Mayflower Children
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Thomas Rogers’ son 8GGF Joseph, left a virtual orphan at age ten, was apparently informally adopted* into the household of Governor Bradford. During Joseph’s minority, the records of later divisions of lands and other properties always list him among the Bradford children.

When he reached maturity, around 1644, Joseph and his young family were among the original settlers of Eastham on Cape Cod, as was 8GGM Constance Hopkins Snow, daughter of our Mayflower sire Stephen Hopkins.

Constance Joseph

Joseph and Constance are both buried, in company with Constance’s brother (and fellow Mayflower passenger) 9GGU Giles Hopkins, in the old Cove burial ground on the main road through Eastham. Their original grave markers vanished long ago, but these monuments commemorate their pioneering roles in Eastham.

*If you’re a descendant of William Bradford, please know that you’re welcome at my table at any time, without warning. If I can’t do better, half my dinner is yours.

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