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The Munroe saga in America began with my Scots eighth great-grandfather William “The Immigrant” Munroe, who arrived in 1652 as a prisoner of war, sold by Cromwell to the planters in America. After working off his passage, he settled in what would later become Lexington, Massachusetts, outlived two wives, widowed a third, and fathered a numerous and distinguished progeny. Including us.

In the Hillsborough Center Cemetery, in Hillsborough Center, New Hampshire, lie a number of the descendants of William and 8GGM Mary Ball Munroe through William’s 12th child (of 14) Joseph (“Corporal Joe”) Munroe. I may not yet have found them all, but these two charts put into context the ones I’ve identified. In this chart, our direct line appears in VIOLET.
Click on the boxes in the chart for further information on some of the people shown there.

This chart (Family Chart 1) shows the connections among our nearest kin here, the ones who come through William Munroe’s great-granddaughter, our 5GGM, Hepzibah Munroe and her husband Oliver (II) Wheeler. Chart 2 focuses on Doctor Joseph Munroe and Thaddeus Munroe, two first cousins of Hepzibah who also took part in the family’s colonization of Hillsborough, around the time of the American Revolution. People shown in GRAY are buried elsewhere (than Hillsborough--as far as I know, to date) and appear here for the sake of context. And great stories.

Our 4GGF Oliver Wheeler III married Hannah Ashby and continued their story in Salem, Massachusetts.

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