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Abigail Woods (1726-1786) was daughter to (7GGP) Samuel Woods III of Groton, Middlesex County, and Patience Bigelow. It is through the New England pioneer ancestry of Samuel’s mother (8GM) Hannah Farwell that we’re descended from the Plantagenets and therefore, in common with a goodly fraction of the inhabitants of Western Europe) from the alarmingly-prolific Charlemagne.

(6G) Grandpa Oliver I clearly prospered in Acton: Grandma Abigail’s stone is large and elegantly tooled in early post-Puritan style. Has to have cost him a bundle.

Oliver lived 18 years as Abigail’s widower. Her epitaph expresses a lot more of a classical memento-mori Puritan attitude than does his. The winged human face surmounting her stone catches in flight a transition from the Puritan winged death’s head to the 19th-century urns and willows on Oliver’s.

I’m trying to learn whether the face on the stone was intended as Abigail’s likeness. Some folks did that, at substantial cost. Were it so, it would say something more about the Wheelers’ social and financial standing.

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