The Wheelers in Freedom—1830
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Freedom lies about a hundred miles1 west of the Farmington/ Phelps/Palmyra triangle. What are the Wheelers doing there? Well, their daughter Harriet Decker and her husband Isaac were by 1830 also citizens of Freedom, raising four, then five of their eventual six children.

The “Holland book”1 indicates that Isaac Decker applied 14 January 1827 for a land grant or to purchase property in Lot 18 in Section 00, Tract 06, Range 04, which Lot includes the Elton Village main intersection and surrounding properties.

By 1830, the Federal census shows Oliver’s household residing in Freedom, Cattaraugus County, New York. By now it includes a man and a woman in their forties (presumably 48-year-old Oliver and Hannah), and two males in their twenties (perhaps, this time, Harriet’s two surviving brothers).

1Not far to go, perhaps, in search of freedom…
2Western New York Land Transactions, 1825-1835, Extracted from the Archives of the Holland Land Company, by Karen E. Livsey. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., p. 58.

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