2005—1 February: Marion and Donald
SeelyBrigham Armed with this old photo of the Seely homestead, I drove up to Brigham City to see whether the house still stood. The street numbering had changed (it’s now 121), but the place was distinctive enough to move me to stand out in the street and snap a few pictures. The door opened and the lady of the house asked what I thought I was doing.

After introductions, it turned out that she was my several-ways-cousin Marion Neff Anderson, daughter of Grandma Seely’s brother Seymour Howard Neff and of Grandpa Seely’s widow (and a heroine of mine) Vera Knapton Wilson Neff (later also Seely Sheffield).

Marion kindly invited me in and introduced me to her husband Donald Anderson. Then she fetched a box of family-treasure photos, which we discussed and many of which she graciously entrusted to me for scanning.
Uncle Seymour
Marion and Donald
Aunt Vera
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