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Another fifteen generations back from Edward Longshanks, of course, we’re descended from Charlemagne.
Along with a whole lot of other people. Thirty-eighth Great Grandpa Charles (the Great) had several wives (of record) and lots of kids and lived a very long time ago (the 8th century). But since the Plantagenets traced their royalty to him, we too have well-documented Carolingian descent. That and five quarters will buy you a 20-ounce bottle of Pepsi One, these days.

This particular Angevin line (one of a number of rather tangled paths) doesn’t even go through William the Conqueror, but through his granddaughter Matilda Empress. It’s particularly interesting by virtue of including the brilliant Foulques III Nerra, and his great-grandson Foulques V, King of Jerusalem in consequence of the First Crusade.

We have more about some of these distinguished folks (the ones under translucent buttons). To go there, click on a name. More as I collect it and get a chance to put it in…

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