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Our 6GGP Oliver Wheeler I and Abigail Woods Wheeler married in Acton on 10 October 1747. Typically of their time and place, he was about 25 and she not yet 21. In the same year, Oliver’s father Jonathan deeded to him the homestead that is now identified as 250 Acton Street (“OW” on the map).

Oliver and Abigail are buried about a mile east and south of here, down this road.

According to our best current information, 6GGF Oliver Wheeler I (then aged 54) did not take part in the opening hostilities of the American Revolution on the Nineteenth of April, 1775, in Lexington and Concord. His son, 5GGF Oliver II (27), however, apparently did.

In an interesting cultural vignette, Phalen reports that “…in February of 1760 the town voted to pay certain sums to Oliver Wheeler and Amos Lamson for the support of Lydia R.… and her child…”1 Unclear what personal or civic role may have placed Oliver in line for this duty. Phalen is interested in the incident mainly as evidence that Puritan society was softening in its response to bastardy.
1Harold R. Phalen, History of the Town of Acton (Middlesex Printing Co. Cambridge, Massachusetts:1954), p. 49.
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