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I’ve taken pictures at four sites, marked on this map. Click a map button to jump to your choice. Or click next, below, to follow the Acton series in sequence.

This is pretty much the piece of Acton that became part of Carlisle, or at least the inhabited part of it. And the inhabitants included, prominently and with distinction, our Wheelers.

Site 3, the North Cemetery, is a primary family shrine.

I’ve included Sites 2 and 4 mainly for orientation and context.
Wheeler Lane
Site 1, Wheeler Lane, also turns out to enclose in its stubbiness a great deal of family treasure, although none thus far clearly in our direct line.

The green sign in the center of the photo says “Wheeler Lane.” I’m standing in the middle of the short cul-de-sac, looking back out toward the traffic on Main Street, Route 27. Not much danger of getting run over, right here.
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