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12 April 2004


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C. D. 's
South Australian Birth Registrations 1842-1906 - (c) SAGHS
South Australian Deaths Registrations 1842 to 1915
South Australian Marriage Registrations 1842-1916
SA Marriage Index 1917-1937

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Adelaide District Marriages 1868-1915
This resource has only ADELAIDE Marriages and gives Bride & Groom but no Registration Numbers
Adelaide Hospital Records 1840 - 1853
Aldine History of SA
Biographical Index of South Australia 1836-1885
Birth Index 1907-1922 Gives Name and Reg.No. Only
Colonial Residents of S.A.
Cyclopedia of S.A.
Frome District - Index 
Can  also look up Certificates of this Index held at the Port Augusta Library.
Kadina Cemetery Burial & Monumental Inscriptions 1867-1931


Mitcham Cemetery Burial Registers
Mitcham Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions
Noarlunga area, McLaren Vale, Clarendon, Yankalilla but would take a little while, and down as far as Cape Jervis...
Robe Cemetery Burial Records
Robe District BDM Indexes - Certificates on Microfiche
Births 1875-1950
Deaths 1873-1973
Marriages 1856-1973
Julie has Library access at Naracoorte for the above Indexes
SA Almanacs and Directories 1840-1860
SA Directories 1870-1879 (Alphabetical Listings Only)
S.A. Records prior to 1841
South Australian Births 1842 - 1906
Wallaroo Cemetery Burial & Monumental Inscriptions 1867-1999


Wellington, S.A. Burial Records
West of the Peesey History of Warooka, Corney Point and Stenhouse Bay. Printed approx 1976. Lots of names mentioned.
West Terrace Burial Registers General Section 1840-1940
West Terrace Cemetery Burial Registers 1921-1940
West Terrace Cremation Records 1903-1959

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M I S C E L LA N E O U S       D A T A B A S E S

Available from Volunteer South Australia Mail List Subscribers
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A City Around a Cave - A History of Mt. Gambier  by Les Hill
A Free Passage to the Unknown - Samuel Russell and his descendants
by Lorene Latham
A Fortunate Locality - A History of Noarlunga and Districts
by David J Towler (1986)
A History of Marion on the Sturt by Alison Dolling
A Free Passage to Paradise - SAGHS
A Miller's Tale: The memoirs of John Dunn of Mount Barker
Ed. Anthony Stuart
Ancestors in Archives (New Edition) by State Records of South Australia
(The above is a guide to the records held at  State Records and their use)
Bailliere's South Australian Gazetteer and Road Guide 1866
Bears and Wildcats: A centenary history of the Stock Exchange of Adelaide by R.M.Gibbs
Published for The Australian Stock Exchange (Adelaide) Limited by Peacock Publications 1988 
ISBN 0 909209 31 6
Because of their Beliefs, Emigration from Prussia to Australia by W. Iwan, Edited by David Schubert
Biographical Index of South Australia -- Held at the Seaford Library
Biographical Index of South Australia 1836-1885
(Yvonne does not have the  updates)
Cap'n 'Ancock - Mandie Robinson
Carrieton in the Gum Country 1878-1978
ISBN 959586 0 5
Good information about pioneer families.
Colonists, Copper and Corn - Edited by E M Yelland
Cunliffe and Penang 1879-1979 (This little book has quite a few names in it)
Deception Bay - The Pioneer Years of Port Willunga (with many names)
by Shirley Teisseire
Early Settlers in the Yankalilla District by R F Williams
ISBN 09 5953 58 2 9 
Echunga 1839-1939
Eleven Thousand Nurses:A History of Nursing Edcation at the Royal
Adelaide Hospital  by Joan Durdin
Elusive Ancestors Members Research Directory 1994 - SAGHS
Fading Footprints Pioneers, Runs & Settlement of the Lower Eyre Peninsula
by Jack Casanova
Fixed to the Wind (A history of the pioneer flour miller and Wesleyan
John Dunn of Mount Barker)by A.R. Mills
From Settlement to City.. History of Tea tree Gully Council by Ian Auahl
Has some Biographical notes but more a History of the area
From Yalata to the Mount: Local Histories of SA and Directory of
Collections  (Covers Works Published between 1970 and 1988)
Glossop High School Golden Jubilee 1941-1991
Golden Days - History of Prospect Hill  Centenary 1973
Indexed by Jenny Cooper
Gumeracha 1839-1939 edited by J.E. Monfries
Contains Biographical Notes on many Early Settlers
The story of the Hawker District embracing the towns of Craddock, Wilson, Hookina and Wonoka"
ISBN 0 9594575 0
Good section on family histories
History of Unley 1871-1971
In The ShadowOf The Bluff - Butler District 1895-1995
ISBN 0646235486
Jacob's Ladder (a family history and has some early history of
Methodist Church in SA)Ed. Gillian Burfield
Java - History of the Vessel "Java" With a passenger list for 1839-40 
Kangarilla Historical Records Has Biographical Notes on many Early Settlers
by Kangarilla Research Committee
Kavel's People - From Prussia to South Australia by David Schubert
Life on the Edge  (Ceduna and area)
Manning's Place Names of South Australia -- by Geoffrey H. Manning
ISBN 0 54376875 0 5
Meadows Heritage
Merriton Its Farms and Families -- by Jean Wilson
Migrant Ships for SA  1836-1866 -- by Ronald Parsons
Migrant Ships 1836-1860 by Ronald Parsons
Number 20: 
A Pictorial History of Theological Education at No 20 King William Road
1914-1926 Chapman-Alexander Bible Institute
1927-1968 Wesley College
1969-1980 Parking-Wesley College.Ed. Arnold D. Hunt.
Old Woodchester (Tin Pot) and Onaunga Distric Council Area 1842-1992 by Eric A. Cross
Old Strahalbyn
Payneham  Garden Village to City
Port Misery and The New Port by Ronald Parsons
Port Vincent - Shipping Port to Pleasure Resort -- by Alan Jones
Quorn & District Centenary 1878-1978
ISBN 0 86946 336 5
Incudes a chapter on individual pioneer families
"Register" Personal Notices Books 1-3 
Covers 1836-1870 notices which appeared in SA Register  -- by Reg Butler and Alan Phillips
SA Birth Indexes  --   (Book)
SA Death Indexes  --   (Book)
South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register
v. 1, 18 June 1836 - 29 December 1838
 Mentions marriages and births, passengers, ships cargo, small business owners, purchasers of land
and has an Index
Sand on the Roof - The Story of Wellington on the Murray -- by Robert Turner
SA Registration Districts of Births, Deaths and Marriages 
by Beryl Schahinger
Sources for South Australian History 2nd. Edition 
Andrew Guy Peake  -- ISBN 0 9589177 6 0
South Australians 1836-1885 Books One and Two
Published by South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society Inc
(not always accurate but helpful if you are stuck)
Stagg of Tarcowie
St James Blakiston 1847-1997 by Kath Faulkner ISBN 1 86459 021 1 
Includes: Baptisms 1846-1945, Marriages 1847-1945, Burials 1847-1997.
Also in this Book: Bishops of SA, Incumbents, Rectors, Trustees of St. James.
Stone By Stone 1893-1993
'Century of Witnessing in the Lipson Methodist Uniting Church'
Published by the Lipson Methodist Uniting Church Centennary Committee
The Golden Grain: A history of Edwin Davey & Sons 1865-1985 (Indexed)
Pioneer Flourmillers and Grain Merchants of S.A. at Penrice, Angaston, Eudunda, Salisbury, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney by Jean P. Fielding
The History of the Noarlunga District by Max Colwell  (1972)
The History of Tumby Bay and District - Seventy Five years of Local Government 1906-1981" 
Compiled by Ivy Freeman, Published by District Council of Tumby Bay June 1981
ISBN 0 9593981 0 4
The Inman Valley Story - Adrian H Lush
The Nourse Family in Australia by Irene V Steen
Does not have an index, however Deb is willing to search this book for specific names
The Second Valley by Ron Blum
They Built Strathalbyn
Tjeringa - The story of the Sheringa District compiled by Maureen & Bill Nosworthy
ISBN 0 7316 4187 6
Excellent overview of a community on the West Coast of South Australia
To Find the Way - Yankalilla and District 1836-1986 by R F Williams
ISBN 0 646 06256 5
Willunga 1901-1925

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This site includes Passenger Lists, Newspaper Clippings and is dedicated to the
Marion  - Shipwrecked off SA - 1851
Ship    -   Date arrived in South Australia
Belle Alliance - 2 Jul 1847
Transcribed and held by Leandra
Ship    -   Date arrived in South Australia
Lord Hungerford - 11 Dec 1856
Chatham - Jul 1852
Transcribed and held by Kate
Ship    -   Date arrived in South Australia
Epaminondas - 25 Dec 1853
# Mary Anne also has the CREW List for this vessel
Transcribed and held by Mary Anne
Ship    -   Date arrived in South Australia
James Fernie - 16 Nov 1854

Account of the 'James Fernie' Voyage
Written by Annie Stuart:

Passenger Lists:
Ship    -   Date arrived in South Australia
Adamant - 17 Oct 1865
Ascendant - 21 Nov 1849
Asia - 16 Jul 1839
Baboo - 10 Mar 1840
Branken Moor - 4 Feb 1840
British Lion - 14 Jul 1866
Calabar - 1 Aug 1853
Canton - 2 May 1838
Carnatic - 28 Apr 1857
Caucasian  - 6 Feb 1852
Cleveland - 18 Dec 1839
Confiance - 27 Nov 1858
Duchess of Northumberland - 29 Oct 1847
Eliza - 14 May 1840
Forfashire - 22 Sep 1877
Ganges - 23 Jul 1839
Hartley - 20 Jun 1837
Indian - 7 Aug 1849
John Pirie - 16 Aug 1836
Katherine Stewart Forbes - 17 Oct 1837
Lloyds -  1 Dec 1838
Lysander  - 6 Jul 1839
Lysander - 6 Sep 1840
Marion - 29 Jul 1851
Nugget - 3 Jul 1854
Omega - 24 Aug 1852
Omega - 14 Nov 1857
Overdale - 26 Apr 1878
Norman Morrison - 21 Aug 1865
Pestonjee Bomanjee - 7 Oct 1854
Prince George - 26 Dec 1838
Prince Regent  - 25 Sep 1839
Rajasthan - 16 Nov 1838
Santipore - 15 Oct 1848
South Australian  23 Apr 1837
Stamboul - 1 Feb 1858
Utopia - 9 Jul 1858
Warrior - 17 Apr 1840
William Mitchell - 27 Aug 1840
William Money -3 Jan 1849
William Watson - 2 Apr 1849
Winchester - 23 Sep 1838
Transcribed and held by Christine TILLETT
Passenger Lists: 
From Great Britain

Ship     -    Date arrived in South Australia
Glenlyon -  3 Jul 1874
Hydrabad - 15 Feb 1878
Nugget - 3 Apr 1858
Omega - 30 Jul 1851
Sibella - 17 Mar 1852
Sir Thomas Gresham - 9 Mar 1858
Stirlingshire - 21 Sep 1881
Warren Hastings - 10 Oct 1855

From Germany
Ship     -    Date arrived in South Australia
Pauline   9 Dec 1849 

Transcribed and held by Angela Keany

Passenger List
From Great Britain
Departed Plymouth 8th July 1876
Arrived Adelaide 18th September 1876
Ship     -    Date arrived in Adelaide
David Malcolm - 23 March 1848
Gilmore - 27 May 1857
Lady McDonald -  8 April 1855
Lady Bruce  - Nov 11 1846
Omega -  24 Aug 1852
Sultana  -  8 May 1851
Yatala   -  26 Oct 1870 (cabin Passengers only)

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