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1Prologue: How Did They Meet? 38Before Carlisle Was: Concord 75Wheeler Lane, Acton
2Carlisle, Massachusetts 39Concord: Hill Cemetery 76Philip and Iohana Russell
3Zooming in on Carlisle 40Three Russells in Hill Cemetery 77Acton Boundaries, 1757
4Five Ancestral Homesteads 41Three Russells in Hill Cemetery 78Acton Boundaries, 1954
5Five Ancestral Homesteads 42James Russell 79Before Carlisle Was: Acton
6How Carlisle became Carlisle 43Susannah Farrer Russell 80Acton Sites on the Way to Carlisle
7How Carlisle became Carlisle 44Lieutenant James Russell 81Cellar Hole on Wheeler Lane
8Carlisle: Our Resident Ancestors 45Concord Bridge, 19 April 1775 82Samuel Wheeler House
9James Adams 46Jason Russell (1658-1736) 83Samuel Wheeler House
10Valleyhead Hospital, 1929 47Jason Russell House, Menotomy 84Judah Wheeler
11Adams House, circa 1970 48Joseph Russell (1636-94) 85Judy Farm and Heald Roads
12Adams House, 2002 49Abigail Russell Bridge 86Trouble for Judah
13Adams Neighbors 50Matthew Bridge, Esq. 87Carlisle Road, Acton
14Joseph (Corporal Joe) Munroe 51Buckman Tavern, Lexington 88Carlisle Road, Acton
15Joseph and Elizabeth Munroe 52Buckman Tavern, Lexington 89The Old North Cemetery in Acton
16The Munroes 53Matthew and Abigail Bridge 90Wheeler Graves in Acton
17The Munroes 54Matthew and Abigail Bridge 91Oliver I and Abigail Woods Wheeler
18The Legend of Corporal Joe Munroe 55Matthew and Abigail Bridge 92Wheeler Headstones
19Patriotic Rumors 56Prudence Russell Hancock 93Oliver Wheeler I (1722-1804)
20Patriotic Rumors 57Philip and Iohana Russell 94Oliver Wheeler’s Epitaph
21Nathan Munroe 58Philip and Iohana Russell 95Abigail Woods Wheeler’s Headstone
22Nathan Munroe (1716-1792) 59Captain William Russell 96Abigail Woods Wheeler’s Epitaph
23Hepzibah Munroe Wheeler 60Phebe and Mary Russell 97Wheeler Footstones
24Green Cemetery 61Five Wheeler Generations 98The Acton-Carlisle Town Line
25Jonas Munroe 62Carlisle, Massachusetts 99Our Plantagenet Line
26Sarah Henry Munroe 63Jonathan Wheeler 100Our Carolingian Heritage
27Minute Men 64Oliver Wheeler I 101Foulques III Nerra (970-1040)
28Lieutenant Isaac Wilkins 65Oliver Wheeler II 102Foulques V le Jeune
29Carlisle Minute Men 66Militia Roll 103Geoffroy IV
30Carlisle Minute Men 67Militia Roll, reverse 104Matilda Empress (1103-1169)
31Our Carlisle Minute Men 68Artillery Company 105Our Royal Plantagenet Ancestors
32Our Russell Heritage 69Artillery Company, Reverse 106Henry II
33Benjamin Russell (1643-1691) 70Oliver Wheeler II Signatures 107Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122 - 1204)
34Benjamin Russell (1643-1691) 71Before Carlisle Was: Acton 108King John
35Benjamin Russell (1643-1691) 72Acton Boundaries, 1735 109Henry III
36Benjamin Russell (1643-1691) 73Wheeler Homestead, Acton 110Edward I (1239 - 1307)
37William Russell (1667-1717) 74North Cemetery, Acton

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