1945… World War II ends, and our Duane Brent Anderson arrives on November 17 and comes home to 2608 Gramercy Avenue, Ogden. betokening the peace of a new era.

Brent and I are all the kids Pappy and Mammy ever had. I retain confused youthful memories of one subsequent miscarriage and Mammy’s sorrow at learning that we would have had a sister. At this point, though, as far as I was aware, it was all happiness for our little family.

Not sure what I’m trying to read to my rather inert little brother. Doesn’t look like The Elephant’s Child.
And here, in early 1946, he does appear to be enjoying the late-winter sunshine, in keeping with our Mammy’s outdoorsy principles. I don’t seem quite so sure. Also looks as if he has a sparkling new, white Tenda.
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