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(continued)…In 1844 he took a new departure, opening a general store in the village, which he conducted for seven years. Again utilizing his versatile mechanical ingenuity, he next entered the jewelry business, and followed it exclusively for a year. The once more engaging in general mercantile business, he carried on both enterprises for several years. He finally disposed of his stock of general merchandise, but still continued to carry on the jewelry store; and for ten years he acted as operator for the Western Union Telegraph Company and agent for the American Express Company. In 1870 Mr. Newell went to Effingham Falls, N.H., where he manufactured shoe pegs for a time; and later he built, equipped, and operated a peg factory in Barnet, Vt. He retired from active business pursuits some years since, and is now devoting his time to his real estate interests in Hillsboro. as a business man he always displayed good judgment as well as a disposition to deal fairly with his customers, and his various enterprises proved financially successful.

Politically, he acts with the Republican party. From 1861 to 1869 he was Postmaster, the office being located in his jewelry store. In 1891 he was elected Tax Collector, and has since discharged his official duties with an ability and faithfulness heartily appreciated by his fellow-townsmen.

On December 6, 1838, Mr. Newell was united in marriage with Lovilla Emery, his first wife. She died April 9, 1876, leaving five children. One son, Albert C., born November 15, 1847, died October 9, 1893. The other four children are living, namely: Sarah M., born March 29, 1841; Rosella Ann, born March 4, 1844; Eva Z., born July 10, 1854; and Amy N., born February 17, 1857. Sarah M. Newell is the wife of W. H. Story, of Hillsboro, and has four children - Amy L., Fred G., William O., and Frank S. Rosella Ann married George W. Anderson, of Providence, R.I., and has one son living, Richard R. Anderson. Eva Z. is the wife of Stillman C. Davis, of Warner, N.H., and her children are: C. Burdette (deceased at eight years of age), Lloyd G., and Stillman C. Davis, Jr. On September 28, 1876, Mr. Newell wedded for his second wife Mary Jane Savory, of Hillsboro. By this union there were no children. His present wife, whom he married January 9, 1883, was Sarah A. Emerson, of Salem, N.H.

Mr. Newell is prominently identified with the Knights of Pythias, being a member of the Grand Lodge and having occupied the important chairs of the lodge in Hillsboro. He has worked his way to a position of comfortable prosperity through his own ability and progressive tendencies, is highly esteemed for his many sterling qualities as a citizen.

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