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Worshipful John’s modern headstone. I need to learn more about the “United Colonies.” And what was entailed in being “Assistant to the Governor of Plymouth Colony.” To which office he seems to have been appointed within days of his arrival in the New World. John Browne’s little footstone, if that’s what it is, on the right. At foreground center, his daughter Mary’s headstone. No marker in the enclosure indicates that Grandma (9G) Dorothy Brown(e)1 (1584-1673) is buried near her husband; she survived him by about a decade.

1A nearby headstone for a Dorothy Brown has been identified in error as Grandma Dorothy’s. It actually belongs to the wife (1720-1786) of our second cousin, 8 generations removed, Nathan Brown (1691-1737), a great-grandson of Worshipful John and of his Dorothy.

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