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This material comes in the form of “presentations.” Each can stand alone as a hypertext treatment of its topic in words and images. You can skip directly to a presentation by selecting its name in this (evolving) list:


If the names don’t tell you enough, you’ll find fuller descriptions here.

It’s all linked together as hypertext: as a surname, place, or occasion gets mentioned, you can often jump to related material with a click. I’ve put links here and there in the text, and in the margins, where I think you might like to go:

I’ve also tried to index the content every which way:

Links to these indexes appear on every page in the collection. If you can think of another organization that would respond better to your needs, please enlighten me, again at [email protected].

Even as you read this, I may be working on one index or another, or perhaps adding something new, or repairing old mistakes. Please don’t expect consistency over time. Especially as you may be kind enough to tell me what needs to be fixed. I’ll do my best to put your wishes ahead of Emerson’s hobgoblin.

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