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Aunt Betsey Wheeler (1792-1879) was the 11th of Oliver's and Hepzibah's round dozen children, and one of our family's most intriguing stories started out in her immediate circle.

On 8 June 1815, she made an uncle (from our point of view) of 17-year-old Joseph Carter (1798-?), a Hillsborough boy. Six years her junior, in case you hadn't noticed. Somewhere between unusual and scandalous. Even more so then than now.

The next year, she gave birth to our VERY interesting cousin Jason. Subsequently, Uncle Joseph died at sea and was buried on the shores of South Carolina.

In 1838, Betsey married Uncle Barnard Whitcomb (1807-1883—once again a younger man than she, though this time well out of his teens), of Henniker, New Hampshire, who lies here beside her in Hillsborough. They lived, apparently together, for over forty years in the northeast part of Henniker. And apparently never had any kids.

Oh, you’re wondering about the intrigue? Follow Jason's link… By the way, any idea why her stone would call her “Betsey W. T.”? The “T” is a mystery to me, but it crops up again later on, with Jason.

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