mrs. Ernest Moody, Mr. Mirehouse J. Key, Mr. Johnathan Key, James Love, Ross Love, George Griddle, Alex Elliot, Mr. C. Mitchell, Elias Huntchinson, Robbie Johnston, John McGauley, J.T. Burns, Joe Rudkins, William Wethers, Tom Graham, William Luscumbe, Cliffor Luscumbe, C. Graham, Johnathan Hutchinson, Elias Hutchinson, John Gowlett.
15. Article: A Brief History of Sandfield Township's southern portion continued -- Roy Arnold, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Edwards, J.H. Johnston, Mr. McDonald, Elias Hutchinson, Frank Bowier, Mr. T. Parkinson, Richard Hutchinson, Fred Paisley, John Brown, Grovener Thomas, Andy Watson, John Clarke, David Hay, Mr. F.G.R. Bradbury, Mr. A. Mitchell, Mr. R.O. Watson, Mrs. Newman, Edminds family, Mr. Read, Miss Bella Munrow.
Photo: Mr. Moody.
16, 17. Copy of deed of land: to Charles Moody, recorded July 5th, 1901.
18. Article: Another history of Sandfield -- Sir John Sandfield McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thomas, William Marshall McDonald, Timothy Craig, Johnathon Bassingthwaight, Josiah H. Johnson, Mr. Walford, John Brown, J.H. Johnston, John Robbins, James Pepper, Ira Aelick, James McCutcheon, Mrs. Jennie Moody, Paul Wasizizi, J.G. Learmont, Mr. M.J. Stapleton, Mrs. A. Brown, Thomas Middaugh, Mrs. Ira Middaugh, Mr. Hiram, George Hutchinson, Frank Hutchinson.
19. Article: Another history of Sandfield continued -- Mr. Hugh McKay, W.H. Law, James Pepper, Nathaniel Davidson, John Barrows, Mrs. Advin Aelicks, T.W. Thompson, Samuel Sloan, Frank Wagg, Burton Nelder, John Robinson, John Shield, Andrew Mitchell, Jonothan Bassingtwaite, D.O. Cannard, Charles Moody, Henry Stapleton, Marshall Stapleton, Sam McNearn, Tobias Nighswander.
20. Photo: Logging camp in Sandfield Township, 1914 -- Leonard Young, Fred Moody, Mr. Ruston, Mr. Studered, J. Bryant, Burn Spry, Norwood Young, Norman Young, Norman Moody, Tom Smith.
Article: Another history of Sandfield continued.
21. Article: Another history of Sandfield continued -- Will Skene, Mary Hilts, P.M. Thomson, Mr. Digby Young, and William Hilliard.
22. Photo: Barn raising for Charles Moody 1902.
Article: Married -- Eugenia Myra Beaudin, Edward Allen Wallace, Elder J.H. Beaudin, Elder A. Gordon, Miss Irene Langman, Andrew Beaudin, Miss Maude Purvis, Master Wilfred Sauder, Edward Seigman, Mrs. W.W. Hall, Miss Lila Wallace, Miss Alvern McColl, Edward Seigman.
23. Photo: of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Cranston 1931.
Article: Well known residents of Spring Bay, Providence Bay district -- Mr. and Mrs. William Cranston, Stanley Paisley, Mary Fawcett, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Fawcett, Rev. Charles Monk Smith, William H. Cranston, Edward Cranston, Henry Cranston, Mrs. Wesley McColeman, Mrs. Annie McQueen, Mrs. Jessie Cranston, Mrs. Georgina Robinson, Mrs. Stewart Thompson, Robert Fawcett, Frank Beaudin.
24. Four Poems: Twilight on Lake Manitou by Sam S. Wiseman, Rockville, Bidwell and Honora.
25. Article: Some Reminiscences of Long Ago, by W.J. Moody -- Mr. James, Eddie Addison, Mrs. George Hutchinson, Frank Wagg Sr., Abraham Lehman, Vesper McCutheon, Izsaac Spiker, Mr. Patten, John Cole, Mr. Tinkis, Mr. Quinn.
26. Poem: by Mr. Moore.
Article: Founded hospital Dr. Robert W. Davies dies -- Loretta Hiott, David Davies and Montgomery Davies.
27. Photo: The Monument Corner, submitted by Gilmor Tracy -- Sam Wilson, Jim Wilson.
Article: Providence Bay Women's Institute, 1931 -- Mrs. William Ainslie, Mrs. McGauley, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. A Gordon, Mrs. Jno. McDermid, Mrs. McQueen, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. McDougall.
Article: Wins Most Valuable Player Award -- Murray McDermid.
28. Article: Freemasonry on Manitoulin, by J.L Runnalls -- Rev. Tooke, Dr. Joseph Johnston, H. Currie, A.C. McRae, D.T. Ferguson, J. Allenton, G.R. Powell, J.A. Little, R.M. Henning, G.R. Stevenson, John Cox, G.H. Turner, W.M. Richie, Charles McDonald, Melvin Bock, L.A. Buck, Stewart McPhile, W.G. White, A.J. Cooke, J.H. Craig, J.H. Beihl, Robert Robinson, A.E. Graham, J.W. Griffith, Dr. J.A. Baker, Stewart Clark, R.N. Smith, Donald McLean, A.J. Turner, John Donaldson, Dr. A.O. Hinds, Archie Campbell, R.T. Jaffray, Adam Casson, Jack McKenzie, Earl W. Davis, E.F. Priddle, F.W. Clark, J.D. Gordon, C.C. McLean, R.S. Beaton, T.A. McLean, R.C. Banbury, Harvey Robinson, G.R. Boyd, T.J. Wright and J.C. Wright.
29. Photo: Taken 1962, men of the Masonic Lodge -- Tom Wright, Frank Baxter, Lawrence Peck, Frank Priddle, George Boyd, Jack Wright, Clive Fell, Roy Baxter, Harol Bailey, Bob Robinson.
30. Article: First White Settlement, Manitowaning.
Article: How Manitowaning received its name.
Article: Manitoulin Island is linked with mainland, November 28, 1945.
31. Article: Manitoulin Island is linked with mainland, November 28, 1945 continued.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Article: Manitoulin Island is linked with mainland, November 28, 1945 continued.
Article: Obituary of William Jackson -- Edward Jackson, Mattie (White) Jackson, William A. Jackson, Keith Jackson.
Poem: Manitoulin Moon, signed Chor.
23rd Edition : September 1985
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Photo: Training for the first World War, submitted by Gilmore Tracy -- two Chisolm boys, two Allen boys, two or three Kay boys, Ern Birch, Ed Night and Belwood Berry.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: Manitoulin in the World War -- son of the following families: Lehman, McCracken, Gilroy, Currie, Coutts, Tiplady, Blackie, Hewitt, Hurn, Dawson, Orr and Doan.
Letter to the Editor: Mrs. Mae Haner, Mr. and Mrs. Molly Bruce (?), Duncan and Mary McDermid, David McDermid, Alex Purvis, Dunc and Bob Jaffrey, Mrs. Jack Purvis.
4. Photo: Two unidentified soldiers of First World War.
Article: Second World War -- Douglas Wright, Keith Beange, R.M. McQuarrie, J.A. McQuarrie.
Article: Died While Serving, taken from The Manitoulin Recorder, April 6, 1944 -- Leslie Campbell, John Edie, Fred Green, James McLean Johnson, Leonard Lehman, Russell McCracken, Robert Smelter, Russell String.
Second World War -- ARMY: S.B. Abotossaway, Frank Adkins, James Aelicks, Gabriel Alexander, W.J. Anglin, Orville Aiken, Lawrence Armstrong, George Assiniwe, Dominic Ativine, Dominic, Charlie Addison, Angus Abel, Narcees Armstrong, Neosse Abel, Vincent Abel.
5. Article: Second World War -- ARMY continued -- Ashley, Harold; Ashley, Doreen; Aibens, G.; Anwitn, J.; Armstrong, A.A.; Armstrong, Boyd M.; Armstrong, Harold N.; Assinuve, M.J.; Atawish, D.; Anstice, K.F.; Alane, E.M.; Bailey, Roy; Beaudin, C.J.; Bebimikawa, O.; Bell, Arnold, Bickell, Ralph; Boyd, Clifford; Boyter, Thos.; Bowes, J.W.; Bowes, D.R.; Bowes, Geo. J.; Brown, J.A.; Bowerman, Melvin; Bowerman, Clint; Bryant, John S.; Beauge, Keith; Bell, Arden; Bell, Claude; Belle, Dominic; Burch, Howard; Buck, Arnold, Bisson, James; Bryant, Neil; Brown, D.V.; Brocklebank, O.; Bailey, E.R.; Bondy, Jacob; Bateman, V.; Beaucane, J.J.; Beaucage, W.J.R.; Beauwais, N.A.; Bernard, W.M.; Blackburn, C.S.; Bolten, H.E.R.; Boyd, D.M.; Boyd, Donald B.; Bryant, Wm. John; Burnett, Stanely J.; Bebomash, A.F.; Cada, A.A.; Caldwell, A.E.; Campbell, Elwood; Chisolm, Harry; Clarke, Dick; Clarke, Frank; Conley, H.C.; Campbell, George; Campbell, Leonard; Corbierre, Theo.; Cooper, Frank; Conley, Jim; Callaghan, J.V.; Collins, P.; Carter, Clifford; Charleton, Clifford; Caddel, Ellis; Campbell, Roy; Corbierre, Dominic; Chalmers, Aubrey; Campbell, Lloyd; Cadieux, C.A.; Cress, Cecil; Cada, Wilfred; Corbiere, Philip; Corbiere, Wm.; Campbell, Ross; Cooper, Harold, Cada, Joseph R.; Cada, Paul J.; Callaghan, Dennis; Charlton, C.N.; Cooper, Clarence E.; Cooper, E.C.; Cooper, H.R.; Corbierre, S.A.; Crawford, Frederick; Cress, Norman; Corbett, T.H.; Cress, O.R.; Cada, A.L.; Davis, E.W.; Debassige, J.M; Desmoulons, M.; Dunn, Bernard; Dunn, P.W.; Dearing, R.H.; Dessauiniers, J.; Dunlop, J.G.; Debassige, Frank A.; Debassige, Frank J.; Debassige, Isadore; Debassign, George; Davis, C.; Davis, Jas. H.; Debassige, Thos.; Desmoulin, P.; Detynishayn, John; Drolet, L.E., Drolet, Roy E.; Duxbury, J.J.; Dupre J.; Dyke, O.R.; Eadie, John A.; Eadie, Wm. R.; Eagle, Ernest; Edmonds, Bobbie; Eshkibik, Robert; Eshkibok, Frank; Enosse, Alphonse, Enosse; Lawrence, Elford L.W. Falls, James; Ferguson, J.W.; Ferguson, R.; Fox, H.J.; Fox, George; Ferguson, Albert; Flakner, K.C.; Fowler, William; Fowler, Hubert; Fowler, Lloyd; Falls, Matt; Falls, Ivan; Flelix, Harold; Finley, W.J.; Fineday, Fred; Flood, W.H.; Ferguson, Fred; Fogal, Raymond; Farness, V.J.; Finch, L.B.; Francis, Jerry; Gabow, I.; Gaishk, Alphonse; Ganaiveby, J.A.; Greenman, Lorne; Griffith, Ivan; Gilchrist, Gilbert; Gilchrist, Wm.; Greenman, Gordon; Gardiner, Harry; Green, K.; Gibson, R.J.; Green, Kenneth; Gibson, Wm.; Goodmurphy, A.; Gabow, Antoine; Graham, Allan; Green, Kenneth; Gilpin, George E.; Gareau, R.A.; Girard, P.E.; Hall, Allan; Hall, Arnold; Hall, Lloyd; Hall, R.R.; Hartley, Lewis; Hastie, W.J.; Huffman, W.R.; Haywood, T.A.; Hayden, Orace; Hallet, Carl; Haight, George; Hubbert, Harold; Howard, J.S.; Hilson, A.; Hilson, G.; Hembruff, R.L.; Hembruff, Roy; Hembruss, W.; Henry, C.; Hannah, A.; Humphrey, G.E.; Hopkins, Stanley; Hopkins, Allan; Hazzard, Ernest; Halcrow, Jack; Ham, Harold; Hopkins, Ernest; Hughson, Raymond; Hughson, Eric; Haner, Frank; Haner, Everett; Heis, A.B.; Harper, Howard; Hopkins, Murray; Hembruff, Henry; Hall, Vernon; Hore, R.R.; Hall, T.M.; Hallett, Roy; Herron.
6. Article: Second World War -- ARMY continued -- Irwin, O.R.; Jabokwam, Frank; Jenkins, G.S.; Jones, Ivan; Jefkins, Wilbert; Jones, Les; James, Feltus; Jones, John Henry; Jaggard, H.L.; Kemp, G.L.; Kemewon, Wilfred; King, P.; King, Raymond; Kitchekag, A.; King, Peter; Kemp, Kenneth; King, Robert; King, Robert; Kirk, Clive; King, Blaise; Kay, A.L.; Kozeyah; Lewis, Aldolphus; Lewis, W.A.; Langton, Arthur; Lane, Lawrence; Lockyer, N.F.; Lockyer, H.; Leeson, Bob; Lovelace, Norris; Lovelace, Elmer; Lochead, Charles; Langtree, Matt; Levesque, W.E.; Lewis, John; Lanktree; MacMillan, D.B.; MacMurray, R.J.; Mastin, P.A.; Major, Frank; Mandamin, G.; Manitowabi, Andrew; Manitowabi, Vincent; Manitowabi, Albert; Mandamin, H.E.; Manitowabi, J.; Marshall, C.R.; McColeman, Wm.; McDonald, Neil; McGill, Beverley; McGaughley, J.L.; McGaughey, Francis; McIntyre, L.E.; McKay, Ernest; McKay, Murdock; McDonald, L.F.; McLean, M.; McLennan, G.; McPhee, H.; Mejaki, Steve; McMillan, D.A.; Mejaki, H.E.; Michie, A.C.; Middaugh, Dennis; Mills, F.; Mills, S.J.; Modas, Isaac; Montgomery, Mervin; Morphet, F.A.R.; McArthur, Albert; Montgomery, Wm.; McCulligh, Sherman; McLean, Archie; Marshall, Freeman; McCaig, Jack; McKay, Lyle; McMillan, Don; McKay, Jack; McCulligh, L.; Michie, W.; McCulligh, Ernest; McCulligh, Elmer; McGauley, Hubert; McGauley, John; McDonald, R.G.; Misner, Leslie; McCracken, Nelson; Morrison, James R.; Middaugh, Carmon; McCulligh, Grenville; McDougall, Stanley; McLennan, Gladdin; McEachrane, S.D.; McFarlane, Loyal; McFarlane, Tom; McQuay, Jack; MacArthur, N.; MacMillan, Harold; Migwans, Albert; Migwans, Lawrence; Migwans, John; Migwans, Pat; Migwans, Herb; Midess, Jonas; McColeman, Duran; McLeod, K.A.; MacMillan, Jack C.; MacMillan, W.H.; McDougall, Eli; Moore, C.A.; Marchall, Jask; McCulligh, Thos. W.; McGregor, Elie; McKay, Gordon; McLennan, Chas. V.; McPhee, John E.; Marshall, John; Mishibinijima, Gabriel, McGregor, T.L.; McGregor, V.D.; Miron, Bert; Migwans, Raye; Nichols, W.J.; Noble, Jas; Nelson, John; Nevilles, Harry; Nighwander, John; Noble, Alma; Nadjiwan, Patrick; Nahwegezhik, Charles; Negonawana Albert; Nahwegezhie, Eli; Orr, J; Odjig, Stanley; Orford, Lloyd; Osawanamik, John; Oshkiboose Jos.; Osawabine, John; Orford, Delbert; Orr, Herb.; Peltier, Leo; Peltier, David; Pennie, Jerry; Perrault, A.; Pitawanekwab, Philip; Pitawanakwat, Thos.; Porter, Wm.; Priddle, Austin; Priddle, Grant; Prouix, J.A.; Pearson, Lyman; Pickard, Earl; Pyette, R.L.; Pyette, F.; Peltier, E.; Pemberton, Wm.; Pidgeon, Stanley; Pierreault, John; Pidgeon, Morley; Pidgeon, Oliver; Penny, Fred; Penny, D.; Paul, Ivan; Pateman, Lawrence; Prentice, Robt.; Purdy, James; Pidgeon, Arden; Pyette, Victor; Paisley, C.E.; Peltier, Thos. A.; Porter, Fraser; Punch, V,; Purdy, Grant; Paibomesia, F.N.; Patreau, Thos.; Pennie, Maurice; Petawanakuat, John.
7. Article: Second World War -- ARMY continued -- Recollect, Wm.; Richards, D.S.; Rivers, L.; Robinson, Nelson; Rowe, H.; Rowe, F.; Rowe, L.; Russell, Fred; Reid, Lloyd; Rumley, Freddie; Rumley, Leslie; Ray, Justin; Roper, Harry; Rumley, Howard B.; Richardson, George; Rowe, W.B.; Rush, J.A.; Russell, Percy; Rivers, J.A.; Sagie, Fred; Shawandam, W.; Shawande, Jacob; Shawande, Isaac; Shigwadja, Albert; Shigwadjam, N.; Simpson, G.T.; Simon, I.; Simpson, R.N.; Simons, Gabriel; Skippen, Wm.; Steele, M.J.; Steepe, Jim; Stephens, A.C.; Strain, F.A.; Strain, Fred; Strain, Ross; Sullivan, D.N.; Stevens, Claude; Stephens, Allie; Stephens, W. Archie; Sloss, Stuart; Smith, Melvin; Smith, Aubrey; Smith, Percy; Smith, J.L.; Smith, J.J.; Simsons, Thoeodore; Sampson, Dan; Smith, F.; Sheppard, C.; Sagle, Raymond; Smyth, Harry; Smyth, Walter; Sampson, Steven; Smith, Melvin; Sullivan, Jas.; Sloss, Grant; Shawanda, George; Smeltzer, L.; Sloss, Ivan; Steele, Ross; Sear, R.J.; Shamana, John; Smith, Roy R.; Standfast, Frank; Steep, Jas. D.; Stormes, Ben; Sagle, E.C.; Stringer, Mose; Takwadijiwan, John; Taylor, O.; Tekema, Fred; Tekema, Gus; Trudeau, Andrew; Trudeau, Casimir; Trudeau, I.; Trudeau, J.; Turnbull, Eric; Trudeau, Henry; Tracy, Donald; Thibault, Jos.; Taylor, Dennis; Trimmer, Roy; Thomas, Lawrence; Tyson, J.F.; Turnineck, D.J.; Valliquette, J.; Vanevery, Wm.; VanHorn, L.; VanMeer, H.E.; Vanzant, L.; VanHorn, Melvin; VanHorn, Garfield; Valliquette, H.; VanHorne, Bayward; VanHorn, Reed; VanHorn, Stewart, VanHorn, Wilmer; Waganoose, Harry; Wakegijig, John; Wakegijig, Clarence; Wagg, W.W.; Wagg, Tom; Wagg, Wallace; Wagg, Douglas; Whiteloon, Charlie; Wassegijig, Boniface; Williamson, Alden; Williamson, Floyd; Williamson, Max; Wabagun Eli; Woods, Lenard; Witty, Grant; Wemigwans, Felix; Wemigwans, Adolphus; Wemigwans, Isadore; West, L.J.; Willis, A.; Williamson, Max; Wismer, Orland; Wood, L.C.; White, R.J.H.; Wemigwams, G.; White, Chas.; White, R.J.F.; Wilkinson, W.A.; Williton, W.; Wismer, Bert; Witty, W.R.; Wright, Ken; Williams, Wilfred; Wood, Ivan; White, Arlof; Weissgerber, L.; Wilkin, B.; Wilkinson, Art; Wiber, Wm.; Wilson, Graham; Wabigijig, A.; Young; Myles.
Article: Second World War -- NAVY -- Baxter, Roy; Beange, George; Blackburn, Clarence; Blackburn, Bill, Boyd, Bill; Bahlye, Edwin; Boyd, Del; Bryan, John; Clarke, Bill; Currey, John; Coultis, Audrey; Cond, Glen; Elliot, Harvey; Elliot, Howard; Ferguson, Everett; Gillette, Ed.; Hembruff, Gordon; Lovelace, Roy.
8. Article: Second World War -- NAVY continued -- McCracken, Edward; McDougall, Ronnie; McDougall, Stanely; McLennan, Gladden; McKenzie, G.; McArthur, J.D.; Pilon, Walter; Penny, Maurice; Ricalton, Wm. P.; Sanders, Scott; Solomon, F.; Tustian, Allan; Tilson, John; Thorton, Geo.; Wagg, Frank; Woods, Fred; Woods, Marvin; Wright, Dalton; Wright, Harold; Wright, Wm.; Williamson, Chester; Williamson, Lester; Young, R.
Article: Second World War -- AIR FORCE -- Ainslie, Norton; Anstice, Kenneth; Ainslie, L.D.; Bainborough, Emerson; Bainborough, Willard; Beange, Robt.; Britten, Thos. B.; Burns, Oscar; Burns, Roderick; Boose, Lorne; Buck, Albion; Baker, W.E.; Cunning, T.L.; Clark, Tom; Conley, Effie; Elford, Leon; Eadie, A.I.; Farquhar, Thomas J.; Ferguson, Omey; Fraser, G.L.; Ferguson, Wm.; Geiger, Donald; Griffith, Harold; Griffith, Lloyd; Gilpin, George; Guy, George; Haner, Harvey; Hembruff, M.; Hubbert, Carman; Irving, Grant; Johnston, G.B.; Johnson, Harold; Johnston, Homer; Kinney, James; King, Fred; Leeson, E.F.; Legge, W.W.; McArthur, Neil; McColeman, Ernest; McDougall, L.; McKenzie, Sandy; McRae, Jim; McArthur, Lottie; Marshall, Douglas; McKenzie, Melvin; McKenzie, D.; May, A.; McGill, Stanley; Marshall, Douglas; Moore, James; Morton, M.I.; McColeman, Burton; Noble, Kenneth; Orford, Raymond; Orford, Norman; Orford, Ernest; Patterson, R.K.; Robinson, Chester; Robinson, Cllifford; Riddell, B.; Rumley, Harold.
9. Article: Second World War -- AIR FORCE continued -- Smith, Mike; Thorburn, R.G.; Thorburn, Alex; Tracy, W.H.; Thompson, Jim; Thompson, Murray; Vanhorn, Edie; Valiquette, C.; VanZant, Royce; Winter, Harold; Wilson, Clair; Weeks, Douglas; Williamson, Ivan; Young, W.O.
Article: Second World War -- R.C.A.M.C. NURSES -- Millman, Edna; Wilson, Elsie.
Article: Second World War -- WOMEN'S DIVISION (Army) -- Arnold, Geraldine; Ainslie, Naomi; Armstrong, Essie; Bryan, Mary; Campbell, Evelyn; Foley, J.E.; Green, Josephine, Greenough, T.J.; Hunt, R.; King, Beatrice: Sherman, Mrs. Lyman; McCaig, Margaret; Marshall, Dorothy M.; Mills, L.A.; Norquay, Jean; Tekema, Reta; Tekummah, Rita.
Article: Second World War -- CANADIAN MERCHANT MARINE -- Allen, Donald; Connell, Robert; Elden, Edmonds, Clarence; McFarlane, Ken; McKinley, Clarence; Merrylees, Lloyd; Noland, Hughie; Vanzant, C.
Article: Second World War -- PRISONERS OF WAR -- Quinn, Ivan; Langtree, Martin.
Photo: of a crowd gathered in Little Current to see the boys off to war c. 1915.
10. ROLL OF HONOR amongst the Manitoulin during WWI (Note* rank and troop number was not typed).
Will Scott, R. Fleming, Geo. E. Baxter, M. Boyter, R. Boyter, Lorne Bradley, Geo. Collins, Thos. Colburn, J. Cornish, A.G. Cock, R.G. Good, W.H. Holmes, L. Lewis, A. Mackie, H. Marshall, J. Marshall, E. Maringer, Sam Martin, A. McGovern, J. McKeddle, P. McLean, J. McLeash, Abe. Mechan, Joe Mensour, A. Meggeson, A.C. Miners, N. Miners, J.L. Nelder, E. Sagle, R. Smith, W. Stone, J.F. Valequette, J. Wabinossi, L.G. Walker, Walter Whitmore, Val Wilman, Goe. A. Thorburn, Jack McKenzie, Alex McKenzie, Blair Fraser, Jack Elliot, John McDonald, John Leach, R.C.P. Lawrence, Grant Turner, Wm. Marshall, A. Irwin, Alex Jeffrey, Wm. Galley, Gordon Rowe, P. Vedran, Willis Keehig, H. Armstrong, Lyle Sims, Clifford L. Gorley, Louis A. Cowley, Thos. M. Garley, J.R. Troop, J.F. Inderwick, Victor Hewson, Arthur Whitmore, H. Ritchie, F. Conley, Brian Reid, Roy Henning, D. Solomon, Neil Becks, Elliot Owen.
11. ROLL OF HONOR amongst the Manitoulin during WWI continued - R.L. Graham, Capt. Misner, D.C. Sims, E.E. Cook, R. Benton, C.E. Nelder, D.L. Campbell, L. Scott, A. Stewart, Wm. McGovern, J.H. Bryant, A. Moore, R.G. Cooper, J. Hembruff, Art Wilkin, Ted Rowe, Art Giles, Cyril Greenwood, Archie Cotie, Herb Eadie, Mensour Owen, W. Pyette, W.R. Hunter, V. Elves, W.J. Wardrop, Carl Deiter, W.A. Blackie, R.H. Blackie, Wm. Ritching, Ignace Peltier, Horace Houle, H. Sims, W.W. Taylor, Dennis Callaghan, Geo. Armstrong, Joe Hembruff, Herbert Orr, Wm. Orr, Orrin Lewis, George White, R. Stringer, W. Hore, J.J. Morrow, Allan Buffey, J.J. Beaucage, F. Prouix, Frank Peltier, Allan S. Crossley, Johnston MacMahon, Allan Astie, James Noble, John McAnley, John Turineck, George Pearson, Alvin Orr, Wm. Richards, M. Manitowah, Wm. R. Moggy, Samuel Bryant, T.H. Marshall, John Walbridge, Ross Doan, D. Sims, Ed Cook, Coy Nelder, John McDonald, E.L. Russell, Manly Allen, Jack Allen, Private White, George Brown, Wm. Chisholm, H.B. Chisholm, H.W. Chisholm, Dan Kay, Wm. Kay, George Kay, R.J. Kay, Frank Conlon, Stuart Owen, Clarence Cook, R.R. Hill, W.R. Ferguson, Arlie A. Hannah, T.A. Middaugh, Corporal Phillips, Private Ferguson, Thos. Boyd, M. Johnston, Thos. Flanigan, E.R. Tucker, R. Leask, G.S. Gould.
12. Article: Reception for Dick Hewson, 1919.
Article: The Late Pte. Jack Currie.
Article: Reception to Sgt. John Allen.
Article: Composition of 3rd Division, 1919 -- Major General F.O. Loomis, General F.S. Meighen, Brig-Gen. D.C. Draper, Brig-Gen. D.M. Gormund.
13. Article: Brave Manitowaning Girl, 1919 -- Miss Ida M. Ferguson.
Article: Heroes Return, 1919 -- Sgt. Elliot, Sgt. Lincoln Fraser, Pte. Dan McMillan.
Article: Pte E.F. Priddle -- Miss E. McGibbon, Mr. Weeks.
14. Article: More Heroes Return, 1919.
Sgt. Jack McKenzie -- Mr. and Mrs. Alex McKenzie, Alex McKenzie.
Corp. Jack Glenn.
Pte. Merritt Jennings.
Pte. Wilbert Bryan -- Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Bryan.
15. Article: Civilians Salute Union Jack in Germany, 1919 by Spr. A.A. Durrie -- Cecil Johston, Sandy McKenzie.
Sgt. Geo. M. Thorburn, N.M. -- Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Thorburn.
Pte. Jack Shields.
Pte. Wm. Myles.
16. Article: Nursing Sister Returns -- Miss Ida Ferguson.
Article: More Manitoulin Heroes Return, 1919.
Capt. E.B. Titus.
Corp. James Johnson -- Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Johnson.
Sgt. Allan Montgomery.
Article: Providence Bay.
Corp. A.V. Buck.
Sapper M.L. Buck.
Lieut. W.A. Chisolm.
17. Article: Providence Bay.
Corp. John McDonald.
Lance-Corp. F.E. Conley.
Pte. J.C. Bryan.
Article: Receptions to Manitoulin Heroes, 1919 -- Mrs. George Foster, Sapper Jno. Thompson, Lance Corp. Harry Curson, Pte. William Richards,Gunner James Carter.
Article: At Providence Bay, 1919 -- Mr. R. Cranston, Rev. Mr. Mason, Mr. A.J. Wagg, Messrs. R. McVittie and W. Gordon, Corp A.V.V. Buck, Lance Corp. F.E. Conley, Corp. John McDonald, Lieut. W.A. Chisolm.
Article: At Providence Bay, 1919 -- Mr. S. Wilson, Rev. Mr. Yates, Pte. J.D. Wilson, Mr. Sam Wilson, Ptes C.J. Campbell, Pte. John Payne, Sapper W.R. Leask.
Lance Corporal W.D. Love.
18. Pte. H.F. Lewis.
Pte. Ronald McQuarrie.
Corp. A.V. Buck.
Pte. Bob Beattie.
Article: Providence Bay, 1919 -- Corp. W.D. Love, Sgt. J. Allen, Sapper M. Buck, Mr. W. McIntyre, Mr. R. Cranston.
Article: Interesting Letter, 1919 -- Miss Agnes Sampson.
19. Article: Interesting Letter, 1919 continued.
Article: Death of Pte. W.G. Scott -- Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott, Rev. R. Wisemand.
Article: Welcome Home, 1919.
Pte. Jack Jaffray.
Pte. Wesley Alexander.
20. Article: Gunner Earl Platt, 1919.
Article: The Boys Come Home, 1919 -- Scott Fraser.
Article: Reception for Alex Fraser, 1919 -- Mr. and Mrs. J.L Wismer, Rev. W.M. Morrison, Rev. S.F. Yeomands.
Article: Sgt. Mackie, D.C.M.
Article: Pte. Harold Purvis, 1919.
21. Article: Pte. Harvey Robinson.
Article: Heroes Providence Bay -- Pte. James Herbert Caddel, Mr. P. Caddel.
Article: Pte. Wilford Parkins.
Article: Pte. Henry Negonnewinah is honored, 1919 -- Tom Negonnewinah, Mike Cada.
Article: Little Current, 1919 -- F.L. Sims, W.A. Sims.
22. Article: Little Current, 1919 continued -- Frank Sinclair.
Article: G.W.V.A. Little Current, 1919.
Article: Barrie Island Reception, 1919 -- Charles Lane, Herbert Long, Ray Jennings, Miss Coleman.
23. Heroes Return.
Article: Pte. Paul Cada -- Pte. Jack Hopkins.
Article: Lieut. Grant Turner -- Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Turner.
Article: Lieut. Bert Blackie -- Mr. and Mrs. John Blackie.
Article: Pte. W.W. McColeman -- Joseph McColeman.
Article: Sgt. Ben Love -- Miss Norah Lane, Mrs. R.A. Smith.
Article: Sgt. J.D. Hopkins.
Article: Corp. J.D. McLeod.
24. Heroes Return continued.
Article: Pte. Hugh Bailey -- Jack Bailey.
Article: Pte Oscar Young -- Harry Gamey.
Article: Pte. William Linley -- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lenley, Bert Kemp, Bruce Sims, D.H. Kirk.
Article: Corp. Dave Kirk -- Mr. and Mrs. George Kirk.
Article: Gnr. Clive Fell.
Article: Pte. Clarence Walker.
Article: Co-Sgt. Major Jack Fraser -- Sim Fraser.
25. Heroes Return continued.
Article: Spr. A.A. Currie.
Article: Pte. William McMillian.
Article: Pte. Hugh Fraser -- Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Fraser.
Article: Corp. Robert Dawson -- Mrs. J. Girvan.
Article: Pte. Bert Hurn -- Mr. and Mrs. John Hurn.
Article: Pte. R.H. Hewitt -- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hewitt.
Article: Pte. Jim Armstong.
26. Photo: Belwood Berry.
Photo: George Berry.
Article: Pte. Jack Sullivan -- Mr. and Mrs. Noakes.
Article: Sapper Ernest A. Thompson.
27. Article: Pte. Hugh Bailey.
Article: Sapper William Burns.
Article: Returned Soldiers Welcomed Home, 1919 -- Archie Currie, Lou Witty, William Linley, Bob Gilroy, Jack McKinley, William Burns, Bert Hurn, Clive Fell, Clarence Walker, Oscar Young, Bob Montgomery, Bert Blackie, Coutts Tiplady, William Tiplady.
Article: Herio Record of Manitowaning Family, 1919 -- James Holmes, Pte. C. Holmes, Pte. A.J. Homes, Pte. William H. Holmes, Pte. G.B. Holmes.
Heroes Returning, 1919.
Article: Pte. Robert Gilroy -- Mr. and Mrs. William Gilroy.
Article: Sgt. Henry Lee -- Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Lee.
28. Heroes Returning, 1919 continued.
Article: Pte. J.R. Coutts -- Mr. George Coutts, Miss Elsie Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Mattre Cole.
Article: Lance Corp. Jack McKinley.
Article: Corp. Lou Witty -- Mr. and Mrs. John Witty.
Article: Pte. Alex W. Aiken.
Article: Pte. Orval Aiken.
Article: Pte. Ernest Moscrop -- Mr. and Mrs. G. Moscrop.
29. Article: Nursing Sister Jessie Clarke, 1919.
Article: Big Lake Heroes, 1919 -- C.R. Johnston, D.A. Johnston, P.H. Adams, W.H. Brown, H. Bassingthwaite, F. Nighswander, D.M. Thompason, O. Thompson, N. Young.
Article: Providence Bay.
Article: Pte. John Payne.
Article: Sapper W.R. Leask.
Article: Pte. J.C. Bryan.
Article: Pte. D.E. McMillan.
Article: Pte. J.D. Wilson.
Article: Pte. Mat Sloss.
30. Gore Bay.
Article: Pte. Bob Jaffray.
Article: Nursing Sister Muriel Fell -- Sheriff and Mrs. Fell.
Article: Spr. Ray Merrylees -- Mr. and Mrs. Jack Merrylees.
Article: Pte. Cliff Johnson -- Mr. and Mrs. Jack Johnson.
Article: Return of Capt. Graham -- R.L. Graham.
31. January 23, 1919 -- Pte. Ted Strains, Mr. and Mrs. Strains.
Article: G.W.V.A. July 3, 1919.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Article: G.W.V.A. July 3, 1919 continued -- Caughell, Hay, Rita Burns, Nellie Ahurn, Joe Cote, E. Chisholm, Marshall Roque, Ritchards, Keshunta, Cushing, Bernard, Adams, Collins, Miss I. Porter, Williams, Morrow, Ritchie, Hembruff, Cushing, Galbraith.
Article: Soldiers Payments, 1919.
Article: The Peace Treaty, May 15, 1919.
Article: Peace, July 3, 1919.
Poem: author unknown.
24th Edition : October 1985
PageArticle or Item
Photo: 12th of July Sheguiandah before 1910, submitted by Emma Dearing -- Minnie (Farquhar) Tustian, Annie (Thomson) Steele, Emma (Tustian) Dearing, Lucinda Johnston, Margaret Thomson, Dick Tustian, Lorie (Tustian) Greenfield, Ermie Dickout, Walter Green, Harry Dickout.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: History of the Methodist Church in Gore Bay, by Ev Procter -- Rev. N.J. Lake, Rev. Thomas Hulburt, William Sutton, Marvin Bowman, Jim Wiseman, Robert Robinson.
4. Poem: by Mrs. Brigadier Gwyneth Thomas: Such As I Have.
Article: For Over Fifty Years -- Mrs. Winslow's Sothing Syrup.
Article: Wedding -- Rosetta Patterson, Mr. Philo Patterson, William J. Noaks, Rev. A.R. Anderson, Ida Patterson, Mary E. Noaks, Jonas Lewis, John Patterson.
5. Photo: Ice Lake School built in 1904.
Photo: Pleasant Valley School, SS # 3, Allen.
Article: Early Settlers in Ice Lake, submitted by Margaret Bohler -- Alexander Robertson, Tom Robertson, Andrew Robertson, Ed Baker, Joe Wilson, Aleander Ednie, Andrew Archibald, Willis Laird.
6. Photo: Ice Lake Schools -- Peter and Charles McArthur, Lizzie Potts, Mis Grant, Alicia McLean, Jim Flanagan, Jim Munro, Edith Flanagan, Amy Mephew, Nettie Stevens, Florence Young, Ida Somerville, Jane Allen, Mrs. Grant Turner, Elmer Bunstead, Lottie McAthur, Ellen Robertson, Edna Beck, Eleanor McColeman, Mary Campbell.
7. Photo: The class at Ice Lake School 1914, taken by J.L. Wismer -- Mamie Palmer, Ethel Croft, Ardath Croft, Ruth VanHorn, Eleanor McColeman, Grace VanHorn, Lena Wright, Mamie VanHorn, Bill Brown, Clara Vine, Mary Robertson, Nellie Douglas, Margaret Robertson, Charlie Robertson, Achsa Robertson, May VanHorn, Ida McArthur, Bethel Vine, Ellen Baker, Margaret Baker, Amby Croft, Mac McArthur, Mary Smyth, Jonas VanHorn, Ernie Wright.
8. Photo: The class at Ice Lake School 1910, taken by J.L Wismer -- Mrs. Brown, Mrs. McArthur, Mrs. Croft, Mrs. Wright, Frank Palmer, Joe Neison, Jim Robertson, William Nelson, Lottie McArthur, Harry Croft, Andrew Robertson, Joe Wilson, Ernie Croft, Alice Wright, Mamie Palmer, Elsie Baker, Tommy Baker, Reta Harper, Ethel Croft, Margaret Robertson, Ardath Croft, Achsa Robertson, Lena Wright, Bill Brown, Andrew Robertson, Roy Palmer, Walter Glanville, Nellie Douglas, Ida McArthur, (3) Wright boys, Margaret Baker, Mary Robertson, Charlie Robertson, Bobby Wilson, Amby Croft, Ernie Wright.
9. Photo: Teacher performs corporal punishment on a boy with a birch switch soaked in salt brine.
Article: Early Settlers in Ice Lake continued from page 5 -- Tom Robertson, Andrew Robertson, Ed. Baker, Joe Wilson, Andrew Ednie, Will Ednie, Jim Ednie, Barbara Laird, Mrs. Ed. Baker, Janet Robertson, Mrs. Joe Wilson, Ellen Robertson, Mrs. Tom Robertson, Janet Ednie.
10. Photo: The First Church of Christ at Ice Lake.
Article: The Ice Lake Post Office -- Robert Brett, Malcolm McArthur, Mrs. Charlotte McArthur Noland, Walter J. Wright, William Burch, Nellie Clare, Alex Burch, George Burch, Robert Nelson, Joe Nelson, Albert McArthur, Ann Wright.
11. Article: When Jug of Beer Cost Five Cents, submitted by Jean McLennan -- Bob Connell, Hugh McLaughlin, T.R. Williamson, William Narstedt.
12. Article: When Jug of Beer Cost Five Cents continued -- W.R. Avery.
13. Article: When Jug of Beer Cost Five Cents continued -- Annie Bradley, Margaret Alma Wedgerfield.
Article: Jan. 4, 1900 Manitoulin Guide -- Rev. T.G. Barlow, Rev. A.R. Sanderson, C.C. Platt, M. Lloyd.
14. Article: Founder of the Expositor. Submitted by Jean McLennan, written by W.L. Smith -- J.H. Stinson, T.R. Lamorandiere.
15. Article: Founder of the Expositor continued -- John S. Arthurs.
Photo: Founder of the Expositor, W.L. Smith.
16. Article: Founder of the Expositor continued -- Batman, Jenkins.
17. Article: Little Current the Gateway to Manitoulin, submitted by Jean McLennan -- Dr. Carruthers, Turner's store, Dawson home, D. Miller, May, Oliver, McKenzie, Griffith, Mrs. Burkett, Jeffrey, Burnett, Atkinson, McLean, Fraser, John Dunlop, Nelder, Rowe, Sims, Tom Ried, Capt. Campbell.
Poem: Sheguiandah. Author unknown.
18. Article: Little Current is hub of activity.
Article: Mr. T. Batman -- Mrs. Woodward.
Article: Burpee Nomination, 1900 -- John Keown, T. Harper, I.J. Bailie, J. Blackburn, W. Morden, Angus Bell, Alex Thompson, Dr. Backer, Mrs. E. McArthur, Master Cameron, Louis Pheasant, Robert Thorburn.
19. Article: The store reveals the past Cockburn -- Lee Chappell, Lynn Chappell.
Advertisement: Dr. Pettit's Tablets -- cure for all.
20. Advertisement / copy: top of a box of Bachelor cigars.
21. Advertisement / copy: Tuckett's Tobacos and Old Chum Tobacco.
22. Advertisment / copy: Buster Brown Stocking.
23. Advertisement / copy: Papoose Chewing Gum.
24. Article: Boat Tragedy told, submitted by Jean McLennan -- John Skelliter, Paddy Lewis, Mr. Cummins, Mrs. Gladys Smith, Mrs. Alice Rankin, Mr. and Mrs. Henn, Miss Henn.
25. Article: Boat Tragedy told continued -- Mrs. Rankin, Paddy Lewis, Mrs. Henn.
Article: Gordon, 1900 -- John Douglas, M. McArthur, R. Brett, Henry Hall, T.H. Thomas, J.W. Wilson, Jacob Wismer, Pastor Rev. A.R. Sanderson.
26. Article: The Search for LaSalle's Brigantine LeGriffon -- Chief Blackbird, Roy F. Fleming, Dr. W. Sherwood Fox, Moise Hillaret.
27. Photo: of one of the skulls found in a cave a Mississauga Strait.
Article: The Search for LaSalle's Brigantine LeGriffon continued.
28. Article: Popular Gore Bay Couple Wed, 1932 -- Jean Elizabeth McQuarrie, Mr. and Mrs. R.H. McQuarrie, Harold Edmond Cook, Mr. and Mrs. W. Cook, Rev. B.F. Fuller, Rev. R. Strugeon, Mrs. C.W. Purvis, Miss Effie McQuarrie, John McQuarrie, Donald McQuarrie, Malcolm McQuarrie, John Cook.
Advertisement: Providence Bay furniture store of W.J. Brooks, 1900.
29. Photo: A gathering at the lighthouse of Mississaga Strait, 1987.
30. Advertisement / copy: Lloyd's Grocery of Gore Bay.
31. Photo: Hon. Beniah Bowman, from the Gore Bay High School Tattler -- April 1923.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Poem: I want to go to morrow, submitted by Harold McMillan.
25th Edition : November 1985
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Early days in Gore Bay.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: "Through The Years" marks start of 3rd year -- Lorne McQuarrie passing.
Letter to the Editor: Robert Somerville Kemp.
4. Letter to the Editor: 1985 -- Dr. Thomas Simpson, William H. Plummer, William Henry Plummer Jr., Maria Amelia Wiley, Robert Adam Lyon Sr., Blanche Fauquier Plummer, John Lyon, Ephraim Lyon, Robert Lyon, Kate Lyon, Grace Lyon, Mrs. Maridel Crawford-Brown.
Letter to the Editor: Private Edmon L. Long, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Long, Edgar Kent.
5. Photo: Gore Bay many years ago.
Letter to the Editor: Mrs. Wright.
6. Letter to the Editor continued -- Mabel Steep, Anne Knowles, Mildred Carr, Maude Platt, Mildred Sims, Vic Crich, Ross Barrington, Mr. Wismer.
7. Letter to the Editor continued -- Rev. Bradford, Judge Hewson, Mr. Orich, Len Jackson, Bob Robinson, Neil McIntosh, Brock Shields, Roy Beaty, Charlie McLean, Bas Bas Jackson, Annie Martin, Alberta Greenfield, Mrs. Belton, George McRae, Mr. Parks, Tom Porter, Frank Major, Harry McCoy, Grant Irving, Will Smith.
8. Letter to the Editor continued -- Jack Hagan.
Photo: of Schooner Winona, Capt. James Purvis.
Advertisement: J.H. Craig, Solicitor, Gore Bay.
Notice: Edward H. Jackson, Sheriff, Gore Bay, Manitoulin.
9. Photo: The Ocean House of Gore Bay.
Advertisement: for Pacific Hotel, Gore Bay.
10. Article: Early morning blaze destroys barn, icehouses, 1931 -- A.E. Johnson.
Article: A History of Gore Bay, by Alexander W. Aiken -- Miss Jackson, Arthur Kinney, James Morarity, Miss Edith Ludlow, Mr. Laughlin.
11. Photo: Alexander "Sandy" Aikens.
Article: Early morning blaze destroys barn, icehouses continued.
Article: Gore Bay -- Rita T. Tweedy, Mrs. G.H. Huttinger.
12. Photo: of 3-masted Schooner in Gore Bay harbor.
13. Article: Recollections of Gore Bay, eighty to eighty-five years ago. Written in 1978 by Alex Aiken -- Cliff Johnston, Miss Jackson, Mr. Wismer, Mr. McArthur, Jack Fraser, Leask, Bickell, D. I Millar, Dr. Johnston, Dr. Francis, Duncan MacIntosh, Neil MacIntosh, Mel Lehman, Mrs. McCrae, Mrs. Peter McCraw, Herb Needham, E.L. Braznor, Frank Baxter.
14. Article: Recollections of Gore Bay continued -- Bill White, W.H. Price, Dr. Johnston, James Fisher, Peter McCrae, Dave Wolfe, R.J. Porter, Samuel Connor, Joseph Wismer, Mr. W.V. Buffey, Dorothea Aiken, Mrs. Merrytell, Mr. W.M. Crosby.
15. Article: Recollections of Gore Bay -- Jonathan Mastin, Thomas Hall, David Beatty, Cliff Johnston.
Photo: Gore Bay in the early 1900's.
16, 17. Copy of lot sections in Gore Bay.
Advertisement: A.G. Murray, L.L.B. Gore Bay, 1906.
Advertisement: McKessock & McKessock & Williams, Gore Bay 1906.
18. Article: Recollections of Gore Bay continued -- Goerge Thomburn, Mr. Goodmurphy.
Photo: Gore Bay.
19. Article: Recollections of Gore Bay continued -- C.C. Platt, Jack Johnson, W.H. Thorburn, Mrs. Proctor, Jack Purvis, Bill Purvis, George Purvis, Bob Purvis, D.B. JmacCrae, Mr. Hawkin, William Miles (Paddy), Bill and George Buffey, W.V. Buffey, W.R. Abery, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Mathewson, McRaw family, John McQuarrie, Ranald McQuarrie, Mr. Casson.
20. Article: Recollections of Gore Bay continued -- Mr. W.R. Abrey, Tom Clark, Jim Purvis, Charles Wismer.
Photo: Gore Bay in the early 1900's.
21. Article: Recollections of Gore Bay continued -- J.M. Fraser, Harry Hall, Mr. Pemberton, Mr. Abrey, Mr. Springer, Dave Bickell, Mr. Braznor, Mr. Harold Wismer, Morton Hall, William Price, Farquhar McRae, Jessie Clarke, George McRae, Jack Baxter.
Notice: Neil McIntosh, Gore Bay.
22. Photo: Ranald McQuarrie.
Article: One of Gore Bay's Oldest Residents Passes -- Agnes Allen, Mrs. E. Cook, Donald McQuarrie, Effie McQuarrie, James McQuarrie, Jack McQuarrie, Malcolm McQuarrie, Mary McQuarrie, Margaret McQuarrie, Mrs. White, Mrs. Archie Wilson, Rev. M.H. Talbot, Messrs. Mr. R. Thorburn, L.L. Davidson, T. Mastin, George Thorburn, Fred Smith, George Bowser.
23. Photo & Article: Gore Bay Magistrate F.W. Major.
Photo & Article: Gore Bay Mayor A.E. Johnson.
Photo & Article: Gore Bay W.F. McRae, K.C.
24. Photo & Article: Gore Bay Conservative Representative A.E. Graham.
Photo & Article: Gore Bay Postmaster R.T. Jaffray.
Article: Gore Bay Deputy-Sheriff M.L. Davidson.
Advertisement: Gore Bay Shoeing Shop, J.W. Griffith.
25. Photo: John Gibbs of Gore Bay.
26. Photo: John Gibbs with his Model A Ford truck.
Photo: The Griffith house in Gore Bay.
27. Photo: The Jackson family, 1903 -- Verna (Jackson) Armstrong, Edward Henry Jackson, Mary Anne (Coatsworth) Jackson, Winnifred Jackson, Ned Jackson, Clifford Jackson, Mary Isabelle (Jackson) Smith, Evelyn Purvis, Sally Jackson, Jack Purvis. Photo submitted by Jean (Jackson) Capon.
28. Article: Sudden Passing of Sheriff Jackson, submitted by Jean (Jackson) Capon -- Dr. Johnston, Rev. M. More, Mary A. Coatsworth, Edward E. Jackson, Joshua Jackson, John W. Jackson, Samuel P. Jackson, William Jackson, Mrs. R.J. Hawkey, Mrs. John Purvis, Miss Maud Jackson, Miss Ida Jackson, Mrs. M. McPhie.
Article: A Story of Gore Bay, submitted by Jean McLennan.
29. Article: A Story of Gore Bay continued.
Advertisements: (6) Robert Thorburn, Indian Agent -- C.C. Platt, Court Clerk -- Andrew Hall, Court Clerk - William Vincer, License Inspector -- Thomas Griffith, Auctioneer -- W.M. Boyd, Auctioneer.
30. Photo: The Issac Johnson family -- Eliza, William, Ishmael, John, Alfred, Ida, Mr. Johnson, Issac Jr., Mrs. Johnson, Alice Johnson, James, Myrtle and Samuel.
31. Advertisement: Smith Brothers General Merchants, Gore Bay.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: Issac Johnson family -- Jim, Alfred, Bill, Ishmael, Charlie, Ida, Mr. Johnson, Myrtle, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Armstrong and Alice.
26th Edition : December 1985
PageArticle or Item
Christmas Greetings.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: How I spent Christmas Day. Written by Edna Beck (Mrs. Harvey Wilson), submitted by Annie Williton – Mr. Lee.
4. Article: How I spent Christmas Day continued.
Poem: Echoes of the Streets, Manitoulin Guide 1892.
Poem: Chickadee, 1919. Author unknown.
5. Photo: Williton children and parents.
Article: 70th Anniversary -- Mr. and Mrs. (Martha Keeley) John Williton, Richard Williton, Mary Grace (Mrs. John McKinnon) Williton, Charles Williton, Rhoda (Mrs. Dan Wixson) Williton, Rebecca (Mrs. George Buffey) Wilton, William Williton, Joseph Williton, Martha (Mrs. Robert Alexander) Williton, Hannah (Mrs. James FitzPatrick) Williton, Mrs. Stanley Seymour.
Poem: Folks, 1919. Author unknown.
6. Article: Government Road near Providence Bay, by Reg Dewar -- William Dewar, Mr. McDermid, William Graham, John Kennedy, William Charters, John Kay, Dan Kay, William Dewar, David Hopkin, William Wilson, Roy Graham, Ronald McIntyre, Leva Van Horn, John Lanktree, David Hopkin, Issac Duxbury, Nathan Duxbury, Alfred Goddard, Cliff McCulligh.
7. Article: Government Road continued -- George Lentir Jr., Tom Dewar, John Dewar, William Graham, John Kennedy, Jack Dewar, Harry Lanktree, Miss Francis Oagle, Dalt Wright, J.F. McDermid.
8. Copy: Grocery bill from J.F. McDermid General Merchants, Providence Bay, 1934.
Copy: Department store bill from J.F. McDermid Department Merchants, Providence Bay, 1985.
Article: School Report of 1895, submitted by Margaret Bohler -- Lizzie McArthur, Emma Gilroy, Nettie Thompkins, Minnie Beange, Tom Achibald, Maggie Beange, Bertha Montgomery, Janet Robertson, Alice McLean, Jessie Archibald, George Dearing, Maggie Turner, Robbie Nelson, Rachel Wilson, Jimmie Beange, Minnie Dearing, Maggie Carr, Tom Palmer, Louie Wright, Mary McLeod, Milton Dearing, Robbie Beange, Ellen Dearing, Charlie Wright, Guy Palmer, Fred Montgomery, J.D. Munro.
9. Photo: Griffith Logging Camp in 1904.
10. Article: Deity of Indian race chose Grand Island as his dwelling place, submitted by Jean McLennan.
Article: The Manitoulin, submitted by Jean McLennan.
11. Article: The Manitoulin continued -- T.J. Patten.
12. Article: The Manitoulin continued.
Article: Kagawong, 1931 -- Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James Gordon.
13. Photo: the Issac Johnson Family -- Eliza, William, Ishmael, John, Alfred, Ida, Mr. Johnson, Issac Jr. Mrs. Johnson, Alice, James, Myrtle and Samuel.
14. Photo: The Jacob Scott family -- Amelia (Mrs. Jim Hurdle), Annabelle (Mrs. Charles Hurdle), Ada (Mrs. Barry Addison), George, Flora (Mrs. Thomas Witty), Alice (Mrs. John Robinson), William, Sarah Jane Campbell (Jacob's wife), Clara (Mrs. Lou Witty), Jacob, Cassie (Mrs. Clifford Matheson).
15. Poem: Who put the "CAN" in Canada, 1919 by R.L. Werry.
Article: Providence Bay, 1931- Miss Ethel Paisley, Miss Myrtle Monkhouse, Charles Trick, Miss Irma Russell, Mrs. Pitfield, Mr. and Mrs. A. Oakes, Mrs. J.R. MacKenzie, Bruce Wyman, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oakes, Jean Oakes, Edward Wallace, W. Brown, J.H. Beaudins, Sandy McKechnie, Mrs. French, Mrs. Elmore Pattison, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fawcett, Mr. J. McAnsh.
16. Photo: Billings School S.S. No. 2, taken about 1906 -- Grace (Thompson) Croswell, Emma (Tustian) Dearing, Len Thompson, Archie Thompson, Earl Dickout, Miss Milligan, Annie (Thompson) Steele, Elsie (Thompson ?), Ralph Wiber, Bert Foster, Murray Dickout, Billie Baillie, Norm Marshall, Len Foster, Ethel (Foster ?), Neil Wilber, Ferguson Bishop, Allie Thomson, Jenkins Richards, Bill Thomson, Orpha (Baillie) Wright, Lizzie (Thomson) Wilson, Harvey McAnsh, Tom Marshall, Ellen Bowers, Kate McAnsh, Sussie Foster, Selwyn Dickout, Mable Baillie, Harry McAnsh, Norm Bowser, Debert Kenshel, Alburtta Kenshel, Vivian McAnsh, Beta Ireland, Effie Baillie, Billie McKenzie, Marg Bowser, Mervin Wyman, Renford Kenshel, Cecil Foster, Harlow Baillie, Nora Wyman, Repha Greenfield, Justin Foster, Nanny Marshall.
17. Poem: Do It Now. Supplied by Jean Harvey.
Poem: Manitoulin Island, by Francis A Hilton.
18. Article: Machine is designed for plucking chickens, 1931.
Article: Gore Bay, 1931- Frank Graham, Murray Wagg, Miss Effie McQuarrie, Miss Jean Griffith.
Article: Providence Bay, 1931 -- Mr. and Mrs. Len Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. George Warren, Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Oakes, Mr. and Mrs. David Sturgeon, Russell Sturgeon, Miss Freda Hopkin, Miss Eunice Ainslie, Miss Myrtle Monkhouse, Mr. Merrick McIntyre, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley McCulligh, Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Beck, Raymond Fawcett, Jack Wood, Roy Wood, Mrs. A.V. Beck, Dr. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. McCauley, Miss Ruth Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Earn Burch, Ed Purvis, Miss Elsie Beaudin, William Monkhouse, Mr. W.C. Boyle, Miss Alvern Campbell, Wilson Douglas, William Pyette, Mr. and Mrs. Harvie Cress.
19. Photo: Silver Water Anglican Women's Association. Submitted by Angus Cada, identified by Mrs. Eda Hazzard – William Clark, Mrs. George Priddle, Mrs. Frank Priddle, Millie (Kemp) Purvis, Mrs. William Lloyd, Kitty (Kemp) Johnston, Mrs. Mowatt Thompson, Mrs. Charlie Kemp, Mrs. George Armstrong, Mrs. Weeks, Mrs. Joe Addison, Mrs. Archie Duncanson, Mrs. Frank McCraken, Mrs. Williard Cook, Mrs. William Clark, Ada (Kemp) Trick, Mrs. John Kemp and Rev. Weeks.
Article: Campbell, 1900 -- Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pearson, Mr. J. Wilson.
20. Photo & Article: Farm and pear tree weather 100 years on Manitoulin, by Marjorie Cook Dodge -- Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards.
21. Photo: Marjorie Cook Dodge.
Article: Introduction to my grandparents, by Marjorie Cook Dodge -- Jessie Jones, Nancy Hulet Maggie Wetheral, John Edmonds, Rhoda Jewell, Ruby Pierce, Carrie May (Mrs. Williard Cook), Margaret (Mrs. Freeman Ferries), Elma (Mrs. John Hopkins), Francis (Mrs. Colville), Hazel (Mrs. Ted Addison), Ted Cook.
22. Photo: Mr. and Mrs. John Edmonds.
Article: Those Lovable Indians, by Marjorie Cook Dodge -- Maggie Edmonds.
23. Article: Those Lovable Indians continued.
24. Article: Those Lovable Indians continued.
Photo: Back in the days of the Model A -- Canon Fuller, W. C (Bob) Duncanson.
25. Photo: Dr. F.A. Strain and wife Misa.
Photo: Dr. Strain with one of his prize calves.
Article: Providence Bay, 1931 -- Mr. and Mrs. John Purvis, Miss Maudie, Wellington Cranston, Messrs. Frederick Lee and Marvin Graham, Doran Oakes.
26. Article: Death of a Soldier -- Mrs. Kate Anderson, Pte. A. Ballentine.
Two Poems: Rest weary heart (1913) and Behold an Enemy (1893) by Brenda Murray Draper.
Advertisement: Hearst & McKay, Barristers, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 1906.
27. Photo: A lumbering camp near Mindemoya, about 1895 -- W.I. Wagg, William Gardiner, William Sinclair, Jesse O'Brian, Sam Sinclair, Dorothy Conley, George Thorburn.
28. Article: Married, 1930 -- Miss Evelyn Hodgson, Mrs. L.M. Hodgson, Earle Sim, Rev. F.B. Johnson, Mrs. Hilda Hodgson, Clarence Sim, Mrs. H.E. Rubel, Mrs. J. Cawthorne, Mrs. Dan Thomas.
Article: Married, 1930 -- Miss Margaret Evelyn Badgerow, Mr. George Badgerow, John Irwin Calback, Mr. and Mrs. John Calback, Rev. W.H. Bradford, Miss Florence Latta, Mrs. Alexander McDermid.
Article: Married -- Rev. and Mrs. A.P. Bruce, Daisy Sadie Hopkin, Mr. and Mrs. James Hopkin, Mr. Harold Hamilton, Harry Drake, Mrs. Vera Hopkin, Miss Grace Simmons, Williard Bearce.
Article: Showered, 1931 -- Miss Doris Buck, Mr. William (Bill) Smith, Miss Margaret Bansbury, Miss Pettigrew.
29. Article: Obituary, 1930 -- George McDougall, Robert Cress, Miss Janet Bradnock, Mr. and Mrs. James McDougall, Mrs. William (Alice) Kennedy, James McDougall, Mrs. John (Ellah) McKechie, Mrs. Robert (Edith) Cress, J. Roy McDougall, Rev. William Munro, Robert Cress, Donald McDougall, Harvey Cress, Stewart Pearson, Wallace Caddel, Mr. Thomas William.
Article: Wedding -- Miss Olive Lenora Pattison, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Pattison, Mr. Everett Love, Mr. and Mrs. John Love, Rev. P.G. Lehman, Miss Winnifred Love, Lloyd Conley.
Advertisement: Snow's Store, Kagawong. Owner Charles Snow.
30. Notice: Masquerade Ball, Gore Bay. Submitted by Stan Gordon Sr.
31. Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: End of school -- 1938. Grimesthorpe R.R. N0. 3 -- Campbell School. Photo submitted by Louis Cooper – Mildren Galbraith, Helen Haner, Margaret Wyman, Lorna Galbraith, Mame Galbraith, Doran McColeman, Edwin Beatty, Clare Wilson, Velma Lewis, Grant Sloss, Nola Galbraith, Leona Galbraith, Norine McColeman, Sadie Gibson, Norine Slodd, Dorothy McAllister, Geraldine Lewis, Mary Wright, Willis Sloss, Esdurne Sloss, Calvin Haner, Sheila Cranston, Jean Lewis, Jim Marshall, Harry Cranston, Gordon Cranston, Gordon Wilson, Harry Cranston, Boyce Anderson, Herb Wright, Mary Cranston, Doug Haner, Ransford Galbraith, Elda Pierce, Naomi Johnston, Laura McColeman, Calvin Pierce and Godfrey Cranston.
Article: Social news from past years, 1909 -- John Wickens, Roy (the Killarney Indian), D. Bailey, Charles Burns, Clarence Platt, D. Burns, W. Galbraith, D. Bailey, M. Jennings.
Article: Little Current -- Mr. Wright McLaughlin, Miss Alma O'Brien, Rev. J.A. and Mrs. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. C.L.D. Sims.
27th Edition : January 1986
PageArticle or Item
Photo: The school parade of 1928.
Poem: "The Oatsmobile", supplied by Jean Harvey.
2Table of Contents.
3Recipe for a Happy Year
4-8Letters to the Editor: from Mrs. Gladys Trites, Jean Jackson Capon, W.J. Hastie.
Article: 1900 Margaret Scott -- John Learmont Wedding
9Article: Who was Tommy Sunshine (Tom Wabegijik)?
10-12Article: Two Perish in sinking of the Asia (William and Mary Greenfield).
Photo: John Greenfield.
Poem: Cockburn Island.
13Article: 1932 Rowena Cranston -- William McColeman Wedding.
Article: 1931 Mabel Haner -- Thomas Case Wedding.
Social news of October, 1908.
14Article: The Passing of Jacob Rumley.
Poem: The Fall of the Air-Child.
15-18Article: Robinson Twp. Pioneers (John and Effie Cook and family), by Annie Willeton.
Photos: Harriet, Jane, Mary, Annie, William, George, Edward & Willard Cook, submitted by Bert Cook.
Poem: Swallows.
18Explorers view Manitoulin.
19Poem: in memory of Nellie Duxbury.
Social news of August, 1909.
20Nellie Duxbury.
21-26Post Offices and Postmasters
27, 28Photos: Pictures of Long Ago submitted by Joan Purvis Campbell. Alfie Wismer, Jean Buchanan Purvis, Olive Wismer?, Rev & Mrs. Bainborough.
Poem: The Pine.
29Photo: Celina, Will, Cliff, Velma, & Stan Porter. Agnes, William, Gordon, Bill, Inus, Margaret, & Howard Dinsmore. Kelly? Grace?
Poem: To-Day.
30Poems: "The Bull Ring" and "Hymn for the Peace".
31Subscription Information.
32Social News of July, 1909.
28th Edition : February 1986
PageArticle or Item
Photo: The Looker family of Rockville
2Table of Contents.
3Letters to the Editor: from Bert Hurn, Mrs. C. Mastin, Albert L. Buck (about the Buck family), Mrs. Deanne Easthope (Catherine and Joseph Hunt).
4Article: Robert Connell reminisces. (well drilling, blacksmithing).
5Article: Everett Love -- Olive Pattison Wedding
Poem: It Isn't Your Town -- It's You.
Poem: The Test of Time.
6Photo: An Old Home in Gore Bay, submitted by Jean Harvey.
7, 8Article: Knife Discovered with Native Skeleton at Sheguiandah Museum Camp (Thomas Lee, Chief Andrew Trudeau of Wikwemikong).
8, 9Photo and Article: Margaret McColman and Charlie Sims.
9Photo: John McVey and The Old Steam Engine, submitted by Mrs. Flora A. Ferguson.
9, 10Article and Photo: submitted by Florence A. Ferguson: The Bayer House logs reused as Tourist Information Booth.
Untitled Poem by Lawrence Binyon.
11Green Bay Women's Institute 1927-1928.
Poem: Bedtime.
12, 13Article: by Christina Kerr and Grace Rowe: Bob Robinson, Mel Lehman, Jane McArthur, Annie Bainborough.
Social news of 1931.
14-16Article: by R.J. Lloyd: Early Kagawong and Billings Township History (the Lloyd family, the mill, the Henry family).
Photo: The Wyman House with the Buck family, submitted by Lyman Buck.
16, 17Vintage advertisement for The Corn Harvester.
Article: from 1931: bridal shower for Grace Caddel.
18Article: by the Rev. Robert Wiseman: Popular Citizen Dead (W.O. Runnalls, the flu epidemic of 1919).
19, 20Article and Photo: submitted by Mrs. Stan Runnalls (Suzie Baker): The Barrie Island Bridge (the Latta family).
21Article: the Killarney Hotel.
22 Article: Evansville Public School, S.S. No. 1, Burpee: students from the front cover of a souvenir booklet of 1910, belonging to Will Johnston, submitted by Pauline Johnston -- E. May Beck (teacher) Martha Neely, Jennie McKinley, Maggie Johnston, Eveleen Bailey, Will Neely, Oliver Bailey, Carrie Johnston, Henry McKinley, Sam McKinley, Jennie Harper, Oklow Bracken, Will Scott, Phoebe Harper, Bella Bailey, Will Johnston, Mayme Johnston, Harold Harper, Mable Hardle, Clara Scott, Jack Harper, Clemmie Johnston, Cassie Scott, Duncan Campbell, Beulah Bailey, Greta Bailey. Trustees: Jack Harper, Jack Bailey, Walter Harper, R.J. Campbell, D.N. Bailey.
23-28Article: Silver Water United Church and the Silver Water Manse (photo of W.W. McLaren, photo of Mr. and Mrs. Cadotte, photo of the 50th Anniversary of the Church in 1939, a list of who served the charge).
Untitled poem.
29, 30Photos: of Gore Bay Many Years Ago.
31Subscription Information.
32Photo: of Gore Bay Many Years Ago.
Poem: The New Milk Maid.
29th Edition : March 1986
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of an old Hudson Bay Company Post at LaCloche.
2 Indexes, and subscription information.
3 Letters to the Editor: Margaret Bohler, Ida Allen, Mrs. David Allen, Mrs. Bernadette Walker, Mrs. Gladys Trites.
Article: Two deer with one shot -- Gerald McLeod, Bud Jones.
4 Article: Commercial fishing in the North Channel -- W.J. Hastie, James Noble, Hector Roszel, William Roszel, John Hastie.
5 Article: Commercial fishing in the North Channel continued -- Alan Morphet, Norman Trotter.
6, 7 Diagrams: of Pound Net at Manitowaning.
8 Photo: a dog team starting with the mail -- Mr. I. Turner, Postmaster, submitted by Jean McLennan.
Article: Early Beginnings of Little Current, by T.J. Patten -- George B. Abrey, Mrs. Stewart Jenkins, Mr. C.L.D. Sims, Humphrey May, William McKenzie, Captain Burkitt, Rev. J.W. Sims, William Griffith, Mrs. McKenzie, Bryan Mackie, Mrs. Brydon, David Miller, Mr. Abrey.
9 Photo: Birds eye view of Little Current in 1870 -- George Obetosseway, Bryan Mackie, G.B. Abrey, Mr. C.L.D. Sims, Dr. Carruther, William Griffith, George Burkitt, Humprey May, David Miller, John Dawson.
10 Article: Early Beginnings of Little Current continued from page 8 -- Warren R. Abrey, Mrs. Hill, Rev. Rowland Hill, Tom Reid.
Photo: The late Bryon H. Turner -- Grant H. Turner.
Photo: the sawmill of J. and T. Conlon, Picnic Island, Little Current, 1904.
11 Photo: Sims brothers in Little Current following the Great War, May 1919.
Article: Early Beginnings of Little Current continued -- Mrs. Maltas.
12 Photo: of Hope Lumber Company plant at Little Current.
Article: Early Beginnings of Little Current continued -- James Burnet, G.B. Abrey, Thomas C. Sims Esq., Charles Anderson, John Amos, Mr. Norman Trotter, Messers. J. and T. Conlon, William Potter, W.S. Gibbon, Angus Herriman, Mr. Hedley Shaw.
13 Photo: of Byron H. Turner Company Merchants building.
Article: Early Beginnings of Little Current continued -- Ira Pearson, A.P. Kilganan, T.J. Patten.
14 Article: A trip to Little Current.
Photo: of a granite Island.
15 Photo: scenes of a river near Little Current.
Article: A trip to Little Current continued.
16 Photo: of Byron H. Turner and friends out on the waters of the Bay.
Article: A trip to Little Current continued -- Humphrey May, Willie McKenzie, T.J. Patten.
17 Article: A trip to Little Current continued -- Messrs. J. and T. Conlon, John Sunstrum, Mrs. O’Keefe, Judge O’Keefe.
18 Article: A trip to Little Current continued -- J.C. Phipps, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Byron Mackie, David Miller, G.B. Abrey, Mr. Isaac Turner.
Photo: The City of Midland and Gidleyford motor boats.
19 Article: A trip to Little Current continued -- Mr. A.E. Dyment, Grant H. Turner, Wildred and F.L. Sims, Thomas C. Sims, Rev. Mr. Sims.
20 Article: A trip to Little Current continued -- O. Vincent, Mayor George E. Baxter
21 Article: A trip to Little Current continued.
Advertisements: Byron H. Turner Co. Ltd.; J.C. Irving & Co.; Sims & Company; W.D. Ritchie & Son; Curries’s Rexall Drug Store.
22 Photo: of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Wagg.
23 Article: History shows a dedicated man (1876-1960) by Diane Robbins -- Alma Josiah Wagg.
Photo: of A.J. Wagg with a plaque presented to him.
24 Article: History shows a dedicated man.
Photo: of A.J. Wagg with Lester B. Pearson and John D. Hopkins.
25 Article: History shows a dedicated man -- Gladys Wagg.
Poem: Morning on the Georgian Bay.
26 Photo: of Franklin Grant Priddle Sr., Franklin Grant Priddle Jr., and Lorretta Pearl Priddle.
Article: A watch of history -- Humphrey May, Mary Jane May, William Priddle, Edwin Franklin Priddle, Franklin Grant Priddle, Loretta Pearl Priddle.
27 Photo: Gore Bay Harbour in 1900.
Article: Gore Bay long ago -- Williard Hall, James M. Fraser, W.F. McRae, Russell McGregor, Jim Purvis. First families included; Fraser, Clarke, Thorburn, McQuarries, Kinney, Hall and Bickell.
28 Photo: of logging operations in Gore Bay.
Photo: Courthouse in 1900, now the Gore Bay Museum.
29 Article: Gore Bay long ago -- R.R. Gamey, R.J. Porter, D.I. Millar.
Photo: Meredith Street in 1906.
Photo: Queens Hotel in 1900.
30 Article: Results of Sandfield Races, 1919 -- Cliff Bradley, Hutchinson, Steve Russel, Mithcell Gertir, Burn Spry, Steve Russel, Vesper McCutcheon, Pearson, Kennard, Cliff Walker, Cliff Walker.
Poems: The Spirit of Britain and In Alsace-Lorraine.
31 Poem: Comrades In Arms.
Subscription application form.
Poems: The British fleet in the Dardanelles and The child at the gate.
30th Edition : April 1986
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of Merchant Bank on the corner of Water Street and Campbell Street, Little Current, submitted by Calvin Van Zant.
2 Indexes subscription information.
3 Article: The Early History of Providence Bay, written by Mrs. Mae McGauley.
Photo: of Mac McGillvray, submitted by Walt McDonald.
4 Photo: of a logging bee at John Gordon’s farm in 1881 -- Hughie McDermid, John Gordon, George Henderson, Archie Cranston, Dave Weir, Ann McDonald, Mrs. Catherine McDonald, William McDonald and Audrey Tracy.
5 Copy: of the Marriage Certificate of John McDonald and Ann McDermid, 1879.
6 Article: The Early History of Providence Bay continued from page 3 -- Messrs. Garland, Mutchmore, Monroe, and McNevin; other family names were Sinclair, Burch, Alexander, Pattison, McQueen, Weir, McNicholl, McAllister, McKendrick, Caddel, Love, Latham, Campbell, McIntyre, and Turley, William Courish, Mr. Ball, William Pattison, Mr. Johnstone, Mrs. Turly, Robert Love, Billie Pattison, Miss Myra Mutchmore, Mary Mutchmore, Mrs. Tom Deane, Hugh McKay, Rev. Rogers, Mrs. Mae Forbes, Mr. A. Campbell, Mr. F. McDermid.
Photo: of Mr. and Mrs. John McDonald.
7 Article: What Happened to Dodge Widow? Submitted by John and Ethel Prior -- Mrs. Anna Thomson Dodge, Horace B. Dodge, John Dodge, Mrs. Wesson Seyburn, Daniel Dodge, Ann Laurine MacDonald, John A. MacDonald, Daniel D. Dodge, Mrs. Alfred G. Wilson, Mrs. Frederick G. Holmes.
8 Photo: of the Dodge seaplane used to in 1937 to search for Daniel Dodge.
9 Article: What Happened to Dodge Widow? -- Frank Valiquette, Wes Ryder, A. Bateman, Laurine Dodge, Mrs. Weston Seyburn, Mrs. Dodge Sloan, John Sloan, Francis Dodge, James B. Johnson Jr., Dr. William A. Lange, John Van Atta, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Van Atta, Jacqueline Van Atta, John Van Atta, Fred Van Atta, Mr. and Mrs. Van Natten, Mrs. Art McKinley, Frank Valiquette Jr., Dick Drolet, Frank King, Victor W. Garrose.
10 Article: An Icy Dip -- Harry Head, Joe Brown, Harry Hall, Doc Strain.
Article: The End of the Orange Lodge, by Edmon Long and Lawrence Runnalls -- Arthur Runnalls, Tom Gilmour, George Noble Jr.
11-14 Article: They’re Looting Our History.
15 Article: Fast Ball in Kagawong -- Ronnie Gordon, Frank Debassige, George Boyd, Lawrence Corbiere, Charles Wiber.
16, 17 Photo: of Kagawong Baseball Team: Champions 1921 -- William Hilliard, Earl Graham, Johnnie Graham, Morgan Bowser, Cecil Foster, Charlie Webber, T.J. Thompson, Bill Thompson, Ronnie Gordon, Jim Gordon, Fred Graham, Lawrence Cobier, Aus Hunt, Henry Corbier, Tom Prestage, Frank Debaissige, George Boyd, and submitted by George Foster.
18 Article: Fast Ball in Kagawong continued from page 15 -- Ronnie Gordon.
Article: The Sons of Temperance -- Tim Emery.
19 Photo: of Dr. McDonald’s barn in Little Current.
20 Photo: First of July, Water Street in Little Current c. 1901. Fred St. Jacques is driving the buggy.
21 Photo: of coal hoist under construction in 1910, submitted by Calvin Van Zant.
22 Photo: Waiting for the ferry, taken in 1930, submitted by Calvin Van Zant -- Cliff Lockyer, Captain Tom Boyter, George Holmes, Pete Patterson, Bill Armstrong, Joe Cote, Albert (Skinny) Boyter, Glen Trimmer.
23 Article: A Near Tragedy at Michael’s Bay -- some families were Clark, McIntyre, Ellis, Pyette, Gault, Leach, Hilson, Frampton, Pennie, Oakes, Chisholm, Tinkus, Gilpin and Martin, Mary Turnbull (Mrs. Hubbert), Phil Clark, R. McIntrye, Tom Ellis, John Pyette. Submitted by John and Ethel Prior.
24 Article: A Partial History of Michael’s Bay.
25 Photo: Michael’s Bay Store and Boarding House submitted by Calvin Van Zant.
26 Article: A Partial History of Michael’s Bay continued -- Penton & Craise, Andy Elliott, Ronald McDougal, Dr. John Hendon, Dr. Frank Smith, Thos. McGinnis, R. English, Chas. Shields, James McCutcheon, Jim Hilson, Dunk Mitchell, Robt. Fox, Robert Hutchinson, J. Benson, John Chisholm, Robt. Sims, Sam Watson, John McLean, John Ward, George Smith, Arthur Lisk, Ron McEntyre, Neil McLean.
27 Poem: The Prophecy.
28 Photos and Names: of the Providence Bay Baseball Club winners of the Cup for 1907, submitted by Calvin Van Zant -- S.A. McDougall, W.I. Wagg, T. Reid, S. King, L. Farrell, T. Bloor, R. Tasker, F. Johnston, D. Burns, R. Kennedy, R. Ritching, W. Fields, G. Armstrong, W. Van Zant, James Adams, L. Newell.
29 Photo: Queen Street looking south in front of the Post Office, Manitowaning.
30, 31 Photo and Poem: the Wreck of the schooner the Hesperus.
Article: Butter Making, submitted by Joan Campbell.
Article: The Jack Witty House -- W.O. Runnalls, Leslie Witty, Art and Harold Lane, Arthur Runnalls, Elizabeth Stocks, Rev. Robert Wiseman, Jim Wiseman, Annie Lane, Cecil Runnalls, Mary Baker.
31st Edition : May 1986
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of a 1907 automobile.
2 Indexes and subscription information.
3 Article: The Automobile.
Photo: of a 1926 Model T. Ford Touring Car.
4 Article: The Automobile.
Photo: of a 1900 "pillbox" coupe.
5-24 Article: The Automobile.
Photos: of various automobiles.
25 Article: Margaret Edmonds Ferries, submitted by Lois Miller -- Mr. and Mrs. John Edmonds, Edna Hazzard, Freeman Ferries.
26-28 Photos: of Honora Bay Saw Mill, submitted by Calvin Van Zant.
29 Article: Pioneer Recalls Days of Old, excerpts of a letter by Joseph A. Noland -- Robert Hamilton, Mrs. George Gallagher, John Baker, Wilfred Stoneman, Higgenbottoms, Jim Purvis, George Young, Mr. Braisner, Mr. Dymont, H.B. Hunt, R.J. Porter, Hack McClean, Isaac Campbell, Jos. Proctor, James Proctor, Jim Proctor, Edith Proctor, Flora Proctor, George Boyd, McQuarries, Fred and Ned Brockelbank.
30 Article: Silver Water, 1919 -- Mrs. O.M. Thomson, Mrs. J. Hopkins, Mrs. J. Addison, Mrs. W.F. Edmonds.
Photo: of Five Mile Point Falls, Near Manitowaning.
31 Poem: The Brown Thrasher.
Subscription form.
Photo: taken in 1940 of the Little Current docks.
32nd Edition : June 1986
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of a carload of soldiers in Gore Bay -- Scott Fraser, Blair Fraser, Sandy McKenzie, Jack McKenzie, Frank Major and George Thorburn.
2 Indexes, and subscription information.
3-12 Article: The Ontario Parliament 1919/1923.
Photo: page 4 of Premier E.C. Drury.
Photo: page 11 of Hon. Beniah Bowman.
13 Photo: of Enos and Edna Barry pictured boating on the Kagawong River, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell.
Article: A Light in the Window, by Lawrence Runnalls -- Fred Langton, Harry Mervyn, John Jennings, George Brydes.
14 Article: Honora Bay, written in 1944 by Helen T. Haner -- Mr. Marron, Mr. Herman, Mr. Steward, Mr. Collins, Mr. Hawke, John Hore, Bert Quinn, Mr. Graham, Mr. Cadotte, Mr. Hay, William Ferguson, Saxon Ritchie.
Photo: of S.S. No. 1 Billings School, Kagawong, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell.
15 Photo and Article: The Kagawong Loyal Orange Lodge, July 12, 1908.
16, 17 Photo: September 1915 -- taken from the balcony of the Mansion House in Little Current, of the "boys" leaving for war.
18 Article: The Mail Boat of 1951 -- Grant Turner, Mr. E.W. Davis.
19 Article: The Mail Boat of 1951 continued.
Poem: Michael’s Bay Ball, 1890 Tehkummah -- Charlie McDonald, Miss Bella Cranston, Professor Craig, Phillip Smelter, Walter Chisholm, Jim Hilson, Sandy McPail, Albert.
20 Photo: of the Winners of the Presidents Cup, 1905, submitted by Lyman Gibbs -- Mac McGregor, John Gibbs, Dr. J.A. Baker, Fred Smith.
21 Article: The General Election of 1917, by Lawrence Runnalls -- George B. Nicholson, Larry O'Connor, Lawrence Runnalls, Mr. Major, Jean McGregor, Mr. Hern, Kate Fraser, Robert Bordon.
Poem: Peace.
22 Photo: of Little Current with the following ships in the harbour; Bon Ami; Lulu Eddy; Minnie M., Caribou, Manitou, City of Midland and Telegram.
23 Article: Fairview Methodist Church -- James Dawson, Robt. Tilson, Wm. Hall, A.J. Mastin, W.D. Hall, Wm. Myland, John Tilson, Hugh Little, Robt. Duxbury, Samuel Gallagher, Abraham Hughston, John Phillips, John Dawson, Ann Dawson, Walter Chisholm, Mary Chisholm, W.J. Turner, Mary Porter, H.W. Trewin, Matt McCauley, James McCutcheon, George Thomas, Wm. Myland, Robert and James Duxbury, Sam Gallaugher, John Cowan, William Sloan, Edward Martin, Matthew Orr, Peter Mastin, Wm. Henry Mastin, Thomas Kay, David Pyette Sr., John McKim, Rev. Mr. Payne.
24 Article: Fairview Methodist Church continued.
Photo: of Jas. Purvis hard at work plowing snow in 1937, submitted by Bud Thorburn.
25 Article: Homes in Silver Water as remembered by Daisy Foster -- Mr. Sims, Mrs. Lane, J.B. Graham, John Edmonds, Ted Addison, Wm. Priddle, Archie Duncanson, Arden Duncan, Charlie Hutton, Bert Fleming, Billy Cooks, Dan Stewart, Joe Addison, Johnney Kemp, Duke Kane, Hugh Stevens, Ernie Forester, Sandy Rumley, Lindsay Johnston, Ed Priddle, Golden Noble, Harry Noble Sr., Harry Noble, Mrs. Wm. Clark, Jasper Noble, Ed Clarke, Wm. Clarke, Harry Farthing, Geo. Trick, Arthur Edmonds, Reece Trick, Wilbert Edmonds, Clarence Edmond, Barney Addison, John Cameron, Louie Kemp, Wes Hazzard, Jim Crawford, Ed Hopkins, Lauchie Duncanson, Geo. Cook, Norman Duncanson, Williard Cooks, Orland Wismer, Grannie Cook, Jacob Rumley, Freddie Rulmley, Roy Smythe, Andy McMillan, Lawrence Morrell.
26 Article: The Forster Farm, letter submitted by Daisy (Addison) Forster -- W.L. Kemp, Charles Kemp, William Alexander, Wesley Hazzard, Hugh Stephens, Kate Kemp, Frank Lovelace, E. Forster.
27 Article: Darrel and Edna Hazzard farm -- John Wetherall, Benjamin Hopkins, Edward Hopkins, John Duncanson, Wilbert Edmonds, Harry Noble, Clifford Rumley.
Article: Farm History in Robinson Township -- John Edmonds, John Wetherall, Wilbert Wetherall, Ted Addison, J. Shepperd.
28 Article: History of Part of Lot 25, Concession 8 -- Jerry Lennard, Jim Crawford, Jacob Rumley, Arthur Edmonds, Ted Addison, Neil McKays, Mrs. Snook, Bob Phillip, Mrs. Grub, Mrs. John Hopkins, Jacob Ruley, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Clarke, Bill McGibbon, Jim Crawford, Frank Lovelace.
Article: Residence of Frances Colville and J. Clarence Edmonds -- Frank Sinclair, John Priddle, Leatha Priddle, Arthur Edmonds.
Article: Do you remember when? -- Miss Rose Wice, Mr. and Mrs. George Brooks, Mr. Dunk McEachern, James Lether, Messrs. Fred and Joe Noland, Andrew McArthur, Thomas Hunter, George Hunter, Frank Wagg Jr., Frank Wagg Sr.
29 Photo: Gore Bay High School Hockey Team, submitted by Lyman Gibbs -- Mung Wright, Ab McLean, Lym Gibbs, Bus Clark, Andy Elliott, Ross Barrington, teacher Ray McColeman, Charlie McLean, Harry Porter.
Photo: of Tom Porter Sr.
30 Photo: of Gore Bay High School Team on the road, submitted by Lyman Gibbs -- horse drawn sleigh owned by Sandy Burns, driven by Ray McColeman.
Poem: What a Language.
31 Article: The Wrong Tooth -- Lawrence, Nelson, Cecil and Norris, Dr. McIntosh.
Subscription rates.
Photo: of coal being loaded on a ship in Little Current, submitted by Calvin Van Zant.
Poem: To An Automobile.
33rd Edition : July 1986
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of William Hilliard and Miss Carter out for a horse and buggy ride, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell.
2 Indexes, subscription details.
3 Photo: sailing Kagawong, courtesy Helen (Tracy) Croswell.
Article: Three Deliveries A Week -- Catherine Runnalls, Tom Latta, John C. Ross.
4, 5 Article: Chief Black Bird Who Led Raid on Fort Deaborn Manitoulin Isle Figure -- Chief J.B. Assikinack, Francis Assikinack, Chief Black Bird, Capt. Head, Father Badeau, Jean Baptiste Assikinack, Isaac Assikinack, Joseph Assikinack, Achitewens Assikinack, Benjamin Assikinack and Francis Assikinack.
6 Photo: of accident taken by George "Bud" Thorburn.
Article: Tragic Accident at Gore Bay -- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wismer, Roy and Alburtta Cummings, Judge Hewson Hill, George Thorburn, Mrs. Violet Panton.
7 Article: Car Accident Fatal to Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Wismer of Gore Bay, May 1940 -- Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Cumming, Harry Noble, Dr. F.A. Strain, Rev. E.A. Currey, A.J. Turner, Oscar Bennett.
8, 9 Article: Manitoulin Indians on the Warpath, submitted by John and Ethel Prior, from the York Herald July 1863.
10-12 Article: Huronia, a Sketch of the Homeland of the Huron Indians, and a Summary of the Christian Missions Established Amongst Them.
Photo: of Doctor Davis of Mindemoya and Bill Hilliard of Kagawong.
13 Photo: of Bob Thorburn by a black bear he shot in 1955, submitted by Bud Thorburn.
Article: Mrs. John Jeffkins Account.
14 Article: Beginnings: by Mrs. Clare (nee Runnalls) Lane, as told to Diane Robbins -- Arthur Lane, William Roszel, William Roszel Jr., Hector Roszel, Mrs. John Hastie, Roszel, Annie (Mrs. Frank Alexander) Hoszel, Emma (Mrs. Jack Badgerow) Hoszel, Lloyd Hoszel, Walter Jennings, Joseph McTaggert, Frank Morden, Bob Greenman, Peter Archdeacon.
15 Article: Beginnings continued -- Lewis Runnalls, Mr. Archdeacon, Prudence Archdeacon, Tom Greer, Charlotte Greer, George Noble, John Jeffkins, Mr. T.B. Greenman, Mrs. Tom Greenman, John Jennings, Mr. Long, Sarah Lotta (Mrs. George Badgerow), Archibald Latta, Hector McLean, Nelson Runnalls.
16 Article: Beginnings continued -- Burton Witty, Kate (Mrs. George Cole) Witty, Jack, George and Harry Witty, Mr. Burch, Mr. Copeland, John Long, Mary Mervin, Tim Emery, Jim Merrylees, Wes Greenman, Mrs. Phalen, Roy and Morley Campbell.
17 Photo: of Clare and Arthur Lane, submitted by Evelyn Lane.
18 Poems: Inheritance -- Bailey, Baxter, Burns, Buchanan, Beaton, Boyd, Campbell, Cummings, Curry, Clark and Cook; Davis, Fraser, Gibbs, Donaldson, Gordon, and McGill; Graham, Johnston, MacColman, McDermid; MacDonald and McLean; MacIntosh, MacKenzie, Wright; MacLaughlan, McMillan, McQuarrie; Gilmore, Galbraith, McGregor; MacDougall, McRae, by Jane (Nauman) McRae.
Photo: William Griffith camp at Tobacco Lake, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell.
19 Photo: of a Manitoulin road, submitted b y Helen (Tracy) Croswell.
20 Article: Reminiscing, submitted by John and Ethel Prior, 1968 -- Adam Casson, Mrs. Alex Burns, Miss Annie Buchanan, Mrs. Tom Porter, Geo. McRae, Ross Strain, J.T. Hall, Mr. E.A. Graham, Larry Lane, Neil McIntosh.
21 Article: Reminiscing continued -- R. Robinson, Bill Atkinson, Messrs. Alex and John Purvis.
Photo: this group shot taken at Norley Wood Camp, New Forest, England, March 1917, of the Regiment that Providence Bay man Corporal A.V. Buck was a member.
22 Photo: Gore Bay and Providence Bay Baseball Teams 1954 -- OPP Officer Stenabau, Frank Debaissige, Platt Purvis, Bob Prior, Tom Newburn, Ted Jackson, Bill Clarke, Bud Priddle, Allan Graham, Roy Bisson, Ken Bessy, Neil McDermid, Doug Patterson, John Alexander, Blair Clarke, Gary LaSarge, Blair McDermid, Murray McDermid, Harold Arnold, Irving McDermid, Howard Dewar, Murray Beange, Garry McFarlane, Morley LaSarge, Frank Priddle, Honorable Lester B. Pearson, Jim Prestage, Grant Priddle.
23 Photo: Providence Bay Ball Club 1890 -- Jack Gordon, Jack Lougheed, Alex Nantes, George Reid, Alymer Pattison, Dougal Buie, Rev. A.W. Lougheed and John Galbraith.
24 Article: Fishing Trip ends in Tragedy -- Bernard Boyle, Jack and George Raymond, Ted Quinkert, John Boyle, Constable John Reed, Bernard Michael Boyle.
25 Article: The Barrie Island Telephone Company -- J. Jennings, D. Griffith, W.C. Runnalls, Mr. Turner, Mr. J. Jeffkins.
26 Article: The Turners of Little Current -- Isaac Turner, Byron Hawkins Turner.
27 Photo and Article: The Turners of Little Current.
28 Article: The Turners of Little Current continued -- Grant Turner, Byron H. Turner.
Photo: of Berry Mill in Kagawong, submitted by Helen Tracy Croswell.
29 Article: Woodward’s Cash Store, Manitowaning and Gore Bay -- Charles Woodward, May Culham, Elizabeth Anderson, John Anderson.
30 Article: Woodward’s Cash Store continued -- John Anderson, John Woodward, Charles Woodward, Mr. Parkinson.
Article: John Moquam Found Dead in Wood Camp, 1932 -- Gabriel Walkhouse, John Moquam Sr., Jas. Moquam, Gesis Moquan.
31 Photo: Obelisks of Ice, 1942, submitted by Bud Thorburn.
Subscription form.
Article: John Moquam Found Dead continued -- A. Morrell, Ray Merrylees.
Advertisement: for Gidley Ford, Penetang.
34th Edition : August 1986
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of Mr. George Tustian and daughter Emma.
2 Indexes, and subscription information.
3 Photo: with Cecil Merrylees and William Thorburn on a horse drawn wagon, submitted by Bud Thorburn.
4 Poem: Sorrow for the Lost, composed by Bob Tustian (1891) relating to the loss of his siblings Johnnie, Eddy, Ben and Lizzie -- children of George and Annie Tustian.
Photo: where the children were buried under a tree behind the house.
5 Poem: Sorrow for the Lost, continued.
Photo: of Mr. and Mrs. George Tustian and their youngest daughter Emma (Dearing).
6 Photo: family picture taken at Emma Tustian and Milt Dearing’s wedding, 1911 -- Bob and Minnie Tustian, Alburtta Greenfield, Dick Tustian.
Photo: of George and Annie Tustian with their daughter Emma.
7 Photo: of the homestead of Robert Rivett.
Photo: Emma Tustian and Milton Dearing before their marriage.
8 Article: Indians on Manitoulin Celebrate Queen of the Mission Centennial -- Chief Andrew Trudeau, Andy Paul, Rev. George Nunau, Bishop Dignan, Father Fanial Hannin, Genevive Hill.
9-13 Article: The Settlers of the Portage -- George S. Gallagher, Colen Campbell, Delila McKey, Samuel Ireton, Edward and Jane Noland, Dave Miller, Thomas Robinson.
13 Photo: shows Bill Hilliard feeding his pet deer c. 1907, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell.
14 Article: Mr. R.R. Gamey, MPP (1912) -- Joseph Gamey, James M. Fraser.
Photo: of Mr. R.R. Gamey, MPP.
15-19 Article: The Member from Manitoulin -- Robert Rosswell Gamey.
20 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians -- Willard Hall, John Hall, Frank A. Myers, Jane Dinsmore, Gus Rivet, Andrew Willet, Peter Chatreau, Grant Kemp, Chief Punebekezhik, Chief Jonmuquoum, Chief Mocotaikioshk, Andrew Hall, Bob Thorburn, Ed Noland, John Baker.
21 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- Chief Punebekezhik, Chief Giwaiquoum, Johnny Moquam, Chief Mocotaikioshk.
Poem: Wartime Prayer, by A.E. Stacey.
22 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- Tom Beckerton, James, John, Robert, Harry, Sarah Anne, Agnes and Emily Beckerton, Mr. Clark, settlers; Neeley, Emery, Wilson, Tom Porter, Robert Porter and Milligan, Collin Campbell, Sam Wright, Mowat, Jack Sidney, Colin Campbell, John Cook, William Bailey, James Bailey.
23 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- Jim Poquam, McGregor’s farm, Joe Noland, James Beckerton, J.M. Fraser, John Abell, John Beckerton, Jack Witty, John Moore, Duke Beckerton, Jack Mitchell.
24 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- Harry Beckerton, William Paisley, Chief Moquam, Bob and Mary Stuart, Jim Poquam, Joe Debnis, Bill Shabidon, Annie Piqua, Gesis Moquam, John Moquam, Joe Debina, Bill Shabidon, Fred Noland, Willard Hall Jr., Jack Mitchell, Nobscot Poquam, Jim Poquam.
25 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- Sam Wright, Chief Mukety, john Moquam, Edward Noland, John Baker, George Gallagher, W.J. Robinson, Bill Robinson, John Robinson, Colin Campbell, William Bailey.
26 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- Tom Beckerton.
27 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- John Moquam, Bill Shabidon.
28 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- Bob Stuart, Mary Moquam, John Moquam, Ray Merrylees, Tom Griffith, George Bridges, Jim McKinley, Jim Poquam, Chief Bill Shabidon.
29 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- John Moquam, Bill Shabidon, Fred Noland, Jim Moquam, Joe Moquam, Gesis Moquam.
30 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- Bill Shabidon, Jim Poquam, Mr. A.B. Petrie, George Gallagher, Levis Mabegezhik.
31 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued -- Joe Noland, Marty R. Thorburn, Robert Thorburn, Williard Hall, Nitchi Thorburn, John Moquam, Gesis Moquam.
32 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued.
33 Article: Manitoulin Island Pioneers and the Obidgewong Indians continued.
Article: Drawing the Lines -- Frances Bolgar, J.W. FitzGerald, G. Brockit Abrey, J.T. Patten.
34 Photo: Shingle Mill in Michael’s Bay.
Article: History of Tehkummah -- G.B. Abbey, J.W. Fitzergerald, S.R. Ewen, Wm. D. Hall, Robert Batty, J.J. Russell, James Johnston, Alphens Adams.
35 Photo: Michael’s Bay Students.
Photo: Little Red School House.
36 Photo: of Whit McDonald.
Article: History of Tehkummah -- Thomas Batman, Ben Bayer, Sam Sloan, S.R. McEwen, Wm. Porter, John Hannah, Mr. Dawson, Jas. Porter, Mr. Bowler, Lorne McCauley, Robert Russell, Earl Williamson, Robt. Russell, Clarence Martin, Phil Smeltzer, Reid Sloan, Victor Anitice, Fred Wagg, J.A. Ward, Mrs. Wm. Pyette, Mrs. H. Little, Mr. Thos. Martin, Mr. H. Martin, Mr. Robt. Russell.
37 Article: Double Drowning Shocks Whole Community, Providence Bay 1933 -- William Purvis, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Purvis, James Young, M. McQuarrie, Robert Morden, Leon Pattison, George, Leonard and Ivan Purvis, M. McQuarrie, S.A. Casson, Donald McQuarrie, Douglas Buchanan, Chester Pearson, J. Bracken, I. Woods, J. Johnson, Geo. Witty.
38 Obituary: James Young Jr. -- Edward Purvis, Mrs. L. Nolan, Mrs. William Stoneman, Mrs. A. Thompson, Oscar Young, William Young, George Young.
Obituary: William (aka Bill) C. Purvis; wife Dorothy Langford -- Billie Purvis, Margaret (Mrs. Jas. Smith) Purvis, Eileen Purvis, Mary Louise Purvis, Clarence Purvis, Albert Purvis.
39 Article: Manitoulin Hay Teamed to Blind River -- Albert Solomon.
Subscription rates, form and application.
Photo: 1916 -- Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, Grace Gordon and husband.
35th Edition : September 1986
PageArticle or Item
Hand coloured postcard: 1908 -- Lizzie T., Miss Nellie Griffith. Submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell.
2 Indexes and subscription details.
3 Article: A version of Mother Shipton’s prophecy. Submitted by Mrs. Nelson Fogal.
Notice: in loving memory of our founding editor Lorne H.E. McQuarrie.
4 Letter to the Editor: Marjorie Della Hunt, Mrs. Deanna Easthope.
Letter to the Editor: Mr. and Mrs. Milton Dearing, Irene (Sheppard) Dearing, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Dearing, Mr. and Mrs.Geo. Tustian, Mrs. Emma Dearing.
Article: On and Off, 1931.
5 Article: Timbering in Manitoulin District -- E.F. Priddle Paper Company.
Article: The E.F. Priddle Timber Company, submitted by Grant Priddle -- Bud Priddle, Burt Witty, Edward McFarlane, Jean Purvis, Jim Harrison.
6 Photo: The Mamzutti and the Epinette -- Captain Bob Mordon, Grant Priddle.
Photo: Alfred Cada and John Hall clearing a road for the Ontario Paper Co.
7 Article: Timbering in Manitoulin District -- George Everett, Joe Addison.
Photo: the Fisher, by J.A. Fisher, Grant Priddle, Alex Fraser.
Photo: Bud Priddle, Janet Priddle, Bob Morden, Marjorie, Grant Priddle, Rick and Kirk Strain, Bob. Submitted by Grant Priddle.
8 Photo: A view from the shoreline of the "Mamzutti" with the "Epinette" trailing behind.
Article: Loading Pulpwood at Cook’s Dock -- James Kinney, Alex Wabegijik, Capt. Graham, Park Sawyer, Joe Rumley, Howard Rumley, John Rowen.
9 Photo: The loader the Grass E. Bay takes on timber.
Article: Loading Pulpwood at Cook’s Dock continued -- Bob Morden, Sam Beck, Alex McColeman, Jim Bryan, Harold Bailey, Jack Patterson, Ches Hazzard, Ross McLean, Gordon Dinsmore, Bill Dinsmore, Darrel Hazzard, Kirk Strain, Ish Bailey, Elwood Campbell, Angus Matheson, Alex Fraser, Ewart Lloyd, Arden Duncanson, Angus McDougall, Capt. Roberts.
10 Photo: Pulpwood being loaded on this ship in pallets.
Photo: Loader dropping timber onto a ship.
Article: Loading Pulpwood at Cook’s Dock continued -- Neil McDonald, M. Montgomery.
11 Photo: of Gordon Dinsmore and Alex McColeman.
Article: Loading Pulpwood at Cook’s Dock continued -- Jim Witty, Dave Debassige, Clarence Walker.
12 Article: Ontario Paper Company -- Jake Rumley, Norman McDonald, James Rayner, Al Brewer, Jack Cornish, Bill Parks, Art Racey, George Jackson, Dennis Brophy, Ches Burns, W.R. Jones, Jim Prestage, Doug Prestage, Bill Dinsmore, Bud Priddle, Grant Priddle, Francis Debassige, Bruno Debassige, Hall Kewley, Ches Burns, Ken Bessey.
Photo: Ches Burns operates the company machine that removes the bark as Aus Wright and Milt Brett look on.
13 Article: Ontario Paper Company continued -- John Hall, Clarence Purvis, Orval Myers, Ches Burns, Bob Morden, Art Racey, George Trick, Jim Rayner.
Photo: full loads of wood a challenge for Company truck.
14 Photo: Log peeling machine.
Article: Ontario Paper Company continued -- Howard Dinsmore, Ish Bailey, Earl Mandigo.
15 Photo: Aerial view of timber boom at Cook’s Dock.
Article: Ontario Paper Company continued -- Jackson, Art Hinds, J.F. Walker, Bert Best, J.F. Walker, Roy Nichols, John Hall.
16 Article: Ontario Paper Company continued -- Bill Parks.
Photo: Norm MacDonald and Jake Rumley pose for the camera -- Tom Porter, Frank Priddle, Doc Hinds, Doc Strain, Adam Casson, Charlie Wright, Doc Baker, Grant Priddle, Etta Gerwin.
17 Photo: of Donald Murray, courtesy of Grant Priddle.
Photo: of boom of timber, courtesy of Grant Priddle.
Article: Ontario Paper Company continued -- Dominic Antoine, Ed McFarlane, Mr. Walker, and Romeo Commett.
18 Article: Ontario Paper Company continued -- Bob Prior, Mr. Walker, Jim Rayner.
Article: New ferry "Jacqueline" ready for service, 1931.
Article: Will This Winter Be Very Severe, 1933.
19, 20 Article: The Changing Face of Little Current -- Arnold Smith, Mr. Geiger, Mr. Boyter, Almer Vincent, Ed Smith, Harold Ham, Arnold Smith.
21 Article: Hydro Plant at Kagawong Now Retired, 1961.
Photos: of the penstock where water was converted from the Kagawong river. The man is Fred Graham. Submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell.
22 Article: Budget’s Settlement, submitted by John and Ethel Prior, written in 1944 by Jas. R. Tilston -- Robert Stapleton, Henry Vanzant, John C. Budge, Jack Vanzant, John Leach, Edward Sparrow, Alex McGillis, Mr. Page, Mr. and Mrs. Torrie, Dr. Torrie, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Donald Smith, John Schoeder, Abraham Hughson, Bob Wallace, Thomas Pollard, Capt. William McCoy, Mr. J.C. Trees, Gilbert Watson, Andrew Lane, John Long, Mr. B.G. Dawes, Thomas Ham, Mrs. J.C. Irving, Chief Angus Assiginack, Edward McLennan, Chester Smith, Mr. Brown.
23 Photo: Gore Bay before 1911.
24 Article: Reminiscences of Manitoulin, from 1875 to 1932, by M.R. Thorburn -- Willard Hall, Andrew Willet, Father Nadeau, Hugh and Allan McKay, Mr. Blair, Mr. Grant, Allan Cameron, Hugh McKay, Harold Purvis, Bella Munro, David Munro, William Porter.
25 Article: The Manitoulin at last has a Steam Train, 1930.
26 Photo: of Billings Institute 1908, submitted by Mrs. Emma Dearing -- Mrs. Ab Thompson, Marion Rumley, Erma Dickout, Florence McLaren, Susie Campbell, Margaret McArthur, Celine Wyman, Mrs. Wiber, Florence MacKenzie, Margaret Thompson, Blanche Foster, Mrs. Archie Thompson, May Munro, Mattie Bailie, Minnie Tustian, Ella Dickout, Elsie MacKenzie, Emma (Buck) Tustian, Emma (Dearing) Tustian, Grace Thompson.
27, 28 Article: Ancient Indian tribes once roamed Manitoulin Island.
29 Photo: of the McClinchey Boarding House, Kagawong, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell) -- McKenzie home, Vera Boyd.
Obituary: 1973 of Grace Hewson Knight, husband Cyril W. Knight -- Judge Charles Hewson, George Purvis Jr., Clara Brett Martin.
30 Poems: The Friend We Like; Home Again; Tears.
31 Article: Silver Water Picnic of 1889 -- E. Addison, J. Addison, G.H. Cook, W. Kemp, D. Duncanson, Chas. Kemp, Willind Cook, S. Symth, E. Cook, W. Priddle, A. McMillian, J. Kemp, Thomas Ness, E.K. Roberts.
Photo: of a cattle sale in 1955.
36th Edition : October 1986
PageArticle or Item
Couples out riding in cutter drawn by horse, in Gore Bay.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: Fall Freeze, 1933, by Grant Turner.
Article: Little Current Ferry frozen in at present, 1933.
4. Article: Island Rural Telephone Co. Ltd. -- John D. McColeman, W.I. Wagg, Alex Caddell, Neil J. McColeman, John D. McColeman.
Article: Tribute to a Great Ball Player -- Frank Debassige, Cliff Gibbs. Contributed by Mel Bock, 1970.
5. Article: Manitoulin Turkeys -- R.E. Cumming, E.D. Bonnyman, Charlie Robertson.
Photo: of turkeys as far as you can see, courtesy of Charlie Robinson.
6. Photo: of a turkey plant in Gore Bay, 1958.
Article: Manitoulin Turkeys continued.
Photo: of newly born poults in an incubator on Charlie Robertson's Checkerhill Turkey Farm.
7. Article: Manitoulin Turkeys continued -- Earl Graham, Foster and Angus Greenfield.
Notice: of award winning turkey exhibits.
8. Photos: of the window displays of Robert Simpson Co. Ltd., Toronto, taken before Christmas, after they had purchased Manitoulin turkeys, courtesy of Charlie Robertson.
9. Photos: of turkeys, on with Clyde VanZant helping prepare turkeys for market.
10. Article: Manitoulin Turkeys continued -- Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Cockrane, Charlie Robertson.
Article: You're Telling Me, what a difference a few years make.
11. Photo: of Jack Hunt, Harry Lloyd, Aus Hunt Sr., and Bill Hilliard with two wolfhounds they shot in 1994, courtesy of Helen (Tracy) Croswell.
12. Photo: of the Griffith family before 1900, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell -- William, Donald, Matthew, Thomas, George, Bob, Mrs. Jane Griffith, Nellie and Thomas Griffith.
13. Photo: of Griffith children, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Crosswell -- Max and Jean Griffith are captured by J.L. Wismer's camera.
Article: A Busy Saturday night, 1940 -- Mr. Hiram Pearson.
14. Article: Bush fires threaten Town and countryside, 1932/3 -- Jas. Purvis and Sons, Peter Peterson.
15. Article: The Manitoulin Advisory Union, 1912 -- Mr. A.J. Wagg.
16. Article: The Manitoulin Advisory Union continued -- B.H. Turner, W.I. Wagg, J.B. Wallace, George Emiry, George Emiry, George H. Cook, Robert Russell.
Obituary: Oct 1920 -- Dougald McGibbon, Rev. J.D. New, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Kemp. Children: William, Mrs. C. Rumley, Mrs. E. Williams, Alex, Earl, Hugh, Clara and Edith.
17. Photo: of a shipment of cars for Bill Hilliard, submitted by Helen Croswell -- Jack Seabrook, Cudd Brown, Vic Coulter and Bob Morrison.
18-22. Article: The Great Manitoulin, 1837 -- Mr. Jarvis, Chief Mokomaunish, Shinguaconse, Mrs. Jameson.
23. Photo: of Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Hannah Cosby on their 50th Anniversary, 1937.
Article: Cosby family of Green Bay -- William Cosby, Thomason Jeffery Gilbert, William John Cosby, Charles Cosby, Sarah Jan Cosby, Emily Cosby.
24. Photo: of Mr. and Mrs. William Cosby.
Article: Cosby family of Green Bay continued -- Sarah married Stuart Clarke, Charles married Hannah Jane Moody (10 children together).
Photo: of Grant Bayer.
25. Article: Difference Between Imagination and Self Experience, by Lee Brandow -- Earl Pickard, Mrs. Laura Brandow, Johnny Pickard, Mrs. Cornelius.
26. Article: Getting to the Island via Little Current -- Jack Trimmer, Norman Trotter, Captain Smith, Captain Ferguson.
27. Photo: a look at the swing bridge in Little Current form above.
28. Article: Getting to the Island via Little Current continued.
Photo: of the Hiawatha as it heads from La Cloche Island, submitted by Calvin Van Zant.
29. Article: Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary at Meldrum Bay, 1933 -- Mr. and Mrs. George Wickett, Rev. William McAuley Tooke, Miss Donna Murray, Miss Mary Wickett, Miss Besse Wickett, Mrs. Donald Murray, Mrs. Louis Stevens, Arthur Wickett, John Wickett, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Donaldson, Mrs. Stewart Clarke, Mrs. Tom Thompson, Sheriff J. Haddow.
30. Poem: I'll Not Forget, by Muskeg Pete.
Article: Black Chipmunk Found on East Bluff, 1951 -- Bill Ritching.
31. Poem: We are living for what Edna Jaques said men fought for.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: of Gore Bay as it was prospering.
37th Edition : November 1986
PageArticle or Item
4th Anniversary Issue.
Photo: of John McVey driving home a cord of timber with his team and sled.
2. Indexes.
3. Note from the Editor about conserving our heritage on Manitoulin.
4. Photo: of Henry Wood's farm.
5. Article: The Wood Farm, by Ev Proctor -- Henry Wood, William Hall, Lloyd Hall, Bill Wood, Jack Wood, Albert Long, Wm. Linley, Miss Sides, Robert Sides, Mrs. James Foster, Jim Wood, Albert Wood, Herb Wood, Hazel Wood, Andrew Wood, Frank Wood, Nelson Wood.
6. Article: The Wood Farm continued -- Andrew and Frank Wood, Wm. Strain, James Proctor, Clive and Mary Panton. Photo: of the Gore Bay School, submitted by Lyman Gibbs.
7. Article: Manitoulin in 1909 -- Mr. A.E. Graham, Mrs. Jennings, Dr. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Thorburn, McKenzie rebellions, Thos. Griffith, Mr. F.W. Major, Capt. T. Sims, Sam Hall, W. Martin, Wm. Robinson, M.R. Thorburn, Jas. Stone, Fred Strain, Mr. J. Vanmeer.
8. Article: Manitoulin in 1909 continued -- Mr. Hare, Mr. Creighton, Miss Platt, Russell Noble, Mr. E.A. Letts, B.H. Turner, Mr. Dyment, O. (?) Mastin, Snowdon family, John McKay, R.J. Porter, John McKenzie, Gordon Milligan, Jos. Armstrong.
9. Article: A.E. Graham, MPP 1934 -- James Pliney Whitney, George W. Ross, R.R. Gamey.
10. Article: A.E. Graham continued.
Photo and notice: Mr. A.E. Graham appointed to the position of Immigration & Colonization Agent.
11. Article: Hockey in Honora, be Cecil McVey -- Gid Hawke's mill, Harry Marshall, Roy Collins, Lawrence Collins, George Armstrong, Roy Armstrong, Albert McVey, John McVey, Harry Middaugh, Mike Smith, Wm. Ferguson, Bob King, Jim Cushing, Randolf MacDonald, Thomas Jackman, Jack McKechnie, Sandy MacDonald, Roy Becks, Thomas Smith, Aus Hunt Jr., Aus Hunt Sr., Fred Graham, Geo. Boyd, Johny Graham, Norman Pierce, Steward Hunt, (?) Lebar, Earn Boyd, Tom Prestage, Ron Gordon.
Photo: Albert McVey is suited up to play.
Photo: The Mail Wagon -- Tom Smith.
12. Photo: Ella McVey and Tina Hawke.
Photo: Albert McVey and Marge Rogers.
Photo: Mr. and Mrs. George McVey and granddaughter Deloris.
Photo: of an unknown boy.
13. Article: Tempest Tossed the story of the George A. Graham.
14. Article: Tempest Tossed the story of the George A. Graham continued -- Capt. Ewart.
15. Article: The Carnarvon Monument -- Lieut. Austin Wyard Blackie, Pte. Ernest John Blackie, Pte. Robert Richard Hill, Pte. James Turley Pattison, Pte. William Leslie Riching, G.B. Nicholson, Beniah Bowman, Judge Hewson, Rev. William Munro, Major Hamilton, W.M. Turley, Bill Thomson, Frank Duncanson, W. Johnson.
16. Notice: of the Memorial Service and unveiling of the monument to Manitoulin soldiers, Sept. 15, 1921.
17. Order of Service and Hymns -- Mr. Bradford, Rev. Munro, Bill Thomas, Judge Hewson, G.B. Nicholson, Hon. Beniah Bowman, MPP, Frank Duncanson, Major Hamilton, W.M. Turley, Buglers Johnson and Sims.
18. Photo: of the John Kerr Family, 1917 -- John Kerr, Janet Nickle, Sandy Kerr, Mave Bailey, Annie Jaffray, and Mary Harper. Missing is Bessie Joliffe.
Article: History of the Kerr family, complied by the Kerr sisters -- John Ramsay.
19. Article: History of the Kerr family continued, Sandy Kerr -- Peter McArthur, Alexander (Sandy) Kerr, Mary Orr, John Kerr, Alexander (married Anne McArthur), Elizabeth (married Noble Jolliffe).
Article: The Peter McArthur family -- wife Mary Campbell, children: Anne (Mrs. Andrew Ednie) (Mrs. Sandy Kerr), Charles McArthur, Julia (Mrs. John Kerr), Catherine (Mrs. James Ednie), Archibald McArthur, Peter John McArthur, Jane (Mrs. Robert Robinson), Janet (Mrs. Henry Robinson), Sarah Ellen (Mrs. John McAnsh), Margaret McArthur.
20. Photo: of the McArthur family, 1917 -- Janet Robinson, Mary Ednie, Margaret McArthur, Jane Robinson, Anne Kerr, Julia Kerr, Peter McArthur, Sandy Campbell.
The John Kerr family -- married Julia McArthur, John A. Campbell, Jim Brown, Mr. Nickle, John Rowe, Mrs. Clarke.
21. Photo: of John Kerr's family, 1918 -- Christina, Annie, Janet, Mary, Cassie (Mrs. Alf Brandow), Grace, Laura, Catherine Brandow. Absent is Duncan Kerr.
22. Article: The John Kerr family continued -- Mary married Cecil Taylor, then Stewart Wright, Duncan married Dorothea Spees, Laura Julia married Robert Gibson, Janet Kerr, Grace married William Rowe, Christina Kerr.
23. Photo: of Mr. and Mrs. John Kerr on their Golden Wedding Anniversary.
24. Article: Word Pictures of the Past, 1912 -- Jim Irving, Friar Tuck, Brink and Ed Bassingthwaite, W.R. Abrey, A.C. Campbell, Tebishiko.
25. Article: Word Pictures of the Past continued -- George Playter, Robert Henry, Rev. Mr. James, Hugh McKay.
26. Article: Word Pictures of the Past continued -- Father Duranquet, D.R. Mashkikininny, Co. Jack, Tabishko.
Article: Manitowaning man dies from fall, 1897 -- Alexander McNevin, Mr. J.T. Burns, Dr. J.W. McIntosh, Dr. McDonald, Rev. Rennie. Left behind a wife and six children.
27. Photo: of Charles Burt family gathered on the porch of their home c.1900.
28. Article: Man lived for nine days with body submerged, 1926 -- Captain Noble Thomas Joliffe, Mr. W. Wright.
29. Poems: I Shall and The Impossible, by Blanche Griffin.
30. Advertisement: for Sam Lee Laundry, Gore Bay.
Article: Billings Socialistic Picnic -- J.D. Munro, Rev. J.D. Byrnes, F.E. Titus, J.H. McMillan.
Article: Steamer Runs Aground, 1897, steamer barge Chas. L. Heird.
31. Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: of Meredith Street Gore Bay, 1915.
38th Edition : December 1986
PageArticle or Item
Seasons Greetings.
2. Indexes.
3. Poems and lyrics: Ring Out Wild Bells by Vilda Sauvage Owens. Ring, Happy Bells by Tennyson. June in January by M.E. Lane. Questioning by M.E. Lane.
4. Photo: Kagawong Hockey Team 1909, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell -- N. Thompson, G. Badgerow, T.J. Thompson, J. McGill, V. LaRush, W. Hunt, W. Hilliard, L. LaRush, Ronnie Gordon.
5. Article: Holy Cross Mission Church History, Wikwemikong -- Father Prouix, Father Jean Pierre Chone, Ferdinand Roque, Father Joseph Hanipax, Father Point.
6. Article: Holy Cross Mission Church History, Wikwemikong continued -- Chief Assiginaki, Chief Attagewinini, Chief Tekkoman.
Article: Wikwemikong Church, Parish Hall and Rectory Destroyed by Fire.
7. Article: Wikwemikong Church, Parish Hall and Rectory Destroyed by Fire continued -- Rev. D. Hannin, Rev. R.J. Oliver, Father Prouix.
Poem: Next Year by Rose L. Firth.
8. Photo: Indian Treaty House, submitted by Joan Campbell.
Progress Report, 1843: Evidence.
9. Article: Progress Report, 1843: Evidence continued.
10. Photo: The Ladies Guild, submitted by Gertie Noble -- Mrs. Elizabeth Willet, Minnie Willet, Jane Donaldson, Nellie Palmer, Jessie Donaldson.
11. Article: Extracts from Manitoulin Reformer, Aug. 1905 -- C.E. Hayes, Inspector McLaughlin, Miss Florence Hay, Miss Helen Griffith, Miss Ida Somerville, Miss Ardelia McGill, Miss Jean Grant, Flora Thorburn, Aggie Allen, Jessie Thorburn, Alf Johnson, Arthur J. Corbett, Miss Frankie Tucker, Daisy Cole, Hattie Purdy, Edith Hamilton, Isaac Johnson, Wm. Barr, Capt. W.J. Cole, Capt. Monkhouse, Thos. Porter, Sam Wright, Alf Johnson, Mr. Fraser, Thomas Robertson, Stuart Clarke, Wallace Milligan, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dinsmore, Mr. and Mrs. Grant, W.W. Bell, Frank Wagg, R. Robinson, A.J. Cooper, Neil McIntosh, Dr. J.S. Brooks, W.H. Guinn, W.R. Young, Stewart Clarke, A.H. Cain, Fred Smith, F.E. Titus, J.H. Craig, A.G. Murray, Robt. Thorburn, S.M. Fraser, A.G. Murray, Peter Caddel, Thos. Fisther, Neil McDougall, T.R. Lougheed, Jas. W. Kerr, Wm. Thorburn, J.L. Wismer, John Fraser, Geo. Peters, Chas. Snow, Dr. Johnstone, John Mutchmore, W. Jackson, D. Bickell.
12. Photo: of pioneer Robert Lewis, by Stan Johnson.
Inscription: from tombstone in Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery -- Robert Lewis, Matilda Buchanan, Thomas Lewis, Robert Lewis Jr.
13. Article: about Robert Lewis -- Eliza Orr, Mr. John Jeffkins, Mr. Trotter, Mr. A.E. Letts, Sarah Ann Lewis, Matilda Lewis, Jane Lewis, Arden Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cole.
Photo: of the Orr sisters -- Isabella, Sarah, Jane, Eliza and Margaret.
14. Photo: of the Lewis home in Gore Bay.
Article: about Robert Lewis continued -- Mr. and Mrs. Ken Buchanan, James and Betty Johnson, Norman Buchanan, Ed Jackson, Leonard Jackson, Allan Graham, R.R. Gamey, Ilif Stanley, Helen Mitchell, Jean Rasmussen, Mrs. Stan Runnals, Mrs. Floyd Walker.
15. Photo: of Miss Mary Turnbull and three of her students.
16. Photo: of the J.H. Thorburn family in 1900, submitted by Bud Thorburn -- Mr. J.H. Thorburn, Annie, Katherine, Robert, Jessie, Mungo, Flora, Mrs. Annie Thorburn, Donald, Margaret, George and Mary.
Article: Gore Bay market prices in 1897 -- bushel of peas .36 cents.
17. Article: Found Guilty, John Smith Ran An Illicit Still.
Article: Little Current hot foot after Federal building.
18. Article: Glimpses of History, submitted by Mrs. Emily Rolston -- Frank Wagg, Elizabeth Cooke, Mrs. Gossey.
19. Article: about Robert Lewis continued -- David Vanhorn, Colman Wagg, Ed Leet, Mrs. Corbierre.
20. Article: about Robert Lewis continued -- Mr. Hodgson.
21. Article: about Robert Lewis continued -- Mr. McKay, Aggie Vincer, Colman Wagg, Mr. Wheeler, Tracy family.
22. Article: about Robert Lewis continued -- Mr. Taylor, John Cochrane.
23. Article: about Robert Lewis continued -- Mr. McPherson.
Article: Steamer Telegram Burned, 1908 -- Capt. Waugh, R.T. McLaughlin, R. Tasker.
24. Article: Not ready to go just yet -- Mrs. Owl.
Article: Whoa There, by Edmon Long and Lawrence Runnalls -- John Jeffkins, Fred Ellis.
25. Photo: of Water Street in Little Current, c. 1901, submitted by Calvin Van Zant.
26. Poem: Why Worry?
Photo: of the part of the Old Red Mill, Little Current, submitted by Calvin Van Zant.
27. Article: Fire and Limestone -- Jim Cooper, James Dawson, Jim and Robert Duxbury.
28. Article: Fire and Limestone continued.
Photo: of Mrs. Sandy Campbell, courtesy of Mrs. Nellie Burns.
29. Photo: of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hunt and family.
Poem: Do It Now.
30. Article: The Cave at Providence Bay -- Mr. Evans, Mr. Schroede, and Mr. Haggi.
Article: A Pelican found on Manitoulin -- Alex McPhee.
Article: Old Advertising Poster Comes to Light -- Maude Purvis, Tom Porter, Fred Shields, Howard Hall, Fred Harvie.
31. Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: of the winners of the Gore Bay Curling Club 1909 -- Sheriff Jackson, Jack Kinney, Norm McCauley and Bill Hurst.
39th Edition : January 1987
PageArticle or Item
Photo: The Duck Island Lighthouse, 1954. Submitted by Harry Smyth.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo: George Noble, Betty and Heather Smyth in front of lighthouse at Duck Island.
Photo: Heather and Betty Smyth, 1954 at the lighthouse.
Photo: Heather Smyth at the top of the Duck Island Lighthouse.
4. Letter to the Editor: 1940. Submitted by Ilene MacLean -- W.L. Strain.
Letter to the Editor: Annie Jackson (Purvis), Mrs. William Purvis (Frost), Jean Purvis Capon (nee Jackson).
5. Article: History of the Hudson's Bay Company Post at Little Current -- George Obetossoway.
Article: Island Opened to White Settlers, 1866 -- William Spragge.
Article: First Land Sales in Little Current, 1867 -- Bryan Mackie, Edward Johnston.
6. Article: First Land Sales in Little Current, 1867 continued.
Article: Abrey Family, period (1866-1902) -- George Brockett Abrey, Eleanor Patten Abrey, George Obbotossaway, and Mrs. Stuart Jenkins.
Article: Hudson's Bay Company in Little Current -- Mr. Johnston.
7. Article: Hudson's Bay Company in Little Current continued -- Mr. Anderson, John McLennan, Eleanor Abrey, Mrs. L.W. Meanwell.
Article: Children Born in Hudson's Bay Company House -- Walter Abrey, George Abrey, Edith Abrey, George Seymour Jenkins, Eleanor Abrey Jenkins, G.B. Abrey, Nellie Abrey, Mrs. Elizabeth Patten Fleming.
Article: Survey Made by G.B. Abrey.
8. Article: Survey Made by G.B. Abrey continued -- Dr. J.B. Tyrell.
Article: Business Career of G.B. Abrey -- Warren R. Abrey, Fred Douglas, T.J. Patten.
Article: Tenants In Hudson's Bay House, 1882-1902 -- G.B. Abrey, Turner, Anderson, Carruther, Issac Turner, Elizabeth (Hawkins) Turner, Mrs. Euphemia (George) Bradburn, Harriet (Mrs. Andrew Stevenson), Bryon Turner, Charles Anderson, I. Turner, Bruce Anderson, Wallace Anderson, Mina (Mrs. A.A. Reily) Anderson, John Amos, Dr. John Carruthers, Clara (Gibson) Carruthers, Inez (Mrs. George A. Baxter), Jean (Mrs. Charles M. Macreath), George Carruthers.
Article: The Sims Family, 1902-1942 -- G.B. Abrey, Elizabeth (Mrs. Issac) Turner, Ella (Mrs. Andrew Pearce) Kilgannan.
9. Article: The Sims Family, 1902-942 continued -- Mrs. C.L.D. Sims, Charles Layton Dupont Sims, George E. Kingsbury, Mary Hood, Gladys Kingsbury, Beryl Kingsbury, Virginia Kinsbury, Mary Hood Kingsbury, Eleanor Abrey, Dr. Joseph Brooks, Olga Brooks, Oliver Vincent, William and Lyle Sims, Rebecca (McFarlane) Sims, Annie (Mrs. Arthur Chambers) Sims, Audiace (Mrs. William H. Wardrop) Sims, Blanche (Mrs. Arnold Taylor) Sims and Elmer Vincent Sims.
Article: Sims Family in the Hudson's Bay House, 1914-1942 -- C.L.D. Sims, G.B. Avery, Maria Josephine (McMinn) Sims, Ella Eileen (Mrs. Frank E. Conlon) Sims, Mary Edna (Mrs. Robert H. Ripley) Sims, Glen McDonald.
10. Article: The Sims Family, 1902-1942 continued -- T.J. Patten, Mrs. Elizabeth Patten.
Article: My Days at Guelph College -- Mr. Medcalfe.
11. Photo: by Arthur E. Wickett, 1914 -- Ontario Agricultural College.
Article: My Days at Guelph College continued.
Poem: A Rainbow Waits, unknown author.
12. Photo: Mr. and Mrs. William Lloyd.
13. Photo: Mrs. Moses Lloyd and son R.J.
Photo: Moses and Hannah Lloyd.
14. Photo: Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Lloyd with Harry.
15. Article: News from all over -- Mr. J. MacHoover, Mr. R.S. Gray, Dr. Douglas, Messrs. Lauchie McDougall and Wills Douglas, Neil McDougall Sr., King Pedro, Angus McDougall, Clarence McDougall.
Advertisement: Kingsboro & Baxter, General Hardware, Little Current.
Photo: Little Current, submitted by Joan Campbell.
16. Photo: Teacher's Convention around the turn of the century, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell.
Advertisement: Manitoulin Gardens, Sheguiandah. W.D.J. Murray.
Advertisement: Queen's Hotel, Manitowang.
17. Advertisement: General Merchant / Gasoline Station, Sheguiandah.
Poem: The Old Home Paper by Edgar A Guest.
18. Article: History of Tehkummah -- G.B. Abby, T.W. Fitzgerald, S.R. McKewen, William D. Hall, Robert Batty, J.J. Russell, James Johnston, Alphens Adams, R.A. Lyons, Richard Russell, Robert Russell, Thomas Batty, Ben Boyers, Sam Sloan, John Hannah, Whit MacDonald, Mr. Dawson, James Porter, Mr. Bowler, Lorene McGauley, Clarence Martin, Phil Smeltzer, Reid S. Sloan, William Pyette.
19. Article: The Old Log School, built in 1879, Tehkummah -- Mr. S.R. McEwen, William Russell, Miss May McNevin, James Turnbull, R.A. Lyons, Alex McNevins, Joe and John Russell, William Hall, Adam Turnbull.
20. Article: The Old Log School continued -- Cyrus Eaton, George Williamson, Albert McEwen, James Cooper, Mrs. Hall, Robert Lyons, Hiram Tinkus, Alex McDonald, Miss May McNevin, Miss Batty, Miss Bella McNevin, Mr. Robert Baskerville, Mr. Thomas Craig, Mr. J.A. Shields, Mr. J.B. Atteridge, Mr. Bell, Mr. F.G.R. Bradley, Mr. S.R. McEwen, Mr. W.B. Snow, Frank Martin, William Abbott, Thomas McCullough, Joe and John Russell, Mr. Israel Mastin, A.J. Mastin, Adam Henry Turnbull, Andrew Turnbull, John Ward, John McIntyre, John and George Williamson, Alex McNevin, Henry Hall, William Hall, James Little, Bob Little, William Myland, James Dawson, R.A. Lyons, Hiram Tinkus.
21. Article: Fairview Methodist Church, submitted by Esther Taylor -- James Dawson, Robert Tilson, William Hall, A.J. Mastin, William Myland, John Tilson, Hugh Little, Robert Duxbury, Samuel Gallaugher, George Thomas, Robert Stocks, W.D. Hall, Abraham Hughston, John Phillips, Ann Dawson, Walter Chisholm, Mary Chisholm, W.J. Tucker, Mary Porter, Sam Gallaugher, William Sloan, John Cowan, Edward Martin, H.W. Trewin, Matt McCauley, Robert and James Duxbury, David Pyette, John McKim, Rev. Mr. Payne.
22. Article: Fairview Methodist Church continued.
Article: Roots of the Manitoulin McCauley Family Tree -- Cochran McCauley, Mathew R. McCauley, Jenny (Jane) Hilson, James Hilson, Sophronia McCauley, John Wilmer McCauley, Albert McCauley, Lucinda McCauley, George Stewart (Peter) McCauley, James Cochran McCauley, Ettie Geraldine McCauley.
Poem: Michael's Bay Ball 1890, signed by "Sneak" -- Swash's daughter, Charlie McDonald, Miss Bella Cranston, Professor Craig, Philip Smelter, Walter Chisholm, Jim Hilson, Sandy McPhail.
23. Photo: A Happy Day, 1914 -- Wedding of Muriel Matheson and Ed Morrison, Norman Matheson, Bertha (Morden) Matheson.
24. Article: Decline of the U.F.O. (United Farmers of Ontario) -- R.R. Gamey, Beniah Bowman, Mr. Farquhar, W.L. Strain, A.E. Graham, Mr. Bowerman.
25. Article: Decline of the U.F.O. continued -- Mr. Graham, Mr. Farquhar, W.L. Strain.
Article: Butter Making, submitted by Joan Campbell. Note by Mrs. R. Somerville.
26. Photo: Scott's Family -- Amelia (Mrs. Jim Hurdle), Anabelle (Mrs. Charlie Hurdle), Ada (Mrs. Barry Addison), George Scott, Flora (Mrs. Thomas Witty), Alice (Mrs. John Robinson), William Scott, Sarah Jane Campbell, Clara (Mrs. Lou Witty), Jacob Scott, Cassie (Mrs. Clifford Matheson). Submitted by Mrs. Bella Vanhorn.
27. Article: The Scott's of Mill Township, submitted by Beatrice (Scott) Beange -- John Scott, Maria Paddack, Adam Scott, John and Maria Scott, Moqwans and Morrell farms, Jim Scott, Maria Scott, Clara McGilivery, Margaret Learmont, Eliza White, Helen Kinney, Addie Ford, William James Scott and George Scott, William Scott.
28. Advertisement: Bennett's Electric Garage Distributors, 1914.
29. Article: Two Men Drowned on Lake Manitou -- W.J. (Din) Tucker, Will Lockyer.
Poem: That Little Weekly Paper, author unknown.
30. Photo: Little Current looking West from the Government Dock.
Article: August 22, 1929 -- Mr. R. Jaffray, Mr. Harry Campbell.
Poem: Grandmother Really Worked, submitted by John and Ethel Prior.
31. Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: Four generations -- Mrs. T.H. Thompson, Mrs. H.N. Morden, Mrs. Clayton Saul and Mrs. Saul's son William Arthur.
40th Edition : February 1987
PageArticle or Item
Photo: The days of the "wood-bee", submitted by Albert L. Beck -- Marvin Graham, Charly Lee, Richard Buck, Albert Buck, Wes Graham and Martin Bock.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo: The fall of 1954 at the east Bluff at Gore Bay. Shown is a 1942 Plymouth.
Article: Try our new method of ice travel, 1934 -- Iligg Johnson.
Article: Yeh, Verily, Bo!.
4. Article: Early years of the Algoma Eastern Railway, submitted by Allan Dryburgh -- Francis Hector Clerque.
5. Article: Early years of the Algoma Eastern Railway continued
6. Photo: Manitoulin Island First Train to Little Current, 1913.
Article: Early years of the Algoma Eastern Railway continued.
7. Article: Early years of the Algoma Eastern Railway continued -- Francis H. Clerque.
8. Article: Early years of the Algoma Eastern Railway continued.
Advertisment -- Schedule of the Algoma Eastern Railway Passenger Service.
9. Article: Early years of the Algoma Eastern Railway continued.
Article: Man Need's Em Still, from the scrapbook of Jean Harvey. Signed Bob Adama.
10. Photo: Pioneers in the Kagawong area. Tustian families.
1)Samuel Tustian, courtesy of Mrs. Nellie Burns -- R.J. Lloyd, Fred Tustian, George Tustian, Eleanor Tustian, Amelia Lloyd, Emma (Buck) Tustian, Samuel Tustian, Elwin Tustian, Florence (Mealia) Tustian.
2)Samuel and Florence (Mealia) Tustian's family.
11. Photo: Tustian's and Neighours of Billings, courtesy of Mrs. Nellie Burns -- Gordon Johnson, Fred Tustian, Fred Green, Stanley Wiber, Ida Tustian, Emma (Buck) Tustian, Pearl (Foster) Green, Millie Wadlow, Doug and Susie (Tustian) Campbell, Alice McLaren, Dick Tustian. Joe Muncaster, Walter Muncaster.
12. Article: Auditor's Report 1998, Tehkummah -- W.J. Hopkins, Amaziah Chapman, James Dawson, A.J. Mastin, A.W. Trewin, Johnathan Hutchinson, Samuel Gallaugh, J. Ritchie, G.A. Rennie, Wm. Hopkin, W.A.M. Bellwood, James Hilson, George Coultis, Ed Davis, Thomas Milne, W.B. Leeson, E. Lundy.
13. Article: Auditor's Report 1998, Tehkummah continued -- William Hopkin, M. McCauley, David Pyette, W.A. Bellwood, Samuel Gallaugh, Annie Tilson, Martin and A. Turnbull, James Dawson, James Ritchie, Mathew McCauley, A.J. Mastin.
14. Article: Auditor's Report 1998, Tehkummah continued -- W.A.M. Bellwood, A.J. Mastin, A.W. Trewin, James Richie, William Hopkins, Thomas Leeson, John Smeltzer, W. Hunter, Matthew Orr, G. Coultis, H. Hall, J. Reynolds, Johnathan Hutchinson, Matthew McCauley, W. Hunter, John McKim, Samuel Gallaugher, Annie Tilson.
15. Photo: Donaldson Family -- Peter Donaldson, Jessie Donaldson, Mrs. Jane Donaldson, Nellie Donaldson and husband Joe Palmer.
16. Article: Manitoulin as Grazing Country, signed "W.J.T.".
17. Article: Old newspapers always of interest -- John Buie, R.R. Gamey, J.W. Cashman, Alex Thorney-Livery, Charles White, R.J. Porter, George Young, J.C. Irving, John Muchmor, John Shields, Miss M.A. Smith, D. Wolfe, John Matheson, R.J. Doyle, William Irwin, T.R. Lougheed, W.S. Bradley, Charles Snow, E.L. Brazenor, Goerge Peter, James Carter, W.H. Honess, A.E. Lawrence, J.N. Waite, Brazenor Block, J.T. Burns, Dr. J. Johnson, D. Bickell, D.I. Miller.
Poem: Milk, author unknown.
18. Article: Passing of a Great War Veteran 1930, submitted by Lean Harvey -- Frank Duncanson, Rev. O.D. Cadotte, Mrs. Lloyd Wagg, Captain Graham, Bugler William Sims, Mrs. Edward Lloyd, Ellen Doncanson, Ewart Lloyd, George Boyd, D.A. McQuarrie.
19. Article: Turning the Tables -- James Carter, Russell Carter, Henry brothers.
Article: Bogus Money at Manitowaning, from the Algoma Conservator/ Manitoulin Outlook, 1899.
20. Photo: The Long Staircase at the Purvis' home in 1911.
21. Photo: A Commanding View -- Alec Purvis house taken in 1899.
Article: Little Current from the Algoma Conservator/ Manitoulin Outlook 1899 -- Miss Lizzie Humphreys, Dr. Fell.
22. Article: Building Churches on Manitoulin -- Father Joseph-Antoine Poncet, Father Gabriel Lalemont, Father Jean De Brebeuf, Father Louis André.
23. Article: Building Churches on Manitoulin continued -- Adam Elliott, J.D. Camerson, W.M. McMurray, C.C. Brough, Captain Anderson, Francis Mary Brough, Frederick O'Meara, Peter Jacobs, Jabez Sims.
24. Article: Building Churches on Manitoulin continued -- Frederick Frost.
Article: Fatal Car Accident, 1924 -- Mrs. (Clara Virginia) Lawrence Buck, George Scott, Rev. W.T. Swainson.
25. Article: The Henry Company -- William and Robert Henry, Mr. H.U. Mutchmore, Mr. Chatereau, George Henry.
Photo: High Watermark 1912, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell -- Austin Hunt Sr., Johnny Graham.
26. Article: The Henry Company continued -- Robert Henry, George Henry, William Henry, Robert Rivett, Alfred Ireland, John Thompson. Families of McAnsh, Bowser, Forster, Munro, Baillie, Waterhouse, Tustian, Dichout, McKenzie, Graham and Gordon. John Gray, Robert McClinchey, James McGuinnis, George Coulter, Joe Wilson.
27. Article: The Henry Company continued -- William Henry, Louise Henry, James Carter, George Stewart Henry.
Photo: The Village of Kagawong, submitted by Helen (Tracy) Croswell -- Fred Graham.
Article: Gore Bay Markets weekly price list.
28. Article: Catches wolf by tail and kills it with ski, 1940 -- Alvin Phalan.
Article: Pte. James Merryless, 1919, from Jean Harvey's scrapbook -- Mrs. Fred Cole, Kathleen Merryless, Joe Merryless.
29. Article: Manitowaning, from the Algoma Conservator and Manitoulin Outlook, 1899 -- Miss Dick, H. McLaughlin, Frank Hanna, Mr. Watson, H. Brainard, Miss Hunter, Dr. Fell, Miss Batty, Miss Brooklebank, Robert Neilson, Frank Calibun, W.J. Cole, W.J. Tucker, Mr. Turner, David Watson, R.M. Gault, R. A Lyon, Luke Almond.
Article: Horse Stabbed, from the Algoma Conservator and Manitoulin Outlook, 1899 -- William Rose.
Article: Died -- Nelson Campbell, A.J. Turner.
30. Article: Gore Bay Pubic Library Dates Back to 1893. Written in 1953 -- Mrs. W.F. McRae, Miss Jessie Clarke, Mr. Sam J. Keyes, Mrs. J.H. Thorburn, Mr. John Fraser, Mr. D. Beatty, Miss A. Needham, Mr. W.F. McRae, Miss L. Al Gilbert, Mr. H.B. Hunt, Miss Jessie Allan, Mr. William Johnson, Mr. Metcalfe, Miss Bertha Smith, Mrs. J. Langford.
31. Article: Archie's Corners, from the Algoma Conservator and Manitoulin Outlook, 1899 -- Andrew Anderson, Henry Block, Mr. Shell, L. Galbraith, Thomas H. Pearson, Billy Anderson, William Irwin, Wes Gallagher, J.R. Galbraith, J. Huff, Thomas Wilson, R.F. Ogle, William Legg, Abraham Bock, Tommy Wilson, Toby Sprat.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: Gateway to the Manitoulin, 1932 -- Thomas F. Griffith, Morris Wagg.
41st Edition : March 1987
PageArticle or Item
Photo: West Bay Brass Band circa 1940 sitting in the back of Ernest Debassige's truck -- Vincent Debassige, David Migwans, Andrew Debassige, John Debassige, Simon Migwans, Dan Debassige, and Sam Debessige.
2. Indexes.
3. Photos: (2) of horses killed when a bridge collapsed in Dayton, Ohio. Submitted by Wallard Witty.
4. Article: The Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Mindemoya -- Rev. R. Taylor, Messrs. Molesworth, West and Secord, John Crawford, Bishop Paige.
5. Article: The Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Mindemoya continued -- Rev. W.L. Wright.
Photo: of St. Francis of Assisi Church.
Article: Consecration of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Mindemoya -- Rev. Canon F.W. Colloton.
6. Article: Consecration of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Mindemoya continued.
7. Article: Consecration of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Mindemoya continued -- Father Richard Martin Taylor, Rev. Rockaborough Smith, and Rev. Charles Noble.
Photo: inside of Church of St. Francis of Assisi.
8. Article: Consecration of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Mindemoya continued.
9. Article: Consecration of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Mindemoya continued.
Article: Whit MacDonald's Properties in Tekhummah as of August 1960, by Grace Gordon -- Thomas Batty, Isabel (Mrs. William MacDonald), Samuel Robinson, John McKim, W.J. Hopkins, George Amer, Henry Smeltzer and Elmo Gordon.
10. Photo: The Purvis men 1930, submitted by Mrs. Margaret Purvis -- Clarence, Bill, Len, George, Ivan, Harold, Alex, Jack, Bill, Jim, Ed, William Purvis.
11. Photo: The Purvis brothers 1930, submitted by Mrs. Margaret Purvis -- Bill, Jack, Jim, Alex and Ed.
12. Article: A Tragic Story in Manitoulin History -- Robert Boyter, Russell and Evangelina Carter, Mr. Thorpe, May Baxter, Miss Shea, Frank Baxter.
13. Article: A Tragic Story in Manitoulin History -- Mr. Lewis, May Baxter.
14. Article: A Tragic Story in Manitoulin History continued -- James Young, B. Canniff, Gilbert McWhirter, Robert Boyter.
15. Article: Perishing on the ice, Lydia May, Lyndia A. Baxter, George Thorn, Nellis Shea, May Baxter, Alex Lewis, Dr. Johnson, Mr. Currie, Messrs. Baxter, Jackson, Cameron and Barry, Messrs. Young McWhirter.
16. Article: A Tragic Story in Manitoulin History continued -- Mr. William Thorburn, May Baxter, Andrew Davidson, Mrs. Boyter, Mr. Anderson, Robert Boyter, Isabella Boyter.
17. Article: Providence Bay, from Algoma Conservator and Manitoulin Outlook, 1899 -- A Irving, G.P. Magann, Rev. W.G. Evans, John T. Smith, Dr. Berry, Alex Thorn, W.H. Baxter, John Somers, Mr. McLeod, William Charters, W.H. Price, D. Galbraith, R. Hill, Hiram Berry.
18. Photo: the old Blacksmith shop -- Albert Smith, Walter McLeod.
19. Article: Looking Back at Manitoulin, by Charles Woodward -- Donald Patton, Mrs. Abraham Dinsmore, Miss May Woodward, Mrs. Tilly Thomas Odium, Edward Odium, William Calder, H.J. Edwards, Mrs. J.K. Bogart, Mrs. T. Judd, Mrs. A. Ballie, Mrs. Jeffs, Mrs. Jason Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Jackson, Mr. S.J. Brown, Rev. Charles Sing, Mrs. Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. Dickout, Mrs. James Mastin, Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. D. Emery, Mr. J.O. Emery, George Paters, Mr. and Mrs. James Ritchie, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. J.L Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. B. Palmer, Miss F.M. Fraser, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. E. McGee, Mr. and Mrs. MacKenchnie, Mr. and Mrs. S. Murphy, George Barnes, J. Foster, Mrs. H. White, Mr. B. Young, Edward Coe, G.M. McDonald, Mrs. H.M. Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Bumstead, Mr. E.A. Young, Herbert Walker, George Hardy and H. James Edwards. Submitted by Beatrice Beange.
Article: An Outstanding Family -- Mr. Matthew Bowser.
20. Copy of an Invitation to a dance addressed to Stan Gordon Sr. -- Mrs. Myles, Miss Crookshank.
Poem: The Canadian Service Flag, 1919. Author unknown.
21. Article: Norman Beange Loses Life While Swimming at Burnt Island, courtesy of Jean Harvey -- Raymond McKay, Dr. Rosenthal, Mr. and Mrs. William Beange, Lenore Bracken, Allen Beange, Rev. W.J. Rayner.
Article: Mrs. Evelyn Ward, Wm. Hall, George Hall and Jean, Mr. and Mrs. Russell McDermid, Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Looker, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Woods, Mrs. Ward and Matt, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Menary, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kemp, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. Dannie McKay, Raymond McKay, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Trick, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rayner, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Granville, Doris Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Turner and Neil Jr., Dr. and Mrs. A.O. Hinds, Mr. and Mrs. George McRae, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. T. Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Sloss, Fred Smith Sr., and W.A. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Woodruff, Mrs. Louisa McColeman, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dinsmore, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dinsmore, Mr., and Mrs. H.E. Purvis, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Turner, Mr. and Mrs. John Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Williton, Mr. and Mrs. George Purvis, Mr. and Mrs. Len Purvis, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Purvis Jr.
22. Photo: Victoria Armstrong, Narcions Armstrong and Agnus Debassige.
23. Article: Men Lived at Sheguiandah 30,000 Years Ago.
24. Article: Men Lived at Sheguiandah 30,000 Years Ago continued.
Article: Interesting Place Names and their Origin, from the scrapbook of Jean Harvey -- Miss Geraldine Batman, Captain Henry Wolsey, George Cockburn, Captain Robert Barry.
25. Photo: The Hugh Brown family -- Rob, George, Herb, Bill, Mrs. Brown, Hugh Brown, Ernie, Tilly (Mrs, Harry Glanville).
26. Article: Glimpses of History.
27. Article: Glimpses of History continued.
28. Article: Glimpses of History continued -- George Ironside, Arthur Cooper, Captain Comg, H.N. Balfour, John Swanston, George Johnston, T.W. Keating, W.B. Robinson, Joseph Apeau de Chat, John Ininwayn, Jacob Wasseba, Mighel Shebageshick, R.A. Tucker.
Article: Silver Water, taken from Algoma Conservator and Manitoulin Outlook, 1899 -- Mrs. Charles Kemp, G.H. Cook, Willard Cook, Ed Priddle, Miss Whiley, George Priddle, William Milligan, J. Edmonds.
29. Article: Silver Water continued -- Messrs. R. and H. Colgan, Mrs. H., Farthing, Rev. Mr. Morden, Mr. Turner, Mr. Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. Galbraith, Mr. Somers, William Hubbert, Sandy Irving, Fred Paisley, Miss Martha Sloss.
Article: Barrie Island, 1934 -- Mr. George Latta, Mr. Gilbert Latta, Mr. and Mrs. J.L Baker, Mr. Joe Matheson, Mr. Thomas Greeman.
Article: Barrie Island, fire -- Mrs. Vancise, Mr. Nelson Morden, and Mr. Morphet.
30. Article: I Like the Depression! Taken from the scrapbook of Mrs. Jean Harvey.
31. Article: Way back in 1896, taken from the Manitoulin Guide -- James Fisher, R.R. Gamey, D.I. Miller.
Following are companies: D. Bickell, Mutchmore, Leask Bros., D.I. Miller, Jackson Bros., Charles White, J.B. Baker, Cronkhite Bros., J. Russell McGregor, T.J. Hall, G. Peters, Baker, Jas Carter, C.C. Platt, G.W. Myles, W.R. Avrey, Crosby & Gilbart, Misses Crosby & Galbart, J.J. Kehoe, J.W. Cashman, R. Thorburn, Mayor Fraser, Millar, Young, Hall and Connor, J.S. Hawkins, S.J. Keys, M.E. Wetherilt, M.A Bruce, Miss Sara Jackson, H. Currie, Hall Bros., H.B. Hunt, John Hilliard, John W. Kinney, T. Bowser, M. Bailie, Wm Farquhar, M. Graham, William Lloyd, J. McKenzie, George Tusian, W.J. Wiber, H. Currie, D.I. Millar, S.J. Keys, E.C. Jackson, W F. Brown, J.W. McIntosh, John Purvis, Bert White, Wesley Mutchmore.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Advertisement: Manitoulin Gardens at Sheguiandah, W.D.J. Murray.
Article: Meet the Cow, 1947.
42nd Edition : April 1987
PageArticle or Item
Photo: What a catch -- and all sturgeon. -- Fred Forshoe, Bill Wandabense and John Hastie.
2. Indexes.
3. Letter to the Editor: Ransford Galbraith, Jim Gilpin, Earl Tracy, Adeline Moulton, Sam Wilson.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
4. Photo: Big fish at South Baymouth, 1932 -- Mrs. Reta Bowerman, Donald Leswing, Bud Morrison, Crug Bowerman and Ralph Leswing.
Photo: Lake Trout, about 1948 -- William Bowerman, Bill Reece and Donald Leswing.
Photo: Trout at South Bay, 1946 -- Donald Leswing.
5. Photo: Bill Reece making dinner on shore.
Photo: Nice catch of bass -- Bob Weescotton and Donald Leswing.
Photo: Mending the nets -- William Gelston, Jock Bowerman.
Photo: Donald Leswing with a fine catch of bass.
Photo: 1958, South Baymouth -- Bill Reece.
6. Article: Memories of a Pioneer Manitoulin boyhood, by Jesse Lehman -- Mr. Budge.
7. Article: Memories of a Pioneer Manitoulin boyhood continued -- Alfred Crawford, Wagg's store, Miss Agnes Phillips, Miss Lizzie Potts, Miss Fletcher, Miss Dawson, Mr. Trotter, Mr. Craig, T.W. Thompson, Frank Wagg, Samuel Sloan, Mr. Cowan, Mr. McDonald, Tom Nighswander, Tracy family, Andrew Tracy.
8. Article: Memories of a Pioneer Manitoulin boyhood continued.
9. Photo: Charlie Hansen -- Morris Hore, Mr. Witty.
10. Photo: Pool Campbell's Wedding, 1906 -- Colin (Pool) James, Hilda Bailey, Kate (Katherine) Bell and Harry Hall. Submitted by Willard Witty.
11. Article: Sheguiandah, A Manitoulin Village circa 1900-1916. Written by Mr. Hastie -- Mr. Sshroeder, James Lewis, T.J. Batman, Mr. Tanner, Mr. Weber, William Stevens, John Heis, John Hastie, Charles Aylesworth.
12. Photo: John Hastie.
13. Article: Sheguiandah continued -- Rev. Mr. Prewer, William Stevens, the Mordens, John Ellis, John Heis, Charles Aylesworth, John Hastie, Thomas Batman, F.G. Bradbury, Byron Abbott, William Trotter, Thomas Lewis, James Lewis, Ed Stringer, the Bassingthwaites, John Hindle, John Conants, and the Lowe family. Farms kept by Burnets, the Stringers, the Atkinson, the Keatleys, the Skippens, the Whites, the Crosbies, the Fergusons, the Bryants, the Egans, the Dunlops and Joseph Heis. Ten Mile Point families, the Halcrows, the Finches, the Myers, the Jaggards, the Trimmers, and the Doans. Also the Orrs, the Trotters, the Laidleys, the Lewis, Humphrey Mays, the William Roszels, the Tom Nelders and the Saxon Ritchies.
14. Photo: Sam Nawaghesik lifting nets out of Sheguiandah.
15. Article: Sheguiandah continued.
Photo: Sheguiandah Bay.
16. Photo: The Hastie fishing station at Sheguiandah.
Article: Sheguiandah continued.
17. Article: Sheguiandah continued -- John Hastie, Margaret Roszel, Hector Roszel.
18. Photo: The Hastie girls -- Muriel, Araminta, Wilhemina, Frances Armand, Georgina McLean, Alberta Evangeline and Margaret Ruby.
Article: Sheguiandah continued.
19. Article: Sheguiandah continued -- F.R. Meredith, Gordon Bickell, Roy Warnica, Eddie Titus.
Photo: Captain Eddie Titus.
20. Photo: Sawmill at Sheguiandah.
Article: Sheguiandah continued -- Alfred Lewis, Jim Lewis, Alf Lewis.
Article: The Indian Village.
21. Article: Sheguiandah continued -- John Nawaghesik, the Pebawash family, Nellie Pebawash, Eli Joe, bill Wandabenses, Dan Wandabenses, Tom Kaikeshonga, Bill Kaikeshonga, Albert Kaikeshonga, Tom Kaikeshonga.
Photo: The mill pond and Hastie house at Sheguiandah.
22. Article: Sheguiandah continued -- signed -- A.J. Hastie.
Copy: of a letter dated 1903 -- Ivan Clarke, H. Jackman, V.J. Cronin.
23. Photo: The old Post Office at Manitowaning -- Ivan Clarke, Mr. Dennison.
24. Photo: The schooner Edward E. Skeele.
Article: the Perils of Pauline (Skeele) submitted by Stan and Susie Runnalls -- Walter M. and Mary K. Hirthe.
25. Photo: James Larsen mending a sail and Orin W. Angwall at the rail on the Edward E. Skeele.
Photo: James Larsen at the wheel of the Skeele and his son, James Louis Larsen, 1921.
26. Photo: Schooner Pauline founders at Barrie Island.
27. Photo: James Larsen building a yawl boat on the deck of the Skeele.
28. Article: the Perils of Pauline (Skeele) continued.
Photo: Picture of the Pauline (Skeele) at Barrie Island September 1921.
29. Article: the Perils of Pauline (Skeele) -- Mr. and Mrs. Eslie Eaton, Mrs. Jane Pummell. Submitted by Stan and Susan Runnalls.
30. Article: Pioneer Passes -- Allan McLean, Mrs. Mary Beange, Gordon Beange, Mrs. Russell McDermid, Neil McDermid, Charles McLean, Miss Margaret Beange, Mrs. N.A. McEachern, Mrs. R. Kinddree, Mrs. Duncan Orr, James Beange, William Beange, Robert Beange, Donald and Thomas McLean, Rev. Wm. Vincer, Messrs. George Johnson, Joseph Montgomery, Fred Smith, William Wood, J.W. Kinney and Alex Burns.
Article: Spring Bay (from the Algoma Conservator and Manitoulin Outlook, 1899) -- G.A. Buck, Martin Buck, J. Blackie.
Article: Providence Bay: Mr. D. McDoougall, Mr. E. Neal, Mr. George Langtree, Mr. Kennedy, Miss Harriet Vanzant.
31. Poems:
1) The Road and the Road, Feb. 20, 1919 -- author unknown
2) The realization of Victory, Feb. 13, 1919 -- James Wilson, New Westminister.
3) An April Omen, May 8, 1919 -- author unknown.
Photos: Providence Bay Ball Team of 1906 -- W.A. Carmichael, William Vanzant, W. Field, R. Field, George Armstrong, F.B. O'Neil, J. Harper, H. Snead, S. Burns, L. Field, O. Nevill, A. Williamson, S.A. McDougall, S. King, W.M. Patterson and W. Kennedy.
43rd Edition : May 1987
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Off on the harvest excursion. Little Current train station 1925 -- Bill (Crug) Bowerman, Bill Overfield, Lorne Bowerman, Bert McCauley, John Bowerman, John Leeson, Mrs. Milt McConkey, Mrs. Phonie Boyd.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo: Busy times a South Baymouth dock -- Herman Bowerman, Fred Bowerman, John Ritchie, and Mrs. Ritchie.
Article: Kagawong, 1942, submitted by Viala (Berry) Spry -- Mr. Charles Slagel, Mrs. Robert McGaughley, Francis McGaughley, Arthur McGaughley, Mrs. Al Thompson, Mrs. J. Carter, Mr. Strappe, Mr. Robert Spiers, Mr. John Foster, Mrs. Harry Pierce, Mr. Russell Pierce.
4. Article: Description of a boy.
Photo: Hauling water by horse and sleigh. Submitted by Retta Bowerman.
5. Article: 1836 Mission Tour of Lake Huron 1836, compiled by Frank A. Myers.
6. Article: 1836 Mission Tour of Lake Huron 1836 continued -- Br. Stinson Rev. Joseph Stinson, Rev. Gilbert Miller, James Evans, John Snake, William Snake, Joseph Naunegeshgung and Samuel Mesheega.
7. Article: 1836 Mission Tour of Lake Huron 1836 continued -- Brother Stinson.
8. Article: 1836 Mission Tour of Lake Huron 1836 continued -- Brother Miller.
9. Article: 1836 Mission Tour of Lake Huron 1836 continued -- Brother Stinson.
10. Article: 1836 Mission Tour of Lake Huron 1836 continued.
11. Article: 1836 Mission Tour of Lake Huron 1836 continued -- Brother Miller.
12. Article: 1836 Mission Tour of Lake Huron 1836 continued -- Captain Anderson, Brother Stinson, Brother Frazer and Taunchey.
13. Article: 1836 Mission Tour of Lake Huron 1836 continued -- Rev. Mr. (Adam) Elliott, Capt. Anderson, and John Snake.
14. Article: 1836 Mission Tour of Lake Huron 1836 continued.
15. Article: 1836 Mission Tour of Lake Huron 1836 continued.
16, 17. Photo: Picture of wooden and power boats on Kagawong River.
18. Article: Manitoulin at the Battle of Vimy Ridge -- Edmond L. Long.
Article: World War 1 Experiences by Pte. Edmon L. Long, S.B. (1983, age 93) -- Herbert H. Long, Lorne Rummey, Dr. Baker, Lieut. Grant Turner, John Wood, Dora Long, Donald Griffith, and Sgt. George Thorburn.
19. Photo: of Edmon Long.
Article: Manitoulin at the Battle of Vimy Ridge continued -- Hugh Fraser, Corporal Gibson, Edgar Kent, Rubin Ainslie, Captain Lawrence, George McRae, Ben Love.
20. Article: Manitoulin at the Battle of Vimy Ridge continued -- Dr. William Harlow Davis, Herb Long, Edgar Kent, Lorne Rumley.
21. Article: Manitoulin at the Battle of Vimy Ridge continued.
Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Edmon Long.
Poem: Sing Me to Sleep, anonymous author.
22. Article: Manitoulin at the Battle of Vimy Ridge continued -- Corporal Martin, Edgar Kent.
Photo: Men at the Great War -- G.V. Buck, L/Cpl. G.V. Buck.
23. Article: Manitoulin at the Battle of Vimy Ridge continued -- Matt Craig, George Brown.
24. Article: Manitoulin at the Battle of Vimy Ridge continued -- Ernest Letts, Matt Craig.
Poem: Remembrance Day 1932 by Aleata E Blythe.
25. Poem: Why Wear A Poppy, 1932 by Don Crawford.
Poem: April 1919. Author unknown.
26. Photo: Orangeman's Day at Little Current -- Mrs. Freeman Bowerman, Joe Wilson.
27. Article: Carter's Mill. The Haunted house and the Dilemma of a Billy Sheep by Ev Proctor -- James Stone.
28. Article: Carter's Mill continued.
Photo: Two fine looking gentlemen -- Beckerton and Lewis Martin.
29. Photo: Oh, those hats, submitted by Willard Witty -- Bell McKay and Alice Robinson.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
30. Article: The Gamey Block -- M. Gamey, Marty Thorburn, Mac Frazer, George Strain, George McRae, J.N. Waite, George Morrison, J.H. Biehl, Walter Tighe, J.H. Craig, Donald McLean, Alf Johnson, Mrs. Hindle, Frank Priddle, Lawrence Lane.
Poem: A Tired Woman's Epitaph. Author unknown.
31. Photo: Submitted by Jack Hester -- J.N. Waite.
Photo: The Witty Family, 1908 at their Barrie Island home -- Bill, Bella (Mrs. Angus McKay), Minnie (Mrs. Hugh McLean), Maggie (Mrs. Ben Greenman), Bert, Ray, Tom, Jane (Mrs. Martin), mother Witty, Russ, Cliff, Les, and father John Witty, George and Les.
44th Edition : June 1987
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of the ferry M.S. Normac.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: Boats a part of our history.
Photo: Little Current in 1874. The Algoma, Wabune Chicora.
4. Article: The burning of the Steamer Manitoulin, Manitowaning Bay, 1882 -- David Young.
Photo: Steamer Manitoulin leaving Little Current.
5. Article: The burning of the Steamer Manitoulin -- Captain P.M. Campbell, John Maynard, Duncan X. McInnes.
Photo: Captain P.M. Campbell.
Photo: Manitoulin.
6. Photo: The S.S. Manitoulin.
Article: The burning of the Steamer Manitoulin continued.
7. Photo: The S.S. Manitoulin.
Article: The burning of the Steamer Manitoulin continued -- Thomas Hanbury, Engineer Lockerbie, and Capt. Campbell.
8. Photo: H.M.S.C. Manitoulin.
Article: S.S. Manitoulin purchased by Montreal Co. -- Captain AJ. Baxter, Captain J. Wilson, Captain A.A. Batten, Captain N.J. McCoy, Captain Thomas Reid.
9. Article: List of Manitoulin marine history casualties.
10. Article: List of Manitoulin marine history casualties continued.
11. Article: List of Manitoulin marine history casualties continued.
Advertisement: for Great Northern Transit Co. Steamboat Line in 1892.
12. Article: Ferries that served Manitoulin District.
Photo: The M.S. Normac.
13. Article: Ferries that served Manitoulin District continued -- Captain Batten.
14. Photo: S.S. Norgoma at Kagawong.
Article: Ferries that served Manitoulin District continued.
15. Photo & article: by Helen (Tracy) Croswell: The S.S. Norisle -- Captain Norman McKay.
Article: Remember the S.S. Agawa?. From the Recorder 1969.
16. Article: The Worst Marine Accident in Manitoulin District History.
Article: The Wreck of the Asia -- J.H. Tinkis, D.A. Tinkis, H.B. Gallagher, Captain Savage, Mate Mcdonald, Second Mate McNabb, Purser McDougall and Steward Carter.
17. Article: The Wreck of the Asia continued -- Mr. McDougall.
18. Article: The Wreck of the Asia continued -- Mr. Little, Miss Morrison -- Miss Morrison
19. Article: The Wreck of the Asia continued -- K.T. Bruce, Agnes Mastin, I. Mastin, Charlotte Mastin, Harriet Mastin, Willie Christie, Verna Middaugh, brothers Walter, Peter, Jack, Francis and William Mastin.
20. Article: Tells a tale of wreckage of the Asia -- Mrs. Flora Pyette, William Turnbull, George Turnbull, Mrs. Charlotte Baxter, Mrs. Albert Fleming, Miss Christina Morrison, D.A. Tinkis, William Henry, John McDonald, Captain John Savage.
21. Article: Tells a tale of wreckage of the Asia continued -- Captain Savage.
22. Article: Tells a tale of wreckage of the Asia continued -- Mrs. Fleming.
Article: Death of D. Tinkis, 1890, only male survivor of Asia wreck.
23. Poem: The Wreck of the Asia. Author unknown.
Poem: The Wreck of the Asia, September 14, 1882.
24. Article: Another account of the sinking of the Asia.
25. Article: Another account of the sinking of the Asia continued.
Photo: The J.H. Jones at Tobermory. Submitted by Ivan Clarke.
26. Poem: J.H. Jones. Author unknown.
27. Article: Foundering of Steamer Simcoe, 1880 -- Captain Dick Hill, Mr. Parson, Mr. Nesbitt.
28. Article: Foundering of Steamer Simcoe continued.
Advertisement: North Shore Navigation Co. (To Sault Ste. And Georgian Bay Ports).
29. Article: The Marine Highway -- Dick McKean, Etienne Augustin, Mr. Dawson, Mr. Lannigan.
30. Article: The Marine Highway continued -- William Gibbard, Jane Miller.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
31. Article: The Marine Highway continued -- Captain W.F. Cole, Messrs. N.J. Cole and N.J. McCoy.
Photo: Fishing pond nets off Cockburn Island.
Article: Steamer burns in 1874 -- Alex Campbell.
Photo: Steamer, City of London, originally the Kathleen.
45th Edition : July 1987
PageArticle or Item
Photo: two police officers use a team of horses for their patrol.
2. Indexes.
3. Poem: The Rural Party Line. Author unknown.
Poem: The Inconceivable, by an Indignant Mother.
4. Article: The Beginning of the Manitoulin.
5. Article: The Great Shipping Companies.
6. Article: The Great Shipping Companies continued.
Article: Mail Service -- John Haggart.
7. Article: Mail Service continued -- Captain Cleland, Jim Purvis.
Article: Mail Service: Little Current to Killarney -- Mr. Norbert Loosemore.
Article: Lighthouses.
8. Article: Lighthouses -- Mr. James MacDonald, J.P. MacDonald, Alfred Clark, Captain Roque, Foster Morris, Lauchie MacDonald.
Article: Lumbering Industry in early years -- Chief Hydrographer, Captain William Fitzwilliam.
9. Article: Lumbering Industry in early years.
10. Article: Lumbering Industry in early years.
Article: Killarney and area many years ago -- Major William Rains, Mr. de Lamorandier.
11. Article: Lumbering Industry in early years.
Article: Bruce Mines.
12. Article: Bruce Mines.
Article: Manitoulin, Fort LaCloche -- George Simpson McTavish.
Article: Little Current.
Article: Meldrum Bay.
13. Article: Meldrum Bay -- Jerry Moss, J.P. McDonald, Joe Millman, Jack Keen, Drake Alexander Leslie, McDowell and Wollett, Jim Doyle, Captain R.H. Jewell.
Article: Vidal Bay.
Article: Cook's Dock.
Article: Duck Island Fisheries: Mr. C.W. Gautier.
Advertisement: Dr. Pettit's American Eye Water.
14. Photo: Building of a barn. Submitted by Willard Witty.
15. Photo: Thomas James Batman, Manitoulin Pioneer. Taken in 1875.
Article: Thomas Batman, Manitoulin Pioneer -- Evangeline Batman, Julian Batman, children Thomas, Alfred, Edwin, Evelyn and Gertrude Batman.
Photo: Evangeline Batman 1881.
16. Photo: The Batman home.
Article: Thomas Batman, Manitoulin Pioneer continued -- Mr. and Mrs. Newby, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Spry, George Spry, Evangeline Agnew.
17. Article: Thomas Batman, Manitoulin Pioneer continued -- James and Jessie (Fleming) Agnew, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cosby, Susan Geraldine Batman, Thomas Julian Batman, Robert Lewis, Ivan and Jean Wheale, Stanley Augustus Batman, Horace Batman, Harold Batman, David Lewis, James Lewis, E. Halman, Dave McGill, Thomas English, William Ashton, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stringer.
18. Photo: of Geraldine, Julie and Stan Batman.
Article: Thomas Batman, Manitoulin Pioneer continued -- John Hastie, John Orr, William McFarlane, William Trotter, Roy Fleming.
19. Photo: Grandmother Batman.
Article: Thomas Batman, Manitoulin Pioneer continued.
20. Article: Thomas Batman, Manitoulin Pioneer continued. Submitted by Eva (Batman) Skippen.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Batman, Jullian Batman, Edna Stevens (their children Ronald, Eva, Gertrude and Greg).
Photo: Tom Batman.
21. Article: Thomas Batman, Manitoulin Pioneer continued -- Stan Batman and Mae Connor's children were Gerald, Ruth and Ralph.
Photo: The Batman Mill at Sheguiandah.
22. Article: Fire Takes Two Lives on Long Bay, May 1948 -- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williton, Mrs. E. Flood, William Coulam, Constable Neeham, Constable Morden, Mrs. E. Flood, Mrs. W.D. Gerard, Mrs. S.F. Seymour, Mrs. E.G. Underhill, William Williton, Charles Williton, Mrs. A. Alexander, Mrs. Fitzgerald.
Article: Mysterious Angles Probed as Coupe Die in Manitoulin Blaze, 1948 -- E.L. Claridge, Joseph Williton, Edith Rebecca Williton.
23. Article: Mysterious Angles Probed as Coupe Die in Manitoulin Blaze continued -- Dr. R.N. Simpson, Mr. Claridge, Len Neil, Dr. W. Davidson, Mrs. Williton, Mr. Williton, Mrs. E. Jeffries.
Obituary: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williton, Mr. C.A.K. Cockburn, Messrs. Joseph and Rex Alexander, Dick and Lyman Williton, Jack and Melvin Van Horn. John Williton, Rebecca Edwards, Charles Edwards, Mrs. W. Gerrard (Mary), Mrs. George Latta (Ella), Mrs. S. Seymour (Ethel), Mrs. E. Flood (Evelyn), Mrs. G. Underhill, Harold Williton, Bruce Williton, Mrs. A.L. Widdifield, Dr. Charles Edwards.
24. Photo: A happy Wedding: Angus Campbell and three others unknown.
Poem: The Kicker. Author unknown.
25. Article: The Burning and Sinking of Cummin' Boat on Manitowaning Bay -- John Skelliter, Paddy Lewsi, Mrs. Gladys Smith, Mrs. Alice Rankin, Mr. and Mrs. Henn.
26. Article: The Burning and Sinking of Cummin' Boat continued.
Article: Barrie Island Council Carnival -- Lizzie Merryless, Ernie Noble, Irene Greenman, Dorothy Runnalls, Anges Johston, Martha Burch, Nellie Runnalls, Frank Johnson, Nellie Runnalls, Wes Greenman, Stanley Johnson, Mrs. Joesph Best Jr., Miss Emma Noble, Mr. Cliff Walker, Mr. J.L Baker.
27. Photo: A.G. Thompson family of Billings (c.1900) -- Grace (Croswell), Mary (Minnie), A.G., Al, Lewis, Leonard, A.G. Thompson's mother, Mrs. John Thompson.
28. Photo: Robert and Ann Rivett Homestead.
Photo: Milt Dearing collecting sap, about 1938.
Article: An Old Story Worth Repeating, 1934, courtesy of Jean Harvey.
29. Obituary: Mr. A.P. Kilganan (from the Catholic Registry 1850-1895).
30. Obituary: Mr. A.P. Kilganan continued -- Chase R. Hosmer.
Article: from the Algoma Conservator and Manitoulin Outlook noting advertising rates, signed by W.H. Price.
Article: Local and Personal from the Algoma Conservator and Manitoulin Outlook, 1899 -- D. Bickel, Ira Pearson, J ames Henderson, John Smith, Rev. A.R. Sanderson, C.C. Platt, William Montgomery, Misses French and Bais.
31. Article: Local and Personal continued -- T.R. Lougheed, James Stead, William Bradley, D. Bickell, Rev. A.R. Sanderson, Rev. L. Sinclair, John Fraser.
Article: You Can't Win -- Steve Buzwah, Lloyd Merryless.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Poem: The Island of Manito. Written by Henry Beckerton.
46th Edition : August 1987
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Horse and buggy carrying the newly weds, Fred and Sarah Jaggard. Submitted by Harry Jaggard.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo: Boyd McKinley with bear shot in 1941.
Photo: Sam and Betty (Mrs. Gerald Runnalls) McKinley pose for a photo with a bear. Submitted by Gladys Noland.
4. Article: Manitoulin Picnic at Centre Island, Toronto (1925) -- Rev. Percy G. Price and Mrs. Price, Miss Polly McKessock, Miss Margaret Beange, Ms. F.E. Titus, Rev. Mr. Sanderson, Rev. D. McGillivray, Rev. J.A. Stewart, Mr. Ruthven Hay, Captain J. Baxter, Rev. P.G. Price, Colonel W.H. Price.
Article: Manitoulin Club Meets -- Mrs. W.H. Price, Mrs. J. McAllister Stewart, Mrs. Oswald Hinds, Mrs. Ruthven Hay, Mr. Ruthvan Hay, Miss Maud Purvis, Miss Montague, E.V. Titus, Miss Q. Fotte, Mrs. H. Wilson and Miss P. McKessock.
5. Article: Toronto Manitouliners Hold "At Home" -- Mrs. W.H. Price, Mrs. J. Allister Steward, Mrs. Oswald Hinds, Mrs. Ruthven Hay, Captain Jack Baxter, Misses Kathaleen and Florence Montague, Minnie Kinney, Miss Maude Purvis, Mr. Ruthven Hay, Mr. E.B. Titus, George Foote, Miss Margaret Beange, Miss Queenie Foote, Mrs. Nan McMinn Wilson, Miss Polly McKessock.
Article: Hold Manitoulin Reunion -- Messrs. E.A. Lotts and G.F. Coutts, Mrs. W.E. Price, Mrs. Ruthvan Hay, Mrs. Oswald Hinds, Mrs. H. Glendinning, Mrs. George F. Foote, J.N. Waite, Miss Polly McKessock.
Article: Hold Manitoulin Reunion continued. Those in attendance as follows: Attorney-General W.H. Price and Mrs. Price, Grenville C. Price, L.W. McLennan, Charlie Snow, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Burns, Mrs. E. McLeod, Miss Eunice Ferguson, Miss Esie McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. O. Hinds, Mrs. B.H. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. J. Riddell, Miss Nan Gamey, Dr. Wair, Dr. Harcourt, J.O. Smith, Miss G. Shute, Miss Dorothy Beach, Miss Ella Neilson, Mr. Beach, Misses Margaret and Helen Glendinning, L.A. Sampson, Harry Morrell, Alex Stewart, Miss May McMinn, Miss Addie McCoy.
6. Poem: Mindemoya. Author unknown.
Poem: Lake Mindemoya. Author unknown.
7. Article: Sawmills in the Kagawong area -- Henry brothers, James Carter, Herb Wilson, Norline Cronk, Oliver Berry Sr., William Ireland, Matt Baillie, Harry Corbiere, John Bowser, William Marshall, Norm Bowser, Earl McAnsh, Jack Slagel, Berney Graham, William McKenzie Jr., William McDermid, Art Elliott, Russ Peirce, Andy Morrow, Ivan Paul, Len Corbiere, Clayton Corbiere, Jim and John Robertson, Clarence Brown.
Article: The Henry Mill (later the Carter Mill).
8. Photo: Logging for the Carter's. Submitted by Lois Newburn.
9. Photo: The Carter's Camp. Submitted by Lois Newburn. One of the men is Dick Tustian.
10. Article: The Henry Mill continued from page 7 -- Joe Brandow, Robert Henry, William Henry, James Carter, Louisa Henry.
Poem: Kagawong. Author unknown.
11. Article: Hope to have Hibou in Harbour by Saturday Night, 1936 -- Captain Reid.
Article: Do you remember when? 1919 -- Miss Sutaby and Mrs. Parker, J.H. Biehl, Inspector McLaughlin, Mrs. F. Jennings, Mr. William Bain, Mrs. McTaggert.
12. Photo: Little Current in the Early Days. Submitted by Calvin Vanzant.
13. Photo: The 1908 Little Current Hockey Team submitted by Calvin Vanzant. Surnames of members: Luhman, Burke, Hay, Dundas, Sutton, Trotter, Cook and English.
14. Article: Channel Islands.
Article: John Island: J.P. MacDonald.
Article: Rocky Point: Alexander Henry.
Article: Thomas Island.
15. Article: Yankee Know-how.
Article: Moore Incident in Spanish, 1919 -- Mr. and Mrs. (Irene) Jim Moore.
Article: Lumbering in early years -- Robert Dollar, Hiram Cook.
Article: The Replaced Lumber Mill.
16. Article: Sault Ste. Marie, The Soo Lock Accident -- Captain Frank Rice.
17. Article: The Favorite Sport of the Upper Lakes.
Article: Killarney Trip across the Ice.
Article: The Muzzle.
Article: The Fatal Crossing -- Grandfather Roque.
Article: Club Island.
Article: Stolen Canoe -- Joe Hebert.
18. Article: Badgeley Island -- Ferinand Solomon.
Article: The Big Catch -- James Lowe, Frank Lapointe.
Article: C.C. Martin Story, about 1910 -- Mr. Droulet, Captain G. Vent, Mr. F. Davidson, Mrs. Vent.
19. Article: Blessing of the Wind.
Article: Bedford Island -- Mr. Shraeder.
Article: The Corn Patch Wreck.
Article: Narrow Island.
Article: The Dog Island -- Mr. Boyter.
Article: Professor Wright of Flat Point -- Harry Wright.
Article: The Dodge Story, 1938 -- Mr. Droulet, Mrs. Ford, Daniel G. Dodge, Mr. Droulet Sr., Mr. A. Wes Ryder.
20. Poem: The Sailors Grave, written by Rev. W. Munroe.
Article: the Diary of Nickolas Garry, 1821.
21. Article: Hodgekin's Story, about 1928 -- Mr. Droulet, Mr. Hodgekins.
Article: The Clapperton Island Light -- Benjamin Baker, Henry Baker, Bill Baker, Beverly McFarlane, Roy Palmer, Bob Beange, Isabell Baker.
22. Article: Elijah Doan -- May Doan -- children: Thomas, Samual, Elizabeth, Elias, Mary, Aaron Philip and Arthalinda. Melvin Finch.
Photo: The Doan Family, 1916 -- Ross Doan, father Perlin Doan, Andrew, Lena (Mrs. Guy Jaggard), Lloyd and mother Evelyna (Finch).
23. Photo: William James Jaggard, his sister Annie and wife Mary Lisk.
Article: Elijah Doan continued -- John D. Kelly, Walter Cramer, Aaron Philip Doan, Emmalin Spregge. George Doan and Matilda Burnett's children: Guy, Duncan, Blanche, Grace, Orland, Moses, James and Leonard. Ellas Petit Doan, Margaret Willson McCormick. Children of Ellas and Margaret Doan: Chorenzo Perlin (Perly), Norman, Emma, Elizabeth Ann, Elma Jane and Amelia Belle. Evalena Finch. Chldren of Perley and Evalena Doan: Norman, Evalena, Ross, Lloyd James and Andrew.
24. Article: 1851 Census of Norwich Township: Elijah Doan, Elizabeth Doan, Thomas Doan, Thomas Doan, Ellas Doan, Mary C. Doan, Aaron P. Doan, Arthalinda Daon, Mary Doan, Chorenzo Perlin, Harry Jaggard, John Jaggard, Sharon Jaggard, Michael Tunnie, Elizabeth Ann Doan, Willam F. Trimmer, Elma Jane Trimmer, William J. Farquhar, George Ross Farquhar, Mona Pauline Parlowe, Gloria Ross Farquhar, Gloria Louise Farquhar, Gene Ross Farquhar, William Raymond Farquhar, Gregory Allen Farquhar, John Henry Robbins, Elma Grace Robbins, Glen Elgin Robbins, Stella Margaret Robbins, Norman Nicholas Robbins, Carl Atkinson, Marguerite Grace Atkinson, Phyllis Isabel Atkinson, Donald Clark, Shirley Elizabeth Grace Clark, Sharon Isabel Jean Clark, Donald Alexander James Clark, Dale Donna Marie Clark, Dwight David Lionel Clark, Mrs. Stella Sims.
Article: Norman Doan drowns -- son of Ellas and Margaret Doan.
25. Photo: Harriet, Myrtle, Guy, Annie, Jack, Joe Bayer and Ida, Martha, John, Bessie, Harriet and Lizzie.
Photo: A picture of great grandmother Jaggard. Mother of John, Dave, George, Charlie, Fred, Walter, Emeline and Marrietta.
26. Photo: Emeline, John, Marrietta, George, Charlie and Fred.
Article: Sad Drowning Accident. Norman Doan of Ten Mile Point the Victim -- Mr. Walford.
27. Article: Sad Drowning Accident continued -- Messrs. Gibbon and Dawson.
Article: Mr. Gibbon's Statement -- John Dawson, William S. Gibbon.
28. Article: Mr. Walford's Statement -- Mr. Gibbon, Mr. Dawson, Norman Doan, Humphrey May.
Poem: South Baymouth. Author unknown.
29. Article: Elizabeth Bay, by Edward Ainslie -- J.D. Ainslie, Jim Hope, Captain D.J. Bailey, Edward (Ned) Saunders, William Saunders, Thomas Griffith, James Blackburn, David Frost.
30. Article: Elizabeth Bay continued -- Colin Balley, Robert Morden, Stewart Clarke, William Ainslle, John H. Williams, William Noakes, James Burnett, Joseph Williams, Miss Ida Swigley, Oliver Flanagan.
31. Photo: E. Wiggins & Mattie Slomke Wedding, 1901 -- Clayton Slomke and Alice McLaren.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: Parade in Hamilton, submitted by Harry Jaggard -- F. Jaggard.
47th Edition : September 1987
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Ross McLean standing on a wagon full of wood being drawn by a team of horses.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo: Skidding logs, submitted by Grant Priddle -- Oliver Pidean and Grant Priddle.
Photo: Skidding logs out of the bush -- Grant Priddle.
4. Photo: Grant Priddle team of horses, 1943.
Photo: The log site on Burnt Island.
5. Photo: Loading a load of logs.
Photo: Logs on the way to market.
6. Photo: The camp cook trailer.
Photo: Horseshoe in a tree.
7. Poem: McDonald's Camp, submitted by Ivan Witty -- Jack Bailey, Crum Hunt, Charlie McKinnon, Tom Shuler, McMutcheon, Jim McGill, Bill Bick.
Article: Providence Bay, taken from The Recorder, 1908 -- A.E. Dyment, M. Patterson, Mr. Pulford, Dr. Burt.
8. Copy of a 1927 Driver's Licence of Albert Graham.
9-18. Article: Boats of the North Channel and Lake Huron.
19. Photo: The tug J.A. Fisher.
Photo: The tug Harrison.
20-22. Article: Boats of the North Channel and Lake Huron continued.
23. Photo: The ship The Frances Smith.
Article: Surveyors, steamers, and supplies, by Bruce Pitfield -- Captain Smith.
24. Photo: Men with fish caught in 1946, submitted by Alex Purvis.
Article: Files of history, the Asia -- Mrs. Albert (Christena Morrison) Fleming, D.A. Tinkus.
25. Photo: The Jacob and Clara Scott family -- Amelia (Jim Hurdle & John Paquett), Annabell (Charles Hurdie, Ada (Mrs. B. Addison), Flora (Tom Witty) Alice (John Robinson), Bill, Sarah Jane, Clara (Lew Witty) Jacob, and Cassey (Cliff Matheson).
26. Article: The Wismer Family, by Jean Wismer -- Philemon Wismer, Joseph Wismer, Mary Ann Wismer, Martha Wismer, Ida Wismer, Mary Wismer, Ethel Wismer, Paul Robinson.
Photo: J.D. Wismer family -- Jacob David Wismer, Mary Elizabeth Coulthard, Ada Merle, Charles Vernon, William Lawrence, Cecil Philemon.
27. Photo: Wedding picture of Jacob and Mary (Coulthard) Wismer.
Article: The Wismer Family continued -- Mary Ann Wismer, Elizabeth Baker.
28. Article: The Wismer Family continued -- Ida Morris, Martha Beck, Mary Gibson, George Beck, Louise Morden, Nieis Hansen, Bill Hansen, Hans Petersen, Mrs. Philip Beck, Charlie Wismer, Sofreo Nielsen, Jean Donaldson.
Photo: Charles Wismer with his children Merle (Morrison) and Orland, 1924.
Article: The Late Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Wismer, submitted by Agnes Strain -- Joseph Lewis Wismer, Elizabeth Muntzell Baker, Mrs. Benjamin Baker, Larry Baker.
29. Article: The Late Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Wismer continued -- Joseph Wismer, Mr. and Mrs. Philemon Wismer, Mrs. Willaim Pateman, Mrs. George A. Morris, Mrs. George Beck, Mrs. J.B. Gibson, Mrs. Neil Hanson, Mrs. (Olive) George M. Irwin, Lt. Col. Harold S. Wismer, Mrs. (Eldieda) Victor Pitnam, L.H. Rudolph Wismer, Dr. William A. Irwin, Mrs. Merton C. Zurbrigg, Rev. E.A. Currie.
Article: Reynolds -- Foster, taken from The Recorder, 1908 -- Samuel J. Reynolds, Miss Margaret Jane Foster, Mr. and Mrs. James Foster, Miss E. Paisley, Mr. Willard Hall, Rev. J.H. More.
30. Copy of a Post Card from Cockburn, signed by Jennie C.
Article: Obejewung Indian Trail Marked -- Willard Hall, Gus Rivett, Andrew Willet, Thomas Beckerton, Frank and Dan Williams, Alfred Burt, Carl Rasmussen, Frank Myers and Dean Hofley.
31. Article: Obejewung Indian Trail Marked continued -- Frank Williams, Dean Hofley. Contributed by Frank A. Myers.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: 1937 a 210 pound sturgeon -- James, Bailey, Millman and Purvis families, Finnie, James, Joe Gareau, Fred James and Bill (Red) McGibbon. Photo submitted by Alex Purvis.
Article: Manitowaning, taken from The Recorder, 1908 -- Dr. Burt.
48th Edition : October 1987
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Barn raising at Charles Brocklebank, 1902/3.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo: The Christopher Brocklebank family, 1910 -- John Dale, Annie (Brocklebank) Kenneff, Mr. Kenneff, Mary (Noland) Brocklebank, Ed, John Waitlam, Charles Brocklebank, Carrie, Dale, Elizabeth (Wilson), John Wilson, Jane (Waitlam) Sara.
4. Photo: Christopher Brocklebank.
Article: Do you remember when? 1909 -- Mr. Hilliard.
5. Photo: Albert and Minnie Thompson with Leonard, Lewis and Grace. Courtesy of Helen Croswell.
6. Photo: Mrs. McGuinness in 1883. Courtesy of Mrs. Nellie Burns.
7. Photo: Mr. and Mrs. John Gray. Courtesy of Mrs. Nellie Burns.
8. Article: Junior Farmers Day, 1942 -- R.C. Banbury, Thomas Farquhar, Matthew Matheson, Everett Proctor, A.J. Wagg, Harvey Wilkin, Percy Taylor, Neil Beck, Cecil Foster, Joe Baker, Charlie Baker, Lawrence Lane, Grant Tustian, Neil Becks, James Hill, Robert Hill, Bob McAllister, Lloyd Lane, Harold Green, Floyd Williamson, Jim Hill, Robert Hill, Ronald McDonald, Jim Lane, Amby McArthur, John Wilkin, Miss Lily Petty, Agnes Lane, Elizabeth Langton, Bessie Lane, Marjorie Wilson, Dorothy Galbraith, Helen Haner, Evelyn Lane, Mrs. Gordon Matheson, Vilda Gardiner, Mae Johnston, Alma Nevills.
9. Article: Junior Farmers Day, 1942 continued -- Reta Wilkin, Justine aLaidley, Mary Laidley, Noreen Sloss, Mrs. Thomas Farquhar, Mr. A.J. Wagg, Miss Petty and Miss Jean Birch.
Article: Dyment -- Smyth Campaign, 1908.
Poem: The "Sheath" Skirt, 1908. Author unknown.
10. Article: Lumbering -- Robert Dollar, Hiram Cook.
Photo: Boat loading a boom of logs at Gore Bay.
11. Photo: Bock's Mill in Spring Bay. Submitted by Gilmore Tracy.
Article: The Replaced Lum-Lumber Mill.
12. Photo: Lumbering with an axe -- Ed Leet, Fred Wagg, Tom Wagg, Donald Caddel, Ed Vanhorn. Photo submitted by Mary (Wagg) Fogg.
13. Photo: Early pioneer loggers at Nelder's Camp, Honora. Submitted by Mary (Wagg) Fogg.
14. Article: The Lumbering Industry -- William Wolsey Bayfield, Captain William Fitzwilliam, Eddy Brothers.
15. Article: The Lumbering Industry continued.
Photo: Charlie Wright, Albert King and Tom Wright with a load of logs, 1930. Submitted by Gilmore Tracy.
Photo: William Cockburn, Lindsay Johnston, Austin Merrick, Mac McArthur and Mac Wright.
16. Letter to the Editor: by Earl Baker.
Photo: Logs at Gore Bay waiting to be put onto a barge.
17. Letter to the Editor: by Earl Baker continued.
Poem: My Lady's Lid, 1908. Author unknown.
18. Article: Glimpses of History -- Jack Snow, R.A. Lyon, George McKay, J.R. Thompson, George Amer, Bryan Amer.
19. Article: Glimpses of History continued -- James Ritchie, Elizabeth Bennett. Early families of settlers: McKeown, Tilson, Little, Gallager, Russell, McColeman, Colquhoin, McDonald, Eoller, Cowan, Porter, Amer, Mastin, Kirk, Bryan, McKenchnie, Campaign, Johnson, Hall, Dawson, McPhail, Boyd, McCauley, McKiner, McGregor, McMurray, Snow, Leeson, Hanley, Hore, Duxbury, Coultis and McNiven.
20. Article: Glimpses of History continued -- Chief Tecumseh, Neil McDougall, Robert Sim, S.R. McKeown, Robert Bathye, Rev. Hugh McKay.
21. Article: Glimpses of History continued -- Hugh Cowan, George Amer, Warren Abrey.
22. Article: Glimpses of History continued.
23. Article: Glimpses of History continued.
Photo: Charles and Mary Jane Burt and children Violet, Edith, Jim and Alfred.
24. Article: Early History of Robinson Township, by Margaret Edmonds -- Mr. T. Griffith, John and William Kemp, James Wiley.
25. Article: Early History of Robinson Township continued -- John Edmonds, John Kemp, Mrs. McMillan, Mrs. J.B. Rumley, Mrs. J. Edmonds, Andrew McMillan Sr., J.J. Rumley, Margaret McGibbon, Mr. Humphrey May, William Kemp Jr., Isaac Johnson, John Armstrong, W.L. Kemp, John Edmonds.
26. Article: Early History of Robinson Township continued -- Alex Purvis, Miss Jennie Wetheral, J. Edmonds, Miss Webster, J. Medwin, Miss Grace Potts, W.T. Cook, Miss Dryborough, Miss Dorcas May, G.H. Priddle, Miss Barbara Bailey, Miss Christina Fraser, Miss Margaret Paton, Miss Annie Cumberland, Miss Ella Lowe, Mr. Gibson Addison, Matthew McArthur, Henry Smyth, John Edwards, Thomas Mitchell, William Morden.
27. Article: Early History of Robinson Township continued -- Robert Rumley.
Photo: A group of ladies at the Silver Water Anglican Church in 1955.
Photo: Group of Sheshegwaning residents with Rev. Weeks.
Photo: Rev. D.A. Sims at St. Peters Anglican Church in Silver Water.
28. Photo: Charlie Hore.
Photo: Bill Hore.
Article: Hore family and commercial fishing -- Bill Hore, Joe Roque, Charlie Roque, Joe Oxford, Bob Morden, Murray Hore.
29. Photo: A large sturgeon caught by the Hore family.
Article: Hore family and commercial fishing continued -- submitted by Melody Hore.
Photo: Murray Hore.
30. Article: Gordon, 1908 -- Miss Minnie Pemberton, Carman Davidson, Albert Wood, William Burns, Will Hall, Al Permberton, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Beck, Dr. Baker, Ernie Gilroy, William Gilroy, Allan Montgomery. Signed Jimmie Jones.
Article: Robinson, 1908.
Article: East Campbell, 1908 -- Mrs. A. McDonald, Neil McColeman, Mrs. John Anderson, S.H. Fretz, Mr. McLaren.
Article: Barrie Island, 1908 -- Mr. A.E. Dyment, Mr. Albert Long, George Brydges, Robert Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Adamson, Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Greenman, Mr. George Blackstock, Donald Griffith, John Witty.
31. Article: Manitowaning, 1920 -- Miss Stella Bailey, Miss Irene Porter, Mr. Ivan Purvis, Mr. White, Mr. Irving Neilson, Miss J. Cochrane, Mr. and Mrs. D. Watson, Miss Jean Watson, Mr. Scott Fraser.
Article: Barrie Island, 1920 -- Mr. and Mrs. Swafield, Mr. and Mrs. Holt, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenman, Mr. Thomas Gilmore, Mrs. and Mrs. George Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wright, Mrs. John lane, Mrs. Charles Lane.
Article: Pleasant Valley, 1920 -- Mr. and Mrs. John Kerr, Mr. Bill Dearing.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Article: Pleasant Valley, 1920 continued -- Mr. George Campbell, Miss Rosi Deboskey, Mrs. Hugh Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dearing, Mr. J. Brown, Mr. H. Glanville, Jim Brown, Truman Wilson, George Guy, Mrs. Andrew Robertson, Mrs. George Guy.
Article: Billings, 1920 -- Mrs. D. Campbell, Mrs. Alvie Green, Mrs. McLaughlin, Mrs. Greenfield, Mrs. M. Bailey, Mrs. J. Pierce, Mrs. George Tustian Sr., Mrs. W.J. McKenzie.
Advertisement: for Dr. Williams Pink Pills, 1908.
49th Edition : November 1987
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Model T Ford.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: Through The Years request for more information.
Poem: An Answered Prayer, 1908. Author unknown.
4. Photo: Model T Ford (?) at Wikwemikong.
Photo: More old cars.
5. Article: Old Timer Recalls Memories of Long Ago. Written for the Recorder by W.J. Moody.
John Hilliard, William Hilliard, Mr. Avis, Wes Galagher, Douglas Buie, Ernest Ferguson, R.R. Gamey.
6. Article: Old Timer Recalls Memories of Long Ago continued -- John Lulther, Dougal Buie, Paddy Berry, Joe Gibson, Burton brothers, Will Culford.
7. Article: Old Timer Recalls Memories of Long Ago continued -- Jack Reed, Dougal Buie, Burt Davidson, Jack Connors, Mr. Avis.
8. Article: Old Timer Recalls Memories of Long Ago continued -- Dougal Buie, Chris Towell, Tom Smith, Mr. Avis, Mr. Berry, Mr. Foster, Mr. Pateman, Dan Morrison.
9. Article: Old Timer Recalls Memories of Long Ago continued -- Charlie Moody, Mr. and Mrs. McDonald, Mr. Bradbury, Mr. Foster, Will Bassingthwaite, Walter McFarlane, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williton, Albert Trowbidge, Mrs. Coventry, Mr. and Mrs. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Wes Gallagher, Frank Haner.
Article: Do you remember? 1909 -- Neil Becks, Miss Vincent, Miss Bowser, Miss Lizzie Stocks, Miss Katie Smith, Mr. R. McDonald.
10. Article: Back in 1902 -- Mrs. Jean (Griffith) Buchanan, J.F.J. Cashman, R.R. McKossock, William and Craig, Hearst McKay, Creasor and Smith, F.E. Titus, A.G. Murray, Dr. Fell, S.P. Jackson, Judge McCallum, Mr. McIntosh, Dr. J. Johnston, J. Russell McGregor, Thorburn hardware, McRae Brothers, W. Montgomery, R.O. Small, G.W. Myles, James Fisher, George Peters, Professor Leask, S.M. Fraser.
Article: Britainvile, 1902 -- Messrs. B. Reid and George Lanktree, Ira Pearson, Robert Kirk, Mrs. Charleton.
11. Article: Britainvile, 1902 continued -- Mr. Vance, Peter Dickout, William Minnikin, Mr. Hubbard, Mr. and Mrs. William Griffith and Miss Hill.
Article: Ice Lake School Case, 1902 -- Mr. Frank Anglin, Mr. Justice Ferguson, Thomas Robertson Mr. Brett, Mr. Vine.
12. Article: Ice Lake School Case continued -- Messrs. M. McLean, C.H. Gilory and Robert Brett. Messrs. Thomas Robertson, Walter Wright and Benjamin Vine.
Advertisement: Automobile Accessories, by R.T. Jaffray & Co.
13. Article: Ice Lake School Case continued -- Mr. Houston.
Article: Local and District News, 1902 -- James Carter, Miss Andrew, D. Bickell, Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Jackson, Miss Ida Jackson, Rev. R.J. McAlpine, Miss Mamie Stewart, T.J. Stewart, Miss Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Beattie, Mrs. Teakle, Miss Marjoy, Mr. and Mrs. Holden, Judgel McCallum, George Ellis, Rev. J.L Robertson, Frank Hays, Stephen Gain, Willaim Soddart, Miss M. McArthur.
Advertisement: John M. Allen, General Blacksmith.
14. Article: Local and District News continued -- James Todd, Judge McCallum, Miss Morrison, Judge Morrison, Miss Wismer, Miss Maggie Thorburn, Miss Flesher, Mr. Thomas Flesher, Mrs. W.W. Holden, Mrs. J.H. McMillan, Mrs. D.B. McRae, Stewart Clark, Miss Beach, Miss Belle McRae, R.O. White.
Article: Wedding -- Dr. McIntosh & Miss Helen Burns -- John Burns.
Advertisement: D. Watson, Manitowaning.
Article: Ice Lake School Report -- Ellen Robertson, Jessie Beange, Annie Turner, Willie Robertson, Fred Montgomery, Lottie McArthur, Robert Hore, Lizzie Wright, Charlie McLean, Lydia Nelson, Sadie McLean, Lizzie Willson, Tillie Brown, Hert Wright, Jim Robertson, George Brown, Jean Brown, Janie Allen.
15. Article: How a Women Thanks a Man.
Advertisement: Wall Paper by G.W. Myles, Art Decorator, Gore Bay.
16. Advertisements: as follows: Patents Promptly Secured -- R.T. Hall, Undertaker & Furniture Dealer -- Spring Opening, studio, J.L. Wismer, Gore Bay -- Barber Shop, Chas. White, Gore Bay -- Royal Oil Co., Stewart Clarke -- Dr. J.S. Brooks, Dentist -- Licensed Auctioneer, S.M. Fraser, Gore Bay -- A.J. Cooper, Merchant Tailor.
17. Article: Dairying on Manitoulin.
Advertisements: as follows: Jas. Fisher, Land, Loan and Insurance Agent, Gore Bay -- Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup – School Supplies, D.J. Johnston.
18, 19. Photo: Bell Rocks of Great Cloche Island.
Article: Relic of the Steamer Jones.
20. Photo: John Wilson family -- wife Lizzie (Brocklebank) Mildred, Ella, Harvey, Charlotte, Rachael, Elizabeth (Brocklebank) Wilson, Mina, John Wilson, Meade, Grace, Irene and Joe.
Poem: Sunset, 1927 -- Author Unknown.
21. Photo: A family gathering -- John and Lizzie Wilson with their family and relatives.
Article: Manitoulin District Agricultural Society -- Fred Smith, Edwin Beck, C.C. Platt, Ed Baker, George L. Griffith, E.A. Letts, D.D. Griffith, John M. Fraser, W.H. Price, Andrew Hall.
Death: -- Mrs. Matthew (Mariah Gerow) Bowser, Mrs. Jos. Burroughs, Mrs. William Marshall, Mrs. John McDonald, Mrs. Chas. Ward, Mrs. Alex Shields, Mrs. Neil Turner, Mrs. Walter Wright, Mrs. Henry Sloss, Mrs. John McCormick, Violet Bowser, George Bowser.
22. Article: Rich Iron Mine Close to Sault -- Mr. Sargeson, Mr. J. Miller, Mr. H.W. Evenden, Mr. W. Scott.
23. Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Sam (Christina Campbell) Wright -- Austin Wright.
24. Article: The Story of Michael's Bay, by Thomas W. Farquhar.
Photo: The Old Mill 1955 -- at Michael's Bay built in 1880.
25. Article: The Story of Michael's Bay continued -- Robert A. Lyon, John White, Mr. Plummer, Mr. Phipps.
Photo: Robert Gault and daughter.
Note: Phillip Clarke, Ivan Clarke, Ivan Gault Clarke, Robert Gault.
26. Article: The Story of Michael's Bay continued.
Copy: an envelope which took 10 days in the mail to Michael's Bay, 1913 -- Ivan Clarke, Mrs. Harriet Clarke.
27. Article: The Story of Michael's Bay continued -- Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Tinkus.
Article: Michael's Bay -- B.W. Ross, Henry Hall, William Bryant, Sam Martin, Simeon Tilson, John Russell, Cyrus Hall, D. Mastin, William Embury, John Payett, Wesley Duxbury, James Hillson.
28. Article: Michael's Bay continued -- Miss Hannah, Edward Martin, Miss E. Martin.
Article: Old letter of interest, 1917. Written by Omey Ferguson and mailed to Mr. W. Bracken -- Lyman Bracken, L./Corp. Ferguson.
Article: A record in 1925 -- Harold Purvis.
29. Photo: The Kinney Family -- Sandford, John, William, Arthur, Florence, James (father), Eliza, Mary (Minnie), Malina (mother).
Article: Do you remember? 1909 -- Mr. Birch, Miss Mary Glanville.
Married: -- Elsie Rose Glick, Robert Alexander Burns.
30. Article: School Trustees in 1897, by Bruce Pitfield -- A. McCoy, George McDonald, O. Hinds, H. Gallagher Sr., R. Tilson, William Snow, James Russell, Robert Moffat, John Atkinson, Miss Nellie Griffith, Mrs. A.L. Buck, Mr. Major, Mrs. Gyp Patten, Miss Salter, Miss Annie Dawson, Tillie Bateman, Virginia Murray, Addie Rogue, Ronald Beaucage, Clarence Rogue, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Orr, Mr. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. W. Case, William Arnold, Miss Helen Haner, Earl Martin, William McCullough, Stanley Bowerman, Earl McGillis, Nelson Little, C.A. Brown, W.H. Dinsmore.
Married: -- Rose Mae Lovegrove, Russell Oliver Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lovegrove, Rev. Andrew Lane, Miss Anna Hare, Mr. Walter Douglas.
31. Poem: A Poem from Long Ago, submitted by Mrs. Fran Beard -- Mrs. Mary Cornelius, Joe Brandow.
Article: Mindemoya, 1907 -- Reeve McColman, W. Vincer, R. Hill, R. Cussen, M. Pattison, Miss Agness Hare, J. McCutcheon, A. Russell, A.J. Wagg, George Becks, George Bond, W. Vincer, Ed Rodgers, E. Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gordon.
32. Copy: school souvenir given to pupils of District No, 4, Gordon Township -- Submitted by Jack Hester.
33. Poem: a copy of The Close of School poem.
34. Article: Pupils -- Roswell Strain, Lawrence Wismer, Alfie, Wallace Srigley, Orval Raynor, Fred Emiry, Joe Best, Frank Cobarn, Myrtle Brocklebank, Carl Emiry, Eddie Brocklebank, Mina Wilson, Winnie Morrell, Kathleen Hamilton, Edna Vanmeer, Clarence Witty, Ray Lindley, Fred Strain, Edith Lindley, Elsie Dale, Lena Best, Emerson, Milligan, Winnie McArthur, Roy Strain, jean Emiry, H.A. Coborn, Charlie Witty, Jim Merryless, Willie Lindley, Willie Neely, Charlie Wismer, Robbie Martin, Willie McArthur, Millie Wilson, Ellwood Srigley, Cora Emiry, Delbert McArthur, Sarah Strain, Keathe Beck, Jean Milligan, Charlotte Neely, Ed Strain, Harvey Wilson, May Lindley, Clarence Beck, Martha Neely, Birdie Beck, Mary Campbell, Archie Campbell, Ethel Strain, Edna Beck, Bertha Smith, May Beck and Katie Campbell.
Married: -- Miss Grace Irene Armstrong, Charles W. Harper, Mr. and Mrs. John Armstrong, Mr. Clarence Harper, Rev. W.T. Swainson.
35. Poem: If you are gentlewomen. From The Recorder, 1908.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: of postcard from Hotel Des Invalides about 1917. Submitted by Joan Campbell.
Article: Barrie Island -- Miss Mary Phalen, Miss Laura Phalen, Ed Runnalls, Henry Runnalls, Albert Long, George Vancise, Fred Cole, Sam Greet, Mr. Turner, Sam Greer, D. Griffith, J. Jennings, T. Latta, R.R. Gamey, R.R. McKessock.
50th Edition : December 1987
PageArticle or Item
Christmas wishes with a horse drawn sleigh.
2. Indexes.
3. Copy: 1900 of a Souvenir booklet with James A. Kinney on the front. Submitted by Jack Hester.
4. Article: Public School, Section No. 4, Manitoulin District, 1900 -- Elma Cain, Morton Hall, Agnes Milligan, Georgia Cain, Ella Wilson, Lilly Ceck, Lottie Strain, Charlotte Wilson, Russel Morris, Percy Beck, Wilbert Cain, Arthur McArthur, Birdie McColeman, Pearl Moore, May Beck, Howard Cain, Tilly McArthur, Gertie Morris, Harvey Beck, May Martin, Hilda Cain, Alex Aiken, James Milligan, James Granger, Amby Wilson, Pearl Merrylees, Olive Aiken, Katie Moore, Ruby Strain, Truman Wilson, Mabel Horter, Minnie Merrylees, Katie Campbell, Bertha Smith, Dorothy Akins, Ketha (?) Beck, George Dearing, Frank Cain, Eddie Strain, Archie Campbell, Delbert McArthur, Edna Beck, Bert Moore, Muriel Morris, Percy Merrylees, Ethel Strain, Willie Dearing, John Moore, Harvey Wilson, Mary Campbell, teacher James A. Kinney.
Notice: Mayor Wanted, 1920 -- David McGilvery, Edward Norton.
Article: Nothing to Worry About. Submitted by Grace Rowe and Christina Kerr.
5. Article: A trip to Manitoulin in 1903, letter -- Mrs. Russell Carter, Robert King, Clinton King, Pearl Carter, Jim King, Jean King, Harry King.
6. Article: A trip to Manitoulin in 1903, letter continued -- signed Rob.
Advertisement / Letter: A Family Medicine, promoting Dr. Williams Pink Pill.
7. Postcard: Shows the corners of James & Main St. in Hamilton. Adressed to Miss Lousia Morden.
8. Article: The Changing Face of Little Current -- Bryan Mackie.
Photo: Old picture of Little Current taken from the big hill.
9. Copy: Little Current survey in 1865. Surveyed by David O'Keefe -- George Obbotossaway, James Columbus, Henry Ishkemah, Joseph Shewetahgun, John Black, Bryan Mackie, Edward Johnstone, George Abrey, Eleanor Patten Abrey, Fred Douglas.
10. Photo: A Near Tragedy at Michael's Bay boats collide. Submitted by Ivan Clarke -- Phil Clarke, R. McIntrye, Tom Ellis, John Pyette.
11. Article: Folly at Fizwilliam Island -- Mr. Hackett, William Solomon, Mr. Lepine, Mrs. Lepine.
Advertisement: Virgin Oil of Pine.
12. Article: Canada in Pioneer Days, by Marian Snell, 1927.
13. Article: Canada in Pioneer Days continued.
Article: Timely Hints to Farmers, 1927.
Notice: Clerk's Notice of First Posting of Voters List, 1927, signed Chas. Bell.
14. Article: The History of the Gordon Township Telephone Company Ltd., by Margaret Johnston -- Nelson Campbell, Harry McAnsh, Henry Witty, Phillip Beck, George Emery, J.D. Wismer, J.B. Gibson, Frank Alexander, Barney Turner, Miss Edith Burt.
15. Article: The History of the Gordon Township Telephone Company continued -- Harvey Beck, Frank Currie, Victor Noble, Edward Brockelbank, George Noble, Harvey Wilson, William Linley, Margaret Johnston, Edward Best.
16, 17. Article: The History of the Gordon Township Telephone Company. Prepared by Margaret Johnston.
Photo: Dreamers Rock.
Poem: The Grand Manitoulin, submitted by Christena Kerr and Grace Rowe. Signed J.C. Jaffray.
18. Photo: The Currie Family -- Mary, John, William, Archie Jr., Frank, wife Jane (Emslie), Margaret, father Archie Currie.
Article: Strategy, submitted by Christena Kerr and Grance Rowe.
19. Article: A Bit of Irish History, by Bert Allen, 1973.
Article: The Allen's of Manitoulin -- Samuel Jenkins Allen, Susan Jenkins, Elizabeth Young Munce.
20. Article: The Allen's of Manitoulin continued -- Isabelle (Mrs. B.B. Baker).
Photo: The Samuel Jenkins Allen Family -- Jessie (Orrin Langford), Hannah (David Boyter), John (Annie Wyman), Janet (Capt. Adam Casson), Janie (David Brown) Elizabeth (mother), Emma (Firn McLean) Samuel (father), and Agnes (Ranald McQuarrie).
Article: The Munce family -- John Munce, Elizabeth Young Munce.
21. Photo: Samuel and Elizabeth Allen.
Death: -- Samuel A. Allen, Rev. Denneth Gruebel, Gerald Allen, John and Annie Allen.
22. Notes: of William Munro, 1929.
23. Article: Boys Gang Three Perish in Water When Speed Boat Burns, 1927 -- William Lewis Hodgkins, James Rush, Thomas Fleshman, Miss Emma Otis, Miss Nancy Smith, Ed Drolet, Edgar Vrashaw.
24. Article: Boys Gang Three Perish in Water When Speed Boat Burns continued -- Miss Otis, Miss Smith, Mr. Hodgins, Mr. Rush.
Photo: The show must go on, 1920 -- Nelda Muchmore, Douglas McGregor, Lila Waite, Jean Buchanan. Submitted by Joan (Purvis) Campbell.
25. Article: Early History of Ice Lake -- Bob Nelson, George Pickard, Mr. McArthur, Ken Baker, Robert Douglas, Tom Robertson, Andrew Robertson, Robert Brett, William Best, Robert Nelson.
26. Article: Early History of Ice Lake continued. Signed Mrs. W. A Rowe, 1953.
Photo & Death Notice: George Strain Sr., A.E. Johnson, R.R. Gamey, Dr. F.A. Strain, C.C. Platt, J. Harddow Fell, Rev. J.J. Matthias, Rev. E.A. Currey. Children: William, Wesley, George, Ted, Miss Lottie, Mrs. Sandy Wright, Mrs. Clayton Slomke, Mrs. Wm. Scott, Ross, Roy, Fred.
27. Photo: George Strain Sr., and family -- Ruby, Bill, George, Lottie, George (father), Sally, Harriet (Alemande) Strain, Wesley, Dr. Fred Ross, Ethel, Ted.
28. Notice: Manitoulin High School Entrance Results, 1927 -- Allic Metter, Sheila Cannon, Vivian Clark, Lawrence Johnston, Henrietta Kinney, Laura Lee, Lila Winch, Austin C. Bell, Mary Burns, Beryl Campbell, Myril Davis, Hazel Edmonds, Mary Granger, Howard Greenfield, Dorothy Jackson, John Langman, Martin Lanktree, Roy Lanktree, Charlotte Morden, Ruby Noble, Arden B. Pearson, Violet Pearson, William Purvis, Adeline Smyth, Roy Stone, Grace Williams, Bert Wismer, George Young, Verna Coe, Frederick Green, Winnie Love, Erma Russell, Florence Sloan, Irene Dearing, Marjorie Dewar, Catherine Gordon, Grace Hopkins, Marjorie Irwin, Emily Kay, Arden Lanktree, Velma Lowrey, Kathleen McAllister, Nellie McDougall, Mabel McIntrye, Edith Tustian, Orval Tustian, Frank Wagg, Gladys Wagg, Jessie Wagg, Bruce Wyman, Alvin Bateman, Charlotte (?), Margaret Pitfield, Marie Roque, Ben Sagima, Kenneth Bennete, Stanley Bowerman, Verna Viney, Retta Bowerman, Ada AmcDougall, Margaret McLennan, Bertha McMullen, Ethel McMullen, Jennie Phylips, James Purdy, Jean Sison, Clarence Blackburn, Celia Bonus, Bessie Burnett, Grace Burnett, Velma Clark, Kathleen Cronin, Hazel Labrick, Maude Lewis, Mildred McGill, Lela May, Russel Rumley, Alice Trotter, Robert Wedgerfield, Edmond Arbic, Nola Dryburgh, John French, Reginalad Heiss, Arden Hopkins, Lloyd Keatley, Erma Lewis, Ronald McIvor, Floyd Morphet, Margeurite Nelder, Maruerite Trimble.
Article: Burpee Picnic 1920 -- D.N. Bailey.
29. Poem: The Farm -- Long Ago. Authur Unknown.
Article: School Fairs, 1920 -- Mr. Hagan, Mr. and Mrs. Edmonds.
30. Poem: Peter McArthur's Oxen -- written by John A. Ferguson -- Dougal McLellan.
31. Poem: Peter McArthur's Oxen continued -- submitted by Mr. R.L. McPhaden.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Article: Entrance Exams 1920, submitted by Kathleen Shaw and Minnie Hern -- Gertrude Caddel, Grace Caddel, Violet Vanhorn, Mr. Hager, Annie Buchanan, Helen Buchanan, Gordon Emery, Georgina Emery, Marion Smith, Rita Burns, Charles Snow, Beryl Fell, Kathleen Shaw, Florence Ferguson, Minnie Kerr, Leslie Miehl, Kathleen McDougall, Roy Hall, Everett Proctor, Ada Haner, Alvin Buck, Earl McColeman, Anna King, Maud Learmont, Maud McDonald, Reta Cranston, Eleanor Tracey, Mary Hall, Bella Bailey, Emma Panton, Myrtle Burns, Lillie Campbell, Colin Omnet, William Reid, Chester Hopkins, Cecil Sinkler, Rose Lovegrove, Freda Hopkins, Mary Gordon, Will Buie, Kenneth Kemp, Lizzie Gordon, Stella Foster, Russell Carter, Grace Kerr, Mary Robertson, Margaret Baker, Jessie Middleton, Olive Orford, Alberta Millman, Annie Langtree.
Article: Premature spring, submitted by Christena Kerr and Grace Rowe.
51st Edition : January 1988
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of an old Model T Ford.
2. Indexes.
3. Poem: Business is Business.
Article: Burpee, 1899 -- Mr. McKinley, Mr. Bell, Mr. Hurdle, Mr. Martin, Mr. Beckerton, Mr. Bailey, Mr. Emery, Mr. Williams, H. Andy, Miss Annie McPherson, Mr. Armstrong, William Blackburn, James Blackburn, Thomas Prestige.
Article: Billings Institute, Charter Members, 1905 -- Mrs. John Foster, Mrs. Matt Baillie, Mrs. Ab Thompson, Mrs. Geo. Foster, Mrs. David Munro, Mrs. Geo. Tustian, Miss E. McKenzie, Miss E. Wiber, Miss A. Milligan, Mrs. F. Green, Mrs. Dougal Campbell, Mrs. Thomas Dickout, Miss Ida Tustian, Mrs. John Greenfield, Mrs. James Carter, Miss Emma Tustian, Mrs. Alice Thompson, Miss A. Thompson, Miss Belle Munro, Miss M. Thompson, Miss M. Bailie.
4. Article: Island Men on Harvest Excursions, by Jule Chisholm, 1925 -- Harvey Spry, Major Newby, Henry Newby, Alvin Abbott, Coy Wilkin, George Armstrong, John McVey, Harvey Spry, Mr. and Mrs. William Pell.
5. Article: Island Men on Harvest Excursions continued -- Mr. and Mrs. Claude Beaton.
Photos: of four horses per team working in the fields.
6. Letters exchanged about Manitowaning Dredging, 1926-1937 -- Mr. J.T. Burns, W.J. Fuller.
7. Letters exchanged about Manitowaning Dredging, 1926-1937 continued -- Beniah Bowman, G.B. Anderson, Wm. Knechtel, J.T. Burns.
8. Letters exchanged about Manitowaning Dredging, 1926-1937 continued -- Mr. Knechtel, Mr. A.B. McLean, G.B. Anderson, K.M. Cameron.
Article: The Nelson Touch Laughs at Needle, submitted by Christena Kerr and Grace Rowe -- Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson, Dr. R.B. McQuary.
9. Photo: The Peter McArthur Family c. 1910, taken by J.L Wismer -- Gary Chandler, Archie McArthur, Robert Robinson, Arthur Ednie, Jane (McArthur) Robinson, Cassie Kerr, Sarah McArthur, Margaret McArthur, Merry Kerr, Janet (McArthur) Robinson, Eleanor Robinson, John Kerr, Grace Kerr, Julia (McArthur) Kerr, Christina Kerr, Peter McArthur, Jennie Kerr, Mary (Campbell) McArthur, Annie (McArthur) Kerr and Sandy Kerr.
10. Article: Boat Tragedies in 1800's, by Bruce Pitfield -- Robert Henry, William Henry, Captain Anderson, Captain Symes, Captain Dick.
11. Article: Boat Tragedies in 1800's continued -- Mr. Dawson, Mr. McNeil.
12. Photo: The Mill at Silver Lake. Man standing on horse is Joe Owen.
Published in about 1949 -- Willard Witty, Tom Witty, Charles Morden, Jim Crawford, J.H. Williams, Barney Addison, Frank Williams.
13. The Mill at Silver Lake continued -- Frank Guinn, Jim Hazzard, Archie Duncanson, Chas. Kemp.
Article: Little Current in 1867, submitted by Christena Kerr and Grace Rowe -- F. Lyle Sims, Mr. Thomas Williams, Rev. J.W. Sims, Sam McLean, Wm. Rowe, Nelson Rowe.
14. Advertisement: Auction Sale, November 12, 1936 at Providence Bay. W. A McColeman, Auctioneer.
15. Photo: Big Day in Gore Bay, Fall Fair -- Lyman Gibbs, Blaine Armstrong, Ivan Purvis.
16. Photo: Main Street of Gore Bay during a parade, c. 1900 -- Lyman Gibbs, R.T. Hall, J.B. Gibson, Dave Cunning, Gammy Graham, Mac McGregor, Farquhar McRae, Dr. Baker, Neil McIntosh, Dave Beatty, Norman Buchanan.
17. Article: Gore Bay, 1920 -- W.R. Tighe, Mrs. F.E. Titus, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Noble, Miss Ella Paisley, Mr. Scott Fraser, Mr. Joe Phalen, Mr. A.O. Brylan, Mr. E.F. McRae, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Byan, Mr. Mark Ansara, F.R. Anning, Mrs. A.L. Kemp, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Chisholm, Mr. J. Sheppard, Mrs. Oliver Runnalls, Mrs. William Ainslie Jr., Miss Stella Bailey, Mrs. James Purvis, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Beattie, Mrs. J.M. Beattie, I. Johnson, Miss Sarah Matheson, Mr. and Mrs. D. Sloss, Miss Georgina Armstrong, Miss Clara Allan, Mr. Jim Allan, Mr. Petty.
18. Article: Gore Bay, 1920 continued -- W.R. Tighe, Mrs. C.R. Atkinson, Miss Hays, Mr. and Mrs. John Allen, Mrs. Firm McLean, J.T. Pierce, W.M. Boyd, Mrs. Mary McTaggart, Wm. Hilliard, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Omnet, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Griffith, Mr. Marchall, Mr. Jacobi, Miss Emma Burns, Miss Ryander, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Burns, Rev. R. Wiseman.
Married: 1927 -- Whitney James Shields and Helen Jane McKinley.
Photo: Play Ball -- baseball game in Gore Bay.
19. Article: The Mississagi Lighthouse -- John Miller, Mr. and Mrs. William Cullis, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Grant, Ken Grant, D.N. (Joe) Sullivan, Jim Van Every, Orace Bailey, Ches Hazzard, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Head, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Van Horn, Mr. and Mrs. Oakley Joyce, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ives.
20. Article & Photo: A freighter's final resting place -- the Turret Crown's Capt. Dineen, Robert Prentice, Dave VanEvery, Robert Prentice, Neil McDonald, Ted Addison.
21. Article: History of the Gordon Church, prepared by Gordon W.I. -- Rev. McLeod, Rev. J. Campbell, Mr. Abraham (wife Mary Emma) Dinsmore Jr., Mr. Sanderson, Mr. George Strain, Mr. Norman Smith, Mr. Andy Leach, Mr. William Neely, Miss Mattie (Mrs. William Jackson) White, Rev. Robertson, Fostr Morrell, Christopher Brockelbank, Miss Sally (Mrs. Wm. Scott) Strain, Miss Lottie (Mrs. James Emiry) Strain, Mrs. William Smith, R.S. Edgar Large, George Grey, J. More, A.E. Owen, George Bainsborough, R.C. Halbert, Rev. Robert Wiseman.
22. Article: History of the Gordon Church continued -- Jim Wiseman, Robert Wiseman, H. Feast, Joseph Walker, Hinds Slomke, Lottie Strain Emery, Mrs. Hiram Clark, Mrs. William Strain, Mrs. Jack Donladson, Mrs. Peter Peterson, Mrs. William Linley Sr., Mrs. John William Best, Keith McMillan, Ted Strain, Whitney David, J.J. Mathias, Bill Sloan, Mrs. David Bould, Mr. Capson, Rev. Mathias, Ernest Moorhouse, Charles Cockburn, Harold Herlicky, Philip Fraser, Donald McLean, Wm. Blackmore, Nelda Johnston, Mamie Marshall, Cecil Wismer, Rev. Hann, Mrs. Johnston Noble, Mrs. George Noble, Mrs. Ted Strain, Mrs. Orval Noland, Mrs. Borden Best, Mrs. Carl Slomke, Mrs. William Kemp, Miss Janis Wismer, Mrs. Art Lane, Ross Strain, Rev. David Bould, Mr. Everett Proctor, Rev. Robert Kaill, Rev. Roy McEachern, Rev. T. Earle Millson, Rev. David Bould (wife Geraldine).
23. Article: History of the Gordon Church continued -- Grant Witty, Mrs. Noble.
Advertisement: McRae Brothers & Co.
24. Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Witty, children Charlie, Hazel and Olive.
25. Article: Postal Service in early 1900, by Bruce Pitfield -- Alexander McIvor, W.H. Huriburt, E. Mackie, A. Mitchell, C. Toulouse, R.C. Reid, R. Brett, W. Priddle, L.W. Ferguson, T. Richings, J. Hutcheson, J. Mastin.
26. Article: Postal Service in early 1900 continued.
Article: Funeral of Mrs. Griffith, 1920 -- Children: Max and Jean. Pall bearers: Mr. Mathew, Robert and George Griffith, Peter Omnet and William Hilliard.
27. Article: Griffith-Omnet Nuptials -- George L. Griffith and Jennet Omnet -- Mr. Wm. Omnet, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Griffith, Rev. J.L Robertson, Miss Mary Omnet, Miss Nellie Griffith.
Obituary: William Omnet (wife Margaret Morrey), Mr. Colin Omnet, Mr, John Omnet, Miss Julia Omnet, Peter Omnet, Mrs. George Anderson, Mrs. Geo. Griffith, Mrs. Geo. McRae, Captain Renshaw, T. MacDonald, Alex MacDonald, Jas. MacLean, Wm. VanZant, Wm. Catheart, Laughlin Campbell, Mr. O.T. Bennet.
28. Article: Settlement of Robinson Township, as related by the late Mrs. John Edmonds and written by her daughter, the late Mrs. G.F. Ferries -- Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McArthur, Mr. and Mrs. John Medwin, W.L. Kemp, George Smyth, Andrew McMillan, Harry and Bob Farthing, Thomas and Pat Haggarty, John Lee and Henry Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rockett, W.L. Kemp, Andrew McMillan, George Smyth, Walter Mason, James Wiley, Jerry Leonard, John Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Clark, Henry Smith, John George and Bella Armstrong, Thomas Griffith.
29. Article: Settlement of Robinson Township continued -- Mrs. Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Grubb.
Marriage: 1932 -- Mr. Clifford Monkhouse and Miss Catherine Wedgerfield, Mr. Everett Paisley, Miss Jean Dewar.
Public Notice, 1920 -- C.E. Hewson, J.H. Fell, J.B. MacDonald.
30. Photo: The Walter Thomas (wife May Carr) Harper family lived on the Henry Bailey farm. Children: Jack, Melville, Sadie, Walter Harper, Percy, Harold, Jennie, Retta, Ida, Mainnie, Mae, Tom and Sandy.
31. Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: The Walter and Thomas Harper Boys (Thomas Harper was a half brother to Walter). Photo was taken 1914, likely the same day as the picture of Walter's family -- Charles, Thomas, Ted, Clarence, Phillip, John, Melville, Harold, Bill, Percy, Richard, William, Thomas and Sandy.
52nd Edition : February 1988
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Men of the First World War, Bill Foster and Sid Dinsmore.
2. Indexes.
3. Letter: A.S. Chisholm, Douglas Buchanan, Art Gibbs, Bill Smith, Roy Battye, Mac McQuarrie, Jim Smith, Lorne Ferguson, Lawrence Bracken, Lliff (?) Johnson, Alfred Johnson, Jim Young, Ray McDonald, Richard Morden, Fred Shields, Edward Shields, Mrs. A.E. Johnson.
Article: New Money Order Rates, submitted by Christena Kerr and Grace Rowe.
4. Article: Mills Township Early History -- G. Brockitt, John B. Baker, Mrs. W. Farquhar McRae, William T. Baker, Joe Noland, Mr. Abrey, George Gallagher, Samuel Ireton.
5. Article: Mills Township Early History continued -- Edward Noland, Robert Leroy, Thomas Bowser, J.Y. Smith, Philip Y. Smith, W.J. Wilson, David Thomas, George Walters, W. Thomas, John Scott, W. Robertson, J. Robson, Mr. Abrey, Mr. Baker, George S. Gallagher, Maria Baker, John B. Baker, Colin Campbell.
6. Article: Mills Township Early History continued -- Mr. Gallagher, Joseph Gallagher, James Gallagher, Phoeba (Mrs. Frederick Noland) Gallagher, Mr. Ireton, Edward Noland, Mrs. Edward (Mary) Brocklebank, Fred Noland, Joseph Noland, Clara (Mrs. Hall Hamilton) Gallagher.
7. Article: Mills Township Early History continued -- Ida (Mrs. Larsbash) Gallagher, George Gallagher, Edith (Mrs. Stephens) Gallagher, Orville Gallagher, Jennie (Mrs. Flemming) Gallagher, John B. Gallagher, Samuel Ireton, Sam Wright, Mrs. John (Susan) Baker, Ed Noland.
8. Article: Mills Township Early History continued -- Ed Noland, Charlotte Baker, Achsa Baker, William Baker, Joseph Baker.
9. Article: Mills Township Early History continued -- William McRae, Dave Miller, and Thomas Robinson.
10. Article: Mills Township Early History continued -- William T. Baker, Pete Donaldson.
11. Article: Mills Township Early History continued -- Dan Campbell, D.J. Bailey, Jake Scott.
12. Article: Mills Township Early History continued -- Maria Gallagher.
13. Article: Mills Township Early History continued -- Jack Bell, Janet Robertson, Margaret Robertson, Andrew Robertson, Thomas Bowser, Malcolm McCannell, Donald Oxford, Robert Oxford, John B. Baker.
Photo: Wes Strain Sr., Mae Martin.
14. Photo: Framing of a log barn at Sidney Middleton in 1915, submitted by Dougall Middleton -- Matthew Davis, Mac McGillivray, Charles Middleton, John Atkinson, Tom Robertson.
Advertisement: Great Lakes Lumber Co., May 1912 -- D.A. McDonald, Manager, Gore Bay.
15. Photo: Sidney H. Dinsmore who served in the 119th Reg. During WWl.
Photo: Sidney John Middleton who joined the Canadian Army in 1916.
16. Photo: Soldiers of the "Fighting Fifth" (Northumberland Fusiliers) after battle.
17. Photo: Men marching.
18. Photo: Ted Middleton and (?) soldier.
Back of postcard signed by Pte. E.S.J. Middleton.
19. Photo: company of soldiers during First World War.
Photo: Bill Dinsmore in uniform.
20. Article: First of Five Bodies Washed Ashore on Cockburn Island -- Charles Hostetier, Gerry McLeod, Seymour McLeod, Mrs. Paul Hostetier, Vernon Hostetier, Donald McMillian, Mrs. P. Hostetier.
21. Article: First of Five Bodies Washed Ashore on Cockburn Island continued.
Article: Manitoulin in 1854 -- P.J. Perrott, Captain Ironside Dr. Layton, W.L. Smith.
Article: Police End Search for Sheshegwaning Man -- Thomas Simon, Constable Ross Stenbaugh.
22. Orange Lodge ribbon.
23. Orange Lodge badges owned by Dougall Middleton and John Dinsmore.
24. Article: Recalls foundering of the Old Steamer, Simcoe -- Mary Ann Robinson, Captain Dick Hill.
25. Article: Recalls foundering of the Old Steamer, Simcoe continued -- Captain Parson.
Notice: Teachers Wanted, 1920 -- W.E. Dougherty, Chas. Joyce.
Article: Group Spends Night on Bayfield South Island, submitted by Clara Lane -- Bob Mishler.
26. Advertisement: Whitewear, J.N. Waite & Co.
Advertisement: J.H. Biehl, Merchant Tailor and Issuer of Marriage Licenses, Gore Bay.
27. Article: A Backward Glance at the History of Manitoulin -- Duncan McLeod, Robert Pickard, Bill Lunan, Archie Buie, Robert Dearing, Sandy Brown, Sandy McLarty, Mrs. Thom. Wilson, Alex Archibald, Geo. Guy, James Brown, Jim Kerr, John McArthur, Abe Wilson, Bethel Croft, George Dearing, Joe Wilson, Truman Wilson, Billie Yoe, William Rowe, Robert Glenn, Alfred Brandow, Henry Hunt, Howe Crossley, J.C. Brandow, Bob Brown, Geo. Gregson, Aaran Walker, William Dearing, John Hallett, Norman Brandow, H. Brown, John Pickard.
28. Article: Supplement to History of Pleasant Valley, 1987, by C. Kerr -- J. Orford, Roy Robinson, Alex and Jessie Brown, Pat Long, Mrs. Abe Wilson, Jim McLeod, Chas. Hotte, Jas. Brown, Norman Pickard, Nellie Brown, Margaret Wilson, Lorna Orford, Freeman Wilson, John Kerr, Mr. R. McGauley, Catherine McDougall, Dennis McDougall, Tom Wilson, Lawrence Flood, Mr. Mann, Hugh Brown, Zella Sanders, Henry Sloss, Fred White, Mrs. Robert Pickard and Earl, Willard Bretziaff, Mr. and Mrs. M. Yaschuk, Mr. and Mrs. E. Persian.
Poem: My Self, from a Seaforth Scrap Book.
29. Article: The Treating System, 1912 -- Mr. Rowell.
Advertisement: 1912, Livery Stable, Gore Bay -- Proprietor Sandy Burns.
30. Article: Grimesthorpe W.I. 1912 -- Mrs. Geo. Kirk, Mrs. Wm. Bock, Mrs. Jas. Hanner, Mrs. Fred Wagg, Miss Elva McDonald, Mrs. R. Cranston, Miss Lizzie Anderson, Mrs. John Bock, Mrs. F. Haner.
Article: Billings W.I. 1912 -- Mrs. Geo. Foster, Mrs. R.F. Wyman, Mrs. D. Campbell, Mrs. Greenfield, Mrs. M. Bailey, Mrs. D. Munro, Miss Ethel Foster, Mrs. R. Tustian, Caplain Mrs. Wiber, Mrs. W. McKenzie, Mrs. R. Wyman, Mrs. Jno. Greenfield.
Article: Hold Birthday Party at Ice Lake, 1937, submitted by Christena Kerr and Grace Rowe -- Mr. and Mrs. John Kerr, Tom Wilson, Mrs. Ed Baker.
Article: Tug Burned at Michipicoten Island (The Billie Blake) -- E.B. Purvis, James Purvis.
31. Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Advertisement: May Manton # 1912 dress pattern mail in application. Send 10 cents.
Photo: Blueberry picking time, 1935 -- Pete Edmonds, Lew Kemp, Perc Addison, Jasper Noble, Arden Duncanson, Moe Tenniswood. Photo submitted by Ruth Duncanson.
53rd Edition : March 1988
PageArticle or Item
Photo: The S.S. Norgoma of Owen Sound, submitted by Myrtle Hebert.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo & Note: about Bruce Pitfield.
Letter: on Pacific Railway Co. letterhead, 1903 -- signed S.P. Howard.
4. Letter: on County Surveyors Office letterhead, 1911 -- signed Clinton Cowen.
5. Letter: on Northern Michigan Transportation Co. letterhead, 1915 -- addressed to Mr. T.H. Jackman, signed by J.C. Conley.
Receipt: on Algoma Central and Hudson Bay Railway Co. letterhead, 1903 -- addressed to Jas. Burk, signed by Mr. J.H. Jackman.
6. Letter: on T. Long & Brothers Ltd. Letterhead, 1914 -- addressed from Thos. Jackman, Esq., signed "T.H.".
Notice: Steamer Chicora calling at Owen Sound on May 22, 1874.
Article: Locks About Ready, 1894, at Sault Ste. Marie.
7. Letter: on Northern Navigation Company Ltd. letterhead, 1903 -- Charles T. Long, Wm. Askin, A.B. Pratt, C.A. MacDonald, John L. Long, Norman A. Rule.
8. Letter: on M. Sims & Co. letterhead, 1912 -- addressed to T.H. Jackman, signed T.C. Sims.
9. Letter: on Northern Navigation Company Ltd, letterhead, 1913 -- addressed to T.H. Jakman, Signed "N.A. Rule".
10. Article: The Georgian Bay and the Neighbouring Country as it was in 1852, researched by Bruce Pitfield – Capt. Hurd.
11. Article: The Georgian Bay and the Neighbouring Country continued.
12. Article: June 5, 1919 -- the Hattie Hut.
Article: Early Lake History, 1868.
Article: July 19, 1869 -- the Chicora
Article: The Steamer Baltic, 1888 -- Captain Robertson.
13. Article: The Algoma District, 1894 -- Fred Rogers.
Article: Appellation.
Article: Elections, 1887 -- Mr. T.H. Jackman, Capt. McGregor.
Advertisement: Travelling Register, E.M. Carruthers, Toronto.
14. Photo: The S.S. Majestic at Manitowaning, courtesy of Gordon McCauley.
15. Photo: The tug Marshall and Murray, courtesy of Bob Thiffault.
16. Article: December 6, 1872 -- The steamer Cumberland is frozen in about two miles west of Bruce Mines -- Mr. Gingras, Mr. and Mrs. Dalgleish.
Photo: side-wheeler Frances Smith, 1867, courtesy of C. Patrick Labadie.
17. Article: School, 1881.
Article: Census, 1931 -- Mr. George Pitfield, Mr. McNenley.
Article: Artists, 1848 -- Paul Kane.
18. Article: 1930 On board the Steamer Manitoulin -- A crew Member Reminisces, Norm McMillan of Sudbury -- Jackman's Store.
19. Article: 1930 On board the Steamer Manitoulin continued.
Photo: S.S. Manitoulin, courtesy of Mrs. Morrison.
20. Article: 1930 On board the Steamer Manitoulin continued -- Game Warden, Mr. Joe Roque, Capt. McCoy.
Article: August 16, 1853.
Article: August 15, 1860 -- Sir Allan McNab, John Beverly Robinson.
Article: June 14, 1853 -- Mr. Hincks.
21. Article: Georgian Bay Survey, 1884/5 -- Mr. W.J. Stewart, Mr. D.C. Campbell, Capt. A.M. McGregor, Mr. Charles Linter.
22. Article: Georgian Bay Survey, 1884/5 continued -- signed J.G. Bolton.
Article: Georgian Bay Survey, 1889 -- Mr. Stewart.
23. Article: Georgian Bay Survey, 1889 -- continued -- Mr. Stewart.
24. Article: Georgian Bay Survey, 1889 -- continued -- Liet. W.J. Stewart, Mr. D.C. Campbell. Signed J.G. Boulton.
Article: Lumbering, 1923 -- James McCutcheon, R.A. Lyon.
25. Advertisements: Royal Mail Steamer -- Excursions to Mackinac -- Steamer Schedules and rates -- D. MacLean.
26. Photo: The Steamer Hibou, courtesy of J. James and Daughters Studio.
Article: Manitoulin Island, 1894.
Article: June 3, 1925 -- Captain E. Reid.
Article: Mail, 1877 -- Mr. Bowers, Alex McIvor.
27. Article: A "Marine" Reminiscence -- William Wakefield, George Percival Ridout, Peter Paterson, E.H. Rutherford, Thos. D. Hernis, Thos. Hellwell, Jos. Becket, William Proudfoot, Wm. Cayley, T.W. Birchall, W. Steward, Alex Davidson, John Evans, E.R. O'Brien.
28. Article: The Early Days -- Mr. Archibald, Mr. Le Boutillier, Captain Symes, Mr. Simpson, Mr. McKenzie, James Dunton.
29. Article: The Early Days continued -- W.S. Gibbon, Mr. Green, Mr. Reg Lowe, Mr. A. Brown, Mr. B.H. Turner.
Marriages: 1856: Francis E.C. Elwes, Mary Helen Murray.
Burial: 1880: Luke Chartraw.
Births: 1916: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Routledge, a son.
Article: Settlers.
30. Article: The Northern Navigation Co., 1925 -- James H. Henry, John D. Beatty, Capt. J.D. Symes, Ben Tripp, Capt. E.B. Anderson, James McMaugh, Capt. James C. Moore, Capt. Ed Robertson, Capt. James Foote, Capt. McDougall, Capt. John McNab, James E. Beatty, Henry Beatty, Capt. Laughlin Morrison, Capt. A.E. MacGregor, Chas Long, Wm. Askin, H.H. Gildersleeve, Peter Paton.
31. Article: Political, 1867 -- Mr. George Rankin, Mr. Simpson, Walter McRea, Judge John Prince.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: The sailing schooner the Laura Lee, photo courtesy of J. James and Daughters Studio.
Advertisement: August 19, 1898 -- Georgian Bay and Superior steamship line schedule and prices.
54th Edition : April 1988
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Thomas Baker Greenman poses for the camera with his horse, 1879. Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Jean Harvey.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: The Size of Tires -- Mr. Trink, Hector Neison.
Letter to the Editor: Mr. Harvey Arnold, Mr. Roy Arnold, Mr. Bradley, Mr. Jess Lehman, Ronald McDonald.
Article: Crown Attorney for Manitoulin, 1912 -- Wm. F. McRae, A.G. Murray.
4. Photo: McVey home in Honora.
Article: Our Home at Honora -- George McVay, (Children: Lily, Ethel, Albert, John, Ella, Cecil), Gertie McVey.
Photo: The George McVey Family, submitted by Cecil McVey -- Gertie (Mrs. Wm. Coulam), Cecil, Ella (Mrs. Len Hall), mother, cousin Albert, father, and John. Missing is Lily and Ethel.
5. Photo: An old time wagon -- Clayton Campbell is sitting on the wagon.
Photo: George McVey, William Armstrong, George Campbell.
Married: 1947 -- Miss Marjorie Finlay, Mr. James Finlay, Mr. Stuart Mitchell.
6. Article: Telephone Service in Mills Township, written by Jim Baker -- Hazel Campbell, Wm. Baker, Barney Turner, James Foster, Samuel Wright, Wm. Arniel, James Dinsmore, Hiram Pearson, L.E. Vanhorn, L. Honess, Donald Lanktree, Jacob Vanmeer, Manciel Noland, Donald Lanktree, Wm. Marshall, A.V. Pearson, James Wiseman, Charles Middaugh, James Baker, Sidney Middleton, Mrs. Richard Foster, Mrs. Carmen Middaugh, Mrs. Mervyn Fogal, Mrs. Scott McPhee, Mrs. John (Hazel) Campbell, Mrs. G. Griffith, Mrs. Ralph Pearson, Mrs. L. Baker, Bruce Pitfield, Hazel Campbell.
7. Article: The Gamey Block, Gore Bay, 1957 -- Marty Thorburn, Mac Frazer, George Strain, George McRae, J.N. Waite, George Morrison, J.H. Biehl, Walter Tighe, J.H. Craig, Donald McLean, Alf. Johnston, Mrs. Hinds, Frank Priddle.
8. Poem: The Dearest Spot, submitted by Owen Maguire -- B.H. Turner.
9. Article: Rev. J.M. Sims, by Harry Robbins -- Jabez Waters Sims, Rev. Frederick O'Meara, Capt. G.T. Anderson, Rev. C.C. Brough, Dr. Darling, Mr. Bayley, Norman Robbins.
10. Article: Rev. J.M. Sims continued -- Dora Sims, Thomas Sims, Charles Sims, John Sims, Fred Sims, Henry Sims, John Robbins, Norman Robbins.
Article: Ten Mile Point Log School, by Harry M. Robbins -- John Meyers, area families: Trimmer, Finch, Pretty, Abbott, Halcrow, Robbin, Doan, White. Also Henry Pretty, Mr. A.H. Finch, Ambrose Abbott, James Halcrow Sr., A.J. Finch, John Meyers, Wallace McFarlane, Angus McNevin, Wallace and Barbara Finch, Hane, Abbott Trimmer, William Low, Emerson Abbott, Jim Aggie, Maggie, Bob and Teena Halcrow, William Frances, Agnes Pretty, John Will, Lizzie Robbins, Lizzie Ann and Janie Doan.
11. Article: Ten Mile Point Log School continued -- Jim Halcrow, John Robbins, Mr. P.A. Switzer, Mr. Peter McLean, Dr. Egerton Ryerson, A.J. Finch, Jas. Halcrow Sr., John Meyers Sr., Ambrose Abbott, May Finch, also Byron, Bert, Ella, Monarch and Jessie; Hettie and Minnie Robbins, Bert Doan, Carm Abbott; George, Lizzie, Teena, Joan and Jennie Trimmer, John Conrad, Elma Trimmer; Charlie, May and George White, Jack Joe, Evelina, Bill, Mary and Minnie Smith; Lena May and Lily Abbot; Guy, Annie and John Jaggard; Hattie, Katie and George Myers; Lena Doan, Ross Doan, Guy Daon, Harry Robbins, Miss Mable Gourlay, Miss Jennie Irwin, Miss Florence Hammond, Mr. John Johnston, Miss Jessie Ward, Miss Lulu Fairburn, Miss Violet McGillivary, Donald McCraig.
Article: Barn Raising, by Harry Robbins.
12. Article: Political, 1867 -- Mr. George Rankin, Mr. Simpson.
Article: Early Lake History -- Father Hennepin.
Writing: A Minister's Toast.
13. A Letter of 1847 by Bruce Pitfield -- Mr Johnson, Captain Fraser.
14. A Letter of 1847 continued -- Captain Dibbie, Mr. Bristol, Jack McQuarrie.
15. Article: J.B. Tyrell to Succeed Gamey, 1912 -- Mr. R.R. Gamey, Mr. J.B. Tyrell, W.H. Hearst, Jas. Whitney.
Article: Murray Hayes McPhee Died, 1934 -- Mr. and Mrs. Scott McPhee, Marjorie McPhee, Dorothy McPhee, Claire McPhee, Mrs. Thos. McPhee, Rev. M.B. Fuller, Lloyd and Delbert Oxford, Clifford and Chester Robinson, Earnest and Albert Oxford, Mrs. Robinson.
16. Article: Whitney Will Fire Three of the Inspectors -- T. Rochon, V.H. Gabourg and A. Belanger.
Photo: Blueberry picking time, submitted by Tillie Burnett. Nellie Norton, John Lane, Mrs. Burnett's father, Percy Lane, Andrew Lane, John Lane.
17. Obituary: 1923 -- Myrtle Isabelle Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. John Jennings, Roy Jennings. Frances Jennings, Mabel Jennings, Ruth Jennings, Wilbert and Wallace Jennings, Rev. Mr. Fox.
Died: -- 1934 George Croft.
18. Article: Wreck of the Schooner Alice Hackett in October 1828 -- Capt. James Hackett, William Solomon, Alex Fraser, Madame Angeline (Cadotte) Lepine, Pierre Lepine, Theresa Lepine, Capt. W.F. Owens.
19. Article: Wreck of the Schooner Alice Hackett continued -- Captain Hackett, Madame Lepine, Alice Hackett.
20. Article: Wreck of the Schooner Alice Hackett continued -- Algail Becker, George McAuley, Alex McLeod.
Article: Death of Mrs. (Ada Augusta Long) Samuel Oliver McKinley, 1922 -- Rev. Alex R. Gibson, Clarence Lloyd McKinley, Helen Merle McKinley. Siblings: Edmon, George, Herbert, Albert, Ellen, John, Ida, Arthur and Annie.
Died: 1945 -- Ida Jane Wismer wife of George Allan Morris. Mother of Gertrude (Mrs. R.C. Murray), Russell and Muriel.
Died: 1947 -- Herbert Needham.
21. Photo: Slash Post Office; located in Shy Jim Leeson's farmhouse for many years.
Photo: Anglican Church at the Slash, land donated by William McMurray. Rev. A. Young.
22. Photo: Benjamin and Bessie (Handley) Leeson.
Article: Sad Bereavement, 1923 -- Bruce Bailie son of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Bailie. Pall bearer: Alfred Burt, James Donaldson, Joseph Wilson, Max Griffith, Lyman -- Gibbs and Leslie Walker.
Article: Drowned at Meldrum Bay, 1934 -- Mr. David VanEvery, Albert Grant.
Died: 1934 -- Mrs. Willis Buie.
23. Article: Ontario Isle of the Gods, 1950 -- Joe and Marion Brown.
24. Article: Ontario Isle of the Gods, 1950 continued.
Died: -- Mrs. George Coutts.
Died: -- Charles Hurdie, Mr. Jack Campbell.
25. Article: Growth of Sheguiandah Community -- Colin Campbell, Humphrey May, James Lenin, David Lewis (Miller), Joseph Walker, John Dunlop, Mr. Sims, Mr., McFarlane, William Beck, Adam Trotier, Benjamin Connor, James Burnett, Moses Burnett, Frank Atkinson, David Laidley, Mr. Wellsby, David Lewis, Mr. McNab, Mr. McGrath, Mr. Ed Stringer, Mr. Frank Pippen, Charles Aylesworth, Mr. Hallmon, Thomas Batman, Arden Burnett, Herb Orr, Roy Atkinson. Signed Mrs. M.R. Lewis.
Married: 1946 -- Elizabeth Elaine Baxter & John Lawrence Cain, Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Baxter, Mr. and Mrs. John Cain, Rev. W.J. Rayner, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baxter.
26. Article: Mail Delivery in 1867 -- J. Dewe, E.M. Carruthers, A.W. Currie.
27. Article: Mail Delivery in 1867 continued.
Poem: How to Kiss.
Article: Correspondence of 1879 -- John Moggy, John Reynolds, Andrew Mitchell, Mr. Thomas A. Rowe, William Morphet, Mr. Row.
28. Article: Correspondence of 1879 continued -- W.L. Trotter, Tom Jackman, Mr. Wagg, Mr. King, Mr. Will Hindle, Private J.R. Coutts, George Coutts.
Article: Accident Ends Fatally, 1912, found in a newspaper belonging to S.M. Fraser -- Death of Donald McQuarie Fraser, Rev. M.C. Tait, Rev. Oliver and Rev. Howson, Mrs. Dundas, Mr.s Carscallen, Don Gordon, Hy Mitchell, L.P. Holston, Lynn Gordon, Hy Auger.
Married: 1946 -- Chester Raymond Bailey & Floris Jean Campbell, Mrs. Edith Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. D.N. Bailey, Rev. Mr. Newbury.
29. Article: Twelve Perish at Providence Bay, 1880 -- Captain R. Hill, Robert McNabb, George Patten, Jas. McCauley, Ben Millward, John Levey, Tom O'Hara, Duncan Cair, Peter McDougall, Mrs. Lydia Williams, Miss Julie Gibson, Mr. McAuley, Jim Parsons, J.C. Miller.
Died: Jas. C. Emiry, husband of Lottie Strain.
30. Photo: Mills Township School about 1904, submitted by Mr. Dougall Middleton -- William Dinsmore, Lizzy Robinson, Hetti Middleton, William Scott, Annie Atkinson, Meedle Atkinson, Emma Davis, Orval Noland, Winnie Foster, Ella Foster, Sidney Dinsmore, Ernest Moscrop, Annie Middleton, George Scott, Clarence Orford, Art Wilkinson, Charllie Middelton, Wilfred Atkinson, Whitney Davis, Ted Middleton, Myrtle Arkinson, Willie Atkinson, Lowellen Hones, teacher Mrs. (Clara Scott) Kinney, Harvey Robinson, Albert Davis, Bob Middleton, Hettie Wilkinson and Aldon Wilkinson.
31. Died: Mrs. (Mary McLean) Edward Fitzpatick. Daughter Mrs. John McLean.
Obituary: 1923 -- Mrs. (Mary McLean) Edward Fitzpatick. Daughter Mrs. John McLean, Jimmie Fitzpatrick, Kenneth Fitzpatrick, Hugh McLean, Will McLean.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Article: Kagawong, 194? -- Mr. and Mrs. John Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Fraser, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Slagel, Mrs. Aldred, Mrs. Elmer Kirk, Mr. Robt. McGaughley, Mrs. J. Pierce. Submitted by Viola (Berry) Spry.
Article: Kagawong, 1941 -- Dr. J.J. Rosenthal, R.R. Strain & Co. store.
Article: Billings, 1943 -- Miss Jennie McAnsh, Miss Kay, Miss Kathleen McLeod, Miss Betty Bailey, Master Arden Bock, Master David and Jimmy Munro, Mr. Alex McLeod, Mr. Wm. Bailey, Harlow Bailey, Mr. Archie McArthur, Mr. Ernie Croft, Gordon Griffith, Master Junior Chisholm, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Tustian, Mr. Clilff McAnsh.
Article: Barrie Island, 1943 -- Dr. Rosenthal, Mr. Thom. Latta, Mr. Neil Flakes, Mr. Jas. Allan, Miss Norma Orford, Mrs. Gordon Matheson, Mr. Joe Noland, Herb and Roy Burpee. Submitted by Viola (Berry) Spry.
Died: 1948 -- Elmer McDougall Gordon, Elmer McDougall, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gordon, Bruce Gordon, Jessie Marie Gordon.
Died: 1949 -- Mrs. Lloyd A. Noble, Beulah Marion Noble.
Died: 1948 -- Arthur Wesley Jeffkins.
55th Edition : May 1988
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Wagon full of rye being pulled by horses, c. 1928. In the photo are Sam McLennan Sr., Sam McLennan Jr., and Les Lineham. Submitted by Margaret (Pyette) McLennan.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo: of McLennan Falls in Assiginack Township. Submitted by Margaret McLennan.
Article: Crop Report 1924.
4. Article: The Story of how Mr. George Hodgson Settled on the Manitoulin Island.
Article: Mindemoya, 1924 -- Rev. W.W. Anglin, Col. Fraser, Rev. Geo. H. Pogson, Miss Kathleen Anglin, Miss M. McFadden, Miss Langton, Mr. and Mrs. A. McDonald, Catherine McDonald.
Article: Died, 1948 -- Albert Edgar McTaggart.
5. Article: Manitoulin Women's Institute -- Mrs. Jos. Baker, Mrs. Mack McGillivray, Mrs. Sam Reynolds, Mrs. Arthur Atkinson, Mrs. Lydia Weeden, Mrs. D. Middleton, Mrs. Scott McPhee, Mrs. Geo. Griffigh, Mrs. Wiseman, Mrs. Clayton Slomke, Mrs. Tom Clarke, Mrs. Dalton McColeman, Mrs. Leonard Fretz, Mrs. Wm. Blackburn, Mrs. Ted Scott, Mrs. John Kinney.
Article: Women's Institute at Silver Water Now Fifty Years Old, 1950 -- Mrs. Jack Addison, Mrs, R. Smyth, Mrs. Hutton.
6. Article: Women's Institute at Silver Water Now Fifty Years Old continued -- Mrs. Forster, Mrs. Addison, Mrs. Maurice Trick, Mrs. Arthur Lane, Mrs. George Lane, Mrs. E. Eaton, Mrs. Wm. Coburn, Mrs. Darrel Hazzard, Mrs. Jim Wiseman, Mrs. Delbert Orford, Mrs. George Nobie, Mrs. M. Calback, Mrs. Orval Brockelbank, Mrs. J. Long, Mrs. Andy Burns, Mrs. George Purvis, Mrs. Archie Rowe, Mrs. Lorne Greeman.
Article: Perivale, 1924 -- Mr. Archie Rowe, Miss Hilda St. Claire, Mrs. Wm. Neely, Mrs. Nelson Hartley, Miss Maud McDonald, Miss Catherine, Miss Kerr, Mr. Hartley, Mr. John McAnsh, Mr. A.G. McColeman.
Article: Court of Revision, 1912 -- Norman Bailey, Clerk.
7. Article: A True Story, by Marjorie Cook Dodge -- Jack Cook, Jack Buchanan, Mr. Henry Saska.
8. Article: A True Story continued -- Hulda Sinclair, Jack Buchanan, Timmy Jones, Jack Ford.
9. Article: A True Story continued.
Article: They Eat Rattlesnake, 1924.
10. Photo: Making Maple Syrup, with Olive (Wilson) King and Etta King. Submitted by Margaret McLennan.
11. Article: Tenperance Party Wants Candidates, 1912, submitted by A. Kruges.
Article: Died, 1948 -- Clayton Sloss.
12. Copy of Treasure's Sale of Land for Arrears in Taxes, 1924.
Article: Big Quarry at Bruce Mines, 1912. Submitted by A. Kruges -- Mr. S.B. Martin.
13. Photo: Hilly Grove's first public school. Submitted by Owen Maguire.
14. Article: The second Hilly Grove school, submitted by Owen Maguire -- John Hunter, Milt Kitto, Ernest McDonald, Mae McDonald, Phil Viney, Jim Viney and William Kitto.
15. Article: 1953 Champion Wolf Killer Tries to Break Own Record This Year -- Willard Witty, Arthur J. Grout.
Article: Why Penalize Decency? Written by Almira Signet, 1924.
16, 17. Photo: Three photos of construction areas, submitted by J.C. Carter.
18. Copy of registry book of Grand Manitoulin Hotel c. 1900, Meldrum Bay.
19. Article: Gore Bay News, 1912 -- Jas. R. Beange,Thom. Griffith, Mrs. C.A. Rickaby, F.E. Titus, Mrs. Majoe, Grace Majoe, J.H. Biehl, Mr. W.F. McRae, Mr. Chas. White, Mr. A.C. Bryan, Mr. Wm. Bain, Mr. Wm. Ferguson, Mr. W.G. Vair, Mr. L. Bracken, Mrs. J.N Waite, Mr. R.F. Wyman, Mrs. Malcolm Orr.
20. Photo: John Maguire in his First World War uniform.
21. Photo: Private J. Maguire headstone. Submitted by Owen Maguire.
Article: Obituary, 1923 -- Mrs. Flora MacLean, John MacLean, Edward Fitzpatrick, Hector and John MacLean, Mary (Mrs. Ed Fitzpatrick), Hugh MacLean, Will MacLean. Followed by a poem.
22. Article: Three Children Perish When Home Burns. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Fogal Suffer Sad Bereavement, 1930 -- deceased Dorothy, Elva and Gladys Fogal. Their daughter Gertrude Nelson survived. Others mentioned Clarence McDougall and R.T. Jaffray.
Article: A Referendum Unlikely -- signed Hamilton Herald.
Advertisement: S. Clarke & China Hall Gas Station 1924.
23. Photo: George Maguire with his team of heavy horses.
Photo: Paul Hunter with Cameron McKinnon's team of horses.
Poem: The Old House, by Charlotte Becker, September 1924.
24. Article: The Fosters of Billings, 1933 -- (wife Blance Martin) Edward Foster, John Foster, Alexander Campbell, George Foster, Richard Foster, Bob Foote, Duncan McLead, Sandy McLarty, Robert Henry, Loves, Irelands, Wilsons, Jos. Hunt, Geo. Wood, John Munro, John Todd, Wm. Baillie, John Foster, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. M. Baillie, Mrs. Wm. Ireland, Mrs. Sarah Johnston, George and John Foster, Dr. Edwin Foster, Fred Foster, Miss Carrie Head, Mrs. Hiram Pearson, Mr. Phenix, Mr. John Caddie, Miss Maddock.
25. Article: The Fosters of Billings, 1933 continued -- George Foster, Bert Foster, Ward Foster, Len Foster, Mrs. Fred Green, Mrs. Ethel Carroll, Mrs. Wm. Moss, Mrs. S. Hunt, Miss Justine Foster and Miss Aleda Foster.
Poem: The Mysterious Guests, 1919.
Poem: Manitoulin Island, by Dora Thorburn Cairns.
Article: Died -- Eliza Martin, widow of the late Wm. Martin.
26. Photo: The McRae Home in Gore Bay taken 1911.
Article: Obituary, 1920 -- Winifred Merle Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Campbell, Rev. R. Wiseman.
27. Article: History of Billings United Church -- Mr. Hugh McKay, Rev. Allan Findlay, Mr. H. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Donald McKenzie, George Tustion, George Waterhouse, Mrs. Emma Dearing, James McLeod, Archie Thompson, Mrs. Wilber Sr., Lizzie Wilson, John Greenfield, George Foster, Dougal Campbell, Dick Tustian, John Bowser, Mr. Wm. Smith, Rev. J. Harris Burry, Robert Tustian, Morton Paterson.
28. Article: History of Billings United Church continued -- Mrs. Margaret Thompson, Mrs. J.A. Greenfield, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Baillie, Mrs. Wm.Hilliard, Mr. Smith, Milton Dearing, John Green, Sarah Anne (Thompson) Foster, Charles Gibson, Merle (Dearing) Gibon, Milton Dearing, Emma (Tustian) Dearing. Photo: Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church in Wikwemikong, taken about 1929.
29. Photo: The wooden boat, Sainte Jeanne.
Photo: Killarney Hotel taken in early 1930.
Photo: The Plane is Here -- Angus Trudeau, Edna Mejaki.
30. Photo: Two soldiers of the First World War -- noted as Ambrose and Ashusige.
Article: Death of Mrs. (Irene Walker) J.N. Waite, 1925 -- Mrs. Hugh Brown, Mrs. Kennedy, Mr. Aason Walker, Mrs. Martin Fenner, Mr. Jack Waite.
31. Photo: Jesuit school at Spanish.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: J.A. Ward, General Merchant's truck, Tehkummah.
Article: Long Bay, 1920 -- Miss Florence Ferguson, Miss Myrtle Vanmeer, Bill Coulam, Miss Bertha Sloss, Mr. Ed Orford, Mr. Silas Pearson, Miss Littie Sloss, Miss Pearl Hammond, Herman Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. A. Lewis, Leonard Lewis, Frank and Ella Paisley, Bob Foster, Mrs. Hanes, Mr. and Mrs. H. Coulam, Miss Edna Vanmeer.
Article: Died, 1948 -- John Cleveland Panton, Rev. Gilbert Thompson.
56th Edition : June 1988
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Grimesthorpe Bridge. Submitted by Emma McAllister.
2. Indexes.
3. Letter to the Editor: Mr. Whitford McDonald, David McDonald, Gred Boudreau, Ronald McDonald.
Article: Found at Last, 1924 -- Harry Lamping, James Havereen.
Died: 1932 -- Sylvia Kaake, Rev. Dr. Stewart.
4. Article: The 1879 Election, submitted by Mrs. Myrtle McDermid -- Mr. Macdonell, Mr. Dawson, Mr. R.A. Lyon.
5. Article: To the Free and Independent Electors of Algoma, 1879.
Article: "Let Not the Cobbler Go Beyond His Last", 1879.
6. Article: "Let Not the Cobbler Go Beyond His Last", 1879 continued.
Article: Algoma Candidates, 1879, submitted by Myrtle McDermid -- R.A. Lyon.
7. Photo: of a 5 seater outhouse at Gore Bay High School, submitted by Harry Witty. Frank Coburn, Leslie Bailey, Harold Hodder, William Witty and sons Roy, Murray, Garnet, Chester and Ronnie, Telma Witty.
8. Article: 51st Regiment among Ontario's Best, submitted by Myrtle McDermid. Lieut-Col. Penhorwood, 1915 – Captain Scott.
Photo: of Pte. M.I. Davidson of Gore Bay, 1915.
9. Photo: Pte. R.E. Concley of Providence Bay, 1915.
Photo: Miss Jessie Clarke, of Gore Bay, 1915.
Article: Missing -- Pte. J.H. Beattie, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Beattie.
10. Photo: His Majesty King George V, 1915.
11. Lyrics to "It's a Long Way to Tipperary", submitted by Myrtle McDermid.
12. Photo: 1915, Gore Bay recruits A.L. McKenzie, Blair Fraser, John Elliott, Goerge A. Thorburn, J.L McKenzie and Scott Fraser.
Prayer: Show Me, Lord.
13. Photo: Pte. E.J. Blackie, 1915 -- Mr. and Mrs. Jon Blackie.
Photo: Pte. Neil Becks, 1915 -- submitted by Myrtle McDermid.
14. Lyrics: to "The Maple Leaf For Ever".
Photo: The Spring Bay Monument, submitted by Margaret (Pyette) McLennan.
15. Lyrics: to "O Canada", submitted by Myrtle McDermid.
Lyrics: to Parody.
16, 17. Photo: Officers of the 51st Regiment, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont -- Capt. F.J. Buchanan, Lieut. A.G. Fulton, Lieut. C.E. Misner, Lieut. T.H. McGillivray, Lieut. J.W. Grainger, Lieut. A.E. Pickering, Lieut. J.W. Hunt, Capt. H. Sgt. Capt. W.W. VanEvery, Col.-Sgt. J. Noble, Capt. G.H. Hayward, Capt. W.B. Culbert, Capt. A.G. Tweedle, Lieut. Chas Fitzimon, Lieut. J.W. Moffat, Capt. R.B. Johnston, Major C.V. Campbell, Lt. Col. S.L. Pennorwood, Major C.H.L. Jones, Lieut. J.R. McLean, Lieut. J.B. Way, Major P.T. Rowland.
Photo & Notice: Killed in Action, Nov. 1915, Lance-Corporal F.D. Street.
Photo & Notice: Killed in Action, Pte. William Irving.
18. Article: Unveiling of the War Memorial at Poplar, 1924, submitted by Mrs. Margaret McLennan -- Rev. Mr. Cannon, Lieut. Grant Turner, Sheriff J. Haddow Fell, Mrs. Greenfield, Mr. W. Johnson.
Article: Gore Bay News, 1912 -- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Best, Stewart Clarke, Mr. W.T. Francis, John A. McEachern, Mr. Thos. McLean.
19. Photo: A soldier, written on the back "Enosse".
Article: Died, 1939 -- Andrew McMillan, Lewis Martin.
Article: Died, 1948 -- Mrs. Robert Lewis, Rev. W.J. Rayner, Rev. Gilbert Thompaon.
20. Photo: Home from the Great War, Mosses Fox, his wife Philomen and children Elizabeth Mejaki, Augustine and Mary Fox, 1917.
Article: Little Daughter of Wm. Finlay Taken, 1914, submitted by Mrs. Margaret McLennan -- Maude Finlay.
21. Wedding Invitation: Mr. and Mrs. George H. Cook, Winnifred Eleanor Cook & Humphrey Gilbert Priddle, 1927.
Advertisement: J.G. May Livery Stables, Little Current.
22. Article: Funeral of the Late Rev. Wm. Munro, 1931 -- Mr. John and Margaret Munro, Mr., Wm. Davey, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Cook, W.H. Davey, J.S. Davey, Rev. A.O. McDonald, Rev. Dr. Dickie.
23. Article: Grimsthorpe -- Mr. and Mrs. Grimes, Erma McAllister, Peter Buie, Thomas and Margaret Lougheed, John and Bella McMillan, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Omnet, Ken Lewis, Walter Wright, Thomas Margaret Lougheed, Rev. Albert Lougheed, Harold and Ilene McMillan, David and Heather McAllister.
Families in the area: Gilchrist, McKenchnie, Reid, Montgomery, McMillan, McAllister, McNichol, Lewis, Lougheed, McNichol, Belton, Luther, Oment and McColeman.
24. Photo: ?
Article: Grimsthorpe continued -- Bella McMillan, Erma McAllister.
25. Photo: John H. Merryless.
Article: Grimsthorpe continued -- Jack Merryless, by W.R. Gibbon.
26. Article: Grimsthorpe continued.
27. Letter of Appreciation, 1924 -- J.F. Duncanson, Frank Duncanson.
Article: Manitoulin News, 1924, submitted by Myrtle McDermid -- Mrs. Street, Mr. Fed W. Harvie, Miss M.E. Rynard, Mr, Winger, Miss Flossie Ouder Kirk, Miss d. Wiber, Miss Doris Purvis.
Article: Barrie Island, 1924 -- Miss Jennie Brett, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Larkin, Miss Verna Baker, Master Billie Morden, Mrs. John Lane, Mr. Chas. Lane, Master Arden Greenman, Mrs. I. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Jennings, Mrs. W.O. Runnalls.
28. Article: Great Lakes have taken toll on lives, 1906 -- Charles S. Price, H.B. Smith, L.M. Smith, J.A. McGean.
Article: Providence Bay, 1924 -- Wm. Richie, Mr. John McGauley, Mr. and Mrs. James Cranston, Miss Helen McGillivray, Miss White, Wm. Chisholm, Mrs. Jno. McGauley, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ainslie, Mr. and Mrs. Boyle, Mr. and Mrs. John Purvis, Miss Leo Owen, Miss Lorna Lambert, Miss Freda Hopkins, Mr. Geo. McDougall, Mr. and Mrs. R. Riching, Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Chisholm, Mr. W.J. Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Dan McArthur.
Article: Died, 1946 -- Edwin James Runnalls.
29. Article: Western Manitoulin, 1924 -- Frank Duncanson, Mr. O.M. Thomson, Mr. Cumming, Mr. J. Edmonds, Mrs. D. Murray, Miss M. Wickett, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Irving, Mr .C. Pearson, Miss E. Edmonds, Miss Jean Stinger, Miss McColeman, Miss Frances Edmonds, Miss McDougall, Miss Mae Addison, Mr. Russell Van Every, Mr. E. Morrison, Mr. L. Stephens, Mr. John Edmonds, Rev. Wm. Munro, Mrs. V.R. Pierce, Miss Pierce, Mr. G.H. Cook, Mr. Thos. Rumley, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Rumley.
Article: Sad Bereavement, 1924 -- Emma June Hardaker, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Hardaker, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Robertson.
30. Photo: Angeline Francis Osawabine, 1937.
Article: Barrie Island Resident Called By Death, 1936 -- John Calback, Mary Gamble, John Gamble, Mrs. Wm. Coburn, Rev. J.J. Matthias, Mr. Robert Greenman, Mr. Ben Grenman, Geo. Lane, John Jeffkins, John Baker, Jos. Merrylees.
Article: Personal, 1924 -- Mr. Wm. Arneil, Miss Margaret Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. George Pifer, Miss Nellie Purvis, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Wright, Mr. W.A. Chisholm, Miss Mae Bryan, Mrs. M.E. Street, Miss M. Platt, Miss R. Shaw, Mr. G. Hawkins, Mr. C.M. Bone, Miss Daisy Thorburn, Miss Margaret Thorburn, Mrs. H.B. Hunt, Capt. Hunt, Mrs. R.L. Graham, Alma Graham, Mr. A.C. Bryan, Mr. Robert Connell, Mrs. Edward Fields, Jean Fields, Mr. and Mrs. Wm Arniel, Mr. Thos. Rumley, Mr. B.F. Mutchmor.
31. Article: Personal, 1924 -- Mrs. H.S. Hardaker, Janet Hardaker, Miss Margaret Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. John R. Miller, Mr. Tom Knipe, Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Len Willett, Mr. and Mrs. J. McLarty, Lloyd McLarty, Mr. Wm. Cosby Sr., Mr. Robert Cosby, Dr. and Mrs. F.O. Gilbart.
Article: Obituary -- Rev. Oliver David Caddotte.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Photo: S.S. No. 3 Carnarvon School. Submitted by Margaret (Pyette) McLennan.
57th Edition : July 1988
PageArticle or Item
Photos: Early Days of Timbering -- Steven Mejaki.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: The Ontario Farm in 1888.
Poem: A Farm for Sale.
4. Article: Manitoulin.
5-16. Article: Manitoulin continued -- Rev. J.H. McLeod, Mr. Alan Sullivan, Mr. Foster, Arthur Manitowahsing, Mr. J.H. McLeod.
17. Article: Manitoulin continued.
Photo: Mrs. Dave Gabow and Mary Elizabeth.
18. Article: Gore Bay Boy Presumed To Have Lost His Life, 1943 -- Mr. and Mrs. A.E. Johnson, Sergeant James McLean Johnson.
Photo: Sgt. "Mac" Johnson.
19. Copy of a Great Northern Oil Company Limited shares receipt.
20. Another copy of a Great Northern Oil Company Limited shares receipt.
21. Photo: of a group of Mills Township young people in 1910, submitted by Dougal Middleton -- Ted Middleton, Albert Davis, John Bryon, Harvey Robinson, Clarence Orford, George Scott, Nelson Dinsmore, Willie Atkinson, Wilfred Atkinson, Charlie Middleton, Arthur Wilkinson, Georgina McGibbon, Lowellen Honess, Witney Davis, Hettie Wilkinson, Doris Ford, Mae Pearson (Mrs. Tom Clarke), Verna Baker, Jennie Noland, Clara Moscrop, Myrtle Atkinson, Jessie Middleton, Verna Burnette, Manverva McGilvory, Nelda Watts, Nellie Robertson, Olive Orford, Gladys Watts, Sanford Bolser, Dougal Middleton, Otto Irwin and Harvery Davis.
22. Article: The Selfish Generations.
23. Advertisement: J.N. Waite & Co., Gore Bay.
24. Article: Early Cockburn Island, submitted by Mr. Chris Towell -- Families: Harris, Haight, Reid and Goodmurphy. Mr. McKenzie, McAllister Bros.
25. Photo: A Raft of Logs, taken at Wikwemikong.
Photo: of William Mejaki of Wikwemikong.
26. Photos: of a young man, Onesime Belamikane -- dress attire included a hat, Maggie Osomick and Jan Kabonie of Wikwemikong – Jerry Bondy gives a hair cut to Joe Pangourish, 1958 -- Pauline Jacki, Mary Wassegijig and Boniface Wassegijig of Wikwemikong.
27. Lyrics to "Paddle Your Own Canoe" by Harry Linn and R. Howard.
Article: Death of Donald McGibbon, 1943 -- Mr. Clifford Rumley, Humphrey Priddle, Hubert Cook, Earl and Hugh McGibbon, Roy Smyth.
28. Article: 1913, Storm the Worst in the History of the Great Lakes -- Dwight Boyer, Captain S.A. Lyons.
29. Article: 1913, Storm the Worst in the History of the Great Lakes continued.
30. Article: 1913, Storm the Worst in the History of the Great Lakes continued.
Article: Accident Ends Fatally, 1912 -- Donald McQuarrie Fraser, Rev. M.C. Tait, Rev. Oliver, Rev. Howson, Mrs. Dundas, Mrs. Carscallen, Don Gordon, Hy Mitchell, L.P. Holston, Mr. Lynn Gordon, Hy Auger.
31. Article: Jury Acquits Debassige on Murder Charge -- Frank Debassige, Levi Bob, Justice McRuer, Peter Bob, James Nahwegizik, Alex Nahwegizik.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Article: Island Soldier is Missing in Sicily, 1942 -- Pte. Leonard Peltier, his wife Mrs. Sophie Peltier.
Article: Condolence Sent to Bereaved Family, 1943 -- Gunner Leslie Campbell, Mrs. and Mrs. Wm. Campbell, Gunner Elwood Campbell.
Article: Island Boy Killed in Action in Sicily, 1943 -- Corporal John Eadie, Robert Eadie, B.J. Beck.
Article: Obituary, 1948 -- Mrs. Sarah Jane Myles, widow of George W. Myles.
58th Edition : August 1988
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Old time threshing machine, about 1922 -- Jessie Middleton, Will Baker. Submitted by Mrs. Dougal (Lily) Middleton.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo: Threshing in 1896 -- Hector Ball, Robert Baillie, Archie Wickett.
4. Article: Early Years in Little Current -- Reverend Jabez Sims, Thomas C. Sims, Bill and Lyle Sims.
5. Article: Early Years in Little Current continued -- J.G. Sims, E.O. Vincent, Manley Chew, J.F. Sims.
Poem: Darwin's Mistake.
6. Photo: John Lane, 1954.
7. Article: The Manitoulin 1936-1862 -- F.B. Head, J.B. Assiginack, Mokommunish Tawackkuck, Kimewen Kitchemokomon, Pesciatawick Paimausegal, Nainawmuttebe Mosuneko, Kewuckance Shawenauseway, Espaniole Snake, Pautunseway, Paimaugumestcam, Wagemauguin, T.G. Anderson, Joseph Stinson, Adam Elliot, James Evans, F.L. Ingall, Talford W. Field, F.B. Head, Alexander Kaquta Bunevairear, Kowgisawis Mettawansh.
8. Article: The Manitoulin 1936-1862 continued -- Hon. William McDougall, William Spragge, J.B. Assiginock, Benjamin Assiginock, Naibenessme, Shenetahguw, Goerge Ahbetosomai, Paimtonishcosh, Naiwaudaigezhik, Waukauosay, Keeshkewanik, Sir Francis Bond Head.
9. Article: The Manitoulin 1936-1862 continued -- George Ironside, S. Phillips Day, Wm. Gibard, David S. Layton, Jos. Wilson, John H. McDougall, F. Assikinack, Peter Jacons, McGregor Ironside, Wm. Dougall, Wm. Spragge, J.B. Assiginack, Maisheguong-Gai, OkemehBeness, Benjamin Assiginack, WaiBeNesiem, SheWeTagum, George Webetoosown, PaimoQueNaishKuno, Taibosegai, Atowishcosh, Naiwotaikeyhis, Wetcowsai, BaiBormSai, Keghikgodoness, Pahtahdoginshino.
10. Article: The Manitoulin 1936-1862 continued -- signed Wm. H. Lee.
Photo: New Boat for Ferry Service to Manitoulin Island -- S.S. Norisle, Capt. Osburn Long.
11. Poem: The Oxen Speaks.
Article: Steamer Caribou Makes Last Trip, 1946 -- Captain Arthur Batten.
12. Photo: The Ward Brothers -- Matt and Charlie. Submitted by Mrs. Nelson (Ward) Fogal.
Article: William Ward -- Mr. and Mrs. John Ward, Mr. Howard Smith, Rev. J. Renshaw, Norman Moody, James Hunter, John Cannard, Elias Hutchinson, R.O. Watson, Roy Arnold, John Ward, Donald Ward, Joseph Ward, David Ward, Maurice Ward, George Ward, Mrs. Andrew MacDonald, Mrs. Alex Caddel, Mrs McVittie, Lizzie (Mrs. John Thomas).
13. Photo: Farmers, wagon and team of horses -- Joe Williams, James Eaton, Tom Williams, D.N. Bailey, Jack Bailey, Dan Stewart, Jack Williams, Chas. Morden, Harold Glanville, Wm Morden Sr., Norman Bailey.
14. Article: The 1881 Original Minutes of the First Meeting of the Township of Burpee, 1881 -- Judge McRae, Colin Campbell, John Bell, John Keown, William Bailey, Earnest Taylor, James Young.
Article: The Town Evansville, by Lucille Prior -- Colin Campbell.
15. Article: The Town Evansville continued -- Isaac Campbell, Mr. Walker, Sara Campbell, Bill Middaugh, Tom Griffith, McRae brothers, J.C. Evans, Mrs. Freda Hall, Lyda Matheson.
Photo: Colin Campbell, first reeve of Burpee Township.
16. Article: The Town Evansville continued -- Peter Bell, Walter Wright, Jo. Fitzgerald, Frank Myers, Doreen Bailey, Mr. Sid Geiger.
Photo: Elizabeth Bay Picnic, 1912 -- Roy Williams, Lewis Matheson, Lewis Ainslie, Ruben Ainslie, Oliver Ainslie, Ed Matheson, Elsie Blackburn, Jessie Williams, (Mrs. Willis Robinson), Ralph Ainslie, Eunice Ainslie (Mrs. Art Long), Emerson Noakes, Lavina Ainslie, Mrs. Johnson Noble, Mrs. Norman Matheson, Lewis Williams, Jim Blackburn, Mrs. Bert Cook, Irene Ainslie, Julia Ainslie Morden, Mrs. Chas. Bracken, Marcella Matheson Blackburn, Harold Ainslie, Margaret Ainslie (Mrs. George Purvis Sr.), John Matheson, Pearl Oakes, Matthew Ainslie, Oke Bracken.
17. Photo: William and Christina (Campbell) Bailey.
Article: The Town Evansville continued -- Colin Campbell, William Bailey, Jack Keown, Joyce Foster, Earl McKinley, Bill Bailey, Eldene Prter, John White, A.E. Dyment, Jim Panton.
18. Article: The Town Evansville continued -- Colin Campbell Sr., G.B. Abrey, Charlie Bell, Flossie Royal Strain, Jim Strain.
Photo: Children in front of S.S. No. 3 Burpee School, 1910.
19. Article: The Town Evansville continued -- William McRae, Tom Riching.
Photo: Children in front of S.S. No. 3 Burpee School, 1905.
20. Photo: Children in front of S.S. No. 3 Burpee School. Year unknown. Teacher was Charlotte Wilson.
Article: The Town Evansville continued -- Colin Campbell Jr., Johnny Moquan, Tom William.
21. Photo: Team of horses reflects the means of transportation.
Photo: The old Morrell homestead.
Article: The Town Evansville continued -- John McMillan, Earl Prior, Bertha Bower McCormick, Will George, Elmer Harris, Tim Griffith, Jean Griffith, Maurice Wagg, Tom Goulter, Bill Middaugh, Victor Goulter.
22. Article: The Town Evansville continued -- Clifford Bailey, Bob Duncanson, Archie Duncan.
Notice: 1879 -- Township of Burpee, C.B. Savage, Indian Lands Agent.
23. Article: Burpee Council Minutes, 1925 -- J.H. Craig, Mr. Pidgeon, Lily Campbell, Clifford Matheson, Ed Robinson, D.N. Bailey, Mr. Noakes, Mr. Noland, Mr. McKinley.
Article: The School Class of S.S. No. 2 Burpee 1909 -- Lauretta Williams (Mrs. Bert Cook), Beatrice Williams (Mrs. Neil Becks), Margaret Ainslie (Mrs. Geo. Purvis Sr.), Oliver Ainslie, Lewis Ainslie, Julia Ainslie (Mrs. Walter Morden), Pearl Noakes (Mrs. Fred Hayden Sr.), Matthew Ainslie, Harold Ainslie, Ernest Williams, William Williams, Lewis Williams, James Blackburn, Lily Ainslie (Mrs. Ger. Brydes), Thos. Ainslie, Irene Ainslie (Mrs. Tom McKee), Bertha Morden (Ms. Norman Matheson), Mabel Williams (Mrs. Johnse Noble), teacher Miss Matilda Thompson (Mrs. Chas. Morden), Lavina Ainslie, Frank Williams, Jack Williams, James Matheson.
Article and Photo: The Wood Cutter.
24. Photo: The Johnson Family 1906 -- Alfred Johnson, William Johnson, Ishmael Johnson, Isaac Johnson Jr., John Johnson, Ida (Johnson) MacIntosh, Isaac Johnson Sr., Myrtle (Johnson) Gilroy, Jane (Hall) Johnson, Jane (Johnson) Armstrong, Alice (Johnson) White.
Obituary: 1923 -- Mrs. George H. Noble (Mary Jane Mervyn), Mrs. Joseph Best, Miss Emma Noble, Russell Noble, Victor Noble, Johnston Noble, Harry Noble, George Noble, Mr. Harry Mervyn.
25. Article: Cockburn Island, 1973 -- Mr. J. Barry Nolin, Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Cockburn, Captain H.W. Bayfield, Mr. J. A Rayburn, Sir Edmond Head, E. Frost.
26. Article: Cockburn Island Maiden Married -- Flora Alice Pateman & Donald Robert MacLean, Mrs. D. Pateman, Arthur Pateman, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Daley, Mrs. Lyall Towell, Mrs. C. Towell Sr., Mrs. Wm. Flood, Mrs. Wm. Daley, Mrs. Corbett, Mrs. Doug Arbour, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Grant Harrison, Mrs. Artago, Mrs. MacLeod, Mrs. Pilgrim, Mrs. F. Brooks, Mrs. L. Houston, Mrs. Ohen, Mrs. C. Haight, Mrs. L. Pateman, Mrs. Daley, Miss Margaret McCain.
Article: Cockburn Island Girl Married, 1946 -- Margaret Lillian McCaig & James Howard Noble, Rev. F.J. Bain, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. McCaig, Mr. and Mrs. George Noble, Miss Nora Noble, Harvey Haner, Mr. and Mrs. Dave McMillan.
Article: Pioneer passes at Snowville, 1938 -- Mrs. George Turnbull (Elizabath Harty). Children: Charolotte, Mrs. Charlie Baxter; Mary, Mrs. Frank Hubbert; Flora, Mrs. Roy Pyette; Ada, Mrs. John McLean; Delina, Mrs. John McCauley; Alice, Mrs. Stan Paisley; Leonard Turnbull, George Turnbull, Pearl, Mrs. Wendall Anglin.
27. Photo: Fogal family of Gordon Township -- John Fogal, Elizabeth Fogal, John Fogal, Raymond Fogal, Bill Fogal, Wesley Fogal.
28. Photo: McGathy of Maple Point -- Jessie and Elizabeth McGarthy.
Article: Spring Bay farmer killed, 1942 -- Mr. Neil McColeman, William McCormick.
Obituary: 1942 -- Master Morley Hallett, Mr. and Mrs. William Hallett, Mr. William Elford, Rev. W.H. Vincer, Ruth and Kenneth Elfrod, Floyd Williamson, Percy Taylor, Robert and A. McAllister.
29. Article: 1851-1854 on Manitoulin Island -- Rev. F. O'Meara, Mr. Bailey, Dr. Layton, Captain Ironside, Mr. Laronger, Miss Foulks, Father Henipaux.
30. Article: 1851-1854 on Manitoulin Island continued -- Mr. Lee, John Bailey, Mr. Church, Mr. James Morrison.
31. Article: 1851-1854 on Manitoulin Island continued -- Charles Thompson, James Rawson.
Article: Manitowaning, 1909 -- Mr. Tucker, Mr. J.F. Burns.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Article: Anniversary celebrated 1925, Snowville, Tehkummah Township -- Mr. and Mrs. William B. Snow, Mr. and Mrs. William Bennett, Reverend Hall, Mrs. Alex Good, Mrs. Floyd Smith, Mrs. Alf Spry, Bert Snow, Mrs. Ray E. Thompson, Chester Snow, Hazel Snow, Mr. George McKay, Rev. J.C. Lowrie, Reverend W. Munro.
Article: Nothing's As Good As It Used To Be, Including Mirrors.
59th Edition : September 1988
PageArticle or Item
Photo: The Fort at St. Joseph Island.
This booklet is dedicated to the War of 1812 between the British and the United States. Also in this edition are the original blueprints of the defense of Drummond Island when it was still in British ownership.
2. Indexes.
3-32. Article: The War of 1812 was important to the Manitoulin -- Had things turned out differently Cockburn, St. Joseph and Manitoulin Island might have been a part of the United States today instead of Canada.
14, 15. Copy of blueprint to defend Drummond Island in 1815.
16, 17. Layout of buildings on Drummond Island, considered part of the Western Manitoulin.
31. Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
60th Edition : October 1988
Edition by Bruce Pitfield
PageArticle or Item
An aerial view of Killarney taken a number of years ago.
2. Indexes.
3. Letter to the Editor: 1988 from Bill Alexander.
Contributor acknowledgments: Bruce Pitfield, Bill Pitfield, Ovus and Del Pandke, Margaret Pippy, Wilbur Prentice, Cora Lowe, Jacqueline Holz, Christine Pitfield, Ann and Bruce Rogers, Bess Pitt Baron, Lorne and Irene Bousquet, Jane de la Morandiere, Norman Smith, Rowland Fowler and J. James and daughters.
4. Article: A short sketch of Killarney -- Dr. Emerson Greenman, Stephen Augustin de la Morandiere, Soloman Pilon, Hammond Egen, Thebo Rogue, Robert Johnston.
5. Article: Man Rescued from a Fishing Smack by the Frances Smith -- Captain W.T. Robertson, Mr. Boyer, Antoine Boyer.
Article: Commercial Fishing, 1892 -- Mr. C. Noble, Mr. Jackman.
6. Photo: The tug Harrison that visited Killarney on many occasions.
Article: Commercial Fishing -- 1893 and before -- Mr. Wilmot, Mr. Harris, Mr. James Noble.
7. Article: Commercial Fishing -- 1893 and before continued -- Alexander Clark.
8. Article: Commercial Fishing -- 1893 and before continued -- C.W. Gauthier, Joseph Wilson, Mr. Harris.
9. Article: Commercial Fishing -- 1893 and before continued.
Copy of receipt from "Noble Brothers Co., Ltd." for fish purchased, dated 1899.
10. Notice to Mariners, April 13, 1894, signed Captain Henry Sevenes.
Warning to Anglers, July 20, 1894 re: fishing regulations.
11. Article: Ontario Fishermen's Views, 1894 -- Mr. McGregor, Mr. MacDonald.
Photo: Pond net fishing in the 1930's outside Killarney harbour.
12. Article: Marine in history -- Captain Joe Rogue.
Photo: of the tug Marechal Foch.
From the Owen Sound Advertiser: the schooner Newash belongs to William Miller.
13. Article: Master of Noronic Dies, 1944 -- Captain Herbert James Aitken, Capt. W.F. Howell.
Article: Veteran Sailor of Lakes Capt. F.J. Waugh Dies, 1945 -- Capt. Richard Chapman, Dr. Horsey, Margaret Jane Bain, Susan Hines.
14. Photo: The Hibou.
Photo: The Telegram.
15. Article: To Have Ferry Ship Built in Collingwood, 1945.
16. Article: To Have Ferry Ship Built in Collingwood, 1945 continued -- Ivor Wagner, W.W. Barnard, W.A. Alexander, William Owen.
Article: dated October 1885 -- Mr. J.W. Jerwyn, Judge Barrett.
Article: dated August 1885.
Article: dated January 1889.
17. Photo: the steamer Caribou.
Article: dated September 1946 -- Captain Arthur Batten, Mickie Macaulay.
Article: dated July 1880 -- Captain Fisher, Colonel Morgan.
Article: dated June 1900 -- Mr. McKinnon.
18. Article: Geological Survey of Canada, Geological Work 1892 -- Dr. Bell, Mr. Alexander Murray, Mr. H.G. Skill, Mr. W.H. Miller, Mr. R.W. Brock.
19. Article: Geological Survey of Canada continued -- Mr. Skill, Messrs. Miller and Brock.
20. Article: Geological Survey of Canada continued.
Photo: Lighthouse on Lonely Island.
Article: dated November 1901 -- Mr. A.A. Hackett, Captain Clevand.
Article: dated October 1910 -- Captain John Smith.
Poem: October's Party, from the scrapbook of Jean Harvey.
21. Photo: Killarney Senior Hockey Team -- Bill Rousseau, Charlie Rogue, Herbie Rogue, Alex McDonald and Tom Adams.
Poem: Junior Hockey dated 1910, by Willie Stewart.
22. Article: Killarney Attractions, 1940 -- Rev. Vincent McHugh, Rev. J.C. Coghlan, Chief Joe Wabegijig, Adolf Kiefer, Gail Fruehauf, Danny Galbraith, Louis Corville, Harvey Fruehauf, Leonard William Meanwell.
23. Article: Killarney Attractions, 1940 continued -- Mr. Currie, Joseph Mejaki.
Article: dated May 1885 -- Wm. Smith.
Article: dated April 1900 -- W.H. Becks, Mr. Angus McDonald.
Article: dated July 1885.
Article: dated July 1934 -- Tillie Bateman, Ronald Beange, Virginia Murray, Addie Rogue, Clarence Rogue, Zella de la Morandiere.
Article: dated May 1934 -- Wilfred Mejaki, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mejaki.
Article: dated June 1934.
24. Photo: supposed picture of Killarney waterfront in the part of 1800's.
25. Article: Provincial Board of Health Annual Report for 1921 of District No. 8, by Dr. J.W.S. McCullough.
Article: dated July 1874.
Article: dated June 1874.
Article: dated September 1864 -- Mr. William Miller.
26. Photo: Lower dam by Collins Inlet Lumber Company.
Photo: Jackman Store in Killarney, 1932.
27. Article: Births, children of Ferdinand Roque and Marguerite: Jean Baptiste, Virginia, Catherine, Genevieve, Marie Mageurite, Louis, Nicholas, Francis, Andrew, Ferinand, Joseph, Alfred, Marie, Genevieve Antione.
Article: Golden Wedding Aniversary, 1899 of Ferdinald and Marguerite Roque, Mayor Jackman, Father Caron, Sister Ignatius, Virginian Roque, Pierre Regis de la Morandier, Miss Josette de la Morandier, Miss M. Soloman, Mr. P.R. de la Morandiere, Mr. Jackman.
Article: dated May 1902 -- Dr. Burholder, Joe Walsh.
Article: dated 1957-58.
28. Article: Tourism -- Ivor Wagner.
Article: September 1881 -- Mr. Alex Green.
Article: June 1882 -- Mr. Unwin.
Article: February 1871.
29. Article: Dominion Day Celebration, 1922 -- N. Trotter, J. Flemeau, J. George, E. Rogers, B. Petch, Miss I. Trotter, Miss E. Trotter, E. Roque, Fredie Prouix, Mr. Gibbs, Mr. McKenzie, Mr. Jackman, Mr. Bonus, Peter de la Morandier, Mathilda Thebo, S.T. Thebo, Rev. E. J Lajeunesse, Soloman Thibault, Mary Mathilda Parent, Joseph Parent and Marie Jenne Berthiaume, Mary Affleck, Tom Jackman, T.H. Jackman, William J. Pitfield, Bruce Pitfield.
30. Photo: John Moran and Sammy de la Morandiere.
31. Photo: Killarney School, 1946.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Article: Tom Collins Passes, 1901 -- Tom Collins.
Article: dated September 1885 -- Tom Nasles.
Article: dated July 1874.
Letter: from Prime Minister L.B. Pearson to Mr. Lowe, dated 1963.
61st Edition : November 1988
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of the Queen Mother inspecting troops.
2. Indexes.
3. Tribute to our history.
4. Poem: Where the Trouble lies, by John Caswell.
Article: Fatal Accident On McGregor Bay, 1953 -- Lionel St. Jean, Edward Pandke, Ernest Roque.
5. Poem: "To You from Falling Hands".
Article: Local Boy in Battle of Dieppe, 1942 -- Pt. Wm. McColeman.
Poem: The Sea Kings, 1919.
6. Poem: "We Remember" by Limber Gunner.
Poem: Poppy Day, by Mrs. N. Ingram.
7. Photo: Sgt. Observer James McLean Johnson.
Article: Memorial Plaque Unveiled -- Rev. W.J. Rayner, Harold L. Winter, Marvin Woods.
Hymn: "O Valiant Hearts".
Article: Monument, 1930 -- Rev. H.B. Bamford, Rev. W. Munroe, Mrs. Melvin Bock, Mrs. J.W. Foster, Mrs. Wm. McKenzie, Rev. P. Lehman, Mr. and Mrs. Lehman, Rev. R. Pike, Mr. and Mrs. Pike.
8. Poem: Remembrance Day, by Dodd.
Article: Hold Memorial for Rifleman, 1944 -- Armand McMillan.
A Letter Home: by Pte. G. Alexander.
Poem: They Sleep.
9. Photo and Poem: In Flander's Field, by John McCrae.
10. Photo: of memorial archives at Royal Military College, Kington.
Poem: Remembrance Day -- November 11th by Lindley H. Bennett.
11. List of Manitoulin District Boys in the 2nd World War (may not be a complete list of all those serving)
THOSE WHO DIED SERVING: Leslie Campbell, John Eadie, James McLean Johnson, Leonard Lehman, Russell McCracken, Robert Smeltzer, Russell Stringer.
THOSE ENLISTED IN THE ARMY: S.B. Abatossway, Frank Adkins, James Aelicks, Gabriel Aibens, Gilbert Alexander, W.J. Anglin, Bill Armstrong, J.F. Assiniwe, Orville Aiken, Lawrence Armstrong, George Assiniwe, Dominic Ativine, Dominic Antawine, Charlie Addison, Angus Abel, Narcees Armstrong, Neosee Abel, Vincent Abel, Roy Bailey, C.J. Beaudin, O. Bebimikawa, Arnold Bell, Ralph Bickell, Clifford Boyd, Thos. Boyter, J.W. Bowes, D.R. Bowes, Geo. N.J. Bowes, J.A. Brown, Ivan Brown, Wm. Bryan, D.G Buchanan, Ted Baker, Roy Bryan, Jim Becks, Willis Buie, Roy Boyter, Herbert Bond, Howard Bond, Angus Bondy, Bert Bennett, Dorne Bryant, Melvin Bowerman, Clint Bowerman, John S. Bryant, Keith Beange, Dominic Belle, Howard Burch, Arnold Buck, James Bisson, Neil Bryant, D.V. Brown, O. Brocklebank, Neil Bryant, E.R. Bailey, A.A. Cada, A.F. Caldwell, Elwood Campbell, Harry Chisholm, Dick Clarke, Frank Clarke, H.C. Conley, George Campbell, Theo. Corbiere, Frank Cooper, Jim Conley, J.V. Callaghan, P. Collins, Ellis Caddel, Roy Campbell, Clifford Carter, Angus Cado, Clifford Charleton, Dominic Corbiere, Aubrey Chalmers, Lloyd Campbell, C.A. Cadieux, Cecil Cress, Wilred Cada, Clayton Corbiere, Philip Corbiere, Wm. Corbiere, E.W. David, J.M. Debassiege, John A. Eadie, Wm. R. Eadie, Ernest Eagle, Bobbie Edmonds, Robert Eshkibok, Frank Eshkibok, Alphonse Enosse, Lawrence Enowwe, James Fells, J.W. Ferguson, R. Ferguson, H.J. Fox, George Fox, Albert Ferguson, K.C. Flakner, William Fowler, Hubert Fowler, Matt Falls, Ivan Falls, Harold Felix, W.J. Finley.
12. List of Manitoulin District Boys in the 2nd World War -- ARMY continued -- Fred Fineday, W.H. Flood, I. Gabow, Alphonse Gaiashk, J.A. Ganaiveby, Lorne Greenman, Ivan Griffith, Gilbert Gilchrist, Wm. Gilchrist, Gordon Greenman, Harry Gardiner, K. Green, George Guy, R.J. Gibson, Kenneth Green, Wm. Gibson, A. Goodmurphy, Alian Hall, Harold Hall, R.R. Hall, Lewis Hartley, W.J. Hastie, W.R. Huffman, T.A. Haywood, Orace Hayden, Carl Hallet, R. Haight, Karl Hallet, George Hubbert, Harold Hubbert, J.S. Howard, A. Hilson, G. Hilson, R.I. Hembruff, Roy Hembruff, C. Henry, A. Hannah, G.E. Humphrey, Stanley Hopkins, Allan Hopkins, Ernest Hazzard, Jack Halcrow, Harold Ham, Ernest Hopkins, Raymond Hughson, Eric Hughson, Frank Haner, Everett Haner, A.B. Heis, Howard Harper, O.R. Irwin, Frank Jobokwam, G.S. Jenkins, Ivan Jones, Wilbert Jefkins, Les Jones, G.L. Kemp, Wilfred Kimewon, P. King, Raymond King, A. Kitchekeg, Peter King, Kenneth Kemp, Robert King, Robert King, Clive Kirk, Adolphus Lewis, W.A. Lewis, Arthur Langton, Lawrence Lane, N.F. Lockyer, H. Lockyer, Bob Leeson, Norris Lovelace, Elmer Lovelace, Charles Lochead, Matt Langtree, D.B. MacMillan, R.J. MacMurray, P.A. Mastin, Frank Major, G. Mandamin, Andrew Manitowabi, Vincent Manitowabi, Albert Manitowabi, H.E. Mandamin, J. Manitowabi, C.R. Marshall, Wm. McColeman, Neil McDonald, Beverley McGill, J.L McGaughey, I.E. McIntrye, Ernest McKay, Murdock McKay, L.F. McDonald, M. McLean, G. McLennan, D.A. McMillan, H. McPhee, Steve Mejaki, H.E. Mejaki, Dennis Middaugh, F. Mills, S.J. Mills, Isaac Modass, Mervin Montgomery, F.A.R. Morphet, Albert McArthur, Wm. Montgomery, Archie McLean, Freeman Marshall, Jack McCaig, Lyle McKay, Don McMillan, Jack McKay, L. McCulligh, W. Michie, Ernest McCulligh, Elmer McCullligh, Glen Myers, George McLennan, Hubert McGauley, John McGauley, Russell McDonald, R.G. McDonald, Hopkins Murray, Leslie Misner, Nelson McCracken, James R. Morrison, Carmon Middaugh, Grenville McCulligh, Stanley McDougall, Gladin McLennan, S.D. McEachrane, Jack McQuay, James McQuarrie, N, MacArthur, Harold MacMillan, Albert Migwans, Lawrence Migwans, Raye Migwans, John Migwans, Pat Migwanis Herb Migwanis, Jonas Modess, Doran McColeman, K.A. McLeod, Jack C. MacMillan, W.H. MacMillan, W.J. Nichols, Jas. Noble, John Nelson, Harry Nevills, John Neghswander, Alma Noble, Harry Nevills.
13. List of Manitoulin District Boys in the 2nd World War -- ARMY continued -- J. Orr, Stanley Odjig, Lloyd Orford, John Osawamik, Jos. Oshkiboose, John Osawabine, Leo Peltier, David Peltier, Jerry Pennie, A. Perrault, Thos. Pitwanakwat, Wm. Porter, Austin Priddle, Grand Priddle, J.A. Proulx, Lyman Pearson, Earl Pickard, R.I. Pyette, F. Pyette, E. Peltier, Wm. Pemberton, Stanley Pidgeon, John Pierreault, Morley Pidgeon, Oliver Pidgeon, Fred Penny, D. Penny, Ivan Paul, Lawrence Pateman, Robt. Prentice, James Purdy, Victor Pyette, C.E. Paisley, Wm. Recollet, D.S. Richards, L. Rivers, Nelson, Robinson, H. Rowe, F. Rowe, L. Rowe, Fred Rumsley, Leslie Rumsley, Justin Ray, Harry Roper, Fred Sagle, W. Shawandam, Jacob Shawande, Isaac Shawande, Albert Shigwadja, N. Shiwandjam, G.T. Simpson, L. Simon, Gabriel Simons Wm. Skippen, J. Smeltzer, M.J. Steel, A.C. Stephens, F.A. Strain, Fred Strain, Ross Strain, D.N. Sullivan, Claude Stevens, Allie Stevens, Stuart Sloss, Melvin Smith, Augbrey Smith, Percy Smith, J.L. Smith, J.J. Smith, Theodore Simons, Dan Sampson, F. Smith, C. Sheppard, Raymond Sagle, Harry Smyth, Walter Smyth, Steven Sampson, Melvin Smith, Jas. Sullivan, Grant Sloss, John Takwadjiwan, O. Taylor, Fred Tekema, Gus Tekema, Casimir Trudeau, I. Trudeau, J. Trudeau, Eric Trunbull, Henry Trudeau, Donald Tracy, Jos. Thibault, Dennis Taylor, Roy Trimmer, Wm. Vanevery, L. Vanhorn, H.E. VanMeer, L. Vanzant, Melvin VanHorn, Garfield VanHorn, Bayward VanHorne, H. Valliquett, Reed VanHorne, Stewart VanHorn, Wilmer Vanhorn, Harry Wabanoose, John Wakegijig, Clarence Wakegijig, W.W. Wagg, Tom Wagg, Wallace Wagg, Douglas Wagg, Charlie Whiteloon, Boniface Wassiegijig, Alden Williamson, Floyd Willamson, Max Williamson, Eli Wabagun, Lenard Woods, Grant Witty, Felix Wemigwans, Adolphus Wemigwans, Isadore Wemigwans, L.J. West, A. Willis, Max Williamson, Orland Wismer, L.C. Wood, R.J.H. White, G. Wemigwams, Chas. White, R.J.F. White, W.A. Wilkinson, W. Williton, Bert Wismer, W.R. Witty, Ken Wright, Wilfred Williams, Ivan Wood, Arlof White, Alden Williamson, L. Weissgerber, B. Wilkin, Art Wilkinson, Myles Young.
WOMEN'S DIV. ARMY -- Geraldine Arnold, Naomi Ainslie, Jery Arnold, Essie Armstrong, Evelyn Campbell, Beatrice King, Mrs. Lyman Sherman, Margaret McCaig, Dorothy M. Marshall, Jean Norguay, Reta Tekema.
14. List of Manitoulin District Boys in the 2nd World War -- AIR FORCE -- Norton Ainslie, Kenneth Anstice, L.D. Ainslie, Emerson Bainborough, Willard Bainborough, Robt. Beange, Thos. B. Britten, Oscar Burns, Roderick Burns, Lorne Boose, Albion Buck, W.E. Baker, T.L. Cunning, Tom Clarke, Leon Elford, A.I. Eadie, Thomas Farquhar Jr., Omey Ferguson, G.I. Fraser, Wm. Ferguson, Donald Geiger, Harold Griffith, Lloyd Griffith, George Gilpin, Fred Green, Harvey Haner, M. Hembruff, Carman Hubbert, G.B. Johnston, Harold Johnson, Homer Johnston, James Kinney, Fred King, E.F. Leeson, W.W. Legge, Neil McArthur, Ernest McColeman, L. McDougall, Sandy McKenzie, Jim McRae, Lottie McArthur (WD), Douglas Marshall, Melvin McKenzie, D. McKenzie, Ronald McQuarrie, A. May, Stanley McGill, Douglas Marshall, James Moore, M.I. Morton (WD), Burton McColeman, Kenneth Noble, Raymond Orford, Norma Orford (WD), Ernest Orford, R.K. Patterson, Fraser Porter, V. Punch, Grant Purdy, Chester Robinson, Clifford Robinson, B. Riddell, Harold Rumley, Mike Smith, R.G. Thorburn, Alex Thorburn, W.H. Tracy, Jim Thompson, Murray Thompson, Edie Vanhorn (WD), C. Valiquette, Royve VanZants, Harold Winter, Clair Wilson, Douglas Weeks, Ivan Williamson, W.O. Young.
NAVY -- Roy Baxter, George Beange, Clarence Blackburn, Bill Blackburn, Don Boyd, Del Boyd, John Bryan, Bill Clarke, John Currey, Audrey Coultis, Glen Cond, Harvey Elliot, Howard Elliot, Ed Gillette, Roy Lovelace, Edward McCraken, Ronnie McDougall, Stanley McDougall, Gladden McLennan, G. McKenzie, J.D. McArthur, Maurice Penny, Jim Purvis, Dr. R.M. Simpson, Scott Sanders, F. Solomon, Allan Tustian, John Tilson, Frank Wagg, Fred Wood, Marvin Woods, Dalton Wright, Harold Wright, Wm. Wright, Chester Williamson, Lestr Willliamson, R. Young.
CANADIAN MERCHANT MARINE -- Clarence Edmonds, Clarence McKinley, Lloyd Merrylees, Hughie Noland, Geo. Thornton, C. Vanzant.
R.C.A.M.C. NURSES -- Edna Millman and Elsie Wilson.
15. Article: The Best and Bravest.
Article: Silver Water Mourns Another Death in Action -- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fowler, Sergeant Lloyd John Fowler, William Fowler, Hubert Fowler.
Article: Spring Bay Boy Loses Life Overseas, 1944 -- Pte. Gilbert Alexander's mother Mrs. Robert Alexander. Siblings: John, Joe, Rex, Mrs. Bayward Buie, Mrs. Russell Keatley, Mrs. Lance Houston, Mrs. Robert Pickard, Mr. Wilson Sterling, Rev. C.A. Berry.
Poem: Autumn and Heaven Are One.
16. Article: Patriotic Concert, 1900 -- Chas. Counad, Mrs. McArthur, Mrs. Sanderson, Miss M. McArthur, E.L. Brazenor, Mrs. J. Riddell, Mrs. McKessock, Miss I. Jackson, W. Jackson, D.A. Bickell, Sheriff Ed. H. Jackson, Miss E. Johnson, Judge McCallum, James Kerr, S.P. Jacson, Miss Laird, Msdames Sanderson and Riddell, W.R. Abrey, Miss Thomas, Ida Jackson and Aunt Mattie White.
17. Article: Just Eight Months in Army Man Killed, 1944 -- Rifleman Armand R. MacMillan, Mrs. Wildra J. MacMillan, Mr. and Mrs. Alan MacMillan, Arnold MacMillan, Alan MacMillan, Jack MacMillan, David MacMillen.
Article: Meldrum Bay Boy Wounded in Holland, 1944 -- Pte. Reid Vanhorn, Mrs. and Mrs. Wm. Vanhorn, Lyle Vanhorn.
Article: Dies of Wounds Overseas, 1944 -- Pte. Norman McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McDonald.
Article: Island Boy Wounded in Italy, 1944 -- Sgt. W.R. Wiber, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. Wiber.
18. Photos: of First Officer C.B. Hall and First Officer Willard S. Hall.
Article: One Brother Killed, Other Returns Home, 1945 -- Dr. and Mrs. Morton Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hall, Capt. M.E. Hall, Maj. R.M., Hall.
19. Photo: Flt. Lt. R.K. Patterson, F.O. Ed Cable, F.O. Jim Kinney.
Article: Remembrance Day Service, 1948.
20. Article: Silver Water Boy Killed in Action, 1944 -- Pte. William Russel McCracken, Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCracken, Eva (Mrs. Charles Addison) Ted McCracken, Nelson McCracken. Followed by a letter from S.B. East, Padre.
Article: Gordon Twp. Boy Loses Life Overseas, 1944 -- Signalman Richard Jaffray, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Clarke, Mr. C A.K. Cockburn, Miss Eileen.
21. Article: Don't Send Individual Boxes to War Prisoners.
Article: Flier Reported Killed, After First Missing, 1944 -- Flt. Sgt. Frederick George Green, Mr. and Mrs. John Green. Also mentioned are his wife and daughter Carol Green.
Article: Gore Bay Boy on Torpedoed Boat, 1942 -- Lloyd Merryless.
22. Article: Celebrate Coming Of Peace at Gore Bay, 1945.
Article: Memorial Service Held for Pte. Keith Beange, 1945 -- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beange, Rev. W.J. Rayner.
Article: Memorium -- Floyd Williamson, forever remembered by sister, Dot.
Article: Impressive Memorial Service Held, 1945 -- Pte. Douglas Rudolph Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Wright, Mr. S.J. Taylor, Rev. A.J. Brice, Jack Brydges, Blake Smith.
23. Article: Fear Former Manitoulin Girl May Be Prisoner of Japs, 1942 -- Mrs. Ethel Rogers Mulvany, Capt. D.P. Mulvany, Harvey Rogers.
Article: Injuries In Holland, 1945 -- Douglas Maxwell Wigg, Mrs. Nellie (Hunter) Wagg, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Wagg, Mrs. (Madeline) D.E. Becks, Mrs. (Marion) Dufferin Drown, Miss Gladys Wagg.
24. Victory is ours, over Germany.
25. Article: Joyous Crowds Welcome Peace When News Breaks -- Rev. W.J. Rayner, Judge A.B. Currey, Mr. O.D. Cadotte, Rev. Father Barker, Constable R.M. Sloss.
Article: Gordon Township Soldier Honoured, 1945 -- Mr. and Mrs. Ted Strain, Pte Jim Noble, Mr. C. Cockburn, Leslie Peterson.
26. Article: Traffic Bridge Opened on Wednesday, 1945.
Photo: of the early bridge at Little Current, 1945.
Article: Rock Blast in Silca Quarry Kills Workman, 1942 -- James Thompson, Mr. Charles Abotossaway.
27. Photo: Cadets of Temperance, submitted by Jack Hester.
28. Advertisement: Hayes Manufacturing Co. of Vancouver.
Article: Cockburn Island Loses Mail Service as Population Drops, 1961.
29. Photo: of people sitting on the dock at Providence Bay c. 1923, submitted by Albert Buck. Known persons in the photo: Richard Buck, Grace McIntyre, Albert Buck, Elizabeth Monkhouse, millie Cranston, Peal Buck and Annie McArthur.
Article: Three Burned in Explosion, 1944 -- Louis Leeson, Lee Kay, Alex Nahwegezchic.
Article: Tobermory, 1970.
30. Photo: The community of Duck Island.
31. Article: Great Duck Island, 1878 -- William Purvis.
Married: 1891 -- A.J. Flavin and Mr. O.T. Cole.
Article: Tobermory Women Dies in Blazing Hostel's Kitchen, 1936 -- Mrs. B. Vail, Mr. and Mrs. George Dustan, Miss Bain.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
Article: Manitoulin Island, 1922 -- Letter by Mr. W.S. Chisholm.
Article: Conservatives First For Algoma As Usual, 1885 -- Mr. Broder, Mr. Pardee.
62nd Edition : December 1988
PageArticle or Item
Christmas Wishes.
2. Indexes.
3. Poem: My First Christmas In Heaven, by M.C.G.
Article: Passenger of Steamer Jones Found, 1954 -- Edward Addison, Bert Kemp, Capt. R.L. Graham.
4. Front cover of a Souvenir Booklet made for S.S. No. 1 Assiginack School, Hilly Grove, 1918 -- teacher: Alice V. Turnbull. Submitted by Owen Maguire.
5. Inside page of a Souvenir Booklet made for S.S. No. 1 Assiginack School -- pupils: Hilda Sim, Oswald Maguire, Albert Hindle, Margaret Haner, Alice Hindle, Earl Sim, Willie Maguire, Leslie Lineham, Mary Hindle, Reta Haner, Katie McDougall, Violet McDougall, John Hindle, Norman Sims, Robert Hindle, Grant Sim.
6. Inside page of a Souvenir Booklet made for S.S. No. 1 Assiginack School -- J.T. Rutledge, J. Maguire, W. Haner, D. Sim.
Letter to the Editor: Persons missed in the November 1988 edition's WWII service personnel -- Reta Bailey (Army), Marjorie Wiber (Nurse), Wm. Wiber, Cliff Boyd Sr. (Navy), Alan Graham (Army), Lyle Graham (Navy), Mac Wiber (Air Force), Jim McKenzie (Air Force). Submitted by Helen Croswell.
7. Front of postcard bearing Christmas Wishes.
Back of above post card addressed to Mr. Geo. Hodgson, signed by D. Cameron. Postage 1 cent.
8. Article: The Honora School in 1895 -- Cecil McVey, Archie Kennedy, H.R. Herriman, Jno. Collins, Alonzo Chisholm, Wm. Graham, Archie Kennedy, Chas. Peck, Thos. Marshall, Jno. Kennedy, Finlay Ferguson, Angus Kennedy, Mr. H. Cannard, Thos. Rowe, Thos. Summerville, H. Herriman, William J. Pheonix, Chas. Anderson, Geo. Armstrong.
9. Article: The Honora School in 1895 continued– J. Collins, A. Chisholm, Mrs. M. McGrath, George Armstrong, Don Chisholm, L.W. Ferguson, H.R. Herriman, W.L. Herriman, W.J. Phenox, Mr. Chas. Stewart, James Graham, Thom. Rowe, Thom. Summerville, Charles Peck.
10. Article: The Honora School in 1895 continued– J. Collins, A. Chisholm, Mrs. M. McGrath, George Armstrong, Don Chisholm, L.W. Ferguson, H.R. Herriman, W.L. Herriman, W.J. Phenox, Mr. Chas. Stewart, James Graham, Thom. Rowe, Thom. Summerville, Charles Peck, Henry Rogers, John Moore, Wm. Trumble, David Hay, T.H. Armstrong, Andrew Russell, Mrs. W. O'Brien, Mrs. Jessie O'Brien, Charles Clarke, John Hore, Miss Mephan, Miss Florence Hay, J.L Moore, Miss McNevin, Miss Ida Summerville, John Orr, Archie Ferguson, G. Hawke, D. McKenzie, H. Rogers.
11. Article: The Honora School in 1895 continued -- Miss Marshall, Mr. J.A. Sharp, Wm. Moore, Mr. J.A. Sharp, Archie Ferguson, H. Rogers, George McVey, Miss Garley, Miss Campbell, Jessie Patterson, Mr. Weston, W.L. Herrimen, William J. Phoenix Chas. Stewart, George Armstrong, Don Chisholm, L.W. Ferguson, E.S. Brown, John Kennedy, R. English, C. Anderson, W.A.M. Bellwood, William Graham, Mrs. M. McGrath, T.G. Steinberger, J. Hawke, Henry Rogers, Gideon Hawke, E.N. Mayor.
12. Article: The Honora School in 1895 continued -- John Cormier, John R. Graham, Miss McNevin, W. Cannard, Jesse O'Brien, Wm. Ashley, D. Hay, Florence Hay, John Colins, John R. Graham, G. Hawke.
Poem: of Island Visitor Recalls Lake Manitou, written by Thayer McIntyre.
13. Article: Yesteryears of Campbell Township -- Gordon McAllister, Mrs. Margaret Lougheed, J.D. McColeman, Sydney Sloss, Dorothy Sloss, Al Brandow, Doug Patterson, W.A. McColeman, Wendell Buie, W.J. Wright, Andrew Dryden, Dr. Baker, Dr. Davis.
14. Article: Yesteryears of Campbell Township -- Mrs. Margaret Lougheed, Mrs. John McMillan, Neil McAllister, John McCormick, Neil McColeman, Parkin brothers, William Buie, Lauchie Galbraith, John Sloss, Bill Montgomery, Alexander Campbell, Dave Kerr.
Photo: John and Bella McMillan.
15. Article: Yesteryears of Campbell Township -- Mr. Montgomery. Families in the township: McCormick, Gilpin, Bryan, Lanktree, Breathat, McColeman, Cranston, Buie, Montgomery, McMillan, Lougheed, McAllister, Belton, Marshall, Lewis, Grimes, Omnet, Patterson, Legge, Wilson, Hubbard, Long, Hiltz and Buck. Others mentioned: John and Bella McMillan, Mr. Walter Wright, Thomas and Margaret Lougheed. Some teachers: Billie Gilpin, Humphrey May, Alice (Turnbull) Paisley, Cameron Bell, Clifford Abbott, Lily Toop, Harry Coventry, Ethel (Gilroy) McMillan, Jessie Hubbard, Miss Baker, Ruby (McColeman) Woodruff, Mrs. McLennon and Maria McDermid.
Photo: Early 1900's at Mindemoya River -- Albert Buck, Richard Buck, Bill Smith and Martin Buck.
16. Photo: Grimesthorpe School students 1916, submitted by Anges White -- Verden Buie, Austin Hartley, Vernon McColeman, Hilton Cranston, Mame Morrow, Bessie Jaffray (Mrs. Colin MacDermid), Pearl Lougheed (Mrs. Norman Marshall), Freda Ellis, Etta Lougheed, Myrtle Gilchrist, (Mrs. Donald McKechnie), Willie Reid, Jim Cranston, henry Cranston, Jack Alexander, Johnny Gilchrist, Clifford Galbraith, George Ellis, Olive Wilson (Mrs. Andy King), Rowena Cranston (Mrs. Wes McColeman), Lila Lewis (Mrs. Lwellyn Honess), Margaret Alexander, Matilda Reid (Mrs. Alf Cranston), Peter Gilchrist, Burton McColeman, Tory McColeman, Austin Lewis, Richard Reid, Willis Buie, Bobby Alexander, Basil McColeman, Emerson Lewis, Lloyd Reid, Colin Omnet, Earl McColeman, Joe Alexander, Jessie Alexander, Lizzie Sidey, Doris McMillan and Mrs. Wm. McColeman.
17. Article: Reduce Butter Ration to Four Ounces, 1946.
Article: Sixth Ration Book Will Be Issued in Early Fall, 1946.
18. Article: Some history of the Manitowaning Agriculture Society, 1925.
Copy of a Bank Securities draft for The Manitowaning Agricultural Society, dated January 21, 1952.
19. Copy of Conditional Receipt from the Manitowaning Agricultural Society, dated December 28, 1920 – William A. Hare.
20. Article: Some history of the Manitowaning Agriculture Society continued -- Hugh Wright McLaughlin, W.B. McLaughlin.
21. Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alexander Sr. about 1900, submitted by Mrs. Agnes (Alexander) White.
Photo: Alexander family taken before 1900 -- Robert Jr., Robert Sr., John, Buffy, Sadie, Mrs. Robt. Sr., Mrs. Robt. Jr.
22. Photo: of Martha Willetin, Jessie Alexander and Robert Alexander, taken by Wm. Dunlop.
Photo: of Mrs. Wm. Alexander taken about 1900.
23. Article: The Ocean House and Other Accommodations in Gore Bay -- W.I. Smith, H.B. Hunt, H. Currie, R.J. Porter.
Advertisement: for the Pacific Hotel, Gore Bay. John Connor, proprietor.
24. Advertisement: for the Queen's Hotel, Gore Bay. A.C. Bryan, proprietor.
Photo: of the Queen's Hotel, Gore Bay.
25. Photo: of the Ocean House, Gore Bay.
Photo: of Mr. R.J. Porter, proprietor of the Ocean House.
Article: The Ocean House and Other Accommodations in Gore Bay continued.
26. Article: The Ocean House and Other Accommodations in Gore Bay continued -- Tom and Annie Porter, Hector McLean, Art "Crusty" Bryan, R.E. Cummings.
Advertisement: for the Queen's Hotel, Gore Bay signed H.L. McLean, Prop.
27. Photo: 1946, new ferry for Tobermory, Norisle.
28. Photo: Robert Herbert, late 1930's.
Robert Herbert and Mrs. Pearl (Tyson) Herbert operated the Mr. Perch Restaurant on the Killarney waterfront.
29. Article: Local News of 1905 -- F.H. Bell, John A. Shields, Neil McDougall, W.J. Brooks, A.J. Cooper, R.R. McKessock, Mr. and Mrs. Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jackson, Mrs. John A. Bateman, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Cathcart, Mr. H.P. May, W.H. Gordon, Mrs. T.H. Bell.
Article: Little Current, 1922 -- Mr. Robt. Howe, Rev. H. Cocks, C. Cook, L. Sims, W. Obbottosway, Rev. Greenslade.
30. Article: Pack of Wolves Chases Boy, 17 -- Robert Eagles, Lorne Eagles, Elmer Hutchinson.
Notice: subscription is due in January.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
31. Article: Brittainville, 1930 -- Mr. Percy Lewis, Mr. Asa Lewis, John Glasby, Sidney Sloss, Roy Marshall, Mr. Wm. and Miss Lena Marshall, Wm. Hubbert, Clifford Bowser, John McCormick, Jim McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gilpin, Mr. and Mrs. L. Honess, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Marshall, Wm. Marshalll, Mrs. Clifford Bowser, Mr. Sam Paisley, Mrs. Alex McColeman, Mrs. Geo. Campbell, Mrs. Neil McColeman, Mrs. Joe McColeman Sr., Maynard Campbell, Dave Campbell, George Campbell, George Scott, Mrs. A.G. McColeman.
Article: Grimesthorpe, 1930 -- Rev. Bamford, Peter Gilchrist, Duncan McKechnie, Mrs. Jas. Lougheed and Etta, Mrs. Sarah Gilchrist, Mrs. Alf Cranston, Mr. Lloyd Reid, Mr. and Mrs. Neil McAllister, Earl Lewis.
Message from Thessalon Riter, 1880, from Hugh Armstrong.
Article: Penetanguishene, 1946 -- Capt. Joseph Oulette, Mrs. Leo Quesnelle, Julia Payette.
Photo: 1925 of Bridal Veil Falls on the Kagawong River.
63rd Edition : January 1989
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of the Mail sleigh, which was pulled by horses.
2 Indexes.
3 Letter to the Editor: by Betty Allen -- John George Kingsborough, Mary Agnes Baxter, Richard Allen, Wesley George Allen, Eleanor Baxter, Ruth Baxter.
Article: Toasting the New Year.
Article: Men of the Second War provided by John Orr -- Humphrey Beaudin, Clive A. Ballantyne, Jack Ferguson, Fulton Griffith, Jack Hastie, Irving Hall, W. Mills, J. Ozzie Martel, Colin Skippen, Aldrich Hembruff, Eric Larson, Albert William, Robert William, Doris William, Lollie Trotter, Ruth Baxter, Mary Georgina Baxter, Dorothy Turner, Jack Cunning, Mike Sloss, Byron Turner, Victor Weight.
4 Calendars of Past Years 1955 given out by P.S. Lane General Merchant, Silver Water, submitted by Charlie McDonald.
5 Calendar compliments of W.J. MacDonald & Sons 1936, Meldrum Bay.
6 Another calendar by P.S. Lane.
Letter to the Editor: by Loretta Lowe.
7 Photo: of the mail sleigh and passengers carried. Submitted by Margaret McLennan.
Article: The Royal Mail -- John Morrow, Jim Haner, John Robbins, John Shields, Andrew Mitchell, Reuben Hembruff.
8 Article: The Royal Mail, continued.
Obituary: of Mr. Luke Almond, wife Mary Sharpe; Rev. Mr. Pelletier, Mrs. Young, Mrs. G. Strain.
9 Article: Who Lived Here in the 1800's -- Rev. Jabez Walter Sims.
Article: Indian Families from 1864 to 1868 -- George & Catharine Ahbedosswey, Kitty Ahbedosswey, Robert & Annie Ahdick, Ahdikeque, Ahunaubeens, Peter & family Ahwunahgwud, Amahb, James Barr, Robert & John Black, James Columbus, Peter & Sophy Daniel, Henry Eshkemah, Herkinen, Charles Kahgahgewey, Kahgeyayahbum, Kazezheyamgay, Charles Kechegoonbunas, Keezzhgahkoo, Keezhegoog, Kenosshemy, Edahwe Kezis, Shahguhwik Kezis.
10 Article: Indian Families from 1864 to 1868 continued -- (widow) Kezis, Kookooogwisun, Manitowaussen, Manitwahssen, Mashkoonun, William McGraw, Peter Metahbe, Minegroud, John (the Constable) Mitchell, High Chief Mizhekongi, Mukkoosedaus, Bob & Jun Mukkuhdabin, John & Robert Mukkudabin, John Nahgahbowh, Nahwaiewunabe, John (a tinsmith) Nashwakezhik, Nanewashkung, Nebush, Nowhedagezhik, Ohbwinwawajewunookwa, Charles & Angelique Oogemah, Ooningwun, Ooshkewahbik, Oozahwahbikoogwun, Pabahmesay, Pabaumsey, Pahyeens, Pazhuhmehneeb, Peeyahbewaush, Daniel Penasewekizhik, Pezhekeequa, C. Qwewis, James Sacquabunesse, James Salter, Joseph Salter, Shahbuhtees, Shewatabgaw, Sigenauk, Takemah, Charles Wahbagakake, Wahsashkung, Wandahbeens, Paul Washakezhik, Wesahkoodawenen.
11 Article: Off Reserve Residents from 1838 to 1871 -- Charles Abbey, George G. Abrey, J. Anderson, T.G. Anderson, Wm. Ao, J. Atkinson, F. Atkinson, J. Anbuson, W.R. Barlett, Ben Bayley, Bell, Moses Bennet, Boday, Diram Brando, Brodie, Rev. Brough, Geo. Burkitt, John Burkitt, J. Burnett, James Burnett, John Burnett, L. Chartham, Dr. P. Darline, S. Philip Day, Wm. Demprey, Dooley, Dodds, John Douglas, John Dunlop, Chas. Dupont, Rev. A. Elliott, Rev. J. Evans, Ferguson.
12 Article: Off Reserve Residents from 1838 to 1871 continued -- D.J. Franklin, Hugh Fraser, H.C. Fraser, John Garbet, Wm. Gilbard, M. Gooder, Wm. Griffiths, Willard Hall, Wm. Hawkins, Rowland Hill, John Holden, A. Hughson, Geo. Ironside, A. Jacobs, Rev. P. Jacobs, A. Johnson, Robt. Johnson, H. Johnston, E. Johnston, Samuel Jones, J.S. Keating, B. Lane, Reg Le Ronger, Dr. D. Layton, David Lewis, C. Lindsey, Bryan MacKay, Darel Malland, H.P.A. May, James May, Mary May, Philip May, J. McClary, R. MacDonald, W. McDougall, D. McKenzie, R. McKenzie, Wm. McKenzie, A. McLay, S. McLean, David Miller Sr., David Miller, David Miller, John Miller, G.C. Morrison, J. Muncaster, John Nelder, Nicholson, William Older, John Oliver, Richard Oliver, Rev. F. O'Meara, Chas. Patten, Phipps, Wm. Plummer, James Rawson, T.B.L. Reed.
13 Article: Off Reserve Residents from 1838 to 1871 continued -- David Richards, Wm. Richards, A. Rivet, William Rowe, Dr. T. Simpson, Rev. J.W. Sims, Mary Ann Sims, John Skippen, Wm. Skippen, D. Smiley, John Smith, Wm. Spragge, Jos. Stinson, Wm. Stinson, Jos. Stringer, Wm. Sullivan, Taylor, A. White.
Photo: of a motorist with a jack to change a flat tire.
14 Article: A Bit of Lighthouse History -- Philemon Proulx, Pierre Regis de la Morandiere.
15 Article: Twelve Perish at Providence Bay -- R. Hill, Robert McNabb, George Patton, Has. McCauley, Ben Millward, John Hendry, Tom Levey, Tom O'Hara, Duncan Cair, Peter McDougall, Lydia Williams, Julia Gibson, Jim Parsons, McAuley.
Died: Bridget Jane Porter, wife of Norman MacAulay.
16 Photo: a large group of people involved in a barn raising, submitted by Agnes (Alexander) White.
17 Article: Social & Personal.
Died: Heather Margaret Noble, 6-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Noble.
18 Photo: Doris Margaret McMillan & William. Alexander McCOLEMAN wedding. In the photo are: Doris McMillan, Wm. A. McColeman, Sadie McColeman, Jack Lougheed, Jane Lanktree, Jane Buie, Wm. BUIE, Erma McMillan.
19 Photo: Bill and Doris McColeman, 1930.
Photo: McMillan family, Christmas 1940 -- Tom & Harold McMillan, Doris McColeman, Erma McAllister, Tenie Johnston, John & Arabella McMillan.
20 Photo: Bill McColeman, Tenie Johnston, Jack Lougheed, John Cranston, Doris McColeman, Erma & Pete McAllister, Harold & Tim McMillan, John & Arabelle McMillan, Laura & Willis McColeman, Naomi Johnston.
Obituary: Neil Bell McColeman 1909, wife Sarah McEachern.
21 Photo: John & Arabella McMillan; John Bock, Sadie J. McColeman & R.H. Tarswell wedding.
22 Marriage certificate: of John McMillan & Arabella Lougheed; Earl D. McColeman death.
23 Names listed in the McColeman family bible as follows
Obituary: Sarah Jane (McEachern) McColeman, wife of Neil B. McColeman, Mrs. Duncan Reid, Mrs. R.H. Tarswell, Philip P. McColeman, Allan N. Bell Jr., John D. McColeman, William A. McColeman, Norman B. McColeman, Mrs. Wm. Buie, Neil D. McEachern, Allan McEachern, Mrs. (Christena) H. Cranston, Archie G. McColeman, Mr. Turner.
24 Article: September 1954, Monster Muskie.
Obituary: 1952, James Patrick CUSHING, wife Adele Edwards -- Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cushing, Mrs. Carl Heinl, Mrs. Edward Arthurs, Mrs. Thomas Jackman.
Copy of Sheriff's Sale, submitted by Myrtle McDermid -- W.J. Cole, J. Haddow Fell.
25 Article: History of Ice Lake Post Office: Robert Brett, Malcom McArthur, Charlotte McArthur Noland, Walter J. Wright, William Burch, Alex Burch, George Burch, Robert Nelson, Mrs. William Wright.
26 Article: History of Ice Lake Post Office continued.
Poem: To a Young Mother by Howard S. Ernest.
Poem: Happy Birthday to Adolf Hitler.
27 Photo: Ward's store
Article: Barrie Island, 1912 -- Alice Scott, Russel Gamble, Fred Cole, Ben Greenman, Charlie and Joseph Montgomery, T. Rumley, J. McLean, Wm. Blackburn, J. Jennings, Fred McTaggart, Frank Reynard.
28, 29 Article: Will English Become the Universal Language? Written in 1900 -- submitted by Helen Johnson.
30 Photo: of Kagawong Anglican Church -- Henry.
Article: the first Church in Kagawong: J.H. McLeod, Harriet Snow, Roxborough Smith, Walter W. Jarvis, Alfred J. Bull, Alfred P. Banks, Arthur J. Bruce, Gilbert Thompson, Samuel Eric Richards, Michael P. Thomas, J. Bain Peever, M.H. Dunhill, M. Bradford, David Page, J.G. McCausland, L. Shaw, T. Cunningham.
31 Subscription information for Through The Years.
32 Poem: by Robert McGilvray of Silver Water to the late Canon Fuller.
Article: Gore Bay, 1920 -- Harold Purvis, Clarence Walker, Wm. Merrylees, Fred Cole, Mrs. Barter, Jas. Johnson, Mrs. Armstrong, Isaac Johnson, Wm. Marshall, M.R. Jacobi.
64th Edition : February 1989
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of Tucker's Store which was built by Hughie McLaughlin, owned by E.R. (Ted) Tucker, submitted by Margaret McLennan.
2 Indexes.
3 Article: In the News -- 1950. Charles Abbotossaway; Bob Lewis, J.A.Ward, Alex Ednie, S.W. Mcphee, R.A. Smith; Elma Maud Galloway, John Galloway, Eugene A. Papineau, T.C. Sims.
4 Photo: Jim & Ivan Williams, Father Belanger, Joe Bibannikawe, Antoine Gabow and Jeanie Shawana.
5-13 Article: Shopping Trip to Michael's Bay in the year 1874 -- Peter Murray, R.A. Lyon, Billy Abbott, Frank Martin, Cyrus Eaton, Mike Hagen, Jim McCutcheon, Bob Gilpin, Val Wilman, John, Malt and Lawn Chisholm, Dunc Mitchell, Hiram Tinkus, Bob Sims, Amisolah Chapman, Capt. Mclean, John McDonald, Pat McGraw, Mrs. McGinnis, Matt Orr, J.R. Thompson, Annie Dawson, Miss McFarline, Angus McNevin, George Williamson, Mrs. Cameron.
14 Article: A Bit of Hockey History -- Janice (LaPointe) Heise, Jack Johnson, Gertie Quinn, Rhodah Rheaume, Susie McLean, Mae Cote, Tillie Richards, Jennie LaPointe, Theresa LaPointe, Buff LaPointe, Dr. Alston, Bob Currie, B.H. Turner, Elmer Vincent, Tom Trimble, W.A. Sims, Bill Collins, Gib May, Tom Porter, Austin Richards, Joe Lapoint, Edith Anderson, Norman Trotter, Bedeau McGovern, Carl Richards, Pauline Sagima, Peggy Trimble, Doris Benard, Ethel Bateman, Norma and Kathleen Roque, Ella Collins, Helen Porter, Eleanor Hannah, Stella Richards, Jean Wedgerfield, Mina Corbett, Mary Ellen Anglin.
15 Article: A Bit of Hockey History continued.
Obituary: George Beck, wife Martha Wismer, Mrs. William Witty, Horace Pollwich, Clarence Beck, Eugene Beck, Mrs. G.A. Atchison, Reta Beck, Alex Beck, Tom Beck.
16, 17 Land Grant: Thomas McMorran.
18 Photo: John and Elizabeth Fogal, Nelson and Bill, Charlie Ward, Fanny Ward and baby Fanny Ward.
Article: Ben Greenman Anniversary, Mrs. Howard Dalgarno.
Emma Noble death.
19 Photo: Charlie Slagle, Mrs. William Slagle, Mrs. John Slagle, John Slagle, Violet Slagle, William Slagle, Frank Slagle, Bob Fogal, Del Fogal, Nelson Fogal, baby Gladys, Edith, baby Marie, Dorethy and Gertie, Elva.
20 Land receipt: James Henry Dryden.
21 Article: In and around the Manitoulin District -- Capt. William Fraser, T.C. Sims, Lowe, Roque, Capt. M.A. Lougheed, Thomas Bogie, J.L. Baxter.
22 Article: In and around the Manitoulin District continued -- Ruth Buie, Donna McDougal, Jack Stewart, Milton Buie, Mrs. Norman Smith, E.H. Stephenson, Tom Jackman, Edward Roque, Albert Sheppard, Watson and Kenneth Smeltzer, Ronnie Lewis, Mr. Murray, Mrs. Joe Roque, Mr. Patterson, Reginald Fogal, John Merrylees, Dr. Carruthers, G.V. Guyton, B.H. Turner.
23 Article: In and around the Manitoulin District continued.
Photo: Albert Buck, Bill Smith, Richard Buck, Pearl Buck, Hazel LaBrick.
24 Obituary: John Coutts, Mr. George Coutts, Mrs. John Jennings, Jule Coutts, Misses Eva and Bella of Stayner, Richard Coutts, Mrs. Harry Witty.
Death Notice: George Albert Cole, wife Catherine Witty.
25 Photo: of a Toronto Street Car.
Advertisement: for J.C. Irvings & Co. Store, Manitowaning.
26 Article: A Look at Some Manitoulin Post Offices: John Burkitt, George Burkitt, G.B. Abrey, Isaac Turner, Byron H. Turner, John Young, C. Cook, Robert M. Boyter, Arthur Eagles Wilkinson, Humphrey C. Beaudin, David Lewis, L. McGrath. W. Trotter, W.L. Trotter, Byron A. Abbott, Freda Almina Abbott, Leila Dunlop, Emma Garbutt, George Ironside, C.T. Dupont, Thomas Simpson, Alex McGregor, T.P. Walter, John Henry Stinson, Geo. MacDonald, W.H. Price, J. Robinson, H. McLaughlin, John Cowan, Clara Helena Cowan, Percy Edward Russell, Ida Eliza Watson, William Alexander Morrow, Emma Morrow, Harold Reginald Ham, R. Ingram, Lorna E. Van Horne.
27 Article: The Old Canoe Route.
Poem: They Still Live by Thomas Lomax Hunter.
28 Obituary: Aged Resident Laid to Rest, 1945 -- Mary Eleanor (Smith) Thompson, husband Thomas H. Thompson – A.G. Smith, Daniel Smith, Mrs. Carleton, Charles Smith, James Donaldson, Wm. Hope, R. Bailey, Charles Thompson, Mrs. Matilda Carleton, Mrs. (Minnie) H.N. Morden, Robert Nelson, John C. Wright, William Wright, R.A Smith, Jas. Campbell, Earl Matheson, Jack E. Reavie, Mrs. W.J. Roulston, Minnie Thompson, Lillie Thompson, Mrs. Angus Matheson, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Hall, Mrs. Sarah Gilroy, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gilroy, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Badgerow, Mrs. Janet Casson, Mrs. Ted Cook, Mrs. Wm. Graham, Mr. and Mrs. John Ellis, Mrs. E. Willett, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Granger, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Brydges, Mrs. W.A. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Campbell, the Burt family, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mervyn, Mrs. and Mis McLaren, Mrs. Carleton, Mrs. R.E. Cumming, Mrs. W.J. Rayner, Mrs. Cumming.
29 Poem: The Bridegroom.
Article: Barrie Island -- Mrs. B. Greenman, George Lane, H. McLean, Mary Baker.
30 Article: Manitoulin Pioneer Passes at Mindemoya in his 89th year -- William Vincer, wife Mary Cushing, William H. Vincer, R.A. Vincer, J.C. Vincer, Mrs. (Minnie) Wm. Becks, Mrs. (Jennie) McDougall, Rev. Fr. Dwyer, Mr. J.T. Love, Thomas Smith, Geo. Hodgson, J.H. Burt, A.J. Wagg, Mrs. Ed. Arthurs, Mr. and Mrs. James Cushing.
Article: Body of Missing Man Located in Bay on Sunday, 1945 -- Newman McKague, Agnes Pheasant, George Thorburn.
31 Poem: Meditation . . . For the New Year, by Bertha Adams Bachus.
Subscription information for Through The Years.
32 Article: dated October 29, 1908 -- Fannie Cook, Capt. Robt. Jewell, R.N. Smith, Russell Morris, Florence Minniken, Miss Fraser, John McGAuley, Charlotte Hutchinson, Lottie Pemberton, Rose Wice, George Brooks, Dunk McEachern, James Luther, Wm. McTaggart, Ike Johnston, Molson C. Legge & May Harper marriage.
Article: Island Moved by Hurricane on Manitoulin, 1953 Hurricane Hazel -- Jim Robertson, Archibald's farm, William Wright.
65th Edition : March 1989
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of steamer Henry Pedwell and M.S. Alice, owned by John Tackaberry, and submitted by Albert Buck.
2 Indexes.
3-5 Article: A Visit to Manitoulin in 1895 -- Dudley Wetmore Smith, Geo. B. Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Van Zandt, Mrs. Nighswander, Mrs. Basenwaite, Miss Simmons.
6 Poem: Beautiful Manitou.
Article: Joseph Roque Dies at Killarney, 1954 –Joseph Roque, A.B. Currey.
7 Advertisements: The Manitoulin Roller Flour Mills, 1924; Algoma Eastern Railway; J.T. Hall Furniture Dealer & Harness Maker; W.P. Guy, Optometrist, Gore Bay; Soo Business College, 1924; Auto Accessory Bargains, 1924 at Thomson & Jaffray, Gore Bay.
8 Article: May 11, 1905 -- F.H. Bell, John A. Shields, Neil McDougal, W.J. Brooks, A.J. Cooper, R.R. McKessock, Mr. & Mrs. Morrison, Ed Jackson, John A. Bateman, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Cathcart, H.P. May, W.H. Gordon, T.H. Bell.
Article: May 22, 1930 -- Mr. & Mrs. Jno. Brown, Ethel Rogers, W.I. Wagg, Bill Gore, Dr. Davis, Rhiney Bayers, Dolly Eade Clark, Mrs. R. Rush, Margaret Rumley, Mrs. Wellington Springer, Stanley Burns, Mrs. Woolley.
Article: Office Entered, 1930 -- L.A. Buck.
9 Article: Stolen White Girl Becomes Wife of Indian Chief -- Bima-daska, Metta-wanash.
10 Article: Stolen White Girl Becomes Wife of Indian Chief continued.
Photo: Mindemoya Bridge, submitted by Mary Fogg.
11 Poem: The Island of Manitou.
12 Photo: Children in a swimming hole on Mindemoya River in 1920.
Photo: Building a home, 1924 -- Dan McArthur, Arthur Gordon, Charlie Lee, Albert Buck.
13 Article: Manitoulin Mail Service -- Capt. McCleland, James Purvis.
14 Article: Old Pioneer of Barrie Island Passes, 1933, George H. Noble, wife Mary Jane Mervyn, children; Victor Noble, Russell Noble, May (Mrs. Joseph Best) Noble, Johnston Noble, George Noble, Harry Noble, Lylia (Mrs. Allan Montgomery) Noble, Miss Emma Noble. Honoring his memory; Mrs. Jeffkins Sr., Sheriff Fell, C.C. Platt, George Strain Sr., Robert Lewis, Fred Smith, Fred Cole, Rev. J.J. Matthias, Mrs. Donaldson.
15 Article: The Day Manitoulin Was Famous for Turkeys -- Mr. & Mrs. Ray Van Horn.
16, 17 Article: The Story of the McIntosh Red -- John McIntosh, Allen McIntosh, and signed O.J. Stevenson.
Photo: of 4-H Club leaders and assistants: Mrs. Alex McDougall, Mrs. J.R. Foster, Mrs. Ross Love, Mrs. George Bayer, Mrs. Lyle Still, Mrs. Earl Nevills, Mrs. Basil Hare, Mrs. W.A. Rowe, Mrs. Ted Scott, Mrs. J.C. Vincer, Mrs. Dick Bell, Mrs. John Cosby.
18 Photo: A Class at the Ten Mile Point School, 1927 -- Margaret Smith, Jean Myers, Mary Stewart, Grace Myers, Ernest Smith, Laurine Sim, Pearl Smith, Violet Jaggard, Lou Finch, Raymond Hembruff, Iva Myers, Glen Myers, Norine Smith, Jackie Smith, Eldridge Myers, Harry Jaggard.
19 Article: Board of Trade Council Members Signed Petition for Manitoulin Railway -- R.H. Carney, A.J. Wagg.
20 Article: Passing of Mrs. T.B. GREENMAN (Delia Ann MORRIS), Mr. and Mrs. James Morris. Children: Robert, Ben, Earnest, Mrs. Chas. Lane, Mrs. Jos. Merrylees, Mrs. Chas. Connors, Mrs. Neil Montgomery, Bert, Mrs. Harold Letts. Honoring her memory; Rev. J.M. Walker, Arthur, Harold and Albert Lane, Tom Wesley, Gordon Greenman.
Advertisement: Thomas Trimble Merchant, Little Current.
21 Article: 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1906 -- A. Frost, William Purvis, Ed Purvis, S.P. Jackson.
22 Photo: Angus & Mary Trudeau, Angeline Osawebene Francis.
Article: Car Burns, 1930 -- Joe Fitzgerald.
23 Article: Two Sisters of Gordon Township -- Dianah Leonard, John Wright, Harriet Leonard, Joseph Hutchinson, Melissa Jane Hutchinson, Maria Charlotte Hutchinson, Edwin Beck, Joseph Hutchingson, Henry Hall, Elizabeth Leonard, Andrew Willett.
Article: Coldest Weather in Years, 1934.
24 Article: Unveiling of the War Memorial at Poplar, 1924 -- Grant Turner, Sheriff J. Haddow Fell, Miss Greenfield.
Death: Little Daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. William Finlay -- Maudie Finlay.
25 Article: Personal, 1924 -- Wm Arniel, Margaret Robinson, Geo. Pifer, Nellie Purvis, Herb Wright, W.A. Chisholm, Mae Bryan, M.E. Street, M. Platt, R. Shaw, G. Hawkins, Audrey Thorburn, Margaret Thorburn, H.B. Hunt, Lyman Hunt, R.L. Graham, Alma Graham, A.C. Bryan, Robert Connell, Edward Fields, Jean Fields, Thos. Rumley, B.F. Mutchmor, H.S. Hardaker, Janet Hardaker, Margaret Robertson, John R. Miller, Tom Knipe, Len Willett, J. McLarty, Lloyd McLarty, Millie Kemp, Wm. Cosby, Robt. Cosby, F.O. Gilbart, S. Clarke, Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert.
Advertisement: E.F. Priddle & Co., Silver Water.
26 Article: Manitoulin News, Sept. 1924 -- Mrs. Street, Fred W. Harvie, M.E. Rynard, Mr. Winger, Flossie Ouder Kirk, D. Wiber, Doris Purvis.
Article: Record Crops on Manitoulin, 1924.
Death: of Mrs. Angus McKay (Esabella Witty), Mr. and Mrs. John Witty, Rev. Mathias, Thomas, Burt, Ray, Louis, William and Russell Witty. Children of deceased; Annie, Ruby, Murdock, Danny, Ernie, Raymond and Reginald Witty.
Death: 1924 -- Emma June Hardaker, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Hardaker.
27 Photos: of the Hilly Grove School and students in Assiginack Township about 1917 -- Katie McDougall, Hilda Sim, Earl Sim, Albert Hindle, Norman Haner, Norman Sim, Billie Maguire, Violet McDougall, Retta Haner, Alice Hindle, Sam McLennan, Grant Sim, Mary Hindle, Jack Hindle, Bob Hindle.
28 Obituary: 1931 Thomas Baker Greenman, wife Delia Ann Morris. Children: Bert, Mrs. Harold Letts, Mrs. Neil Montgomery, Mrs, Chas. Conners, Robert, Ben, Elmber, Mrs. Chas. Lane and Mrs. Jos. Merryless.
Article: Found at Last, 1924 -- Harry Lamping, James Havereen.
Advertisement: L.A. Buck Merchant, Honora.
29 Article: Correspondence of 1879 -- John Moggy, John Reynolds, Andrew Mitchell, John Shields, Thomas A. Rowe, William Morphet, W.L. Trotter, Tom Jackson, Mr. Wagg, Mr. King, Will Hindle, J.R. Coutts, George Coutts.
Article: 40th Wedding Anniversary -- Mr. and Mrs. Ben Greenman, Mrs. Frank (Marjorie) Graham, Bobby and Marion, Mrs. Matt (Lena) Sloss, Mr. and Mrs. Lorne Greenman, Nelda Greenman.
30 Article: Grimsethorpe W.I. -- Mrs. Geo. Kirk, Mrs. Wm. Bock, Mrs. Jas. Haner, Mrs. Fred Wagg, Elva McDonald, Mrs. R. Cranston, Lizzie Anderson, Mrs. John Bock, Mrs. F. Haner.
Article: Billings W.I. -- Mrs. Geo. Foster, R.F. Wyman, Mrs. D. Campbell, Mrs. Greenfield, Mrs. M. Bailey, Mrs. D. Munro, Ethel Foster, Mrs. R. Tustian, Mrs. Wiber, Mrs. W. McKenzie, Mrs. Jno. Greenfield.
Death: of Mrs. Charles Lane (Elizabeth Greenman) 1942 -- Mrs. J.D. Wiseman, Harold Lane, Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Greenman, Mr. Alfred Turner, Mrs. Wes Greenman, Mrs. J.D. Wiseman (Annie), Mrs. Archie Rowe (Alice), Mrs. James Allan (Della), Arthur, Albert, Harold, Charles, Bobby (deceased 1914). Brothers are Robert and Ben Greenman and one sister Gert Greenman.
31 Photo: of the students and Schoolhouse at Providence Bay, submitted by Albert Buck -- George Griffith, George Gill, Omer Gordon (Beaudin), Carl Pipher, Clare Armstrong, Duff Brown, Grace McIntyre, Evelyn McIntyre, Beatrice Patterson, Pearl Buck, Elizabeth Monkhouse, Verna Allen, Myrtle Monkhouse, Charlie Pipher, Wally Wagg, Myrtle McFarlane, Lena Buck, Helen McIntyre, Marg Patterson, Elmere Gill, Joe Gill, Lilly Armstrong, Mary Wagg, Eva Ellis, Tena Oakes, Archie Allen, Doren Oakes, Harold Wagg, Emily Owen, Nelda Monkhouse, Marvin Graham, ? Campbell.
32 Advertisement: for a Modern Radio, 1930, available at Harry McTaggart's Gore Bay.
Article: High School Entrance Exams, 1916, submitted by Christena Kerr and Grace Rowe -- May Addison, Kenneth Buchanan, Adam Casson, Wm. Dinsmore, Violet Irwin, Gladys Jewell, Janet Kerr, Lenora Kennedy, Elva McIntosh, Maud McTaggart, Agatha Merrylees, Ruby McColman, Fraser Wright, W. Davis, E. Gilroy, L.C. McDonald, H. Pearson, T. Prestage, M. Proctor, M. Robertson, D. Wiber, G. Willett, L. Willett.
Article: November 1945 -- L. McKnight.

66th Edition : April 1989
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Mary (Beamish) Martin and Jim Martin, submitted by Willard Witty.
2 Indexes.
3 Letter to the Editor: W. Kirk Strain, Jack Riching, Anne Strain.
Article: A Visit to Manitoulin in 1895.
Article: I remember living on Manitoulin, by Thomas Robinson -- Heather Mynan, Richard COE, Verna (Coe) Robinson.
Poem: the Joy of Being an Editor.
4 Poem: Delinquent, submitted by Agnes Strain.
Poem: The Farm Long Ago.
5 Editor's Note: Error naming picture in March 1988 edition. Should have read Hilly Grove class. Thanks to Norman Sim and Harry Jaggard.
Photo: Ten Mile Point School class, 1927 – Margaret Smith, Jean Myers, Mary Stewart, Grace Myers, Ernest Smith, Laurine Sim, Pearl Smith, Violet Jaggard, Lou Finch, Raymond Hembruff, Iva Myers, Glen Myers, Norine Smith, Jackie Smith, Eldridge Myers, Harry Jaggard.
6 Photo: of students and Hilly Grove School in Assiginack Township about 1917 -- Katie McDougall, Hilda Sim, Earl Sim, Albert Hindle, Norman Haner, Norman Sims, Billie Maguire, Violet McDougall, Retta Haner, Alice Hindle, Sam McLennan, Grant Sim, Mary Hindle, Jack Hindle, Bob Hindle.
7 Article: Farm Life in 1988.
8 Photo: 1988 -- Mrs. John Long identified people in the picture as Jessie Griffith, Ada Long, Donnie Griffith, May Long.
9 Article: Manitoulin Community Names -- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cranston, Mr. and Mrs. J. Vanmeer, Mr. and Mrs. F. Paisley, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Marshall, Lizzie McDougall, Dick Foster, J.E. Vanmeer, Joe Williton, Bert Taylor, Chester Pearson, Vernon Pearson, Ealian Dougherty, Marjory Lewis, D.A. Patterson.
10 Photo: of Duck Island Cook Camp, 1905 -- Elizabeth Wright McGill, Laura McDermid, Nellie Purvis, Harold Purvis, Jean Purvis, George Purvis, Len Purvis.
11 Article: Spring Bay Church has roots in Mennonite Faith -- William Schroeder, Rev. Montgomery.
12 Article: Yesteryears of Long Bay, thanks to Elwood Sloss -- Mrs. Robert Sloss, Henry Lewis, Sandy McColeman, George Pearson, Badgerow, Williton, Sloss, Ralph Pearson, Richard Hearn.
13 Photo: 1939 -- Williams: Ralph, Ern, Lewis, Roy, Archie, Tom, George, Jack, Jessie, Frank.
Article: Billings, 1925 -- Mrs. D. Munro, Mrs. W. Bailie.
14 Postcard: from Wm. Munro to John Kerr.
15 Photo: Percy Lane, Art Lane, Bill Blackburn, Maudie Lane, Howard Mervyn, Allan Montgomery, J.L. Baker, Albert Lane, Joe Brown, Tuck Emery.
16 Article: World Reaches Killarney -- Andy Tyson, Peter Solomon, Nancy Pitfield, Tom Jackman.
17 Story: For all those born before 1945.
Article: Perivale, 1925 -- John Breathat, Jas. Purvis, Rebecca Breathat, Miss Kerr, Dr. Davis, Geo. Brydges.
18, 19 Photo: 1900's -- Henry Martin, submitted by Marie Kirk.
Details of Henry Martin's family -- Catherine Martin, Archibald Martin, Carl and Mildren Sauder, Joanna Turnbull, Joanna Baxter, Stephen Size.
20-23 Article: Manitoulin Hydro History -- R.W. Davis, A.J. Wagg, R.T. Jeffray, E.W. Davis, R.H. Doan, H.E. Cook, R.H. Tideman, J.R. Wainwright, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Pierce, C.G. Banting, A.H. Wood, Jack Purvis, Stan Gordon.
24 Article: Barrie Island resident passes away suddenly June 28, 1952 -- Leonard Lane.
Article: Silver Water 1925 -- R. Elliott, Wm. Wright, Mrs. S. Hall, A.M. Rumley, Dugal McGibbon, Ken Kemp, J. McAnsh, Chas. Kemp, J.E. Greenfield, W.E. George, Rev. Munro.
25 Photo: Poplar W.I. Celebrates 50th -- Mrs. M. McGillivray, Mrs. J.C. Baker, Mrs. D. Middleton, Mrs. S. McPhee, Mrs. Wm. Baker, Mrs. J. Kinney, Mrs. S. Ford, Mrs. J.L. Baker, Mrs. Ted Scott, Mrs. O. Vanhorn, Mrs. Atkinson.
26 Poem/story: Peter McArthur's Oxen, written by John A. Ferguson, submitted by Mrs. R.L. Mcphaden -- Dougal McLEllan, Peter McArthur.
27 Advertisement: A.J. Wagg, Mindemoya.
Died: 1945 -- Ida Jane (Wismer) Morris, husband of late George Allan Morris.
Died: 1914 -- Leslie Witty son of Mr. and Mrs. John Witty.
28 Copy of Little Current Ferry schedule, submitted by Allan Graham.
Died: 1947 -- Herbert Needham.
Died: 1946 -- Mrs. George Coutts.
29 Article: The de Lamorandiere Family Line, 1956.
30 Article: The de Lamorandiere Family Line, 1956 continued.
Article: Manitowaning, 1925 – Harold and Cliff McCUtcheon, Jim Hunter, David Hopkins, Lowrie, Warren, Sparling, Love, John Phillips, William Snow, Bessie Lehman, Frederick Graham, Ellen Bowser, Lillian and Leila Russell, Harry Gorley.
31, 32 Article: Witty Family Holds Reunion, 1931 -- Mr. and Mrs. John Witty, Mrs. Ben Greenman, Mrs. Hugh McLean, Tom, Bert, William, Ray, Louis, Ernest, Clifford, Russell, and George Witty, Mrs. Bej. Greenman, Mrs. Angus McKay, Thomas Burton.
Photo: John and Mary Jane Witty.
32 Article: Family Reunion, 1925 -- of Mr. and Mrs. John Witty.
Died: 1914 -- Leslie Witty son of Mr. and Mrs. John Witty.
Died: 1925 -- Mrs. Salome Witty, wife of Burton Witty.
Died: 1932 -- Chester Marvin Witty son of Mr. and Mrs. William Witty. Siblings of Chester; Leslie, Roy, Murray, Garnet and one sister, Thelma. Those attending as pallbearers; Ernest, Louis, Russell and George Witty.
Died: 1948 -- Thomas Witty.
33 Article: Gordon Resident Passes Recently, 1941 -- William Witty, wife Keatha Beck. Children: Leslie, Garbet, Ronnie, Thelma, Murray, Roy, Chester. Others mourning were two sisters; Mrs. John Witty, Mrs. Ben Greenman (Maggie), Mrs. Hugh McLean (Minnie) and seven brothers; Tom, Bert, Ray, Earnest, George, Clifford and Russell.
Article: Kilarney, 1925 -- Mr. Spreadborough, Paul Lavelle, Pat Egan, Ned Tyson, Georgina Roque, J. Sklliter, John Proulx Jr., Walter Burke, Louie Roque, Mrs. M. Jackman, Mary Jackman, Joseph Roque, Nina Roque, Jeff Weir.
Died: 1946 -- Emma Noble.
34 Article: A Tragedy of 1848.
Article: Britainville, 1925 -- Mr. Pipher, Mrs. Sylvester Berry, Will Hubbert, Norman Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Orval Pearson, Elvern Campbell, Sarah Meadow, Andy McDonald, Norman Campbell, Ralph Pearson, Mr. And Mrs. John McCormack, Mrs. Richard Langtree, Wm. Head, Bertha Reed.
35 Article: Mindemoya, 1925 -- W.H. Bradford, John Smith, Beatrice Eade, Lloyd Buie, Bessie Alexander, Fred Graham, Ellen Bowser, W.J. Bradford, A.J. Wagg, Rev. and Mrs. Halfyard, Mr. and Mrs. John Bock, Mildred Brown, S. Sinclair, F. Wagg Sr., Andrew Williamson, Dr. Davis, W.J. Berry, John Wagg, Phipps.
Photo: of a 1919 Model T Ford.
Died: Charles Hurdle, Mr. Jack Campbell.

67th Edition : May 1989
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Kagawong Hotel.
2 Indexes.
3, 4 Article: Stories of Long Ago, submitted by Walter J. Corbett -- Robert Sim Jr.
5 Photo: of Ice Lake United Church.
6 Two Photos: Charlie Langton, Larry Lane, Bill Phalen.
Three photos: Charlie Langton.
7 Two Photos.
8 Photo: Fred Langton, Betty Langton Brocklebank, Edna Allan Matheson, Ethel Langton Weeks.
9-18 Article: Life and Times of J.B. Assiginack.
18 Photo: Jule Chisholm, Jim Cushing, Alfred Spry, Alex Ednie, Herb Wilson, Herb King.
Photo: Jule Chisholm, Edith Tustian.
19 Photos: Oxen yokes, submitted by Julie Chisholm.
20 Photo: Souvenir at Close of School, 1920 -- Mary Elle Maguire Lane.
21 Article: List of students at Silver Bay Public School S.S. No. 4, 1920 -- Mildred Brown, Pearl Moody, Leonard Caddel, Donald Caddel, Grace Coventry, Naomi Russell, Edyth Johnston, Bessie Nighswander, Andy Coe, Winnie Love, Winnie Adams, Irene Smith, R. Coe, Marie E. Maguire, Jas. E. Johnston, W.J. Moody.
22 Back cover of souvenir booklet.
23 List of pupils at Silver Bay Public School, 1920 -- Mary E. Maguire, Karal T. Johnson, Violet F. Moody, Ruby J. Wagg, Elva Russel, Pearl B. Moody, Grace Coventry, Leonard Caddel, Mildred R. Brown, Donald Caddel, Edyth I. Johnston, Velma A. Johnston, Florence V. Bassingthwaite, Katherine Parkinson, Andy J. Coe, Annie M. Johnston, W.J. Moody, Jas. E. Johnston.
24 Poem: "The Close of School" found in the booklet.
25 Article: Post Clerks Assigned to Island Route, April 1945 -- George Loney, J. Semple.
Article: Donations to Manitoulin Red Cross Hospital, April 1945 -- George Holmes, Julia Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Del Pattison & William, Mr Albert Lane, Mr. Norman Kelly.
Article: Barrie Island, May 1912 -- Alice SCOTT, Russel Gamble, Fred Cole, Ben Greenman, Charlie and Joseph Montgomery, T. Rumley, J. McLean, Wm. Blackburn, J. Jennings, Fred McTaggart, Frank Reynard, George Loney.
Article: Big Quarry at Bruce Mines, May 1912 -- S.B. Martin, J. Semple.
26 Article: Do You Recall When It Happened, April 1924 -- Fannie Cook, Robert Jewell, R.N. Smith, Russell Morris, Florence Minnikin, Miss Fraser, John McGauley, Miss Tucker, Charlotte Hutchinson, Lottie Pemberton, Rose Wice, Mr. and Mrs. George Brooks, Dunk McEachern, James Luther, Wm. McTaggart, Ike Johnson.
Wedding: Molson C. Legge & May Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harper.
Personals: 1945 -- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Douglas, Anna Wright, Rose Douglas, Lyman Williton, Pte. W.B. Williton.
27 Article: Post Clerks Assigned to Island Route, April 1945 -- George Loney, J. Semple.
Article: Donations to Manitoulin Red Cross Hospital, April 1945 -- George Holmes, Julia Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Del Pattison & William, Mr Albert Lane, Mr. Norman Kelly.
Article: Barrie Island, May 1912 -- Alice Scott, Russel Gamble, Fred Cole, Ben Greenman, Charlie and Joseph Montgomery, T. Rumley, J. McLean, Wm. Blackburn, J. Jennings, Fred McTaggart, Frank Reynard, George Loney.
Article: Big Quarry at Bruce Mines, May 1912 -- S.B. Martin.
28 Article: Do You Recall When It Happened, April 1924 -- Fannie Cook, Robert Jewell, R.N. Smith, Russell Morris, Florence Minnikin, Miss Fraser, John McGauley, Miss Tucker, Charlotte Hutchinson, Lottie Pemberton, Rose Wice, Mr. and Mrs. George Brooks, Dunk McEachern, James Luther, Wm. McTaggart, Ike Johnson.
Wedding: Molson C. Legge & May Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harper.
Personals: 1945 -- Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Douglas, Anna Wright, Rose Douglas, Lyman Williton, Pte. W.B. Williton.
29 Article: Temperance Party Presents Candidates, May 1912.
Article: A Referendum Unlikely, May 1912.
Article: S.S. No. 1 Mills School -- John A. Orford, Ed Orford, L. Honess.
30 Photo: Foster Morrell family, Bob and Connie Merrylees.
31 Photo: Ammond and Ellen (Neely) Morrell.
Article: J.B. Tyrell to Succeed Gamey -- R.R. Gamey, J.B. Tyrell.
32 Article: Accident Ends Fatally, May 1912 -- Donald McQuarrie Fraser, Beatrice Fraser. Pallbearers; Don Gordon, Hy Mitchell, L.P. Holston, Lynn Gordon, Hy Auger.
Obituary: of Alice (Kemp) McGibbon, 1935, husband Dougal McGibbon. Children; William Lewis McGibbon, Earl Reginald McGibbon, Hugh Calvin McGibbon, Mrs. Clifford Rumley, Mrs. Ernest Williams, Mrs. Charlton, Edith Noreen McGibbon. Other mourning were Mrs. Clifford Rumley.
68th Edition : June 1989
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of the vessel Mueller at Duck Island.
2 Indexes.
3 Article: 70th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John Williton. Their eight children are; Charles, Mrs. John McKinnon, Mrs. Dan Wixson, Mrs. Geo. Buffey, William, Joseph, Mrs. Robert Alexander, Mrs. James Fitzpatrick and the late Richard.
4 Article: on what the Peace Treaty means.
Article: Hockey, 1920 -- Eade, McQuarrie, Hembruff, H. Purvis.
Marriage: Mildred Irene Stringer & Wilfred Alan Sims, Mr. and Mrs. James Stringer, Mr. Thos. C.Sims.
5-9 Surveyor reports.
9 Manitoulin Co-op Association, 1920 -- E.F. Metcalfe, W.F. McKenzie, William Strain, William Hilliard, George Foster, George Coutts, Percy Runnalls, Wilbert Edmonds, Edward Baker.
10 Photo: of six unnamed timbermen at camp.
11 Photos: Lumber mills.
12 Photos: of lumber piles and wood en route to the mills.
13 Photo: of the J.A. Fisher, a lumber tug.
Photo: Caleb Mogg, Mary Mogg, Harold Mogg, Hal. Caleb Mogg.
14 Photos: of cords of pulp, one with Grant Priddle, Bill Parks, C.A. Sankey, Alex Hamilton.
15 Photos: the O.P. Fire Tower, three lumber tugs; Ernie Flood on hickey boat; loading logs on Cockburn Island.
16, 17 Photos: Ed. McFarlane, George Everett on the lumber barge Black River; a floating jackladder; loading operations on the S.S. Shelter Bay; tug J.A. Fisher; loading pulpwood on the barge; Jack Patterson operating an 18-foot steel hickey boat.
18 Photo: of Johnny Walker and the Manitoulin Island fire jeep.
Photo: shows loading lumber in West Bay.
19 Photos: of loading a barge and piles of lumber on the barge -- Tom Merrylees, Walter I. Wagg, Ernie Flood, Joe LaFord.
20 Photo: Tom Merrylees operating a steel hickey boat
Photo: Walter I. Wagg foreman, and two planters, Ernie Flood, Joe LaFord.
21 Photo: spruce lined up in columns ready for market.
Article: Mindemoya, 1920 -- Jas. McDermid, B. Crawford, Miss Johnson, Mildred Burns, Bert Middaugh, Mr. and Mrs. E. Kirk, Bertha Hartley, Guy Palmer, Geo. Buck, Frank Graham, D. Mcdermid, A. Cranston Guddard, Dr. Davis, Bill Bery, Miss Nelder, Miss Mclean, Mrs. D. Wyman, Mr. and Mrs. McDonald, Clayton Sloss, John Corbiere.
22 Article: Results of Acre Profit Competition with Wheat 1919 -- Roy Becks, Archie Wickett, James Patrick Cushing, Roy Becks, William Williams, Gordon Emiry.
23 Advertisement: Bargains in Used Cars, 1920 by Algoma Agency & Supply Co., Ltd.
Article: Long Bay, 1920 -- Ada Turnbull, Mrs. Frank Hubbert, Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Coulam, Rita Williton, Fred Paisley, Lottie Sloss, Mrs. Wm. Russell, Hiram Pearson, Mrs. Tom Clark.
24 Article: How to Avoid Influenza, February 1920.
Article: Spring Bay Send Aid, 1920.
Article: Tehkummah, 1920 -- T. Wright, George Kay, Percy Russell, Olga Hall, Richard Russell, Cyrus Hall, Henry Hall, R. Arnold, Had Graham, Jennie Flinn.
25 Article: Manitoulin Civic Association, January 1920 -- J.B. Wallace.
Article: Manitoulin Civic Association, February 1920 -- J.D. McColeman, F.E. Titus, J.D. McCOleman, Beniab Bowman, Whitson, James Lewis.
Article: Manitoulin Civic Association, 1920 -- Noted that Sandfield and Howland refused to endorse.
26 Article: Manitoulin Recount, 1920.
Article: Hockey Results, January 1920 -- George M. Thorburn.
Article: Forward Movement, January 1920 -- J.W. Hagan, W.S. Chisholm, W.A. Smith, Sheriff Fell.
27 Death: Mrs. Albert Campbell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey.
Obituary: Mary Elizabeth Bailey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Bailey.
Article: Wagoosh, 1920 -- Joseph Wagoosh, and Mrs. Wagoosh.
Article: Merchants Bank of Canada, 1920 -- W.S. Chisholm, Mgr.
Article: School Reports, 1920 -- Emerson Baker, J. Runnalls, L. Willett, E. McIntosh, D. Purvis, M. Currie, E. Gilroy, F. Wright, R. Bailie, M. Brett, M. Purvis, R. Wiseman, M. McGillivray, N. Purvis, V. Baker, O. Witty.
28 Article: A Dog of Napolean's Day, 1920.
Article: Long Bay U.F.O. 1920 -- L.E. Vanhorn, W.E. Dougherty, Olive Dougherty, Lottie Sloss.
Died: Bernard McCowill (wife Flora Turner).
Article: Mindemoya, 1920 -- Mrs. Albert Trowbridge, Mrs. W.H. Vincer, Mrs. J.F. Wagg.
29 Article: Centre Manitoulin Sheep Club, 1920 -- I.F. Metcalf, Mr. Rixon, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Bond, Thos. McLean, N. Morden, Geo. Strain, Geo. H. Cook, Alvin Bock, Mildred Bock, George Sterling, Ruth Sterling, Jean Dryden, Roy Connolly, Bessie Love, Farquhar Anglin, Edmund Looker, Norman Looker, James Smith, Lloyd Smith, Mervyn Dunlop, Betram Dunlop, Willie Hare, Zella Vanhorn, Wilbert Hopkin, James David Stapleton, Karl Johnston, Leonard Caddel.
Article: Silver Water 1920 -- Bert Cook, Humphrey and John Priddle, L. Buck, J.R. McGregor, Marjorie Cook.
30 Article: Seniors Win, 1920 -- Team members; Porter, Johnston, McKenzie, Casson, McKenzie, Purvis, Mastin, Johnson, Purvis, Wright, Lougheed, Buchanan, Carr, McQuarrie, Gibbs, Mike Johnston, Scott Fraser.
Article: Senior Girls Second Victory -- Jean Wilson, Jean Buchanan, Elva McIntosh, A.O. Hinds. Died: From Shock, 1920 -- Margaret (Morrell) McWhinney (husband John Morrell), Ruby Morrell, Ivan McWhinney.
Article: Providence Bay, 1920 -- Mrs. G. McDougal, Mrs. Caddle, Mrs. Sinkler, Mrs. Mcqueen, Mrs. Pattison, Mrs. W. Wagg.
31 Article: Little Current, 1920 -- report on the Junior Hockey Team.
Article: Three Horses Killed, March 1920 -- Allan Montgomery, Allan Fraser, Joe Morden, Herb Linley, Ted Burns.
Article: Providence Bay, 1920 -- Mr. Wagg, R. Riching, Mrs. Monkhouse, Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Fawcett, Mr. Granger, Mrs. Ern Birche, Victoria Cranston, Geo. Cambridge, N.J. Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Gilespie.
32 Article: Spring Bay, 1920 -- Mrs. G. Campbell, Edward Cranston, Mr. Newby, Mr. and Mrs. Archie McColeman, Mrs. Alexander, Etta Lougheed.
Article: Britainville, 1920 -- James Cranston, Mr. Sloss, Mr. Gilpin.
Article: Ice Lake, 1920 -- Flo. Alexander, Wm. Guy, George Guy, Mrs. Jim Brown, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Brandow, Wm. Dearing, Joe Nelson, Harry Croft, Jessie Griffith, Mrs. George Dearing, Jessia Wilson, Abe Wilson, Mrs. Thomas Robertson, Mrs. Wm. Hore, Mrs. Thomas Pope, Ernest Wright, Frank and Guy Palmer, George Croft, Wm Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wright, Robert Dearing.
69th Edition : July 1989
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of a sleigh full of logs being pulled in the bush by horses.
Note: that this booklet contains much information on the Solomon family.
2 Indexes.
3 Article: Killarney's Solomon Family -- Henry Solomon (wife Agibicona). Children; William, Samuel, Henriette, George, Catherine, Dominic, Marie, John, Marguerite, Angele, Joseph, Scholastique, Henry Jr. and Frank.
Article: Henry Solomon Jr. Drowns in 1873 (wife Marguerite Fanny Thibeault).
Article: Another Drowning -- William Solomon (wife Catherine Roque).
Article: George Solomon (wife Theresa Anderson) and Henriette (Solomon) Cameron (husband Donald).
Article: Catherine Solomon married Myles Tyson.
Article: Dominic Solomon, lighthouse keeper at Lonely Island.
Article: Angele Solomon married Edward Thompson.
Article: Marguerite Solomon married John Haiste.
4 Article: Solomons Knew Killarney's Shoreline -- Eziekiel Solomon, Anna Jamieson, Henry Solomon, William Solomon, Xavier Solomon, Henrietta Solomon, Don Cameron.
Died: 1940: Frank Solomon.
Died: 1948: Joseph Solomon -- Dominic Solomon, Henry Solomon.
Article: Historical Plaque.
5 Article: Jewish Beginnings in Michigan -- Ezekiel Solomon, Levy Solomons, William Solomons.
Photo: Catherine Solomon, Nancy Solomon, Philemon Solomon Labelle, Priscilla Labelle, William Labelle.
6-10 Article: Ezekiel Solomon, First Jew in Michigan.
11 Photo: Frances Solomon Beauvaus, Clara Racicot Tyson.
Photo: Peter Solomon.
12 Article: Sam Solomon's Advice Not Heeded -- Samuel Solomon, Ferdinand Proulx, Philimon Proulx, Albert Moss, Medweyosk and Augustin Desmarais, Charles de Lamorandiere, John Baptist, Phillip Donnelly.
13 Article: Sam Solomon's Advice Not Heeded continued.
Photo: Peter Solomon.
Photo: Nancy Solomon Pitfield.
14 Article: Manitoulin Complimented by High Court Justice, 1915 -- Sheriff Fell.
Article: Boats Loading Lumber, May 1922 -- Dr. Carruthers, Mr. Caldwell, Eldon P. Gundry, Philomene La Monde.
Article: Interesting Letter -- George Gundry, Philomene Leramonda, Joseph Leramonda, Margaret Solomon, Louie Solomon, William Solomon, Ezekiel Solomon, Elizabeth Dubois.
15 Article: Dredging, Picnic Island.
16 Photo: of by-gone era -- barn raising at John Clarke's farm.
Article: Good Crops Predicted, May 1922 -- John Clarke.
17 Photo: Mr. and Mrs. R.O. White (Ida Scott), Paulina and Helen White.
Article: Good Crops Predicted, May 1922 continued.
18 Photo: Addie Scott Ford, Nellie Scott Kinney, Clara Scott McGillvary, Maggie Scott Learmont, Ida Scott White, Beniah Bowman.
Article: Car Owners in Convention, 1919.
19 Photo: Photo: Susan and Kate McAnsh.
Photo: Sam Ford.
Photo: Otto, Violet and Arden Irwin, James Purvis, Mr. McAuley.
Article: Stock Raising on Manitoulin, 1919 -- Mr. McAuley, James Purvis.
20 Photo: Ida Scott White, George Scott.
Photo: Mac McGillivray, Clara Scott McGillivray, Nellie and Ida Scott.
21 Photo: John Clarke, John Learmont, Alice Learmont, W.M. Clarke, Mark Learmont, Mrs. John Clarke, John Burke, Mary Clarke, Dan Burke, J.T. Hall.
Article: Widows and Orphans First, 1919.
22 Article: Dredging, Little Current.
Article: Dredging, Goat Island.
23 Article: Dredging, Goat Island continued.
24 Article: Former Chief's Possessions Distributed by his Widow -- Jebaonanig, Shibahwananing, Louise Laronde, Michael Eagle, Rastoul, Louise Solomon, Francis Rastoul, Joseph Rastoul.
Article: May 1922 -- Jos. Hodgson, Xavier Solomon, John Egan, Alexis De Lamorandiere.
Pattern for Ladies Semi-fitted Dress, 24 cents (1919).
25 Article: Gordon Boys are Grateful, submitted by Emma Noble.
26 Poem: In the Park, 1919, by Margaret Carolyn Davies.
27 Marriage: 1919: Nelda Mae Mutchmor & Olcott Wood Titus, Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Mutchmor, Mr. Olcott Wood, Mr. and Mrs. F.E. Titus, Rev. J. Rogers, Miss Kitty Keys, Mr. H.A. Little, Mrs. Shaver, Miss Neita Tallaman.
Marriage: 1919: Janet Maria McGregor & James Marshall, Peter McGregor, Rev. M. Ross, Mrs. Wedderburn, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall.
Marriage: 1919: Alice Burnett & Robert George Wright, Miss Ruby Stringer.
Article: Island News, 1919 -- W.I. Wagg, Mrs. Titus, Robert Jaffray, Silas Pearson, Beniah and Mrs. Bowman, J. Wismer.
28 Article: Disastrous Fire, 1919 -- John Gibson, Mr. Chris Burns, Mrs. S. Bailey, Mrs. R. Bailey, Mrs. Wilson, William Gibson, Albert Gibson.
Article: Cholera Infantum.
Article: Why Beauty Fades, 1919.
29 Article: Fur Resources of Northland, 1919 -- Mr. J.B. Tyrrell.
Article: Lemons Make Skin White, Soft, Clear.
Article: Minard's Liniment Co. Ltd.
Article: How to Treat Silage.
30 Article: Witches Warnings.
Article: Sad Drowning Accident at Indian Point Bridge, 1921 -- Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Platt, Mr. and Mrs. Comden, Mr. Couden.
31 Article: Sad Drowning Accident at Indian Point Bridge continued.
Article: The Body of little Albert Couden Recovered, 1921.
Subscription renewal information.
Article: The Body of little Albert Couden Recovered continued -- Mrs. Couden, Miss Tyron.
Article: Duck Island, 1919 -- Alex and George Purvis, R. Mcdonald, J. Morden, James Nesbitt, Wm. Burch, George King, Wm. Terbault, Roy Witty, Mary Campbell, Joe Garreau, C. Boyle, Domnick and Elfonse and Gracie Antwine, Peter Antwine, A. Purvis, John Williams, Mrs. F. McCracken, L. Misner, Capt. McCracken, A. Nelson, Charlie King, Harry Pidgeon, Robt. Beattie, Mr. & Mrs. Bert Witty.
Article: Voters List, 1919 -- William Vincer.
70th Edition : August 1989
PageArticle or Item
Photo: T.H. Thompson homestead.
2 Indexes.
3 Article: Providence Bay, January 1919 -- Sara Bennet, Pearl Owen, Wm. Chisholm, Mrs. R. Ritching, Myrtle Wagg. Ada Sinkler, Mr. & Mrs. H. Bowie, Myrtle Hewitt, John Gordon, Rob Ainslie, J. McKenzie.
Article: Spring Bay -- Austin Hartley, Wesley Anderson, John Learmont, N.J. McColman, Norman Marshall, Randolph McDonald, Jim Cranston, Dune Reid, Jim Luther, R. Cranston, Violet Rowe, John Patterson, R. Sloss, John Cranston, Robert Sloss, Rev. Wm. Munro, W,H. Bryan, John Scott, Miss Hubbert, Mr. Jackman, Wes McColeman, Christena Cranston, N.B. McColeman, John Sloss.
Article: Britainville, 1920 -- Percy Lewis, Earl Gilpin, Harry Matthew McColeman, Jim Hewitt, Norman Campbell, Annie McColeman, Mrs. A.G. McColeman, Jim McCormick, Henry Sloss, Myrtle Hewitt, John McCormick, Sidney Barry, Neil McColeman.
4 Article: The Mystery of the Bell -- John McCausland, George R. McRae, Farquhar McRae.
Married: 1935: Lillian Woods & James McVicar.
Married: 1935: Agnes M. Johnson & Ivan W. Wood.
5 Article: The Rise in Flour, 1920.
Article: Editor's Note.
Article: The Rise in Flour by the Editor.
6 Article: The Rise in Flour by the Editor continued.
7Article: The Price of Hay, 1920.
8 Article: Another about the Price of Flour.
Article: Resident of Gordon Twp. Has Narrow Escape, 1933 -- Mr. Johnston Noble.
9 Article: Shocking Tragedy Occurs in Billings Township, 1920 -- Robert Andrew Ednie, Arthur Ednie, Mrs. A. Kerr, Alex Ednie.
Article: Small Boy Creates A Sensation, 1925.
10 Article: Lost in the Woods, 1925 -- Mrs. Ishmael Johnson.
Article: Blasting Powder in the Coal, 1920 -- C.C. Platt, Earle Platt.
Article: Nelson Runnalls Loses Barn by Lightning -- Nelson Runnalls.
11 Article: Fatal Accident -- Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Kinney, Dr. Baker, Scott Kinney, James Kinney, William Bailey, J.L. McKenzie, M.L. Davidson, R.T. Jaffray and H. Riching, Billy Turner, Harold Winter, Mack Johnson, Jimmy Finley, G. Morden, Buddy Young.
Article: Mr. Len Willett Injured, 1925 -- Mr. George Willett.
Article: Attached While Asleep, 1925 -- James Johnson, son of Isaac Johnson.
12 Article: W.E. George Was Well Known on Manitoulin, 1935 -- William Edward George, Thos. Riching, Herbert Riching, Nurse Clarke, David George, Samuel George, Richard George, Russell George, Mrs. John Blackie, Mrs. Joseph Hoover, Mrs. E.B. Lemon, Herbert and Russell Riching, George Bowser, John McDonald, W.H. Brett, Chester Pearson.
Article: Death of Mrs. John Lane -- Mrs. J.A. Little, Ed Bird, Mrs. Wm. McTaggart, Charles, Robert.
13 Article: Manitoulin as a Summer Resort, January 1920.
14 Schedule of Dominion Transportation Co. Tickets available at Hurst & Burks, Gore Bay.
Obituary: Mrs. Joseph Best Sr., 1925 -- Mrs. Fred Cole, Mrs. Arthur White, Mrs. John Woods, Mrs. Victor Noble, Mrs. Katie Lockhart, John William Best, Joseph Best.
15 Article: Do You Recall When It Happened? -- A. Wicher, Mrs. Jennings, Frank Gilbart Gilbert, D.A. Bickell, Dan McWhirter, John McDonald, E. Bickell, T.H. Holdsworth, John Goodmurphy, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Hollingshead, John Kildare, Mrs. Allen, C.H. Walker, Robt. Russell, John H. Jefkins, Robert Greenman, W. Vancise.
Article: Gordon -- Beryl Beck, Jean Milligan, Martha Neilly, Mary Campbell, James Burt.
Married: Letitia Maud Norton & Thomas Henry Phillips.
Article: Jas. Johnson Dies as Result of Injuries Received, 1925.
17 Advertisement: for A.B. Shubert Furriers, Winnipeg.
17 Wedding: Stella Margaret Robbins & Clarence A. Sim, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. D. Sim, Miss G. Batman, G.E. Robbins, Miss Viola Gilpin, Miss Marguerite and Phyllis Atkinson, Norman Sim, Harry Robbins, Gordon Bickie, Miss Margaret Pyette, Miss Bertha McMullan, Mr. and Mrs. G.E. Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. D.Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. J. Shields.
18 List of Victory Loans 1919 -- John Cowan, Albert Cook, Wm. Boyd, Wm. Vincer, R. Jaffray, O.M. Thomson, Donald Murray, Chas. Monk, M. Bock.
Wedding: Edna Ruth Jennings & Alvin S. Wideman -- Mr. and Mrs. John Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Wideman, Mrs. Wilbert Jennings, Miss Mabel Jennings, Margaret Andrews, Lorne Wideman, Mr. Leslie Wanbold.
Notice that the soldiers are returning.
19 Article: Nelson's Legacy to the World.
Article: Barrie Island, 1953 -- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lane.
20Article: Good Roads Convention, 1920.
Article: Sugar for Canning.
Article: District U.F.O. Convention, 1920.
Article: West Carnarvon -- John Blackie, Jennie Elliott, Mrs. John Bock, Wilfrid Parkin, George Kirk, Mr. Dyment.
21 Photos: (3) Neil Bell McColeman; Sarah Mceachean McColeman; Duncan Reid, Catherine (McColeman) Reid, Sadie (McColeman) Tarzwell.
22 Photos (2) Bessie (Jeffries) McDermid, Sadie (McColeman) Tarzwell, Sadie McColeman.
Article: Cockburn Island -- John McDay, Mr. and Mrs. A. Olmstead.
Article: Barrie Island Resident Called by Death, 1935 -- John Calback, wife Mary Gamble, John Calback, Margaret Calback, Mrs. Wm. Coburn, Rev. J.J. Matthias, Robert and Ben Greenman, George Lane, John Jeffkins, John Baker and Joseph Merrylees.
23 Article: The Wicketts of Dawson Township -- John George Wickett, Janet Baillie, Stuart Clarke.
Article: Barrie Island -- Mrs. E.A. Letts.
24 Article: Joseph Charles Baker Died While at Work in Bush -- (wife Gloria Sizer), Mr. Radcliffe, Mr. Ford, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Baker, Harris Baker, Verna Baker, Edward Baker, William Baker, J.L. Baker, Mrs. A. Robertson, Mrs. M. McCannel, Mrs. Donald Orford, Mrs. Elmer Bumstead, Mrs. Wm. Weeden, Mrs. Robert Orford, Mr. Thorburn.
Deaths: (3) Mrs. Wm. Guy, Robert Lewis, Margaret Miller.
25 Article: Great War Veterans Association Dance Held at Little Current, 1920 -- W.A. Sims, Susie Currie, Ed Valliquette.
Article: Great War Veterans Association Notes -- G.B. Nicholson.
Article: Little Current, 1920 -- Wm. Collins, M. Boyter, W.A. Sims, R.P.G. Lawrence, G.H. Turner.
26 Article: Charles Vernon Wismer.
Article: The New Cabinet of Lands and Forests, 1919 -- E.C. Drury, M. Doherty, R.H. Grant, Beniah Bowman, F.C. Biggs, W.R. Rollo, H. Mills, C. Nixon, P. Smith, W.E. Raney.
Article: The New Ministers of Lands and Forests 1919.
Article: Victory Loan Finals Manitoulin Beef, 1919.
27 Article: W.I. Big Lake, 1919 -- Mrs. J.E. Johnston, Winnie Adams, Mrs. Roy Brown, Mrs. M.I. Johnston, Mrs. G. Hutchinson, Mrs. Mary Brown, Mrs. H. Adams.
Article: W.I. Mindemoya, 1919 -- Mrs. W.H. Vincer, Mrs. D. Williamson, Mrs. Jos. Hopkins, Mrs. Romain Conley, Mrs. Elliott.
Article: W.I. Poplar, 1919 -- Mrs. Foster, Mr. Watt, Mrs. Slomke, Mrs. W. Robinson, Mrs. Dinsmore, Mrs. John Baker.
Article: W.I. Providence Bay, 1919 -- Mrs. E. Pattison, Mrs. Ellis.
Article: W.I. Barrie Island, 1919 -- Mr. and Mrs. J. Jennings, Mrs. W.O. Runnalls, Ella Foster, Earl Mervyn, Williard Cole, Sara Lane, Mrs. Watchorn, Mr. H.N. Morden.
28 Marriage: Evelyn A. Purvis & Jack L. McKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Purvis, Miss Doris Purvis, Mr. Arthur Mastin, Mrs. W.A. Smith.
Article: By-Election, 1919.
Article: Nurses Honoured, 1919 -- Laura McRae, W.R. Tighe, Miss J. Clarke, Mrs. W.A. Smith.
Death: Davis Sloss Sr. (wife Mary Ann McKeown), Mr. S. Paisley.
29 Article: Good Road Convention.
Article: Masonic Installation -- J.W. Griffith, J. Baker, S. Clarke, W.M. Morrison, N.R. Smith, J. Wismer, C.C. Platt, E.C. Jackson, H.A. Pearson, A.D. Mastin, D. McLean, D. Beatty, A.E. Graham, R. Robinson, J.A. Baker, J. Donaldson, R.J. Winter.
Marriage: Lewis Witty & Clara May Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Colin Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott, Mr. R. Russell Witty, Miss Cassie M. Scott, Miss Hazel Witty.
30 Marriage: George Arthur Pateman & Kathie McKay -- Miss Flora Pateman, Mr. Don Bolton, Mrs. Jack Pateman, Mrs. Jack McKay, Capt. Dan McKay, Mrs. Dan McKay.
Marriage: Reginald Fahrer & Mary Jones -- Roy Jones, Ruth Williton.
Article: Geo. J. Priddle Dies Suddenly at Silver Water -- Humphrey Priddle, Bert Flemaing, Mrs. E.P. Sawyer.
Article: Young Woman Called by Death -- Mrs. Ruby Edna (Panton) Pearson, husband Cecil Pearson, Mrs. Janet Panton, James Panton, Edna Pearson, Lyman Pearson, Mrs. James Panton, Mrs. Gordon More, Mrs. Lloyd Aikens, Verna Panton, William Panton, Arnold Bell, Auston Bell, Gilbert Matheson, Ralph Ainslie, Hewson Van Horne, Clinton Hall, Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Black, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Orr, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robinson.
31 Article: Providence Bay, 1919 -- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith, Peter Caddel.
Article: Women's Institute, 1919 -, Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. J.E. Johnson, Mrs. Coe.
Article: C.P.R. Officials Visit Island, 1919.
Article: Lost in the Wilds Near Grimesthorpe -- Christopher Montgomery.
Article: Lost Man is Found -- Christopher Montgomery.
Article: Three Children Burned to Death -- Bruce Wilkin, Mrs. Utley.
Article: Tehkummah -- Mr. and Mrs. David Pyette, Miss Pearl Wagg, Miss Tilson, Lillian Tilson, Mrs. Hilburn, Duffie Hilburn, James Williamson, Charlie Little, Mrs. Joe Wilson, Violet Mastin, Robert Leask, Fred Wagg, Mrs. John King, Mrs. F.C. Wagg, Mr. Elford.
71st Edition : September 1989
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Thos. Farquhar, Lester B. Pearson, Mrs. Pearson.
2 Indexes.
3 Article: Another Year Passes -- Lorne McQuarrie.
Article: A Pioneer of Manitoulin -- Andrew Tracy & Elizabeth Bock. Their children; Earl, Gilmore, Harvey, Harry, Morley, Norine (Mrs. Becks), Eleanor (Mrs. Adams), Elva, submitted by M.J. Tracy.
4 Article: Early Manitoulin History -- Mary Boyle, Mary Elizabeth (Farquhar) Tustian, Ruth M. Ashley.
Article: An Interesting Letter, to Mrs. W.W. Anglin from her father Wm. Farquhar.
5-10 Article: Senator Farquhar -- Includes one photo of Allan and Thomas Farquhar. Thomas Farquhar, Rae Farquhar, Will Farquhar, Jen Farquhar, John Barr, Mr. Streavels, Mr. Lovett, Oscar White, Bill Davidson, Frankie Slide, Kathleen Wiber, Charlie Dickson, Amy Wiber, Alonzo Johnston, Stan Farquhar, Ruth Farquhar, Tom Jr., Lester B. Pearson, Dr. Carruthers, John Farquhar, Allan Farquhar.
11-15 Article: The Farquhar Family.
11 Photo: Edith Farquhar Corrigan, Thomas Farquhar, Anna Farquhar Hughes, John Farquhar, Jean Sinclair, Jane Nixon, Thomas Nixon, Rachael Johnston, William, Thomas, Jane Farquhar.
Photo: William Farquhar, Jane Farquhar, Sarah Nixon.
12 Photo: Thomas, Jane Graham, Rachel Kenshol, William, John, Jane, William Farquhar, Mary Elizabeth Tustian, Margaret, Emily Stuart, Hannah Luella (Hughes) Isobella Anglin.
13 Photo: William Farquhar and wife Jane Farquhar with Sarah Nizon.
Names mentioned in the article: Ray Kenshol, Fred Kenshol, Jen Graham, Mathew Graham, Minnie Tustian, Rob Tustian.
Photo: Isabella Farquhar Anglin, Justin, Wendell; George Anglin, Margaret Stuart, Jack Stuart, Delbert Kenshol, Edith and Hollie Corrigan, Mary Nelder.
16-17 Article: Funeral of Mrs. Jane (Hughes) Farquhar, husband William Farquhar -- Mrs. D. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nixon, Mr. and Mrs. David Hughes, William J. Farquhar, Thomas Farquhar, Allan Farquhar, Mrs. J. Graham, Mrs. W.W. Anglin, Mrs. John Stuart, Mrs. R. Kenshol, Mrs. D. Hughes, Mrs. H.J. Corrigan, Mrs. H. Megginson, H. Megginson, R. Elliott, D. Robertson, J. Milroy, D. Griffiths, W. Tudor.
Photo: summer of 1936: Thos W. Farquhar, R. Ferguson, Stan Farquhar, Bill Tustian, Perry Anglin, Justin Anglin, Grant Rogers, Thos. Farquhar Sr., Bella Anglin, Anna Hughes, Eliz. Graham, Jane Graham, Dorothy Pierce, My Farquhar, Allan Farquhar, Allan Tustian, Marjorie Wiber, Mary Tustian, Ruth Farquhar, Ferne Farquhar, Carol Farquhar, Robert Tustian, Harold Graham, John Farquhar, Bill Hughs, Allan Farquhar, Jean Hughs, Lois Farquhar, ? Hughes, Harry Pierce.
18 Photo: A Sunday School Convention at Billings United Church, submitted by Mary Boyle.
Article: Hardships of Early Life, 1906, written to Maggie from Edith -- Mrs. Johnson, William Farquhar, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Carney, Dr. Guinty.
19 Article: Hardships of Early Life, 1906 continued -- Dr. Fleming, Muriel Carter.
Photo: of a family picture in 1952.
20, 21 Photo: Charlie Anglin, Farquhar Anglin, Amy Farquhar, Justin Anglin, Lena, Tom Farquhar.
Article: The Anglin Family -- Isobel Farquhar, William Anglin, Jen Farquhar, Minnie Farquhar, Justin, Marguerite, Jim Horton, Wendell Farquhar, Peter, Wendell Anglin, Edward Horton, by Kathleen Anglin Horton.
Photo: submitted by Mary Boyle -- Earl Graham, Justin Anglin, Elmer Tustian, Wendell Anglin.
22, 23 Article: Elijah Doan, Thomas, Samuel, Elizabeth, Elias, Mary, Aaron Philip, Arthalinda, John D. Kelly, Walter Cramer, Emmalin Spregge, Matilda Burnett, Guy, Duncan, Blanche, Grace, Orland, Moses, James, Leonard, Margaret Willson McCormick, Chorenzo Perlin, Norman, Emma, Elizabeth Ann, Elma Jane, Amelia Belle, Evalena Finch, Guy Jaggard, William F. Trimmer, William J. Farquhar, George Ross Farquhar, Mona Pauline Parlowe, Gloria Louise Farquhar, Gene Ross Farquhar, William Raymond Farquhar, Gregory Allen Farquhar, Gloria Louise Farquhar, Louis Yocco, Robert Yocco, Sharon Stevens, Jacklin Jean Farquhar, Joan Izaat.
23, 24 Article: Some Interesting History -- Jane Farquhar, Mathew Graham, William Farquhar, Amelia Jackson, Robert Graham, William Graham Jr., Janie Graham, Thomas Thompson, Albert Graham, George Graham, Earl Mathew Graham, Elizabeth Edith Graham, Dorothy Isabel Graham, Elsie Thompson, Isabell Anglin, Will Anglin, Perce Prestage, Mrs. Aus Hunt, Alberta Cummings, Eliabeth Sinclair, Russell Wiber, Anita Armitage, Grant Rogers, Janet Palmer, Betty Jean LeBlanc.
25-29 Photo: Lunch at Bob Tustian's Camp, submitted by Mary Boyle and taken about 1913 -- Harlow Baillie, Bob Tustian, Elmer Tustian, Jack Greenfield, Eill, Minnie and Orval Tustian, Grandma Tustian, Oscar Bennette, Emma Tustian.
Article: In the Early Years – Jean Anna Lillian Hodgson, Mary Elizabeth Farquhar, George Robert Tustian, Jane Nixon, George Tustian, Annie Rivett, Samuel Tustian, Elmer, Bill, Orval, Mary Luella, Allan Edward, Tom Farquhar, Susie and Doug Campbell, John Green, Goldwin Tustian, Bill, Harlow, Mable Baile, Norman, Morgan, Ellen, Kate, Lottie and Amy Bowser, Alex McLeod, Roy and Earl McAnsh, Hazel Tustian, Russell and Jim Munro, George Green, Beta Ireland, Elmer, Bill and Jean Tustian, Archie, Bill, Lizzie, Ruth and Mac Thompson, Harry, Kate, Vivian and Wilhelmine McAnsh, Len, Susie, Ethel and Justine Foster, Norman, Mina, Fanny, Lillie, Dora, Clara and Lena Marshall, Charlie and Dorothy Wiber, Alburtta, Angus, Rapha and Howard Greenfield, Norman Pierce, William Anglin, Justin, Wendell, Farquhar, Marguerite and Kathleen Anglin, Joe Hodgson, George Hodgson, Jane Williamson, Ruth Sterling, William Hare.
Photo: Alburtta Cumming, Roy Cumming, Emma Dearing, Ida Muncaster, Dick Tustian, Emma Dearing, Mrs. George Tustian, Susie Campbell, Carol McAnsh, Harold Cumming, Ivan McAnsh.
30 Photo: Farquhar Anglin.
Article: Farquhar Gets Liberal Nomination for East Algoma -- Thos. Farquhar, Mary Soucie, Will Anglin, Kathleen Anglin, Bella Anglin, Olive Anglin, Walter Soucie, Thos. Farquhar, Wagg, Bowman, McDonald, Menard, Golden, Rowan, McColeman, A.E. Graham, G.E. Baxter, M.R. Thorburn, Chas. Hinds, J.W. Darby, W.J. Golden, A.J. Smith, N.R. Smith, John Carruthers, F.B. Gray, George Eade, J.G. McDonald, R. Witty, W. Graham, R.D. Stringer, J. McDonald, T.C. Sims, J. Ramsay, W.R. Rowe, Arnold Roszel.
31 Article: Spring Bay, 1920 -- Lloyd Buie, Jack Alexander, Bayward Buie, Bob King, Jim Dryden, Mr. McAllister, C.L. McDougall, Nancy Campbell, George Campbell.
Wedding: 1932 -- Eleanor Amelia Tracy and Francis John Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tracy, Mr. and Mrs. David Adams, Miss Elva Tracy, Master Douglas Tracy, Mrs. Andrew Dryden, Miss Gertrude Caddie, Miss Elsie Morrison, Mae King, Ada Haner, Jean Hartley, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Hallman, Maurice Hallman, Laura Hallman, Mr. Alex Mitchell, Miss Marion Mitchell.
Wedding: 1932 -- Catherine Wedgerfield and Clifford Monkhouse, Mr. Everett Paisley, Miss Jean Dewar.
Wedding: 1932 -- Olla Kathleen Green and Charles Leonard Sheppard.
Wedding: 1932 -- Rachel McArthur and James McCannell.
Wedding: 1932 -- Rowena Robena Cranston and William Wesley McColeman.
72nd Edition : October 1989
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of a rail fence.
2 Indexes.
3 Article: Reader Recalls Gore Bay 55 Years Ago -- Tom Porter, George Wade, N.F. Peterson.
4 Photo: Merle Wismer, Charles Wismer, Cecil Wismer, Laurence Wismer.
5 Postcard: to Merle Wismer.
6-17 Trial: R.R. Gamey, E.F.B. Johnston, S.H. Blake, John Boyd, Frank Sullivan, J.R. Stratton, Elgin C. Myers (Meyers), Charles Ritchie, Dr. Chamberlain, Charles H. Chase.
17 Article: Here's Something That Will Bear Repeating -- story of nine convicts -- John Mitchell, Morris Lyene, Patrick Donahue, Thomas McGee, Charles Duffy, Thomas Meagher, Richard O'Gorman, Terence MacManus, Michael Ireland.
18 Photo: John Maguire
Photo: Mary Maguire.
19 Postcard: to Mrs. Geo. Burch, Charlie and Walter Wright, Bob Jaffray, D. Kerr, Ern Burch.
20-25 Article: The Mysteries of Maple Point, about the late Daniel Dodge – Daniel Dodge, Lorrine MaCdonald, Lloyd Bryant, Frank Valiquette, Alfred G. Wilson, Wes Rider, Robert Batman.
20 Photo: Daniel Dodge.
21 Photo: Mrs. Daniel Dodge.
22 Photo: Spacious summer home of Mr. Dodge.
23 Photo: Garage where Mr. Dodge received serious injuries.
24 Photo: Mr. Dodge's speedboat.
25 Photo: Exterior view of the garage where Mr. Dodge was injured.
25-28 Article: Dodge Death Was Accident, Jury Decided -- Daniel Dodge, Annie Lorrine MacDonald, Frank Valiquette, Dick Hammond, Stan Richards, Louise Needham.
28 Article: Long Bay, 1920 -- Clayton Sloss, T. Clarke, Jacob Vanmear, Miss Turnbull, Russell McDermid, Milton Buie, Norman McDermid, Irene Campbell, Walter Cranston, Mr. and Mrs. R. Pearson, Nelda Vanhorn.
28 Article: Manitoulin As a Grazing Country.
30 Article: Barrie Island, January 1920 -- Allan Montgomery, Francis Jennings, Mark and John Bryan, W.M. Noble, Mr. Henning, Miss A. McLean, Jessie Anderson. W.N. Runnalls, Ethel Sullivan, Georgina Emiry, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Witty, Chas. Shepley, T. Latta, Grace Armstrong, B. and Winnifred Cook, Pearl Orford.
31 Article: The Story of Soap.
Poem: Old Cedar Fence, by Len G. Selle.
Photo: of a double rail and post fence.
73rd Edition : November 1989
PageArticle or Item
Reminder of Remembrance Month.
2 Indexes.
3 Letter from the Editor.
Poems: "To the Glorious Dead" and "Their Reply".
4 Postcard: Donald McQuarrie.
5-10 Article: Canada's Military Prior to 1914.
11-19 Article: Past Years in the Manitoulin District -- Buck, R. Foote, Charles Cameron, John MacPherson, H.B. Hunt, Corbiere, Mr. Todden.
16 Photo: Farquhar Anglin, W.C. Williamson, Russell Munroe, George Trick, Joseph Millman, Ivan Trick, Charlie Trick, Charlie McDonald Sr., Wilbert and Ruby Edmonds, A.J. Wagg, Arthur Edmonds, Archie Duncanson, Charles Joyce, Minnie Duncanson, Ada Trick, Amy Farquhar, Rhoda Edmonds, Lester B. Pearson.
19 Article: Notice of Isaac Bailey's death.
20 Photo: J. McKenzie, Bill Ferguson.
21 Poem: Wreckage of War.
Poem: Ghosts of Dieppe.
22-25 Article: Returned Soldiers Honored –
DAWSON TOWNSHIP -- Miss Edna L. Millman, Miss Gwendoyln Steele, J.C. Falls, A.I. Falls, M. Falls, Rene Gareau, Joseph Gareau, Feltus James, R.R. Prentice, M.T. Steele, W.R. Steele, D.N. Sullivan, James P. Sullivan, W.N. Van Every, M.R. Vanhorne, Lyle Vanhorne, Stewart W. Vanhorne, W.R. Vanhorne, Orland T.C. Wismer.
ROBINSON TOWNSHIP -- Charles Addison, Dominic Antawine, Lawrence Armstrong, Robert Beck, Dominic Bell, Arnold Buck, Albion Buck, Howard Burch, Angus Cada, Alfed Cada, Arnold Cada, Paul Cada Jr., Wilfred Cada, Robert Edmonds, Clarence Edmonds, Hubert Fowler, Lloyd Fowler, William Fowler, James Goulter, Howard Harper, Ernest Hazzard, Alan Hopkins, Murray Hopkins, Stanley Hopkins, Norman Hopkins, Homer Johnston, Grant Johnston, Kenneth Kemp, Grant Kemp, Elmer Lovelace, Roy Lovelace, Norris Lovelace, Nelson McCracken, Russell, McCracken, Edward McCracken, Leslie Misner, Alma Noble, John Perreault, Arden Pidgen, Oliver Pidgen, Morley Pidgen, Stanley Pidgen, Harold Rumley, Frederick Rumley, Leslie Rumley, Howard Rumley, Daniel Sampson, Louis Sampson, Theodore Simon, Harry Smyth, Walter Smyth, Albert Wabigijig, Leonard Wright.
BURPEE TOWNSHIP -- Miss Naomi Ainslie, Leone Ainslie, Norton Ainslie, Arnold Bell, Delbert Bell, Robert John Gibson, William Gibson, Orace Hayden, Carman Middaugh, James Morrison, Clarence Morrison, Meldrum Morrison, Hugh Nolan, Nelson Robinson, Wilfred Williams.
THOSE WHO DIDN'T RETURN -- Russell McCracken, Lyle Vanhorne, Ivan Falls, Lloyd Fowler and William Fowler.
25 Article: Barrie Island Reception, 1919 -- T. Gilmore, Percy Runnalls, Grant Brydges, T. Phalin, Willie Letta, Lorne Rumley, Jim Merrylees, Russel Gamble, Miss McColeman.
26 Article: Barrie Island Reception, 1919 continued, signed Emma Noble, Convenor -- Commander T. Gilmore.
27 Poem: No One Will Know and Night Flight.
28 Marriages: William Russell and Margaret Martin, Abraham Dinsmore and Mary Emma Goodmurphy, William C. Connor and Emma Spry, William Spurgeon Bradley and Alice Leslie, Charles McKechnie and Jane Bracken, Duncan McAllister and M. McKechnie, Robert G. Couch and Agnes McPherson, William Shearer and Clara Neely, Daniel Kitchen and Rachael Wakelam, Thomas Lewis and Sarah Francis Pretty.
29 Article: School Report at Sheguiandah -- Harry Robbins, Ruby Hastie, Verna Heis, Mae Connor, Grace Robbins, G. Nevills, Ida Connor, Mabel Lewis, Glen Robbins, Bertha Lewis, Herman Orr, Spray Burnett, Lottie Connor, Lena Heis, Pearl Atkinson, Agnes Heis, Pearl Stringer, Stella Stringer, Bryan Heis, Argyle Hastie, Orrin Lewis, Mervin Burnett, Vincent Prewer, Lewis Orr, Leland Trotter, Alvin Orr, Alvin Abbott, Jean Heis, Lucy Bradbury, Roy Atkinson, Eva Heis, Edna Lewis, Ruby Stringer, Cecil Heis, Gladys Egan, Clifford Lewis, Isabel Orr, Ruthvin Burnett, Lyle Atkinson, Russell Burnett, Wallace McConnell, Bert Coulter, Edna Stevens, Blanch Abbott, Jimmie Burnett, Ruthvin Stringer, Stella Robbins, Gilbert McConnell, Roy Stringer, Gordon Stringer, John Egan, Archie Steven, Jean Bradbury, Maud Egan, Ella Stringer, Norman Robbin, Daisy Trotter, Hattie Egan, Masea Stringer, John Heis, Blanch Stringer, Norman Burnett, Leonard Burnett, Will Stringer.
30 Article: Gordon, 1920 -- Robert Campbell, T.H. Thompson, Wesley Lehman, Mrs. Robert Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Guy, F. Van Horn, Otto Guy, R. Campbell, Albert Kent.
Article: Silver Water -- Wilfred L. Priddle, May Addison, Geo. Priddle, John Kemp, Mr. McLaren, A.C. Edmonds, A. Duncanson, John Edmonds, Bert Cook, Humphrey Priddle, Marjorie Cook.
31 Wedding: David Sim and Annie Christena McKinnon -- Mr. and Mrs. John McKinnon, Mr. and Mrs. David Sim, Rev. J.C. Lowrie, Miss Lola Sim, Miss Elizabeth Cowan, Mr. Cameron McKinnon, Miss Ethalyn Gordon, Mrs. McDonald.
Article: Mindemoya, 1920 -- A.J. Wagg, Mae Bailie, Ted Debil, Jennie Vincer, Wm. Becks, John Caddel, Earl Connard, Charlie Goddard, Guy Palmer.
Article: Spring Bay, 1920 -- Robert King, Etta and May King, Herb Wilson, Will Gardiner, Walter Galbraith, Mr. Fleming, Dan Galbraith.
Article: Carnarvon, 1920 -- David King, Mrs. R. McIntyre, Mrs. E. Pattison, Mrs. W. Gordon, Mrs. McQueen, Mrs. Lee, Ms. Hopkins, Fawcett, Caddle and Owen.
Article: 7th Line Gordon, 1920 -- Mary Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Anderson, Miss COOK, Mrs. Peter Peterson, Mrs. Art Williams, Mr. And Mrs. Phillip Beck.
74th Edition : December 1989
PageArticle or Item
Merry Christmas wishes.
2 Indexes.
3 Poem: Christmas 1919.
4, 5 Article: The Highlight of the School Year, 1935 -- Mary Wright, Norine McColeman, Mae Gibson, Edwin Battye, Elwood Sloss, Doreen Buie, Howard Haner, Margaret Wyman, Doran McColeman, Burton Wilson, Aleda Bryan, Gilbert Gilchrist, Elwood Sloss, Doran McColeman, Helen Haner, Dorothy Galbraith, Mayme Marshall, Howard Haner, Willis Sloss, Reo Hartley, Edwin Battys, Doreen Buie, Tyler Sloss, Lorna Galbraith, Mae Gibson, Norine McColeman, Sadie Gibson, Grant Sloss, Burton Wilson, Maude Wright, Margaret Wyman, Lois Haner, D. Galbraith, Wilma Cranston, Willis Sloss, Norine McColeman, Dorothy Galbraith, Helen Haner, Willis Sloss, Clare Wilson, Gordon Willis, Naomi Johnston, Sadie Gibson, Calvin Haner, Doran McColeman, Marjorie Wilson, Lorna Galbraith, Dorothy McAllister, Dran McColeman, Pauline Cranston, Sheila Cranston, Ransford Galbraith, Mary Wright, Bruce Galbraith, Laura McColeman, Lois Haner, Sadie Gibson, Marie Cranston, Nora Galbraith, Herbert Wright, Ellwood Lewis, Austin Brandon, Douglas Haner.
6 Poems: Christmas Rush and Wartime Christmas.
7 Article: A Story of Horses -- Whitford McDonald, Hugh Martin, Carl Hallett, John Paisley, John Taser.
8 Photo: of Manitoulin District Court House.
9, 10 Article: Court House at Gore Bay.
11 Photo: of the early Gaol House (jail).
12-13 Article: Manitoulin District Court House, Land Registry Office and Jail 1889-1989 -- William Francis, David Stringer, J.J. Kehoe, Sheriff Stevenson, Sheriff Carney, Bain McCallum, Henry Jackson, James Cashman, William Price.
14 Photo: Judge McCallum, Sheriff Jackson, W.R. Aubrey.
15 Article: History of the Manitoulin District Court and Registry Office Officials -- Edward Jackson, James Fell, Alvin Graham, William Francis, James Fraser, A.G. Murray, Charles Platt, Walter Wagg, Franklin Baxter, James Graham, Ronald Lane, Archibald McCallum, Charles Hewson, Albert Currey, George Collins, Charles Murphy, James Cashman, William McRae, J.A. Kinney, Ernest Claridge, William Price, Frederick Major, James Newburn, Clifford Boyd, Alexander Thorburn, Stephen Cronkhite, W.J. Griffith, Moses McFadden.
16, 17 Article: Death of Judge McCallum.
Photo: McCallum family; W.C. Fell.
18, 19 Article: Man Escapes from District Gaol -- Louis Shanawabin, Sandy Burns, W.I. Wagg.
Photo: of the Gaol House.
20-25 Article: District of Manitoulin -- Alexander Thorburn, Stephen Cronkhite, William Francis, David Springer, Archibald McCallum, Edward Jackson, James Cashman, Charles Hewson, Albert Currey, James Fell, James M Fraser, Charles Platt, Warren Abrey, A.G. Murray, William McRae, William Price, W.J. Griffith, Robert Gamey, Beniah Bowman, Thomas Farquhar, Alvin Graham, Ed Cabino, Bill Jones, Bud Jones, Allan McMillan, George Pateman, Joe Wagosh, John Shields, Joe Francis, Charles Schultz, Beniah Bowman.
23 Photo: Steven Cronkite.
25 Photo: Judge and Mrs. Hewson.
26 Photos: Judge McCallum's home in Gore Bay and the jail house.
27 Death: W.J. Golden.
Photo: A.B. Currey.
28 Article: Cpl. L. Needham to be moved from Island -- L. Needham, Ross Stinabough.
Photo: Aerial picture of the Court House.
29 Diary of Mr. Lloyd -- Moses Lloyd, John and James McGaughey, John Gray, Austin Hunt, Alex Cmapbell, James Johnson, Robert Henry, Robert Love, Dunk Tinkus, William Henry, Nelson Pierce, Henry Hunt, Robert Rivet, Harry Ross, Henry Martin, Joseph Mewburn, Donald Fraser, William Fisher, George Henry.
30 Article: Massey Fort a Trading Port -- Dave Smith, Roderick McKenzie, James D. Cameron, Wemyss Simpson, Tom Harper, John Dyke, Jack Gutcher.
31, 32 Article: Household Science Competition and Banquet -- Flora Durnin, Florence Eadie, B. Duncan, Edith Burt, Susie Stringer, Mrs. Leeson, Carol Baker, Mary Granger, Mary Lane, Laura Pickard, Dora Langton, Martha Robertson, Christena Kerr, Winnifred Love, Olla Green, Pauline Coe, Hilda Conley, Edna Hopkins, Kathleen Burnett, Edna Burnett, Mary Donaldson, Alma Nevilles, Florence Skippen, Irene Sisson, Patricia Russell, Bertha McMillan, Nellie Turnbull, Elsa Tilson.
33 Article: Manitowaning and Killarney Letters of 1851 -- David McCormick, Mary McCormick.
34 Poem: Cream Cans, by A.J. Wagg.
Article: The Pioneer Home.
35 Through The Years Subscription information.
Poem: Manitoulin.
Article: Manitoulin Discovered.
75th Edition : January 1990
PageArticle or Item
TURKEY SHOW OF 1937: Charlie Langton, Bill Vicer.
2. Indexes.
3. Photo: Old Cedar Fences.
4. Article: The New Year 1920; Victory Bonds.
Article: Some Island Marriages: By Bruce Pitfield, Rev W.G. Marshall, William Russell to Margaret Martin, Rev J.R. Gibson, Abraham Dinsmore to Mary Emma Goodmurphy, William C Conner to Emma Spry, Rev J. Morgan, William Spurgeon Bradley to Alice Leslie, Rev J Baskerville, Charles McKechnie to Jane Bracken, Rev. D.H. McLennan, Robert G. Crouch to Agnes McPherson dau of John McPherson, Rev T. Neal, Daniel Kitchen to Miss Rachael Wakelam, Rev T.W. Neal, Thomas Lewis to Miss Sarah Francis Pretty, dau of Charles Pretty.
5-8. Article: Manitoulin 1600-1800 by Th. Couture S.J.,: Father Couture, Father Vimont, Sagard, Father Joseph Antoine Poncet, Father Garnier, Father Chabanel, Father Menard, Father Allouez, Father Marquette, Father Dablon, Father Nouvel, Father Bailloquet, Father Andre, Father Siloy.
Article: Spring Bay U.F.O. 1921: Mrs George Cranston, Mrs. Wyman, Mrs. N. Campbell.
9, 10. Article: Snippets of History: by Bruce Pitfield, Marble From Lake Huron -- Colonel Rankin, E.J. Chapman, Mr. Ambrose Abbot, P.A. Switzer, Geo Chisholm, Mr. Cooper, Major Lewis, Mrs. F.D. Pepin, Martin & Catherine Heiss, Father Dufresne, Cecilia Pepin, Melvin Pepin, Alf Pepin, Leo Pepin, Melville Pepin, Mrs. A. Roque, Mrs A. Lahaye, Mrs. H. Roszel, Mrs. E. Mignault, Mrs. J. Moorby, John Heiss, Joseph Heiss, Mr & Mrs. R.J. Inkster, Mrs F. Tiplady, Miss Jean Miller, Eva Wilton, Mrs. H. Duff, Mrs. J. Walsh and Carrie Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. A. Dubie, Mr. J. O'Grady, Mr. D. Crisp, N.A. Morrissette, Mr. & Mrs. A. Caniere, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Pepin, Mrs. J.D. Malloy, Mr. & Mrs. M. Madagan, Cecilia Pepin, Mr. & Mrs. J.J. Symour, Mrs. D. Crisp, Miss U. Roszel, Mr.& Mrs. P.P. Lynott, Mr. & Mrs. T.J. McDermott,Mr. & Mrs. T.J. McCauley, Miss Z. Lecour, Mrs.H. Roszel, Mr.& Mrs. E. Desaunier, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Cahill, Mr. & Mrs.A. LaHaye, Mr. & Mrs. N. Hacker.
11. Article: Motor Cars and Such: Twentieth Century brought motor cars.
Article: Long Bay 1921: Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson, Harry Coulam, Sam Ford, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Pearson, Leo Miron, Miss Lottie Sloss, Mrs. B Saighon, Mr. W. Linley, Henry Cranston, Rev. Brubaker.
12-14. Article: Manitoulin May Lose Hospital -- Veteran Doctor Leaving: Dr. Robert W. Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Smith, Sadie Davis (Mrs Davis' name), A.L. McPherson.
Photo: Dr. Davis and his automobile with skies in front, The hospital.
Article: School Reports: 1919: Emerson Baker, J. Runnalls, M. Robertson, E. McIntosh, E. Gilroy, M. Currie, H. Kemp, D. Purvis, R. Bailie, M. Purvis, M. Brett, N. Purvis, M. McGillivray, C. Campbell, V. Baker, O. Witty, J. Wiseman.
13. Article: Ice Lake 1919: Miss J. Griffith, Joe Nelson, Harry Croft, Abe Wilson, Frank Palmer, Robert Dearing, Mrs Robert Brown, Mrs. G. Burch, Mr. & Mrs Geo Dearing, Mr. & Mrs. Will Wright, Mrs. R. Palmer, Abe Wilson, S. Burns.
15. Article: Manitoulin Railway 1920: Secure government assistance.
Article: War Situation 1900: Gen Buller.
16, 17. Photo: Kagawong Hockey Team 1909: N. Thompson, G. Badgerow, T.J. Thompson, J. McGill,V LaRush, W. Hunt, W. Hilliard, N. LaRush.
Article: Socialism is Advancing: Municipal ownership.
Article: Application for Charter: Application for railway.
18–20. Article: The Story of Manitoulin: Samuel Sieur de Champlain, Etienne Bruie, Father Joseph LaCaron, Jean Nicolet, Father Vimont, Louis Raisson, Louis Joilet, Nicholas Perrott, Robert Cavelier, de la Salle, Pierre de la Verendrye, Alexander Henry, Simon McTavish, William McGillivray, Sir Alexander McKenzie, David Thompson, Lord Selkirk, Sire George Simpson, Rev Fr Joseph Antoine Poncet, Sir Peregrine Maitland, Sire John Colborne, Sir Francis Bond Head, Capt Thomas G. Anderson, Rev Adam Elliot, Rev Charles C Brough, Dr. Paul Darling, Mr. Bailey, Little Bennie Bailey, Rev Frederick O'Meara, John Bickill, Hon William McDougall, Father Kohler.
21-26. Article: The 1925 Suits: People who had ordered pairs of pants or suits Cecil McLenan, Massis Campbell, Harman Banus, J.W. Jamek, C. Bradley, Dr. Aliston, M. Bouder, Fred Stewart, Carman Pearson, Ralph Boyter, Martin Buck, Gorge Buck, William Armstrong, George Armstrong, George Munroe, M. McIntyre, Cecil McDonald, Albert Sloan, Stanley Morphet, John Davis, George Gilpin, Ronald Gordon, Stanley Richards, Clive Panton, Ernest McColman, M.L. Davidson.
27. Article: Bousquet to Close Down: by Bruce Pitfield: George Webster, Lionel Brooke, James Bousquet, Robert Tough.
28. Article: Voters List 1918: Polling Place Meldrum Bay I.O.F. Hall, Joseph Armstrong, Jackson Armstrong, Emma Armstrong, Robert Arnold, Charles Burnett, George Bromley, Frank Cockwell, Christina Cockwell, Jas Doyle, Margaret Doyle, Henry Falls, Mabel Falls, Alfred Fisher, Mary Ann Fisher, Bert Fisher, Alice Fisher, W.K. Grant, Mary Grant, Albert Grant, Marjorie Grant, Joseph Granville, Ameda Gareau, Joseph Gareau, Ida Gareau, Charles Joyce, Maggie Joyce, Mary James, W.J. Keen, Wm Kerr, Gertrude Langman, Edward Markle, Wm McGibbon, Lucy McGibbon, Joseph Millman, Josephine Millman, Frank Morrison, Catherine Morrison, Wm Morrison, Wm McDonald, Gertrude McDonald, Edward Morrison, Muriel Morrison, B. Morrison, Donald Murray, May Murray, John Murray, Olive Morrison, Ida Belle Morrison, Kate Maxwell, Jacob Prentice, Eliza Pello, Wilbert Steele, Anna Steele, Jessie Steele, Dan Sullivan, Ethel Sullivan, Lulu Sullivan, J.A. Townsend, Hattie Townsend, David Vanevery, Jennie Vanevery, John Vanevery, James Vanevery, Russell Vanevery, J. G Wickett, Jannett Wickett, R.G. Wickett, Belle Wickett, Mary Wickett, Oswald Wright, Jessie Wright, Alfred Wasnedge, Hattie Wasnedge, Simon Woods, Maggie Woods, Henry Walker, Dave Young, Charlotte Young.
29. Article: Golden Wedding 1921: Mr. & Mrs Isaac Johnson.
Article: Gordon Merrymakers: 1921: Mr. & Mrs Delbert McArthur, J.B. Gibson Louis Stone, Paul Jones.
30. Article: Providence Bay 1900: W Baxter, Mr. Hastings, W. Berry, Mr. Brooks, J. Morrow, Dr. Johnston, Frank Mutchmor, R. Fawcett, W. Coresh, Dr. MacIntosh, B.F. Johnson.
Article: Silver Water 1900: Rev Mr. Robertson, Mr. Fraser, Wm Cook, Capt. Hamley, Mr. McMillan, Mr. Graham, Mr. Morris, Mr. Trick, Chas Post.
31. Article: Long Bay 1920: Clayton Sloss, T. Clarke, Jacob Venmeer, Miss Turnbull, Russel McDermid, Milton Buie, Mr. & Mrs. Norman McDermid, Irene Campbell, Walter Cranston, Mr. & Mrs R Pearson, Nelda Van Horn.
Article: Silver Bay 1919: Violet Moody, Dr Davis, Thos McCulligh, Mrs. Brown, Miss Mildred, Mrs. Thos Smith, Wm Beattie, Mr. & Mrs. N. Moody, Everett Moody, Mr. & Mrs. E. Spry, John Learmont.
Article: Gordon 1921: Norman McLaren, Herb, Gilroy, Burt Kemp, George Hall, Mrs. Wm Hall Sr, Mrs. Beange, John Vanhorn, Charlie Witty, George Willet, Tom Merrylees.
Article: Spring Bay 1921: John Cranston, Edward Cranston, Robert King, Mr. & Mrs Wm Galbraith, Hilton Cranston, Angus Taylor, Randolph McDonald.
76th Edition : February 1990
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Farming The Way It Used To Be.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: Ed Cabino A Fine Guy: Willard Witty, Ed Cabino, Bill Jones.
Article: Will Visit The Royal Winter Fair1930: Susie Baker, Carol Baker, Christina Kerr, Edna Hopkins, Winifred Love.
Article: Wins Contest for Sewing: Mrs. Emerson Lewis, Fern Hale, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hale.
4. Photo: Charlie Langton with his mare and colt.
Photo: Charlie Langton with four horses hitched for discing.
5-9. Photo: Robert Cavelier.
Article: Lasalle The Explorer Prof W.J. Eccles, Collier de Casson, Rene Francois Brehand de Galinee, Nicholas Perrot, Jesuit Father Marquette, Sieur Simounet, M Dumont, M Raiul, Henri de Tonty, Frances Parkman.
10-11. Article: Searching for the Griffon: Luc the Dane, Frank A. Myers, Father Lou Hennepin.
Photo: Lasalle portaged up the Humber River.
Photo: Map of Lasalle's Journey.
12-18. Article: The Mystery of Lasalle's Griffon: Tom Tomlinson, Wm. Downer, Mary Tomlinson, Capt Lux Dare, Alice Hackett, Orrie Vale, Wm Cullis, Roy Fleming, G.H. Agnew, Thomas J. Battman, Archie Wicket, Jack Allen, Mrs. Joe Millman, Jim Bail.
Sketch: Lasalle marches beside his canoe, and Map of Lasalles's route.
Photo: The Griffon built by Lasalle in 1679 -- first large vessel on Great Lake. John Holdsworth, W Albert Grant, W.K. Grant, Mr. Tucker, Commander E.F. McDonald, Vichot, Denoix, Snider and Murphy, C. Ben Davis, Jim Stewart, Mr. Martin, Fred and Finny James, Mr. Tappenden, Norman L. McCready, Richard Charboneau, Tom Rausch, Thomas Spedding, Feltus "Finnie" James, Walter Kenyon, Father Jean Louis Hennepin, Mrs. John McQueen, Mrs. John Cranston, Mrs. James Cranston, Thos Fawcett, John Fawcett, Robert Fawcett, Mrs. Wm. Robertson, Mrs. A.S. Thomson, Mrs Enie Sherwood
Sketch: Lasalle's lost ship.
18. Article: Golden Wedding 1920: Mr. & Mrs. R.W. Fawcett, Rev. J.S. Duncan, Prof. Hargraves, Mrs. John Cranston, Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Fawcett, Mr. & Mrs. David Williamson, Mrs. Thos. Bailey, Miss Mildred, Rev Mr. Bell.
Obituary: Henry Witty: Elizabeth Coutts, Rev. W.T. Swainson, Charles Witty, Frank Witty, Clarence Witty, Mrs. J.G. Storey, Olive Witty, Maxwell Witty, Delbert Witty, Janet Witty, Ruby Witty.
19. Article: The Opening of a Church: George Strain, Jack Hester.
Photo: Church in Gordon Township: Several people in front.
20-26. Article: The first Cruise of the Olivette 1890: Commodore J.G. Sing, Geo. L. Griffith, W.T. Moore, C.T. Sutherland, C. Stewart, Wm McLaren, G.P. McIntosh, Tom Boyter, L. McDonald, Miss Fanny Merrill, Miss Start, Miss Kilbourn, Miss Barnhart, Mrs. O'Reilly, Horace Smith, F.H. Kilbourn, H. Lepan, Tibishko Hunt, Donald Griffith, Tinkiss, Jupiter Pluvius.
26. Article: Accidental Death of Herbert Wilson Wright: W.J. Wright, Charles Wright, Robert Wright, Miss Gwyndolyn Agg.
27. Photo: Oil Wells.
Article: Oil Wells Near Petroilia, Ontario : 1917.
28. Article: Voters List 1918: Polling Place Meldrum Bay I.O.F. Hall, Joseph Armstrong, Jackson Armstrong, Emma Armstrong, Robert Arnold, Charles Burnett, George Bromley, Frank Cockwell, Christina Cockwell, Jas Doyle, Margaret Doyle, Henry Falls, Mabel Falls, Alfred Fisher, Mary Ann Fisher, Bert Fisher, Alice Fisher, W.K. Grant, Mary Grant, Albert Grant, Marjorie Grant, Joseph Granville, Ameda Gareau, Joseph Gareau, Ida Gareau, Charles Joyce, Maggie Joyce, Mary James, W.J. Keen, Wm Kerr, Gertrude Langman, Edward Markle, Wm McGibbon, Lucy McGibbon, Joseph Millman, Josephine Millman, Frank Morrison, Catherine Morrison, Wm Morrison, Wm McDonald, Gertrude McDonald, Edward Morrison, Muriel Morrison, B. Morrison, Donald Murray, May Murray, John Murray, Olive Morrison, Ida Belle Morrison, Kate Maxwell, Jacob Prentice, Eliza Pello, Wilbert Steele, Anna Steele, Jessie Steele, Dan Sullivan, Ethel Sullivan, Lulu Sullivan, J.A. Townsend, Hattie Townsend, David Vanevery, Jennie Vanevery, John Vanevery, James Vanevery, Russell Vanevery, J. G Wickett, Jannett Wickett, R.G. Wickett, Belle Wickett, Mary Wickett, Oswald Wright, Jessie Wright, Alfred Wasnedge, Hattie Wasnedge, Simon Woods, Maggie Woods, Henry Walker, Dave Young, Charlotte Young.
29. Obituary: John J. Wilkinson January 15, 1920: Miss Nellie Haugh, dau Hettie, sons Arthur and Lyle. Allen predeceased. Sister Mrs Alfred Lowrie, Mrs. Hugh Edgar.
Obituary: Duncan McLeod 1920: married Catherine Buie, Rev Mr. McLaughlin, Andrew Robertson. Daughter, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. McLeod, son Walter McLeod, sister Mrs. Isabella May.
30. Article: Household Science Competition Closed: Mrs F.M. Durnin, Susie Baker, Mrs. C. Foster, Carol Baker, Christena Kerr, Annie Johnston, Pauline Doe, Olla Green, Olive Wagg, Mary Allen, Mrs. C. Foster, Annie Johnston, Irene Dearing, Edna Hopkins, Winifred Love, Hilda Conley, Irene Wagg, Catherine Allen, Jessie Munro, Martha Robertson, Kathleen Hopkins, Carrie Cook, Mary Lane.
31. Article: Winners of Course Get Free Trip: 1930, Mrs Robert Boyter.
Article: Girl's Judging Contest 1930: Miss Lilly Petty, Mr. Wagg, Sadie Lee, Mrs. R. McAnsh, Della Lane, Elsie McDonald, Dora Langton, Lenna Bailey, Freda Duxbury, Edith Tustian, Ethel Langton, Dorothy Sanders.
Article: Silver Water 1920: Mr. Alex Purvis, Alf Wasnidge, Messrs D. VanEvery, H. Walker, Annie McDermid.
77th Edition : March 1990
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Old Gore Bay late 1800.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: School teaching The Early Days: Olive Wismer, Harold Wismer, Rudolph Wismer, Gertrude Wilson, Edith Glover, Isabell Baker, Mr. Dollar, Mr. Nickle, Mr. Penny, George Purvis, Judge Hewson, George Irwin.
4-7. Article: Little Current 1912: Willis Chipman, T.G. Anderson.
Photo: Early Little Current.
Article: Little Current 1912: Captain Anderson, Rev C.C. Brough, Mrs. Brough, Dr. Paul Darling, Mr. Bailey, Mrs. Bailey, Benny Bailey, Basil Darling.
7. Obituary: Lewis Ainslie Sr 1926: Mr. & Mrs Jas. E. Ainslie, Ida Belle Facon, Lavina Ainslie, Julia Ainslie, Margaret Ainslie, Lewis Ainslie, Oliver Ainslie, Lily Ainslie, Thomas Ainslie, Wm Ainslie, Mrs. Norman Matheson, James Ainslie, Archie Ainslie, Edward Ainslie, Mrs. Isaac Bailey, Rev. Thos. Ainslie, Mrs. Robert Greenman, Rev. W Munro, W Noakes, W. Morden.
8. Article: S.S. Meldrum Bay Has Been Scrapped: by Skip Gillham, George Hindman.
9. Photo: Ship Meldrum Bay In Welland Canal 25 August 1983.
10. Article: The File of June 23, 1919: Miss A Wicher, Mrs. Jennings, Dr. Frank Gilbart, Mr. & Mrs. D.A. Bickell, Dan McWhirter, W.F. McRae, John McDonald, Miss Bickell, Mr. & Mrs, E. Bickell, T.H. Holdsworth, Mrs. John Goodmurphy, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Baker, John Kildare, Mrs. Allen, Dr. D.H. Walker, Robert Russell.
Article: Barrie Island : John W. Jefkins, Robert Greenman, W. Vancise.
Article: Gordon : Beryl Beck, Jean Milligan, Martha Neilly, Mary, Campbell, James Burt.
Phipps-Norton Marriage: Mrs. Norton, Letitia Maud. Thomas Henry Phillips.
11. Article: Police Officer Had Some Unusual Requests In Line Of Duty, December 1989; BY John Averill Shields, Levina "Lule" Watson, Irene Shields, A.R. Knight.
12. Photo: John Shields and Mrs. Shields.
13. Photo: R.R. Gamey Block in Gore Bay at the time of great fire of 1908.
14. Article: Will Construct Telephone Line To Killarney -- July 1936: by Bruce Pitfield: Thos Farquhar, W.L. Miller, Wm Hale Thompson.
Article: Will Resume Construction of Telephone Line -- June 1937: by Bruce Pitfield, Mr. Sim.
15. Article: Killarney Telephone Completed: -- September 1937.
Article: Str. Telegram Burned- Thursday November 5, 1908: Capt Waugh, R.T. McLaughlin, R. Tasker, Capt Cleland.
16-17. Photo: Two pages map of the Great Lakes in 1755.
18-25. Article: Indian Treaties, Legends & History, No. 94: Wm McDougal, Wm. Spragge, Malshewonggai, Okemabeness, J.B. Assiginack, Benjamen Assiginack, Waibenessema Shewitogun, George Abbetoswai, Paimokuonaishkong, Abense, Taibosigal, Atowishcosh, Maiwandaigeshik, Waukauesay, Keesh Kewaubik, Sir Francis Bond Head, Wahkaossaway, KeeshKeewobie, Naishequongai, O. Kemabeness, Waibenessimais, Shhewitogun, Baibomsay, Patadigoshing, Kijigobines, George Ironside, Wm Sheppard, David L. Layton, John A. McDougall, Peter Jacob, McGregor Ironsides, Tekumoh, Runis Sobleny, Captain Ironside, P.J. Chabbot, King George, Capt T.G. Anderson, Lieutenant Colonel M'Kay, Capt De Lattery, Lieut. J. Austin, Lieut. Wm Taylor, Lieut Moses White, Mr. True, Mr. Patten, L.S. Johnston, Dr. Mitchell, Joseph St. Germain, A. Dusang, Lieut. Colonel M'Dowal, Ocarta, Sir W. Johnson Capt Roberts, Chief Little Knife, Rt. McDonall, John Johnson.
26-30. Article: 1921 Official Road Guide For Canada: John Lennox, F.A. Van Norman, J.C. Wallington, Roque & McGillivray, E.A. White.
Article: Points Of Law Motorists Should Know: by Thomas N. Phelan.
31. Photo: National Registration Certificate 1940: The War Year Jessie Blanch VanEvery.
Article: Little Known Postal Facts: Mrs. Ellen Fairclough, Sir John A. Macdonald, King Richard III.
78th Edition : April 1990
PageArticle or Item
Photo: That Old Model T Ford: Beniah Bowman.
2. Indexes.
3. Letters to the Editor: Pioneers of Big Lake: Mildred (Brown) Caddel, Al Brown, Mary Brown, Wilfred Brown, Van Zant, Bill Spikers, Will Moody, Mr. Middaugh, Jessie(Mrs. Geo. Shields), Mack Brown, Mrs. Moody, Mrs. Johnston, Harry Brown, Bessie(Mrs. Tom Smith, Roy Smith, Bill Montgomery, Mr. Steel, Mr. Munroe, Irene Shields, Mary Maguire, Percy Brown. Stan Brown, Rae Leeson, Kathleen McColeman, Mike Smith, Leila Wagg.
4. Article: Reader Provides Missing Information: 1990: Jack Hester, Mrs. Mildred Bond, George Strain, Mrs. Whiteloon, Annie Wandabense, Ida Owl, Eliza Owl, Louise Fairbanks, Katherine McGraw, Jessie Abottosaway, Lena Owl, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Owl, Mr. & Mrs. Tom McGraw, Amelia Corbiere, Kathleen Fairbanks, Charlie George, Tom Abotossaway, Charlie Whiteloon, George Whiteloon, Levi Abotossaway, Gladys Abotossaway, Mildred Abotossaway.
Photo: S.S. Manitoulin: Travelled North Channel, Manitowaning and Providence Bay.
5-14. Article: Manitoulin Memories, by Marven Bowman: Kaiser Wilhem, Henry Ford, Kitty Hawk, Barr, Dr. Robert W. Davis, Charles Lloyd Marven, Charles Quaiffe.
Photo: Rev & Mrs. Beniah Bowman Wedding day l1 September 1909.
Photo: Marven Bowman taken by Joe Wismer.
Photo: Bowman farm, hay wagon pulled by horses Bob & Jess -- Rev. Sam Goudie, J.R. MacGregor, Dunc Jeffrey, Bonar Law, Sir Wilfred Laurier, Sir Robert Borden, Rev Bill Yates, Henry Pedwell.
Photo: Model T Ford, with Beniah Bowman, Marven Bowman and dog Scotty.
Mac McCormick, Da Scott, Henry & Jen Sloss.
Photo: A New barn at the Smith Place.
Photo: The Smith Place.
R.R. "Bob" Gamey.
Photo: Clara Pearson & Marven Bowman, Wendel Bowman, Benjamin Bowman.
Photo: Come Josephine in my Flying Machine.
15. Photo: S.S. Heron Bay Loaded Pulpwood on Island, original name Agawa, finally named Robert P. Durham.
16-17. Article: Meldrum Bay 1921: Joe Hester, Bill Clarke, Mr. & Mrs. J. Van Every, J.A. Townsend, Mrs. A. McDonald, Bert Fisher, Lewis Stephens.
Photo: We Could Not Resist This Picture: Palmolive's Happy Gang Family Foto, Hug Bartlett, Toddy, Eddie Allen, Judy, Bobby Gimby, Blain Mathe, Joe Niosi, Lou Snider, Jimmy Namaro, Cliff & Terry McKay, Kathleen Stokes, Bert Pearl, Front row Murn (Mrs. Eddie Allen, Grace (Mrs. Bobby and Lyn Grimsby, Hilda (Mrs. Blain) Mathe, Mary (Mrs. Joe) Niosi, Sally and Eleanor (Mrs. Lou) Snider, Denise, Anne (Mrs Jimmy Namaro) and Linda, Patricia, Vera (Mrs. Cliff) McKay, Joan and Sally McKay.
18-19. Article: 55 Years in Lumber Camps: written in 1964: Adam Wood, William Wood, Duncan McGregor, Maude Hunter.
20. Article: Memorial Day Memories: By Ruby McColman Woodruff, November 11, 1986: Bernice McColman, Jim Merrylees, Bill McColman, Jack McKenney, Ernie McColman, Eleanor McColman.
21. Article: My Youth At Mindemoya by Daughter Blanche Manley (Hubbert): Grandma Campbell, Tom Hewitt, Mary & Frank Hubbert, Frank Sinclair, Sandy Fowler, Rosie Hubbert, Ira Middaugh, Lew Spry.
Photo: George Hubbert. Frances Hubbert, Jessie Hubbert, Ruth Hubbert.
22. Photo: Mrs. Frank Hubbert family with her nine family members after husbands death 1965.
23-25. Photo: Grandmother Campbell, with three grandchildren.
Article: The Turnbull and Hubbert Families: Great Grandfather Janmes Turnbull, Great Grandmother Joanna Jordan, George Turnbull, Elizabeth Hartry.
Article: Family of George and Elizabeth Turnbull: Charlotte Turnbull, Charlie Baxter, Mary Jane Turnbull married Francis Latimer Hubbert, Mina Elizabeth Hubbert married Karl T. Johnston, Margaret Mary Edith married Mervyn Knott they had four of a family Randy, Robin, Steven, Tracy Knott, George Richard Hubbert, Mildred Young, Harold Cameron Hubbert married Alice Hornibrook, Barbara Ann Hubbert married Gordon Jacques, Betty Jane Hubbert married Joseph Gregliano, they had two sons Barry, Harold married Jan Way and they had Ryan and Robyn Ashley, and William Francis married Lori Carr they had two daughters Mary Jane and Beth Anne. Blanche Adabelle Hubbert married Stanley Arthur Conley their three children Mary Agnes Conley married Wm Gordon Wilson with Sam Gordon Wilson, David Arthur McKiney Wilson, Emmy Lou Rebecca Wilson. David Arthur Conley and Ruth Ann Conley (twins), David married Karen Henderson they had two sons Christopher David Allen Conley and Stephen James Maxwill Conley. Eilein Pearle Conley married Rob Farrow with two sons -- Michael Warren Farrow and Bradley Robin Farrow. Mary Aressa Hubbert, Carmen Ryerson Hubbert, Charlotte Ruth Hubbert married Marvin Reed with Donna Mae Reed married Wm Austin and Rodney Paul Reed to Diane Charlton.
Photo: Mennonite Sunday School Picnic. Back row Dougal Gilchrist, George Gilpin, Harold Hubbert, Bill McCormick, George Hubbert, Earl Gilpin, Stewart Sloss, Carman Hubbert, Elwood Gilpin, Gordie Campbell, Doria McCulligh and in front: Kathleen Campbell, Kathleen Sloss, Oressa Hubbert Gilpin, front row Percy Mastin, Orpha Sloss, Ruth Hubbert, Mrs. P.G. Lehman, girl on knees Jessie Hubbert, Annabelle Campbell, Russel Campbell, Bernice Sloss.
Article: Jessie Delena Hubbert married David Munro with seven children Mark David Munro, Cora Emily Jane Munro, Anthony David Munro, John Robert Munro, Jessie Mae Munro, Lavender Ruth Munro married Joe Stutzman with Levi David Stutzman. Carmen Alexander Munro, Donald Cameron Munro. Frances Eunice Hubbert married John Wright with one daughter Constance Francis Wright married Don Davison, they have one dau Rachell Frances Davison. George & Elizabeth Turnbull, Maurice James Turnbull, George Edward Turnbull married Mildred Chapman, Wm Oliver Turnbull, Flora Turnbull married Ray Pyette with Irene Pyette married Lorene McCulligh, Arthur Pyette married Florence Skippen with four children Jean, Calin, Kenneth, and Chris. Ada Isabel Turnbull married John McLean with four children Phyllis, Leonard, Betty and Colin. Alice Victoria Turnbull married Stanley Paisley with three children Jack, Bill, and Barbara. Delena Turnbull married Jack McCauley with Isabel McCauley married Bud Woodhouse and they have two sons. Leonard Turnbull married Elva Morden. Pearl Turnbull married Wendell Anglin with two sons Billie, Robert Anglin married Barbara Sampson with three sons Jamie, John and David.
Photo: The George Hubbert family, back row Uncle George, Uncle Willie, Mother Mary Jane, Aunt Charlotte, Uncle Maurice. Front row Grandpa George Turnbull, Grandma Elisabeth Turnbull, Aunt Pearle on her knee, Uncle Leonard, Aunt Ada, Aunt Alice, Aunt Delena, Aunt Flora.
26-27. Article: Turnbull History and Reflections: George Turnbull, James Turnbull, Joanna Jordon, Charlotte Elizabeth Hartry, Abbotts, Fanny Hunter.
Photo: The S.T.S. Hockey Team of Tehkummah: by Pat Hall. Harvey Pyette, Bill Case, Dodds McCauley, Raymond McKenzie, Keith McGauley, Seward Hall, Front row Doug Swanton, Calvin Sagle, Ken McMurray, Art McMurray, Percy McMurray, Gordon Little, Allan McKenzie.
28. Poem: Tehkummah Cowboys by Norris Pyette.
Article: Silver Water 1921: Nels Campbell, O.M. Thomson, J.B. Rumley, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Williams, Frank Duncanson, W.S. Cook.
29. Photo: Play ball, young lady going to play ball.
Poem: Openin' Gates by Pat Hall.
Article: Sailor's Ball 1920: Capt Angus Matheson, A. Purvis, W. Carr.
30. Article: Deer and Caribou of Manitoulin, by Frank Myers: February 1886 D Bickel, Thomas Beckerton, Jim Poquam (Bal-gum-quoam), Joe Noland, Wm T. Baker.
31. Article: 1930 Turkey Show a Huge Success: Mr. Taylor, Earl Graham, Mrs. R. Weber, S. Marston.
Article: 1930 Turkey Show continued Whit McDonald, Cecil Foster, Mrs. D.O. Campbell, Angus Greenfield, Mrs. W.R. Tustian, J.R.W. Phillips, Thos Baker, W.T. Bryan, C.A. Brandow, Miss Christina Kerr, W.W.T. Bryan, Norman Brandow, Wm Goulter, Mrs. Robert Pickard.
79th Edition : May 1990
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Ward's Store in Tehkummah.
2. Indexes.
3-4. Article: Tehkummah -- Sandfield Schools 1897: Geo Turnbull, S.R. McKewen, R. Dodson, John Kirkpatrick, Dunkin McGregor, Anna McGregor, Annie Galbraith, A.E. McKewen, A.J. Wagg, Mrs. Will Moody, Norman Young, Maurice Ward.
5-6. Article: George A. Graham On The Rocks: by Skip Gillham: Mark Russell.
Photo: Ship George A. Graham.
6. Article: Populations: 1901,1911, 1921 for all townships.
7-10. Article: Dollars in The Great War: Herbert Brown Ames.
Photo: Emergency Hospital The Canadian Patriotic Fund winter 1918-1919. Col D.T. Irwin, J.M. Courtney, T.C. Gasgrain, Hon W.L. MacKenzie King, Hon R. Dandurand, Sir Edmond Walker, Francis H. Gisborne, J.B.Wallace, W.H. Hawkin, R. Hay, A Irving, O. Hinds, Rev. W.C. Conning, Dr. R.W. Shaw, W.A. McLeod, J.H. Fell, W.S. Chisholm, J.R. McGregor, Judge Hewson, F. Smith, A.E. Graham, R. Robinson, J.W. Griffith, Olive Fell, J. Russel.
Photo: Carton The Manitoulin News 1921.
11-23. Article: S.S. No.1 Mills School, by Darlene Orford; Sam Allen, Sam Ford, Mrs. Thomas Sides, Thomas Sides, W.E. George, Miss Helen (Nellie) Scott, Millie Orford, Helen Fogal, D.S. Allen, Wm Robinson, Jas Dinsmore, Thos. Robinson, Ira Middaugh.
Photo: S.S. #1 Mills: by Helen Tracy Croswell: Class of 1898. M, McArthur, R. Connell, Carl Robinson, Edna Millman, Anne Casson, Mrs. Cadotte, Mrs. Long, McLaughlin, S. Phillips, J.W. Hagan, N.R. Wightman, S. Geiger, F.K. Staffen, N.E. Ward, Norma Runnalls, Edna Orford.
Photo: S.S. No.1 Mills: by Helen Croswell: Mr. W. Milligan Class of 1899. Jessie Honess (Bell), Marshall Orford, J.B. Baker, Thomas Robinson, Wm Watt, Robert Sides, D.S. Allen, J.C. Baker, Matthew L. Davis, John McPhee, Thomas Arniel, Gibson; Moscrop, John Davis, Arthur Wilkinson, Albert Watt, S.G. Ford, Robert Radcliffe, Clayton Slomke, Scott McPhee, Ray Witty, Norma Orford, Harvey Robinson, George C. Scott, Llewellyn Honess, Ira Middaugh, Wm Dinsmore, Stanley Paisley, Albert Davis, Fred Lanktree, George Noland, Nelson Runnalls, Edmund Orford, Mrs. J.C. Robinson, J.D. Wiseman, Jim Ford, Delbert Orford, A.V. Pearson, Sherman McCulligh, Thomas Robinson, Wesley Hamilton, Albert Orford, John Scott, George L. Griffith, George Scott, Thomas Sides, John McKenzie, Wm. Orford, Wm Arniel, Bob Orford, S. Middleton. Ed Orford.
Photo: S.S. No. 1 Mills in 1901: Teacher Miss Gloria Sizer (Mrs. Joe Baker). Teachers: Millie Orford, Miss Tooke, Agnes Phillips, M. Swan, Mary May (Mrs. Geo. Phillips) Jennie Robinson, Thomas Arniel, George Thorburn, Dorcas May (Mrs. Wm Priddle), C. Thorburn, R.J. Hawkey, Barbara Bailey, D. Sam Alllen, Jeniie Elliott, Miss C.C. Johnson, Lizzie Cumming, Wm. Mulligan, Gloria Sizer, (Mrs. J.C. Baker), Louise Wright, Marshall McDonald, Olga McDonald, Lula Fairbourne, Violet McGillivray, Helen J. Scott (Mrs. John Kinney), Mae Person (Mrs. Thomas Clarke), Vera Myles (Mrs. Geo. Scott, Dorothea Aiken, Addie McDonald, Victor McLenon, Bessie Jeffray (Mrs. Colin McDermid), Pearl Orford, (Mrs. Geo. Coe) Whitney Davis, Ruby McColeman (Mrs. Char. Woodruff), Louise Kelly, Rhoda Axler, Olive Witty, Gordon More, Ethel Watson (Mrs. Carl Slomke), Margaret Hamilton (Mrs. Ray Baker), Margaret Watson (Mrs Evans), Pearl Conley (Mrs Burton Nelder), Mildred Pearson, Chas.A.K. Cockburn, Mildred Cameron, J.D. Wiseman, Edith Stephens, Pearl Sloss, Frances Corrigan (Mrs. Hammond), Glenelda Shaule (Mrs. Cliff Orford), Harry Coventry, Laverne Dempster, Barbara Ann Fraser (Mrs. Wm Orr), Fern Panton (Mrs. Doug Patterson), Leila Hayden, Margaret Davis, Allan Eagleson, Carole Waskin, Dorothy Ford (Mrs. Lyle Sloss), Helen Fogal.
19. Elsie Middleton (Lewis), Harris Baker, Will Davis, Whitney Davis, John Orford, Susie Baker (Runnalls) Mary Baker (Runnalls), Clara Moscrop (Sloss), Dougall Middleton, Jean Ford (Croft), Carol Baker (Lane).
20-21. Article: Teachers and Students of the First Years: 1905 had Hettie Wilkinson, Clarence Orford, Ernest Moscrop, Syd Dinsmore, Will Atkinson, Ted Middleton, Bob Middleton. 1905-1906 had Milton Dinsmore, Lizzie Robinson, Ida Wilkinson, Emma Davis, Maggie Robinson, John Baker, John Robertson, Norman Orford, Andrew McArthur, Bob Foster, Pearl Orford, Winnie Foster, Annie Middleton, Will Orford, Arthur Atkinson, Annie Atkinson, Aiden Wilkinson, Thressa Atkinson, Len Robinson, Wm Dinsmore, Ella Foster, Orval Noland, Meadie Atkinson, Mary Slomke, Hettie Wilkinson, Will Atkinson, Harve Robinson, Albert Davis, Clarence Orford, Jennie Noland, Richard Foster, Arthur Atkinson, Jim Scott, Annie Dinsmore, Winnie Foster, Hettie Middleton, Wm Dinsmore, Eva Robinson, Orval Noland, Geo. Scott, Syd Dinsmore, Nelson Dinsmore, Arden Irwin, Llewellyn Honess, Bob Middleton, Chas. Middleton, Edith Noland, Will Scott, Clara Moscrop, Frank Wilson, Wilfred Atkinson, Myrtle Atkinson, Jim Foster, Violet Irwin, Myrtle Brockelbank, Georgia McGibbon, Whitney Davis, Sanford Baker, Arthur Wilkinson.
22. Photo: 1899 School Section 1 Mills, Bill Milligan Teacher.
23. Photo: Out for a Cutter Ride; Jane and Matthew McCauley and grandchildren.
24-26. Article: Annual Household Science Ccompetition: 1932, Flora M. Durnin, Miss Florence P. Eadie, Miss E. Zavity, Miss Edith Burt, Lena Clarke, Vilda Gardener, Mary Haner, Elizabeth Proctor, Ruth Farquhar, Ethel Hamilton, Marguerite Nelder, Florence Morphet, Nora Morphet, Laura Rowe, Eldrid Smith, Clara Hodgson, Verna Coe, Jean Baker, Francis Matheson, Jean Campbell, Violet Pearson, Merle Davis, Bertha Pearson, Marjorie McPhee, Aleta Davis, Agnes Robertson, Ella Garbutt, Elsie Newman, Olive Vanhorn, Margaret Calback, Dorothy Dearing, Lois Tustian, Emma Armstrong, Helen Johnston, Ida Pyette, Jean Hutchinson, Mrs. Geo Bryan, Alma Nevilles, Bertha McMullen, Edith Brockelbank, Lenna Bailey, Pauline Coe, Hilda Conley, Dorothy Noland, Mary Granger, Mrs. C. Runnalls, Dora Langton, Ethel Langton, Pearl Bryan, Catherine Allen, Edna Allan, Mary Lane, Florence Skippen, Carol Baker, Edna Burnett, Irene Wagg, Violet Wagg, Jessie Munro, Christena Kerr, Irene Dearing, Leta Dearing, Vera Matheson, Edna Hopkins, Amy Smith, Adeline Smith, Carrie Cook, Kathleen Hopkins, Freda Duxbury, Nellie Turnbull, Nellie Runnalls, Martha Robertson, Mary Donaldson, Mrs Cummings, Mr. R.E. Cummings, Mr. A.J. Wagg, Mr. N.R. Wightman, Mrs. J. McGauley, Mrs. Wm Cooper, Mr. A.E. Graham, Mrs. Cecil Runnalls.
Article: Girls' Judging Contests 1932: Lily Petty, Sadie Lee, Mrs. R. McAnsh, Della Lane, Elsie McDonald, Olla Green, Edith Tustian, Dorothy Sanders.
Article: Billings 1921: Mr. & Mrs Len Foster, Mrs. J. McDermid, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. McAnsh, Katie Bowser, Aylmer Tustian, Morgan Bowser, Mr. Charlie Wiber, Mrs. J. Ferguson, Mr. R. Tustian, Mr. & Mrs. G. Tustian, Miss Jean Tustian, John Greenfield, Miss Repha.
Article: Poplar 1921: Rev Mr. Feast, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Orford, Pete Donaldson, Nelson Dinsmore, Dr. James Scott, Bob Sides, Clayton Slomke, Bill Orford.
27. Article: Public School, Daily Register For Recording The Attendance of Pupils: Year 1908, Township of Gordon. Teacher A.E. Johnson, Dora Black, James Burt, Rose Campbel, Ern Gilroy, Beatrice Beck, Robert Gilroy, Homer Glenn, Maggie Wright, Estelle Vance, Robert Elliott, Will Johnson, Edith Woodruff, George Guy, Ern Elliot, Flo Pemberton, Ida Glenn, Frank Wood, Arthur Elliot, George Wright, Ella Beck, Edith Burt, Alex Vance, Ruth MacLaren, Gurtie Pemberton, Walter Hall, Edgar Burns, Gordon Pemberton, Allen Montgomery, Hilda Beck, Vada Elliot, Chas Woodruff, Hugh MacLaren, Bella Pemberton, Otto Guy, Gladys Willett, John Beck, Gladys Beck, Alf Burt, Clifford Pemberton.
28-29. Article: Public School, Daily Register For Recording The Attendance of Pupils: Year 1912, Teacher N. Griffith, Bob Montgomery, Dave Vance, Harker Coutts, Gladys Willett, Violet Badgerow, Frank Currie, Phillip Badgerow, Maggie Currie, Ethel Gilroy, Martin Proctor, Laura Vance, Leonard Willet, Lydia Badgerow, Clifford Coutts, Freda Ellis, Jean Vanhorn, Geo Ellis, Roy Hall, Willie McLaren, Gordon Vanhorn, Violet Burt, Lottie Pemberton.
30-31. Article: District News: September 5, 1902: James Carter, Mr.& Mrs. E.H. Jackson, Miss Ida Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. Beattie, Mrs. Teakle, Mr. & Mrs. Holden, Judge McCallum, Stephen Gain, Miss M McAuthur, James Todd, Rev. R.S.E. Large, Maggie Thorburn, Thos. Flesher, Mrs. W.W. Holden, Mrs. J.H. McMillan, John McMillan, Alf McMillan, Mr. & Mrs. D.B. McRae, Stewart Clarke, Miss Beach, Miss Belle McRae, R.O. White, Rev. J.L. Robertson, Rev. Mr. Byrnes.
Article: The Files of July 7, 1910: George Bowser, John Warner, W.S. Chisholm, Mr. Sutherland, Aggie Thorburn, Mrs. G.H. Bond, Mr. & Mrs. Wm Purvis, Russ Morris.
Article: Gordon: Miss May Beck, George Emery, Herb Gilroy, Harry Witty.
Article: Meldrum Bay: Jim Fitzpatrick, Harry Godson, Ed Stonehouse, Gordon Milligan, Charlie Burnett.
Article: Tekhummah: Emily Mastin, Martha Mastin, Mrs. Robert Stocks, Mrs. Jas Hopkins, Will Little.
Article: Fernlee: John Barber, Mrs. John Rumley.
Article: Cockburn Island: Miss M. Mock, Miss Mary McKay, D.J. McLeod, George Wright.
Article: Ice Lake 1921: J.E. Wright, Thomas A. Baker, Ed Baker, A.A. Robertson, W.E. Hoare, Mary Robertson.
80th Edition : June 1990
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Photo: A Payload of Children: Three children waiting for a ride.
2. Indexes.
3. Advertisement: Use Sunlight Soap.
Article: Committed to Trail 1897: John Smith, Wm Thorburn, R.N. Thorburn, D.I. Millar, Justices Fraser & J.S. Mullin, J.W. Cashman. R.R. Kessock.
4-5. Poem: The South African War by C.S. Moore, Perivale, Manitoulin.
5. Article: For Young Women 1902: Miss Emily Liddell.
Article: Searchlight Telephone 1920: Dr. A.O. Rankin.
6-7. Photo: Bayton in Montreal 11 August 1964, by Dan McCormick.
Article: Bayton: by Skip Gillham, Capt R. Scott.
Advertisement: Blue Ribbon Ceylon Tea, Forty Cents, Black or Green.
8-22. Article: The First Two Centuries of the Catholic Faith -- North Bay to Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario: Father J. Edward O'Flaherty, Nicholas Aubry, Jesse Fleche, three Recollect Fathers -- Denis Jamet, Jean Dolberau, Joseph LeCaron, Brother Pacifique Duplessis, St Jean de Brebeuf, Father Nouvel, Father Wm Poullain, Father Jacques de la Foyer, Jean Nicolet, Dr. Paul le Jeune, St. Isaac Jocques, Father Charles Raymbault, Father Claude Pijart, Fathers Leonard Gareau, Rene Menard, Joseph Antoine Poncet, Adrien Daren,Father Poncet, St. Gabriel Lalemant, Father Ed Jacket, Father Gabriel Druillettes, Parkman, Father Simon Le Moyne, Fathers Claude Dablon and Peter Chaumonat, Pierre Tonsohoten, Fathers Garreau and Druillettes, Father Charles Albanel, Jean Guerin, Henry Colin Campbell, Father Allouez, Father Marquette, Father Dadlon, Father Baraga, Father Louis Andre, Fathers Casson & Gallenie, Father Druillettes, Father Bailloquet . Father Siloy, Etienne de Carheil, Father George Hunter, Sir Guy Carleton, Lord Hillsboroughm, Bishop Briand, Abbe Bailly, Bishop Macdonell, Bishop Burke, Father La Valiniere, John Carroll, Father Pierre Potier, Father Marchand, Bishop Desglis, Bishop Plessis, Father Joseph Crevier, Father John McKenna, Bishop Deslis, Father Roleric Macdonell, Father Edmund Burke, Father Alexander Scotus Macdonell, Wm Canniff, Bishop Baraga, Father Gabriel Richard, Francis Picquet, Governor de Vaudreuil, Rev. Abbe Picquet, Rev Wm Case, Peter Jones, John Crane, Father Nadeau, Father Francis Badin, Father Dejean, Capt Anderson, Mr. Bell, Bishop Weld, Father James Bennett, Father Leonard Dempsey, Father John Baptiste Proulx, Bishop Gaulin, Father Chazelle, Father Du Ranquet, Brother Jennessaux, Bishop Power, Fathers Peter Point and Peter Chone, Father Joseph Hanipaux, Father John B. Menet, Father Pierz.
Article: Fish Chased Ashore By Whales 1908: Nahant, fish chased onto beaches by whales.
Article: A Narrow Escape -1908 :Fred Nelles, John Nelles.
23. Article: Centre Manitoulin Sheep Club 1920: I.F. Metcalf, Mr. Rixon, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Bond, Mr. Vincer, Thos. McLean, N. Morden, Geo Strain, Geo. H. Cook, Alvin Bock, Mildred Bock, George Sterling, Ruth Sterling, Jean Dryden, Roy Connolly, Bessie Love, Farquhar, Edmund Looker, Norman Looker, James Smith, Lloyd Smith, Mervyn Dunlop, Betram Dunlop, Willie Hare, Zella Vanhorn, Wilbert Hopkin, James David Stapleton, Karl Johnston, Leonard Caddel.
24. Article: Building an Icehouse: Every Ontario farmer who produces milk.
25. Article: The Carriage Waits "Without" 1908: by Harvard Lampoon.
Photo: Early automobile.
26-27. Article: Snowville Sports July 8, 1920: 400 Witness ball game in Snowville: McKenzie, Gibbs, Bock, Anderson, Galbraith, McColeman, Ferguson, Cushing, Becks, Bond, Russell, G. Wallace, Dr. Baker, Mr. Farrell, Line up McCutcheon, Baxter, Ward, Watson, Williamson, McDonald, Hare, Anglin, Hilton, Cranston, Rowe, Mastin, McIntosh, Smith, Hinds, Casson, Jaffray finished with races, Turnbull, Griffith, Mrs. J. Haner, Lydia Hunter, Ray Thomas, A. Vanhorn, R. Thomas, N. Turnbull, Randolph McDonald, Sheila McDonald, Andy Williamson, Effie Becks.
27. Article: Renewal of Oil Prospecting 1920: M.Y. Williams, W.J. Embury, P.S. Warren, V.K. Stevens, Senator Poirier, Mr. Gordon.
28. Article: Providence Bay 1902: Oliver Berry, Capt McKinnon, Duncan Cameron, E.K. Near, A.J. Cooper, John Weatheral, Wm. Thorburn, M Pearson, Levi Bock, Mr. & Mrs. S. Sinclair, Joe Milton, E.J. Knight, Chas. E. Tran, Capt Matheson, Chas. Field, N. Buchanan, Mr. Rennie, Capt Monkhouse, Don H. Jacobi, Capt. Smith, Mrs. Mutchmor, Mrs. N. McKechnie, Mw. Charters, B.F. Mutchmor, Thos Love, Rev. Daniel Bock, B. Bock, Sam King, Joseph Gamey, J.H. McMillan.
29. Article: Tehkummah 1920: Robert Russells, Henry Hall, Mr. Elford, Mr. Metcalf, Tony Hembruff.
Article: Manitowaning 1920: Pearl Woolley, Vair, Morden, Dr. Art Hines, Adam Arnold.
Article: Little Current 1920 : Wm Collings, Comrade M. Boyter, W.A. Sims.
30. Advertisement: Bargains in Used Cars 1920: prices ranged from $200 to $2,000. Algoma Agency & Supply Co., Limited.
31. Article: Cockburn Island June 10, 1920: Mr. & Mrs. N. McKay, a son, Mr. Manday, Mr. Hagan, Mrs. Doherty, Miss R. Thomson, Capt McKay, Mr. & Mrs. Pateman, Chas. Homestead, Mr. King, Galt, Watson, Sheriff Fell, Mrs. Ward. John McKay, Mr. Smith, Mr. Goodmurphy, Mr. McLeod.
31-32. Article: Silver Bay, March 1920: J.A. Ward, Mrs. A. Russell, Mrs. Roy Brown, Mrs. Jonathan Hutchinson, Mr. Robt Parkinson, Ross Johnston, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Aelick, a son.Mr. Garne, Joe Millman, W. Steele, Arthur Wicketts, J. Doyle, George Cook, Merle Wickett, Chas. Joyce, Geo. Rumley, James VanEvery, Finnie James.
Article: Tobacco Lake 1920: Jessie Mastin, Miss McIntosh, Sally Bernie, Jennie Brett, Mamie Brett, Elsa Fell, Beryl Fell, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Gimby, Jack Gimby, Mrs. Chisholm, Mrs. Hickenbottom, Mrs. R.T. Hall, Bernice Kemp, Jean McGowan, George Hall, Kathleen Hagan, Lena Thorburn, Tiny McIntosh, Jack Hagan, Percy Lane, Miss McGuire, Mr.& Mrs. Fred Smith, Mr. & Mrs. McGregor, Mrs. Langley, Mr. & Mrs. Allen, Florence Pearson, Mr. & Mrs. Neil McIntosh, Mr. & Mrs. Cronkhite, Mr. & Mrs. Needham, Viola Needham, Mrs. Dinsmore, Mr. & Mrs. John Hurn, Miss Reid, Miss Ray, Messrs Harker and Cliff Coutts, Misses Jean Coutts, Mable Coutts, Vera Casson, Mr. &Mrs. A.E. Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Wm Johnston, Miss Wilson, Ken Buchanan, Neil McIntosh, John Gibbs, Mrs. Silverthorne.
Article: Government Road 1920: Mr. Dewar, Mr. & Mrs Fred Hopkins, Mr. & Mrs. Goddard, Mr.& Mrs. Albert Langtree, John Longtree, J.R. Gailbraith, A. Owen, Mrs. M.J. Barclay, Mr. Spears, Charlie Goddard.
Article: Barrie Island 1920: Mr. & Mrs. G.A. Cole, Mr. & Mrs. E.A. Letts, Geo. Brydges, B.F. Morden, Rev. Mr. Wiseman.
81st Edition : July 1990
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Photo: The Gore Bay Shoeing Shop, 1902: By J. Griffith.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: 25th Anniversary of Canada's Flag -- 1965-1990: February 15, 1965 that the new flag was raised over Parliament Hill, in honour of Lester B. Pearson.
4. Poem: A Prayer for Canada -- 1920.
Article: New Stores at Mindemoya -- 1920: Orion Thomson, Jack Galbraith, A.J. Wagg.
5, 6. Photos: Salvage attempt on Western Star and photo while going to dry dock.
Article: Western Star Aground on Robertson Rock: by Skip Graham -- renamed Prescott and it's last sail was November 29, 1962.
7. Poem: The Good Old Days by Bruce Duncanson.
8. Article: Sandfield Township's Owners are Many in 1886 by Bruce Pitfield -- W.H. Price, William Hagan, F. Martin, Eliz Martin, J B White, Wm Wilson, Even McAuley, James Fiddes, F. Watson, R.A. Lyons, Kate McF White, Wm Bowler, John McWhirter, H, Vanzant, Joseph Johnston, W.S. Clarke, Mathilda Tinkis, Robert Wagg.
9-14. Article: 100 Years Ago, Incorporation of Gore Bay and Little Current took place 100 years ago by Bruce Pitfield. Assented to 7 April 1890, comprising portions of the municipality of Gordon in which is situated bye unincorporated village of Gore Bay.
Photo: Water Front in Gore Bay.
Article: An act of incorporate the Town of Little Current by Bruce Pitfield -- David McGilvery Esquire.
13. Article: Death of Louis Beboning 1920 -- Deaths of Mr. & Mrs Beboning with a year.
15. Article: Manitoulin as a summer Resort: Dec 26, 1919: by Sportsman -- Mindemoya.
16. Photo: The Modern Car Chevrolet Car and a convertible too.
Article: Good Road Convention: 1920 -- the convention will be asked to propose the most effective means of constructing and maintaining good roads.
17. Article: Women's Institute: 1920 -- Big Lake: Mrs. Roy Brown, Mrs. J.H. Johnston, Mrs. H. Bassingthwaite.
Article: Sunday School Convention: 29 April 1920 -- Rev T.A. Halpenny, Miss G. Batman.
Article: Prohibition Resolution: May 20, 1920 -- Hon Beniah Bowman.
18, 19. Article: District Court and General Session of Peace for Manitoulin Held at Gore Bay on Tuesday and Wednesday 1897: Honor Judge Johnston, Queen vs Bailey, Robert and Joesph Bailey, Isaac Bailey, Samuel Bailey, J.J. Kehoe, Queen vs Madwedgiwan -- Recollect Madwedgiwan, Mr. Kennard, Ayer vs Kenny Capt Graser, Ed E. Ayer, A.D. Greasor, Randall Kenny. Queen vs Smith, G. McAlphine, R. Thorburn, D.I. Millar, W. Thorburn.
19. Article: Found Guilty 1897 -- John Smith Ran an Illicit Still: W.J. Strattton, John Smith, Justice Fraser and Mullin.
Article: The Saturday Mail 1920 -- Looking for a solution about late mail arrival.
Article: Still a Place for a Good Horse 1920 -- Horse demand during the war.
20. Advertisement: Ontario Riding Plow sold by J.W. Kerr.
Article: Secrets Bridges May Keep 1920 -- Rule of marriage.
21. Advertisement: Queen's Hotel Gore Bay prop R.O. Small. McDougall House Providence Bay, Manager Neil McDougall.
Article: A Dog of Napoleon's Day, 1920 -- Marshall Lannes.
22. Article: Baseball -- Snowville vs Wikwemikong 1920 -- August 16,Messrs Hinds & Farrell Umpires.
Article: Toronto Woman Shot 1920 –August 11, W.W. Carter, August Wendt, Mr. & Mrs McIntosh.
Why Beauty Fades 1920 -- Dr Williams Pink Pills.
Article: Remarkable Cure 1920 -- Dr Jas Newburn, Arthur Wayman, Chas Taylor.
23. Article: Cape Croker Indians 1920 -- Five Akiwenzie brothers.
Article: Labour Day at Manitowaning 1920 -- Ruddell C McCutcheon, Sylvester, Davis, George, J. Bondy, B Isaac, Dominic, I Bondi, Jack Bondi, Gabaw, H. McCutcheon, Baxter, Ward, McDonald, Tilson, V McCutcheon, Watson, Snow, Thomas, Currie, Sheppard, Hinds, B McKenzie, Smith, Jaffray, Casson, Wright.
24. Article: Masonic Installation January 1920 -- W Bro J.W. Griffith W.M., Bro S. Clarke, Bro W.M. Morrison, Bro N.R. Smith, Bro. J. Wismer, Bro C.C. Platt, Bro E.E. Jackson, Bro H A. Pearson, Bro A.D. Mastin, Bro D. McLean, Bro D. Beatty, R.W. Bro A.E. Graham, W Bro R. Robinson, Bros J.A. Baker and J. Donaldson, R.J. Winter.
Article: Grain Exhibits 1920 -- W.J. Hopkiins, Joe Wilson, Fred Wagg, Whit McDonald, Van Every Bros, Fred Fisher.
Advertisement: To Avoid Influenza:Health tips 19 February 1920.
25. Article: Disastrous Fire 1920 -- One if the saddest events on the evening of Sept 24 when John Gibson lost his life, Chris Burns, Rev R. Wiseman, Mrs. S. Bailey, Mrs. R. Bailey, Mrs. J. Bailey, Mrs. Wilson.
Article: Donations for Mrs. Gibson 1920 -- Jas McKinley, A. Brown, T. Latra, Rev R. Jaffray, T. Wilson, N. Campbell, Wm. Baker.
Article: La Cloche Island May Be Sold 1920 Rumours of sale for $250,000.
26. Article: W.I. Comvention 1920 -- Mrs. Todd, Mrs. R. Wiseman, Mr. Metcalf.
Article: Where the Smiths Come From 1920 -- The Smith Manufacturing Company.
Article: G W.V.A. Dance at Little Current January 8, 1920 -- Susie Currie, Ed Valliquette.
Article: Charged with Speeding 1920 -- I.F. Metcalf.
27. Article: District News 1897 -- D.I. Millar, Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Baxter, S R. McKeown, R. Tilson, R.R Gamey. A.C. McCrae, John Leask, Alex Merrylees, Mrs. W.W. Holden, D. Bickell, W. Thorburn, Honor Judge Johnston, Attorney Kehoe, Barrister Hearst, Sheriff Carney, Sheriff Stevenson.
28. Article: Terrible Fatality -- David Magill Threshing machine explosion.
Article: A Bad Wound –Young McDonald, Miss Bain From the Ducks, the lad fell carrying a dish and was dressed by Dr. Johnston.
29. Article: Canada is to Have A New Coat of Arms 1920 -- Ottawa July 27, Earl Marshall.
Article: To The Electors of Manitoulin 16 October 1919 -- With four votes to be polled. The First is the leading one. Second ask you to compromise with strong drink, Vote no for three and four.
Article: Women's Institute Carnavron 1920 -- Mrs George Wedgerfield, Mrs. A. Owen, Mrs. J. McQueen, Mrs. P Caddel Poplar – Mrs. Joe Lee, Mrs Watt, Mrs Radcliffe.
30. Article: Orange Celebration At Manitowaning July 5, 1920 -- King William, Mr. Wm McCauley, Mr. Boyd of Kagawong, H.L. Richardson, Rev D. Watson, Rev Sanderson, Hugh Fraser, Ki Casson, Jack Sheppard, Art Mastin, Cliff Gibbs, Line ups for Killarney E. Roque, C. Roque, Egan, J. Bernard, T. Bateman, Wm Lowe, D. Roque, H. Roque, V. Roque, Line up for Gore Bay -- H. Fraser, C. Gibbs, A. Mastin, J. McIntosh, J. Sheppard, A. Hinds, R. Jaffray, Ki Cassion, C. Smith. F. Prye played short stop for Killarney in the last three innings.
Article: Lineup for Snowville -- T. McCutcheon, T. Baxter, D. Ward, P Russell, B. Watson, V. McCutcheon, B Robinson, C. Snow and C. McCutcheon and for Gore Bay C. Smith, C. Gibbs, A. Mastin, J. McIntosh, J. Sheppard, A. Hinds, R. Jaffray, Ki Casson, H. Fraser. Massrs Jackman and Cushing of Mindemoya umpired the two games.
31. Article: The Glorious Twelfth 1920 -- The Loyal Orange Kidges celebration at Meldrum Bay on Monday July 12., Bro J.B. Bailey, RevJ.D. New, Rev R. Wiseman, G.H. Cook.
Barber Shop 1902 on Meredith Street, Gore Bay, Baths at all hours, Chas White.
Article: Annual Sunday School Convention May 20, 1920 -- Miss Tilson, Miss Bateman,Rev T.A. Halpenny, Mr. Elford, R. Robinson, A.J. Wagg, Mrs. R.W. Shaw, Mrs. A.D. Watson, D. Munro.
82nd Edition : August 1990
PageArticle or Item
Picture: Deer Season: Jane Hilson McCauley, Dodd and Vilda with children Pat, Shirley, Joan and Blaine.
2. Indexes.
3, 4. Article: George Hindman/Brookdale by Skip Graham: Capt George Hindman, W.J. Crosby. Scott Misener, Capt Norman Reoch.
5. Article: The Lumbering Situation October 1897 -- Jos Turner, John Charlton, W.C. Edwards, Mr. Cranneil.
Article: Must Not Smoke in the Theatre 1920 -- Paul Mounet, Eben Plympton, Otis Skinner, M Mounet.
6-21. Article: James Young Arrives on Manitoulin in 1889 -- James Young and wife Cynthia had seven Children, Oscar, William, Louisa, Jane (Murray Thompson's grandmother -- Kagawong) Adeline, Emma, James and George, Bill Purvis.
Article: Diary of James Young January 1, 1889 -- Shepardton, McBrides, G. Fielders, Jack Mountiney, C.W. Gauthier, George Wiles, Will Smith, Stuart Clark, Gordon Gauthier, Norman Mathison, Frank Smith, Emma & Hattie Cook, Jack Purvis, Theodore Nastin, D Anderson, Angus & Martie Thorburn, Dan Matheson, McLelians, Ainslies. G. Irwin, Sir Godman, Dr Johnston, Marrylee, Wylies, Cootsis, H. McLean,T. Whitys, G Witty, Roszells, Mordens, Tebo, Greenmans, T. Witty, B Witty, Burton Witty, Harry Mervins, George Witty, John McLean, Tom Witty, T Greenman, Ed Purvis, Totten & W. Thorburn, Jim Grear, W. Jennings, Boyters, Cambles, Phil Morden, T, Latta, H.B. Hunt, G. Latta, Jim Merrylees, G Barnebus, Jim Good, Steven Morden, Brackens, George Cook, Ben Hopkins, Angus Matheson, Bill McTaggard, Calback, B.W. Ross, Goodmurphy, E.L. Brazene, Mary McLean, Sam Coborn, Jack & Willard Witty, D.I. Millar, Wallace Milligan, Joe Wilson, Stringer, Beckertons, B. Good, James Hughson, Billy Purvis.
Poem: by Willie Young, Gore Bay, Ontario.
22. Poem and Picture: The Village Blacksmith.
23. Article: Dailey Mail for Providence 1908 -- A.E. Dyment, M.P.P., Inspector Thompson.
Article: Some Don'ts for Girls 1902 -- Advice to girls, reasons not to marry.
24-29. Photos: of Resident of Tehkummah Submitted by Pat Hall -- Etta Geraldine McCauley, Wilmer McCauley, Pete and Jean McCauley, Frank Hall, Matilda Hall with sons Everett & Seward Hall, Milt McConkey, Bert & Wilmer McCauley, Jane & Matthew McCauley, Isaac & Phronic Boyd, John C Hall with wife Bessie (Leeson) Hall,Ettie (McCauley) McConkey, Trader Jack with Bays, Dodds & Ettie McCauley, Vilda & Ettie McCauley, Pat (McCauley) Hall, Elinor Boileau.
Article: Kill That Ant 1920 -- Dissolve pound of alum in the quart of boiled water, apply to every crack where ants have been seen.
30. Article: Georgian Bay Park Collingwood Season of 1890 -- B. Callary.
Article: Dentists Will Open Here 1903 -- Drs Brooks & Sutton to open in Gore Bay.
31. Article: The Grand Rally 1902 -- Mr. Whitney, R.R. McKessock, barrister Atkinson, W.H. Price Jr., R.R. Gamey.
Article: Diptheria Regulations 1903 -- In Carnarvon townshop, Peter H. Bryce.
Article: The Methodist Pastors Who Will Labour in Algoma 1902 -- Revs J. Allen, G.S. Faircloth, Rev S.E. Stone, Rev R.A. Spencer, Mr. D.B. Jeffrey, Rev W. Galloway, Rev. W.H. Thompson, Rev W.G. Watson, Rev R.S.E. Large, Rev T.G. Barlow, Rev H.L. Partridge, Rev V.R. Hart.
Article: Revision of confession of Faith 1902.
Poems: of 1902 The New Bnu and Signs of May.
83rd Edition : September 1990
PageArticle or Item
In The Garage for Repairs Donald McQuarrie.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: Empire Day 1925 by Earl Grey Governor General of Canada.
Article: In Memory Founding editor Lorne Harold Earl McQuarrie passed away September 9th, 1984 two days after his 29th birthday.
4. Article: 1930 Model A Ford Belonged to Bill Sloan until 1948 then to Max Leeson.
5. Photo: Max Leeson with 1930 Model A Ford.
6, 7. Article: Rural School Fair 1920 Prize winners -- Howland Stanley Morphet, Grant Bayers, Fred Willis, Vincent Neghesikh, Ruby Owl, George Willis, Walter Collins, Floyd Morphet, Roy Rozell, Isabel Connor, Karl Skippen, Edythe Ferguson. Eliza Owl, Maud Lewis, Pearl Stringer, Stella Ferguson, Wilhemene Kageshoinga, Donald McDonald, Walter Jaggard, Lawrie Peck, Grenville Orr, John Peck, Andrew Doan, Alex McDonald, Geo. Willis, Lizzie Halcrow, Frank Harlcraw, David Nahwegahbo, Austin Stevens, Oscar Morphet, Billie Willis, Jessie Eade, Nelson Morphet, Irene Morphet, Grace Dryburgh, Alice Eade, Mary O'Brien, Bertha Willis, Mildred Rowe, Clifton Myland, John Peck, Alice O'Brien, Jean Stringer, Charlie Woods, Coy Wilkin, Lloyd Morphet, Alga Heis, Idena Skippen, Marguerite Nelder, Isabel Heis, Wilfred Heis, Johnnie Heis, Alex Cosby, Isabel Skippen, Belle Morphet, Stanley Morphet, Frank Obotossaway, Ida Ogoniat, Leonard Phillips, Matilda Richards, Edgar Richards, Elmer Lewis, Alex McDonald, Ernest Wilkin, David Nahwegahbo, Elizabeth Owl, Mary O'Brien, Jean Stringer, Alice O'Brien, Willis Rowe, Walter Morphet, Henry Stevens, Elizabeth Stringer, Margaret Nelder, Olga Heis, Leonard Riszell, Stella Richards, Carl Skippen, Kathleen Fairbanks, Laura Nelder, Millie Row, Ida Owl, Eliza Mushadavin, Mabel O'Brien, Irene Morphet, Alice Eade, Jane Wandabeewsh, Hattie Philips, Charlie Richard, Levi Thomson, Lulu Roszell, Leonard Phillips, Alicia O'Brien, Earl Abbott, Grant Roszell, Lyn Phillips, Henry Stevens, Charlie Richard.
8. Article: Rural School Fairs 1920 Prize Winners of Tehkummah -- Lila Connell, Frank Pyette, Enid Quackenbush, Earl Bowerman, Lorne Bowerman, Roy Bowerman, Clifford Connell, Everett Griffin, Edmund Smeltzer, Llyna Martin, J.D. McArthur, Stanley Watson, May Wagg, Nate Case, Lloyd Wagg, Clifford Hutchinson, Mildred Case, Edward Smeltzer, Earl Martin, Elsie Quackenbush, Alvin Little, Sadie Sagle, Alfred Gowlett, Stanley Pyette, Lyna Martin, Eva Corbett, Freeman Hutchinson, Wallace Wagg,Mabel Bowerman, Lizzie Case, Walter Gowlett, Mac Pyette, Gladys Hutchinson, Albert Van Horn, John Sagle, Florence Mitchell, Lloyd Wagg, Willie Quackenbush, Alma Griffin, Olive Wagg, Mary Wagg, Lyle Russell, Bertha Corbett, Edna Van Horn, Russell Williamson, Earl Martin, Lloyd Arnold.
9. Article: A History of Pioneer Work On the Manitoulin Island -- Missionary Church 100 years old Oct 1990 -- Spring Bay Salem Missionary Church, Rev William Schroeder, Ada Hanerk Lois (Sloss) Campbell, Marvel (Sloss) Campbell.
9-13. Article: Grand Manitoulin Island by Rev W. Schroeder, Pontiac, Michigan August 1945 -- Ben Bock, Dad Courtney, Sam Wilson.
10. Photo: Rev William Schroeder, at the home of Matt and Caroline Sloss.
11. Photo: Salem Missionary Church in Spring Bay.
14-18. Article: Salem's Celebration of the Manitoulin Centennial in 1962 by Ada Haner -- Mrs. F Haner, Mrs. L. Galbraith, Rev Jas Hill.
Photo: Page 14: First Schroeder Home on Harold Tracy farm.
Photo: Page 15: Ada Haner.
Article: Early Revivals At Salem by Ada Haner -- Gordon Wilson, Mr. Shell, Mrs Clark.
Photo: Page 16: Stepchildren of Rev. Schroeder, William Leaske, Caroline (Leaske) Galbraith, Lydia (Leaske) Haner, and Emma (Leaske) Jacobs.
Photos: Page 17: Grandchildren of Wm Schroeder, Caroline (Haner) Sloss, Harvey Haner, Ada Haner, and Clarence Haner. 1962 in front of Salem Church Spring Bay Caroline (Haner) Sloss and Verdella (Galbraith) Klein.
Article: Sloss–Haner 1920, quiet wedding 5th May at 5:00 at bride's mother Mrs. Frank Hanerby, Rev Wm H. Yates – Caroline marriage to Matthew Sloss, son of Mr. & Mrs Robt Sloss. Samuel Wilson George Hartley.
Article: Pastors of Salem Missionary Church 1888-1988. William Schroeder, Edwin Battey, Silas. P.G., Ed Chatham, Joshua Schnell, C.R. Miller, J.F. Gugin, R.J. McLaren, Sylvester Fretz, A.T. Gooding, Wm. Waldreon, W.H. Yates, Issac Brubacher, I.B. Pipher, Russel Pike, Cressman, E. Lucas, Gordon Johnson, C. Perry, W.D. Sargeant, Clarence Hunking, D.T. Pugh, Wm Geiger, Curtis Bender, W. Purdy, C. Rosenburger, Ted Montgomery, David Thiesson, Phillip Dessaut, Raymond W. Kloetstra.
19, 20. Article: Gore Bay Training School 1902 Junior 111 -- Florence McRae, Pearl Hall, Elma Porter, Alice Johnston, Murdock Matheson, Alex Fraser, Lottie Johnston, Sam Flanagan, Annie Lehman, Fanny Coburn, Jessie Coburn, John Buffy, Joe Good, Oscar Young, Willie Young, Durand Murray. Senior 11 -- Ralph Mutchmor, Blair Fraser, Florence McColeman, Merrit Jennings, Henry Vanzant, Charlie Armstrong, Willie McEachern, Annie Armstrong, Milton McColeman, Edna Loban, Allie Conner, Ellen Orr, Sam Johnston, Marguerite Williams, Verna Myles, Gracie Mutchmor, Emma Burns, Joe Porter, Helen McGregor, Joe Merrylees, Everett Cook, Sam Coburn, Lulu Young, Ethel Orr, Myrtle Platt. Junior 11 -- Howard Bock, Willie Currie, Willie Porter, Gladys Spence, Willie Coburn, Nina Thorn, Archie Currie, Fred Mastin, Harold Murray, Minnie Loban. Teacher Nellie Thorburn.
Article: Manitoulin Teacher's Institute 1902 -- R.D. Fleming, Miss A.E. Mitchell, Rev Mr. Young, Alex McKechnie, Rev Mr. Patridge, Miss E. Lalor, Rev Mr. Rennie, Mr. F.H. Hurlburt, Rev J. Young, R.O. White, Miss M.E, Jackson, Misses W. McDondal, M.I. Ewen, Chas Tran. T. McKechnie, I. Ewen, E. McDonald, F. Hay, M. McLeod, Ellen Johnson, J. Ball, A. Sibbald, M. Stringer, M. Farrant, N. Scott, M.E. Clarke, A.M. Blakely, L.R. Robinson, L. McNevin, O. McDonald, A. Tilson, M. McLean, W.A. McLean, W.F. James. O.L. Flanagan, R.J. Foster, R.D. Fleming.
20, 21. Article: Women's Institutes November 27, 1919 -- Big Lake, Mrs. J.E. Johnston, Mrs. Roy Brown, Mrs. M.I. Johnston, Mrs. G. Hutchinson, Mrs. Mary Brown, Mrs. H. Adams, Mindemoya Mrs. W.H.Vincer, Mrs. D. Williamson, Mrs. Jos. Hopkins, Mrs. Romain Conley, Mrs. Elliot. Poplar Mrs, Foster, Mr. Watt, Mrs. Slomke, Mrs. W. Robinson, Mrs. Watt, Mrs. Dinsmore, Mrs. John Baker. Providence Bay Mrs. E. Patterson, Mrs. Ellis, Dr. W. Newcomb.
21. Article: District Annual Meeting W.I. 1920 -- Mrs. A. McDonald, Mrs. O.M. Thomson, Mrs. D. Munro, Mrs. George J. Priddle, Mrs. Wm. Priddle, Mrs. Wilbert Edmonds, Mrs. Wiseman.
Article: W.I. Reorganized Miss Hopkins, Mrs. Percy Anning, Mrs. Swainson, Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Langford.
22. Article: Why Not Go When The Going Is Good 1920 -- Beniah Bowman.
Article: Providence Bay 1902 -- Mr. Fraser, Mr. Sheppard, Mr. McDonald, Thomas Lougheed Sr.
Article: Tehkummah 1920 -- Mr. & Mrs. Roy Pyette, Mrs. Wm Sloan, Mr. R. Russell, Hugh Martins, R. E .McKinney, Mr. Elford.
Article: Government Road October 1920 -- Mrs. Barclay, Mr. A. Owen.
23. Article: Tobacco Lake August 4, 1920 -- Mr. & Mrs. Thos Kneale, Mrs. Davidson, Mrs. Cuthbert, Mr. & Mrs. L.F. Metcalfe, Elizabeth Burns, Jean R. McGregor, Mr. & Mrs. McIntosh, jim, Eva and Ethel, George Hall, Mamie & Jennie Brett, Sally Bernie, Elsa Fell, Alex Thorburn, Bill Smith, Jack Hagan, Vera Casson, Myrtle Johnston, Ethel McIntosh, Mary Cuddy, Annie and Jessie Mastin, Violet and Mamie Silverthorne, Gretchen and Mildred Hewson, Cliff Gibbs, Harker Coutis, Wm Burns, Mrs. R.A. Smith, Marian, Jim, Maude and Doris Purvis.
Article: Providence Bay December 1919 -- Mr. McIntyre, Dr. Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Del Pattison, Mr. Humphrey, Mr. R. Ritching, Nathan Duxbury, Wm. Love, Geo. Langtry, Mr. & Mrs. Thos Love, Victoria Cranston, Mr. John Gordon.
Article: South Tehkummah April 29, 1920 -- George Ward, Herb Taylor, Hazel Snow, Percy Russell, Hugh Martin, Chester Snow, Mrs. Norton, Mrs. Tom Philips, J.A. Ward, John Morrison, Hugh Littles, Mrs. Geo. Hutchinson.
24. Article: Manitowaning 1920 -- Geo M. Thorburn, J. MacCauley, S. Purdy, D. Watson, Miss Wagg, Miss Tilson, A. Wyman, Mrs. Geo and Art Holmes, Jas. Marshall, Mr. & Mrs. George Morrison, Clara Cowan, Ella Neilson, A. Irving, Jno. McKim, Seth Chapmen, Carl Young, Dr. O. Hinds, Reid Hinds, Mr. Martelle.
Article: Spring Bay 1920 -- Lloyd Buie, Jack Alexander, Bayward Buie, Bob King, Jim Dryden, Mr. McAllister, C.L. McDonald, Nancy Campbell, George Campbell.
Article: Providence Bay November 6, 1919 -- Pearl Owen, Mrs. R. Arnold, Mr. & Mrs. Minnigan, T.J. Teed, Lizzie Gordon, D. Cameron, Mrs. Loyal McFarlane, George West, J. Purvis, Wes McFarlane, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Sinker.
25. Photo: Imperial London by Skip Gillham.
26. Article: Imperial London Awaits Scrapping: Built 1948, 1978 refitted for saltwater service.
Poem: My Mother 1920.
27. Article: The Family Bible -- Wilfred Joyce, John Joyce, Charles Joyce, married Margaret Walker, Clarence Morrison.
Article: C.P.R. Officials Visit Island 1920 -- W.S. Elliot, W.B Lannigan, J.J. Scully, Sopt Boucher, G.B. Nicholson.
28. Article: 42 Years Ago June 24, 1920 -- Sheriff Fell, Mrs. Wm. Pyette, H. Mender: Flour $5.00, spring wheat 75–85, Oats 60-70, Barley 50-60, Peas 90-1.00, Potatoes 60-60,Hay $20-25, Butter 20-25, eggs 15-17.
Article: One Reason Why 1920 -- It Pays Farmers to Buy In Their Home Town The bigger and better the market the greater the value of his land.
Article: Alf Johnson's Barn Burns 1920 -- A.E. Johnson, A. Burns -- No Insurance.
29. Article: The New Cabinet November 20, 1919 -- E.C. Drury, M. Doherty, R.H. Grant, Ben Bowman, F.C. Biggs, W.R. Rollo, H. Mills, C. Nizon, P. Smith, W.E. Raney, K.C., Lt. Col Carmichael.
Poem: Beniah's Private Car.
Article: U.F.O. Convention 1920 -- Mr. LaRoche, Dr. Carol, J. Wright, J. McEachern, Geo H. Cook, Scott Fraser.
30. Article: Pacific Hotel Burned June 3, 1920 -- Jim Stone, Mr. & Mrs. Elliot and Andy, R.T. Hall.
Article: Death of R.R. McKay 1920 -- Rev R.R. McKay.
Article: W.W. Witty Dead 1920 -- Wilfred Willard Witty, Rev Morcombe, Harry Witty, Gordon and Mrs. Geo Cole.
31. Article: Great Masonic Gathering 1920 -- Rt.Wor McCrea, Rt. Wor Bro White, Rt Wor Bro Graham.
Article: Government Road 1920 -- Olga Hall, J. Langtrees, D, Hopkin, Mrs. Forbes, Dr. Davis, F. McDermid, J. McIntyre.
Article: Providence Bay October 23, 1919 -- Mrs. Barclay, Mr. & Mrs. E. Newell and son Percy, Mr. Robert Griffith, A. Tracy, W. Vincer Jr., Jos. Hodgson, Mr. & Mrs. Van Loon, Samuel Sinclair, Norman Lewis, Arthur Hill.
Poem: Short of Help by Mrs Margaret Wilson (Morden).
84th Edition : October 1990
PageArticle or Item
2. Indexes.
3. Article: The History of the Stone Silo, by Ev Proctor, names mentioned, Gordon Willett, Frank Williams, Harry Noble, Joe Montgomery, Stewart Clark, Cy Beach. Nellie (Willett) Elford. picture of Nellie, speaking of the Tobacco Lake Pavillion Marvin Bowman, Minnie Fogg and the Flannagan girls.
4. Photo: Stone Silo on the Willett farm.
5. Article: Lost in the bush at 22 months, Jessie Elizabeth Johnston did this June 1944. John F. Van Horn,Gladys, John & Jim Johnston, Frank Slagel, Thomas Archibald, Mr & Mrs. Jim Proctor, Eve Protor, Fortune Teller Lizzie Pollard said the little girl had been found, Jack Newman, Johnny Mokam, Stewart Lane, Dr, Fred Strain, Bracken Farm, Don Burt, Reta & Steve Hall, Mrs. Gladys Trites (Glenn).
6. Article: Stories from 1894, Mrs.Estelle Johnson from Michigan, Mr. W.John McQuarrie, F.A.Hilton, William Lewis Baby, Raymond P.Baubie, Sandwich, Ontario, James Baby, Wiolliam E. Baubie, Wikwemikong Mission, Walter Wagg, F.A.Hilton, Darcy Hilton, Estelle (Tay) Baubie Johnson.
7. Article: A Visit to the Village of Wickwimikong; Manitoulin Islands Tales of 1894, picture of William L. Baby.
8-12. Article: A Visit to the Village of Wickwimikong, continued -- Charles Lamarandier.
13. Article: A Visit to the Village of Wickwimikong, continued.
Article: A Visit to the Sault Ste, Marie from Windsor to the Soo by steamer, Cambria.
14, 15. Article: A Visit To The Sault Ste. Marie, continued.
Article: Local News -- 1920: Rev R. Wiseman, Miss Mary Jaffray, Mr and Mrs H. Clark, Miss Kate Graham, R.J. Winter, Rich Harper, Albert Woods, Jas Purvis, Russel J. Hartley, Robt Gilroy. Jas Burt.
16. Post Cards: to Miss Flora Turnbull, Snowville, from Mary Turnbull, of Michael's Bay Ontario to Miss M.J.Turnbull, Snowville, P.O. from Merdick McIntyre. Michael's Bay.
17. Post Card: picture of a bird -- postage was 1 cent.
18. Article: A Grand Lady of 90 -- Ruby (McColman) Woodruff, neice Eleanor King.
Article: Memorial Day Memories, Nov 11, 1986, telephone operator, Bernice McColman.
Article: Blueberry picking, -- Bracken and McColman families, Louisa McColman, Ernie McColman.
19. Article: Blueberry picking, continued -- word that Jim Merrylees had been killed in action -- Bill McColman.
Picture: XII of the Gore Bay Continuation School -- Meria Hubbard, Ralph Mutchmore, Florence McColman, Pearl Jewell, Bessie Jaffray, Nellie Carter, May Pearson, Lina Gamey, Grace Thorburn and Murray, Lina Gamey and Mr.Archibald, teachers. Photo belonged to Florence (McColman) McKenney and submitted by daughter Eleanor King.
20. Article: Bill McColman had narrow escape on Dieppe Beach.
Article: Jack McKenney is alive, Ernie McColman was an Army Cook.
Article: Holiday Memories, One of the highlights of my Mother's (Florence McColman) teaching experiences was the trip home for the holidays from the North Shore to Gore Bay. Sometimes by water or over the ice. The Gore Bay Museum has the Log Books of these trips.
Article: 1871 Census -- Robert J. Armstrong, age 40, Elizabeth age 38, Ambrose Henry age 15, Thomas William age 10, Simon George age 6, Mary Ann age 6, Elizabeth Jane age 5, Robert John age 3, James A age 1.
Names mentioned: Thomas and Margaret Lougheed, Robert and Elizabeth Armstrong, Louisa Florence Armstrong, Simon Armstrong, Thomas William Armstrong.
21. Pictures: of Robert John Armstrong.
Article: Alexander McColeman, sailboat Black Jack, Charlie Moore, John Moore.
Article: The life of Ruby (McColman) Woodruff, by Eleanor King -- Mrs.Brasner.
22. Article: The life of Ruby (McColman) Woodruff, continued -- married Charles Edward Woodruff.
23. Article: The life of Ruby (McColman) Woodruff, continued.
Poem: Autumn 1920.
24. Article: Oct 23rd 1897 -- Sheep raising in Ontario -- D.C.Cameron possible candidate for coming Election.
Article: The Nice Races 1902, record set by M. Serpolier in a 12 horse power steam machine of the flash-tube boiler type.
25. Article: Mazzutti was a Versatile Carrier and called on Manitoulin communities to load Pulpwood, by Skip Gillham.
Photo: Manzzutti's last trip through the Welland Canal.
Article: Ship J.S. Keefe, renamed Parame, renamed Canmore, by Skip Gillham.
Photo: ship, Manzzutti.
26. Article: Some names of ships, Aspenleaf. Mancox, Stadacona, Crystal Jewel.
Article: Matrimony Has Ten Commandants 1902.
Advertisement: Stops the Cough and Works Off the Cold.
Article: Curlers Organized 1903, Jas. M. Fraser presided over meeting, elected, Patron Judge McCallum, Honourable President Wm. Stoddard, President W.W. Holden, Vice-President John M. Fraser, Secretary/Treasurer R.R. McKessock. Executive Committee R.J.Porter, F.E. Titus, W.H. Hurst, N. Buchanan, J.H. Biehl, building contact to Jas. Martin, electric lights by Mr. Goodmurphy.
27. Article: The South Side Score a Point, 1902, Judgement Given in the Ice Lake School Case Frank A. Anglin. K.C., Mr Williams, Mr. Murray, W.H. Brett, Thomas Robertson, Thomas Wilson, Neil McLear, Herbert Gilroy, Ben Vine, Robert Brett, Neil McLean. J.W. Kerr.
28. Article: The South Side Score a Point, continued.
29. Article: Presentment of Grand Jury, Court of General Sessions, District of Manitoulin, 1902. Archibald Bain McCallum, Judge of the Judicial District of Manitoulin, Alex Thorburn.
30. Article: Reptiles as a Table Delicacy. Considered a Dainty Dish in Some Countries, 1920. White Ants. Tigers, Elephants and Bats Furnish the Bill of Fare in Many Districts. Africans Like Green Lizards, Alligator just as tasty as rabbit. Turtle Ponds of the Amazon, frog is the most popular.
31. Article: Frogs As Food continued -- and historical for eating Where Bears' Flesh is Eaten.
Article: Kagawong Picnic 1902 Reeve Munro of Billings, Rev. Mr. Byrnes, Mr. Titus, Peter Kickhout, J.D.Munro.
Article: Shorthorns 1902, George Strain, Ed. Beck, Dandy was George Strain's prize bull, Gordon Princess was owned by Mr. Cattey, Farmer's Advocate.
Advertisement: Rheumatic People Can Only Find Relief by Enriching the Blood, Dr.Williams' Pink Pills.
Article: Famous Tower Demolished 1902, Tower of Remembrance. New Ontario 1902, A. Miscampbell, majority 270, W.R. Smyth, majority 78, R.R. Gamey, majority 350.
85th Edition : November 1990
PageArticle or Item
Poem: In Flanders Fields, by John McCrae.
2. Indexes.
3. Poem: The Seigfried Line by Unknown.
Poem: The Split Trench Blues by Unknown.
4-7. Article: The Battle of Queenston Heights, by Unknown (War of 1812) -- village of Queenston, Forty-ninth Regiment ("Green Tigers"), Captain Dennis, village of Lewiston, General Brock (Sir Isaac Brock), Colonel Macdonell, Mohawks, Norton, Brant, Major-General SlHuiib, Forty-first Regiment, General Sheaffe, General Wadsworth, General Van Rensselaer, Detroit.
8. Article: The Three Bears 1943 -- George McRae, Chas. Wright.
Article: Reminiscence 1943, by Florence Baker -- Erin, Ontario, Woolen Mill, William Duxbury, Methodist Church, Nathan Duxbury, brothers: Dave, Bill, Tom, four sisters, Credit River, Toronto.
Article: Providence Bay 1920 -- Miss Sara Bennet of South Baymouth, Burpee, Miss Pearl Owen, Miss Lizzie Gordon, Mr. Wm. Chisholm, Mrs. R. Hitching, Miss Myrtle Wagg, Ada Sinkler, Mr & Mrs. S. Sinkler, Mr. and Mrs. H. Bowin, Miss Myrtle Hewitt, Providence Bay, Mr. John Gordon, South Bay, Mr. Bob Ainsile, Mrs. J. McKenzie, Toronto.
9. Article: Early Residents Talk of Barrie Island.
Article: Memories of and Expatriates of Barrie Island, by Edmon Lawrence Long, John Lawrence Runnals.
Article: Women's Institute of Barrie Island -- Lady Tweedsmuir -- written Spring 1985.
Article: The Jack Witty House -- Lot 5, Con. 5 -- Bill, Nelson, Art and Harold Lane, Arthur Runnalls married Elizabeth Stocks.
10. Article: Memories of and Expatriates of Barrie Island, by Edmon Lawrence Long, John Lawrence Runnals.
Article: The Jack Witty House, continued -- Rev. Robert Wiseman, Gordon, Burpee circuit, Ravenna (near Collingwood), Jim Wiseman married Annie Lane (teacher), June 1932 Cecil married Mary Baker, Lawrence.
Article: A Light in the Window -- Fred Langton, Royal Navy,Harry Mervyn, John Jennings, George Brydges.
Article: Christmas Sleigh Rides -- Grandma Runnalls, Deacon's Hill, sleighs and toboggans home, Fan the horse,
Article: The Double Strapping-- Morris Dickout.
11. Article: The Double Strapping, continued Ed.
Article: How I Met My Wife -- Arthur Runnalls, Pearl Louise Runnalls (Dora Sutton), Long family, Lizzie Runnalls.
Article: Tire Changing -- Arthur Runnalls, Mina Stocks, Mr. & Mrs. William Stocks of Gore Bay, Lawrence.
Article: Home Coming after World War I -- Dora.
12. Article: Home Coming after World War I continued -- Gore Bay, Winona (steamer), Ernest Letts, Rev. Robert Wiseman, Alex. Fraser, Matt Craig, Ed.
Article: An Added Note -- Meeting the Winona when soldiers returning, Kay, Ed, Dora.
Article: Naked in the Rain -- McLean farm, Greer's Corner, Lawrence.
Article: Our First Telephone -- (on Barrie Island).
13. Article: Mice -- Roger Simpson Company of Toronto, (women and mice).
Article: Guns and Hunting -- John (Ed's father's brother), George (Ed's brother), Ed (soldier).
Article: Snakes -- 1896 -- Albert Long, Agnes, three little boys, Steven Morden.
Article: The General Election of 1917 -- Sir Robert Borden, Sir Wilfred Laurier, George B. Nicholson of Chapleau, Lewis, Mr. Major (police magistrate and former Recorder owner).
14. Article: The General Election of 1917, continued -- Jean McGregor, Mr. Hern, Kate Fraser, Mr. O'Connor.
Article: Going to Town -- (account of Lawrence's trip to town).
Article: Mrs. Jeffkin's Accounts -- Mrs. John Jeffkins (postmistress' account keeping methods), Barrie Island.
Article: Three Deliveries a Week -- Catherine (Ed's grandmother), Tom Latta.
15. Article: Three Deliveries a Week, continued -- John C. Ross of North Bay, Victor Reed, Blair and Stuart Holtby.
Article: In the Fuel Business -- (firewood business).
Article: Wolves -- sheep raising, Bert Greenman.
Article: The Old Well Boom -- (oil speculation).
Article: Sugar Beets -- (Wiarton company contract with Barrie Island farmers).
Article: Breaking the Law -- 1917 -- (hunting) night operator Gore Bay Telephone company, Mr. F.W. Major.
16. Article: Breaking the Law, continued -- Jean McGregor, Ocean House, Whitney Shields, Mr. Shields (provincial police constable).
Article: November 11, 1918 -- (end of W.W.I) -- Rev. Robert Wiseman, Smith Brothers store in Gore Bay, Fred Smith, Cecil, Milligan's Hill, McEwan Hill, Nelson.
Article: A Reverse Auction -- McLean place, lot 10, con. 5 -- William McLean, Edith Todd (teacher), (Christmas cleaning of the school, reverse auction), Oliver Runnalls and Katie Jennings married Dec. 15, 1897.
17. Article: A Reverse Auction, continued -- Arthur, George Witty.
Article: Locked Up -- (Ed accidentally handcuffed) Bill Wood of Gore Bay, Griffith Blacksmith shop.
Article: A Tidal Wave -- Gore Bay tidal wave.
Article: The Buggy Wheel -- (wheel fell off buggy).
Article: Wild Mushrooms -- (gathering, cooking mushrooms).
Article: Little J.P. -- (playing pranks) Charles Greer, Charlotte.
18. Article: Little J.P. continued -- Runnals children, Miss Greer, Margaret Edmonds, Lizzie Stocks, Em Witty.
Article: Whoa There -- c. 1911 (new car) -- church, John Jeffkin, Fred Ellis.
Article: Pears, Delicious Pears -- George and Leonard Lane.
Article: The Beef Ring -- (storing fresh meat).
19. Article: The Beef Ring, continued.
Article: Walking In the Rain -- Gore Bay Continuation School, Cecil, Milligan's Hill.
Article: Mineral Water -- Nelson and Catherine Runnalls, Mervyn Creek.
Article: The Sons of Temperance -- (anti-drinking), Gore Bay.
20. Article: The Sons of Temperance, continued.
Article: Boer War Soldier's Return -- Abe Thorn, Spanish Station.
Article: Soda Biscuits -- (Sunday visiting) John Jennings, George Cole, Bob Cole, Sam Cole, Ernest Letts, Albert Long, Donald Griffith, Tom Rumley, Esley Eaton, Stan Runnalls.
Article: Three Cheers -- (general election June 1914) -- R.R. Gamey, Rev. W.E. Wilson.
21. Article: Three Cheers, continued -- J.H. Beihl, tailor and for agent in Gore Bay, T.B. Greenman.
Article: The Snow Bank at School -- (school prank) -- Margaret Edmonds of Silverwater, Noble.
Article: The Orange Lodge -- c. 1912 Barrie Island -- Long Family, George, Arthur Runnalls, Tom Gilmour, George Noble Jr., Emma Noble.
22. Article: A Visitor Back Home -- (Lawrence returns to the island to visit) -- Bob Jeffrey.
Article: The Wrong Tooth -- Deacon's Point, Gore Bay, Nelson, Cecil, Morris, Lawrence, Dr. McIntosh?
Article: A Good Job -- 1915 -- Bob Burns, "Spot" Carr, Mr. Hoover (principal).
Article: My First Day at School -- 1898 -- William Greer.
23. Article: My First Day at School, continued -- Jim Mervyn, Ellen Brydges? / Frydges?, Agnes Nancy Long, James Annet Long, Muriel Fell (nurse, daughter of Dr. J.H. Fell, sheriff of Manitoulin).
Article: The Last Load -- c. 1913 purchase of Lot 5, con. 5 -- Jack Witty, Tim Emery, Nelson.
Article: Summer Employment -- (cutting shingles) John Jeffkins, William McLean, Greer farm, George Noble.
24. Article: Summer Employment, continued -- Mr. Rumley.
Article: A Vistor Back Home -- (repeat).
Article: Barrie Island -- (geographical and historical information about the island) Commodore Robert Barrie.
Article: North America's Oldest Horse 1944 -- Dolly, 40 years old -- Walter Carruthers, Wingham, Ontario.
R.T. Hall -- 1902 -- undertaker.
25. Article: An Old Car Made Well -- Gore Bay Garage, Robinson Auto Body, Ted Cook, Don McQuarrie.
Photos: cars.
26. Poem: The Maple.
27. Poem: (Untitled) by H.F. Darnell.
Article: British Royalty Buried in Canada 1944 -- London, Ontario, January 25, 1867, Charles Wetherbee, his wife, Lavinia Hermione Gertrude Amanda Guelph, dau. of King George IV of England died.
28. Article: Make Way for the 14th -- composed by Indian member of 14th Forestry Company, Pete Charlie Matchan.
Poem: Adolph's Nightmare.
29. Article: CPO Frank Wagg Was at Helm of Frigate In Sea Battle -- Hon. Angus L. McDonald, minister of naval services, corvette St. Thomas, frigate Dunver, Lt. Comm. W. Davenport of Victoria, Castle class corvette Hespler, Lt. Comm. Neville S.C. Dickinson of Toronto and Halifax -- CPO Frank Wagg, Lt. Comdr. Erie R. Shaw of Victoria.
Article: Well Known Captain Meets with Fatal Accident -- Joseph May of Little Current c. 1940 -- tug Helen S., Capt. R.L. Graham of Little Current, Tom Noble, William Wilkinson, T.C. Sims, Elia White (Joseph May's wife). Children: Frank May and Mrs. Thelma Grafolette.
30. Poem: The Soldier's Desire -- Composed by a gunner of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles sent by Cpl. H.R. Cooper to his mother, Mrs. W.J. Cooper, The Lonely Soldier.
Article: History Has Repeated Itself -- Wordsworth poem.
31. Article: Manitoulin Used to Carry Pulpwood, by Skip Gillham -- shipping vessels, K.A.Scott, vessel Imari.
Article: Manitoulin Used to Carry Pulpwood, continued.
1925 -- Quote by Carlyle.
86th Edition : December 1990
PageArticle or Item
Merry Christmas.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: How Christmas Was Celebrated on Manitoulin Many Years Ago by Bruce Pitfield -- Rev Fred O'Meara, Rev Canon O'Meara.
Picture: Winter scene with Horse and Sleigh.
4. Poem: Christmas Greetings.
5. Photo: of A Meeting in the Soo by Dorothy Addison. Joe Smyth, Russell Hopkins, Ted Cook, Edward Addison, Charles Hutton, Andrew McMillan, Herb Hopkins, Willard Cook.
6-8. Article: The District Court 1903 -- Crown Attorney Murray, Robert Thorburn, Judge McCallum, Sheriff Jackson, Mr. Chamberlain, Dr Ryerson, Mr. Plimsoll.
Article: Government Usually Wins 1903 -- Mr. Whitney.
9, 10. Article: Harry Loosemore Was A Great Resourceful Person by Bruce Pitfield. H.A. Loosemore, Joe DeMaggio, Adlaide (Adele) de la Monrandiere, Vernon Loosemore, Norbert Loosemore, Edgar Loosemore, Virginia (Mrs. Milford Smith), Dorothy (Mrs Jack Hoyland) Carol (Mrs Fred Carter) Gladys (Mrs. Dan Roque), Mrs. Jean (McDonald) Lowe.
Article: Robert Boyter 1939 Mr. & Mrs. David Boyter, Rev Keith McKenzie, Ed Drolet, Emerson Boyter, Franklin May, Lawrence Peck, Dr. A. Alston, Mel Boyter, Mrs Ray Johnson, Mrs. M.W. Ritchie, Mr. & Mrs. J.T. May, Mr. & Mrs. J.G. May, Mr. & Mrs. Chas McDonald, Mrs. N. Trotter, Mr. J.N. Sisson, Mrs. Reid, Ernest Parry, Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Boyter, Mrs. R. Riddell, Mrs. A. Lees, Wm Lees, John Lees, Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Lees, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lees, Mr. & Mrs. John Bailey, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Addison, Mr. & Mrs. Steve Cull, Mr. & Mrs. E.F. Priddle, Mr. & Mrs. Roy Fields.
11. Article: A Little Sermon 1925 by Louisa Alcott.
Article: Christmas Cards 1920 -- W.E. Dobson, B.A.
12. Poem: Christmas 1919.
Story: In The Good Old Days 1920.
13. Poem: A Christmas Carol.
14. Article: Party Thrilled by Wolf Hunt 1937 Mrs. Jas McKinley, Mrs. D.N. Bailey, Miss Noreen McKinley, Sam McKinley, Willard Witty, Russell Hore.
Article: Island Police Officer Dies After Seizure 1940 Constable Albert Wesley Stewart.
15. Article: Seven Drown When M.S. Hibou sinks off Owen Sound ten make shore safely. Capt Norman McKay, Miss Iona Johnston, W. McReynolds, M. McIvor, Chester Dunham, J. Minard, R. Earls, surviving Jas Agnew, Howard Allen, Orville Parr, Daniel Rouse, Duncan Smart, F. Record, D. McIntosh, Ross Galbraith, E. Carr, Earnest Rouse and Daniel Rouse.
Article: Interesting S.A. Meetings 1903 Adjt E. Sims, Mrs. Sims.
16. Photos: The Addison Family, Jack, Ted, Verna, May, Daisy, the other photo G.S. Addison wife Elizabeth Hurd Addison, Barney, Joseph, Edgard William, George, Charlie and Jessie in 1879.
17. Photo: Ship Delkote.
Article: Delkote by Skip Gillham Capt George Hindman, John Greenwood, Capt C.D. Secord.
18, 19. Poems: T'was the Morning of Christmas 1937, The Message of Peace and That Christmas.
20-28. Photo: Waterfront of Killarney 1920.
Article: From the French River to the Soo by Bruce Pitfield. Etienne Brule, Capt Casselman, Capt Joe Roque, Capt Wm Lowe, Tom Jackman, Mrs. McDonald, Father Comte, Lord Aberdeen, Lady Dufferin, Father Raymbault, Father Jogues, Capt Albert, Capt Charles.
Photo: St. Joseph Church in Killarney 1920, and Little Delvina Roque (nov Mr. Ovus Pandke) with Jean McDonald. Edgar Fulchet, Capt Hutchin, John Noble, Mr. Moore (Editor of Expositor), Father Papineau, R.A. Lyon, R.R. Gamey, Mr. Price, Beniah Bowman, Thomas Ray, Father Jones, Joe Lapointe, Steve Poulin.
Article: Cockburn Island Man Drowned at Walkhouse Bay: 1940 Geo Pateman, Capt R.L. Graham,George Manitower.
Article: Under the Mistletoe 1920: Scandanavian about mistletoe.
29. Sketch: New Ferry for Tobermory -- South Bay Mouth Run -- Named Norisle.
Article: First P.O. Dept Surplus 1903: Sir Wm Mulock.
30. Article: Souvenir from S.S. #5 Assiginack School, 20 December 1918: A.I. Turnbull, T. Manual, P. Sparrow, F. Fields, Elva McGillis, Earl McGillis, Earnest Bryant, Neil McGillis, Main Bryant, Melvin Fields.
31. Two Christmas Poems.
32. Story: The Teardrop in Mother's Eye.
Article: Perishes in Wednesday's Blizzard at Meldrum Bay 1939: Mrs. Archie Stephens, George Williams, George Everett, Mrs. Edith Gareau, Constable Carmichael, A.R. Knight, Mrs. & Mrs. A. Grant.
33. Article: Recalling Old Timers on Manitoulin: 1937:Gordon S. Wismer, H.L. Wismer, Ed Purvis, J.S. Woodward, Josh Jackson, Capt J.L. Baxter, Sam Jackson, Robert Foote, Tom Griffith Jr., Tom Purvis, Bill Purvis, Alex Purvis, Dave Bickell, Bob Fotic, Beill English, Percy Price.
34. Article: A Church Federation 1900: The Presbyterian Review proposes a Federation of all Churches, which hold in common the fundamental laws of Christianity.
35. A Perfect gift for Christmas: Subscription to Through the Years.
Article: Manitoulin Island Opened to Settlers 75 Years Ago 1937: Hon Wm McDougall, Sir John Colburne, Capt T.G. Anderson.
Article: Sudden Death of Young Man 1939: Cecil Langman, Gertrude Langman, Thomas Langman, Grace Campbell Langman, John Purvis, Clifford Langman, John Langman, Tom Langman, Mrs. L.C. Gill, Emily Langman Jessie Langman, Mrs. Wm Atkinson, Rev Mr. Radford, Leon Pattison, D. McDougall, Austin Monkhouse, J.D. McArthur, G. Reed, D. Caddel.
87th Edition : January 1991
PageArticle or Item
Those Good Old Cars -- Jack Addison.
3. New Years Concert at Gamey Hall.
4. Article: The MacDonald's of Tehkummah -- Whitford MacDonald, William MacDonald, Isabel Perkins.
Photo: Whit MacDonald.
Article: MacDonald's Ontario History -- Ronald MacDonald, William MacDonald, Sir John Moore, William MacDonald III, Hugh MacDonald, William MacDonald II, Loretta Harris, David MacDonald, Charles MacDonald, George MacDonald, Malcolm MacDonald, Jane MacDonald, Montcrief MacDonald, James MacDonald, Andrew MacDonald, William MacDonald III married Isabella Batty, David MacDonald, children Whitford, Zalda & Thomas. Whitfor married Agnes Marston, Mrs. Tom Smeltzer. Wm Hopkins, Robert MacDonald, Lewis MacDonald, Isabel MacDonald, & Ronald MacDonald. Dr. Shaw. Mrs Russel, Mrs Freeman. Howard Smith, Joseph Perkins, Robert Perkins. Alice Wilson, Richard and Ethel Wilson and Cheryl, Heather, David and Theresa Wilson with Jamie and Jennifer Wilson.
5-8. Article: MacDonald's Ontario History continued.
6. Photo: Whit and Agnes MacDonald, taken in 1957.
9, 10. Article: Westcliff Hall -- sale to Capt R Scott Misener.
Article: Manitoulin Girls To Visit Toronto: Mrs. Irwin Best, Miss Ella Garbutt, Edna Allan, Miss Kathleen Becks.
11-13. Article: Courageous Women -- Mrs Elizabeth Spence: Harry Sellars, Gilbert Spencer, Jack Spencer, John Richards, Roy S Kirkup. Henry Mary Ellen George Peter Kenneth Gilbert and Allan Spence. Frank Radcliffe.
13. Article: Little Current-Gore Bay Road Open For Cars: Jas Purvis & Son snow plow roads.
14. Photo: The Silver Water Women's Institute of many years ago submitted by Dorothy Addison.
14, 15. Article: The Wiggins Farm, by Ev Protor: John & Rebecca Proctor, Robert Wiggins, Ephriam Wiggins married Martha Slomke, Alice married Stoneham, Esther Wiggins married Bill Pemberton. Mr. & Mrs Thomas Arniel, Thomas Arniel, Tom and Alfred Wiggins, Clayton Slomke, G.L. Crawford, Willis Lehman, Jim Rayner. Bill Strain, Sam Coburn Jr(Joe). H.A. Leonard & Russel. Thos Merrylees, Gertrude Gilmour, Thomas Jr Merrylees, Jack Merrylees and Bertha Merrylees. H.A. Coburn. Russ Coburn and Len Coburn, Micheal Fogal, Heather Fogal and Jamie Fogal.
16, 17. Poem: by Elizabeth H. Jocelyn, submitted by Jack Hester.
18-20. Article: Cloche Island Supported Life 1000 Years Ago: Dr. Emerson F. Greenman, Dr. George M. Stanley.
20. Article: Red Cross Hospital Field Day A Huge Success: Thomas Farguhar, W.F. McRae, A.J. Wagg, John W.F. McCullough, Hon Dr. Faulkner.
Article: Coroner Is Appointed On Manitoulin Island: Dr. John Glen Laurier McDonald, Ralph E. Stone, Attorney General Roebuck.
21-23. Article: Travel Letter From Local Girl, by Margaret Edmonds -- A.J. Wickens, H.S. Price, Bob Price, Mary Colman, Charlotte Greer, Sam Greer, Stanley Wiber, Millie (Wadlow) Wiber, John MacKenzie, Mrs Winnie O'Dell, Mrs D Bickell, Mrs Freeman, Miss Jess and Annie Thorburn, Miss Greer, Mrs J Greer, Mrs L. Brown, Mrs. Frank Elliott (Helen Cook), Willard Elliott, Eleanor Elliott, Mrs. W.S. Cook, Mrs. Tedingham, Mrs. Horsburgh formerly Miss Lizzie Scott, Mrs. A.I. Brown, Mrs. Hannah, Mrs. Hugh MaKay.
23. Article: Blizzard Ties Up Traffic Roads Opened Wednesday: 1936 -- Worst storm of year ties up traffic all over Manitoulin. Plowed by Jas Purvis.
Article: Builds New Tourist Camp At Murphy Point -- Frank Baker.
Article: Interesting Indian Relic: John Johnston -- pickaxe.
24. Article: Providence Bay -- Archibald Cranston, Rev. T.E. Meldrum, D.J. O'Donoghue, George Hopkins, Mrs. Walter Wagg, Eddie Charters, Wm Charters, Dr. Berry, J.H. Jones, Capt J.V. Crawford, A Young, D Wright, D McIntyre, J.G. Pulford, J.S. Brooks, W.H. Gray, Miss Nellie Tann, John Tann, Rev J.A. Morrison, Rev Mr. Currie, Chris Zwicker, F.H. Pendlebury, Chas McDougall, Jas McIntyre, J. Cochrane, J.S. Woods, Capt P Myers, D Cameron, Bertram Smith, Charles Fields, J.E. Douglass, James Wallace.
25. Article: Perivale, 1903 -- Hector McEachern, Rev. Mr. Gugin, Mr. Houck, Wilford Gamer, Mrs. Andrew McDonald, C.S. More, D. Williamson.
Article: Tehkimmah News in 1903 -- Mrs. Wethers, Mr. Richard Russell, James Williamson, John Ritchie, Mr. J. Cochrane Jr, Hugh Little, Mr. F. Haner.
Purebred Sheep For Sale -- Geo. Hodgson, Mindemoya.
25, 26. Article: Grimesthorpe News And Events 1903 -- Mrs. John McKenzie, Mrs. Allan Reid Sr, Mr. Meldrum, Duncan Reid, Mr. Montgomery, Mrs. McKenzie Sr, James McKenzie, Mr. Gugin.
26. Article: Mindemoya News 1903 -- Mr. Fred Wagg, James Caddel Jr, A.C. Hallman, Miss Lillie Wagg, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Banks, Adam Arnold.
Article: Silverwater In 1903 -- Mrs. A.M. Rumley, Mr.& Mrs. A.L. Kemp, Jos. Addison, James Wallace, Mr. Farthing, Mr. Crawford, Ed. Priddle, J.W. Wylie.
26, 27. Article: Poplar News 1903 -- Arthur Wilkinson, Miss Alice Newell, Mrs. Marshall Orford, Mrs. James Arneil, W. Watt, Rev. S.R. Robinson, Marshall Orford, Mr.& Mrs. J.B. Baker, Martha Baker, Mr. Tait, Jas. Foster, Thos. Foster.
27. Article: Ice Lake News 1903 -- Mrs. W.J. Wright, Edward Baker, Thomas Robertson, Edward Hore, Allan McLean.
Article: Is This Our Josh? 1903 -- Joshua Grexton, Policeman Thompson, Mayor Grier, John Mutchmor.
27, 28. Article: Meldrum Bay Happenings In 1903 -- E.A. Drake, John Poole, Mr.& Mrs Chas Marceillus, Wm Clarke, Mr. Scott, Mrs May Wickett, Miss Annie McArthur, D.B. McRae.
28. Article: Fernlee in 1903 -- Mrs Ellen Cook, Mr.& Mrs Hugh Stephens, Mr. H. Smyth, Mr. Wallace, James Crawford, Rev Mr. Anderson, Miss Orford, John Mutchmor.
Article: Accidentally Shot Himself -- Fred Pelkie, Peter Debin, George Stewart.
Article: Farewell Party To Constable A.W. Stewart, 1934 -- A.W. Stewart, W.F. McRae, Wm Golden, W.A. Sims, N. Trotter, J.N. Sisson.
29. Article: Recalls Premiere Of Indian Play, 1937 -- Charles Abatosway, L.O. Armstrong, Poet Longfellow, George Abatosway, Rev Frederick O'Meara, Miss Sarah Newman, Wm, Thomas, George, Charles, Frederick, Ellen, Miriah, Rebekah Abatosway, Mary Jane Thomson.
Article: Eight Births In Eight Years Family Claims Record, 1934 -- Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hodge.
30. Article: Manitoulin Island Orchids For The Queen'S Bouquet -- Miss Margaret Laforest, Mayor W.J. Laforest, Douglas Murray.
Article: Find Ancient Relic, 1937 -- Victor Goulter.
31. Article: C.P.R. Bridge Used For Traffic, 1944 -- A permanent connection with the mainland.
Article: Buckingham Palace, 1918 -- a letter from George R.I. and the Queen to Harold Purvis after being wounded in WW1. Submitted by Joan Campbell.
88th Edition : February 1991
PageArticle or Item
Poem: The Grand Manitoulin, by J.C. Jaffray.
2 Indexes.
3 Article: An Old Timer Visits Lumber Camps, 1936 -- John Priddle, L. Johnston, Chas. Trick, Art Jefkins, F. Baker, Geo. Priddle, Geo. Noble.
4-5 Photo: Humphrey P. May.
Article: Humphrey P. May laid to rest, large funeral under Orange auspices -- E.E. Weeks, Rev. Fuller, Dorcas Jane Franklin, Robert Stringer, Joshua Belcher, Wm. Green, Gilbert May, Jack May.
6-12 Article: Some early Killarney families -- Ferdinand Roque, Margaret Recollet, Jean Baptiste Proulx, Ezekeil Solomon, Louise Dubois, Stephen Augustin Rochbert de la Morandiere, Myles Tyson, Catharine Solomon, Pierre Pilon, John Lowe, Marianne (Mary Ann) McKeon (McEwan), Charles Hammond, Susan Hammond, Bernard, Bemanikinang, Benan, Jean Haitse (Haitze), Donald Cameron, Fred Beauvais, Frances Solomon, Norman Solomon, Thomas H. Jackman, Margaret Thibault (Thebo), Mary Affleck, de la Moraniere, Tranche (Trancemontagne), Hebert, Thompson, Martell, Labelle, Beaucage, Gundry, Theotime Couture, Genevieve Roque, Albert Lowe, Bertha Lowe, Ferdinand Roque (Rock), Father Nadeau, Jean Baptiste Proulx, John McLean, Ferdinand Roque Jr., Fred Roque, Louis Roque, Stephen Brule, Father Aubert, Humphrey May, T.J. Patten, Alex Roque, Joe Hebert, Joe Solomon, Albert Lowe, James Noble, Charles Noble, Donald Cameron, Alex Clark, Alexander Murray, Robert Bell, Stephen Augustin Rochbert de la Morandiere.
8 Drawing: of Monsignor Jean Baptiste Proulx.
12-14 Article: Early Medical History of Killarney and District -- Paul Darling, Joseph Beckett, Mr. Brough, de Lamorandiere, Mr. O'Meara, Josette (Sheppard) de la Morandiere, Robert Burke, Charles Noble, John Egan, Donald Cameron, Mr. Bernard.
15 Photo: Eliza (Kinney) Copeland, James Kinney, Audrey (Johnson) Goodbrand, Dora Thorburn, Doris McKenzie, Meriam Smythe, Ruby Bracken, Betty Jackson, Betty Davis, Beatrice Smith, Nellie Smith.
Article: Manitoulin Trout Go to Toronto Exhibition, 1937 -- Alex Purvis, Chas. Kemsley.
Article: Islander wins Title -- Frank R. Major.
16, 17Map: of Manitou, 1839.
18 Article: Big Lake News, 1903 -- Vanloon, Lehman, Black, W.H. Baxte, Lilie Wagg, Mrs. Morris Johnston, Morrison, Webb, Lovering, Joseph Ball.
Article: Silverwater happenings 1903 -- Dr. Baker, Dr. Turnbull, James Wylie, Young, Henning, Armstrong, Lew Kemp, John McMillan, A.L. Kemp, Jos. Rumley & Naomi Jewell wedding.
Article: Dentists will open here -- Dr. Brooks, Dr. Sutton.
19 Article: News of Providence Bay, 1903 -- J.H. McMillan, Johnnie Hall, Brown, J.W. Shorney, H.L. Lovering, R.T. Brown, E.J. Knight, W. Marcellus, Henry Ogle, Robert F. Ogle, Wm. Tann, S.A. King, J.A. Morrison, A.W. Thompson, W.A. Clement, B. Latham, S. Berry, H. Berry, W.J. Berry, W.A. Kennedy, W. Monkhouse, John McKechnie, N.N. Duxbury, A. Love, James Love, M. McKechnie, Willie McDonald, Helen McMillan, W.J. Brooks, Chas. A. Hare, Chas. Dumont.
20 Article: Manitowaning News, 1903 -- Cameron, McGregor, Gibson, D. McIntosh death, D.H. Currie, J.D. Byrnes, C.A. Pocock.
Article: Sandfield in 1903 -- Ball, Olga McDonald, Nicholls, A. Mitchell, Vanloon, Joseph Ball, Lola McDonald.
21 Article: Burpee News 1903 -- Ed Addison, Bracken, T.B. Greenman, Steve Gain, John Keown, Joseph Williams, Lydia Eaton, A. Williams, William Morden, Robt. Morden, William Ainslie, Archie Ainslie, Alex McPherson, James McKinley, Lawn Buck, Lizzie Royal & Joseph Williams wedding, C. Hurdle, Geo. Thornton, Wm. Prestage, Archie Ainslie, J.H. Williams, Andy McKinley, Donald Bailey, Pool Campbell, Joe Williams, George Trick.
Article: Manitoulin Civic Association -- J.B. Wallace, J.D. McColeman, F.E. Titus.
22 Photo: of the steamer Maplecourt.
Photo: of the passenger liner North West.
23 Article: Algoma Mutual 1902 -- R. Tilson, E. Battye, W.A. Beatie, Vincer.
24 Article: Breezy Briefs:
Providence Bay -- A. Irving, A. Thorburn, McRae, E.J. Knight, Thomas Pearson, T. Griffith, J. May, Robert Russel, T. Spragge, B.T. Hall, Thos. R. Lougheed, C. Mutchmor, John Mutchmor, McKechnie, Jack Falloon, Geo. Kay, McLeod Graig, E. Buck, S. Buck, M. Tracy, J. Bock, A. Buck, J. Mastin, F. Johnston, Rose Somers, J. Somers, Wes Mutchmor, Thos. Bale.
Manitowaning -- John Vance, Joseph Reynolds, Dr. McIntosh, Wm. McMinn, Robt. Foot, Luke Almond, Will Meredith, Antoine Duret, John Scott, Chas. Stewart, Young, Wilferd Cole, Geo. D. Shields.
25 Article: Breezy Briefs: continued
Burpee -- Wm. Cook, Smith, S. Clark, Eddie Ainslie, Farthing, Wm. Reid, Ben Hopkins, James Ainslie, Beck, Morris.
South Tehkummah -- Robert Murdock, Myles Young, Bert Flesher, McMinn, Tom Hall, Leeson
South Mindemoy -- Thomas Pearson, Robert Phillips, Buckness, Thomas Wilson, Joe Wilson, H.O. Buck, James Blackie, Rev. J. Steel.
26, 27 Article: Roy Palmer talks of past years -- Roy Palmer, Adam Casson, Neil McDougall, William Hilliard, Neil Turner, Earl Freeman, Guy Palmer, Floyd Graham, Barney Graham, Grant Beange, George Beange, Gert and Mary Donaldson, Sherman McArthur, Jackman, Jim McDermid.
27 Photo: Donna Palmer, Carol Ann Williamson, Kelly Wilson, Bob Wiseman, Chester Wilson, Anita Faucett, Margaret Wilson, Lottie Thompson, Murry Thompson, Shirley Ann Palmer, Mary Guy, Mrs. Tom Wilson, Mable McArthur, Mrs. Charlie Wright, Bill Wright, Edgar Palmer, Roy Palmer, Frank Palmer, Guy Palmer, Nellie McDermid, John McDermid, Janie McArthur, Willa Wilson, Rachel Wright, Mrs. Edgar Palmer, Bella Palmer, Edna Palmer, Mrs. Guy Palmer, Blanche Kirton, Mark Wiseman, Randy Guy, Kieth Guy, Lorie Wiseman, Terry Lee Thompson, Lynn Thompson, Paula Wilson, Alexis Ann Thompson, Willa Wilson, Connie Wilson.
28 Article: Providence Bay, 1902 -- Wm. Kendrick, Thos. Ellis, E.J. Knight, David Irwin, Neil McColeman, Irene Patterson, Hagen, David Irwin, F.S. Mullins, Wm. Shraeder, J.H. McMillan, B.F. Mutchmor, R. Carfoot, J.D. Byrnes, Jas Steele, Dan McDougall, W.J. Brooks, M. Legg, Mary McColeman.
Article: Solicitor Appointed, 1920 -- Beniah Bowman, F.E. Titus.
29 Article: Victim of Jones Wreck, 1907 -- Ed Addison, A.E. Addison, T.E. Kennedy, Thos A. Kennedy.
Article: Trial, John Smith, 1897 -- John Smith, Wm. Thorburn, R.N. Thorburn, D.I. Millar, J.W. Cashman, R.R. McKerrik.
30, 31 Article: 89th Birthday Has Discarded Spectacles, 1944 -- Mrs. Geo. Tustian, J.E. Greenfield, D.O. Campbell, Mrs. M. Dearing, Richard Tustian, Robert Tustian, Mrs. Joseph Muncaster.
Article: Barrie Island Events in 1903 -- Jas. Vancise, Florence Gilbart, Mrs. Runnals, John Dale, Jos. Best, Howden, Mrs. MaCcracken, John Witty, John Vancise, Geo. Coutts, Hy. Runnals, Tom Witty, Geo. Brydges, Alf Johnson, Geo. Cole, A.G. Murray.
89th Edition : March 1991
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of the United Church in Tehkummah, 1917, submitted by Pat Hall.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Letter: re: David Tait -- David Tait, L.O. Armstrong Morris, signed by Hector Nelson.
Article: Gore Bay, January 1909 -- Chas. White, Harry Bull, Constable Morris.
4 Article: Manitoulin 100 Years Ago -- Capt. Anderson, Chief Shawenausoway, Chief Aince, M'Bean, Chief Misenence.
5 Article: Manitoulin 100 Years Ago continued -- W.J. Rumley.
Article: Interesting Relic Found on Shore, c 1938.
6 Photo: of the coal steamer Laketon.
Article: the Laketon.
7 Article: St. Paul's Manitowaning, submitted by Dorothy Addison.
7-11 Article: The Story of the Manitowaning Indian Mission -- Canon Haines, C.B. Noble, F.E. Jewell, Adam Elliott, Charles C. Brough, Frederick A. O'Meara, Peter Jacobs, Bishop Strachan, Wm. McMurray, Orr, Paul Darling, Benjamin Bayly, Charles Nahwagezhik, Tetebawa, Burkett, Jabez W. Sims.
12 Article: China in 1943 -- Gretta Clark.
13 Photo: of Captain R. L, Graham.
Article: Facts worth knowing -- from past years, submitted by Jack and Elva Doris Hester.
14 Poem: Kagawong River and The Bridal Falls, as known in 1900, by Andrew Russell.
15 Article: Gordon United Church, by Ev Proctor -- Robt. Wiseman, J.M. Walker, J.J. Mathias, George Strain, Mabel Noble, Clare Wilson, Robt. Kaail.
16, 17 Photo: of the congregation in front of the Gordon United Church.
18-21 Article: It Happened on Manitoulin in 1955 -- James Newburn, Mac McQuarrie, W.I. Wagg, Irvin Mcdermid, Robert Saunders, Janet Biggs, Robert Kaill, Charles A. Cockburn, Elwood Campbell, Roy Baxter, J.A. Fullerton, Col. McCormick, Douglas Wright, Eliza Kinney, Robert Gill, Jean Barber, John Fullerton, Chas. Newburn, Lee, Milton Brett, Dr. Moody, Barbara Lewis, Dr. McQuay.
21 Article: Canada's Educational Census, 1914.
22 Photo: of a large crowd at Decoration Day Services, 1935 - Article: Indian Heroism -- Charles Nahwagezhik, Roland Nahwagezhik.
23 Article: A Manitoulin Bear Story, 1909 -- Ed Addison, Edmonds, Kemp, Capt. Graham, Joseph Addison.
24 Article: Medical Hints, submitted by Jack and Elva Doris Hester.
25 Poems: A Song of Fifty-nine Winters Ago and The Eternal Father, by Mrs. Wm. Duxbury.
26 Poem: The Irish Emigrant's Lament, 1897.
27 Article: Find Remains That Indicated Early Indians -- E.F. Greenman.
28, 29 Article: Local and District, 1902 -- Dr. Berry, Geo. Snead, Nat Wickett, Esther Wiggins, H. Needham, E. Nowell, Alex Cooper, Jennie Porter, Nelson Stone, Alex Mutchmor, James F. Fraser, McGregor, John Merrylees, M. Lloyd, J. Johnston, Burkholder, Dixon, J.S. Brooks, Slomke, W.D. Harper, Katie Turner, Jno. Nelson, Robt. Granger, W. Guinn, Gib McAlpine, Andrew McKinley, R.N. Thorburn, J.S. Hawkins, A. Bock, Jos. Garbutt, John Mutchmor, Grace Mutchmor, Annie McKechnie, Nelson Campbell, Chas. Rowe, Steel, Rev. Byrnes, Jos. Garbutt, B.F. Mutchmor, Ralph Mutchmor, George Scott, Jamieson, John Scott, E.H. Jackson, A.E. McKeowa, George Peters, Norman Smith, Deb Johnston, John Fraser, Neil McIntosh, R.J. Armstrong, John Kinney, J.V. Buffey, Wm. Connell, Laura Reid, David Connell, Annie Reid, Lee Hi, Sam Lee, Gilbart, John Caddell, E.C. Jackson, Mr. George, Isaac Johnston.
30 Photo: of Mrs. Ethel Rogers Mulvany.
Article: Chooses Toronto, 1934 -- Ethel Rogers, D.P.F. Mulvany, Harvey Rogers.
31 Article: Fear Former Manitoulin Girl May Be Prisoner of Japs, 1942 -- Ethel Rogers Mulvany, Capt. D.P. Mulvany, Harvey Rogers.
Letter to the Editor: -- Martin Buck, Lydia Beam, Martin Buck, Jenny Hopkins, Alonson Buck.
Poem: A Manitoulin Spring.
90th Edition : April 1991
PageArticle or Item
Cartoon denoting spring.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Poem: The Bonnie Wee Window, submitted by Jack and Elva Doris Hester.
4 Article: Ten Years in a Dugoout, by George Kingsley Reed, 1937.
5 Article: South Bay Mouth 1937 -- William Leeson, Dorothy Hembruff, Wm. Sanders, K.L. Leeson, H. Chisholm, Davies, Ethel Sisson, Muriel Gelston, Margaret Morrison, Weeks, A. Morrison, W. Caddel, Clayton Sanders, R. Sanders, L. Leeson, Gary Leeson.
6 Article: Early Algoma Bishops, 1935 -- William McMurray, Edward Sullivan, George Thorneloe, Rockborough Smith.
Article: A Policeman and a Bear, 1937 -- Constable Carmichael.
7 Article: Shelter Bay hauled Manitoulin pulpwood.
Photo: of the vessel Shelter Bay.
8 Article: Shelter Bay hauled Manitoulin pulpwood continued.
Photo: of the vessel Shelter Bay.
Article: Find Body in Channel at Little Current, 1940 -- Ernest Martell, W. Glennie, Adslarde Martell, John Hastie.
9 Article: Manitoulin Grand Old Man Celebrates 100th Birthday -- William Morden, Charlie Morden, Lillie Morden, Mrs. James Eaton, Walter Morden, John Morden, Mrs. Norman Matheson, Mary Morden.
10 Photo: Manitowaning Fine Marble War Memorial, submitted by Dorothy Addison.
Article: Adapt.
11 Article: Romance and Progress of Navigation, 1943.
12 Poem: The Pension List, submitted by Jack and Eva Doris Hester.
13 Article: How to Dance the Virginia Reel.
14 Photo: Lewis Witty, Clifford McKinley.
Article: Funeral of Drowning Accident Victims -- Jack Merrylees, Leslie Williams, Portious Johnston, Stella Beame, Ray Witty, Jack Campbell, Wm. Witty, Chas. Middaugh, Jas. Bailey, Edward Looker, Willard Witty, Jas. Witty, Enos Berry, Russell Harper, Herbert Noland, Roy Witty, Earl McKinley.
15 Article: Health Hints from Years Past.
16, 17 Photo and article: Record Load of 85,000 Posts Shipped from Manitoulin Island on the freighter Easton - L.E. Payne, J.A. Ward.
18, 19 Article: Medical Hints from Years Past.
20, 21 Article: The Candidates, 1902 -- R.R. Gamey, W.R, Smyth, C.N. Smith, Frank Cochrane, Miscampbell, Capt. Sullivan, Thos. Bateman, A.A. Riley, Geo. Strain, John McMillan, W.H. Price, R.R. Gamey, Dr. McDonald, R.R. Gamey, Dr. Fell, W.H. Price, Hembruff, McCulligh, Kerr, Morrow, Norton, Lane, McCauley, Hannah, Shepherd, Stone, Bertram, T.C. Sims.
21 Article: Hints to Callers on the sick.
22 Photo: of Ritchie's Resort in South Baymouth, 1985.
Photo: of Dolly's Inn and Motel, submitted by Pat Hall.
23 Article: Romance of the Manitoulin, by Doris Addison -- T.G. Anderson, Dr. Darling, C.C. Brough, Bayly, Father Proulx.
Article: Dynamic Power of Various Kinds of Food.
24 Poem: That Holiday, submitted by Gertie Noble -- Charlie Cockburn, Clarence Brown, Harvey Douglas.
Article: Deer Skins.
25 Poem: Men O' the North.
26 Photo: of Manitowaning Years Ago, looking down the hill.
Article: Does This Sound Familiar?
27 Article: Recollections of Childhood Day, 1944.
28 Article: Mystery of the Griffon is still being investigated, 1944 -- Augustus B. Porter, Peter B. Porter, Peter A. Porter.
29 Article: Measures of Housekeepers.
Article: Manitowaning, 1920 -- M. McLeod, S. Sanders, McRae, Shields, Biehl, C. Young, Currie, George Currie, Parks, LeSarge, Hinds, S. McDonald, Bennett, Russell.
30 Article: It happened in June 1909 -- James Crawford, John Kemp, A.L. Kemp, H. Bull, Matt Irving, J. Johnston, Hugh Brown, Henderson, John McGibbon, Wm. McKinley, Etta Mary Hall & William Leslie Richman wedding, Annie Baker Matheson & Albert Reid Wood wedding, Bertha Smith, Ethel Strain, Edna Beck, Thompson, Melville Stringer, John Smeltzer & Lydia Hall, Chas. Mayland.
31 Article: House-cleaning hints, 1890.
Article: Judge Charles Edward Hewson Passes at Barrie, 1937 -- son of William Hutchinson Hewson and Abigail Cummings -- Francis D. Hewson, Julia Creswicke, Henry Creswicke, Miss Theo and Mildred Hewson, Mrs. Donald Kydd, Mrs. D. McGibbson, Mrs. Cyril Knight, Mrs. Stephen Bourne, Mrs. Stewart Webster, Judge Emerson Coatsworth, Ashford Warnica, Sam Blackmore, W.H. Hurst, H.C. Fortier, C.E. O'Reillly, D F. McCuaig, J.T. Simpson, D.H. MacLaren, A.G. Ardagh, H.A. Sims, George Hewson, Jack and Keith Hewson, Wm. and Conrad Hewson, Hewson Knight.
91st Edition : May 1991
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of Little Current Constable Ab Stewart and his family.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Article: Visitor Writes Expressing Appreciation of Manitoulin, 1944 -- Hugh Bertram.
Article: 1903 -- Mr. W. Robinson, Wm. Ainslie, S.P. Jackson.
Article: Strange doings at the Court House, 1936 -- Judge Currey, M.L. Davidson.
Article: Flies from Sudbury to attend Court -- J.J. O'Connor, Cliff Johnson.
4 Article: Notable Church Events will be celebrated -- E. Weeks, C.B. Noble.
Article: Romance of the Manitoulin, 1944 -- Joseph Antoine Poncet.
5-7 Article: Thirty-seven Years Ago, 1897 -- The Lady Elgin went down with 300 Souls - Capt. Wilson, Martin Eviston, John Criley, Garret Barry, T.E. Eviston, Samuel Waigli, John O'Grady, Lumisden, H. Ingraham.
7 Photo: of the passenger ship the S.S. Georgian.
8 Article: Around Manitoulin July 1909 -- Stewart Clarke, R.T. Hall, Wm. Burns, John Taylor, Beattie, Thomas Lougheed, Norman Forsyth, Gertie Vance, Andy McDonald, Galbraith, McColeman, Wm. Thorn, Berry, G. Morris, Mrs. H. McKeon, E. Cochrane, Alice Wilson, Thos. Robertson, Wm. Priddle, R.E. Bell, Holland T. Robinson, Bunt, Dr. McLaughlin, Sprackman.
9 Article: Memories of an old Home in Ice Lake -- Gordon Hodgins, J. Royal, Charlie Burnett, Harper, John Douglas, Neil Douglas, John Muirhead, Sandy Jaffray, Neil Vanhorn, George Archibald, Charlie Robertson, Tom Pope, Thomas Baker, Ed. Baker, Ken Baker, Jean and Harvey Crawford, Herb Dearing.
Article: List winners at Shequiandah -- Gail McLennan, June Shepperd, Lela Jean Baxter, Harold Strain, Chris Dunlop, Ronnie Collins, Ron McDougall, Nellis Bowerman, Ronnie Shepperd, Marlene Shepperd, Jean McDougall, Jean McLennan, Betty Bowerman, Mary Prisley, Helen Cosby, Don Nelder, Keith Holmes.
Article: Socialists Will Not Unite, 1903.
10 Article: Fruit Canning from past years.
11 Article: Looking back at 1889 -- George Cook, Rev. Stewart, Robt. Connell, Winnifred (Humphrey) Priddle.
12, 13 Article: Meldrum Bay, 1939, Mr. and Mrs. George Wickett -- Geo. Wickett, Henry Steele, Lou Kemp, Massey McArthur, Pat Haggerty, Jack Wilson, Chas. Allan, Wm. Switzer, Janet Baillie, Stewart Clarke, Joseph Wilson, Belle McCallum, Hugh McKay, Wm Morden, John Wickett, Jennie Billings, Bessie Billings, Mary Tomlinson, Belle Wickett, May Murray, Archie Wickett, Myrtle Stephens, William Wickett.
14 Article: Manitoulin and Algoma Teachers Institute, 1902 -- Jane Allan, Jessie Webb Ball, Jessie Mary Brown, Daniel Burke, Norman Russell Charleton, Mary Elizabeth Clarke, Mary Jane Pearl Collins, Opal Winifred Devereaux, Charlotte Greer, Annie Nellie Griffith, Florence Susan Hammond, Edith Augusta Hill, Alfred E. Johnston, Florence Kinney, Olga Victoria, McDonald, Barbara McDougall, Violet Catherince McGillivray, Christina McKechnie, Margaret Lillian McLeod, Milton Nelles, Eliza Ann Scott, Helen Jamieson Scott, Bertha Lavina Sawyers, Agnes Johnston Sibbald, Janet Lucinda Stephens, Mary Jane Stringer, Barbara Ann Grace Taylor, Frederick Lemon Tilson, Elizabeth Mary Sedaney Wedgerfield, Elsie Weldon, Florence May Young.
15 Article: Manitoulin and Algoma Teachers Institute continued.
Article: Pioneer Passes at Silver Water, 1940 -- Wm. Priddle, Mary Jane May, Frank Priddle, Wilfred Priddle, John Priddle, Nellie Priddle, George Priddle, A.C. Edmonds, W.F. Edmonds, Wm. Kemp, Roy Smyth, A. Duncanson, Joe Addison.
16, 17 Photo: of Providence Bay ball team, c. 1950 -- Doug Patterson, Larry Franks, Elwood Lewis, Harold Arnold, Irvin McDermid, Norris Pearson, Morley LeSarge, Murray McDermid, Blair McDermid, Bill Buie.
Article: Tehkummah, December 1919 -- David Pyette, Pearl Wagg, W.J. Tilson, Hilburn James Williamson, Charlie Little, Joe Wilson, Violet Mastin, Robert Leask, Fred Wagg, John King, Mrs. F.C. Wagg, Elford.
Article: Concrete.
18-20 Article: Horses-Breaking and Training.
21 Photo and Article: The passenger ship Manitoulin.
22 Letter to the Editor: by J.C. Edmonds.
23 Poem: If I had a boy.
Article: Barrie Island, 1920 -- Fisher, D.D. Griffith, Agnes Bailie, George Lane, Alf Armstrong, Henry Vancise, Jas. Wood, A. Long, Geo. Coutts, G.H. Noble.
Article: Grimesthorpe, 1920 -- John McMillan, Milton Buie, Etta King, Don McMillan, Peter Gilchrist, Gilah Lewis, Henry Sloss, John Gilchrist, John Lougheed, Etta Lougheed.
24 Article: Household Hints, submitted by Jack and Ethel Doris Hester.
25 Photo: Mrs. T.H. Thompson, Mrs. H.N. Morden, Mrs. Clayton Saul, William Arthur Saul.
Article: Died, 1902 -- Ernest Arthur Buck, W.E. George.
26 Article: C.L.D. Sims passes in Little Current, 1939 -- C.L.D. Sims, Jabez Sims, Maria McMinn, Thomas C. Sims, Mrs. Robert Ripley, Mrs. F. Conlon.
Article: Jacques Cartier empire builder.
27 Article: That Frozen Mammoth, 1902.
28 Article: District Court, 1903 -- JJohn Coutts, A. Long, W.O. Runnals, Geo. Coutts, F. Alexander, A.G. Murray, R.R. McKessock, D. Cameron, Samuel Berry, T. Dean.
Photo: Myrtle Rumley.
29 Article: Mother Shipton's Prophecy.
30 Article: District News, 1897 -- J. Stephenson, J.G. Pulford, D. McArthur, McKessock, Wm. Purvis, Johnston, Jos. Cashman, J.W. Cashman.
Article: The Kagawong Fair.
Article: Our Big Offer.
31 Article: Death of Mrs. Gilbert McAlpine Sr.
Article: Manitowaning Fair.
Article: Providence Bay Fair.
Article: A Faithful Churchgoer -- Ivan Purvis, McMillan.
Article: 1956 Occupational Titles -- F.E. Titus, J.B. Wallace, A.J. Wagg.
Article: Car Owners Convention, 1919.
92nd Edition : June 1991
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of congregation in front of Barrie Island United Church, submitted by Susie Runnalls.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Article: Leave them alone, they'll come home, by Ev Proctor -- John Goodmurphy, Smith Bros., Woods Bros., Willis Knapp, Jason Thomas, Cam and Bill Clark, Mr. Proctor.
4-6 Article: Tehkummah, South Baymouth and Snowville School -- Whit MacDonald, W.F. Duxbury, Gerry McGillis, Lydia Hunter, Annie Duxbury, Sharon Gray, Alfred Mastin, Ed Mastin, Martha Mastin, Trimmer, Wilson, Angus Morrison, Kathleen Dinsmore, Gilmore Morrison, Clifford Morrison, Roderick Morrison, Herb Miller, George Morrison, John Morrison, Rob Morrison, Mastin, Bill Myland, Harve Arnold, Alex Macdonald, Clare Aelicks, Earl McGillis, Frank Little, Ed Mastin, Henry Martin, Nelson Forsythe, Dick Bowerman, Violet Myland, Elva Bowerman, Lois Arnold, Jack Bryant, Mrs. C. Kemp, Mrs. L. Johnston, C.H. Sauder, J.H. Craig, W.F. McRae, J.B. Gibson, W.H. Johnston, R.M. Beatty, Geo. Hammond, Romaine Conley, W.A. McColeman.
7 Photo: Neil Montgomery, Matt Bowser.
8 Article: A Pioneer, by Erma (Flanagan) Willett -- James Alexander Flanagan, Susan Lasby, Fraser, Dyment, Alex Thorburn, Wallace McQuarrie, James Willett, Edith (Griffith) Willett, Oliver C.E. Willett, Samuel Willett, Kenneth Willett and Charles Willett.
Article: Cockburn Island Residents Request Ferry Service, April 1945 -- C.J. Mogg, Harry Jones, Wm. Jones, Marvin Falls, Thos. McCaig, Arthur Mogg.
9 Article: A Summers Work on the Manitoulin -- Keith Young.
Article: Nomination Notice, 1920 -- M. Lehman, J.H. Craig.
10 Article: Early Tragedies of Manitoulin, submitted by Dorothy Addison -- Robert Boyter, H. Lee, Dan McRae, David Boyter, Dr. Johnston, Busty Currey, Geo. Thorne, May Baxter, Frank Baxter, Nellie Shea, Pat Shea, Lewis, William Baxter, Andrew Davidson, Thos. Dinsmore, Wm. Thorburn, Archie Currey, Walter Harper.
11 Article: Gore Bay, 1902 -- R.R. Gamey, W.H. Price, A.A. Riley, Dr. Fell, Dr. Johnston, Geo. Strain.
Article: West Carnarvon, 1902 -- W.H. Price, S. Greer, William Vincer, R. Hill.
12, 13 Article: The Funeral of the late Dr. J.A. Baker, 1936 -- James A. Baker, Jessie Clarke, A.R. Sanderson, T.W. Batman, J.J. Matthias, J. Black, C. Minnie Baker, T.R. Porter, R.A. Smith, W.A. Smith, N. Buchanan, J. Kinney, Wm. Burns, J.L. McKenzie, W.F. McRae, J.D. Gordon, E.F. Priddle, R. Robinson, A.O. Hinds, John P. Baker, Mrs. Hariett Hicks, A. Setterfield, W.A. Baker, Nellie L. Baker, F.M. Hicks, E. Steele.
13, 14 Article: Particular Interest to Manitoulin Anglicans, 1940.
14 Article: Hints for home comforts, c. 1900.
15 Article: New Constable assumes duties, November 1934 -- G.B. Carmichael, Stuart McPhee.
Article: Three in Two Days, 1903 -- John Emery, Maggie Emery, John Keown, Barbara McKenzie, Charles Keown, Jos. Williams, Elizabeth Royal, May Martin, Arthur Williams, Robt. Frances, Mary Elizabeth Negenouigh.
16, 17 Article: Missing Since Last Wed, Feared Drowned off Killarney, 1955 -- Lee Branscombe, Arthur Noble, Jim Noble, W.J. Patterson, R.H. Pepper.
Photo: Tehkummah hockey team (1931).
18 Article: Anglican Ladies Attend Manitoulin Deanery Here, Gore Bay, 1935 -- Ethel McIntosh, Andress, E.L. Allen, N. Trotter, Turner, Lewis.
19 Photo: Frank Wagg, Maurice, Harold, Wellington, Mary, Pauline, Myrtle, Water, Mary Wagg.
20 Poems: The Wreck; Cheer Up; The Life of Faith.
21 Poems: Idle; One's Chances; A Good Wife; A Letter.
22 Poems: Growing Old; You Have to Believe; Unfilled Churches.
23 Article: New Doctor for Mindemoya, 1935 -- Jack McQuay, Peggy McQuay, Mary Alice McQuay, Dr. Caldwell, Gamble, O'Hara, Davis, Effie Becks, Sadie Williamson, Thos. Farquhar, Anglin.
Article: A Good Suggestion, 1937 -- Roy F. Fleming.
24 Photo: Norman Buchanan, Douglas Buchanan, Annie Porter, Jean Purvis, Kenneth, Catherine Bailey, Helen McQuarrie.
Article: Position of the Manitoulin Reformer, 1902.
Article: New Year's Day Decorum, 1895.
25, 26 Article: Farmers' Institute, 1902 -- E. Battye, J.W. Kerr, W. Boyd, B. Palmer, Fred Smith, Jas. W. Kerr, John Kinney, George Willett, J. Coutts, D. Griffith, T. Arneil, Geo. Cook, A. McKinley, B. Paliner, E. Beck, Hy. Hall, A. McLean, D. Young, T. Pipher, J. McKenzie, Nelson Morden, Johnston.
27 Article: Court Session in 1902 -- A.H. McGrath, Alex Cooper, Harry Boyle, Bishop Thornloe, E.D. Pelletier, Robt. Drinnan, W.A. Thorburn, Wismer, A. Findlay, Will George, R.N. Thorburn, J.D. Byrnes, J. Pocock, David Wolfe, Will Brett, Geo. Noland, Ed. Noland, Marshall Orford, A.E. Dyment, Reid, Guinn, Brazenor, Needham.
28 Article: Mrs. Thompson of Advance -- Mrs. Thomas Henry Thompson, Charles Thompson, James Kinney, Robertson, Stinson, Donaldson, Davidson, Wilson.
29 Article: Cooking Hints.
Obituary: Margaret Third, William Third, Mrs. George Bell, Mrs. George Moggy, Hettie Sparrow, Ephraim Sparrow, Peter Sparrow, Marshall Laverty, Milton Beatty, James Bryant, Wesley Charleton, George Holmes, Comfort Hughson, William McCauley.
30, 31 Article: The Law of Right vs. Usurper and Parasite, 1897.
31 Article: How Canada Began -- Chas White.
Advertisements: Geo. Brydges, Chas. White, Neil McIntosh, A.E. Graham, H. Needham, Wm. Boyd, Sandy Burns, Scott Fraser.
93rd Edition : July 1991
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Bess Pit Barron, Andy Tyson.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Article: Letter to B. Pitfield July 24, 1971 -- W.F. McRae, Vincent McHugh, Loosemore, John De Lamorandiere, Mrs. George Stephen, Lumsden.
4 Article: Exploration.
Photo: of Dr. Greenman.
5 Article: Students at Killarney.
Article: Travel -- Teddy de Lamorandiere, John Skelliter, Vincent Roque, Albert Rowe, Bill Hotti, Joe Peltier.
6 Article: Dr. Robert Bell's findings -- Pierre Regis de Lamorandiere, Etienne Augustin de Lamorandiere, Charles de Lamorandiere.
7 Article: National Museum of Man -- Robert McGhee, Robert Bell, Pitfield.
7, 8 Article: Anthropology students of Dr. Greenman writes -- Dr. Greenman, Robert Benton, Ted Guthe, Jerome and Ralph Patton, John Goggin, John de Lamorandiere, Helen Stevenson, Chuck Miller.
9 Article: J.C. Reynolds Collection -- Pitfield, Dr. Greenman, Mokomanish.
Article: Students write about their involvement -- Jane Hawkins, Alma Anderson, Kay Low, Dr. Spiegal.
10 Article: Letter from the late Thomas E. Lee -- Dr. Greenman, Dr. Bell, Dr. Lee.
11 Article: Dr. Greenman's explanation of archaeology.
12, 13 Article: The latest news on the Sheguiandah site -- Ronald Williamson, Thomas E. Lee.
13 Article: New method of dating prehistory.
14 Article: European travel in the upper Georgian Bay -- Frank Myers, Frank Major, William Munro, Theotime Couture, John McQuarrie, Wilfred Jury, Emerson Greenman, Thomas E. Lee.
15 Photo: John de Lamorandiere.
Photo: Delvina Roque Pandke, Doris Bernard Low, Kathleen Roque Carriere.
Photo: Mrs. Genereux, Mrs. Godin.
Photo: Ted and Emila (Landriault) de Lamorandiere.
16, 17 Map.
18 Article: Archaeology in Northeastern Ontario -- Mr. Conway, Dr. Greenman.
19-23 Article: Killarney -- Manitoulin Island areas in the 1840's.
23 Photos: at Kakagise Lake.
24 Article and Photo: of the Easton -- George Hindman.
25 Photo: of the Queen's Hotel.
Poem: Let Them Talk.
26 Article: Presbytery Meeting, 1920 -- R. Wiseman, Wm. McDonald, O.L. Crawford, Fell, J.D. Byrnes, Hagan, Robinson, R.J. Winter, Platt, Jaffray, Scott, Fraser, New, Len Jackson, Bickell, Frank, Abernathy, Hogson, Belton.
Poem: The Standard on the Braes of Mar.
27 Article: Cooking hints from past years.
28 Article: A Pioneer's Wife -- Samuel Chapdelaine, Laura Chapdelaine, Maria Chapdelaine.
29 Poem: Making Life Worth While.
Poem: Our Neighbour.
30 Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Edmonds and son Clarence of Silver Water.
31 Article: Local Items -- Geo. Hammond, H.E. Haner, David Sloss, Chas. Prior, Mrs. R.J. Winter, Neil Gilchrist, Geo. Cranston, A. Ainslie, E. Williams, Jessie Clarke, Thos. Allan, Jim Armstrong, Sam Cole, Truman Wilson, George Dearing, Jessie Wilson, Margaret Wright, Frances Chisholm, Margaret Chisholm, Frank Porter, Tommy Porter, Charlie Snow, Sandy Campbell, Cleve Panton, Rev. McColeman, R.F. Humphrey, D.M. Sloss, J.B. Reynolds.
Photo: Archie Ward, John Gordon, Bob Gladstone.
Poems: Road Makers; Give Me.
94th Edition : August 1991
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Viola Gilpin, Margaret Edmons, Laura MacTavish, Ethel Machan.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Article: Wm. McKeown in 1870 -- William McKeown, Samuel J. McKeown, Matilda McKeown, Joseph, Robert, Jane, Anne and Margaret and Florence McKeown, signed by Margaret Ker.
Article: Spring Bay, 1920 -- J. King, W. Alexander, Dan Galbraith, Bessie Anderson, Nellie Campbell, Kitty Pidgeon, George Campbell.
4, 5 Photo and Article: about the passenger steamer Georgian.
6-8 Article: Notes by John Hopkins -- John Hopkins, W.S. Cook, Henry Smyth, Sandy Burns, Cliff Falls, Charlie Snow, Chisholm, Bill and Bobby Bracken, A.C. Edmonds, Katie Fox, B.W. Hopkins, Jim Crawford, Dunk McGibbon, Tom Falls, Dan McGibbon, Elma Edmonds, W.F. McRae.
Photos: Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hopkins wedding, 1912; John Hopkins in First World War.
9-13 Article: Assiginack Township -- Jean Baptiste Assiginack, Roderick MacDonald, John MacDonald, Margaret McIntyre, Peter MacDonald, Susan McKenzie, Calvin Vanzant, Janet MacLean, John MacLean, Ann MacKinnon, Donald E. MacLean, Catherine MacDougall, Angus MacKinnon, Mary Black, Melvin Kerr, John Campbell, Donald Stewart, Lorne Walker, Duncan MacDonald, Thomas Morrow, Margaret MacDonald, William Morrow, Emma Ingram, Nathan Case, W.F. Trimmer, Mary MacDonald, Hugh Campbell, Alexander Campbell, John Campbell, Fraser Campbell, John Stewart, Christina Macdonald Stewart, Anne Clark, Mary Christina MacMillan, Phyllis MacDonald.
11 Photo: Family of Roderick & Janet McDonald, 1908 -- Annie, Margaret, Duncan, Stewart, Mary, Isabella, John, Catherine, Hugh, Roderick, Alexander, Janet, Christina, Janet.
13 Article: Tehkummah, 1920 -- Andrew Foote, Mrs. Pyette, Harvey Arnold, Maurice Ward, Phoebe Russell, W. Wilson, William and Albert Sloan, Percy Russell, Jim Hunter, John Bonus, Chester Snow, Wm. Vincer, Jas. Williamson, Bert Snow, James Wilson, F. Wagg, Carl Kennerd, Quackenbush, John Caddel, Mrs. Tilson, Lillian Tilson, Mary Pyette, Henry Martin.
14 Photo: Some students from the class of S.S. No. 2 in Howland -- Mae Orr, Lois Orr, Joyce Orr, Pearl Collins, Minnie Hembruff, Dorothy Collins, Eva Batman, Vera Stevens.
15 Article: Survey large area for landing field in Gordon, 1945 -- T. McNichol, Capt. McCoy, Jonathan Brooks, Wm. Berry, McIntyre, Alysworth, Pattison, Ritchie, Sagel, Albert and Robert Oakes, R. Ainslie, Heston Buie, Wagg, McGillivray, Conners.
16, 17 Photo: The village of Tosmaville from the dock, 1949 -- Paul Hostetler.
Article: Council meet on Cockburn Island, 1969 -- Harold McQuarrie, Harry Goodmurphy, R. Crockford, Glen McLeod, Len Sturdy, Roy Jones, Bill Jones.
Article: Manitowaning, November 1919 -- R.J. Lewis, Nellie Watson, A. Morrison, George Morrison, Dr. Davis, Billie and Ellen Lamb, Billie McDougall, Capt. Lowe.
18, 19 Article: Brush with death -- Bob Leeson, Ray Hughson, John Grant.
20, 21 Article: The Grand Manitoulin Islands, 1900's.
22 Article: Waterworks for Small Towns, 1920.
23 Article: Was Engaged in Cutting Ice, 1951 -- Wm. Baker, Bert Bailey, Frank Valliquette, Don Boyd, J.B. McQuay, Earl Baker.
Article: Spectators Charmed by Royal Couple.
24 Poems: The Old Rag Carpet and St. Pat's Lament.
25 Article: Fire Takes Two Lives at Long Bay -- Joseph Williton, Mrs. E. Flood, Wm. Coulam, Constable Needham, Morden, Mrs. W.D. Gerard, Mrs. S.F. Seymour, Mrs. E.G. Underhill, Mrs. G.N. Latta, William Williton, Mrs. A. Alexander, Mrs. Fitzpatrick.
Article: Inquest Brings Verdict of Accidental Death, May 1948 - R.N. Simpson, T.R. Porter, Adam Casson, D.A. McQuarrie, A.V. Burns, C.E. Powell, William Coulam, Frank Paisley, Gordon Sloss.
26 Article: A Telegram Canard, 1920.
Article: Manitoulin Co-operative Association, 1920 -- W.J. McKenzie, William Strain, William Hilliard, George Foster, George Coutts, Percy Runnalls, Wilbert Edmonds, Edward Baker.
27 Poem: Laugh is on the Student, 1941.
28 Photo: Teacher's College students -- Jennie Jewell, Margaret Jewell.
Article: Silver Water, 1920 -- Geo. Trick, O.M. Thomson, Annie O. Knowles, Tupper, Ghent, Wetherell, John Edmonds, Harold Bailey, Bessie McGibbon, P. Beck, Harvey Beck, H. Wilson, Wm. Lloyd, Wm. Priddle, Joe Addison, Emma Kemp.
29 Photo: Lumber camp -- Henry Jewell, Bert Cook.
Article: Silver Water, from another correspondent -- O.M. Thomson, A. Rumley, Bert Fleming, I.F. Metcalfe, L. Duncanson, Marjory Cook, Ed. Priddle, L. Johnston, Dunn, Effie Matheson.
30 Article: Fire Early Sunday Morning Takes Life of Elizabeth Bay Resident, January 1953 -- Lewis Matheson, Archie Williams, Norman Matheson.
Article: Andrew Tracy Died in 90th year, 1953 -- Andrew Tracy, Ebenezer and Jane Tracy, Elizabeth Bock, Earl Tracy, Gilmore Tracy, Harvey Tracy, Morley Tracy, Harry Tracy, Norine Becks, Eleanor Adams, Elva Tracy, Martha Buck, Bessie Gibbs, William Tracy, Jennie Meston, Annie Kirk, Mary Munro, Eleanor McPherson, Donald Tracy, Douglas Tracy, Douglas Becks, Robert Becks, David Kirk, Russell Munro.
31 Article: Andrew Tracy Died in 90th year, 1953 continued.
Poem: The Modern Age.
Poem: Willie's Rooster.
Article: Not an Expert and Legs.
95th Edition : September 1991
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of a man with a large lake trout.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Article: Manitoulin Recount, 1920.
Article: St. Joseph Island and Manitoulin -- Ben Fuller.
Article: A Bad Wound, 1897 -- McDonald, Bain.
4 Photo: Tom Clarke, Milt McConkey, Lawrence Peck, Pat Patterson, Frank Priddle, Mac McQuarrie, Ted Cook, Austin Hunt, Mike Smith, Hughie Lochead.
Article: Barrie Island -- G.A. Cole, E.A. Letts, Geo. Bydges, B.F. Morden, Wiseman, Gladys Fawcett, M. Deering, Hugh McLean.
5 Photo: Milt McConkey, Campbell, W.L. Millar, Lawrence Pec, Aus Hunt, Ted Cook, Mike Smith, Hughie Lochead.
Article: Attacked by Deer at Tom's Wildlife Farm at Meldrum Bay, 1961 -- Tom Tomlinson, Lloyd Taylor, Dr. Strain, Doug Steele.
6 Article: The 12th of July.
Article: Silver Water, 1920 -- O.M. Thomson, A. Rumley, Bert Fleming, I.F. Metcalf, L. Duncanson, Marjory Cook, Ed Priddle, L. Johnston, Dunn.
7 Article: Bodies of Plane Crash Victims Found Near Spring Bay, 1950 -- Ruth Dunoon, Leo Slavinsky, Peter Gilchrist, J.L. Needham, Allan Baker, Lawrence Baker, Carl Mattini.
Article: Ice Lake, 1920 -- Alex Burch, Geo. Dearing, Margaret Robertson, Silver Robertson, Robert Nelson, Jean Wilson, T. Pope, Geo. Guy, Geo. Brown, Hugh Brown, Wm Wright, William Nelson, Andrew A. Robertson.
8 Article: Pick of the Crop Picnic.
9-11 Article: Appeal for Mindemoya Hospital.
12, 13 Photo: of the freighter George Hindman.
Article: about the George Hindman.
13 Article: Tehkummah, 1920 -- Leeson, Little, Joe Ward, Wm. Tilson, Jas. Williamson, Whit McDonald, W.J. Hopkins.
14-16 Article: A visit to the Manitoulin Island in 1918, submitted by Mrs. Estelle Johnson.
17 Poems: Lake Manitou; Lake LaCloche; Mindemoya.
18 Poem: D'Arcy's Dore.
19 Poem: Manitoulin Island.
20 Poem: A garden party at "The Cliffs".
21 Poem: The Ogre.
22 Poems: The Native Son; Castle Cliff.
23 Photo: Celina and Will Porter, Agnes and William Dinsmore, Gordon Dinsmore, Bill Dinsmore, Cliff Porter, Inus Dinsmore, Kelly, Velma Porter Fitzpatrick, Margaret Dinsmore Linley, Howard Dinsmore, Stan Porter, Grace Walker.
Poem: The Eternal Father.
24 Photos: two photos of George Boyd and Jim Gordon together -- George Boyd, Jim Gordon, Bob Jeffray.
25 Photos: of old cars.
26-28 Article: The By-Election in Manitoulin, 1918 -- Beniah Bowman, B.G. Turner, R.R. Gamey, J.D. McColeman, M. Bowman.
28 Article: Beniah Bowman Dies in Toronto on Easter -- Beniah Bowman, Mary B. Barr Bowman, Marven Bowman.
29 Article: Forward Movement -- J.W. Hagan, W.S. Chisholm, W.A. Smith, George M. Thorburn, Mike Johnson.
Article: Hockey results.
Article: Manitoulin Civic Association.
30 Photo: John Gordon, Catherine MacDonald Gordon, John Gordon.
31 Poem: Tommy.
Poems: Manitoulin; Today.
96th Edition : October 1991
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of Orland Wismer in an old-fashioned baby buggy.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Photo and Article: on the freighter Westdale.
4 Photo and Article: on the freighter H.C. Heimbecker.
5 Article: Nominations, Gore Bay, 1900 -- W.R. Abrey, W.W. Holden, John Fraser, John S. Hawkins, J. Russell McGregor, J.W, Jackson, J.W. Griffith, James Fisher, J.M. Fraser, Fred Smith, Geo. Young, G. McAlpine, W.H. Price, A. Irving, W. Mon[t]gomery, R.R. McKessock, W. Thorburn, S.P. Jackson, Stewart Clark, John Keown, T. Harper, I.J. Bailie, J. Blackburn, W. Morden, Angus Bell.
Article: Burpee 1900 Nomination -- Alex Thorburn, Mrs. E. McArthur, Cameron, Louis Pheasant, Robert Thorburn, Miss Gilbart.
6 Article: Gordon Nominations, 1900 -- John Douglass, McArthur, R. Brett, Henry Hall, T.H. Thomas, J.W. Wilson, Jacob Wismer, A.R. Sanderson.
Article: Rats and Leprosy, 1908.
7 Article: History of the Berry Boats -- Oliver Berry, May Berry, Hill Tinkus, Enos Berry, Clete Berry, Robbie Berry, Lydia Berry, Viola Berry Spry, Ab Graham, Bob Graham, Matt Graham, Bill Graham, Russell Carter, Carla May Spry, William John Newlands, Wm. Oliver.
Photo: of Oliver Berry Sr. and wife May beside a launch. Oliver and May Berry, Audrey Newlands, Oliver Berry.
8 Photos.
9 Article: History of the Berry Boats continued.
Article: Obituary of Henry Bock (wife: Esther Cranston) -- George Bock, Melvin Bock, Mrs. D.G. Sinclair, Mrs. G. Moore, Mrs. A. Tracy, Mrs. S. Sinkler, John Bock, William Bock, Abraham Bock, Augustus Johnston, Earl Tracy, Arthur Hill, Herb Caddel, John Caddel, Bert Bond, Mr. and Mrs. Verdun Buie.
Article: Captain of Michipicotten, 1920 -- George Waugh.
10 Article: Uses for Cannon Balls.
Article: Spring Bay, January 1920 -- T. Jackman, Violet Rowe, E. Gilpin, J. McCormick, Myrtle Hewitt, Geo. Hartley, Don Galbraith.
11 Photo: Johnny B. Gibson.
Article: Meldrum Bay, 1920 -- Jim and Russell Vanevery, Lewis Stephens, John Wickett, Ed. Morrison, Jim Matheson, Williard Cook, Norman Fisher, Will McGibbon, Sandy Rumley, Frank Cockwill, J.D. New, J.D. Byrnes, Joseph Granville, Mrs. Allan Wright.
12 Article: History, Indian tells how Lieut. Harrington died.
13 Article: History, Indian tells how Lieut. Harrington died continued.
Article: Spring Bay, 1921 -- Wm. Smith, T. Towe, Rowe, Herb Galbraith, C.L. McDonald, Jno. Cranston, R.R. Cranston, Geo. Cranston.
14 Poems: Food for thought; Growing old together, by Andrew Russel.
15 Article: Points in English Law, 1908.
16, 17 Copy of an 1894 marriage certificate of Thomas Martin and Desmer Moody. List of Martin Family members -- John, William, James, Margaret, Samuel, Jane, Archie, Lena, Thos., Ellen, Hugh, David, Henry.
Article: Gordon, 1908 -- Tom Cain, Watson, Jas. Merrylees, George Beck, Alex McLaren, W.E. George, George Willett, Neal, A.E. Johnson, Fred Nelles, Martin Family -- John, William, James, Margaret, Samuel, Jane, Archie, Lena, Thos., Ellen, Hugh, David, Henry.
Article: Government Road, 1920 -- John Kay, McNevin, Vair, Charlie Goddard, John Blue, D. Kay.
18 Photo: of the Kagawong Ball Team of 1921 -- Bill Hilliard, Earl Graham, Johnnie Graham, Morgan Bowser, Cecil Foster, Charlie Wiber, T.J. Thompson, Bill Thompson, Ronnie Gordon, Jim Gordon, Fred Graham, Lawrence Corbiere, Austin Hunt, H.L. Corbiere, Tom Prestage, Frank Debassige, George Boyd.
Photo: John McAnsh, Duncan Cameron, A. Caddle, William Sterling, John Sinclair, John Cochrane, Vincer.
19 Poems: A Farmers Life; Our Funny English.
20 Photo: of School Trustees -- Wm. Johnston, John McKay, A.E. Dyment, R.R. Gamey, Archie McCaig, Malcolm McCaig, Duxbury.
Article: Cockburn Island, 1908.
21 Copy of a District of Manitoulin Court Calender for 1909 -- Archibald Bain McCallum, Charles Caleb Platt, J. Haddow Fell, A.G. Murray, W.R. Abrey, Judge McCallum, Andrew Hall, E.F. Leitch, D. McGilvery, Alfred Monck.
22 Article: An Unfinished Tragedy.
Article: Sandfield, 1908 -- Geo Hutchinson, W. Tilson, Morden, David Thompson, Frank Bowerman, John Hutchinson, Gordon, Phoebe Ferguson.
23 Article: Cigarettes to Minors, 1908.
Article: Steamer Telegram Burned, 1908 -- Capt. Waugh, R.T. McLaughlin, R. Tasker.
24 Article: Thousands of Anemic Girls Hurrying to the Grave.
Article: Manitowaning, 1908 -- W.J. Tucker, John Cowan, Judge McCallum, A. Irving, W.J. Tucker, H. Vanzant.
25 Photo: Clarke Van Every, Doug Steele, Leonard Bailey, Norman McDonald, Orace Bailey, Dale and Lyle Van Every, Meldrum Wickett, Calvin Kelly.
26 Article: Only a Leaf, 1908.
Article: Cockburn Island, 1908 -John McKay, A. Olmstead.
27 Article: Voting in Canada -- Qualifications, 1896.
28 Article: West Carnarvon, 1908 -- John Blackie, Jennie Elliott, Mrs. John Bock, Wilfrid Parkin, George Kirk, Dyment, Benjamin Bock.
Article: Chief Dead, 1920 -- Mitchell Roy.
29 Article: Gordon, 1908 -Norman McLaren, Stewart Clarke, Mary Keer, Jack Montgomery, Will Cook, Malcolm McArthur, George Cook, Burt Foster, Charlie Burt, Tom Merrylees, Percy Merrylees, Reed, John Woods, Albert Woods, Bill Jeffkins, Art McArthur, Harvey Beck, Lily Beck, Philip Beck, Mr. Taste, Jems Emiry, James Milligan, Will Hall, Will Pemberton.
Article: Barrie Island, 1908 -- E.A. Letts, Tomey Phalen, R.R. Gamey, John Jeffkins.
30 Article: Ice Lake, 1908 -- James Montgomery, Hore, Andrew Robertson, Palmer, Mac McArthur, Chas. Wright, Geo. Croft.
Article: Silver Bay, 1908 -- Smyth, J. Nighswander, Fred Moody, John Kerr, Ellen McCulligh, T. McCulligh, R. Coe, Dyment, Dyment.
Article: Big Lake, 1908 -- Albert Ashley, J.H. Johnston, M.I. Johnston, H. Brown, T.W. Thomson, Maurice Johnston, Frank Bassingthwaite, Edith Hamilton, Zella Hutchinson, Norman Moody, Mrs. M.I. Johnson, Jas. Johnston, Mrs. T.W. Thomson, M.I. Johnston, Dolly Thomson, J.H. Johnston, T.W. Thomson, T. Thomson, Justin Anglin, Fred Moody, Johnathan Bassinthwaite, Mrs. Ira. A. Aelick, Mrs. T. McCulligh.
31 Article: Providence Bay, 1908 -- McLaughlin, R. Tasker, Lewis, William Vanzant, Ollie And Gladys Vanzant, Norman and Sadie McColeman, W.I. Wagg, Wm Charters, M. McDermit, Bruce, Love, Mary Bryan, Burt, M. Weatheral, Sylvester Berry, Farrel, W. Fields.
Article: Light Keeper's Narrow Escape at Killarney, Floats 3 Hours -- Ferdinand Solomon.
Article: Insure, 1908 -- Don Hughson, Joe Lowe, Arthur Roque, Dan Roque, Basil Roque.
Article: Spring Bay, January 1920 -- Bob King, Matt Sloss, Earl Gilpin, Lloyd, Verdun, Buie, John Alexander, Cecil Pearson, Ward, A. McDonald, R. Hartley, Wessie McColeman, Humphrey, M. Allan, Bertha Hartley, Francis Skippen, Elmer Kirk, Clarence Caddle, John Bock, Samuel Wilson, Tids Berry.
97th Edition : November 1991
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of unknown soldiers.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Article: Sandfield, 1908 -- Geo. Hutchinson, W. Tilson, Morden, David Thompson, Frank Bowerman, John Hutchinson, Gordon, Phoebe Ferguson.
4 Article: We Will Remember: List of soldiers killed in action during the First World War - Percy Beck, Harry Beatty, Alden Wilkinson, Joseph C. Gallagher, John D. Curry, James Merrylees, R.S. Good, Blair Fraser, Robt. Willet, James Raynor, William Wickett, Sam Blackburn, Edgar Kent, Dave Matheson, William Scott, Valentine Willman, Robt. Hill, Austin W. Blackie, William L. Riching, James T. Pattison, Jack Elliott, William Carr, Lorne Rumley, Percy Pifer, Victor Hewson, Michael Cada, Thos. Neganiwina, Armand McMillan, V. Willman, Gilbert Alexander, Keith Beange, Kenneth Buck, Leslie Campbell, Richard Clark, John Eadie, Ivan Falls, Lloyd Fowler, William Fowler, Fred Green, Lloyd Hall, Steve Hilson, James Mclean Johnson, Leonard, Lehman, Russel McCracken, L.W. Orford, F. Rowe, W.B. Rowe, Robert Smeltzer, Russell Stringer, Lyle Van Horn, Douglas Wagg, Floyd Williamson, Douglas Wright.
5 Article: List of soldiers in the Royal Canadian Navy -- Edwin Battye, Roy Baxter, George Beange, Bill Blackburn, Del Boyd, Don Boyd, John Bryant, Bill Clarke, Glen Cond, Audrey Coultis, John Currie, Frank Drolet, Harvey Elliot, Howard Elliot, Everett Ferguson, Ed Gillette, Gordon Hembruff, Roy Lovelace, Jas. Matheson, J.D. McArthur, Edward McCracken, Ronnie McDougall, Stanley McDougall, G. McKenzie, Gladden McLennan, Maurice Penny, Walter Pilon, James Purvis, Wm. P. Ricalton, Scott Sanders, Edward Smeltzer, F. Solomon, George Thornton, John Tilson, Allen Tustian, Fred Wagg, Grant Williams, Chester Williamson, Lester Williamson, Elsie (W.D.) Wilson, Fred Woods, Marvin Woods, Dalton Wright, Harold Wright, William Wright, R. Young.
Article: List of soldiers in the Canadian Merchant Marine -- Donald Allen, Robert Elden Connel, Ken McFarlane, Clarence McKinley, Lloyd Merrylees, Hughie Noland, Ivan Sisson, C. Vanzant.
Article: List of soldiers in the Royal Canadian Air Force -- L.D. Ainslie, Norton Ainslie, Kenneth Anstice, Willard Bainborough, W.E. Baker, Robt. Beange, Lorne Boose, Thos. B. Britten, Albion Buck, Oscar Burns, Roderick Burns, Tom Clark, Effie Conley, T.L, Cunning, A.I. Eadie, Thos. Jr. Farquar, Omey Ferguson, William Ferguson, G.L. Fraser, D. Geiger, George Gilpin, Harold Griffith, Lloyd Griffith, George Guy, Harvey Haner, M. Hembruff, Carmon Hubbert, G.B. Johnson, Harold Johnson, Homer Johnston, Fred King, James, Matt Lantree, E.F. Leeson, Douglas Marshall, A. May, Lottie (W.D.) McArthur, Neil McArthur, Burton McColeman, Ernest McColeman, Stanley McGill, D. McKenzie, Melvin McKenzie, Sandy McKenzie, Jim McRae, Ronald McQuarrie, James Moore, M.I. (W.D.) Morton, Kenneth Noble, Ernest Orford, Norma (W.D.) Orford, Raymond Orford, R.K. Patterson, Fraser Porter, William T. Prestage, Calvin Reed, B. Riddell, Chester Robinson, Clifford Robinson, Harold Rumley, Mike Smith, Jim Thompson, Murray Thompson, Alex Thorburn, R.G. Thorburn, W.H. Tracy, C. Valiquette, Edie (W.D.) VanHorn, Royce Vanzant, Douglas Weeks, Ivan Willamson, Robert Williamson, Clair Wilson, Harold Winter, Bruce Wyman, W.Q. Young.
Article: List of soldiers in the Prisoner of War Camps -- L. McDougall, Ivan Quinn, Ivan Sloss, Douglas Fenton.
6 Article: List of soldiers in the Royal Canadian Army – Abatossaway, Abel, Addison, Adkins, Aelicks, Aibens, Aiken, Ainslie, Allen, Anglin, Anstice, Anwiten, Armstrong, Arnold, Ashley, Assiniwe, Atawish, Ativine, Bailey, Bainborough, Baker, Bateman, Battye, Baxter, Beange, Beaucage, Beaudin, Beauvais, Bebinikawa, Bebomash, Becks, Bell, Belle, Bennett, Bernard, Bickell, Bissen, Blackburn, Bolton, Bond, Bondy, Boose, Bowerman, Bowes, Boyd, Boyter, Britten, Brocklebank, Brown, Bryan, Bryant, Buchanan, Buck, Buie, Burch, Burnett, Burns, Cada, Caddel, Cadieux, Caldwell, Callaghan, Callaghar, Campbell, Carter, Chalmers, Charleton, Charlton, Chisholm, Clark, Clarke, Collins, Cond, Conley, Connel, Cooper, Corbett, Corbiere, Corbierre, Coultis, Crawford, Cress, Cunning, Currey, Davis, Dearing, Debassige, Desaulniers, Desmoulin, Desmoulons, Detnyinishayn, Drolet, Dunlop, Dunn, Dupre, Duxbury, Dyke, Eadie, Eagle, Edmonds, Elford, Elliot, Enosse, Eshkibok, Falkner, Falls, Farquar, Farness, Felix, Fenton, Ferguson, Finch, Fineday, Finely, Flood, Fogal, Foley, Ford, Fowler, Fox, Francis, Fraser, Gabow, Ganalveby, Gaiashk, Gardiner, Gareau, Geiger, Gibson, Gilchrist, Gillette, Gilpin, Girard, Goodmurphy, Graham, Green, Greenman, Grenough, Griffith, Guy, Haight, Halcrow, Hall, Hallett, Han, Haner, Hannah, Harper, Hartley, Hastie, Hayden, Haywood, Hazzard, Heis, Hembruff, Henry, Herron, Hilson, Hopkins, Hore, Howard, Hubbert, Huffman.
7 Article: List of soldiers in the Royal Canadian Army -- continued -- Hughson, Humphrey, Hunt, Irving, Irwin, Jabokwam, Jaggard, James, Jeffkins, Jenkens, Jones, Johnson, Johnston, Kay, Kemp, Kimewon, King, Kinney, Kirk, Kitchekeg, Koseyah, Lane, Langtree, Lanktree, Le Bar, Leeson, Legge, Levesque, Lewis, Lochead, Lockyer, Lovelace, Major, Mandamin, Maniitowabi, Marshall, MacArthur, MacMillan, MacMurray, Mastin, Matheson, May, McArthur, McCaig, McColeman, McCracken, McCulligh, McDonald, McDougall, McEachrane, McFarlane, McGaughey, McGauley, McGill, McGregor, McIntyre, McKay, McKenzie, McKinley, McLean, McLennan, McLennon, McLeod, McMillan, McPhee, McQuay, McRae, McQuarrie, Mejaki, Merrylees, Michie, Middaugh, Migwans, Millman, Mills, Miron, Misner, Mishibinijima, Modass, Modess, Moore, Montgomery, Morphet, Morrison, Morton, Myers, Nadjawan, Nahwegezhik, Nahwegezhie, Nelson, Nevilles, Nichols, Nighswander, Noble, Noland, Norquay, Odjig, Orford, Orr, Oshiboose, Owasamik, Owasabine, Pailbomesia, Paisley, Pateman, Patreau, Patterson, Paul, Pearson, Peltier, Pemberton, Pennie, Penny, Perrault, Petawanakwat, Pickard, Pidgeon, Pierreault, Pilon, Pitawanakwab, Pitawankwat, Porter, Prentice, Prestage, Priddle, Proulx, Purdy, Punch, Purvis, Pyette, Quinn, Ray, Recollet, Reed, Reid, Ricalton, Richards, Richardson, Riching, Riddell, Ritchie, Rivers, Robinson, Roper, Rowe, Rumley, Rush, Russell, Sagle, Sampson, Sanders, Sear, Shamana, Shawanda, Shawandam, Shawande, Sheppard, Sherman, Shigwadja, Shigwadjam, Simon, Simons, Simonds, Simpson, Sisson, Skipper, Slomke, Sloss, Smeltzer, Smith, Walter Smyth.
8 Article: List of soldiers in the Royal Canadian Army -- continued – Solomon, Standfast, Stephens, Steele, Steep, Stevens Stermes, Strain, Stringer, Sullivan, Takwadjimwan, Taylor, Tekema, Tekima, Thibault, Thomas, Thorburn, Thornton, Thompson, Thorburn, Tilson, Tracy, Trimmer, Trotier, Trudeau, Turnbull, Turnineck, Tustian, Tyson, Valiquette, Valliquette, Vanevery, Vanhorn, Van Horn, Van Meer, Vanzant, Wabagun, Wabanoose, Wabigijig, Wagg, Wakegijig, Walker, Wassegijig, Weeks, Weissgerber, Wemigwans, West, White, Whiteloon, Wiber, Wilken, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Williton, Wilson, Winter, Wismer, Witty, Wood, Woods, Wright, Wyman, Nyles Young.
Women's Divison (Army) -- Ainslie, Naomi (CWAC); Amstrong, Essie; Arnold, Geraldine; Ashley, Doreen; Baxter, Ruth (CWAC); Bryan, Mary (CWAC); Campbell, Evelyn (CWAC); Foley, J.E. (CWAC); Green, Josephine (CWAC); Grenough, T.J. (CWAC); Hunt, R. (CWAC); King, Beatrice; Marshall, Dorothy M.; McCaig, Margaret; Mills, L.A.(CWAC); Morphet, Helen (CWAC); Norquay, Jean; Sherman, Mrs. Lyman; Tekima, Rita; Trotier (CWAC).
RCAMC Nurses: Millman, Edna.
Poem: Lost -- My Boys.
9 Photo: Sam Blackburn, Alden Wilkinson, Cliff Rumley.
10 Poem: Thoughts of a Volunteer; The Miner's Tribute To A Great Pilot.
11 Poem: Men of the North; An Empire Kneeling.
12 Poem: In the Morning Loos, 1915, by Patrick MacGill.
13 Poems: He was only a private soldier; The Veteran's Song.
14 Poems: What Did You Do Today; For The Boys Who Fell in the Dieppe Raid.
15 Photo: Lorne Rumley, Margaret Rumley.
Article: Victory is Ours.
16 Photo: Lorne Rumley, Cliff Rumley, Frank Duncanson.
Photo: Harold Winter, Ross Strain.
Article: Boys Arrive Home From Active Service -- R.R. Strain, Ernest McKay.
17 Photo: Doreen (Wood) Ashley and Katherine Bryan.
Photo: Bill Bryan.
Article: Soldier Writes of the 1st World War, written by John Hughson, neice of Mrs. Eunice Third.
18 Article: Program of the Patriotic Concert, 1900 -- Chas. Gounod, McArthur, Sanderson, E.L. Brazenor, J. Riddell, McKessock, Sanderson, I. Jackson, W. Jackson, D.A. Bickell, E. Johnson, McCallum, S.P. Jackson, James Kerr, Laird, W.R. Abrey, Thomas, White.
19 Poems: A Farmers Life; Our Funny English.
20 Photo: Joe Armstrong, Lawrence Armstrong, Jackson (Manie) Armstrong, Dr. Maphette.
Article: Time for hunt camps and deer hunting.
21 Photo: Frank Priddle, Andy Burns, Doc Hinds, Tom Porter, Jim Gordon.
22, 23 Article: Time for hunt camps and deer hunting continued -- Frank A. Myers, Meyers, D. Bickel, Thomas Beckerton, Joe Poguam (Bai-gum-quoum), Joe Noland, Willard Hall, William Baker, Nelson Runnals, John Merrylees, Beckerton.
24 Photo: Charlie Wright, Jim Gordon, Roy Baxter, Andy Burns, Doc Hinds, Clark Brainerd, Williams.
25 Photo: of caribou antler.
Article: Manitoulin caribou antler -- Clark Vanevery, Gordon Dinsmore, Alex Purvis, Cecil Merrylees, Jack Merrylees, Jim McQuarrie, Ranald McQuarrie.
26 Photo: Lou Witty, Neil McIntosh, Doc Hinds, Jim Gordon, Tom Porter, Angus Taylor, Art Mastin, Roy Baxter, Jack Riddel, Frank Priddle.
27 Photo: Men ready hounds for a deer hunt.
Article: Deer Season, 1908.
Article: Laws to be enforced, 1908.
28 Article: Laws to be enforced, 1908 continued.
Advertisement: Gray-Dort Car Dealers, Chatham.
Article: Icicles 60 Years Old, 1908.
29 Article: Death of Henry Branscombe 1908 -- (wife: Jesse Jones), Mr. Herb Hunt, Mrs. Sutherland, W.H. Baxter, Hiram Heckert, Miss Lottie Wright, W H. Hurst, J.H. Biehl, T.R. Lougheed, Wm. Thorburn, Dave Beattle, John M. Fraser.
Article: Gordon, 1908 -- H.B. Hunt obituary: Percy Beck, Eleanor Cook, Minnie Pemberton, Wes Strain, Willard Hall.
30 Article: A By-Law, No. 176, 1908.
Article: Kagawong and Prohibition.
31 Article: Communication.
Article: Billings votes on liquor license, 1908.
32 Article: Local Option, 1908.
33 Article: Local Option, 1908 continued.
Article: Wise California Crow.
34 Article: Manitowaning, 1908 -- W.J. Tucker, John Cowan, McCallum, A. Irving, H. Vanzant.
Article: Perivale, 1908 -- F. Stotesbury, McColeman, D'Arcy Burns, W.D. Gamey, Wm. Bryan.
Article: Fernlee, 1908 -- D. McMillan, Graham, Smyth, A.E. Graham, John Rumley, Gillies.
Article: Mr. W.E. Roszel Dead, 1908 -- Mrs. Wm. Badgerow, William and Hector Roszel, Charles Roszel, Mrs. Hastie, Mrs. Alexander.
35 Article: Sir Frederick Borden.
Article: Providence Bay News, 1908 -- W.I. Wagg, Ina Latham, Thos. Smith, George Lanktyre, Crawford, J. McLaughlin, M. Patterson, J. McKechnie, R. Lanktyre, Gordon Milligan.
Article: Mindemoya News, 1908 -- D. McDonald, George Campbell, Edward Leek, Wm. Elliott, A.K. Wagg, David Williamson, John Caddle, Dr. Becks, Geo. Ellis, Bert Putt, Robert Robinson, Geo. Becks, Charlie Hurdle, Arthur Williams, Sam McKinley, Jim McKinley, Frank Williams, Steve Patterson.
98th Edition : December 1991
PageArticle or Item
Drawing of a Christmas scene.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Article: A Mother's Wish From Years Ago.
4 Photo: Thomas Vanhorn, Duncan Cameron, William Ferguson, William Vincer, Alec Caddell, William Sterling, John Sinclair, John Cochrane.
Wedding: Rosetta Patterson & Wm. J. Noaks, 1900 -- Philo Patterson, Miss Ida and Miss Mary E. Noaks, Mr. Jonas Lewis.
5 Article: Christmas at West Carnarvon -- John Bock, Benj. Bock, Henry Bock, Wm. Bock, Andy Tracy, Sam Sinclair, Wm. Elliott, Jennie Elliott, M. Buck, John Smith.
Article: Christmas at Kagawong -- John Fougal, G. Badgerow, D. Richards, Will Hunt, Gamey, Eddie Titus, Olcott Titus, D. Fraser, Storey, Johnston, Vern LaRush, Griffith, Henry Baker.
6 Article: Christmas at Fernlee, 1908 -- G. Morris, Capt. Graham, Norman Cook, Tom Kelly, A. McMillan, G.H. Cook, H. May.
Article: Christmas at Big Lake, 1908 -- R. McKay, George McCullough, John McCullough, F. Tann, Wm. Griffin, Minard McCutcheon, George Hopkins, Jno. McCutcheon, Thomas Baxter, E.W, McCullough.
7 Article: The Dying Year.
Article: Burpee News -- Charlie Hurdle, Arthur Williams, Sam McKinley, Jim McKinley, Frank Williams, Steve Patterson.
8 Article: Britainville, 1908 -- R. Langtree, Walter Gilpin, A.G. McColeman, Neil Campbell, Lawson McColeman, L. Hewitt, Orlando Minnikin, Geo. Gilpin, Laidlaw, John Luther, Irene Campbell.
Article: Spring Bay, 1900 -- A. Wagg, Bock.
Article: Grimesthorpe, 1900 -- Greer, Steel, John Bouie, Bock, A. Wagg, Kellie, J.M. Fraser.
9 Article: Campbell, 1900 -- Tom Pearson, J. Wilson, A. Anderson.
Article: Silver Water, 1900 -- John Kemp, Joe Rumley.
Article: Character Counts, 1900 -- Kennedy, H. May, George, Will Priddle, Stephens.
10 Wedding: Margaret O. Scott & John C. Learmont, January 1900 -- Mr. John Scott Sr., Miss Clara L. Scott, Miss Mary Clarke, John D. Jamieson.
Article: Providence Bay, 1900 -- Wm Greer, Henrietta Fawcett, Enie Fawcett, Maudie McQueen, Alena Ina Lathan, Maud Chisholm, Annie McNicol, Jenet McNicol, Lily Pattison, Irene Pattison, Danry Wedgerfield, Ella Wedgerfield, Bertha Wedgerfield, Hamilton Irwin, Stanley McDougall, M. McNicol, Ben McDougall, Willie Fields, Edward Charters, Stuart Owen, Elliot Owen, Wesley Latham, Pat Latham.
11 Article: Christmas Wishes from Dominion Transportation Co. Limited.
12, 13 Article: The destiny of a century.
14 Article: Judge McCallum passed away Wednesday in Manitowaning -- married widow Mrs. Mitchell, Harold McCallum, Gladys McCallum, Mrs. Tucker
15 Article: Judge Hewson to Manitoulin.
Article: The Judgeship, 1908.
16 Article: Judge C.E. Hewson's First Case -- C.E. Hewson, Ashley W. Bradley, C.R. Atkinson, F.E. Titus.
Article: English Christmas Concert -- Jennie Porter, E. Tate, Myrtle Burns, J.N. White, W. Young, C. Platt, F. Baxter, R. Morris, Ethel McIntosh, Eleanor McColeman, Vera Wilde, Hubert Wilde.
17 Photo and Article: about the passenger ship Pacific.
18 Photo and Article: about the steel steamer Riverton, renamed Mohawk Deer.
19 Photo and Article: about the steel steamer Riverton, renamed Mohawk Deer continued.
Poem: In Memoriam, of Nettie McCuligh.
20 Article: Biography of Russell B. McQuay.
21 Article: List of prices for items at Jackson's Store, 1909.
22 Article: Another list of prices for items at Jackson's Store, 1909.
Article: Poplar, 1908 -- Arthur Wilkinson, Albert Orford, John Wilkinson, Mrs. David Irwin.
Article: A Narrow Escape, 1908 -- Fred Nelles, John Nelles.
23 Article: The Dixon Family -- George Dixon Sr., Mrs. Wm. Purvis, Mrs. Alex Purvis, Mrs. Wm. Dinsmore, Mrs. Linden Thorn, Henry and George Dixon.
Article: Obituary of Mrs. Agnes (Dixon) Dinsmore (husband William K. Dinsmore) -- Mr. and Mrs. George Dixon, Inez (Mrs. Norman Kelly), Margaret (Mrs. Wm. Linley), William, Gordon and Howard Dixon, Mrs. Mary Thorn, George Dixon, Mrs. Alex Purvis, Mrs. Wm. Purvis, Adam Casson, Albert, Arthur and Howard Linley, Bill Dinsmore, Erio Townsend, Leonard Bailey, Wm. Turner.
24 Photo: Ellen Dixon, Adam Casson, George Dixon, Henry Dixon, Agnes E. Dixon, Elizabeth Palmer Casson Dixon, Mary Dixon Thorn, Sarah Jane Dixon Purvis.
Article: Obituary of Mrs. Alexander (Sarah Jane Dixon) Purvis -- Jean (Mrs. A.O. Hinds), Nellie (Mrs. J.D. Graham), Harold, George and Leonard Purvis, Mrs. Wm. Dinsmore, Mrs. Wm. Purvis, Mrs. Lindon Thorn, George Dixon, Henry Dixon, Adam Casson, Gordon and Howard Dinsmore, Ivan, Clarence and Albert Purvis, Adam Casson.
25 Article: Well Known Lake Captain Passes, Capt. Adam Casson -- Vera (Mrs. H. Coutts), Adam Casson, Mrs. Alex Purvis, Mrs. Wm. Purvis, Mrs. Lindon Thorn, Henry Casson.
26 Article: Who was who in 1962 -- W.A. Sims, J.C. Farquhar, W.T. Clarke, M. Woods, N. Lewis, J. Dunlop, Stanley Gordon, M. Bowser, A. Farhrer, R. Robinson, Carl Slomke, J. Nelson, G.A. Beatty, W. Moggy, J.F. Anglin, T.W. Farquhar, Albert Lane, M. Hayes, D.O. Cannard, R. Morrell, B. Morrell, L.J. Low, Skelliter.
27 Photo: Orland Wismer, Merle Morrison.
Article: Pastor Chosen, 1908 -- J.J. Ferguson, W.J. Montgomery, Dr. Fell, Jas. M. Fraser, Wismer.
28 Article: Life when I was young, by George Granger.
Obituary: of Mrs. Nelson Stone -- Capt. Stone, Mrs. Banks.
29 Poem: Lost in the Night.
30 Poem: Lost in the Night continued.
Article: Dangerous Drink.
31 Article: Ice Lake, 1909 -- Andrew Archibald, Truman Wilson, Griffith, B. Vine, Birch, Geo. Dearing, Will Deering, Joseph Smyth, Andrew Robertson, Jim Nelson, Mr. Nealy, Jack Turner, Robert Nelson, Thos. Robertson, Mary Glanville.
Article: Cedar Swamp, 1909 -- T. Wilson, A. Archibald.
Article: Pervale -- McDonald, Jas. Purvis, Lucinda Johnston, W.H. Clarke, McKenzie.
Article: Michael's Bay, 1909 -- Jno. Pennie, Edith Coultis, Clark, Allan McDonald, McIntyre, Sexton, Neilson, R. Gault, Alfred Leeson, M.J. Turnbull, Phil Clark, George Coultis, Alf Marshall.
Article: Advisory Union, 1909.
Article: Police Court, 1909 -- John McKenzie, T.J. Thompson, George Badgerow.
Article: In Loving Memory, 1908 -- George H. Young.
Article: Barrie Island, 1909 -- Wm. McTaggart, Ike Johnston, Ben Greenman, John H. Jeffkins.
Article: A run away horse, 1908 -- Robt. Palmer, Geo. Rayner.
Article: West Campbell, 1908 -- McDonald, Buie, Vanhorn.
99th Edition : January 1992
PageArticle or Item
Photo: Rev. Pellitier, Pearl Chambers.
2. Indexes.
3. Article: Bill Berry, Johnie Steel, P. Alvin Little.
Article: 1908 -- Jas. Stonam, Constable Griffith, Police Constable Price.
Article: 1909 -- Dr. J.S. Just, Alex. McIvor, J.C. Irving, Rev. Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Hayes, Mrs. Cunningham, C.L.D. Sims, T.C. Sims, Mr. Heines, J.J. Douglas, J. Lewis.
4. Photo: Ev. Proctor, Geraldin Bould, Bill Currie, Archie Currie, Jane Currie, Marion Crawford, (Mr) Smith [Smitty], Andy Burns, A.V. Burns, Wm. Burns, Ruby Brydges, R.R. Strain (Ross), George Strain, Dr. Fred Strain.
5, 6. Letters to the Editor: 1908 -- Chas. White.
Article: January 1909 -- J.H. More, Mr. Greene.
6. Article: 1909 -- S.P. Jackson, J.R. McGregor, R.J. Porter, B.F. Mutchmor, John Douglas, Walter Wright, Geo Emery, T.H. Thompson, Jas. Merylees, Neil McDougall, Henry Hall, Wm. Gilroy, Ambrose McArthur, Malcolm McArthur, Jacob Vanmeer, John McAnsh, Albert Lemon, Geo. Foster, J. Bowser.
Article: October 29, 1991 -- Mrs. David Irwin, Timothy Noakes, Alf Lowrey, Mrs. Alf Lowrey, Mr. Irwin.
7. Photo: The Ella M, November 1948 -- Stuart Peacock, John Desjardins.
8. Letter: Stu Peacock, Mr. Tuiens, Lillian Greenway, Violet Morrison Miller.
Article: Mrs. H.D. Brimacomb.
9. 3 Photos: Harold Mayville.
10. Photo & Article: continued from page 8 -- Captain William Harper, Mr. H.D. Brimacomb, Mrs. H.D. Brimacomb, E.A. Caddel, Elmer Rowe, John Morrison, Jack Everets, Donald Everets, James J. Bond, James E. Bond, Sam (Castrilli).
11. 2 Photos: Captain Angus Morrison, Harold Mayville.
Article: continued -- (Sam) Castrilli, J.R. Ferguson, Alex Dechane, H. Mayville, Reginald Gelston, Stuart Peacock, Cy Simpson.
12. Article: continued -- Captain (Angus) Morrison, Milton McConkey, Mrs. Milton McConkey, Skipper Peacock, John Desjardins, Max Chipman, Mr. Brimacomb, Mrs. Brimacomb.
13. Article: continued -- J.R. Ferguson; Mrs. Brimacomb, Captain Morrison, Captain Harper, V.L. Nicholson, Stuart Peacock, Chief Engineer J.R. Ferguson, Mrs. A. Morrison, Mr. Wm. Duxbury, Mrs. Wm. Duxbury.
Photo: Mrs. Angus Morrison.
14. Poem: Alvin Little, Turnbulls, Joe Ward, Mastins, Martins, Duxbury, Harry May, Annie May, Bill Little, Eva Little, Nelson Little, Violet Miller.
15. Article: 1908, Annie McNicholl, T. Love, Jr., B. Bock, W. Cranston, G. Reid, A. Owen, J. Lanktree, W. Kennedy, A. Patterson, Miss N. Irving, Mrs. C. Berry, Mrs. A. Buschert, Miss Mary Hare, Miss Ida Vanhorn, Will Graham, Mrs. John Owen, Allan Buschert.
Article: Miss Bessie Young, Mrs. Frost, Mr. Harry Brown, Bessie Brown, Mowat Thompson, T.W. Thompson, Mrs T.W. Thompson, Mr. T. Smith, Gordon Hughes, David Thomson, Jas. Hutchinson, Ben Nighswander, Mrs. Bassingthwaite, Miss Hamilton, Miss Taylor.
Article: Wm. Morden, Miss Merle Wismer, Colin Campbell, James McKinley, Frank Royal, Jim Royal, Walter Harper, Frank Williams, John Keown, Art McKinley, Lucus Bracken, Esley Eaton, Charles Hurdle, John Morden.
16, 17. 2 large Photos: -- October 1914 -- Canadian Army setting sail; Donald Lanktree.
18. Article: 1908, Judge A.B. McCallum, E.H. Jackson, J.W. Cashman, Dr. W. Stoten Francis, D. Reginald Springer, J. Sindry Hawkins, A.G. Murray, W.H. Price, Jno. McLaughlin, S.P. Jackson, Dr. Jno. Carruthers, W.J. Tucker.
Article: Ms.(sic) Denis Wright, Thos. Wright, Mrs. Thos. Wright, Wm. Wright, Mrs. Robt. Palmer, Miss McArthur, Mrs. Chas. Wright, Fred Glanville, John Donaldson, Geo. Croft, Jos. Smyth, Duncan McLeod, W.J. Wright, Jr., Chas. Hore.
19. Article: Government Road -- 1909 -- no names.
20. 3 Photos: John Bowerman, William Leeson, Hughie Leeson, Ross Leeson, Willie Leeson, Len Leeson, J.M. Leeson, Jerry Bowerman, Sid Harding, Stella Bowerman, Bill Bowerman, Russ McLennan, Freemand Bowerman, Bill Bowerman, Sid Harding, Pearl Chambers.
21. Photo: Allan Frost; Canon Fredrick Frost.
Article: January 1920, Rev. Robert McKay.
Article: 1908, John Buie.
22. Poem: 1908, Robt. Pickard, Mrs. Oliver Berry.
Article: D. Williamson, Mrs. D. Williamson, Wm. Hunter, Embruff Bros., Miss Tucker, John McGauley, Will Little, Mrs. Will Little, Mr. Hubbard, Mrs. Hubbard, Mrs. Solomon McCullough, Mr. Todd, A.J. Mastin, John McKechnie, Mrs. John McKechnie.
23. Article: -- Skip Gillham, Harry Gamble.
Photo: Inland Transport.
24. Photo & Article: -- 1908, James Dawson, Miss Gertie Johnston, John Love, W.H. Clarke, D. McDonald, Donald Griffith, Miss McLean, Rev. F. Stotesbury.
Article: Henry Hall, Mr. Milan, Jos. E. Buck.
25. Article: 1908, Fred Paisley, Mrs. Fred Paisley, Davidson Bros., Robert Radcliffe, Donald Campbell, T.A. Robertson, Mrs. T.A. Robertson, Miss Annie McArthur, Chris Burns, Mrs. Chris Burns, R.T. Orford, Capt. McGillvary, Mrs. Charlie Lee, Mrs. Lee.
Article: Al Pemberton, Miss Lily Beck, Rev. Mr. Tate, Wm. Morden, Miss Merle Wismer, T.J. Hall, Albert Woods, Art McArthur, Bill Jeffkins, Charlie Thompson, Mr. Wilde, Jake Wismer, Mrs. Jake Wismer, Dr. Baker, Wm. Morden, Jos. Wismer, George Morris, George Beck, Jack Gibson, Harold Wismer, Russell Morris.
26, 27. Article: B.H. turner, F.E. Titus, Wm. Vincer, A.E. Graham, R.McGregor.
27. Article: 1909, Mr. Paisley, Mrs. Paisley, Jos. Williton, Mr. Noland, Thos. A. Robinson, Fred Noland, Joe Noland, Andrew McArthur, Miss L. Smyth, Mr. Smyth, Mrs. Smyth, Mr. George, John Dinsmore, Mr. Gill, Henry Baker, Mrs. W.I. Wagg, D. McDougall, E. Neal, George Lanktyre, Mr. Kennedy, Frank Wagg, Miss Harriet Vanzant, Mr. Chisholm.
28. Article: 1909, Mr. Hilliard, Mrs. Hilliard, W.R. Abrey, J.R. McGregor, W.A. Smith, A. Bryan, George Birch, Rev. Mr. Tate, W. Gordon, A. Gordon, A. Smith, C. Robertson, A. Ashley, Mrs. R. Graham.
Article: 1908, Rev. Mr. Ferguson, Thos. Smith, Bessie Brown, A.J. Brown.
Article: A.E. Dyment, W.R. Smyth, C.N. Smith, Mr. Borden, Frank Cochrane, J.J. Foy, Albert Grigg.
29, 30. Photo & Article: Ev Proctor, Thomas Ingrim, Mr. Viney, Jack Ingrim, Vy Moody, James Proctor, R.E. Cumming, Joe Montgomery, W.J. Moody, Wm. Hilliard.
30. Article: 1908, A.R. Ennis, Peter McColeman, Mrs. McColeman, A.E. Dyment, W.H. Hurst, J.M. Langstaff, Rev. Mr. Pate, George R. McRae, Dr. Shelagh McRae.
Article: 1908 -- Mrs. A. McDonald, Neil McColeman, Mrs. John Anderson, S.H. Fretz, Mr. McLaren.
Article: 1908 -- Mr. Patterson, Mr. Pulford, Dr. Burt.
31. Article: Mrs. John Ferguson, Mrs. Thos. Farquhar, Mrs. Mary Ellen, Wiber, John Waterhouse, Mrs. Catherine Waterhouse, Rev. Hugh McKay, Walter John Wiber, Stanley Waterhouse, Russell Waterhouse, Amy (Mrs. Thos. Farquhar) Waterhouse, Ralph Waterhouse, Nell (Mrs. John Ferguson) Waterhouse, Charles Waterhouse, Dorothy Waterhouse, Rev. S.J. Procter, B.D., Rev. W.H. Bradford, Edwin Shepherd, Kathleen Wiber, David Munroe, John McAnsh, John Greenfield, John Bowser, Wm. McAnsh, Robert Tustian.
Article: 1909, Miss Van Horn, Miss Maggie Pyette, Mrs. Robt. Russell, Mrs. D. McDonald, Stephen Russell, Robt. Russell, Miss F.B. Tucker, Miss Lulu McNiven, Miss Florence McNiven, Lorne McGauley, W. Snow, Thos. Martin, A. Quackenbush, Miss Flora Ball, Mrs. H. Smeltzer, Rev. F. Stotesbury, Mr. Snow, Rev. G. Andrews, Miss Martha Leeson, Thomas Leeson, Mr. Glisten, A.J. Mastin.
Article: 1909 -- Frank Wagg, Jr., Miss Katie Smith, Mr. R. McDonald, Neil Beck, Miss Vincent, Miss Bowers, Miss Lizzie Stocks, Mrs. Wm. Vincer, Mr. Beck.
100th Edition : February 1992
PageArticle or Item
Picture: of tug boat Abitibi, Pat Hall.
2 Index.
3 Article: Our 100th Edition ; Lorne McQuarrie, John McQuarrie.
4 Poem: History.
5 Article: The Shields family Do you know of them?; Charles Shields, Mary Ann Shields, Matilda Shields, Margaret Shields, John Shields, Sophie Shields, Tom Hall, Sam Hall, Carl Hall, Lucas Hall, Mary Ann Hall, George Shields, Margaret McLennan, Sam McLennan, Leslie Lineham, John Shields, Francis Hall, Matilda Hall, Matilda Jane Shields, Margaret E. Shields, Samuel McLennan, Sophia Jane Shields, Samuel J. Lineham, Mrs. Sheila Hall Keyes, "Irene" McLennan, Mrs. Joyce Schippling.
6 Article: Some were missed….; Bill Porter, Herbert Dearning, Clarence Morrison, Roy Toboyant, Alfred Cada, Jim Sullivan.
Article: Tenders Wanted; J.G. Sing, H.J. Lamb, Nap. Tessier.
Article: Reynolds -- Foster; October 1908 -- Samuel J. Reynolds, Margaret Jane Foster, Jas. Foster, Mrs. Jas. Foster, Miss E. Paisley, Willard Hall, Rev. J.H. More, W. Jackson, S. Jackson.
Article: Manitoulin Market; 1909 -- no names.
7 Picture: Travel of the Day; Margaret Wilson, Louise Wismer, Charlie Wismer.
Article: Load 1200 cords pulpwood; 1933 -- R.L Graham, Paul Porte.
8 Letter: Donald (D.A.) McQuarrie, Bertha E. Malone.
9-12 Article: They're looting our history; 1952, Fred Bodsworth, Jacques Cartier, La Salle, Marie Celeste, K.R. Harper, LaSalle, Tom Lee, Tom Lewis, Tom Lee, Dr. F.J. Alcock.
13 Advertisement: Mac's Bakery; Emerson Bainborough, Bob Robinson, Mac McQuarrie.
14-17 Article: Mac's Bakery -- Serving the Manitoulin; Mac McQuarrie, Bob Robinson, Charlie Paquette, Jack Hester.
Picture: Mac's Bakery.
15 2 Pictures: Letter -- Percy Lane, E.R. Youngs.
16 2 Pictures: George (Bud) Thorburn, Harold McQuarrie, Jim Panton, Emerson (Bainborough), Jim (Panton).
17 2 Pictures: Emerson (Bainborough), Jim (Panton), Vera Atkinson.
18 Picture: Taking up ice; 2 men, no names.
Article: Manitowaning -- 1908; Mr. Mckechnie, Percy Hembruff, Dr. Walker, Frank Hurlburt, W.J. Tucker, Dr. Burt, A.J. McLean, Lena McKechnie.
Article: Sandfield -- 1908; Dolly Thompson, Elias Hutchinson, Jas. McCutcheon, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Andrews, Chas. McCutcheon.
Article: Providence Bay -- 1908; Mr. Guy, Slyvester Berry, John Parkins, Oliver Berry, Miss C. Anderson, Miss C. Bowerman, A. Buschert.
19, 20 Article: The Bell Rocks; Frank A. Myers, E.F. Greenman, Gother Mann, Father Louys Andre, Father Le Jeune, Alexander Henry, E.F. Greenman, Marion W. Magoon, Chief William McGregor, Gregor McGregor.
20 Article: Union Sunday School -- 1919; Rev. Robt. Wiseman, W.O. Runnalls, Mrs. Wiseman, G.A. Cole, J.L. Runnalls, Sarah Lane.
21 Article: It happened in 1908; Hon. Frank Oliver, John Elsier, Geo. Hillebrecht, John Henniker Heaton, Mr. Lemieux, Robert Hunt, J.B. Smith, George Smith, John D. McDonald.
Obituary: 1908; Meryl Wismer, J.D. Wismer, Mrs. J.D. Wismer.
Article: "Georgian" makes first call at Little Current -- about 1930; -- no names.
22, 23 Picture & Article: Threshing time on the farm; Wilken Farm.
Article: Little Current Ferry Traffic -- 1930's.
24, 25 Article: No more "White Slaves" -- 1908; Edward Sims, S.S. Shirer, H.A. Parkin, Margaret Vallau, Adoph Dufour, Eva Dufour, Fernand Bosque, (Edward) Sims, President Roosevelt, (H.A.) Parkin.
Article: Barrie Island -- 1908; A.E. Dymont M.P., Mr. Albert, George Brydges, Robt. Cole, Mr. Adamson, Mrs. Adamson, T.B. Greenman, Mrs. T.B. Greenman, Geo. Blackstock, Donald Griffith, John Witty.
Article: Robinson -- 1908; Mr Smyth.
26 2 Pictures: Kagawong a few years ago; Jas. Purvis & Son.
27 Picture: Kagawong.
Article: Silver Water -- 1908; George Priddle, A.L. Kemp, Bert Fleming, Wm. Goulter, J.B. Graham, John Rumley, Esley Eaton, John Cameron, John Wickins, Henry Smith.
Article: Barrie Island -- 1908; Thos. Allan, Alf Johnston, Es. Eaton, Thomas Latta, Geo. Brydges, Samuel Cole, Harry Noble, Jas. Young, Greer Bros., Donald Griffith.
28 Article: A Sad Bereavement -- January 1919; Mrs. R.W. Milligan, Rev R. Wiseman, Esther Best, Joseph Best, Mrs. Joseph Best, Jean Best, Annie Audrey Best, Emerson Best, Mrs. (nee Best) Cole, Mrs. (nee Best) Wilson, Mrs. (nee Best) Wood, Mrs. (nee Best) Noble, Mrs (nee Best) Lockhart, John Best, William Best, Joseph Best.
Article: 1963: Record Walker at age 89; Charles Prior, Rev. D. Bruce McDonald, Frances (Prior) Nesbitt, Mrs. Cecil (Frances Prior) Nesbitt, Ronald Prior, John Prior.
29 Article: W.I. Minutes; Mrs. J.B. Ferguson, Major Hastie.
Picture: 1955 -- Green Bay Women's Institute; Flora Ferguson.
30 Picture: Yankcanuck.
Article: Jos. W. Simpson, George Hall, J.W. Simpson, Edwin F. Priddle, Capt. Frank Manzutti.
31 Article: continued -- Pete Worden.
Article: A Sad Fatality -- 1908; Dennis Wright, Mary Alice Cutting, Mable Wright, Julia Wright, Willie Wright, Freddie Wright.
Article: "Memories" -- Mrs. John Ferguson.
32 Picture: The old Indian Point Bridge; no names.
Article: Winona Ashore -- 1908; no names.
33 Picture: A Manitoulin girl; Mrs. John Ferguson, Miss Ethel Wilhemine Rogers, Dr. Denis P. Mulvany, Col. John Mulvaney.
34 Article: Great Black Cobra Struck; Mrs. John Ferguson, Mrs. Ethel Rogers Mulvany, Captain Mulvany, Miss Ethel Rogers, Ran Bharosy.
Article: Ontario Liquor License Act; Angus McDonald, Mrs. Victoria McDonald, Wm. Vincer.
Article: Post office held by three generations; John Henry Williams, Ernest Williams, Art Harper, Stella Williams, Stella Harper, Duke Kane.
Article: Early Life in Campbell; Sam Wilson, Dave Rennie, McColeman, McKackney, Miss McFarland, Mr. Lyons.
35 Picture: OMC Class -- 1914; Art Wickett.
36 OMC Guelph 1914; no names.
37 Article: Money conditions improving -- 1909.
Article: N.I.C.A. bonspiel -- February 1906; A. Cameron, V.R. Conway, A.E. Sharpe, John Barton, Geo. Ingham, L. Fleming, J.H. Bone, E.S. Royce, C. George, J. McKellar, G. Fisher, W. O'Brien, A. Shaw, A.A. Burk, M. McKay, A.E. Dyment, A.J. Symon, D. McKay, G. Cronkhite, D.J. Sandie, H. Roszel, F.W. Bell, J.G. Kingborough, B.H. Turner, R. Small, S.M. Bradley, Dr. Carruthers, C.R. Atkinson, W.J. Kinney, S. Burns, John Bain, R.J. Porter, T. Smith, J. Gibbs, Dr. Baker, J.R. McGregor, W.H. Hurst, E.C. Jackson, M. McIntosh, J.H. Beihl.
38 Picture: The little mare named Fly; Ev Proctor, Walter Harper, Bob Dawson, John Girvan, Aaron Walker, Dawson Bros., Harvey Haney, Albert Long.
39 A letter from Holland -- 1944; Mrs. John Ferguson, Spr. C.H. Sheppard.
40 Picture: The train comes to Little Current; Mrs. Jacob Wismer, Louise McGibbon.
Article: Here's something that will bear repeating; John Mitchell, Morris Lyene, Patrick Donahue, Thomas McGee, Charles Duffy, Thomas Meagher, Richard O'Gorman, Terence McManus, Michael Ireland, Sir Charles Duffy, Thomas Francis Meagher, Thomas D'Archy McGee, John Purroy Mitchell.
41 Article: Michael's Bay -- 1909; Andy Turnbull, Ronald McIntyre, Allan McDonald, R.M. Gault, Miss Turnbull, Hill Tinkis, Rev. Mr. Linigar, Bob Graham, Ed. Leitch.
Article: Kagawong -- 1909; Thomas Bowser, Capt. Graham, (Mr.) Thompson, G.J. Tustian, Robert Hunt, Annie Snow, Miss G. Gamey, Stella Hilliard, Lizzie Thompson, Rev. T. Bird Holland, Mr. Sims.
Article: Ice Lake -- 1909; Charlie Wright, Dr. Johnston, Jim Nelson, Harry Glanville, Fred Glanville.
Article: Sorry He Mentioned It -- 1908; do not believe "Skrappy" and "Mrs. Skrappy" are real names. No other names.
42 Poem: Young at heart; no names.
Article: 1880; John Bule.
43 Article: Enjoy reading TTY; (Mr.) Purvis, Archie Stephens, Albert Grant, Joe Sullivan, Maxine Houson.
Article: Golden Wedding in Manitoulin -- 1906; William Purvis, Mrs. William Purvis, Mrs. Bond, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Penton, Mrs. W.w. Holden, Mrs. S.P. Jackson, Wm. Purvis, John Purvis, James Purvis, Alex. Purvis, Edward B. Purvis, Miss Frost, (Rev.) Fraser.
Article: Manitoulin has the chills -- 1947; no names.
Article: Labor Needed -- 1947; no names.
Article: Strapless Gowns -- 1947.
Article: Ingratitude -- 1947; T.R. Porter.
Article: 1947; no names.
101st Edition : March 1992
PageArticle or Item
Picture: of The old log house.
2 Indexes.
3 Picture: 1911 -- Isabella Willis, Richard Willis, Ellen (Willis) McQuarrie, Ellen Willis.
Article: Gordon 1908; Birdie McColeman, Bill Strain, Albert Woods, Rev. Mr. Tate, John Hall, Herb Woods, Davidson Bros.
4 Pictures: Bonspiel winners -- E.F. Priddle, Bill Clark, Jim Rumley, Dougal Campbell, Cam Clark, Dr. J.B. McQuay, Tom Farquhar, Jim McCutcheon, Roy Sloss.
5 Pictures: Bonspiel winners continued -- Harold Wright, Jack Dewar, Melvin Van Horn, Murray McDermid, Doug Patterson, Clive Panton, Chas. Paquette, Brian Hester, Joe Hester.
6 Pictures: Bonspiel winners continued -- Bud Priddle, Sandy Ainslie, Grant Oakes, Cecil Lloyd, Geo. Boyd, Fred Smith, Bill Turner, Ronnie Gordon.
7 Article: Feeding children 1930; Mrs. John Feguson.
Article: Night Telephone Nov. 1908; Mr. Jeffkins.
8 Picture: J.H. Jones and Article: Wm. Mariton, McKay & Clark, James Clark.
9 Article: Relic of Str. Jones Oct. 1908; Silas Heverley.
Article: The Price of Hay 1920; no names.
Article: Perivale 1908; Rev. F. Stotesbury, Miss McColeman, D’Arcy Burns, W.D. Gamey, Mrs. Snow, Wm. Bryan.
10, 11 Article: A pioneer’s wife; Samuel Chapdelaine, Laura Chapdelaine, Maria Chapdelaine, Louis Hemon.
11 Article: Becoming a senior citizen; no names.
Article: Tehkummah 1908; Ben Storm, Jas. Storm, Rev. A. Laycock, Rev. F. Stotesbury, Rev. F.G. Andrews, Rev. E. Baker, Mrs. Chas. Myland, Miss Hattie Myland, Mrs. Alex. McKechnie, Mrs. Hugh McKechnie, Miss Flossie McNiven, Henry Smeltzer, Mrs. Henry Smeltzer, John Hall, Whitford McDonald, John McKechnie, Alex McKechnie, Hugh McKechnie, Mrs. D. Watson (nee McKechnie), Flora McKechnie, Lena McKechnie,Philip Smeltzer, Sr.
12 Pictures: Snow, snow, and more snow; no names.
13 Article: More heroes Return 1919; Sgt. Jack McKenzie, Alex McKenzie, Mrs. Alex McKenzie, Corp. Jack Glenn, Pte. Merrit Jennings, Pte. Wilbert Bryan, A.C. Bryan, Mrs. A.C. Bryan.
Article: Notice 1919; Mr. Foster, Pte. Wilbert Bryan, Pte. Merrit Jennings, Pte. Ted Strain, Corp. H. Robinson.
14 Picture: A cutter ride -- no names.
Article: Gordon 1908; T.J. Hall, J.C. Ross, Mac Emery, Harvey Beck, Herb Gilroy, Mrs. Herb Gilroy, Miss Carter, Robert Elliott, Mrs. Robert Elliott, Meryl Wismer, Dan McArthur, George Strain.
15, 16 Article: Old Timer talks of Manitoulin; Lindsay Johnston, Katherine (Kitty) Kemp (Mrs. Johnston).
Picture: Mr. & Mrs. Lindsay Johnston’s anniversary.
16 Article: Old Timer talks of Manitoulin continued -- Kitty (Johnston), Lindsay (Johnston), Mrs. Edmonds.
16 Article: Advance 1908; Mr. Holder, Mrs. Holder, Mr. Vance, Mrs. Vance, Judge McCallum, T.H. Thompson, Geo. Rayner, Gertie Vance.
Article: Ice Lake 1908 -- John Hore, Edward Hore, Mr. Deering, Mrs. Deering, John McArthur, Geo. Croft, Alex. Brown, James McGill.
17 Article: A cutter ride; no names.
Picture: couple in front of car.
18, 19 Article: The Gentleman Coachman Abroad; Lord Algerton Saint Maur, A.G. Vanerbilt, Mr. Tiffany, Colonel De Lancey Kane.
19 Article: The Gentleman Coachman Abroad continued; Mr. Vanderbilt, Lord Algerton Saint Maur, Major Fane, George IV, Oliver Cromwell, Count of Oldenburg.
20, 21 Article & drawing: Engagements to marry; or, Marriage contracts 1896; no names.
21 Article & sketch: The right of married women to own property 1896; no names.
22 Picture & Article: Bad blood as the result of Bad Business Methods 1896; no names.
22, 23 Article: Host & Guest 1896; no names.
23 Article: Gordon 1909; Will Strain, John Hall, Verna Myles, Eleanor Myles, Hy. McAnsh, John Douglas, Geo. Emiry, Will Gilroy, Ambrose McArthur, Malcolm McArthur, Jake Vanmeer, Walt. Wright, Jno. Douglas.
24 Picture: Two early settlers 1902 -- George B. Thompson, John M. Allen.
25 Article: History of the First Trotting in America 1896 -- A.M. Giles. (Other names are of horses.)
26 Picture: A home about to fall -- James Carter.
Article: Big Lake 1908 -- Thomas Smith, Mrs. Thomas Smith, Mr. Hutchinson, Mrs. McCulligh, Moody, Sankey.
27, 28 Article: Adventure with a bear 1905 -- Heywood, Arrowhead.
28 Article: Adventure with a bear continued -- Arrowhead, Jasper Derry.
28 Article: Tehkummah 1909 -- Miss Vanhorn, Miss Maggie Pyette, Mrs. Robt. Russell, Mrs. D. McDonald, Stephen Russell, Robt. Russell, Miss F.B. Tucker, Miss Lulu McNiven, Miss Florence McNiven, Lorne McGauley, W. Snow, Thos. Martin, A. Quackenbush, Miss Flora Ball, Mrs. H. Smeltzer, Geo. Lineker, Rev. F. Stotesbury, Rev. G. Andrews, Miss Martha Leeson, Thomas Leeson, Mr. Gilsten, A.J. Mastin.
29 Pictures & Article: A fishing trip in Lilly Lake; Lousie Webster, Florence Burbridge, Joe Armstrong, Norm Burbridge.
30 Song: Will you love me when I’m old -- no names.
Article: Faith And Works 1908 -- Johnny.
Article: We have been friends together -- Caroline Norton (nee Sheridan), Thomas Sheridan, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Hon. George Chapple Norton, Sir William Stirling Maxwell, Countess of Dufferin.
31 Poem: A world of windows -- C.H. Towne.
Article: Fernlee 1909 -- H. May, Mrs. H. May, A.M. Rumley, Miss Leavia Smyth, Hy. Smith, Mrs. Hy. Smyth, Miss E. McMillan.
Article: Green Bay Womens Institute 1927 -- 28 For Home and Country; Mrs. W. Nevills, Mrs. R. Skippen, Mrs. J. Cosby, Mrs. J. Skippen, Miss S. Stringer, Mrs. Chas. Cosby, Mrs. L. Gordon, Mrs. L. Ferguson, Mrs. T. Cosby, Mrs. H. Nevills, Mrs. John Skippen, Mrs. J. Ferguson, Mrs. R. Ferguson, Mrs. C. Ferguson, Mrs. L.W. Ferguson, Mrs. J. Marshall, Mrs. John Ferguson.
Article: West Carnarvon 1909; Thomas Hunter, George Hunter, Frank Wagg, Jr., Frank Wagg, Sr., Fred Wagg.
102nd Edition : April 1992
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of the S.S. Norisle at dock in South Baymouth.
2 Indexes, and subscription information.
3 Photos: of men hunting taken c.1900.
Article: Providence Bay, 1909 -- Mr. John Buie, Robert and Frank Gault.
4 Poem: Old Jim Lowe, submitted by Gordon Thomas.
5 Article: Instructions for teachers.
Photo: of Cook's Dock, submitted by Mary Ellen Lane.
6, 7 Photo and article: about the bulk carrier "Royalton".
8 Photo: of Manitoulin people involved in plays -- Ross Strain, Frank Cotton, Stan Gordon Jr., Jacqueline McQuarrie, Chess Wallace, Jess Davis, Francis Coburn, George Urquhart and Doug Buchanan.
Article: Barrie Island, 1909 -- H. Mervyn, E.A. Letts, Mr. A. Runnalls, Wm. Phalen, George Brydges, Wm. Blackburn, Mrs. Runnalls Sr., Arthur Runnalls, Samuel Cole, Miss Esther McCracken, John Jeffkins.
9 Article: The local bar in 1894 -- R.J. Porter, Godfrey Porter, Thomas Noble, W. Billson, Walt Shepperd, Tom Clark, Henry Johnston, Junior Westover, Junion Howard, Chas. Devlin, Wm. Mitchell, D. Mitchell, Fred Duboy, Thomas Cummings, Junior Ball, Junior Howard, Mrs. Campbell, Alex Simpson, John Tracy, Dave Lameux, Wm. Quinn, Wm. Porter, J. Gammey, Archie McCallum, Harry Johnston, Junior Westover, Chas. Devlin, D. Lameux, John Papnaw, George Bridges, John Camerson, George Payette, Dutch John, D. Mullan, Chas. White, Robert Lain, W. Lain, Robert May, Junior Sherow, Earney Willis, M. Donohue, Fred Forbes, Joe Anderson, B. McGillvary, N. McKay, John Ketet, John Chamberlain, Dave Richardson, Wm. Odair, Junior Davidson, Joe Fletcher, Junior McDermid, Wm. Owens, Joe Gammey, Wm. Paradise, John Smith, Mr. Bently, Fred Forbs, Andy Peters, John McHahon, Mr. Boyter, John Marlow, Phil Merrion, Dan Hamilton, Robert Elliott, Tom Dempsey, Wm. Morphet, Wm. Campbell, Junior Patton, Andy Roulston, Junior Roby, John Oarr, Sid Turner, Wm. Paradise, Alick Simpson, Wm. Heywood, Dunk McGregor, Tom Sullivan.
10 Article: Stories from the 1800's -- Local police seized copies of the Calgary Eye-Opener; They must all have licenses; The Colonel's opinion.
11 Article: A Big Sensation -- Mr. C.I. Bowlby, Mr. MacQuarrie, Mr. C.F. Farwell.
Article: Wrote Farewell on Cabin Door of the tug C.C. Martin -- Robert Henry Hook, Coroner Dr. Davis.
12 Article: Evidence in Liquor Cases -- Fred Dumouchelle, Mr. Justice Falconbridge.
Article: Too Much Cider Made Them Ill -- Justices Brodie and Mackay, Thomas Brandon, Wm. MacGregor, MacTavish, A. Cadotte, Joseph Wasaskong, Peter Kabanodin, John Sessinale, Mr. Sims, John MacKay, Mr. Haverson.
Article: Mrs. E.M. Bradley, Mrs. McHugh, Mr. George F. Foote.
13 Article: Little Current -- Bob Gamey, John Russell McGregor, Mr. Turner, Mr. Kingsborough, Mr. McDonald.
Article: Verbal Agreement -- Didace W. Gagnon, Gideon Sevighny.
Article: That Corpse.
14 Article: Found his missing daughter after search of three years -- James R. Medaugh, Robert Clark, Deputy Sheriff Jacob Bainbridge.
Article: Had a Wife in Canada -- Benjamin Connors, Sheriff Arnott, Charles Stuart, Miss Isabella McCormick, Judge McDonald, Mr. Stuart.
15 Article: List of Algoma Elections official return offices.
16, 17 Article and photos: of a new farming tractor in Billings Township -- Jim Bailie, Bill Irland, Harold Ednie, Milt Bret, Frank Baxter.
18 Poem: Bill and Joe c. 1900.
Article: An Old Grit Dodge -- John McMillan, James Bickell.
19 Lyrics: to "The Popular Song".
Article: The Late Elections, February 1882 -- signed A. Porter.
20 Article: Rich Algoma -- Mr. T. Gardhouse, Mr. A.S.Duncas, Mr. D. Jackson.
Article: The License Law.
21 Article: The License Law continued.
Article: Six Days' Record.
Article: A Pious Man -- Mr. W.W. Hogg, Mr. John Storey.
22 Poems: The Great Bass of Lak San Clair and Southern Delights.
23 Photo: of an early family -- Jon Conklin, Mithilda Gamey (nee Conklin), Anne Gamey, Mrs. Pearson, Robert R. Gamey, Mabel Ferguson, Jane Rex, Hattie Rex, Georgina Rex, Grace Gamey, Ernie Ferguson, Harry Snead, Andrew Jackson Conklin, Harry Gamey, Theresa Snead (nee Conklin), Stella Snead, Jane Lee Wooley (nee Snead). Photo was taken in 1889 at the home of Andrew Jackson Conklin.
Article: Silverwater, 1909 -- Miss McLeod, Mr. Henry Smyth, Mrs. J. Harvey, Mrs. C. Hutton, John Hopkins, Mr. H. Noble, Norman Cook, Misses Katie and Annie Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Armstrong.
24 Photos: a small barn overlooking Gore Bay c. 1890; a fancy automobile.
25 Article: Safe business methods and good advice.
Photo: piles of hay at Lorne McGauley's farm, submitted by Pearl Chambers.
26 Article: Hopes for a Manitoulin Historical Society -- Mr. W.C. Fell, Ray Merrylees, William Bailey, Larry Donaldson, W.F. Edwards, Archie Duncanson, Dick Tappenden, Judge Brock Curry.
27 Article: Hopes for a Manitoulin Historical Society continued -- signed Frank A. Myers, Albert Lane, Mrs. G. Worthington, Angus Campbell, Ray Merrylees, Bill Middaugh, Joe Noland, Clifford Boytd, George Boyd, Andy Burns, Adam Casson, Miss Jessie Clarke, Charles A.K. Cockburn, Judge Brock Curry, W.C. Fell, Jim Gordon, Dr. A.O. Hinds, Mrs. George Irwin, A.E. Johnson, W.H. Johnson, Mr. Lee, Jack Merrylees, Dr. Jim Newburn, George Purvis, Bill Smith, Fred Smith Jr., Mrs. Robert Smith, M.R. Thorburn, Walter Wagg, Sandy Sanderson, Charles Robertson, Robert Currie, Mr. Farquhar, W.J. Patterson, Grant Turner, C.R. Johnston, Charlie Joyce, W.C. Steele, Joe Hodgson, Andrew Tracy, A.J. Wagg, Nelson Runnalls, Clayton Slomke, J.F. McDermid, Archie Duncanson, W.F. Edmonds, Lindsey Johnson, Charles Kemp, Charles Trick, Mrs. Seth Champman, submitted by Mrs. Clive (Olive) Fell.
28 Photo: of Milt McConkey's General Store in South Baymouth.
Photo: of South Baymouth Lodge built by Milt McConkey.
Article: Steamer Iroquois burned, 1908 -- owner T.C. Sims.
29 Photo: of Gordon Motors, Gore Bay -- Calvin Nelson, Jimmy D. Gordon, George Boyd, Bob Jeffray, Bill Smith, Larry Pope, Dave Heywood, Kitty and Wilf Grigull, John Kennedy, Ken Bell.
Lyrics: to The Day Returns.
30 Article: Doing His Duty -- Durham Brown writes of how to cure Rheumatism.
Photo: of three young ladies -- Louise Morden (McGibbon), Ruth Aelick and May Calback.
31 Lyrics: to the song The convict and the bird.
Article: Silver Water, 1909 -- Miss Grace Gamey, Mr. and Mrs. H. May, Miss Maggie Edmonds, Mr. Russell Wiber, Mr. Sims, Mr. A.E. Graham, Mr. H. Snook, Mr. Gillis.
Copy: of tax bill dated November 1933, submitted by Stan Johnson.
103rd Edition : May 1992
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of Christie Keen 1909, submitted by Edna Millman.
2 This booklet focuses on Meldrum Bay.
Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Note from the Editor: Focus On Meldrum Bay.
Photo: of Meldrum Bay Sunday School class -- Ruth Cockwell, Maria McColeman, Margaret McColeman, Donna Murray, Irene Cockwell, Marion Steele, Stella Steele, Bernice Cockwell, Edna Armstrong, Lila Murray, Jessie Steele. Photo submitted by Edna Millman.
4 Photo: of boat frozen in ice at Meldrum Bay, submitted by Edna Millman.
Photo: of Claude and Curley Williams with a fine catch of trout.
5 Article: Recollections of a Manitoulin wreck (thought to be LaSalle’s Ship "Griffon") -- Frank A. Myers, Mr. Joe Millman, Archie Wickett, Web Steele, Charles Joyce, Thomas Sullivan, Matt McArthur, Jim Ball,
6 Article: Recollections of a Manitoulin wreck continued -- John Holsworth, Mr. Major, Bill Shinosh, W. Albert Grant.
7 Article: Recollections of a Manitoulin wreck continued -- Morrison Steele, James Ball, George Wickett, Jack Holsworth, Jack Fitzpatrick, Jim Doyle, Jack Allen, Lawyer Tucker.
8 Article: Recollections of a Manitoulin wreck continued -- Joe Millman, Web Steele, Mrs. Millman, Matt McArthur, Archie Wickett, Charlie Joyce, Jack Allen, Ab Grant.
Photo: of Archie Wickett watches a cow allow a fawn to suckle.
9 Article: Meldrum Bay in the early 1900’s.
Photo: of the mill located at Meldrum Bay, submitted by Edna Millman.
10 Photo: the mill at the turn of the century at Meldrum Bay.
Photo: of a large mill with three tall stacks.
11 Photo: of Kitty and Lindsay Johnston, Mrs. Granville, Charlie Burnett, Mary Wicket (Thomlison) and Christina (Steele) Cockwill.
Photo: of Christina Cockwell, mother of Bernice Wismer, and two unknown young ladies, submitted by Bernice Wismer.
12 Photo: of Charlie Burnett and his sister Mrs. Granville -- Frank Cockwell.
Photo: of Kitty and Lindsay Johnston.
13 Photo: of Frank Cockwell.
Photo: of one of the cooks at the mill.
Photo: of the Purvis Dock in Meldrum Bay.
14 Photo: a Sunday gathering at Meldrum Bay, unknown persons.
Photo: of Frank Cockwill with other men from Meldrum Bay.
15 Photo: of Wilbert Steele of Meldrum Bay.
Photo: of two unknown ladies at Meldrum Bay.
Photo: of Christine Steele.
Photo: of Fay Steele (Mrs. Jim Matheson) and a friend.
16, 17 Photo: of United Church at Meldrum Bay.
Photo: of the congregation -- Ivan Trick, Joe Granville, Lila Murray, Ronna Murray, Mrs. McCandlewis, Jean Murray, Lizzie VanEvery, Mrs. Hall, Bob Wickett, Rev. Miller, Mel Wickett, Mrs. Jessie Granville, Gwen Wickett, Alberta Trick, Joe Millman and Donald Murray.
Photo: of the Meldrum Bay broomball team.
Photo: of the Meldrum Bay store.
18 Photo: of the Meldrum Bay hockey team -- Allan Wright, Joe Granville, Pat Sullivan, Erio Townsend, Joe Sullivan, Roy Tuboyant.
19 Photo of the Orange Day Parade in Meldrum Bay.
Photo: of what is supposed to be the boarding house at Meldrum Bay.
20 Photo: of men taking up ice for the summer months, c. 1927, submitted by Edna Millman.
21 Photo: men using a machine to cut the ice into long strips.
Photo: teams of horses pulled the ice blocks out.
22 Photos: Joe Millman hauling winter logs out of the bush to the beach.
23 Article: Lost on the ice; George Avis and Pat Barry, nine days lost -- W.J. Harper, W.L. Nichols, Dr. McCort.
24 Photo: of Millman tug.
Photo: of Joe Millman.
25 Photo: the Millman family of Meldrum Bay.
Photo: of the crew at the mill.
26 Article: Tragic accidents on the ice -- Forest Hartman, William McDonald, Ern Williams, Bert Fisher, Chas. MacDonald.
27 Article: Tragic accidents on the ice continued -- Bert Fisher, Neil McDonald, Norman Kelly, Chas. MacDonald, William Keen, Mr. Harman, Mr. R.E. Lendrum, Mr. E. Mahoney, Mr. L.E. Lendrum, J. Purvis.
28 Photo: of daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Millman of Meldrum Bay, Alberta, Gwen and Edna.
Photo: of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Millman, 1904.
29 Photo: The Millman girls -- Alberta, Gwen and Edna, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Millman.
Photo: Wedding picture of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Millman, 1904.
30 Article: Meldrum Bay -- J. Miller, William Cullis, J. Ball, W. Thorburn, D.C. McKinnon, Dick Cundell, Miss McAllister, George Burns, J. Fitzpatrick, Matt Scott, J. Millman, D. Murray, T. Falls.
31 Photos: of the M.S. Turret Crown in 1925.
Photo: of the M.S. Turret Crown engulfed in ice.
Photo: of Meldrum Bay dock in 1937 -- includes Alec, Nellie (McDonald) and Chester Fisher.
104th Edition : June 1992
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of Green Bay United Church, 100 years old in 1992.
2 Note that the majority of this booklet is dedicated to Green Bay United Church.
Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Article: Churches in Green Bay -- John Skippen, J. Lediard, W. Crewson, Rev. T.J. Barber.
4 Article: Churches in Green Bay continued -- Charles Cosby, Morley Gordon, Leslie Wood, W.F. Marshall, W.A. & M. Ferguson, J.B. Ferguson, C. Skippen, C. Cosby, P. Cosby, Peirson Ferguson, Bert Ferguson, Tim Cosby, W.L. Ferguson, Alvin Wood, J.T. Skippen, Ross Skippen, Mrs. L. Stringer, Mrs. R. Cosby, Rev. Robert Wagner, Mrs. Isabelle Skippen, Mrs. Helen Karn, Rev. Sandra McLachlan.
5 Article: Ministers who served Green Bay United Church since 1932 -- William Vincer, W. Cook, J.K. McKenzie, Edward W. Shaw, G.E. Barkwell, Len Turner, Kenneth Allan, Keith Brown, Mary McNally, Stanley Smith, Robert Wagner, Don Holmes, J. Hugh, S. Gemmell, Larry Manley, Margaret Bain, Barry Bain, Cecil Carnochan, Sandra McLachian, Catherine Sommerville, Brenda McPherson, Mark Ferrier.
Article: Honora United Church, 1898/1949 -- Mr. Armstrong, Weston Leroy Herriman, David Day, William Trumble, Henry Rogers, Rev. James McLaughlin, William Vincer, Mr. Killens, Robert Black, Rev. Edward Shaw.
6 Photo: Manitoulin 1962 -- Flora Ferguson, Florence Bayer, Pearl Cosby, Mary Burnett, Mary Cosby, Alice Cosby, Sara Wood, Isabelle Skippen, Elizabeth Wood (Mrs. Leonard), Aleada Wood (Mrs. Alvin).
Photo: of Rhinard Bayer, Hanna Bayer, Pearl Bayer (Cosby), Grant Bayer, George Bayer.
7 Photo: Mrs. Jim Burnett, Aleta Wood, Mary Cosby, Isabelle Skippen, Granma Wood, Florence Bayer, Jean Cosby, Flora Ferguson.
Photo: Youngsters -- Ida Ferguson, Pierson Ferguson, Vickie Ferguson, Louise Ferguson.
8 Photo: of the Ferguson family in 1908 -- Andrew C. Ferguson, Mary Ann Ferguson, Mamie Marshall, Lena Marshall, William August Ferguson, John Benjamin Ferguson, Reuben Ferguson and Floyd Ferguson.
9 Photo and Story: of John Ferguson Sr., married Mary Jane Johnson -- children; Andrew, Cornelius, Theodore, Lindsay, Mrs. B.A. Griffith, Mrs. Frederick Phillips, Mrs. W.H. Gordon, Jemima, Vicki (Mrs. Stringer).
10 Photo: The Reverend Laycock, 1908.
Photo: Alvin Wood making a presentation to Rev. Robert Wagner, 1961.
Photo: The Reverend Hugh Gemmell.
Photo: of Grandma and Grandpa Cosby.
11 Photo: Reverend Hugh Gemmell, 1966, baptismal of Robert Nichols and Valerie Hayes.
Photo: 1989, Alvin Wood attends the baptismal of grandson Nicholas Kevin, son of Kevin and Pat Aelick, and one grandson Gregory Vernon, son of Bruce and Lori Wood. Nicole Mary Aleta daughter of Bill and Diane Wood.
12 Photo: of the Reverend Catherine Somerville.
13 Article and photo: of Green Bay Methodist Church.
14 Article: of Green Bay Methodist Church continued.
Article: Green Bay 1882 -- Elder J. Lediard, W. Crewson, Rev. J.T. Barber, John Skippen Sr.
Article: Green Bay Tea Meeting, Feb. 16, 1902 -- Chas. Anderson, Reverends; W.E. Wallace, Smith, S.G. Noble and W.H. Moore, Dr. Carruthers, Masters Idle and Skippen, Miss Anderson, Rev. A.P. Brace.
15 Photo: Parkinson Golden Wedding Anniversary, 1959.
Photo: Charles Cosby in 1939.
Photo: Lew Ferguson in 1979.
16, 17 Photo: Families of Green Bay Reunion -- Leslie and Sara Wood, Lizzie Cosby, Wells Parkinson, Mary Cosby, Bill Hallet, Clarence and Rob Cosby, Alice and Tom, Stuart Clarke, Jane Parkinson (Mrs. Wells), John Cosby, Alex Cosby, Pearl Cosby, Jean Cosby, Pearl Cosby, Mrs. Turner, Bus Clarke, Aunt Sara Clarke, Lizzie Van Every, Ada Hallet and Tom Clarke.
Article: Rockville United Church -- Wellington Parkinson, Alfred Spry, Alfred Newby, Mrs. Burn Spry, Mr. Foster, Jack McDermid, Mr. Bamford, Melvin Bock, Rev. Mr. Atkinson, Rev. Mr. Caddote, Rev. Edward Shaw.
18 Photo: marriage of Brock and Brenda Chisholm, 1973.
Photo: wedding of Ron Ferguson and Myina Cosby, 1960.
Photo: wedding of Lois and Jerry Bond, 1960.
19 Photo: wedding of Wayne Myers and Mary Ellen Gammie, 1965.
Photo: wedding of Helen Cosby and James Chisholm, 1957.
Photo: of Aleda Ferguson.
Photo: of Grandpa Ferguson, c. 1963.
20 Photo: c. 1937 of Rev. Vincer, Joe and Vera Armstrong and Jula and Ernie Hore.
Article: Presbytery in 1984 -- Rev. Hope Jackson, Rev. Richard Miller, Rev. Dawn Van Nyke, Rev. Jane Howe, Rev. Sandra McLauchian, Wlhemine Batman, Helen Karn.
21 Article: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church at Cold Springs -- Clifford McFarlane, Mr. G.C. Scott, Rev. James McLaughlin, James Steele, Rev. Dr. J.R. Mutchmor, Willaim Ewart Bannerman, Roy Columbus, J. Harris Burry, Oliver McCormick, R.R. McKay, Mary McVey, Glen Cannard, Charles and Reta Parkinson, Wilhelmine Batman, Emmanuel and Helen Karn, Rev. Mark Ferrier, Mrs. Margaret Moore, Samuel McLean, William Sterling, Henry Cannard, Mrs. James Moore, Margaret Moore, Faye Collins.
22 Obituary: Sarah Elizabeth (Cosby) Wood; husband Leslie Wood; Mrs. Helen Karn, Paster Stanley Toombs, Mrs. Burnett, Mrs. Lewis Ferguson, Mrs. Alex Crossgrove, Mrs. Julie Chisholm, Mrs. Emma Dearing, Mr. Fred Smith, Mr. Jule Chisholm, Dale Wood, Roy Bayer, Bill Armstrong, Gary Wood, Leslie Gilchrist, Ivan Wood, Murray and Michael Tann.
Obituary: Leslie Wood; wife Sarah Elizabeth Cosby -- children, Charles, Elmer, Leonard, Lorne, Alvin, Norman, Florence and Edith Bayer, Vera (Shering), Bernice (Gilchrist) and Marie (Tann) -- Myrtle Wood, Miss Dean Batman, Ralph Wiber, Jim Moore, W.J. Davis, Lawrence Tann, Cliff White, Ross Skippen and Oscar Bjorklund.
23 Photo: of Dick and Julian (Jr.) Chisholm as children.
Photo: of Richard Tustian, Orion Aelick, Barbara (Chisholm) Aelick and Emma Tustian.
Photo: of Rita Parkinson (Howard), Doris Chisholm (Howard), Julian (Jr.) Chisholm, Charlie Parkinson, 1952.
Photo: of Julian (Jr.) Chisholm, Barbara (Chisholm) Aelick.
24 Photo: Doris and (Jr.) Julian Chisholm, 1952.
Photo: of Viney and Bill Ferguson with Ruth (Chisholm) Mahamned, 1961.
Photo: of Julian (Jule) and Edith (Tustian) Chisholm at their 25th Anniversay.
Photo: of Alf and Lily Spry.
25 Article: Biography of Mrs. Edith I. (Tustian) Chisholm 1913/1991; husband Jule Chisholm -- Richard and Emma Tustian, Lily Spry Snow, children; James, Julian Jr., Richard and Barbara.
26 Article: Biography of Mrs. Edith I. (Tustian) Chisholm continued.
Photo: of Julian (Jr.) Chishom.
27 Article: Biography of Mr. (Jule) Julian Alonzo Chisholm Sr. 1905/1991; wife Edith Tustian, children; James, Julian Jr., Richard and Barbara -- Alonzo and Lily Chisholm, James and Sarah Spry, Lily Spry Snow.
28 Photo: of Brock Chisholm, Floyd Cosby, Ivan Wood and Jim Bayer.
Photo: of family gathering -- Roy and Lois Newburn Jr., Edith, Jule Chisholm, Orion Aelick, James Chisholm and Doris Tustian, Richard Tustian, Dick Chisholm and daughter Marilyn, Jean (Bailey) Chisholm and baby, Barbara Aelick, Donald Tustian, Doris and Brock Chisholm and Emma Tustian.
29 Article: Lily Jane (Snow) Spry (husband Alfred Thomas Spry) -- William and Marianne Snow, siblings; Chester, Sadie, Jessie, Nellie, Bert, Florence, Hazel and Edwin, Zella Spry, James and Sarah Spry, James and Helen Chisholm, Faye and Julian Chisholm, Harold and Bernard Felix, Sally Dwyer.
30 Photo: of sisters Rita Parkinson and Doris Chisholm, c. 1960’s.
Photo: of Irene (Parkinson) Campbell, Rita (Howard) Parkinson and friends.
Photo: of Dick Jr., Barbara, and James Chisholm c. 1948.
31 Photo: .of Dick, Julian (Jr.), Barbara and James Chisholm c. 1946
Photo: of Julian and Edith Chisholm with grandchildren; Marilyn, Brock, Ruth, Cheryl, Alf, Julie and Michael.
Photo: of Gladys Wheeland and Rita Parkinson.
Article and photo: of the bulk carrier William F. Stifel, photo by John H. Bascom, 1956.
105th Edition : July 1992
PageArticle or Item
Photo: showing Conservation Officer uniforms; Mark Robbins, Dave Beaver, Bill Daniher and Chris Hill.
2 Photo: of Pat Brown C.O. near Evansville.
Subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Note from the Editor: Book dedicated to 100 Years for Game Overseers, Game Wardens or Conservation Officers.
Note: C.O. refers to Conservation Officer.
4 Article: Game and Fish Acts in Ontario -- Samuel R. McKewan C.O., Thomas Frood, Jas. Hilson, W.C. Wright C.O., J.J. Avic C.O., W.M. Boyd C.O., Andrew Hall C.O., Joseph Hembruff C.O., David Irwin C.O., James Lewis C.O.
5 Article: An Act for the better protection of Game in Upper Canada.
6 Photo: of four year old Master Wells Christie and his catch in 1908.
7 Article: History of Deer on Manitoulin -- Archie Wickett, Ian Anderson, J.E. Ransbury, W.L.W. Ransbury, Charlie Bibby, Harold Silva, J.H. Bailey, Art Zimmerman.
8 Photo: of John Deibolt C.O. with deer, 1989.
Article: Game Laws in force 1888-1890.
9-14 Article: Province of Ontario when the Commission was issued.
Photo: of the "Lotus" patrolling the North Channel.
15 Photo: 1947 Sutton Snowmobile.
Photo: of Lands and Forests patrol boat c. 1950.
Photo: of C.O. Lance Walsh c. 1950.
16 Photo: of C.O. Al Pozzo at Wawa c.1961
Photo: of Niagara C.O. checking anglers’ c. 1950.
17-22 Article: Report of Ontario Game and Fish Commissioners.
22 Notice: by Ontario Game and Fisheries, signed by A. Sheriff, 1915.
23 Article: List of Deputy Wardens for Algoma -- Alexander Anderson, William Gilmore, John Harris, Frank Brown, John Emmons, D.Fraser, J. Gardner, S.R. McKewen, Wm. McKirdy, Thomas Penfold, Joseph Whalen, G.L. Wetmore, Edward Riley, J.T. Little, Robert Rush, John Piche, Duncan Bole.
Article: Cases prosecuted, 1892 -- S.R. McKewen C.O., Jas. Hilson.
Article: Report of the Commissioners for the year 1893.
24 Article: Report of the Commissioners for the year 1893 continued.
List: of Deputy Wardens Algoma, 1893 -- Alexander Anderson, William Gilmore, John Harris, Frank Brown, John Emmons, D.Fraser, J. Gardner, S.R. McKewen, Wm. McKirdy, Joseph Whalen, G.L. Wetmore, Edward Riley, J.T. Little, Robert Rush, John Piche, Duncan Bole.
List: of Deputy Wardens Algoma, 1894 -- Alexander Anderson, Frank Brown, Duncan Bole, Andrew Black, George Cosgrove, William Gilmore, John Harris, John Emmons, D.Fraser, J. Gardner, S.R. McKewen, Wm. McKirdy, Thomas Penfold, G.L. Wetmore, J.T. Little, Robert Rush, John Piche, M.J. Patterson, Edward Riley, W.D. Reid, Alfred Bird Smith, Joseph Whalen, J.M. Woods.
25 List: of Deputy Wardens Algoma, 1895 -- Alexander Anderson, Frank Brown, Duncan Bole, Andrew Black, George Cosgrove, John Emmons, D.Fraser, Thosmas R. Geddes, William Gilmore, J. Gardner, John Harris, William Higgins, J.T. Little, S.R. McKewen, Wm. McKirdy, John Piche, M.J. Patterson, Edward Riley, Robert Rush, W.D. Reid, Alfred Bird Smith, Joseph Whalen, J.M. Woods, L. Kemp.
List: of Deputy Wardens Algoma, 1896 -- Alexander Anderson, Frank Brown, Duncan Bole, Andrew Black, George Cosgrove, John Emmons, D.Fraser, Thos. R. Geddes, William Gilmore, J. Gardner, John Harris, William Higgins, J.T. Little, S.R. McKewen, Wm. McKirdy, John Piche, M.J. Patterson, Edward Riley, Robert Rush, W.D. Reid, Alfred Bird Smith, Joseph Whalen, J.M. Woods, L. Kemp, M. Harkness, J. Craig, G. Hymer, D. Piper, H. Wentfield, E.A. Morton, D. Reese, E. Lalonde, H. Grattan, McIlwraith, J. Walker, T. Norquay, D.Tennant.
Deputy Wardens for Manitoulin: S.R. McKewen, L. Kemp and T. Norquay.
26 List: of shooting licenses issued to foreign sportsmen in 1896.
Article: Report of Commander of Cruiser "Gilphie".
Article: Report of 1900.
27 Article: Report of 1900 continued.
28 Article: Report of 1900 continued.
Article: Report of 1902.
29 Photo: of Alf Hodgson C.O. holding a Muskie.
Article: Report of 1902 continued.
30 Article: Report of 1902 continued.
Article: Lake Manitou Lease.
Article: Lake Huron (N. Channel).
31 Article: First Annual Report of the Game and Fisheries.
32 Article: First Annual Report of the Game and Fisheries continued.
Article: North Channel, Lake Huron -- Joseph Hembruff C.O.
33 Article: North Channel, Lake Huron continued -- Oliver C.O.
List: of Games Oversees for 1907 -- R.C. Oliver, Wm. Vincer.
Article: First Annual Report of the Game and Fisheries.
34 Article: North Channel, Lake Huron continued -- Joseph Hembruff, William Hunter, and David Irwin all Conservation Officers.
List: of Overseers for 1908 -- Joseph Hembruff, William Hunter, R.C. Oliver.
35 Article: Fisheries revenue per officer for 1908 -- J.R. Bradbury, $5.; W.J. Graham, $115; Joseph Hembruff, $15; Wm. Hunter, $27; David Irwin, $193; R.C. Oliver, $6,627; William Vincer $9.
Article: Game and Fisheries Department 1909.
Photo: of wolves taken in 1949, Nipigon area.
36 Article: North Channel, Lake Huron -- J.R. Bailey, Joseph Hembruff, William Hunter, Thomas Johnson, Richard Oliver.
37 Article: North Channel, Lake Huron continued -- W.J. Wright.
Article: Game and Fisheries Department 1910 -- Andrew Hall, Joseph Hembruff, William Hunter.
38 Article: Game and Fisheries Department 1910 continued- David Irwin.
Article: Game and Fisheries Department 1911 -- J.J. Avis, Andrew Hall, Joseph Hembruff, William Hunter.
39 Article: Game and Fisheries Department 1911 continued -- Thomas J. Johnston.
Article: Manitoulin District -- J.J. Avis, Andrew Hall.
40 Article: Manitoulin District continued -- J.J. Avis, W.M. Boyd, Andrew Hall.
41 Article: Manitoulin District continued -- Joseph Hembruff, James Lewis, David Pyette, James Ramesbottom.
Article: Manitoulin District 1915 -- J.J. Avis.
42 Article: Manitoulin District 1915 continued -- Andrew Hall, David Irwin, J.W. Lewis, John McArthur, David Pyette, James Ramesbottom.
43 Article: Games and Fisheries Department 1915 -- J.B. Fielding, Henry Watson, A. Sheriff, J.T. Robinson.
44 Article: Games and Fisheries Department 1915 continued.
Article: Manitoulin District 1916 -- W.M. Boyd, -- Andrew Hall, Joseph Hembruff, David Irwin, James Lewis.
45 Article: Manitoulin Early Deputy Game & Fisheries Overseers, 1892/1930 -- Samuel R. McEwen, L. Kemp, Robert S. Stapleton, Thomas Norquay, Richard Oliver, W.M. Boyd, Andrew Hall, Joseph Hembruff, David Irwin, James Lewis, David Pyette, James Ramesbotton, William Hunter, William Vincer, W.T. Wright, J.J. Avis, John McArthur, A.O. Book.
Article: Manitoulin Full Time Game Wardens and Conservation Officers -- J. Harold Bailey, Clarence Young, Art Zimmerman, Bert Odorizzi, Jack Lawrence, Dave Ethier, Gary Withinshaw, Harold Cheley, Terry Matz, Bill Tye, Ian Anderson, John Diebolt.
46 Photo: of Lands and Forest display at Manitowaning, with Clarence Young and Harold Bailey.
Article: service of Clarence (C.J.) Young, 1945/1961 -- Harold Bailey, Mrs. Anne Moffat.
Article: service of J. Harold Bailey, 1937/1963 -- Mr. G.E. Baxter.
47 Photo: of Art Zimmerman.
Article: service of Art Zimmerman, 1961/1977 -- Harold Bailey, C.J. Young.
48 Photo: at a Hunter safety course, 1961 -- Art Zimmerman, Mim Smith, Marilyn Sagle, Marilyn Love, Michael Beverley.
Photo: Planting Kokanee Salmon, 1965 at South Bay, Art Zimmerman.
Photo: of Joan Hubay C.O. at Kenora checking anglers.
49 Article: service of Jack Lawrence, 1964/1970 -- Charlie Gibby, Art Zimmerman, married Barb Fogal, (children) Sandy, Patty and Dennis.
Photo: of Rich Henry C.O. on an ATV in Kenora.
50 Photos: of Terry Matz C.O., 1977.
Article: service of Terry Matz, 1968/1980 -- wife Elizabeth, (daughters) Charlotte and Evelyn.
51 Article: service of Ian Anderson, 1973/1992 -- Bill Tye, John Ross, Terry Matz, John Diebolt, Brad Graham, Jay Swain, wife Patricia, (sons) Ryan and Erik.
52 Photo: of John Diebolt and Ian Anderson in 1988.
Article: service of John J. Diebolt, 1980/1992 -- wife Rose, (children) Joel, Jason and Maria.
Photo: of Brian Morrison C.O.
53 Article: 100 Years of History.
54 Article: 100 Years of History continued.
55 Article: 100 Years of History continued.
Tribute to the Warden Wives, written by Ian Anderson.
Credits: Eldene (Bailey) Longhurst, Anne Moffat, Art Zimmerman, Jack Lawrence, Terry Matz, Dave Kenney, John Diebolt, Ken Morrison.
106th Edition : August 1992
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of a machine to cut grain pulled by three good horses.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Letter to the Editor: in search of ancestors -- James Milligan, Annie McPherson, Annie Milligan, Mrs. James Milligan. Children of James and Annie; Annie, Robert Wallace, Gordon, John, Susan, Sarah, William. Signed Phyllis Milligan.
Lyrics: to the song, In the good old summer time.
4 Poems: The Sailor’s Plea; Down the river of golden dreams; In Friendship’s Name; Briefs.
5-10 Photo and article: dated 1920-1929 "A Kaleidoscope of Killarney" -- Captain William Lowe Sr., Paul Labelle, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Roque, William Denman, Misses Jean and Hilda Lowe, Misses Edith and Delvina Roque, William Zister, Misses Doris Bernard and Angeline Solomon, Vernon Loosemore, Mrs. Ross Wright, Joe Roque, Mr. May, Dan Roque, Peter Solomon, Cecil Low, Mrs. Alf Beaucage, Mrs. Frank Solomon, Miss Mamie Solomon, Julian Low, Joe Low, Mr. and Mrs. Pfeiffer, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, William Martell, Miss K. Nixon, Miss Mabel Nelder, Mrs. Pierre R. de la Morandiere, Bill Williams, Mrs. Kimmel, Mr. and Mrs. William Martel, Miss Joseette de la Morandiere, Mrs. Albert Bateman, Helen Bateman, John Bateman, Mr. Weir, Mrs. Tom Bateman, Miss Margaret Roque, Lincoln Labatte, Matilda Roque, Jeff Weir, Mrs. White, Mrs. John Haitse, Frank Roque, William Denman, Mr. F. Lehman, Mrs. V. McDonald, John Tyson, Mrs. Urquahart, Mrs. John Oakes, Michael Bernard, Dr. McDonald, Dr. Davis, Mrs. Charles Noble, Miss Josette Stamien.
8 Article: A Kaleidoscope of Killarney continued -- Paul Labelle, Mr. Wagg, Mr. A.E. Graham, Mrs. Thomas Jackman, Maggie Cushing.
Photo: West end of Killarney Channel in 1930.
9 Article: A Kaleidoscope of Killarney continued -- Mrs. Fenton, Mrs. Reggie Herbert, Miss Bertha Fenton, Rev. Paquin, William McIvor, Emeric Sagima, Alvin Bateman, Emile Herbert, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Herbert, Dr. McKenzie Smith, Fred Beauvais, Joseph Burke, George Bloom, Joe Mejaki, George Pitfield, Rev. Father Comte, Joe Stuart, Mrs. Pitfield, Miss Eldridge, Mrs. Armstrong, Mr. Richard, Mrs. LaPointe, Miss Kate Cushing, Mrs. Margaret Jackman, Mr. R. Currie, Raymond Roque, Captain William Lowe, Ted. Pitfield.
10 Article: A Kaleidoscope of Killarney continued -- Ed Rousseau, Peter Solomon, Dave Malcolm, Frank Pilon, John Proulx, Captain N.J. McCoy, Reeve Alfred Roque, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Orendorf, Evangeline Patricia Orendorf, Celia Roque, Miss Stella Proulx, Mrs. Marcella Payne, Mr. and Mrs. John Skelliter, Joseph Glen Skelliter, Arthur Jackman, Alf Roque, Martin O’Connor, Mr. Lehman, Mrs. M. Gagagins, Thomas McGraw, Harry A. Loosemore, Gladys Loosemore, Mr. and Mrs. Nierman, Mrs. C. Pitt, Charles Noble.
11 Photos: The community of Killarney and Killarney, Georgian Bay, c. 1882.
12 Article: Marine musings of the upper lakes, 1851.
13 Article: Marine musings of the upper lakes, 1851 continued.
14 Article: Marine musings of the upper lakes, 1851 continued -- Captain Dunn, Capt Port, Mr. Anderson, Captain P.M. Campbell.
Photo: of Captain Robert "Bob" Morrison in 1951, submitted by Mrs. Morrison.
15 Article: Marine musings of the upper lakes, 1851 continued.
16 Article: Marine musings of the upper lakes, 1851 continued -- Captain John Tobin.
Photo: of the steamer Manitoulin provided by Wes Coulter.
17 Article: Marine musings of the upper lakes, 1851 continued -- Mr. Burton, James Scott, Captain John Oliver.
18 Article: Marine musings of the upper lakes, 1851 continued -- Mr. W.J. Stewart, M. Burton, Mr. Braniff.
Photo: of George Bateman, his father Henry Bateman and George’s son Jarvis, submitted by Kate (Bateman) Pinch.
19 Article: Marine musings of the upper lakes, 1851 continued -- Mr. Thorburn, Captain James Ganley, Bernard Rennie.
Photo: of the inside of Killarney Hotel with Ethel and Gervais Ferandez, submitted by Lorne and Irene Bousquet.
20 Article: Marine musings of the upper lakes, 1851 continued -- Captain McLeod, Captain R.L. Graham.
21 Article: Marine musings of the upper lakes, 1851 continued.
Photo: of the carrier "Sultana".
22 Article: Two children burned to death and another badly burned at Kagawong, 1910 -- William and Jane Gordon.
Photo: of William Gordon’s home before the fire.
23 Photo: of Jane and William Gordon.
Photo: of Stan Gordon and mother Jane.
24 Photo: before the fire, Jane Gordon and children Arthur, Jessie and Stan.
Letter: addressed to William Gordon from the Kagawong Loyal Orange Lodge, condolences, signed by Wm. M. Boyd, and William Hilliard.
Notice of prices: at Havelock Hotel, Proprietor John Hilliard.
25 Article and photo: of Elmer Gordon: Gives own life after rescuing boy from fire -- Elmer Gordon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gordon, Loyale McDougall, Neil McDougall, Joanne McDougall, Sharon McDougall, Miss J, Guy.
26 Article: Voter's List of Billings, 1898 -- Colin Bayley, Matt Bailie, J.E. Bowser, James Bailie, W.M. Boyd, George Burch, G.A. Buck, G.N. Buck, Thomas Bowser, D.H. Boyd, W.A. Buck, Wm. Bailie, Nelson Campbell, Alfred Campbell, Abe Campbell, Jas Carter, Dougall Campbell, R.E. Dickhout, Thos. Dickhout, Peter Dickhout, George Foster, C.M. Fraser, Wm. Fisher, R.G. Fisher, John Farquahar, J.W. Foster, Ed Foster, E.J. Foster, Donald Fraser, Wm. Farquahar, Neil Gordon, Albert Graham, J.E. Greenfield, John Greenfield, W.J. Graham, Mathew Graham, Jas. Gordon, Robert Graham, Ed Hoar, Charles Hoar, Oliver Hunt, Henry Hunt, W.J. Hunt, Arthur Hunt, Charles Hunt, James Hunt, Wm. Heath, Robert Hunt, Clarence Hunt, John Hilliard, Joseph Hunt, Wm. Ireland, Samuel Johnston, Jas. Johnston, Wm. Kendrick, Fred Kenshell, Wm. Lloyd, J.A. Lemon, H.L. Lemon, M. Lloyd, R.J. Lloyd, Robert Love, Jesse Lehman, J.W. Lang, John Moore, Wm. Marshall, Jas. Moore Sr., Jas. McLeod, Wm. McAnsh, David Monro, D. McKenzie, Alex Monro, John McGaughey, J.A. McGaughey, Jas, Moore Jr., Jas. McGaughey, W.J. McGaughey, John McAnsh, Alex McLaren, Wm. McKenzie, John McKenzie, Jacob McPherson, Alfred Newby, Joseph Pierce, J. Joseph Rawlings, T.F. Richards, D.L. Richards, Robert Rivett, Wm. Stirling, Wm. Snow, Wm. Steven Sr., Wm. Steven Jr., J.T. Smith, Chas. Snow, Robert Sproul, Noble Sproule, Robert Tustian, John Thompson, George Tustian, W.J. Thomas, Samuel Tustian, George Tustian Jr., G.B. Thompson, Archie Thompson, L.J.A. Thompston, John Vanhorn, Luke Vanhorn, Thos. Wyman, George Wyman, C.E. Woolley, W.J. Wiber, George Waterhouse, J.A. Wilson, R L. Wyman, R.F. Wyman.
Persons entitled to vote at Municipal Elections only: Thos. Bull, D.F. Burk, David Cribbs, M E. Dawson, Wm. Elliot, John Fraser, Bertram Gray, Wilfred Gray, George Hunter, Chas. Huggard, H.R. Herriman, W.L. Herriman, H.L. Hime, Wm. Legg, Thos. Moore, George Moore, Jesse Martin, Alex McNevin, Malcolm McNevin, Wm. McCabe, Mrs. McInnis, Robert McClinchey, J. Obrine, Wm. Parkinson, Jos. Pim, J. Riardon, J.J. Riardon, Honor Ross, D. Spence, Chas. Stewart, Sheppard, Canard & Spry.
27 Article: Election Clerk’s Certificate – Jos. A. Wilson.
Copy: of the Office of the Manitoulin Guide, Leading Journal in the District of Algoma, established A. D. 1877.
Letters: to Mr. Andrew Russell, signed by E.C. Jackson; to Mr. W.A. Porter, signed Aus Ironside.
28 Article: Laws concerning public schools, 1896.
29 Article: Marine disaster of Georgian Bay, of the "Asia", April 30, 1953 -- Mrs. Flora Pyette, William Turnburll, George Turnbull, Mrs. Charlotte Baxter, Mrs. Albert Fleming, Miss Christina Morrison, D.A. Tinkis, William Henry.
30 Article: Marine disaster of Georgian Bay, of the "Asia" continued -- John McDonald, Mrs. Fleming, Captain Savage.
31 Article: Marine disaster of Georgian Bay, of the "Asia" continued -- Mr. Tinkis, Mrs. Fleming, Miller family.
Article: My fond memories of Doctor J.A. Baker, by Erma McAllister -- George R. McRae, Jessie Clark.
Photo: of Doctor Baker.
107th Edition : September 1992
PageArticle or Item
Photo: taken in 1926 of the Joe Millman family in their car.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Note: from the Editor.
lyrics to the song "Lay my head beneath a rose".
4 Poem: Risk It.
Lyrics: to the song "Sunshine of paradise alley".
5 Article: Life begins at 80.
Poem: Good-bye.
6 Photo and article: on the steamer Lambton.
7 Poem: Voices of the Earth.
8 Article: The law governing the relation of parent and child, 1896.
9 Article: The High School Entrance Examinations, 1939.
10 Article and photo: of John A. Lougheed, submitted by Erma McAllister -- Thomas and Margaret (Armstrong) Lougheed, Bella McMillen, Peter and Erma McAllister.
Poem: Be still, sad heart.
11 Stock article: from the Toronto Star in 1902.
12, 13 Article: Authorities and friends of dead nurse don't talk, 1923 Gore Bay -- Miss Emma Burns.
14 Copy: of a Marriage Certificate issued in 1904, between Joseph Millman and Josephine Fisher. Witnesses were W.H. Johnston and Katherine Burnett. The Minister was W.A. Duncan.
15 Article: The Atlantic Charter.
Article: Tehkummah, 1909 -- George Lineker, Wesley Duxbury, Oyrus Hall, Miss Ida McKin.
16, 17 Article: A sketch of William Durie Lyon.
Photo: of the Providence Bay Boarding House.
18 Article: Gordon, 1909 -- Alf Johnston, Miss Mary McLean, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Nelles, Mrs. Snead, Wm. Burns, John Hall, Alf Battye, Mrs. Chas. Beck, Willard Cook, Miss Fannie Cook.
Article: Fernlee, 1909 -- Mrs. Wm. Deering (nee Smyth), Miss Frances Cook, Colin Campbell, Mr. B. Hopkins, W.T. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Burns.
19 Article: Gore Bay Badminton Club formed in 1936 -- Harold Johnson, Marjorie McRae, Law Chantler, Mildred Smith.
Photo: of the Gore Bay Badminton Club Members -- Mildred Purvis (Major), Jean McGill (Purvis), Betty Jackson (Robinson), Bill Robinson, Wilda Woods (McQuarrie), Bud Thorburn, Jacqueline McQuarrie (Gordon), Marj Gilroy (Bisson), Gordon Johnson, Fraser Porter, Cliff Beange, Bessie Lane, Edwin Irwins, Yvonne St. Pierre (Hogle), Marianne Porter (Knight), Helen Wright (McQuat), Ruth McGill, Mary Bryan, Gladys Wright (Beange), Marian Bochannas (Turner), Helen Purvis (Gordon), Carmen Buvchanan (Walker), June Casson (Eadie), Eldine Bailey (Longhurst).
20 Article: Gore Bay Badminton Club continued -- Mac McDougall, Virgina Smith, Harold Johnson, Marjorie McRae, Judge A.B. Curry, Mildred Smith, Effie McQuarrie, Lena Cook, Wm. Clarke, James and Nellie Graham, Julia Dominic and Ivan Griffith, Mrs. Simon Woods, Loreen McDonald, Ralph Bonbury, Dorothy Purvis, Len Jackson, Mac McVictor, Ladie McDermid, Henrietta Kenney, Doris Riching, J. Willey, James Graham, Nellie Graham, Fred Woods, Mac Johnson, Albert Purvis, George Brett, Ivan Purvis, Irene Foster, George Gilpin, Tom Farquhar, Jack McQuay, John Currey, Em Bainborough, Ardath Campbell, Fraser Porter, Mary Louise Purvis, Kaye McQuarrie, Jan McGill, Bud Priddle, Margy McDougall, Marj Bisson, Jim Williamson, Bud Thorburn, Alex Hammond.
Article: An interesting letter, 1938 -- Mr. W.A. Smith, signed by Doris M. Riching, President J.D. Graham.
21 Photo: of the Meldrum Bay Store, submitted by Flora MacLean.
22 Photos: of Providence Bay; the dock; and a busy Manitoulin day, submitted by Bill Ritching.
23 Photos: of Mutchmore & Co. Store and the tug W.E. George, taken in 1930.
24, 25 Photo and article: about Lauchie McCannell.
26 Photo: of Lauchie playing a tune on the violin for grandson Paul.
Article: Where is the Abitibi?
27 Photo: Edna Millman took a plane ride in 1928.
Article: Advance, 1909 -- Miss Gertie Vance, Alf Johnston, Mr. Stone, Mr. Kennedy, John Vance.
28 Article: Visits Manitoulin in 1885.
29 Article: Religious instruction for schools in 1939.
30 Photos: of the Caribou and Manitoulin at dockside.
31 Poem: I visited western Canada, submitted by Ev Proctor.
Poem: "What do you see".
Article: East Campbell1909, Tragic Accident -- John Buie.
108th Edition : October 1992
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of "The Old Tin Lizzy" taken at the old Barrie Island Bridge.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Lyrics: to A song of long ago.
Article: Do you know of the Millers? -- David Miller, David Miller Jr., Jane Bell, John Miller, signed Jopei Loughead.
4 Poems: Two Little Boys in Blue; Then You’ll remember me; Mother, the queen of my heart.
5 Photo: Charlie Robertson and his wife Gurtrude, with son Harold, taken c. 1932. The horse’s name was Tom.
Article: Baby’s great danger during hot weather.
6 Photo: of building a barn at George Pickard’s, submitted by Charlie Robertson.
Article: Invasion by Airship.
7 Two photos: of teams of horses, one with Earl McGibbon.
8 Article: The Manitoulin District in 1909 -- Mr. J.C. Irving, Mrs. R.W. Nelson, Mrs. McCoy, Wm. McCoy, John Johnston, Mr. Andrews, Rev. Mr. Baker, Gordon Johnston.
Article: Snowville, February 1909 -- Solomon McCullough, Mr. H.J. Linekar, Mr. W.B. Snow.
9 Article: Silver Water, February 1909 -- Mrs. McMillan, Mrs. John Rumley, Miss Jean Rumley, Miss Ida Graham, Mrs. Wm. Priddle, Mrs. William Clarke, Miss Elma Edmonds, John Kemp.
Article: Barrie Island, February 1909 -- Henry Vancise, Dr. Johnston, James Coutts, Mrs. J. Jennings, Mr. Steel, Rev. Mr. Ferguson, Miss Sadie Lewis, Miss Jennet Flanagan, Mrs. D.D. Griffith, Miss Emma Noble, Mrs. J. Best, Mrs. A.E. Letts, Tom McCrackin, Ben Greenman, Frank Morden, Master Willie Letts.
Article: Sandfield, February 1909 -- Miss Flora Tucker, Mrs. Allan Chatwell, Mr. R.O. Watson, Herb Bryan, Frank Hurlburt, Mr. E. Hutchinson.
10 Article: Big Lake, February 1909 -- Mrs. F. Bassingthwaite, Dr. Walker, James McCutcheon, A. Gordon, J. Thomas, G. Turnbull, E. Bassingthwaite, Mr. M.I. Johnston, Mrs. Thomas Smith, Miss Edith Hamilton, Miss Ada Porteous, Phoeba Ferguson, Ethel Young, Dolly Thompson.
Article: Providence Bay, February 1909 -- John Fraser, Miss Ina Latham, Miss Nellie Hall, Mrs. Wagg, Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. W. Wagg.
Article: West Carnarvon, February 1909 -- John Buie, Thos. Hunter, Miss Nellie Hall, Benjamin Bock, Wm. Berry.
11 Article: Long Bay, February 1909 -- Miss Ella Paisley, Mr. Prior, Joe Wellington, Peter Caddle, Mr. H. Wismer, David Sloss, Frank Paisley, Loran Vanhorn, Harry Snead, Mr. Pemberton.
Article: Mindemoya, February 1909 -- Miss Mary Cushing, Frank Smith, Mrs. George Ellis, W. Galbraith, James Caddle, Mrs. Charles Robinson, Mr. D. McDonald, D. Galbraith.
Article: Poplar, February 1909 -- Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Falls, Mrs. McArthur, Rev. Mr. Tiat, Messrs. W. and Joe Baker, Miss Vennervey, Miss Annie McArthur, Mr. Holland, Mr. Sims, Mr. Noland, Mr. McLaren.
12 Article: Cockburn Island, April 1909 -- Samuel Ellis, John Robb, Arthur Robb, John Robinson, Mr. Ellis, Mr. D.J. McLeod, George Wright, E.J. Smith, Arthur E. Pateman, Mr. H.H. Avis, Miss Aggie Reid, Mrs. R.C. Reid, Rev. D.S. McFarlane, John Rombough, William Armstrong, Sam Ellis, Ross Goodmurphy, W. Robb.
Article: Mindemoya, April 1909 -- William Hore, Herbert Van Horn, Charlie Robertson.
13 Article: Mindemoya continued -- Miss Mary Gordon, Miss A. Aiken, Ben Becks, F. Hulbert, Lizzie Williamson, Roy Becks, Sam Corbier, Miss Hamilton, Mr. G. Towbridge, Miss Martha Anderson, Miss Mary Williamson, Miss Violet Gordon, Frank Hulbert, Tom Williamson, Andrew McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Smith, Sam Corbier, W.J. Berry, Rev. Mr. Stotesbury, Rev. Mr. Anderson, William Tilson, Wes Strain, James Love, Mrs. Thos. Arniel, John Caddel, Mr. Luker, Rev. Mr. Marks.
Article: Silver Bay, April 1909 -- Reid Davidson, Geo. Trowbridge, Mr. and Mrs. Sloan, Mrs. Alex Porteous, Joe McGregor, Mrs. Wm. Snow, W.J. Moody, Mr. D. Forsythe, Harry Brown, Mr. Ashley, Mr. Stoddart.
Article: Peaceful Bay, 1909 -- M. Bailey, J.W. Foster, J. Bowser, W. Marshall.
14 Article: Mindemoya, 1909 -- Mr. and Mrs. George Vanhorn, William A. Hare, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hare, Miss Mary Hare, Herbert Vanhorn, Miss Ethel Love, Miss Violet Vanhorn.
Article: Barrie Island, 1909 -- Capt. R.L. Graham, Thos. Latta, Neil Montgomery, Miss Betty Witty, Chas. Lane, Mr. W.H. Noble, Capt. Jas. Young, Mr. J. Jeffkins, Capt. Jas. Purvis, Mr. G.A. Cole.
Article: Billings, 1909 -- Miss Mary Latta, John Greenfield, Thos. Bowser, Will Hilliard.
15 Article: Billings, continued -- Norman Blackburn, John Greenfield, Norman McLaren, Ward Foster, Thos. McGaughey, Harvey Dickout, Mr. Richard and Emma Tustian, Miss Ernie Tustian.
Article: Gordon, March 1909 -- Wes Strain, Robert Elliott, Miss May Vanzant, Mr. Moody, Mr. Wm. Wright, Mrs. Wm. Smith, Mrs. J.L. Crawford.
Article: West Carnarvon, March 1909 -- Herbert Hopkins, Mrs. Thos. Riching, Charles Kemp, Mrs. Martin L. Buck.
16, 17 Photo: The Anglican Church in Silver Water with its congregation, c. 1914 -- Rev. H.A. Sims, George Trick, William Clark, John Duncanson, Ed Priddle, Frank Priddle, O.M. Thompson, Harry Noble, Archie Duncanson, Humphry Priddle, W. Priddle, Edith Noland, Mable Priddle, Mrs. Sims, Mable Rumley, Millie Kemp, Mrs. Harry Noble, Charlie Trick, Ewart Lloyd, Jasper Noble, Gertie Stephens, Nellie Priddle, Archie Stephens, John Priddle, Mrs. George Trick, Hilda Stephens, Mrs. J.B. Graham, Mrs. Ed. Priddle, Mrs. Farhing, Mrs. Will Priddle, Mrs. Archie Duncanson, Mrs. Wm. Clarke, Cora Clarke, Ivan Trick, Maurice Trick, George Priddle, Myrtle Rumley, George Hazzard, Ken Kekmp, Clod Stephens, Billy Clarke, Bob Duncanson, Gracie Sim, Ruby Clarke, Coral Priddle, Lena Duncanson, Laura Trick. Note: photo submitted by Maurice Trick.
16 Article: Spring Bay, 1909 -- Mr. Fretz, Miss Emma Cooper, F.C. Wagg, Mr. W. Gardner, Mr. A. Tracy, Martin Buck, Rueben Cranston.
17 Article: Sheguiandah, March 1909 -- John Ellis, John Hirdle Jr., Daniel Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bradley, Master Leland Trotter, Henry Hirdle, Henry Skippen, Miss Flo McCauley, James Dunlop. Hector McLean.
18 Article: Manitowaning, March 1909 -- Mrs. Amer, Mrs. Wm. McCoy, Mr. W. Tucker, Mr. M.J. Cole, Mr. W.A. Beatty, John Reynolds, Howard Smith, Mr. W.H. Beatty, Mrs. Wright McLaughlin, Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. Beattie, Mr. Andrews, Mrs. S.J. Bradley.
Article: Ice Lake, March 1909 -- Jas. McGill, Miss E. Wright, Archie Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson, Wm. Guy.
19 Article: Ice Lake continued -- Andrew Archibald, John McArthur, Sandy Brown, George Croft, John Wilson, Miss L. McArthur, Miss Flora Turner.
Article: Silver Water, 1909 -- Mr. G. Henning, Mr. J.J. Rumley, Mr. H. Noble, Mrs. H.A. Sims, Mrs. Wm. Priddle, Miss H. Smyth, Mrs. George Priddle, Mrs. John Edmonds, Mrs. W. Cook.
Article: Kagawong, 1909 -- Mr. McMinn, Henry Baker, Norman LaRush, Jim Gordon, Mr. M. Thorburn, Mr. Hilliard, Captain Graham, James McGaughey, Mr. L. Vanhorn, Mr. Fisher, Dan Richards, Mr. Cox, Sam Johnston, Thomas Johnston.
20 Article: Ice Lake, 1909 -- Will and Alex Birch, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hore, Alex Brown, George Croft.
Article: Big Lake, 1909 -- Mr. Mitchell, Mr. A. Ashley, Mrs. C. Moody, Mr. Fred Moody.
Article: East Campbell, 1909 -- Will Garner, Mr. N.J. McColeman, Mr. Fretz, Rev. Mr. Marks, William Alexander, Mrs. Wm. Skippen.
21 Article: Pleasant Valley, 1909 -- Mr. A. Robertson, John Gibson, Miss Florence Brown, Mrs. Craswellers, Sandy Harper, Miss Mary Douglas, Neil Douglas, Wm. Guy, Miss Jennie Harper, Sandy Jaffray, Alex Archibald, Miss M. Thompson, Mrs. Fred Glanvill, Miss Mabel Weatherall.
Article: Burpee, 1909 -- Wm. Noakes, John Bailey, Sam McKinley, Frank Williamson, Thomas Harper, Colin Campbell, Sandy Harper, Frank and John Williams, Wm. and Oaklow Bracken, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Noakes, Wm. Morden, Miss Maggie Morden, Charlie Morden, John Morden, Edward Ainslie, Angus Matheson, Miss Dora Keown, Mrs. James Ainslie, Mr. Patterson, John Bailey.
22 Article: Little Current, March 1909 -- Miss Jennie Porter, Miss McGilvery, Mr. Bradley, Mr. A. Sutton, Mrs. B.H. Turner, Mrs. Irving, Mr. W.H. McGregor, Mr. Major, Mr. Bickell, Mr. Stephenson.
Article: Sheguiandah, April 1909 -- Fred Shell, Mr. J. Ellis, Wm. Young, Will Tilson, Mr. Bradbury, Jas. McFarland.
Article: Fernlee, April 1909 -- Mr. A.L. Kemp, Mr. Laird, L. Duncanson, H. Smyth, Miss Lizzie McMillan, W.S. Cook, Robert Connell, Austin Connell, Mr. G.H. Cook, Mr. F. Guinn.
23 Article: Fernlee continued -- Mr. Ladiseur, Mr. Hazzard, Harry Noble.
Article: West Carnarvon, April 1909 -- Rev. Mr. Anglin, Mr. Stotesbury, John Hopkins, Mrs. M.L. Buck, Miss Edith Hopkins, Mrs. Martin L. Buck.
Article: Grimesthorpe, March 1909 -- Wm. McCormick, J. Lougheed, Miss Ida Harper, Dan McMillan.
24 Article: Burpee, March 1909 -- Barney Addison, James McKinley, Lucas Bracken, Mr. Esley Eaton, Mr. Cole, Captain Graham, Wm. Morden, Mr. Robinson, Arthur Williams, Frank Williams, Frank Guinn, Ed Ladiseur.
Article: Silver Water, March 1909 -- James Hazzard, Mr. Vincer, Ed Priddle, John Edmonds, Mr. and Mrs. H. May, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Nevills, Wm. Clarke, Jas. Corey, Mr. J.B. Graham, Jas. Crawford, Mr. Gillis, Mr. Sims, Frank Guinn, Miss Maggie Edmonds, Miss Dickout.
25 Article: Pleasant Valley, March 1909 -- Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Wilson, Mrs. Hugh Brown, Howard McClarty, Mrs. Wm. Hore, John McArthur, Fred Granvill, George Birch, Mr. W.P. Guy, Thos. Pope, Harold Granvill, Ben and Fred Montgomery, Andrew Archibald, Mrs. S. Jaffray, Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson.
Article: North Tehkummah, March 1909 -- Mrs. Thomas Martin, Mrs. McGowan, Miss Johnston.
Article: Barrie Island, March 1909 -- Mr. and Mrs. James Mervyn, Mr. Wickens, George Noble Sr., Wm. Vancise.
Article: Advance, March 1909 -- George Beck, Miss Maggie Elliott, Miss Matilda Thompson.
Article: Silver Bay, March 1909 -- Jas. Hutchinson.
26 Article: Silver Bay continued -- Mrs. H. Bassingthwaite, Harry Brown, Andy Smith, Mr. R. Robinson, Mr. McKay, Mr. Stoddart, T.W. Thompson, Bert Davidson, J. Lehman, R. McKay, Mrs. Thomas McCulligh, Mrs. T. Clarke, Paul Wasijige, Mr. F. Guinn.
Article: Mindemoya, March 1909 -- Miss Mary Cushing, Andrew Smith, Mr. Widowfield, Wm. Smith, Romani Conley, Oliver Bond, Edward Rodgers, William Wilson, Mrs. Love, Miss Minnie Wilson, Mrs. D. McColeman, Mrs. Robert Cranston, Mrs. Andrew McDonald, Miss Ina Latham, William Vincer Sr.
27 Photos: The Norgoma unloading freight at Cockburn Island, submitted by Harold McQuarrie and the Bonaventure Station 1916, Montreal.
28 Article and Photo: of the Hurlbut W. Smith.
29 Article: In the House of Commons, April 1909.
Article: Ditto.
30 Poem: The Lowly Hen by Judd Mortimer Lewis.
Lyrics: to the Song of the Motorist, by Minna Irvings.
31 Article: After sunken treasure.
Advertisement: for Grand Manitoulin Hotel, Meldrum Bay.
Copy: of a handwritten account dated 1929.
Article: Manitowaning, April 1909 -- Mr. and Miss Wilson, Mrs. McMartin, Miss Johnston, Gordon Johnston, Wilbert Taylor, Mr. Stotesbury, Mr. and Mrs. Lehman, Mr. Leitch, Mr. and Mrs. Guthrie, Mr. J.W. Tucker, Howard Smith.
109th Edition : November 1992
PageArticle or Item
Photo: of Pte. A.A. Cada at Camp Borden, May 1942.
2 Indexes, subscription and information on "Through the Years".
3 Note from the Editor: – 9th Anniversary of publications.
4 Poem: Ye Old Time Folks of East Manitoulin, submitted by Tessie Hill – John Anderson, Andy Hannah, John Cole, Donald Clark, R.A. Lyon, Dick English, The Gorleys, Haner Leask, Atkinsons, Stringers, McLean, J.P. Lewis, Skippens, Nelder, Rowe, Sims, Richards, Rev. Rowland Hill, Moores, Eadies, Slacki, Miller, Joe Stringer, Bob Stringer, Jim Stringer, May’s and McKenzie’s, Griffiths, Jules Vern. Written by Annie Delvin (Phillips).
5 Photo and article: about the bulk carrier Algorail.
6 Photo: Taken in Red Dear Albert, 1942 of soldiers Dan Sampson and Theodore Simon.
7-11 Canadian Military Statistics.
12 Copy: of the Ration book belonging to Earl McGibbon.
13 Sample of ration stamps.
Poem: A Song of Canada.
14 Poem: A Song of Canada continued into page 15.
15 Orangemen’s oath.
16 Poems: Song of the Souls that Failed and Legacy of a Soldier.
17 Poem: The Fifth of November.
Article: France versus Germany.
18 Article: France versus Germany continued.
19 Article: The annual deer hunt.
20 Article: The annual deer hunt continued.
Photo: of Cockburn Island hunters displaying the deer they killed -- Fred Brooks, Joe Sharp, Carl Haight, Ellis McKay, Fergie Boston, Lawrence Pateman, Doug McKay, Borden Large, submitted by Flora (Pateman) MacLean.
21 Photo: of two large bucks shot by Joe Millman in 1948, submitted by Edna Millman.
22 Photo: of George R. McRae and Bob Jaffary with two deer they killed.
23 Photo: taken at the old Dry Camp during deer season. In this photo are; Judge Currie, Evelyn McKenzie, Mrs. Bradford, Tillie Johnston, Mrs. Bill Smith Sr., Rev. Bradford, W.A. Smith, Jack McKenzie Jr. and Bob Jaffray.
Article: North Tehkummah, February 1909 – Mrs. Hunter, Miss Flora McKechnie, Jim Watson.
Article: Billings, February 1909 – Miss Alice McLaren, Mrs. John Greenfield, W.M. Boyd, Geo. Tustian Sr., Miss Justine Foster, Mat Baillie, Geo. Foster, W. McAnsh.
24, 25 Article: The evils of cards and dancing.
26 Article: Our Splendid Isolation.
Article: Little Current, February 1909 – Miss D. Bull, Miss B. McCoy, Miss F. Hay, Miss V. Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. R. English, Ruby English.
Article: Tehkummah, February 1909 – Mrs. Thos. Leeson, Mr. A.J. Mastin, Rev. H. Lineker, Rev. Mr. Cunningham, Mrs. Jas. Mundie, Rex. M. Marks, Miss Flora McKechnie.
27 Photos: Mary Ellen and Amy Maguire; and Unice Ferguson.
28 Article: Kagawong, February 1909 – Mr. W. Hunt, Vern LaRush, Mr. and Mrs. Sproule, Mr. M. Thorburn, Miss Jennie Graham, Mr. May, Mr. Gordon, Miss Jean McKechnie, Miss Stella Hillard, Miss Millie Weatheral, Will Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd, Mr. Carter, Mr. J. All