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Great-great-great-grandma Harriet Page Wheeler Decker Young is, all by herself, a major topic in our family history. Born in Hillsborough, a daughter of Oliver and Hannah Ashby Wheeler and a granddaughter of Oliver and Hepzibah Munroe Wheeler, she became in 1847 one of the original Salt Lake Valley pioneers, the senior woman of that group. She was, at that time, Brigham Young’s sister-in-law and TWICE his mother-in-law. But more about all that elsewhere.

If you are browsing this material in its big context, this link will take you out of this Hillsborough Cemetery segment to a presentation entitled “Our Kin at ‘This Is the Place,’” where I’ve tried to tell Harriet’s story fully, lovingly, and sometimes breathlessly.

Now we return to Hillsborough and to the Hillsborough Center Cemetery and take note of the kinfolk who surround Oliver and Hepzibah in their final repose. Or at least those I’ve identified thus far.

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