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My great-great-great-grandfather, Isaac Decker of Taghkanic, Columbia county, New York, was arguably a significant hero of the Mormon Pioneer era. He served with distinction through the foundational years in Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois. He raised and supported family members who played central roles in the settlement of the Mountain West. By all accounts, he was a man of great charm, patience, faithfulness, diligence, and perseverance. I look forward to swapping yarns with him in the hereafter.

For all that, it has been surprisingly difficult to discover the facts of his life and work. I’ve seen no journal, diary, or personal history attributed to Isaac, although others’ writings and official records mention him. Descendants (y’r h’ble s’rv’t included) have tried to pull together the scattered details. This account includes everything I’ve found:
  1. Families: Isaac’s wives and children and their spouses

  2. Sloppy Pioneer History mischaracterizes Isaac

  3. Chronology

  4. Some Bits of History of the Decker Family, by Wayne Decker

  5. The Good Is Oft Interred…

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