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California Isaac Seely ran away to
Cambridge, Massachusetts Treasure City   |  Location chosen, 1630   |  Early boundaries   |  Chartered as New Towne, 1635   |  Harvard Square homesteads, 1635   |  Our descent from Cambridge pioneers   |  Harvard Square Burial Ground   |  Our kin in the Burial Ground   |  Oliver and Hepzibah Wheeler: our link to early Cambridge   |  Plan of the Burial Ground   |  Our Barron relatives   |  Our Farwell relatives   |  Our Russell relatives   |  More Russell relatives   |  Our relatives by blood   |  Our relatives and their spouses   |  Our Lexington heritage   |  Cambridge Farms precinct   |  Early settlers   |  Munroe and Russell homesteads   |  Lexington topographic   |  Town limits   |  Lexington Green   |  Russell homestead   |  Munroe homestead   |  Timbaloo   |  Woburn Street   |  Scotland   |  Old Lexington Burial Ground   |  The Old Cemetery, 1692   |  The Annex Cemetery, 1747   |  The Proprietors’ Cemetery, 1835   |  Our Munroe descent   |  Our Russell descent   |  Gerry’s Landing   |  Elmwood   |  Russell heritage   |  Russells of Cambridge settled Carlisle   |  Hepzibah Munroe Wheeler
Cambridge Farms, Massachusetts Became Lexington, 1712/3   |  Early name of Lexington   |  Philip Russell residence
Cambridge Village, Massachusetts Early name of Newton
Carlisle, Cumberland, England James “Goodman” Adams’ birthplace   |  Massachusetts town its namesake   | 
Carlisle, Massachusetts Treasure City   |  Presentation: Our Heritage in Carlisle   |  Our Connections in Carlisle   |  Prologue: How did they meet?   |  Between Acton and Billerica   |  in Boston‘s Metro West   |  Formed from Concord, Billerica, Acton, and Westford   |  Creation of Carlisle   |  Second District of Carlisle   |  Five ancestral homesteads   |  Sixteen resident ancestors   |  James Adams homestead   |  ValleyHead Hospital   |  Brick-End House   |  Corporal Joe Munroe: homestead   |  Corporal Joe Munroe: house   |  Corporal Joe Munroe: Concord Bridge apocryphon   |  Nathan Munroe: homestead   |  Birthplace of Hepzibah Munroe Wheeler   |  Benjamin Russell homestead   |  Russell heritage   |  Wheeler homestead
Carthage, Hancock, Illinois Site of Smith murders   |  Birthplace of grandson Jonathan Olsen   | 
Charlestown, Massachusetts Map location   |  Influenced location of Cambridge   |  Preceded Watertown   | 
Chelmsford, Massachusetts Part became Carlisle   |  Thaddeus & Hannah Richardson Munroe
Chicago, Illinois Isaac Joseph Seely
Concord, Massachusetts Part became Carlisle   |  Adamses of Concord settled Carlisle   |  Russell heritage   |  Hill Burial Ground   |  Thaddeus & Hannah Richardson Munroe  |  James Russell a Minute Man   |  Oliver Wheeler   |  Oliver a Minute Man   |  Oliver Wheeler in Muster List   |  Oliver's sword
Crooked River, Missouri William Seely   |  Mob bloodshed
Cumberland, Maine Mary Jane Munroe Morris
Cumorah (Hill, New York) Isaac & Harriet Decker
Dublin, Indiana Decker family
Dunstable, Massachusetts 9GU John Farwell, of...
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