Price City Hospital, 1941

This was the place as it looked1 about 1938, three years before I was born there.

Nowadays, it has morphed into the Computer Business Building of the College of Eastern Utah. Folks say they never actually tore down the original H-shaped structure, but only incremented and updated it. Lots. Here’s how it looked in June of 2004.

Price Hospital

1I requested and received this shot from the kindly proprietors of the Carbon County historical web-site at, where it appears with this caption: “Carbon Hospital - 1935 to 1980 about 1938 / At the time this picture was taken the hospital was solely owned by Price City. It later became the Price-Carbon Hospital. The new expansion and front was added on and in 1980, HCA, built a new hospital west of the city and this one is still empty. (Description and photo scanned from historical calendar created by Carbon County.)” My birth certificate calls it “Price City Hospital”.

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