Our Mayflower Connections
Our Mayflower Connections next

Mammy Grandma Frances Harriet

If you’re descended from my mother Leola Seely Anderson, or from her mother Alfaretta Neff Seely, or from her mother Frances Mariah Stillman Neff, or from her mother Harriet Elizabeth Seymour Stillman Russell


you’re also the child of no fewer than four of the famous “Pilgrims” who came to Plymouth in 1620 on the Mayflower:

Thomas Rogers; his son
Joseph Rogers;
Stephen Hopkins; and his daughter
Constance Hopkins (Snow)

This is not conjecture. The pickiest genealogists in the world have now acknowledged our Rogers descent with this certificate. If and when I decide to invest another hundred dollars and a bit of effort, it will be easy to put the same seal of approval on our Hopkins line. It comes mostly through the same ancestral people.

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